GH Transcript Monday 9/11/17

General Hospital Transcript Monday 9/11/17


Episode #13885 ~ Lulu is suspicious of Ava dealing with Valentin; Carly tries to help Sam as she keeps vigil over Jason; Sonny takes Griffin for a heart to heart, but the priest refuses to talk about religion.

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Valentin: You want to be beautiful. You want that power, that attention. You want your old life back. Sign.

Ava: Sign away the truth about what you did to Nikolas?

Valentin: Retract a statement that has no corroborating evidence. And once you sign that, I will sign this referral. And you can go directly to the clinic that will give you your face back...and your life.

Ava: It's a devil's bargain.

Valentin: What's the old poem? "It's better to reign in hell than serve in heaven." Don't you agree?

Charlotte: Nonna!

Dante: Nonna!

Olivia: Never fear -- Nonna is here! Here are my gorgeous helpers!

Dante: Reporting for duty.

Olivia: [Laughs]

Charlotte: What do you need us to do, Nonna?

Olivia: Well, how about if you take all of this stuff into the kitchen?

Dante: Here, let me get that.

Olivia: Okay. Thank you, honey. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Charlotte: Nonna?

Olivia: Uh-huh?

Charlotte: Did you make my favorite?

Olivia: You know what? What do you think? Most kids ask for pizza, but my guy wants baked ziti, I'm gonna make you some baked ziti, right?

Charlotte: Can I have baked ziti for my birthday, too, Nonna?

Olivia: You know what? I would've taken you for a rollatini girl. But if you want baked ziti, my angel, that's what you're gonna get! Right?

Dante: Hey, buddy? Uh, party's about to start, and the playroom is still a mess.

Dante: On it!

Charlotte: [Giggles]

Olivia: [Laughs] [Sighs] Oh, Dante, look at them. My God, you and Lulu have made a picture-perfect family.

Dante: Well, you know what? Looks can be deceiving. Charlotte's father isn't going anywhere.

[Doorbell rings]

Kiki: Hey! I stopped by the gallery to pick up the promotional art for your upcoming exhibit. Huh? I think it really captures the essence of the show. You don't like it.

Franco: No, I -- that poster's...great. It's just... I wish I'd made it myself.

Kiki: But? Well, it's false advertising. See, I haven't exactly made it back from hell yet. In fact, I'm headed there today... visit my mother.

Sam: Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. Um, D-Danny had asked Monica if he could feed Scout, and, of course, she said yes. And she took a picture of it, and you should see it. It is so cute. Danny has Scout in his arms, and the bottle's just held up, and Scout's just looking up at him. It's the best.

Elizabeth: You've been sitting here for hours. You need to take a break.

Sam: No, I couldn't.

Griffin: No, I-I need to examine Jason. At least take a walk.

Sam: I don't want to take a walk.

Elizabeth: You need to eat and sleep, too. A walk is the bare minimum.

Sam: No, what the "bare minimum" is, is Jason knowing that I'm in here fighting for him... until he opens up his eyes and comes back to me.

Sonny: Yeah, I'm gonna -- I'm gonna speak to my associates individually. Yeah, I'm gonna -- no, I'm gonna be in the office in a couple hours. I'm gonna check on Jason. Thanks, Max. [Sighs]

Carly: Everything okay?

Sonny: Yeah. Yeah, for now. Um, I spoke to the families, and they're happy that I'm keeping my territory. It preserves the balance of power.

Carly: Wow. Back in charge -- like nothing happened.

Sonny: Well, something did happen. Jason is paying the price for that.

Carly: Yeah. But, you know, Jason's gonna pull through. He always does. And until then, I'm -- I'm ready for the next step, you know?

Sonny: Yeah, what's that?

Carly: I'm gonna move back in.

Sonny: No, no, no. That's the last thing you want to do.

Valentin: Come on. You've dragged this out long enough. Sign it, or I'm rescinding my offer. Fine.

Ava: No. Okay.

Lulu: What is that?

Valentin: Ms. Jerome and I were just completing some business.

Lulu: What kind?

Valentin: None of yours.

Lulu: Sorry, I'm confused. You witnessed what Valentin did to my brother, and you're doing business with him?

Ava: I don't like it any more than you do, Lulu. I-if you need to know, I... I sold Mr. Cassadine this rare renaissance tapestry. I'm sure it will go very well at Wyndemere.

Lulu: I-I thought you were retired.

Ava: Yeah, I am. I just had this piece in inventory. It was in transit when the fire happened. I really thought I'd be stuck with it. But loathe him, though I most certainly do, Mr. Cassadine's offer took my breath away.

