GH Transcript Friday 9/22/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 9/22/17


Episode #13894 ~ Elizabeth remains committed to Franco; Sam leans on Alexis; Joss is put on the spot.

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Milo: Hey, boss.

Sonny: Hey, Milo.

Milo: Everything okay?

Sonny: Yeah. I-I just got back from seeing Jason.

Milo: Yeah, Epiphany told me they moved him to long-term care.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Milo: How is it?

Sonny: It's good. I mean, the staff is optimistic. They've seen a lot of people like Jason recover.

Milo: Good. Glad to hear it.

Sonny: What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be watching Josslyn?

Milo: Joey's guarding her till I can get there, but, um...I had a couple questions that pertain to guarding Josslyn.

Sonny: Is there -- is there a problem?

Milo: Maybe. I-I-I'm not really sure.

Sonny: Look, okay, if there's a problem, you need to tell me.

Milo: Okay, then. [Sighs] How much am I supposed to tell you and Mrs. C about Josslyn's activities?

Carly: Hey. Sorry I'm late. I'm so sorry. I was on the phone with Sonny. He went to see Jason this morning.

Josslyn: Oh. Oh, how is Jason?

Carly: He's the same, you know? He's -- he's in a good place. He's in a good facility, so I know -- I know he's getting top-notch care.

Josslyn: God, it's just so sad and awful. I'm sorry.

Carly: I know. And after talking to Milo, I'm -- I realize how much this has been affecting you.

Josslyn: Wait, you -- you talked to Milo?

Carly: Yeah. And he told me all about your night with Oscar.

Nelle: This may be the last time we can sneak away to my little love nest.

Michael: Are you cutting me off?

Nelle: Never. But somebody put an offer in for my apartment. They're buying it out from under me.

Michael: Hmm.

Nelle: I thought I had more time. Rent prices have gotten so high. Thanks to you, Mr. big shot waterfront redeveloper, I may have to move to Greenfield and commute.

Michael: You're not moving to Greenfield.

Nelle: What makes you so sure?

Elizabeth: Okay, remember what we talked about, okay? When you go see your dad today, he's gonna look like he's just sleeping, but it's a lot more serious than that. So, you know your dad can't wake up right now.

Jake: It's okay, Mom. Danny and I have a plan to bring him around.

Elizabeth: Okay, uh, I just don't want you to be disappointed if it doesn't work.

Jake: But it will, Mom. You'll see.

Elizabeth: Just be prepared, okay, baby?

Jake: Okay. I love you.

Elizabeth: I love you, too. Thank you for doing this.

Kristina: I'm happy to. Come on, Jake. We're gonna pick Danny up at your grandma's house and then go see your dad.

Elizabeth: Bye.

Kristina: Bye.

Franco: Mom, you really need to call me back, okay? You promised you'd tell me about the boy in the photograph. You taking off like that kind of -- it just sucks. Just [Sighs] I know you're trying to protect me, but please, I need to know the truth.

Elizabeth: Hey. What's that about?

Sam: I remember flying down the country road with you on your bike.

[Monitor beeping]

Sam: My cheek... just pressed up against your warm back. [Chuckles] And the sun was just about set, and I would know that we were going home together. And we would wake up together. I have never felt so free. So safe. I mean, really, who had it better than us? Jason?

[In St. Petersburg, Russia]

Ava: You really ought to be more careful. God knows what would happen if I told Klein you can get yourself out of this chair.

Michael: Just don't, uh, rush into finding a new lease, okay? You know, take your time, see what's out there. I'm sure there's a place in Port Charles you can afford.

Nelle: Yeah, a walk-up with three roommates maybe.

Michael: Have I ever let you down before?

Nelle: [Sighs] You're sweet, Michael, but you can't control the housing market.

Michael: All right, look, just don't do anything rash, all right? I have to, uh, go wrap up some business.

Nelle: What kind of business?

Michael: Well, I'll tell you when I close the deal.

Sonny: Did something happen between Oscar and Josslyn? Did he upset her?

Milo: No. No, no, no. Joss isn't upset.

Sonny: Okay, so what's going on? Why did you ask me how much you need to report back?

Milo: Because Mrs. C was pumping me for information this morning. I wasn't sure how much to tell her. Joss is a good kid.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Milo: From what I've seen, her friend is, too.

Sonny: Well, something's making you uncomfortable.

Milo: They weren't -- they weren't doing anything wrong.

Sonny: Mm. So...he respects Josslyn?

Milo: Yes. Total gentleman.

