GH Transcript Thursday 9/14/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 9/14/17


Episode #13888 ~ Nina is taken aback by Valentin's honesty; Griffin is forced to confront his feelings; Maxie eyes a second chance at Crimson.

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Amy: Hey. You win! [Laughs]

Kiki: Win what?

Amy: Basket of the day. We see a lot of flowers and gift baskets around here, obviously. So we notice when something extra special comes along. Congratulations.

[Both laugh]

Kiki: Thank you. "Dr. Kiki Jerome. "Looking forward to our reunion. Body shots a must." [Chuckles] Oh, Dillon.

Dr. Bensch: Hmm. Where's the party?

Maxie: Really? Who did this layout? "Golden age glamour"?! Retro-Hollywood glam is so cliché! [Scoffs] You're her brother. Couldn't you have talked her out of it?

Nathan: Well, Nina doesn't exactly come to me for editorial advice. Romantic advice, on the other hand -- it would be nice if she'd actually listen.

Maxie: Hey, why aren't you more upset that your sister went back to Valentin?

Nathan: I know, I know, I know, I know. But she loves the guy. I mean, Nina's practically walking on air, which could work out in your favor.

Maxie: Oh, Nina has already told me how to get back in her good graces. I have to bring her some sort of scoop.

Nathan: Well, okay, well, that's great. I mean, you know the ins and outs of the fashion world. If anybody could dig up a scoop, it's you.

Spinelli: Uh, where -- where is he?

Amy: I'm sorry. Where's who?

Spinelli: Um, J-Jason -- Jason Morgan. He's my -- he's my dearest friend and mentor. I have to see him.

[Knock on door]

Anna: [Sighs] Hey, Griffin.

Griffin: Anna, uh... I need your help.

[Car horns honking]

Larisa: And this is the sunroom. We find it promotes healing, both spiritually and physically.

Ava: Excellent. Well, thank you very much for the tour. Now, can you tell me when I'll see Dr. Boronsky?

Larisa: Soon.

Ava: Well, could you maybe be a little less vague? Valentin promised me this procedure would restore my face. The longer I wait, the more time he has to swindle me.

[Glass clinks]

Valentin: [Sighs]

Nina: Ohh!

Valentin: How was your ride?

Nina: You should have seen Lumière when I opened the stall door. He was swishing his tail and stomping his foot, and I looked him right in the eye, and I was like, "Listen, it's going to be worth the wait." [Sighs] It was incredible. We were riding across the island, and the sun was on my face and the wind in my hair. Oh! There's nothing this morning that could have made it better.

Valentin: Nothing, huh?

Nina: [Laughs]

Valentin: Well, I am glad that Lumière's world is back to normal. Mine won't be back on its axis until you're finished moving back in.

Nina: I just have one more trip.

Valentin: Perfect. Well, then, you can help me find a place for this.

Nina: What is that?

Valentin: This is the Cassadine family tree.

Nina: I thought you hated your family.

Valentin: I do, with good reason. But Charlotte has spent the last few months being indoctrinated into all things Spencer and Falconeri, and I'd like her to get to know the Cassadine heritage, if only the "clean" version.

Anna: Come in, sit. You want some tea?

Griffin: No, you don't -- you don't need to get me anything. I just -- what happened to your wrist?

Anna: Oh, it's fine. It's just a little sprain. I'm more concerned about you, though. What's going on?

Griffin: [Sighs] Well, I'll feel much better once I get some answers.

Anna: Sure. About what?

Griffin: [Sighs] There's a -- there's a clinic in Russia that does cutting-edge work in facial reconstruction. Not just cutting-edge -- groundbreaking.

Anna: Okay.

Griffin: I thought the WSB might have access to more information than I could find on my own.

Anna: It's possible that they have some information about the clinic. I don't know. I can't guarantee any kind of intel. It doesn't sound like anything they'd be interested in.

Griffin: What if it's connected to Valentin?

Anna: Go on.

Griffin: He sent Ava Jerome there. And I'm not sure it's for her own good.

Ava: So, where is this miracle worker Boronsky? If you don't produce him within the next five minutes, I'm going to walk. And I'll tell you, Valentin will not be very happy if I renege on our deal.

Larisa: Your deal with Mr. Cassadine is no concern of ours, but I should warn you -- our services are in high demand. And Dr. Boronsky does not suffer those who waste his time.

Ava: What about my time? Does this Boronsky have any idea how long it took me to get here?

