GH Transcript Thursday 9/21/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 9/21/17


Episode #13893 ~ Ava gets positive news; TJ calls Jordan out; Sonny visits Sam.

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Curtis: May I come in?

Jordan: No. And I didn't order flowers, so I hope you're not expecting a tip.

Parker: Kristina, I never wanted to -- oh.

Valerie: Hey, babe. I've been trying to call you all day.

Kristina: Oh. Jig's up, babe. I told Parker everything.

Valerie: Oh.

Parker: [Chuckles]

Valerie: Sorry, I was just...

Parker: Trying to be a good friend. Kristina's blessed to have you. I'm gonna go get some coffee.

[Music blares, fades]

Kristina: [Laughs]

Valerie: Okay, so everything's good with you two?

Kristina: I hope so. We're going to talk.

Valerie: Well, text me "911" if you need me to extract you. Other than that, good luck, girlfriend. Oh, and I expect details later.

Kristina: Don't hold your breath. [Giggles, exhales]

[Monitor beeping]

Sam: Don't worry. I'll make sure the staff knows that you don't like the sheets tucked into the corner of the bed 'cause it makes you feel trapped. There. I think that's better. Kids are gonna be here soon. Hey, guess what? It only took me like a half hour to get here. I took Route 1, and I made all the lights. You would've been really proud of me. It's good, because it'll make it easy for me to get here, so I can be with you all the time until you get better and wake up and come home to us. [Sighs]

[Footsteps approaching]

[Monitor beeping]

Dante: You think Valentin got to Ava?

Lulu: Got to her how?

Dante: He convinced her to recant her statement about seeing him kill Nikolas.

Lulu: How would that work? Ava's already given her statement about the night that Valentin shot Nikolas.

Dante: Mom and Spencer are using it in the civil suit. Well, if Ava changes her testimony, it basically discredits her as a witness. The testimony's worthless. Kiki says that he coerced her cooperation in exchange for sending Ava to an exclusive rehab facility to fix her burn scars and restore her face.

Lulu: [Sighs]

Dante: Hold on a second. Come here.

Lulu: [Sweetly] Charlotte. Hey, look who's here. Dante.

Dante: Hey.

Lulu: Would you like to fill him in on what's been happening with Bailey while I run something by your Papa?

Charlotte: Sure. [Giggles]

Valentin: She's so happy. It's good to be able to work together on her behalf --

Lulu: Drop the act, Valentin. What did you do to Ava Jerome?

Ava: Good, you're still here. I... oh. You have blue eyes.

Curtis: You're serious? You ain't gonna let me in?

Jordan: I'm in the middle of a mound of paperwork right now.

Okay, it won't take long, but we do need to talk.

Jordan: Not in the mood.

TJ: Mom?

Jordan: [Sighs]

Curtis: T. What's going on, man? What's happening, Captain?

TJ: Hey, uh, somebody want to tell me what's going on?

Jordan: Not really. Um... your uncle and I need to talk privately.

Curtis: In the hall?

Jordan: Thomas.

TJ: Okay. Okay. I-I'll run and get coffee. You talk amongst yourselves.

Jordan: I -- no, I wasn't saying for you to leave right now -- Thom-- mm. Hmm.

Curtis: Don't you think you might be doing extra?

Jordan: Well, I didn't slam the door in your face, so that would be reacting. What is it that you want?

Curtis: Yeah. Uh, look, I know things got heated last night, and not in the fun way.

Jordan: Not... what is your point?

Curtis: Look, Jordan, I'm not trying to let anything else come between us, all right? Can't we just focus on what we have and build on that? We had a fight. It's not our first time, and guess what? It won't be our last.

Jordan: Curtis, this isn't about -- you know, it's not like we're arguing what to watch on television. This kind of falls right up here with, "How can you and I be together when your aunt hates me?"

Curtis: Baby, that's old news.

Jordan: Okay. Fine. New news -- are you gonna work for Sonny Corinthos? Yes or no?

Sonny: I didn't mean to intrude.

[Monitor beeping]

Sam: No, you're not. Thanks -- thanks for coming to visit.

Sonny: Like you said, he's -- he's never gonna be alone.

Sam: Yeah.

Sonny: How's he settling in?

Sam: He's -- he's good. The staff has been wonderful. They're trying to make him feel comfortable. [Sighs] I have to remind them about the sheets.

Sonny: Hey.

Sam: Hey.

Sonny: How you doing? With the -- you know...

Sam: Me?

