GH Transcript Monday 9/18/17

General Hospital Transcript Monday 9/18/17


Episode #13890 ~ Griffin worries about Ava's well-being; Anna's determination grows as she blackmails Finn into helping her; Curtis attempts to explain himself to Jordan.

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[In St. Petersburg, Russia]

[Door opens]

Ava: Hi. Did the attendants bring you here this morning, or have you been here all night? Well, not that you asked, but I was really only able to get about four hours of sleep last night. Must be the jet lag. I've been told not to get close enough for you to be able to reach me. You're supposed to be very dangerous. There was a time that I really enjoyed flirting with danger. Until I literally played with fire. Boy, did I get burned.

Griffin: What do you think?

Plastic Surgeon: The injuries are severe.

Griffin: Well, I-I understand, but what are her chances at recovery? She wants to be restored to what she was.

Plastic Surgeon: That's impossible. We have no protocols to reverse this type of damage.

Griffin: Are you sure? She's -- she's gone to a clinic in Russia. They've -- they've promised cutting-edge techniques.

Plastic Surgeon: You know, someone could have had a breakthrough, but the fact that they haven't publicized it, it's concerning.

Griffin: [Sighs] So it's too good to be true.

Anna: So, you recognize the flight plan from the trip you took on Sonny's private jet? Um, also included in the records are the passenger manifest and fuel logs and basically everything that proves that you went on a trip overseas.

Finn: I took a vacation. So what?

Anna: While on this "vacation," you purchased illegal pharmaceuticals which you then smuggled back into the country.

Finn: Prove it.

Anna: You're bluffing. Which is a questionable strategy, given you're such a smart man... and also, according to this, a drug trafficker.

Curtis: Jason's a friend. I'd like to help any way I can.

Sonny: I appreciate that.

Curtis: I mean it, man. If you need me to do work tailing somebody or running intel -- anything that'll help keep Jason's family safe -- I'm your guy.

Sonny: You know what? I might have to take you up on that offer.

Curtis: All right.

Sonny: I mean, things are real dicey right now.

Curtis: Mm, I can imagine. And I got a feeling they're gonna stay that way. Um, but your help could make a difference.

[Indistinct conversations]

Scott: Okay, thank you. So, uh, I was just telling this guy that this particular piece is the artist's struggle to maintain a tradition in this ever-changing world of technology.

Elizabeth: Boy, that's an interesting take.

Scott: No, I just made it up. I'm just trying to get the price up.

Elizabeth: You remember that this one's not for sale, though, right? Franco only agreed to hang it because you wanted to put it on the promo cards.

Scott: Right, right, right. I understand that. But everybody seems to be drawn to it. It's special. I mean, I understand. Listen, his other work is -- is worth a lot of money, but it kind of gives me the willies.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] Well, his early work is powerful.

Scott: Yeah, well, uh, it's crazy. It was when he was crazy -- when he used to be crazy.

Elizabeth: Before he had the tumor removed.

Scott: Yeah, well, that got the ball rolling. The big game-changer is you.

Elizabeth: Me?

Scott: Yeah, because I know that if he gets too crazy, you'll rein him in.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] We don't have to worry about that. Franco's worked really hard at staying on an even keel these days. He doesn't get rattled like he used to.

Franco: I'd ask you about the blond kid, but I've seen other pictures of Jason Morgan at this age, and so I know it's him. Why am I next to him?

Betsy: I'm sorry, Bobby. You deserve the truth. And it's high time I finally give it to you.

Franco: Okay. Let's start with something really simple. That kid right there -- that's Jason Morgan, right?

Betsy: Oh, Bobby. Be careful what you ask for. You might be happy you're not hearing the answers.

Sam: No, Mom, you don't have to bring me anything. No, really. Spinelli's been taking good care of me. Oh, he went to the hotel. He's gonna get some rest. I've decided I'm just gonna hang out here a little longer. No. No change yet.

Finn: You are accusing me of drug smuggling because I took a trip on Sonny's private plane.

Anna: Oh, you're right. I know. It does sound very thin, if that were all I had.

Finn: It's not?

Anna: Oh, God, no. No, the FBI and the ATF -- they take a special interest in Sonny. Did you know that they log every trip he takes on his private jet?

Finn: [Groans] No, I didn't.