Sonny: Good. That's all I need to know.

Milo: Yeah, but it wasn't enough for Mrs. C. She wanted a minute-by-minute account.

Sonny: Did you give it to her?

Josslyn: Mom, it was nothing. It was like -- it was like it barely even happened, and, you know, it really came out of all the craziness with Milo thinking that Oscar broke into the house.

Carly: Josslyn. I was talking about how you and Oscar ended up on the footbridge.

Josslyn: Oh. Oh, well, yeah, yeah. You know, I wanted Oscar to know about Jason, and, you know, since Jason loves it so much, I thought what better place to tell him.

Carly: Yeah. That's what I assumed. But see, now I'm wondering what else happened on the footbridge. What did you think Milo told me?

Franco: Just the shipping company. I-I spent all morning at the gallery packing up my paintings, trying to get them to the buyers, and they won't give me a straight answer about when they're coming to pick them up.

Elizabeth: I heard you say something about a little boy in a picture.

Franco: Right, yeah. The twin painting that my dad sold right out from under me.

Elizabeth: Do you think I haven't noticed that you've been withdrawn lately?

Franco: I...think that the show know, all the old material, it's just bringing up a lot of stuff from my old life.

Elizabeth: We made a pact, remember? We promised we wouldn't lie to each other.

Franco: I'm not lying to you.

Elizabeth: Lies of omission count. So do you want to keep dodging, or do you want to tell me the truth?

Franco: You're right. And there's something that I've really been meaning to talk to you about.

Sam: The doctors keep telling me that your movements, th-th-they don't mean anything, but... they may know medicine, but they don't know you. They don't know us, Jason. I know you're fighting to come back to me. You're just taking your sweet old time, aren't you?

[Knock on door]

Kristina: You guys up for visitors?

Sam: Yeah. Hey, guys. Come on. Come in. It's okay. Come on, Danny. Hold my hand, sweetheart. I'll take you over.

Jake: Daddy. It's Danny. Danny's here. And so am I, Dad. Can you hear us?

Danny: I love you, Daddy.

Ava: Yes, Patient 6. I know I told you that I wouldn't say anything to anybody. But I happened to overhear Klein take a call about you. At least I assume it's about you. Klein insists that you are a danger to yourself and to others. He says that you either have to be drugged or restrained. Clearly the drugs don't work. I'm the only one who knows that. The question is, what am I supposed to do about it? Smart move would be to tell Klein. After all, he can't treat you if he doesn't have an accurate read on your condition. On the other hand, I have been told repeatedly to stay away from you. Obviously, I hadn't, and I don't want to get myself into trouble by admitting that, so then maybe silence is the best option. You probably want me to pretend I was never here and leave you to your own devices. But I don't think your family would want that.

Elizabeth: That's you. And this looks a lot like that picture Jake had of Jason when he was a little boy. That's not possible, is it?

Franco: I don't know. I'm trying to figure it out. I...I went to try and talk to Heather. She refused to see me. I did talk to my mom. She said she was gonna give me answers, but then she just took off.

Elizabeth: Well, what do you think the picture means?

Franco: I think it means that my imaginary friend was very real. And I think that [Sighs] My twin painting was some kind of repressed memory of having a brother.

Elizabeth: And that the twin is Jason?

Franco: I don't know. Sure seems that way.

Milo: Mrs. C got a phone call before I could get into any details, but she asked me --

Sonny: The important thing is that Josslyn's happy and safe, that she's treated well by this kid, 'cause you're not spying on them. You're -- you're trying to do everything you can to make sure that she's safe.

Milo: Right. Well, in that case, everything's cool.

Sonny: Okay, everything's cool. Good. [Sighs]

Milo: Well, I should get back to work. Joey's a pro, but, uh, I don't know. I just -- I feel better when I'm there for Josslyn. Thanks, Mr. C.

Milo: Hi, Michael.

Michael: Hey, Dad.

Sonny: Hey.

Michael: So, um, how's Jason doing in the new place?

Sonny: Seems good. The facility seems great -- people, everything. Huh. He hasn't changed, but I'm not gonna let that discourage me because you and I both know that people do come back from things like this, right?

Michael: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you never gave up on me, and look, here I am. I'm certainly not giving up on Jason.

Sonny: Damn straight. [Sighs] So how you doing?

Michael: Okay, look, um... let's just get this out of the way.

Sonny: Okay.

Michael: Um, I'm sure Mom told you about Nelle, that she had a fiancÚ that died in a boating accident and that she was suspected of killing him.