Sonny: Yeah.

Sam: Not so good. I don't want to leave him here, Sonny. I feel like if I leave, then it -- it becomes real, and then he's just stuck here in this facility by himself.

Sonny: Listen to me. You made the right decision. I went through the same thing with -- with -- with Michael, and it was probably the hardest decision in the world, but we knew that it had to be done. What wasn't as black and white was putting Morgan into the mental institution. That was very difficult, and if it wasn't for Carly, there's no way I-I could've made that decision on my own. But here's the thing. Both places were great for my boys, so that's what you have to keep telling yourself. Okay?

Sam: Okay.

Sonny: That you're -- you're doing this to help Jason, you, and your family.

Sam: Yeah. Sonny, I am holding on to that. I really am. I've been talking to him all day, really hoping he can hear me. I just wish there was a way he could tell me that he was gonna be okay.

Sonny: I used to do the same thing with him, you know? He was like a soundboard for anything that was important to me.

Sam: [Laughs] Wait. Is that why you came here tonight?

Sonny: Yeah, there's something I got to navigate, and I was hoping that I could talk to him, and maybe he would give me an answer that he would've given me in the past.

Valentin: I'm actually sorry to hear you feel this way.

Lulu: This isn't about me feeling anything except disgust for how you're trying to manipulate this situation. Tell me, what did you promise Ava? That her face would be magically healed if she changed her testimony?

Valentin: And we were getting along so well a minute ago. Is there a reason you're hurdling these accusations at me?

Dante: Hey, uh, Charlotte's gone down to the playroom. She could be back any minute. You probably don't want this conversation to escalate.

Valentin: Yeah. I agree. We should table this discussion.

Lulu: You almost had me fooled. I thought that I saw something decent in you. I almost believed that you wanted to reach a custody agreement that was best for Charlotte.

Valentin: The fact is, from a court's perspective, I am every bit as capable of parenting Charlotte as you are. Actually, probably more so, because my criminal record is actually cleaner than yours. So we can drag each other through another costly court battle -- which, by the way, you run a substantial risk of losing to me again -- or we can agree here and now to a solution that best suits our daughter Charlotte -- shared custody.

Ava: I know it sounds silly... but after the way you reacted to hearing Nikolas' name the other day, I had myself convinced that you were him. Oh, I came with a whole story -- how Nikolas had survived the shooting and the fall into the ocean, and how Valentin's men had found him and brought him here, that Nikolas was still alive, and I would be the one to find him. [Voice breaking] And then maybe it wouldn't matter so much that I sold out his memory for a chance at a new face. I'm sorry. You know, the staff has told me that talking to you doesn't help you, actually makes things worse for you. So I hope you'll forgive my flight of fancy, and I'll do what I should've been doing all along, and leave you in peace.

[Door opens, closes]

Curtis: You're not being fair.

Jordan: How so?

Curtis: I'm not trying to be a part of a crime organization.

Jordan: Really? Are you sure about that?

Curtis: [Sighs] Sonny Corinthos wanted to hire me for my services, the same service I would offer anyone, whether it be him or Monica Quartermaine.

Jordan: Right, just the regular PI stuff?

Curtis: Yeah, surveillance, intel, whatnot -- anything that'll keep the family safe.

Jordan: Int--

Curtis: Now what's -- what's the problem with that?

Jordan: Intel? Come on. How do you imagine a mob boss would use that information regarding, like, threats and potential problems to him and his loved loves? How do you think?

Curtis: It's none of my business.

Jordan: Well, it's my business. Sonny will use whatever you give him and -- and he will strike against his rivals. He will establish dominance. That's what he does -- whatever it takes.

Curtis: Possibly, but, like I said, it's none of my business, okay? I mean, there's no telling what any of my clients do with the information that I get for them. I can't control that. The only thing I control is what I do and what I don't do. Now, there are certain lines that I won't cross. If I do work for Sonny Corinthos, you can best believe I will establish those boundaries clearly.

Jordan: See, this is w-- I wish you could just understand that even your association with Sonny is already crossing my boundaries, okay?

Curtis: [Sighs]

Jordan: That's what I have to worry about. You know what? Um... ...I got to get back inside and help TJ with these financial-aid forms, and I just... I think we -- we just need some time to think about things, you know? Can you give me that?

Curtis: Right. A time out. Seems to be what we do best. [Scoffs]

Sam: Well, I take it your plan to leave the business has been put on hold?