Anna: I didn't think so. No? Then there's also the drug dealer that the WSB have you linked to. Uh, Lebeau, I think, is his name? He certainly knew you. He gave a very detailed account of your meeting in Marseilles.

Finn: Where are you going with this?

Anna: I'm just looping you in. Now, while the WSB -- you know, they do take great care of their evidence. It is possible that the bureau could misplace the transcripts from that interrogation. But if you don't cooperate, then I'm gonna have more time on my hands and be able to keep my eye on them and make sure that they wind up on the right desk.


Finn: You're blackmailing me.

Anna: Tomatoes, tomah-toes. You say "blackmail," I say "bargain." Your tea's getting cold.

Curtis: I got a question for you. How are you fixed for security?

Sonny: I got my guys.

Curtis: Okay, good. You're covered. Because, if you need some guys, I know some ex-cops.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Curtis: They're eager to put in work.

Sonny: Uh, I appreciate it, but my guys can handle it.

Jordan: Hey!

Curtis: Oh, hey! I thought I was gonna meet you at Perks.

Jordan: Uh, so did I. Uh, but when I didn't see you, I just doubled back here.

Curtis: Yeah, no, um, Sonny and I got to t-talking, and...

Sonny: Yeah, uh, I -- I got to go. I got to go to the hospital, anyway. So, uh, I got to check on Jason. See you later, buddy.

Curtis: Yeah, take care. So, you want to hit Perks? Let's --

Jordan: Yeah, right. Sure. Um, just right after you tell me what the hell you were doing with Sonny.

Ava: I understand your family placed you here. Do they visit you? Miss you? I don't think there's anybody at home missing me. One daughter's too young, and the other one is... she's just living her life, as it should be. I thought that I met somebody that I could spend time with, but he's about as interested in me as you are.

[Door opens]

Ava: [Chuckles]

Larisa: You have been warned not to approach this man.

Ava: What? Hey!

Larisa: Shh!

Ava: I'm completely out of reach.

Larisa: [Sighs] [Whispering] He needs quiet.

[Cell phone ringing]

Larisa: Any distraction could set him off. [Sighs]

Ava: Wait, is that...? That's my phone. Well, who's calling me?

Griffin: [Sighs] Come on, Ava. Pick up.

Elizabeth: I'm gonna check on Franco.

Scott: Wait, hang on a second, Elizabeth. Um, let -- let him work the room for a minute.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] That's not really his forte.

Scott: Well, I-I-I just want to have a -- a little chat with you.

Elizabeth: About...?

Scott: What are your intentions for my son?

Elizabeth: What are my intentions?

Scott: Well, you guys have just moved in together. That's a big deal in my book.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] Y-yeah, mine, too. Everything I do is to provide stability for my kids. I would not invite someone into my home if I didn't think he'd be here for the long haul.

Scott: Well, I'm glad that you've given it a lot of thought. I'm not so sure that he has.

Elizabeth: Your son happens to love my boys.

Scott: Oh, I have no doubt about that. It's just that my son can be very impulsive. Sometimes he doesn't consider the consequences of his actions.

Elizabeth: Are we still talking about Franco moving in with me?

Scott: What else would we be talking about?

Franco: I know that you've always tried to protect me, but I really need to know.

Betsy: Oh, sweetie. Think about it. Why upset the apple cart? Look -- look at the life you've built for yourself. You're making art again. You're sharing your gift with the world. And more than that, you're in love with a wonderful woman. For the first time in your life, you have a family of your own. Why go borrowing trouble?

Elizabeth: Hello. Hi. What'd I miss?

Sam: Mom, I... come on, I know it's gonna take some time, but Jason is gonna come back to me.

[Monitors beeping, air hissing]

Sam: Okay, I love you, too. Bye. I am so sorry. I know that's so annoying, only hearing one side of the conversation. But it was my mom. [Chuckles] Surprise. Well, she wants me to go home and get some rest, and I told her no. I'm not going anywhere. I'm gonna stay by your side, because that's exactly what you would do for me. All I need is for you to get better. Jason?

Finn: So this is how you operate.

Anna: Well, I-I did try to appeal to your conscience.

Finn: Really?

Anna: Yeah.

Finn: Hmm, I see. So, um, what about my oath to do no harm? What part of my conscience fits into that?

