GH Transcript Friday 9/15/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 9/15/17


Episode #13889 ~ Franco finally asks Betsy Frank about the picture of him and Jason as young boys; Alexis consoles Monica; Anna uses any means necessary to get what she wants from Finn.

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Sam: Jason? Jason? Jason. What are you doing here? Hey. Why won't you answer me? Jason. Jason! Jason. [Sighs]

[Footsteps approach]

Finn: Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: Dr. Finn.

Finn: Mm. I just, uh, heard about Jason. I'm sorry.

Sonny: Yeah, I just came from, uh, seeing him. No change. It's been a-a rough few days.

Finn: Yeah. That's going around. Well, listen, I know Jason's gonna receive the best treatment possible, but if there's anything I can do, just ask.

Sonny: That's kind of you.

Finn: Well, you were there for me when no one else was. The least I can do is return the favor.

Sonny: I appreciate that. Thank you.

Finn: Mm.

Valentin: You look sensational.

Nina: Aww, thank you.

Valentin: Are you going somewhere?

Nina: Oh, just an event I have to cover for Crimson.

Valentin: Curious. I mean, we've been together all day. This is the first time you've mentioned it.

Nina: Oh, I didn't want to make a big deal out of it. Um, you know, it's just -- it's being hosted by my ex.

Kiki: Hey, so catering is all set and ready to go, and wine is being poured as we speak.

Franco: I think we're gonna need something a little stronger than wine.

Kiki: Relax. You're gonna do great.

Franco: Oh, boy. [Clears throat] Aren't we cutting it a little close? The guests are starting to arrive.

Kiki: Okay, you know what? I spent all day setting up this show for you, and it was a little difficult considering my mother was nowhere to be found when I had questions.

Franco: Sorry. I'm -- I'm just a little anxious. I never thought I'd be confronted with this part of my life. I thought this whole part of my life was over.

Scott: Ah, you know, Franco, when the money starts rolling in, you'll be thanking us.

Franco: Your support is overwhelming.

Scott: Now buck up. This is your big day.

Franco: Yeah. Not so sure that's a good thing.

Amy: Oh! Good. [Chuckles] You're still here.

Spinelli: You were looking for me?

Amy: [Chuckles] You left your book behind, which, from what I gather, is a big no-no, especially when the book in question is a galley proof. [Chuckles]

Spinelli: Yes. Yeah. Many thanks.

Amy: No problem. Is there something else?

Spinelli: I... hope you don't mind the inquiry, but, uh... how do you know Nathan West?

Nathan: Not that I don't, uh, appreciate a night out with you, but why are we here? I mean, Franco's not exactly our favorite person.

Maxie: [Scoffs] Because your sister said if I want to get my job back, I have to hand her an exclusive story that's got depth and is pure click bait. Here is where we get it.

Nathan: Okay, so what's the story?

Maxie: "Better in bed than dead: My night with a serial killer."

Monica: [Sighs] Give me strength, Alan. Our boy's in a lot of trouble. [Sniffles]

Elizabeth: Hi. Monica. Jason's latest test results came in from neuro.

Monica: Have you read them? [Sighs] [Sighs]

Sonny: Monica.

Monica: [Sniffles] Sonny.

Sonny: I know that we haven't had a chance to talk since they brought Jason in. But I just -- I know you got plenty of resources and everything, but if you need anything from me as far as taking care of Jason...

Monica: Oh, I think you've done enough already, thank you very much. You are the reason that my boy is in that bed in the first place!

Jordan: [Chuckles] What's the matter? You out of breath?

Curtis: I don't know how you have so much energy this late in the day.

Jordan: Oh, no, I always get my three miles in no matter what. You know, if you want to -- if you want to tag along, you got to keep up.

Curtis: I'll say. Mm. [Inhales sharply] This is nice.

Jordan: Well, yeah, that's one word for it.

Curtis: Mm. No, I mean, us doing everything together, you know, without -- without anything to worry about. Anything getting in our way.