Sonny: Uh, well, it's... [Sighs] It's always been my goal to take care of the people in my life, to do what I can to protect them, and that includes you and your family. And, you know, I'm not that comfortable talking about this with you.

Sam: No, please, I-I totally understand that. Jason... Jason and I had a rule when it came to your business. He would answer any question I had as long as it didn't make me an accessory. But that was...before.

Sonny: Before what?

Sam: [Inhales deeply] Let's just say our life together has been different ever since Jason came back to me.

[Door opens]

Ms. Jerome.

Ava: Hmm?

Dr. Klein: Hi. I was told I'd find you here.

Ava: Who are you?

Dr. Klein: Dr. Richard Klein. You've been referred to me by Dr. Boronsky.

Ava: I'm sorry. I don't understand.

Dr. Klein: Your scarring is quite severe, and Dr. Boronsky may not be able to achieve the desired effect. I can.

Ava: And I'm supposed to take your word for that? Valentin, he told me to come and see Boronsky. He referred me to Boronsky.

Dr. Klein: He referred you to this clinic, where I handle the most severe cases.

Ava: And so you can give me my face back?

Dr. Klein: Yes -- a complete restoration.

Ava: And how long will it take to achieve this miracle?

Dr. Klein: It's a cumulative process.

[Door opens]

Dr. Klein: One step leads to the next. Is that Patient 6's injection?

[Russian accent]

Nurse: Yes, Doctor.

Dr. Klein: He's by the window, as usual. Make sure he gets the full dose.

Ava: I'm sorry. I know that I'm not supposed to ask, but I'm won--

Dr. Klein: It's a tranquilizer. Patient 6 needs to be sedated at all times.

Kristina: It was the cutest thing.

Parker: [Chuckles] W-what? I'm sorry.

Kristina: What's wrong?

Parker: It's... don't be alarmed, but that guy has been hanging around the entire time we've been here. I saw him earlier when we cut through the park. I think we're being followed.

Kristina: The tall guy wearing a suit?

Parker: W-- don't -- don't call attention to us.

Kristina: That's Elio. He's a guard who works for my dad.

Parker: What? You have a bodyguard? Wow, your parents really don't want me around.

Kristina: It has nothing to do with you. Things have gotten tense in my father's line of work. My brother-in-law is now in a coma, so...

Parker: Oh, my goodness. I'm so sorry. I-I didn't know.

Kristina: How could you? It's been hard on the family, especially my sister. That's why I've been babysitting Scout so much.

Parker: Mm.

Kristina: It sucks, but it comes with the territory. And it's my life.

Parker: I guess I didn't realize how quickly you had to grow up. You always did seem more self-possessed than my other students. I must've somehow seen that when... when we were almost together?

Valerie: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What did those flowers do to you?

Curtis: Hey. Hi.

Valerie: Everything okay?

Curtis: Uh, don't worry about it.

Valerie: I'm not worried about you. I'm worried about those flowers. Dare I deduce they were for Jordan, and you guys are having a fight?

Curtis: You know, I really don't feel comfortable talking to you about this.

Valerie: Makes sense. But instead of abusing a helpless floral arrangement, maybe you should talk about what's going on with a friend... of sorts.

Curtis: Is that what we are, friends?

Valerie: Of sorts. Maybe cousins. I might have to adopt your aunt. She's a riot.

Curtis: Yeah, well, what the hell? Um, Jordan and I are having some conflicts, uh, of interest, professionally.

Valerie: Ah. Same old, same old.

Curtis: What's that supposed to mean?

Valerie: Well, I seem to remember that's what got in the way of our relationship.

TJ: Coast clear?

Jordan: Curtis is gone. Traitor.

TJ: [Scoffs] Because I wouldn't let you use me as an excuse not to talk to him? I'm sorry, but if you're gonna bail on Uncle Curtis, you're gonna have to do it yourself. Besides, I don't get it. I thought you two were in a good place, finally.

Jordan: Well, you know, relationships come with curves.

TJ: [Sighs]

Jordan: And Sonny Corinthos is the latest. So your uncle has taken it upon himself to offer his services, and I have a problem with that.

TJ: I'm not taking sides or anything, but, uh, aren't you being a little bit unrealistic? Now, before you go all Defcon 1 on me, hear me out. Curtis is a private investigator. There's no secret that they negotiate the gray areas of the law, and you knew that going in, so...why get all righteous about it now?

Jordan: Uh, because I have to uphold the law. I'm sworn to uphold the law. I believe in the law, so I'm not gonna just delve into the realm of ambiguous, TJ.