Anna: Oh, this is where you draw the line? It's all right for you to lie to your superiors at GH and maybe put your patients at risk, but not to use your position to bring a criminal to justice?

Finn: So now you're shaming me for my addiction?

Anna: No, I'm trying to get you to have empathy for others who suffer, who don't have your resources. Cassandra Pierce -- she profits from other people's misery. And it -- and it's my job to take her down. And I'm not gonna apologize for that.

Finn: I see. What part of your job description allows you to work through your personal issues?

Anna: What the hell does that mean?

Finn: I mean what part of this operation is about getting Cassandra Pierce, and what part of it is getting Valentin Cassadine?

Anna: [Breathes shakily] One way or another, this operation is moving forward. And you can either be part of my solution or you can be part of my problem. Which is it?

Curtis: [Sighs] Sonny and I were just talking. That's it. Totally innocent.

Jordan: No, I didn't say otherwise.

Curtis: You don't have to. I know that look of disapproval from a mile away.

Jordan: Okay, if you guys were just talking about the weather, then, hey, you and I have nothing to worry about.

[Boat horns honking in distance]

Jordan: Do we have something to worry about?

Curtis: Sonny's best friend, who also happens to be my friend, is in a coma. I was just offering my support.

Jordan: Like a f-friendly ear or a shoulder to lean on?

Curtis: And my services.

[Cell phone ringing]

Ava: You just hung up?!

Larisa: You can talk to whoever it was when you're discharged. You need to focus on your procedure.

Ava: Well, I would love to, but I don't even know what it is yet. No one's told me a damn thing! I haven't even met my own doctor!

Dr. Boronsky: [Eastern-European accent] No time like the present. I'm Dr. Boronsky, the man who's going to restore your face.

Elizabeth: Sorry, am I interrupting?

Betsy: Not at all. We were just discussing how happy you and your children have made Bobby.

Elizabeth: Well, he has made us very happy, too.

Betsy: I'm glad to hear it. I have to admit, I was a little worried, since you had children.

Elizabeth: Oh, no, he's great with my boys.

Betsy: Still, I can imagine it was a fairly big adjustment, and not just for them.

Elizabeth: Well, who else?

Betsy: Well, the boys' father. Has he been understanding?

Franco: You know what? Let's go look at some art. You want to?

Elizabeth: You know, the situation is a little complicated, uh, and we -- we did have some difficulty with my middle son, Jake's, father, but I think Jason is starting to accept Franco.

Betsy: I'm sorry. Did you say "Jason"? Not Jason Morgan.

Elizabeth: Yes. Jason Morgan.

Betsy: You're raising Jason's son?

[Through cell phone] You've reached Ava Jerome. I'm unavailable right now, so please leave a message.


Griffin: Yeah, hey, Ava. It's, uh, Griffin again. Uh, I don't mean to be obnoxious. This is like the fourth or fifth message I left. For all I know, you don't even have service. Look, if you get this message, look, I know you're in Russia and I-I-I know what you're doing there, and I'm -- I'm worried that you're gonna regret it. So please just give me a call back and -- and hear me out, and -- and if you decide you still want to go through with it, I'll go through with it with you. Look, I just -- I want to just offer you moral support.

[Footsteps approaching]

Sonny: Griffin.

Griffin: Sonny.

Sonny: Punching bag not working out for you? You want to talk to me about something?

Griffin: I don't even know where to begin, much less where I'm going.

[Door opens]

Sam: Griffin! Thank God! Sam, what is it? Sonny, I'm glad you're here. Jason -- he's waking up!

Finn: Is whole thing is crazy. I'm not -- I'm a doctor. I'm not some operative. Certainly the WSB must have someone much more qualified than me.

Anna: Perhaps yes, but it would take time to get them up to speed.

Finn: [Groans]

Anna: Whereas you can accomplish everything we need right now.

Finn: How's that again?

Anna: I told you, Cassandra Pierce -- she's a hypochondriac. But she's very interested in infectious diseases, which happens to be your specialty. And you also have such a winning bedside manner.

Finn: Blackmail makes me grumpy.

Anna: [Chuckles] It doesn't have -- you are making more of this than you need to, really. All you have to do is meet her and make nice. I'm the one who has her work cut out for her.

Finn: And if I do this...?