Larisa: All the more reason to take some time to get acclimated. You wouldn't want to waste the time of a man who can restore you to your former glory... or not.

Kiki: Dr. Bensch. You're in early.

Dr. Bensch: Not as early as you are.

Kiki: Yeah, I just wanted to get a head start and make sure that I was prepared for today's patients.

Dr. Bensch: I'm happy to hear it. Commitment like that is what makes a... doctor...

[Telephone ringing]

Dr. Bensch: I see you're already using the title.

Amy: Sir, I'm sorry, you can't go in there.

Spinelli: Please, please! I-I know you have policy to follow, and y-yes, I'm not technically family, but I-I assure you, I-I won't cause Jason any -- any harm. And if anything, I think my presence might actually aid the healing process.

Amy: I'm sure Mr. Morgan would be very appreciative, if he were inside.

Spinelli: Wait, he's not? Did they move him out of ICU? He's on the road to recovery?

Amy: His condition hasn't changed. His doctors just took him for some tests.

Spinelli: Oh. I see.

Amy: I'm sure he'll be back soon, though.

Spinelli: Uh, of course. I'm -- I'm just -- I'm sorry. I missed so much time already. I-I would have been here sooner... except, unfortunately, my -- my girlfriend's mother had taken ill, so...

Amy: Oh. When it rains, it pours, right? Listen, what matters is that you're here now.

Spinelli: Is his condition really so grave?

Amy: I'm not his doctor --

Spinelli: I know, but you know. Right? How bad is it?

Amy: It's bad enough.

Griffin: There's got to be some story out there that you could pitch Nina, right? I mean, what about a recent fashion disaster? Like, who thought the men's romper was a thing, you know? You'd sell out in minutes. [Chuckles]

Maxie: Yes, men's rompers are awful. Everybody already knows that. I need to bring Nina something huge, something nobody else has, something that will forgive my supposed disloyalty.

Griffin: I could talk to her, you know, break the ice.

Maxie: Talking to Nina would kind of be like endorsing her marriage to Valentin.

Griffin: Well, disapproving hasn't exactly gotten me anywhere, so thought maybe I'd try for a "peaceful coexistence."

Maxie: Listen, Nathan, I know that you love your sister. And speaking as someone who would give anything for just a few minutes with my sister? I would completely understand if you want to mend fences. But do not do it for me. I can get my job back on my own merits. And I kind of already know how.

Griffin: You do?

Maxie: Mm-hmm.

Griffin: Then why am I pitching you all these bad ideas?

Maxie: Because... getting my job back... would involve outing you and Amy.

Kiki: No one thinks I'm a doctor, least of all me. My boyfriend was just making a joke.

Dr. Bensch: And planning a party, evidently.

Kiki: Yeah, uh, Dillon just got back from Morocco, so, uh, he sent this to tease our reunion.

Dr. Bensch: Yeah, I understand completely. But this is not a frat house. This is not even an ordinary office. So he might want to think twice before sending you tequila on the job.

Amy: You look like you could use this.

Spinelli: Oh, thank you.

Amy: You look a little pale.

Spinelli: I've never been much for tanning. And I-I did just get off a cross-continental flight, so I could still be readjusting to the reduced air pressure.

Amy: [Laughs] I think it's more than the air pressure.

Spinelli: Lack of a decent in-flight meal?

Amy: You're worried about your friend.

Spinelli: Yes, I -- yes, I am. But, you know, Jason has survived many dire circumstances and -- and come out all the stronger. I trust he will do it once more. I just wish I knew how to help.

Amy: I think you're already doing it. Just your being here helps. And I know it'll mean a lot to Jason's family that you came all this way.

Nathan: Are you serious? You want to out "Ask Man Landers?"

Maxie: Yeah, why not? It's, like, the perfect story. It starts out so scandalous -- Amy hiding behind the image of a sexy, suave man's man, duping the masses into taking her advice. And then they realize she did everything to help her wounded brother, Chet, and they forgive her in two seconds flat! And now everyone's on the side of the sassy girl with the golden heart. I mean, do you know how much traffic this could drive? I think it would go viral.

Nathan: Yeah, by outing Amy and her brother.

Maxie: As good people. They'll be fine. I think.

Nathan: Maxie, no. When Amy's publisher, Quinn, finds out that she's been lied to, Amy's contract is going to be toast, and she's going to have to pay back her advance, which she can't do 'cause she spent it all already on Chet's rehab.