TJ: Hm. Seemed pretty ambiguous when you were with Shawn.

Dante: Look at that. He isn't even bothering with trying to lie.

Valentin: No one has the upper hand here. We are two parents equally deceived about the nature of Charlotte's conception by a third party. If you truly care what's best for our daughter, you'll agree to spare her a long, costly court battle and do what's best for her -- shared custody. We live in the same town. Charlotte's school is here. She loves it. She's got friends. She's got people who care about her. She's got a good life. Why don't we keep it that way? I think alternating weeks is fair. What do you say?

Charlotte: Everything okay? Is Bailey all right?

Valentin: Everything is just, just fine. Isn't that right, Lulu?

Lulu: Yes. We just haven't heard anything about Bailey yet, but I'm sure she's doing well.

Valentin: Hey. Why don't we see if we can go get an update. How's that sound?

Charlotte: All right.

Dante: Uh, are you okay?

Lulu: He's always one step ahead of us.

Dante: Hey, if you're done with this, if you don't want to fight this anymore, I'm with you, okay? Whatever you want to do.

Charlotte: Bailey, everything okay? Are the doctors gonna make you better?

Ms. Caldwell: Well, that's what the grown-ups are gonna talk about. And since Mr. Cassadine told us about Shriners Hospitals for Children, I wanted him to hear.

Dr. Brown: All right, well, we can, uh, find a room, discuss it in private.

Ava: Why does Patient 6 need to be controlled?

Dr. Klein: He's a danger to himself and to others -- especially to others.

Ava: In what way?

Dr. Klein: The man was subjected to a severe trauma, and his mind broke. He perceives anyone that comes near him as a -- as a threat, any gesture they make as an attack. He fights back, and Patient 6 is a formidable fighter. Heavy sedation seems kinder than 24-hour restraints.

Ava: Oh, yes, of course. I just... are you gonna be able to help him?

Dr. Klein: Before I answer that question, I have one of my own. Why do you care? Why are you so interested in Patient 6?

Ava: Well, if you must know, I need a distraction. The hope of having my face restored, it means everything to me, and... I just need a little escape, you know? And the first time I saw him, um, Patient 6, it was so shocking to me. And he's just given me something else to think about.

Dr. Klein: Did you give it all to him?

Nurse: Yes, I did, Doctor. That's ketamine.

Dr. Klein: You're familiar with the drug?

Ava: Yeah, uh, street name "Special K." It's used on horses.

Dr. Klein: That'll be all.

[Door closes]

Dr. Klein: I'm eager to work with you. You could be one of my greatest successes. I would hate to have to rob us both of that achievement by sending you away before I can begin treatment.

Ava: Why would you do that?

Dr. Klein: Find another diversion. Sketch, listen to music, read novels. We are, after all, in Russia. Avail yourself of the pool and spa. But in the interests of your own recovery, leave Patient 6 alone.

Ava: I understand.

Dr. Klein: I'm sure you do. Come on, let me show you to the music room.

[Door opens]

Sam: You know, I talked to Dr. Maddox about how things have been different ever since Jason came back to me.

Sonny: Different how?

Sam: [Groans] I don't know, Sonny. More settled? Jason and I -- we used to be ride-or-die. But things just got different after he came back. We -- we stopped living every day like it could be our last, and we started living like... we could actually have a long life together, and we could raise our kids together, could be happy together.

Sonny: Guess what?

Sam: What?

Sonny: Kids do that to parents. [Laughs]

Sam: I finally have this life that I've never imagined, and I don't want to let it go.

Sonny: And I think I'm partly to blame for taking that chance from you. And I think, uh, I'm gonna make it right for you. And I think I know exactly where to start.

Ms. Caldwell: I asked Dr. Brown to fill you in on everything we discussed.

Valentin: Of course.

Dr. Brown: Well, keep in mind there's no one-size-fits-all treatment for scoliosis. Some patients might require just observation, some might need surgery. Now, in Bailey's case, we believe that bracing is the best way to approach the curvature of the spine.

Ms. Caldwell: Bailey can get all the treatment she needs here on an outpatient basis.

Dr. Brown: Shriners Hospitals for Children is actually on the cutting edge of treatment for scoliosis. We have the latest surgical, non-surgical treatments, exercise, physical-therapy programs -- the whole spectrum in one place just for kids.

Valentin: I am so glad she was able to come here for care.