Sonny: Your mom told me, and I don't blame her for being concerned.

Michael: Okay, before you go any further -- well, no, I'm just -- before you go any further, Dad, um, I-I talked to Nelle. She explained everything, and...I believe her.

Sonny: [Exhales sharply]

Carly: Hey, Josslyn.

Josslyn: Hmm?

Carly: What were you and Oscar doing on the footbridge?

Josslyn: [Scoffs] Nothing. We talked. That's -- that's all.

Carly: Really? Then why are you so nervous?

Josslyn: I'm not. Uh, come on, Mom. Um, Milo was there. Do you really think we would do anything in front of him?

Carly: Milo was there to keep you safe from Sonny's enemies, and hopefully from your own worst impulses, if necessary.

Josslyn: Oh, my God. You make us sound completely out of control, like -- like we're serious or something.

Carly: Are you? Are you getting serious? Do we have to have a certain conversation?

Josslyn: Nelle! Nelle, hi. Mom, nelle's here. Uh, come sit with us. Come sit with us. Nelle. Nelle, join us, please. There's room.

Carly: Um, I'm sure Nelle's busy, and you and I are in the middle of a mother-daughter lunch.

Josslyn: What's going on? I thought things were better between you two.

Carly: [Sighs]

Nelle: Really, it's okay. I can -- I can sit outside.

Carly: Okay, that sounds like a plan.

Josslyn: Uh, wait. You two can't even be in the same room together? That makes no sense. You guys were kind of getting along. What happened?

Carly: I discovered something about Nelle's past that concerns me.

Josslyn: Okay, well, whatever it is, I'd like to know.

Carly: That's Nelle's story to tell. Please. Take a seat. Floor's all yours.

Michael: Buh-bye. I'm sorry about that. I had to sort that out before the markets close.

Sonny: Okay.

Michael: We're talking about Nelle.

Sonny: Yes, yes. So, I... I told your mother that you got to make your decision whether we agree or not. I just don't like to see your mother worry.

Michael: Look, Dad, we both know, we all know that -- that Nelle did some horrible things, right? But you don't really think that she's a killer, do you?

Sonny: She -- she drugged me, Michael! To get me into bed. I know her plan was to destroy your mother, but at least it proves that she's calculating and cold-blooded.

Michael: Yes, she thought she was avenging her father, okay? That's not -- that's not an excuse for what she did, but it's a far cry from killing her fiancÚ.

Sonny: Why not be sure? You have resources, right? Use them. Find out every fact you need to know about Nelle and her fiancÚ's death. That way you can prove to your mother that she doesn't have to worry!

Michael: You want me to investigate Nelle?

Sonny: Yeah!

Michael: If that's what it takes.

Michael: Dad, she told me what happened. I believe her, I trust her.

Sonny: [Sighs]

[Cell phone ringing]

Michael: Oh, hold on. I have to take this.

Sonny: Go ahead.

Michael: Hey, Lucy. So the bank sent the checks? We're close? Okay, all right. Great, great, great. Yeah, no, I'm -- I-I'll pick up the title and the deed. Thank you.

Elizabeth: DNA tests proved that you and Jason aren't even related.

Franco: Right, 'cause nobody ever tampers with those or switches those around, especially not where Heather's involved.

Elizabeth: Okay, yeah, I --[Sighs] -- But Jason couldn't have lived with you and your mom. From infancy, he's been here in Port Charles surrounded by an entire clan of Quartermaines.

Franco: Yeah, except when he wasn't, right? I-I need to figure this out. I need to figure out what the hell is going on.

Elizabeth: Babe, I don't understand where this is coming from.

Franco: I don't either, really. I just...[Sighs] Ever since the civil lawsuit has been settled, and I got my past back, so to speak, all I can think about is my past.

Elizabeth: And then you found this photo.

Franco: I did. And I know it sounds like I'm making a big deal out of something really small, but I don't feel like I can move on in my life with you and the boys until I figure out who my family is, and this photograph, this boy, whoever he is, this is really important to me.

Elizabeth: I do believe you. I don't think you're making this up. And I think there's a simple explanation.

Sam: Your dad's in a very deep sleep, but he can hear you, okay? You can talk to him.

Danny: I miss you, Daddy.

Sam: What you got there?

Jake: Danny and I made a drawing for you, Dad. We used Scout's handprint for the sun. That's Danny, me, and Scout. That's you and Sam in the middle. We're all in the park. Don't you want to open your eyes and see?