Maxie: That publisher will know good PR when she sees it. And this will absolutely drive sales!

Nathan: Drive sales? Maxie, who's going to buy the book, all those guys who trusted "Ask Man Landers" with their deepest, darkest fears? Guys like your dad, by the way. What are they going to do when they find out he's not the man that they thought he was? What are they going to do when they find out he's not a man? They're going to be humiliated, Maxie! And the publisher is going to have to eat all those copies! Look, I know that this is a juicy story, and it would be good for your career, but... you got to find another way to get back into Nina's good graces.

Maxie: [Scoffs]

Nina: Okay, so, what are you going to tell Charlotte about Spencer's wrongful death suit?

Valentin: Hopefully, I won't have to tell her anything.

Nina: Okay, well, her father is being sued by her mother's nephew, so I'm betting she's going to find out. The kids at school are going to gossip. And believe me, they will.

Valentin: Well... not if it doesn't go to trial.

Nina: How you going to stop that?

Valentin: I already did. I've neutralized the key witness -- Ava Jerome.

Ava: All right. I'll stay. But please tell Dr. Boronsky that I can't wait forever.

Larisa: I understand your anxiety. As I've told you before, I was a patient here once, too, and I remember the uncertainty I felt. And I will do whatever it takes to minimize yours.

Ava: Thanks.

Larisa: Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go check to see if your room is ready. Oh, but first... I need you to turn over your phone.

Ava: Wha-- excuse me?

Larisa: It's our policy. We find it fosters an environment of serenity and protects patients' privacy.

Ava: [Laughs] Do you think that I'm planning to post a "before" pic on social media?

Larisa: It's not just your privacy to which I'm referring. We have several patients here who prefer the world not know their whereabouts. And the anonymous nature of our clinic assures minimal governmental interference.

Ava: Listen, given my profession, I'm all for keeping the government out of your work. But I draw the line at losing all contact with the outside world. Now, where is this guy?

Larisa: I understand your hesitation, but I assure you you're no prisoner. There are no guards, no bars on the windows. You may feel free to leave at any time. But if you cannot abide by our policy, then we cannot allow you to stay.

Ava: [Scoffs] Fine. Okay. Here's the phone. Here's the phone.

Larisa: Okay. Thank you. And I promise, the unease you're feeling won't last long. Before long, I think you'll find the distance will prove liberating, a chance to evaluate who in your life is vital to your well-being... and who is not.

Griffin: I think Ava and Valentin came to some sort of devil's bargain, right? He promised to restore her face if she retract the affidavit that Valentin killed Nikolas.

Anna: Oh. God. I guess that's possible. You know, he always did have a real knack for reading people. And I guess Ava's vulnerability is no secret right now. What business is this of yours, though?

Griffin: I don't trust Valentin any more than you do. What if the clinic doesn't even exist? What if he just wanted to lure Ava away so he could make a more permanent solution to his problem?

Anna: You have any evidence of that?

Griffin: I don't. Even if the clinic is real, its claims are questionable at best. And a trip like that could exhaust Ava's immune system. She could develop a serious infection!

Anna: You don't think that Ava is capable of factoring all of that into her decision-making?

Griffin: She is. [Sighs]

Anna: Well, that leads me back to my first question. What business is this of yours?

Griffin: It's my business because I drove her to do it!

Maxie: Did I ever tell you how much I hate when you're logical?

Nathan: I thought it was part of my charm.

Maxie: Nathan, just hear me out on this "Ask Man Landers" exposé. Sure, it might be a little uncomfortable for the people involved, but everyone comes out on top. I mean, I get my job back at Crimson, Amy becomes a best-selling author, and you get to be a hero.

Nathan: Yeah, well, I'd love it if that's the way this all turned out, Max, but we don't have a guarantee, and Chet can't take that risk.

Maxie: [Scoffs] Okay. Okay. Fine. I guess the world will never know the truth about "Ask Man Landers."

Nathan: Half the truth, anyways.

Maxie: What does that mean?

Nathan: Quinn's insisting that we do a book launch party where she... reveals "Ask Man Landers'" true identity.

Maxie: You mean --

Nathan: Yeah. Yeah, Amy's part gets to stay a secret, but mine's got to come out.

Maxie: [Scoffs]

Spinelli: [Exhales sharply]

Amy: Did you want me to bring you -another cup of water?