Jordan: Don't you mean anyone? Yeah. TJ said that, uh, Stella is planning on sticking around Port Charles. And she also mentioned that she wasn't too pleased with, you know, you after you told her that, uh...

Curtis: Go on and say it. Go on and say it. You mean after I told her that, uh... I'm in love with you?

Nathan: You cannot be ser-- oh, what -- what am I talking about? Of course you're serious.

Maxie: Look, I don't enjoy admitting to the world that I slept with Franco, but I promised your sister I'd hand her a bombshell of a story.

Nathan: Well, you don't have to blow up your life to do that.

Maxie: You're the one that squashed my "Man Landers" exposť.

Nathan: All right, come on, you know why. And once this book publishing deal happens, the world has to believe that I am "Ask Man Landers."

Maxie: I get it. You're doing this for Amy's brother. I'm proud of you for helping.

Nathan: I appreciate that.

Maxie: And I am truly happy that this sudden publishing career is working out for you and Amy, but I need to make sure that my publishing dreams are not getting crushed in the process.

Amy: Nathan West? Um... oh! Right. He's married to Maxie Jones. I went to high school with her, you know. But, uh... [Laughs] Nope. I barely know the guy. Why do you ask?

Spinelli remembers:

Amy: Oh, my God! I am so happy!

Spinelli: [Chuckles] Uh... I need to connect with Detective West on -- on a case. Someone told me they saw him in the hospital earlier. But not to worry. I'll reach out to him via text.

Amy: Oh! Your friend Jason Morgan -- he's back from his tests.

Spinelli: [Stammers] I will go to the ICU posthaste. Th-thank you!

Amy: [Chuckles]

Nina: Crimson likes to... shine a national spotlight on all the events going on in Port Charles, and right now, it's Franco's introduction back into the art world, and all the artists are abuzz. Blah, blah, blah, blah. So, you know, as editor-in-chief of Crimson, I have to make an appearance.

Valentin: You thought you'd protect my delicate sensibilities?

Nina: Well, I didn't want you to be uncomfortable.

Valentin: I don't know Franco. All I know is he let you go, which makes him a fool, and I would never do that, which makes me smarter than he is.

Nina: Smarter. Sexier. Saner. The list goes on.

Valentin: How about you give me a chance to prove I can rise above petty jealousy and handle myself in awkward social situations? Give me 10 minutes and I'll go with you.

Nina: You don't have to do that.

Valentin: No, no, no, no. It's my prerogative... as your husband. And I insist. [Chuckles]

Franco: Before the big night gets started, I want to go over the ground rules one more time. That painting is not for sale.

Scott: Well, now, I -- we should discuss that.

Franco: We have discussed it, and my decision stands. That painting means a lot to me. I'm keeping it. In fact, I should take it down.

Kiki: Um, no. Hell no, okay? I spent all afternoon hanging this show for you. I am not letting you leave a giant, gaping hole in the middle of it.

Scott: Yeah, I'm with Kiki on this. This -- this is y-your biggest piece, your most important piece. I mean, this has got to stay whether you want to sell it or not.

Franco: Okay, fine. Keep it.

Scott: Okay. All right, now, we should mingle around. Remember, any serious buyers, you bring them to me. I'll make the closing deal.

Kiki: [Laughs]

Franco: Right. Don't ever want to miss out on commission.

[Chatter, telephone rings in distance]

[Footsteps approach]

Anna: Dr. Finn?

Finn: Huh?

Anna: Hi.

Finn: Anna. You're back at work.

Anna: Yeah.

Finn: Uh, how's the... how's the wrist?

Anna: Yeah, no, no. It's good.

Finn: You here for a follow-up?

Anna: No, no, no.

Finn: Okay.

Anna: No, it's just a phlebotomy session. Some tests, kind of thing.

Finn: Anything serious?

Anna: No. I think it's routine. I-I was wondering if you had thought any more about our conversation, maybe reconsidered helping me or something?

Finn: By, uh, misrepresenting myself as a doctor to some hypochondriac in Monaco so that you can try to tie Valentin Cassadine to this woman's laundry list of crimes?