Dr. Brown: I got another appointment. Any other questions?

Ms. Caldwell: No. You've answered every one.

Curtis: All right. Uh, look, what happened last year --

Valerie: Don't. I'm over it.

Curtis: But, still, I just wanted to apologize.

Valerie: Accepted. And I appreciated you owning up to and taking responsibility for your actions in front of your aunt. Did I mention she is hilarious? That whole thing with her trying to set us up?

Curtis: Well, she means well.

Valerie: Believe it or not, I think you do, too. Which is why I would hate to see you make the same mistakes you did with me over again.

Curtis: So, what? You're rooting for us now?

Valerie: Don't push it, cousin.

Curtis: [Scoffs] "Cousin."

Valerie: But I do want you to be happy. So here's my advice. I think you need to ask yourself, are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices to make Jordan happy?

Jordan: I can't afford to make any more bad choices. I can't -- not when it comes to you.

TJ: To me? This is about you an-and Curtis.

Curtis: No, this has always been about you. You lose your father and then Shawn goes to prison, and I lose out on all these years of -- of raising you, because I want to be undercover? It's my bad choices. Every time I cross the line, you pay the price. And I don't want to do that anymore, baby. I don't want to.

Parker: I'm sorry, Kristina. I shouldn't have said that.

Kristina: So now you're apologizing?

Parker: I -- what we did back then -- that was wrong.

Kristina: Okay. We've talked about it. It's been dissected and discussed, but that was then, in the past, and flash-forward to today, I'm no longer the confused co-ed I was before. I know who I am. I'm out and proud, and I have wonderful family and friends who are supportive and positive and accept me for who I am.

Parker: I can see that, and I'm so proud of who you've become.

Kristina: Well, you played a big part in it. I might not have begun that discovery if I hadn't have met you. Things happen for a reason. I'm grateful that you came into my life, no matter what.

Parker: One thing I've always admired about you is your clarity. You're great at knowing what you want and going for it.


TJ: It's okay. I know you have a lot of guilt about what happened in the past. It's almost like you feel you have no right to be happy.

Jordan: I'm happy knowing you're happy.

TJ: And likewise. So please stop beating yourself up. You can't keep living in your regret shadow, afraid to take chances that might not work out, guarding against hurt and standing behind truth, justice, and the American way.

Jordan: Believe me, I'm not -- not trying to be superwoman here.

TJ: No, just supermom, trying to take on everything to make up for what you feel like you've put me through. But you know how you can really make it up to me? Be happy.

Jordan: So... how did you get so -- [Sniffs] How'd you get so damn smart?

TJ: Books.

[Both chuckle]

TJ: Look, I appreciate everything you've done for me, every sacrifice you've made, but I'm grown now... even if I'm still on your income-tax form, okay? But I never want you sacrificing your happiness for me again. No more punishing yourself. The past is past, and...I came out okay.

Jordan: Yeah, you came out pretty all right.

TJ: But that's because I have the best mom in the world. I wish she believed that, too.

Jordan: Come here.

Curtis: Thanks for the talk. For what it's worth, I-I really do hope you find love again. I don't...

[Both chuckle]

[Cell phone rings]

Curtis: Yeah, oh, look. Well, that's the conflict of interest reaching out now.

Valerie: Well, good luck with that. Yeah.

[Cell phone beeps]

Curtis: Hey, what's up, man?

Sonny: Hey, Curtis. It's Sonny Corinthos.

Curtis: How are you doing, Mr. Corinthos?

Sonny: Good, good. Listen, um, I got a job for you, but I-I -- I can't really do it over the phone. I can't tell you about it. Curtis?

Curtis: Yeah. Look, I'm gonna have to pass on the job. I-I know I said -- I'd offered to do anything for you, but I was kind of, like -- I meant something, you know, above-board like -- like chasing down financial records or something like that, but, man, I-I can't get involved in this conflict. I mean, if it was just me, it'd be no problem, but there's too many people I care about that'd be affected by this. I hope you understand, man.

Sonny: Yeah, no hard feelings. You did good work. You were a great friend to Jason. But sometimes you got to do, you know, the right thing to protect the people you love. That's why I wanted to send work your way.

Curtis: Well, I sure appreciate it. Take care, man.

Sonny: Yeah. See you later.

Parker: Wait. Kristina. Oh, my -- we cannot do this.

Kristina: Why? Don't worry about Elio. He doesn't care.

Parker: No, we shouldn't do this because it's still wildly inappropriate.