Valentin: I'm pleased as punch we could reach an agreement.

Ava: Well, I've done my part. And now you need to be sure that your people are prepared for the arrival of the item in question.

Valentin: I've hired a team of experts to oversee its restoration. It should be restored to its former glory. It's a pleasure doing business with you.

Dante: [Sighs]

Olivia: Like it or not, Valentin is Charlotte's dad, and she's obviously crazy about him.

Dante: Well, why don't you put yourself in our shoes for a minute and imagine that Leo wanted to bond with Julian... [Sighs]

Olivia: God forbid.

Dante: ...And all he saw was the father he loved, not the low-life criminal that we know him to be?

Olivia: Yeah. Luckily, Julian is in the slammer for the next 15 years, so there's not likely to be a lot of bonding taking place. And now I... Leo's gonna have Ned to teach him how to drive a stick shift. And Charlotte -- Charlotte's gonna have you.

Dante: Ma, I couldn't love that kid any more, even if she had my DNA. But Valentin is not in the slammer.

Olivia: Well, then, you and Lulu are gonna have to figure out a way to coexist with Valentin... for Charlotte's sake.

Dante: Lulu's trying.

Olivia: Yeah.

Dante: She is. But I'm telling you, Mom, Valentin does not make it easy.

Kiki: You're going to see Heather Webber?

Franco: Don't act so surprised. You're the one who started all this.

Kiki: Right. It's because of me you're going to a highly secure institution for the criminally insane. Franco, you have to stay away from that crazy, toxic woman!

Franco: It's not exactly a social call.

Kiki: Well, then, why do you have to go see your mother?

Franco: Well, "Franco: To hell and back" -- that's a great slogan. But I'm never actually gonna be done with the inferno part of my life until I figure out who I really am.

Kiki: Does Elizabeth know that you're going to see Heather?

Franco: She's got a lot on her plate right now.

Kiki: Is that a no?

Franco: Seriously. Jason's in a coma. She's busy. She's reassuring Jake that everything's gonna be okay. Speaking of Jason being okay... is Jason gonna be okay?

Kiki: You know I can't talk about patients.

Franco: I'm practically family. I'm -- I'm his son's mother's boyfriend. That's practically a blood tie.

Kiki: It's really not.

Franco: If Jason doesn't make it, Elizabeth and Jake are gonna be heartbroken, and I'm the one who's gonna have to help them put the pieces back together. I deserve to be prepared, please.

Kiki: Jason hasn't shown any signs of recovery. The coma may be permanent.

Franco: That's -- that's really too bad.

Kiki: You sound like you actually mean that.

Franco: I do, I do. I do mean it. Whether I like it or not, Jason, Morgan, and I will always be connected. Always.

Elizabeth: You know there's a very good chance that Jason could hear you.

Sam: Which is why I need to stay.

Elizabeth: But Dr. Munro needs to examine him.

Sam: Okay. Well, why can't he do that while I stay in the room?

Griffin: For the same reason you couldn't treat him if you were a doctor -- you're emotionally involved with the patient. Your presence could affect my ability to evaluate him.

Sam: Okay. Okay. Promise you'll tell me the truth, whatever it is?

Griffin: Yeah. You have my word.

Carly: You don't want me to move back in?

Sonny: No, it's not that I --

Carly: I mean, even Josslyn's come around now.

Sonny: I want us all to be together to, you know, live as a family. It's just that I think Josslyn will be a lot happier at your place than surrounded by walls of my compound.

Carly: Would she be safer at your place?

Sonny: I don't have a reason to believe there's any danger, but -- but, just in case, I ha-have your house watched... and your kids.

Carly: If that's what it takes. Okay. I mean, I understand. You can't afford to be vulnerable, especially if Jason...

Sam: Go on, Carly. You were saying? If -- if Jason what?

Ava: I hope I don't live to regret this.

Valentin: Oh, on the contrary, I think you'll be very happy with this decision for years to come.

Lulu: That must be some tapestry.

Valentin: Oh, it is.

Lulu: Before you go...

Ava: No, uh... Lulu, please. I-I do have some things to finalize.

Lulu: It won't take very long. I just have one question -- what the hell was that about?

Ava: Lulu, I do not relish the idea of doing business with Valentin. It's just that I had something that I needed to get rid of, and -- and he's willing to take it off my hands.

Lulu: So this is really about a tapestry?

Ava: Well, not just any tapestry. This is a-a very rare 16th-century tapestry. And not just any house can do it justice, you know. But Wyndemere can.