Anna: No. It's not a hunch. Those jewel thefts -- they totally fit Valentin's MO, and Cassandra Pierce is the fence. It's our only way to get evidence against him.

Finn: Oh, what is that? What's "our?"

Anna: Okay. You're a leading infectious-disease specialist with a worldwide reputation. Cassandra's doctors are gonna jump at the chance for you to examine her and to pacify her. And I understand that you don't want any more drama in your life.

Finn: Do you?

Anna: I get that.

Finn: Do you, really? And it's not just that. You know, I took an oath to help people. Trying to convince some hypochondriac that, uh, she may actually be sick in order for me to pretend to treat her? That -- that goes against that oath. Listen, I'm -- I'm sorry. I really am. I'm -- I'm sorry, but... there's nothing you can say that can convince me otherwise.

Anna: Well, maybe there is. [Sighs]

Sam: Come on, Jason. Come back to me, please.

Spinelli: Samantha?

Sam: Spinelli. [Crying] I am so glad you're here.

Spinelli: I'm -- I'm only sorry I haven't come sooner. Uh, Ellie's mother's condition has improved, a-allowing me to come. You know, I -- I came in earlier, but Jason had been taken for some tests, so they -- they told me I could not see him. Hello, old friend. 'Tis I... Spinelli. [Chuckles] Come to tell you that we are all here for you when you wake up. And that is my intention, Samantha. To -- to stay in town for as long as you need me, okay?

Sam: I don't -- I don't want you to have to neglect your family for us, though.

Spinelli: No, nonsense. Ellie and I discussed it at -- at length, and she agrees wholeheartedly. What-whatever you need...

Sam: Okay.

Spinelli: ...I'm here. I can even watch S-Scout and Danny for you. Maybe you can get some rest. I'm sure you haven't got much sleep.

Sam: No, s-sleep is the last thing I need.

Monica: You know, there is a very good chance my son may never wake up from this coma. That will mean that I will lose him once again.

Sonny: I didn't mean for any of this to happen, Monica. If I could change it --

Monica: No, no, no. Sonny, you never intend for any bad things to happen. Destruction just follows in your footsteps!

Alexis: Is everything all right?

Monica: Uh, no, Alexis! Actually, nothing is all right! Everything is pretty damn dire! Because if Jason dies, that means you have the blood of both my sons on your hands!

Spinelli: Forgive me, but your response implies that you're near the point of exhaustion.

Sam: No, no, I'm -- I'm so sorry. You're right. Ever since Jason got shot, I really haven't had much sleep, and when I do, I just -- I-I keep having the same dream.

Spinelli: Uh, perhaps a lingering side effect of your bout with toxoplasmosis?

Sam: No, no, this is completely different from my hallucinations.

Spinelli: Perhaps... sharing your dream will loosen its power over you.

Sam: [Sighs] Okay. Okay. I'm, um... I'm -- I'm standing on the dock, and I'm -- I'm looking for Jason. And it's... it's really foggy out, and I can barely see. And his back is to me, and I -- I call out his name. And I start walking toward him, and just when I g-go to grab him, he vanishes. [Groans, sighs]

Spinelli: That is most unsettling.

Sam: Yeah. I can barely breathe when I wake up. [Sighs] I just can't help... feeling that I'm losing Jason.

Alexis: Considering how much stress everyone is under, perhaps it's best that we end this conversation.

Monica: No, Alexis, it's -- it's okay. I can't, uh, bring myself to apologize to you, Sonny, but I... I think it's unfair for... for me to blame the entire situation on you, because Jason chose to stand by you, he chose to risk his life for you, and that's just something I have to live with.

Sonny: So will I. Uh, give Sam my best. I'm a phone call away.

Monica: Sorry you had to witness all of that.

Alexis: Trust me, that outburst was nothing compared to the ones I've directed at Sonny.

Monica: Well, I should have, uh, exerted more self-control, really. But unfortunately, I, uh, just got Jason's tests back, and he's showing no improvement.