Anna: I will make sure all the records from your trip to France just disappear -- disappear. And everything else, too.

Finn: Fine. You win.

Anna: I rather thought I would.

Jordan: So you work for Sonny now.

Curtis: I just told him I was available if he needed me.

Jordan: Needed you how?

Curtis: Baby, you know my skill set.

Jordan: Um, that's kind of a wide net. So what do you...?

Curtis: I'm a PI, okay? So maybe Sonny has something that he needs investigating, or -- or he has questions about security or something. I-I -- we really didn't get into details.

Jordan: Well, you might want to. 'Cause, you know, working for Sonny means navigating through a whole lot of gray area. You know, and maybe, yeah, sure, everything will start off on the up-and-up, but then how long until Sonny starts asking you to make compromises? How soon after you do your "advising" on security -- is it? -- Before you start shadowing him to his meetings and then becoming privy of the ins and outs of his operation? What are you gonna do then? Are you gonna stay loyal to Sonny, or are you gonna do exactly what the law requires you to do and turn his ass in?

Sam: I was just sitting there and -- and holding his hand, and all of a sudden, he -- he squeezed it. Sonny, he heard me. He's coming back to us.

[Door opens]

Sonny: Griffin, Sam just told me that she was holding his -- his hand and that -- that he squeezed it. That could mean he's coming to?

Griffin: [Sighs] I'm sorry, but it doesn't.

Franco: I'm not "raising" Jake. Jason is still his father.

Elizabeth: He would never try to replace him. Jake is very lucky to have more than a few adults in his life who love him, including Franco. They have a great relationship.

Betsy: And Jason has no problem with that?

Elizabeth: Obviously, Jason and Franco have a history, but they've learned to coexist for Jake's sake.

Betsy: It sounds like there could still be problems.

Elizabeth: I prefer to think of them as "challenges," but if anyone can make it work, it's us, right?

Franco: Yeah, right. And we are.

Betsy: I'm glad to hear it. And I'd love to meet Jake.

Elizabeth: Well, we would love to have you over for dinner. How long are you in town?

Betsy: A little while. I wanted to make sure I could have some quality time with Bobby. Congratulations, son. I've loved seeing your work again. But all this excitement has worn me out. I think I might do best to just call it a night.

Franco: Uh, you're -- you're -- you're -- leaving?

Betsy: Well, you booked me that lovely room at the Metro Court. Might as well make good use of it. Congratulations. Your show is wonderful. You should be very proud.

Franco: I should probably make sure that she gets to the hotel.

Elizabeth: Yes, go.

Franco: Okay. Mom, wait. I need to know about the boy in the picture. Is it Jason or not?

Betsy: I'll tell you, but not here. Trust me -- you don't want Elizabeth or anyone else to hear this. Meet me in my hotel room.

Ava: Dr. Boronsky, we meet at last. I was just starting to wonder when you'd get around to seeing me.

Dr. Boronsky: My services are in high demand. I've gone to some trouble to adjust my schedule to accommodate you, but perhaps you've reconsidered your stay here?

Ava: W-why do you say that?

Dr. Boronsky: Well, you appear skeptical of my methods, even after seeing my results.

Ava: W-- you must understand my reluctance. I've been told that my scars are permanent.

Dr. Boronsky: Then your doctors lack imagination and expertise. I restored Larisa's face. And I can do the same for you. If you're troubled by our policies, you are welcome to leave. There are plenty of people eager to take your place.

Ava: So you want me to shut up and be grateful.

Dr. Boronsky: I want a simple answer -- am I treating you or not?

Ava: I'm willing to take the risk if you are.

Dr. Boronsky: What risk is that?

Ava: Well, your reputation. I-I know you're a miracle worker, but this face is gonna take more than a trip to Lourdes.

Dr. Boronsky: Valentin warned that I'd have my work cut out for me, but your cause is far from lost.

Ava: He does tend toward the melodrama.

Dr. Boronsky: Doesn't he? So like a Cassadine.

[Indistinct conversations]

[Footsteps approaching]

Elizabeth: Hey, hey, hey, hey. I'm so glad your mom came to the show. It was really nice meeting her.

Franco: Aww. You were so sweet to her. I really appreciate that. I do. She can be a little -- kind of out there. She's...

Elizabeth: No, no, she's sweet.