Danny: Please wake up, Daddy. Pretty please. With a cherry on top.

Jake: Will you wake up for us?

Ava: I know what happened to you. You were shot. You fell into open water. And the trauma... it created some kind of psychotic break. And then your family sent you here to recover. Now, I've been told you're very wealthy, which makes sense, because this place obviously only caters to the elite. If your family didn't care about your recovery, if they'd given up hope, well, they could've parked you at any number of high-end facilities to vegetate. The fact that you're here, it means that your family is waiting for you. It means they care, and they're waiting for you to come back. Wait. What is that? Your family's not waiting for you? Do you have a family? Do they know you're here? Well, then who the hell was Klein talking to? Who put you here?

Nelle: I was accused of doing something that I didn't do.

Josslyn: What do you mean?

Nelle: Joss, it was a really traumatic and awful time in my life. I'm not gonna go into the details with you, okay? Not -- not right now. It -- it's just gonna make your mom angry all over again.

Carly: Oh, trust me, my anger's a given.

Nelle: I know that it looks bad on paper, but there's no reason to pull Joss into this.

Josslyn: Okay, what is going on?

Carly: What's going on, sweetheart, is you're being stonewalled, because there's no way in hell that Nelle's ever going to tell you what really happened.

Nelle: Josslyn, listen to me. All that matters is that your brother means the world to me, okay? He is the world to me, and I would never, ever do anything to hurt him, okay?

Josslyn: Oh, wait, wait. Where are you going?

Nelle: I'm just going outside. It's a nice day. I'm gonna have some coffee and look at some apartment ads.

Josslyn: You're moving?

Nelle: My place is going condo and I can't afford to buy it, so...I need to find a new place to live.

Carly: Seattle's nice. Phoenix, if you don't like the rain.

Josslyn: Mom.

Carly: Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You know, I'm not sorry for what I said. I'm sorry I said it in front of you. And now I have to get to work. It was nice having lunch with you.

Nelle: Sorry to interrupt your time with Josslyn.

Carly: You seem to be sorry about a lot of things.

Josslyn: [Sighs] Don't -- don't worry about it, Nelle. Really, sit down.

Nelle: I just don't understand why everything has to be messed up all the time.

Josslyn: That makes two of us.

Michael: Sorry about that. Busy day.

Sonny: Yeah. You investing in some real estate?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: ELQ doesn't own enough in this town?

Michael: No, it's, um -- it's personal. It's not business.

Sonny: Oh, so you're moving out of the Quartermaines'?

Michael: No.

Sonny: You don't want to tell your dad what's going on?

Michael: What's with all the questions?

Sonny: No, I mean, you're my son. I'm interested. I mean, you know, is there something wrong with that?

Michael: No. Nothing wrong with that. Dad, I'm an adult.

Sonny: Yeah.

Michael: Right? My business is my business, just like your business is your business.

Sonny: Okay. I understand that.

Michael: We're good?

Sonny: Yeah, uh, I still think you should think about looking into Nelle's past.

Michael: Now, okay, Dad, please let it go. Please don't let how you feel about her come between us.

Sonny: I'll do my best.

Michael: I know, and I love you for that.

Sonny: And I love you, son.

Michael: Okay.

Elizabeth: I can see how this picture plays into the story you were told, that you have a twin and that somehow it's Jason.

Franco: You don't think so? You think that's a picture of me and some random little blond kid?

Elizabeth: That's exactly what I think. But this is about you and your childhood, and I can tell you're not gonna rest until you get some answers.

Franco: I feel like if I find out the truth, then it'll fix me and then I can finally be the man that I want to be for you and the boys.

Elizabeth: But you already are that man.

Franco: I'd like to do better. And I could use a little peace.

Elizabeth: I understand that.

Franco: Thing is, I've hit a wall. Heather won't see me, my mother won't answer my calls.

Elizabeth: Well, then go see her. Ask your mother your questions face to face that you can find some peace and be happy. Truly and fully happy, making a home with me and the boys.

Franco: I love you.

Elizabeth: I love you.

Jake: It's okay, Danny. Just because Dad's asleep doesn't mean he isn't listening to us.

Danny: Should we do our song?

Jake: Is it okay to sing to him?

Sam: Yeah. I thi-- do it. He would love it.

Jake: Here we go.