[Elizabeth sniffles]

Finn: Nurse Webber? Elizabeth, are you okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I'm -- I'm, uh... yeah, I just got some bad news about someone close to me, and now I have to go to this really fancy event and act like everything's okay. And if I don't get changed right now, I'm gonna be late.

Finn: I'm sorry -- I'm sorry to add to your burden, but there's something I thought you should know. About Hayden. Curtis tracked her down.

Elizabeth: Is it good news? Is she okay?

Finn: She says she's fine, but...

Elizabeth: But what? Finn, what is it?

Finn: The baby's gone.

Maxie: Franco! Hey! Long time, no see.

Franco: Yeah. Maxie. Thank you for being here. I think.

Maxie: Of course, I'm here. I mean, God, we've known each other for a long time, haven't we? Actually, I was just thinking about the first night we met back in 2010, and I was wondering if you had any memories on it? Be as detailed as possible, please.

Franco: You want me to comment on our one-night stand.

Maxie: On the record.

Franco: So, good luck with her.

Maxie: Wait. Wait a minute! You scared him off.

Nathan: I did not. And I -- on the record, I am not threatened by your past with Franco at all, but I think you're gonna regret putting it all out there like that.

Maxie: Okay. Do you have a big story?

Nathan: No. Look, I don't know, maybe it's just time I-I play the brother card and ask Nina to rehire you.

Maxie: Nathan, you hate the fact that she's back with Valentin.

Nathan: Yeah, but what can I say? My -- my sister has terrible taste in men. It doesn't mean I'm gonna cut her out of my life.

Scott: So, are you gonna tell me about your visit with Heather?

Franco: It didn't happen. Heather refused the visit, which only means she's hiding something big.

Scott: Well, if she decided not to tell you what that is, you're never gonna get it out of her.

Franco: I know. That's why to get answers, I decided to take a different route.

Scott: Oh? Mm-hmm. Really?

Betsy: Bobby?

Franco: Hey, Mom.

Betsy: Hey, baby.

Elizabeth: The baby's gone?

Finn: I was told the pregnancy wasn't viable.

Elizabeth: Oh, God, Finn. I'm so sorry.

Finn: Me, too.

Elizabeth: I hope you're taking care of yourself.

Finn: I checked myself into a recovery center last weekend just to be safe.

Elizabeth: Good. That's good. I'm really proud of you 'cause you shouldn't be going through this alone. And neither should Hayden. Did Curtis say when she's coming back?

Finn: She isn't.

Elizabeth: What?

Finn: She left me a note saying she isn't coming back, and she doesn't want to be found.

Elizabeth: Finn, if you need to talk, I can cancel my plans.

Finn: No. Please. Thank you, but no, I, um... I need to get back to work. I'm -- I'm better when I stay busy.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I -- I understand, but if you ever change your mind... I'm really sorry. Please take care of yourself.

Finn: Thank you.

Jordan: I meant what I said before, you know. I'm done searching for obstacles to keep us apart. I want to be with you, Curtis. I'm in this for the long haul.

Curtis: But as far as falling in love...

[Cell phone chimes]

Jordan: I...have to swing by the station real quick. This should not take long. I will meet you at Perks in a few?

Curtis: Just gonna leave me hanging like that?

Jordan: What? I'm -- this is impor-- this is police business. It's very important.

Curtis: You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Jordan: Most definitely. [Chuckles]

Curtis: Who's that?

Betsy: I've missed you so much. You don't keep in touch as much as you used to.

Franco: Yeah.

Betsy: I was thrilled when you arranged to fly me up here for your big opening. Just like old times.

Scott: Well, not too much like them, one hopes.

Betsy: I'm sorry, and you are?

Franco: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I'm sorry. Mom. Okay, this is -- this is my mom. This is Betsy Frank. Mom, this is Dad, Scotty Baldwin, my biological father.

Scott: How do you do?

Franco: I didn't know about him until after all that nonsense about thinking I was Jason's twin.

Betsy: Well, we did have some secrets between us back then, but that is all in the past. And I can't wait to see your work!