Spinelli: Oh. No. No, thank you. I -- I think I've imposed on your kindness for long enough.

Amy: I told you, it's no imposition.

Spinelli: Yeah, but you have patients, actual sick people who need help. I'm just -- I'm just a weary traveler who will do a lot better when I lay my eyes on my friend. D-did you have any idea how long Jason will be gone?

Amy: I'm not sure. You're welcome to stay and wait, but I can't say we have much in the way of entertainment. [Laughs]

Spinelli: That's okay. I brought along some reading. [Chuckles] [Sighs]

Amy: [Chuckles nervously]

Dr. Bensch: A hospital is pretty much the last place people want to be. When they get here, they're already vulnerable, worried about themselves or about people they love. And they need to feel that their doctors are professionals -- that they are focused totally on their care, and not counting the minutes until they can finish rounds and party.

Kiki: Dr. Bensch, I am so sorry.

Dr. Bensch: I'm not saying it's fair. You and I know we're only human. But the biggest challenge for doctors is knowing when to show it. It is a skill. It takes time. You do not learn it overnight. So the sooner you start, the better off you'll be.

Kiki: Of course. Yes. And my patients are my top priority. I promise you that.

Dr. Bensch: So, the next time your boyfriend wants to send you a homecoming gift...?

Kiki: I will make sure that he does not send it here. Thank you for talking to me like this. I can assure you that this will not be a problem.

Dr. Bensch: I know it won't be. I can see you're smart. You only need to be told once.

Kiki: [Sighs]

Nina: Okay. Ava Jerome. Ava Jerome always talks about how noble Nikolas was by sacrificing his life to save hers from you.

Valentin: I don't care what Ava thinks. I just care about you. What do you think of me?

Nina: You told me yourself that you could be ruthless.

Valentin: When I need to be.

Nina: Were you ruthless with Nikolas?

Valentin: I was no more ruthless with him than Nikolas was with me.

Nina: Ava doesn't see it that way, does she?

Valentin: No, she has a flair for the histrionic.

Nina: Why doesn't she take that flair to court, testify for Spencer? Why would she retract her statement?

Valentin: Because I was able to offer her something that Spencer couldn't, the chance to regain the thing that she really loves -- her beauty.

Anna: How is your responsibility about Ava's decision to go to a clinic?

Griffin: It doesn't matter. I just need to stop Ava from doing something drastic.

Anna: Can we just back up a little bit? 'Cause, um, I don't understand why you're advising her. She's not your patient, is she?

Griffin: No. But I-I told Kiki that I would help her mother.

Anna: Oh. So, out of a kindness to Kiki, you are helping Ava Jerome, whose brother arranged for Duke's murder.

Griffin: I understand you may not care what happens to Ava Jerome, but I do. I've already hurt her enough. I cannot let her hurt herself anymore.

Anna: Oh, how did you hurt her? You just said that you were helping her.

Griffin: I thought I was! But all of the attention I was giving her, uh... led her to believe that there was something more between us.

Anna: Like what?

Griffin: She kissed me! She kissed me, and I-I wasn't expecting it.

Anna: Okay.

Griffin: Look, and I told her that nothing can happen between us, and I apologized for giving her the wrong idea. And I also told her that it shouldn't affect our friendship, but it did! And now she put herself in Valentin's hands, and I'm afraid she's going to regret it.

Anna: I think we're going to need something a little stronger than tea.

Griffin: Anna, will you help me?

Anna: Well, that depends... just how involved with Ava you are.

[Glasses clinking]

Larisa: This room is always available to you. Feel free to stroll around and get yourself acclimated while I go check on your accommodations.

Ava: I'll find something to entertain myself. Now that you've appropriated my news feed, I, um, don't have much of a choice, do I?

Larisa: I know it's disconcerting to give up your phone. It may surprise you how much you enjoy being unplugged.

Ava: Aren't you the sanctimonious one. I'd bet you a Picasso that as soon as you closed that door, you got on your phone. [Sighing] Okay, let's just take it easy now. Keep your eyes on the prize. You're here to get a new face, not to bicker with the staff. And if this Dr. Boronsky is as talented as his interior designer, then I'm in pretty good hands. Oh! Oh, my God! [Breathing heavily] Who are you? I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there. Do you speak English? I'd ask if you speak Russian, but... [Chuckles nervously] If you do, I'm afraid our conversation would be limited to "vodka," followed closely by "Nostrovia!" [Laughs nervously] Nyet. Okay. Can you hear me at all? Wow. I hope whatever happened to you didn't happen here.