Danny & Jake: My old man, he played one he played knick-knack on my thumb with a knick-knack paddy-whack give the dog a bone my old man came rolling home my old man, he played two he played knick-knack on my shoe with a knick-knack paddy-whack give the dog a bone my old man came rolling home my old man, he played three he played knick-knack on my knee with a knick-knack paddy-whack give the dog a bone my old man came rolling home my old man, he played four he played knick-knack on my door with a knick-knack paddy-whack give the dog a bone my old man came rolling home

[Kristina claps]

Sam: [Sniffles] That was good.

Ava: All right. Enough with the 20 questions. I need some real information. So fill me in, all right? Start with your name.

Nelle: How are things with you and Oscar?

Josslyn: They couldn't be better. Well -- well, yeah, they could, um, if I didn't have a bodyguard. Yeah, um, and I really wish that Jason would wake up.

[Door opens]

Josslyn: But, um, Oscar's amazing.

Michael: Just like Nelle. Hey.

Nelle: Hey.

Josslyn: And on that note...

Michael: Oh, you scared away by a little kiss?

Josslyn: Not everything is about you, big brother. I have my own life and I've got to be somewhere. Milo. Milo and I have to be somewhere.

Michael: Yeah, you do, and don't even think about ditching him, okay? 'Cause "A," it won't work, and "B," you put him in a bad position where he has to decide if he wants to tell Mom and Sonny.

Josslyn: And you know this because?

Michael: Well, I know this because I've tried to ditch Milo many times.

Josslyn: Mm-hmm.

Milo: Failed every time.

Michael: Every time. So -- so learn from my mistakes, okay?

Josslyn: Okay.

Michael: Okay.

Josslyn: Okay. We're out of here. Goodbye.

Nelle: Sorry you got caught in the middle of me and your mom.

Josslyn: Don't worry about it. It's fine.

Nelle: Bye.

Michael: See ya. So, another run in with my mom?

Nelle: Mm-hmm. Same tune, different beat now that Joss was around to hear it. Everything's such a mess.

Michael: You okay?

Nelle: Yes. It's all just so ugly, Michael. And I know everyone's worried about Jason, and I'm here just trying to figure out where I'm gonna live. [Sighs] I feel so selfish.

Michael: No, it's important to have a home, you know? Some would say that having a place to live is the most important thing you can have in life. Well, that and, um -- that and love.

Nelle: Does that mean you'll help me look for apartments?

Michael: You know what, forget about, uh, looking for apartments. You don't have to move.

Nelle: Since when?

Michael: Well, about, uh, 10 minutes ago. Your apartment was bought. By me.

Carly: Unbelievable!

Sonny: What's -- what's wrong?

Carly: I can't even have lunch with my daughter without Nelle ruining it! And I end up being the bad guy. I swear, Sonny, she is going to play the victim card until she dismantles our family for a second time -- second time!

Sonny: We are not gonna lose Michael over Nelle, Carly.

Carly: Fine, then we're gonna have to be proactive. We're gonna have to come up with a strategy.

Sonny: If we keep making Nelle the enemy, it's gonna keep pushing Michael away, so can we "go along to get along"?

Carly: I cannot do that. I have tried. Every instinct in me is screaming that she's poison. And I've been contacted by someone who has information about the -- well, the unfortunate fiancÚ.

Sonny: W-what information?

Carly: I don't know, I haven't talked to them yet, but I'm going to. If Nelle turns out to be a black widow, Michael could be in real trouble here, like, real trouble.

Sonny: We're not gonna let anything happen to Michael, Carly.

Carly: [Sighs] Okay. At least the real-estate market seems to be on our side.

Sonny: What does that mean?

Carly: Nelle's apartment is going condo. She has to move, and she's scrambling to find something affordable.

Sonny: [Sighs] That's not good.

Carly: What do you mean? What do you mean it's not good?

Sonny: Well...

Carly: Rents are high in Port Charles. Nelle might have to go all the way out to Greenfield. I mean, that's not nearly far enough away, but it's a start.

Sonny: I think I just overheard Michael buying Nelle's apartment.

Kristina: Perfect. Just what the room needed.

Sam: You guys did a really great job with that song. I know your dad's really happy to hear it. But you're gonna have to say your goodbyes 'cause he has physical therapy.

Jake: While he's sleeping?

Sam: Yeah. We want to make sure he's nice and strong by the time he wakes up. Go ahead.

Danny: I love you, Daddy.

Jake: Love you, too, Dad. We'll be back to see you soon.

Kristina: All right, we're gonna stop for soft-serve on the way home.

Danny: Okay.

Jake: Yeah.

Danny: Love you, Mom.

Kristina: Love you, Sam.