Monica: With Jason showing no signs of improvement... [Sighs] ...There's a good chance that he may never come out of this coma.

Alexis: Does Sam know?

Monica: I was trying to work up the nerve to tell her when I ran into Sonny.

Alexis: Well, we'll go tell her together.

Monica: [Inhales sharply] It's not going to be an easy conversation. I mean, Sam is going to have to make some decisions about Jason's future. [Sighs]

Alexis: Okay.

Sam: [Sobs]

Spinelli: While -- while understandably upsetting, you -- you know your dream has no -- no bearing on Jason's actual condition.

Sam: No, I know. Logically, I know that. I just... can't shake the feeling that it's some kind of omen or something.

Spinelli: [Scoffs] Persist in using terms like that, and Jason will wake up just to stop you!

[Both laugh]

Sam: I hope he does. But I can't help feeling that he is slipping further and further away.

Spinelli: No, no, no, no, no, no. Nonsense. Come on. Both -- both you and I have learned many times not to count Jason out, right?

Sam: Yeah.

Spinelli: No matter how bleak the future may appear. He -- he won't slip away. Not as long as you hold on to him.

Sam: Okay.

Monica: Sam? I need to talk to you about Jason's tests.

Valentin: He's very good. Very commercial. Well, maybe not this piece. This is a bit pretentious. He does like to wallow in the darkness, doesn't he? I could see why collectors would eat it up.

Nina: Oh, my God.

Valentin: Oh, yeah. That's very intriguing. If I had to guess, he's making a comment on duality.

Franco: That's close. It's the twin nature of self, the desire for companionship, an other to share in your life's experiences.

Valentin: The mirror image -- very striking, yeah.

Nina: Excuse me.

Elizabeth: Oh! Oh!

Betsy: [Gasps]

Elizabeth: Excuse me!

Betsy: [Laughs]

Elizabeth: I'm so sorry!

Betsy: It's all right. I'm just enjoying the work. It's been ages since he had a show.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I know. I've seen some of these paintings a dozen times, but all together, they're quite overwhelming.

Betsy: Oh, are you a fan?

Elizabeth: You could say that.

Valentin: Nina, are you okay?

Nina: Um, yeah, I just -- I don't feel well. Uh, can we go?

Betsy: Yes, of course. What an exciting time to see him return to form. I couldn't be prouder.

Elizabeth: I take it you're a fan, as well?

Betsy: [Chuckles] Yes, I am. His biggest fan, and I'm his mother. [Chuckles]

Anna: Oh, hi. Robert? Oh, great. Um, I have another favor to ask you. [Sighs] Yeah, I know. Remember those dates I gave you when Hamilton Finn left the country? Okay, do you think you can cross-reference them with any surveillance you have on Sonny Corinthos?

Curtis: Sonny. Man, you had me startled. You know these docks are hazardous at night.

Sonny: Yeah, that's what I'm told.

Curtis: So, um, how's Jason?

Sonny: No change.

Curtis: [Sighs] You know, I went by the hospital the other day to see him. Um, I didn't want to crowd the family.

Sonny: I'm glad I ran into you because I've been trying to reach you the last couple of months, but things are a little crazy, you know.

Curtis: Yeah, I know. What's going on?

Sonny: I just wanted to thank you for looking into Morgan's death. You and Jason basically... gave my family a semblance of closure. And I want you to know that if there's anything you need, and I mean anything... all you got to do is ask.

Curtis: [Chuckles] Wow. know, that's funny because, um... I was about to make you the same offer.

Monica: Spinelli, could you give us some privacy?

Sam: No, no, no, no. No, he can stay. He's family.

Monica: Okay. Well, I got the latest tests back from Jason, and there has been no change in his brain activity.

Sam: That's -- that's good, right? Th-that means he's not getting worse.

Monica: Well, uh, yeah, but, Sam --

Alexis: No. Sam, listen. Honey, I-I know this is really painful, but you really might want to give a little thought to maybe putting him in a long-term facility.