Griffin: I'm not involved with Ava. I consider her a friend. I was just trying to help.

Anna: Okay. So she misunderstood your kindnesses, is that it?

Griffin: Partly.

Anna: There was more going on than kindness?

Griffin: [Sighs] Maybe, subconsciously. Look, vows or no vows, I-I'm just a man. Maybe I was sending her mixed signals without knowing it.

Anna: I can't even pretend to comprehend the reasoning behind you taking holy orders. I don't get it, 'cause religion to me is just a mystery. But I've always believed that there is room in your heart for the kind of love that your vocation forbids.

Griffin: Ev-ev-everyone has room for romantic love. That doesn't mean you have to act on it.

Anna: Oh, come on. What does that mean? You seem to avoid relationships, and you're not even a practicing priest. You're on extended leave. It's like you're deliberately keeping yourself in some kind of limbo.

Griffin: This thing with Ava has nothing to do with the church.

Anna: "This thing"?

Griffin: Yeah, I don't know what is it! I don't know what it is!

Anna: Well, then you need to figure it out! Because how do you think she's going to react when you drop in on her at the clinic? Flying across the globe to intervene may look like one thing to you, but it's going to look like something entirely different to Ava. It's going to look to her like you want her.

Maxie: Quinn is forcing you to out yourself as "Ask Man Landers"? How can she do that?

Nathan: It's in the contract. I can't get out of it, Max. I checked.

Maxie: This is perfect! I mean, not for you. I'm so sorry, babe, but if everybody's already going to find out anyway, I can totally sell this side of the story to Nina! Every cloud really does have a silver lining!

Nathan: Mm, not this one. Nina kind of already knows about me and Amy.

Maxie: She does?

Nathan: Yeah, and I was kind of hoping you'd back off 'cause it's the right thing to do.

Maxie: Ohh, okay, you think I'm a terrible person.

Nathan: No, no, no, no, I think you will go after what you want, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. And I don't think that you would deliberately hurt anybody to get ahead.

Maxie: Who knew there was a limit to my ambition?

Nathan: I did, because you're a good person, one who perseveres and shouldn't quit.

Maxie: That's easy for you to say. When this is all over, Amy is going to be swimming in royalties, you're going to be super famous, and... I'm still going to be unemployed.

[Telephone ringing in distance]

Spinelli: I'm sorry. Do you -- do you mind if I read?

Amy: [Chuckles] Oh, no. I was just wondering, where did you get that? It looks like a galley proof.

Spinelli: Oh, yeah, indeed.

Amy: Is that the "Ask Man Landers" book?

Spinelli: Most observant!

[Both laugh]

Spinelli: I have friends in the publishing industry, so they were able to "hook me up," as it were.

Amy: Oh. Do you read his blog?

Spinelli: Since its inception.

Amy: [Laughs]

Spinelli: Do you?

Amy: Totally! I'm not exactly his target audience, but [Laughs] I'm fascinated by his advice.

Spinelli: I'm more than fascinated. I'm an "Ask Man Landers" disciple. Yeah, I've -- I've, uh, even written in for advice. [Chuckles]

Amy: You're kidding! About what?

Spinelli: Um...well, let's just say it was he that suggested I cultivate this tonsorial masterwork.

[Both laugh]

Amy: Seriously?

Spinelli: Yeah.

Amy: It looks great on you!

Spinelli: Really? 'Cause I was this close to taking a razor to it.

Amy: What? You can't! Why would you even want to?

Spinelli: Well, I'm afraid not everyone shares your aesthetic.

Amy: To hell with them, then. It's your face! What matters is what makes you happy.

Spinelli: You know what? You're absolutely right.

Amy: Damn straight.

Spinelli: [Laughs] Gosh, I should have known to stick to my guns. "Ask Man Landers" would never steer me wrong. Exactly why it's going to be so heartbreaking to see him crash and burn now. [Chuckles]

Amy: What?

Spinelli: Huh?

Amy: Well, why would that happen? Why would you think "Ask Man Landers" was in trouble?

Spinelli: Just because the book's about to be released, which -- which means it will be reviewed soon, and -- and I know very well how much of a gauntlet that can be.

Amy: A gauntlet?

Spinelli: Yeah. See, I'm a bit of an author myself, and I've received my fair share of negative criticism.