Kristina: Are you seriously still worried about the age difference? You just told me that you admired the woman I'd become.

Parker: I do, but that's not the issue.

Kristina: Then what? Oh, no. Are you getting back together with your wife?

Parker: No. We're not getting back.

Kristina: Then what? My mother? What?

Parker: No, it's -- no. This is -- this is about me, Kristina. I can't lose my career over you.

Ms. Caldwell: Mr. Cassadine, thank you for suggesting we consider bringing Bailey to Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Valentin: It was my pleasure.

Bailey: Mom, come see the playroom.

Charlotte: Pretty cool, huh? [Chuckles]

Valentin: Oof. And what was that for?

Charlotte: Thank you, Papa. I knew you'd make everything right for Bailey.

Lulu: She loves you. No doubt about that.

Valentin: Yeah, and hopefully you'll take that into consideration when assessing our situation. Lulu, I'm offering you shared custody. We can get on with our lives. Charlotte can be settled and secure. Don't you want that for her?

Patient 6: [Grunts] [Exhales sharply] [Breathes heavily]

Ava: Oh, my God.

Curtis: Oh. Hey. I'm back.

Jordan: You're back. Um, I was just going t--

Curtis: Yeah, I understand. Look, before you go wherever you're going, I just want to tell you that I spoke to Sonny, and I turned him down. I mean, I want to help Jason and everything, but [Inhales] It's just not worth losing you...

Jordan: [Chuckles]

Curtis: ...O-over. Oh, my God. What about what I just said is so funny?

Jordan: Nothing, nothing. I just, um... I was actually just on my way out to tell you that I may have acted a little harsh.

Curtis: Really? Well, then, let me just call Sonny right now so I can make that money.

Jordan: Oh, please.

Curtis: [Chuckles] Stop. Look, I think that maybe we need to at least talk about things, and -- and see if we can't find a solution that works best for both of us.

Curtis: So no more using fights as a reason to walk away?

Jordan: No. From now on, we will use them as a start to a conversation, not the end. Kind of like the one that I didn't get a chance to finish when I saw you with Sonny.

Curtis: I remember that conversation. You stormed out on me.

Jordan: Yeah. And you told me that you loved me, and I know that you wanted to hear what I thought about that.

Curtis: I still do.

Jordan: Well, if I hadn't have walked out, then... ...I would've told you that I love you, too.

Curtis: I love you.

Jordan: I love you.


Kristina: What would our relationship have to do with your career?

Parker: [Sighs]

Kristina: I'm not your student anymore.

Parker: You're a student at PCU, and I'm a teacher applying for tenure. This is the kind of thing the board would hold against me, especially because there were allegations against me in the past.

Kristina: They wouldn't have to know.

Parker: [Sighs] Kristina, look, if -- if I don't get tenure, and I apply somewhere else, maybe this is something that we can explore, but right now this is not a good time for us to go there.

Kristina: I guess history is repeating itself. But don't worry. I won't make any waves.

Parker: This was a mistake. I'm sorry. Oh, God. The last thing I wanted to do was lead you on again.

Lulu: We both love our daughter. We both want what's best for her. That is something that we share. So I will have Diane send over the necessary paperwork to Nora Buchanan tomorrow morning. Alternating weeks.

Valentin: Thank you. I'm grateful that we were able to reach a compromise.

Lulu: Understand this, Valentin. Little girls grow up. You can't keep Charlotte in the dark, no matter how hard you try. One day, she will see you for who you really are.

Ava: That nurse gave you a whole vial of special K. How can you even move, let alone push yourself out of your chair? Nice try, but that zombie act isn't gonna work with me anymore. You know exactly what's going on, don't you? Those drugs -- they aren't working the way they think they are, and you're trying to hide it. Well, if you really are dangerous, maybe I ought to warn them.

Sam: I don't care what they say, I'm not ready to let him go.

[Monitor beeping]

Sam: I'm not done fighting for him.

Sonny: None of us are.

Ava: Why would I rat you out? I'd only be giving myself away. I've been told to steer clear of you. But here's the deal, Patient 6. If you get out of that chair and you go rampaging around this clinic, you don't come after me. You owe me.

[Cell phone ringing]

[Ringing continues]

Dr. Klein: Yes? The situation's unchanged. No, there's been no more trouble. It appears so. Understand me. It's true, he's very strong, but he's not superhuman. I can't give him any more without killing him. [Sighs]

[Patient 6 stands out of his wheelchair]

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