Sam: No, Mom! No! I can't do that! I already told you -- I'm not doing that!

Monica: The hospital needs this unit for other patients, Sam.

Sam: What are you talking about?! You're his mother! You're -- you're the chief of staff!

Monica: And yes, I can use my influence to keep him here a little longer, but eventually, the board is going to intervene, and he's going to have to be moved. It's up to you how you want to handle this.

Sam: O-okay. All right. There's only one choice I can make. I'm taking him home.

Alexis: You want to take Jason home? Okay. Baby, I just want you to -- to think for a minute about what that would mean.

Sam: No, I-I know what it would mean. Mom, I did my research after my conversation with Carly. And I hoped it wouldn't come to this, but Jason and I have the financial resources to take care of him at home. So I will just get the proper medical equipment, I'll hire a-a round-the-clock nurse, and he can stay at home with his family.

Monica: Sam -- Sam, please reconsider this. I-I know you want what's best for Jason --

Sam: What's best for Jason is for him to be at home with his family!

Alexis: Honey, think about what this would mean for Danny and Scout. A-and for your own life.

Sam: Mom, I've made my decision! I'm not breaking up my family!

Franco: Betsy Frank, this is Elizabeth Webber. Elizabeth Webber, this is my mom. This is Betsy Frank.

Betsy: I've been so nervous about meeting you. I want to apologize for keeping your little boy with me.

Elizabeth: Um... thank you. It -- it was a different time, and Franco didn't know he wasn't well. I've forgiven him and -- and you.

Betsy: [Exhales deeply] Thank you. And your little boy?

Elizabeth: Aiden. He's wonderful. He's happy and healthy.

Betsy: I'm so glad to hear that.

Franco: Elizabeth is my girlfriend. Right? Right? This is a person that I love.

Betsy: What do you do, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: I'm a nurse at General Hospital, and I am a mother to three boys.

Franco: Yeah, you know all about that, right, Mom? Mom was a nurse. But just the one boy. Right, Mom?

Betsy: I want to see some more of your show, Bobby. It's nice... meeting you.

Nina: [Sighs] Here. Thank you.

Valentin: Hey, what's wrong? What is it about that painting that upset you so much?

Nina: I have a headache.

Valentin: Wouldn't have anything to do with seeing your ex, would it?

Nina: No. Yes. Not in the way that you think.

Valentin: You can tell me anything.

Nina: Listen, just to be clear... the second luckiest day of my life is when I broke up with Franco, and the first luckiest day of my life is when I met you. I'm not pining away for Franco. I don't have any regrets regarding Franco. And I know it was just a transitional relationship to get me to something better. [Exhales sharply]

Valentin: He hurt you, didn't he?

Nina: I wanted to have kids, and he didn't want to have kids with me. Then right after we broke up, he went straight to Elizabeth, who has three boys.

Valentin: What's that got to do with a painting?

Nina: [Sighs] I didn't know he could paint like that. And it just brought everything home -- how much he lied to me. I just -- I can't be in another relationship [Voice breaking] Where someone lies to me.

Valentin: You mean like I do? This isn't about Franco at all, is it? It's about me.

[Cell phone ringing]

Finn: What?

Anna: Dr. Finn? I need to speak with you.

Finn: I told you, Anna, I'm not interested.

Anna: No, uh... please. I just left the hospital. Um, it's -- it's really important.

Finn: This is about your test results?

Anna: Just hurry.

Franco: Um, don't take it personally. [Chuckles] My mom's a little... uh, let's just say you can see where I get my amazing social skills.

Elizabeth: If you say so.

Franco: I'm really glad you're here.

Elizabeth: I didn't want to miss it.

Franco: Thank you. I know you're worried about Jason and what to tell Jake, so if you have to duck out early, I totally understand.

Elizabeth: And who says you don't have social skills? I did receive some bad news today. Hayden lost her baby.

Franco: Oh, no.

Elizabeth: And she left Finn a letter saying she wasn't coming back to Port Charles.

Franco: I'm really sorry.