Amy: Mm. I'm sure after dealing with all those people writing in for advice that "Ask Man Landers" has developed a think skin.

Spinelli: Let's hope.

Amy: [Chuckles] Wait. So, you wrote a book yourself?

Spinelli: In a manner of speaking --

[Cell phone plays fanfare]

Amy: Oh.

Spinelli: Um... sorry. Oh, yes, this is, uh, my reminder to call my girlfriend and daughter. Um... [Inhales sharply] I'll have to come back and see Jason later. But thank you. Thank you for sitting with me. You not only take great care of your patients, but also their friends.

Amy: [Chuckles] All part of the job.

[Both laugh]

Spinelli: All right.

Amy: Wait! You forgot --

Nathan: Don't worry, all right? I have it on good authority that you won't be jobless for long.

Maxie: Oh, yeah? Whose? Did you call a headhunter?

Nathan: [Chuckles]

Maxie: Because I won't work for less than 10% over what I was making before.

Nathan: Oh, man, I told them 8%. Max, come on, do I look like I know any headhunters? The "good authority" I was referring to was mine.

Maxie: Oh.

Nathan: Oh. Look, you helped build crimson up into what it is today. Eventually, Nina's going to remember that and hire you back, if somebody else doesn't do it first.

Maxie: Maybe I should call a headhunter.

Nathan: Maxie, come on. You are too talented to sit here and mope.

Maxie: Do you want to make some calls with me?

Nathan: I wish I could. I'm still on shift. Look, I'm sorry you can't do the "Ask Man Landers" exposé, okay? But at least you're not going to come out of it empty-handed. You'll have Amy's undying gratitude and my boundless admiration.

Maxie: Nathan, you have to admire me. You're my husband.

Nathan: Was "admiration" part of our vows? I was more focused on the promising to have you and hold you and love you forever part, which I fully intend to do.

Valentin: You mad at me because I made a deal with Ava Jerome?

Nina: I despise Ava Jerome. But she seems to be living a life of misery all brought on by herself. In the meantime, I am the happiest I've ever been. So I'm not going to waste any time or energy thinking of Ava Jerome.

Valentin: I think that's a wise choice.

Nina: I made a lot of wise choices lately. One of them was coming back to you.

Valentin: I appreciate you taking a chance. I know I got Charlotte's custody and Spencer's civil suit hanging over my head, but I'm -- I'm pretty confident things are going to work out my way.

Nina: Yeah, you have a knack for that, things working out your way.

Valentin: It's not a knack. I have motivation. You and Charlotte are my motivation.

Nina: Oh!

[Glass breaks]

Nina: Oh, my gosh! I -- No, no, no! Wait, no, no!

Valentin: It's too late.

Nina: Oh, my gosh. Do you need a bandage? I'll get one.

Valentin: No, I'm not -- that's not going to be necessary.

Griffin: You know, when it comes to idiots, I am -- I am world class. It never occurred to me that looking for Ava might --

Anna: Might send signals like the ones she's already misinterpreted.

Griffin: Exactly. I have to do it. I have to do it. I have -- I have to risk it.

Anna: What? You're going to pursue this?

Griffin: My priority is making sure Ava doesn't make a huge mistake. Any issues between us, we can figure out after I make sure she's not gambling her life away.

Anna: Are you certain that it's that dire? Because Ava is no shrinking violet. She can take care of herself.

Griffin: I understand if you don't want to help. I'll go find out what I need to know from Valentin.

Anna: Oh, God. He's not going to tell you anything. That'll just give him notice that you're onto him.

Griffin: What am I supposed to do? Huh? What -- what am I supposed to do? The clinic is in St. Petersburg. I don't have an address. I don't know where it is. I can't find it on a map.

Anna: I'll make some calls. I'll find out something.

Ava: What is out there that you find so riveting? I mean, it's nice landscaping, but it's nothing spectacular. Can you heard a word I'm saying? You know, I'm going to have to have a very long and detailed conversation with Dr. Boronsky about anesthesia and pain management. I'm not going to let him dope me into oblivion like he's done to you! And still, you have nothing to say. [Chuckles] Wow. Ava, leave it to you to find the one place lonelier than Port Charles.

[Door opens]

Larisa: Good news. Your room is ready. What are you doing? You are not to get near him!