Jake: Love you, Sam.

Sam: Love you, guys.

Ava: What, you can't write? [Sighs] I don't buy it. You don't want to tell me anything. You don't want to tell me a damn thing, not even your name. I get it. You want to be left alone, right? Well, how is that working out for you so far? You're stuck in a wheelchair, and they're shooting you up with horse tranquilizers! And it's only gonna get worse, you know. That call I overheard, that was Klein talking to somebody about upping your dosage. This could be your last coherent moment for a long, long time. Do you really want to waste it?

Betsy: No, Heather. I didn't tell him anything. Yes, I did what you asked. I'm leaving for the airport in a few minutes. This isn't right. Bobby is living in the same house with Jason's son. Fine. Do what you want. You always do. Bobby. How did you get in here?

Franco: I have a key.

Betsy: [Chuckles] I'm so sorry. I-I have to go. I booked a wonderful cruise. They have a different musical every night.

Franco: I heard you, Mom. And I know that Heather doesn't want you to tell me about the boy in the photograph. But I really want to know who he is. I need to know what he means to me.

Milo: So, where to now?

Josslyn: Milo, um, how much do you tell my mom and Sonny about... well, about what I do when I'm not with them?

Milo: [Sighs] If they ask me a direct question, I'll answer it. But I'm here to protect you, Joss, not spy on you. As long as your friends recognize how special you are, as long as you have nothing to hide, then you and me are cool.

Josslyn: Okay, well, I'm not sure that's the answer I wanted to hear. But I won't put you in a tight spot with my mom and Sonny. [Chuckles]

Milo: Thank you. 'Cause that is what I wanted to hear.

Josslyn: [Chuckles]

Carly: Michael bought Nelle's apartment?

Sonny: It's just a hunch. Michael was here earlier, got a call from Lucy Coe, and he was talking about picking up a deed and a title. He told me it was personal, not business. Now you're telling me that Nelle needs a place to live, if you get my drift.

Carly: Yeah, I can hear. I can hear Nelle's "poor me" act. "Oh, Michael, where am I gonna live? What am I gonna do? I'm so broke. Life has been so hard."

Sonny: She knows how to play the victim card, that's for sure.

Carly: Sonny, Nelle has started her campaign for taking Michael for all he's worth.

Sonny: [Sighs]

Nelle: This is real? You bought my apartment?

Michael: It's all there -- signed, sealed, and delivered. Here. Here is the title, and here is the deed. Welcome home, Nelle Benson.

Sam: I don't want to go. But I know you would want me to be there for Scout and Danny. So here's the plan. [Sniffles] I'm gonna go home... and I'm gonna practice sleeping in our bed without you. And then I'm gonna get ready in the morning to get the kids. [Sighs] I have to fill up the refrigerator. I have to order Scout a crib, because she's grown out of her bassinet. And Danny, he's got so much schoolwork. I've got to work on his schedule. So, all the million things the parents should do together. But I'm gonna do it for us, okay? [Sighs] I want you to know that my heart, it will be here with you, okay? I'm gonna take care of this. I love you. [Sniffles]

Jake: Where's Franco's special painting? The one with the twins. I wanted to show it to Kristina.

Elizabeth: Yeah, Franco displayed it at his art show. There was a mix-up. Honey, it got sold accidentally.

Jake: That's too bad. I really liked it. I think Franco did, too, because it was all about having a brother.

Franco: Please, Mom. You got to help me out.

Betsy: Bobby, I love you.

Franco: I love you, too.

Betsy: You're the light of my life.

Franco: I know.

Betsy: Listen to me. Leave this alone.

Franco: Mom, this thing is making me crazy. In a way that I cannot allow in my life again. I can't -- I can't feel like this and be with someone like Elizabeth. I can't risk -- I-I...[Sighs] I am not gonna lose her. So please, you got to talk to me.

Betsy: Bobby, I'm sorry. I lied to you.

Franco: About? About what? You lied to me about my imaginary friend.

Betsy: He wasn't imaginary. He was real. There was a twin.

Ava: That's it? A phone number? Wait. This area code is from Port Charles, New York.

[Indistinct singing]

Danny and Jake: My old man, he played four

Sam: My heart, it will be here with you, okay? [Echoing] I love you.

Danny and Jake: My old man came rolling home

Franco: So I have a twin brother. And it's Jason?

Betsy: No. No, you don't have a brother.

Franco: Mom, you just told me.

Betsy: There was a twin, but he wasn't your twin.

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