Franco: Yeah. She's sweet.

Elizabeth: You okay?

Franco: Yeah. Why wouldn't I be okay?

Elizabeth: Well, it is your first show in years.

Franco: It is, and I've forgotten how much I hate hobnobbing with the gallerinas and kissing up to the collectors and...

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] Well, don't worry, because we can do it together.

Franco: If I never paint again, it'd be okay if you were around. You know, the whole point is to make some money, right? So if you mean what you say about doing it together, here's the -- here's the plan, okay?

Elizabeth: [Chuckles]

Franco: We divide and conquer. You take all of the snobs on the right, and I'll take all of the pretentious ones on the left. Does that work for you?

Elizabeth: Sounds like a plan to me.

Curtis: For the record, I ain't a snitch, and I don't plan on snitching on Sonny, because I won't allow myself to get caught up in anything illegal. I'm aware what time it is with Sonny. I worked for him when we helped flush out Olivia Jerome.

Jordan: I don't doubt that you know what you're doing.

Curtis: Why are you second-guessing me?

Jordan: Because you're choosing to do it for a crime lord! Okay?

Curtis: Whatever.

Jordan: Whatever I think about Sonny, the man's not stupid. He's going to see how good you are, and then he's just gonna open up the doors for "career advancement."

Curtis: Oh, okay, so you think I'm just gonna get caught up in illegal crime activity.

Jordan: [Sighs] Working for Sonny [Scoffs] Is like quicksand. He will pull you in little by little, and before you can even realize how deep you are, you're not gonna be able to get yourself out.

Curtis: You really have no faith in me, do you?

Jordan: I'm trying to be objective here, okay? Let's say you were to just run this scenario by, I don't know, most cops. They would say that working for Sonny means you're either incredibly naive...

Curtis: [Scoffs]

Jordan: ...Or you're using this to leverage your position.

Curtis: And my position would be what?

Jordan: The police commissioner's boyfriend.

Griffin: I understand why you think Jason may have been waking up. Um, squeezing your hand doesn't mean he's returning to consciousness. It's an involuntary muscle spasm.

Sonny: It's not a bad sign, though. It's not like -- it's not gonna get worse.

Sam: He heard me. -I -- -he heard me. He squeezed my hand.

Griffin: People in Jason's condition experience movements like this often. This may not be the first time he's done it, and it probably won't be the last.

Sam: I know, but he's coming back to me. I know he is. He's coming back to us, Sonny.

Griffin: Hey, keep talking to him. Let him know that you're here. He may not be conscious, but that doesn't mean he can't hear you. He needs to know what he's fighting for. Take care.

Sonny: [Sighs] Sam. Sam. The doctor's right. I mean, you know, we got to keep talking and --

Sam: Griffin doesn't know a damn thing, Sonny. None of these doctors know anything. They all just want me to send him away, make him someone else's problem. I'm not gonna do that. I was so close to sending him away to some permanent-care facility. I'm not doing it. Now that he showed me he can move, that he squeezed my hand, I'm not sending him away. I'm taking him home.

Jordan: Did you even think about how this might look to the department?

Curtis: [Scoffs]

Jordan: The men and women whose lives I'm responsible for? How does it look if I'm dating a rising star in the Corinthos clan? I mean, that does-- that's not a good look.

Curtis: Who you date in your personal life is your own business. What do you care what they think?

Jordan: Okay, whatever. Forget about what the department thinks. What about what I think? Did you even think about how I would feel, knowing that, literally a day after you say that you love me, you offer to work for the godfather of Port Charles? Come on, man.

Curtis: Jordan, it --

Jordan: Honestly, if I didn't know you better, I-I would think that you actually planned this.

Curtis: This is not about Sonny, okay? This is about you. Yeah, this is about you. All -- all the hiding, all the walls you put up, all the obstacles you be trying to -- you know what? I thought you said you weren't gonna [Scoffs] Look for problems anymore.

Jordan: I did. I did. But now I have one staring me right in the face. And I'm choosing not to ignore it.

Sonny: You want to take Jason home right now? Let's do it.

Sam: Yeah?

Sonny: Yeah. If that's where you think Jason has the best shot at recovery, definitely.

Sam: Okay, yes.

Sonny: All right.