Kiki: [Grunts] Hey! Uh, yeah, I got your texts, but I couldn't exactly answer. I'm on duty, and I can't be walking around and texting. It's not high school. The gift basket? Yeah, um... I got it. It's very clever, and, alas, very inappropriate. Dr. Bensch saw, and he did not approve. No, he's not a jerk, okay? He is a very well-respected doctor who also happens to be fast-tracking me for med school, and he believes in me. Well, he's kind of right. I mean, it doesn't exactly instill faith in patients or their families to be seeing staff members receiving gift baskets full of tequila! No. No, I'm not mad. It's a great gift. Just don't ever send me anything like it ever again. [Sighs]

Nina: All right. There you go.

[Cell phone ringing]

Valentin: It's all right, I got this.

Nina: All right.

Valentin: I got it.

Nina: Okay. Hello?

Maxie: Hey, Nina. It's Maxie.

Nina: Oh, hey, Maxie. You need something?

Maxie: Actually, it's something you might need. I just remembered. Um, you should probably check with legal about Hunter's contract for the Marrakesh shoot. His agent tries to slip in language about ownership of the negatives.

Nina: Yeah, I know that. I'm all over that. Thank you.

Maxie: Oh. Okay, just wanted to let you know.

Nina: Yeah, I appreciate it. Listen, the terms are very clear, Maxie. You give Crimson something that we need, a really juicy story, and then you're back in. Well, I look forward to talking to you.

Maxie: All right. I'll give you something juicy. Just won't be the juicy that I thought it would be.

Nathan: How's, uh -- how's Jason doing?

Amy: No change.

Nathan: I'll let Jordan know. Is that what I think it is?

Amy: It was so weird! I met this random guy who managed to get his hands on a copy.

Nathan: Publication date's coming up quick. Speaking of, I talked to Max about the launch party.

Amy: And?

Nathan: She's cool with it.

Amy: Really?

Nathan: Uh, I suppose..."resigned" might be a better word.

Amy: So, she knows what it means.

Nathan: Yeah, that I'm about to be branded as "Ask Man Landers" for the rest of my life? She knows. She respects my decision.

Amy: Which is...?

Nathan: I'm in. For good.

Amy: Oh, my God! I'm so happy! [Sighs, chuckles]

Anna: That's good, Robert. Thank you. Yeah, call me back. Okay. Uh, he -- he doesn't really know what the WSB has on the clinic, but he's going to send me whatever information they have.

Griffin: Hey, thank you. Thank you so much, Anna. I-I really owe you.

Anna: I got to tell you, I have deep misgivings about this. The idea that I am pushing you in the direction of Ava just makes me sick to my stomach!

Griffin: Anna, I told you. My priority is her health.

Anna: That's why I'm biting my tongue. And I understand that you have all these questions that you need answered, about...your feelings and your faith, wherever that leads you. But I just ask you one thing. Please, if you find that there is no place for you in the priesthood... don't go running blindly to Ava. She may be in pain right now and need your friendship. But there is another whole side to that woman, as the Corinthos family can attest. And you need to know who Ava truly is!

Larisa: That's Patient 6. You must never approach him!

Ava: W-why not?

Larisa: He is a dangerous psychotic. That mask he's wearing is a safety precaution.

Ava: Well, if he's so dangerous, why do you leave him like that out in the open?

Larisa: He likes the windows for some reason. He's less agitated if we put him there.

Ava: What if he'd hurt me?

Larisa: He's heavily sedated. He cannot stand or leave the chair. But you must never get close enough to come within reach.

Ava: Well, what happened to him?

Larisa: He was the victim of a terrible... violent crime.

Nina: All right. You're sure you're okay?

Valentin: I've survived worse.

Nina: [Laughs] Anything happen to the family tree?

Valentin: No.

Nina: Okay.

Valentin: Nothing worth mentioning.

Ava: Someone attacked him, and that's the result?

Larisa: Tragic, but hardly surprising. I understand you're well-versed in man's inhumanity to man.

Ava: Why is he here?

Larisa: His family hopes he can be rehabilitated.

Ava: H-his family just dropped him off here?

Larisa: I cannot give details. As you know, we pride ourselves on discretion. But I can tell you Patient 6 is from a wealthy family. He was shot and fell into open water. The trauma caused a psychotic break.

Ava: Do you think that Dr. Boronsky can cure him?

Larisa: I've seen the doctor work miracles, and I am confident he can restore your face. But Patient 6 is... different. From what I've seen... he's beyond help.

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