Elizabeth: I started out hating her. I was furious when you told me we were related. But the more I got to know her, the more I wanted to bond with her, and now I just feel like I've lost my sibling. Someone who was part of me.

Franco: I totally get that.

[Knock on door]

Finn: Anna, it's Finn!

Anna: It's open!

[Door closes]

Finn: I... I don't understand. Where -- where's the emergency? I thought this had something to do with your PV.

Anna: Uh, no. Uh, would you like to sit down? I have some tea, and we need to discuss the strategy you're gonna use when you first meet Cassandra Pierce.

Finn: That call was bogus!

Anna: Yeah, we really do need to have a plan.

Finn: You just don't take no for an answer, do you? You need to understand the words coming out of my mouth. I am not helping you!

Anna: Finn, no, wait.

Finn: What?!

Anna: You don't have a choice. [Sighs] Should we continue?

Nina: It's very unsettling to me that there are things about your past that you just refuse to tell me.

Valentin: I've worked very hard to bury that past. And I promise you, it will never hurt you.

Nina: I know I believe you because... because of when you told me how you were before all your surgeries.

Valentin: I was a hunchback. It's okay. You can say it.

Nina: Well, you're the one who doesn't like to say that, not me. [Voice breaking] You were in so much pain, and you were so scared, and I got the feeling that you thought I'd run away screaming.

Valentin: Yeah, that's exactly what I thought. I was terrified I was gonna lose you --

Nina: You're wrong. 'Cause I fell in love with you that night. I mean, I already knew you were sexy and strong and... [Chuckles] All those things. And we were married. But there was a part of me that, uh, you know, just didn't want to fall too far. There was a part of me I was holding back. But when you showed me who you were inside, I was just a goner.

Valentin: I love you. So much.

Nina: I know. I don't have any doubt.

Maxie: I've been thinking. We've had enough drama with alleged killers.

Nathan: Agreed. Wait, why did that need to be said?

Maxie: Well, I've decided not to pursue my story with Franco.

Nathan: So you'll drop it?

Maxie: Yes, I will. But I do need to find another story to replace my scoop on "Ask Man Landers."

Amy: Hey, Nathan. Just checking in. It's me. [Chuckles] Remember that guy I met today who had a galley proof of the book? Well, he's a huge fan of "Ask Man Landers," and it made me realize... this is gonna work. The book is gonna sell, Chet will get the money he needs, and it's all because of you, so... thank you. Again and always. [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Spinelli: Am I intruding?

Sam: Are you here to tell me what a mistake I'm making?

Spinelli: No. No. That's not my place.

Sam: I'm not in denial. I know my mom and Monica have a point. I know a long-term facility can best care for Jason. But I don't know, Spinelli. If I send him away, isn't that the same as giving up hope that he'll ever come back to us?

Curtis: Jason's a friend. So I'd like to help any way I can.

Sonny: I appreciate that.

Curtis: And I-I mean it. If you need anything from me -- you need me to tail someone or run intel, anything that'll help keep Jason's family safe -- I'm in.

Sonny: I-- I might have to take you up on that offer.

[Jordan sees Curtis shaking hands with Sonny.]

Sam: I keep dreaming... that I can't reach Jason. If I send him away, aren't I forcing that dream to come true?

Spinelli: O-one thing I do know for certain I-is that... is that Jason would want you to do what's best for you and the children. And -- and if you do decide to put him in permanent care... that d-doesn't mean you're giving up on Jason... or your -- or your love.

Sam: Spinelli. [Sighs] [Sobs]

Franco: Hi.

Betsy: This piece is gorgeous.

Franco: Thank you. Can I buy you a drink? That painting is an homage to my imaginary friend. Remember him?

Betsy: Bobby, you didn't fly me up here to see your exhibit, did you?

Franco: No. I'd ask you who the blond kid is, but I've seen other photos of Jason Morgan at that age and so I know it's him. Why am I next to him?

Betsy: I'm sorry, Bobby. You deserve the truth. And it's high time I finally give it to you.

On the next "General Hospital" --


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