[Door closes]

Sonny: I'm not gonna lie to you. It's gonna be a lot of work, starting with the penthouse. We have to outfit it and make sure we have the right equipment.

Sam: That's fine. I'll -- I'll buy all the medical equipment necessary. I'll get monitors. I'll -- I'll turn the house into a hospital if I have to.

Sonny: Well, there's -- there's more to that. How about your -- how much do your kids know?

Sam: I mean, Scout's just a baby, and...Danny -- I mean, he knows his dad's sick.

Sonny: Well, yeah. Well, you're gonna have to be honest and tell them exactly what's going on, 'cause they're gonna see their -- their dad with -- with -- with machines and tubes on the bed, and that's scary for a kid.

Sam: Okay.

[Monitors beeping, air hissing]

Sam: I'll explain it to them.

Sonny: Yeah?

Sam: Uh-huh.

Sonny: Okay. There's gonna be a lot of people in the house. He's gonna need the, you know, 24-7 care. So they're gonna have to be very comfortable with all those people, and, you know, Danny and Scout, when the time comes.

Sam: What? Scout?

Sonny: I know you don't -- you don't want to think about this, but it could take a while before Jason gets better. And Danny's not gonna understand that. He's gonna expect his father to wake up right away. My opinion is you -- you need to sit -- you need to sit Danny down and be clear with him that just because his -- his father squeezes his hand, it doesn't mean he's waking up. You're gonna have to tell him that, you know, it could -- it could be a while before he does. And I'm telling you, this kind of -- this stuff I know because of Michael. It makes those kids grow up real fast, Sam. Are -- are you sure that's what you want?

[Doorbell rings]

Anna: That was fast.

Griffin: Hey. Hey.

Anna: Griffin. Hi.

Griffin: Have you found out anything about that clinic in Saint Petersburg?

Anna: Uh, n-no...

[Door closes]

Anna: ...But I-I told you Robert was looking into it. You know, it's gonna take some time. As soon as he calls me, I will let you know, I pr--

Griffin: Look, I-I-I don't know if I can wait. I don't. I-I-I just came from the hospital. I watched Sam and Sonny worry over Jason. They are in so much pain, and I-I-I'm supposed to be the -- the -- the impartial doctor, right? And I try. I try -- I try to keep it as professional as possible, take care of my patient, but I can't stop hearing this voice in the back of my head that tells me Ava could wind up in the same condition as Jason.

Anna: Okay, I'm sorry. But the moment I hear something, you will, too. I promise.

Griffin: Thank you. Thank you. Uh, I know you're -- you're -- you're sticking your neck out for me, and... is somebody staying with you? I-I-I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to intrude.

Anna: Oh, no. Uh, it's my suitcase. Yeah.

Griffin: Were you going on a trip?

Anna: Tonight.

Ava: You seem to be speaking from experience. Have you had dealings with other Cassadines?

Dr. Boronsky: Their infamy precedes them.

Ava: [Chuckling] Yes, that's true. I do know of their reputation, and in most cases, it's justified.

Dr. Boronsky: Most?

Ava: Well, I became close with one of the Cassadines who's no longer with us. He was the exception to the rule.

Scott: Oh, boy! Oh, boy! These things are selling like hot cakes! Art! Go figure!

Elizabeth: I think, by the end of the night, Franco's gonna have a lot to be proud of.

Scott: Well, he already has a lot to be proud of. Listen, I'm sorry if I stepped on your toes earlier. I'm -- I'm gonna keep my nose out of your business.

Elizabeth: No, no. No -- no need to apologize. I'm glad Franco has two parents who care about him.

Scott: Well, he's got two and a half, if you count Heather.

Elizabeth: I don't.

Scott: Yeah. So, come here. What do you think about this Betsy?

Elizabeth: I see why Franco is protective of her. She seems a little fragile, but she's sweet. She obviously loves him. The excitement of this evening wore her out, so she's already gone back to the Metro Court.

Scott: So soon? And Franco is where?

Elizabeth: I don't know. He's around here somewhere. He's probably drowning in collectors. I haven't seen him in a while.

[Indistinct conversations]

[Knocks on door]

[Door creaks]

Franco: Mom? Hey. It's me. Oh.

Curtis: So I can't work any jobs with Sonny, no matter what?

Jordan: What about if you vet the job first? I'm not gonna tell you what you can and can't do.

Curtis: Really? Sure as hell sounds that way.

Jordan: You know what? You want to work for Sonny? You go right ahead, okay? But you're gonna have to save up some of your energy so that you can prioritize things. Either you want a relationship with Sonny or you want a relationship with me. You can't have both.

Sam: You don't think Jason should come home with me, do you?

Sonny: It doesn't matter what I think. It's what, you know, what Jason would want.

Sam: [Voice breaking] He'd want to be with his family.

Sonny: I agree. If this were normal circumstances, he'd be -- he'd want to come right home to you and the kids. But he's gonna have to be lying on a bed, and you guys are gonna have to be watching him every day. He's -- he's not gonna be able to move, not gonna be able to talk. You think that's what Jason would -- would want for you, the kind of life that he would want for you?

Sam: Spinelli said the same thing.

Sonny: Well, then, me and Spinelli agree for once.

Sam: So, what, I'm just supposed to surrender him to strangers?

Sonny: You're gonna -- you're gonna be putting him in -- in the hands of people who know what to give to him, you know? Okay? And listen to me -- yes, you will surrender.

Sam: [Breathing shakily]

Sonny: You're gonna be surrendering to faith because you're gonna be allowing yourself to let go. You know why? Because you believe...

Sam: [Exhales, sniffles]

Sonny: ...That he's gonna come back to you.

Sam: [Exhales] Okay. So, this facility -- can it be close by?

Sonny: No question.

Sam: You'll visit him?

Sonny: Always.

Elizabeth: Oh, no, wait. This one's not for sale.

Woman: Mr. Baldwin said it was. He okayed the purchase price.

Elizabeth: N-no. No, no. Can you tell me who bought it? I need to explain there's been a mistake.

Woman: I'm sorry, the buyer submitted their bid online. I don't know who bought it. The sale is final.

[Indistinct conversations]

Scott: Ah, figured you'd be here. So how'd it go with Betsy?

Franco: It didn't. When I got here, housekeeping was cleaning up the room. My mom checked out.

Griffin: Wait, you're leaving town tonight?

Anna: Yes, but I-I'm not abandoning the search for the clinic. I can monitor the situation from the field, so --

Griffin: The field? Wait, is this -- are you going on WSB business?

Anna: It's -- I'm fine. It's --

[Doorbell rings]

Anna: Um, excuse me. Hi.

Finn: I didn't know what to bring, so I just brought everything. Hi, Griffin.

Griffin: Finn's going with you?

Anna: Uh, can -- can you wait in my car?

[Keys jingle]

Anna: Thanks.

Finn: Yeah.

Anna: Okay. I'll be in touch. Uh, if everything goes according to plan, then I should be able to get you the documentation you need to get inside that clinic.

Griffin: "If"?

Anna: It will. It will. You just have to wait for my call. [Sighs] Please do me a favor. Don't take matters into your own hands, because if you're right about this place, it's not just Ava's life that could be at stake. You could be in danger, too, you know.

Ava: When do you think you can start my procedure?

Dr. Boronsky: I'd need to perform a detailed evaluation first.

Ava: I'm ready when you are.

Dr. Boronsky: Have exam room 1 prepared.

Larisa: Of course, Doctor.

Dr. Boronsky: Before we go any further, I want to be clear. The most that I can offer you is beauty.

Ava: What else would I expect?

Dr. Boronsky: Some patients think that the procedure will repair not only their faces but their souls. This is not the case. I can only promise to give you a face. You'll have to find happiness elsewhere.

Ava: Spiritual restoration not included -- got it.

Dr. Boronsky: Any other questions?

Ava: Yeah. Just one. Um, the patient over there in the wheelchair? He -- he's got the mask on his face?

Dr. Boronsky: Yeah, Patient 6 is a dangerous psychotic.

Ava: No, I know. Well, Larisa told me that -- that he was shot and that he fell into open water. Why is he here?

Dr. Boronsky: This clinic operates with absolute discretion. The other patients don't ask about your business, and you don't ask about theirs. You violate that rule and you'll have to leave.

Ava: O-okay, and I'm -- I'm sorry. I didn't realize --

Dr. Boronsky: Now you do. Patient 6 is dangerous. Focus on your treatments and leave him alone.

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