Lulu: You could have sold it to a museum or any number of collectors. Instead, you just shook hands with the man who murdered my brother.

Ava: There's no museum, there's no collector who could offer me what he did.

Lulu: Excuse me. But the thing is, I just -- I had hoped you wouldn't waste the second chance Nikolas gave you.

Ava: No, I would never want to dishonor Nikolas' memory... or the friendship that I had with him. You know, your brother, more than anybody else, he would understand what I lost in that fire. He would know what it cost me.

Lulu: So are you saying that you need the money?

Ava: I'm saying you don't understand how much I need to be myself again.

Lulu: I see. So dipping your toe back in the art world is part of that?

Ava: Yes. That's exactly right. I just want to reclaim that one small part of what my life used to be, and then I can move on.

Lulu: Okay. At least you made Valentin pay through the nose, huh?

[Both laugh]

Ava: Yeah. Yeah, it's gonna cost him a pretty penny, for sure.

Lulu: Good. You know, on behalf of Spencer and my mother, we just want to say thank you for agreeing to testify in the wrongful-death suit against Valentin. It just means so much to my family to get some measure of justice.

Ava: For Nikolas.

Lulu: Thank you.

Valentin: [Speaks Russian] Uh, listen, we're all set. The woman in question should arrive tomorrow. And I trust that you will deal with her... as we discussed.

Kiki: Of course, you and Jason are connected, because of Elizabeth and Jake.

Franco: We may or may not be connected in another way, also.

Kiki: Uh-oh. Where are you going with this?

Franco: Relax. I no longer think we're separated at birth or anything like that.

Kiki: [Sighs]

Franco: I'm way past all of that.

Kiki: So you found a new reason to be obsessed with Jason?

Franco: No, I am not obsessed. I'm not, I swear. I'm never going back to that dark side.

Kiki: Oh, no. You're just walking into hell to say hi to a demon.

Franco: [Chuckles]

Kiki: Do you really think that Heather's gonna have answers for you? From everything I know about that woman, she has a tenuous grip on reality.

Franco: Yeah, well, that depends on the reality.

Kiki: And a casual relationship with the truth.

Franco: Well, that depends on what the truth may or may not get her.

Kiki: And what's she gonna get from telling you the truth about whatever it is that you're looking for?

Franco: The undying gratitude of her offspring. Or maybe a BLT. Come on, we got to go.

Kiki: Okay, right. Franco, was is it that you're not telling me?

Franco: Kiki, I promise I will share everything with you, as soon as I know exactly what it is I'm sharing. Bye.

Sam: You think Jason's gonna die, don't you?

Carly: No! No, that's not it at all!

Sonny: We're not giving up on Jason.

Carly: We never would. We know Jason's strong. But we also know he's been hurt badly, and it might take him a while to come back.

Sam: Don't. Don't. No, no! Don't do that! Don't treat me like I can't handle the truth right now, please.

Carly: That's not what I'm doing. I'm treating you like someone who...

Sam: Who what? I'm not -- I-I-I'm not sick anymore. I don't have toxo. I'm not losing my mind. If something's going on with Jason, I want to know what it is.

Griffin: Mrs. Morgan? A word with you?

Sam: Look, they're gonna hound me until I tell them whatever it is that you tell me, so just go ahead. Say it, whatever you have to say. Is Jason gonna wake up, or isn't he?

Lulu: No, you don't!

Olivia: Ah! You act like a 5-year-old when it comes to sweets, I swear!

Lulu: [Laughs]

Rocco: Let's get this party started!

Lulu: Not until the guests get here. How is the playroom coming? Is it all clean?

Charlotte: Very close.

Lulu: Very close? I don't know if that's good enough. Come over here, guys. Come here. Why don't you two go have another crack at it, and make sure to put all those video games back in the drawer?

Rocco: You know, there's a lot of room in that drawer.

Lulu: I was aware of that. Get cleaning! Go!

Olivia: Hmm. Could that have just been a hint that I heard, about a lot of room in the video-game drawer?

Dante: Yeah. He's been asking for this game. It's called "Dunshire: Warriors of the Cones."

Olivia: Oh, my God! That game is awesome! I mean, that's -- that's what I heard. I mean, Ned plays it all the time. He's a -- he -- he -- he plays stuff a lot. He's a terrible role model! What were you saying?

Lulu: The game is very expensive, and it's a little advanced for his age.

Dante: Yeah. We went back and forth on it.

Olivia: Are you telling me that you did not get your baby boy the thing that he wanted most on his very special day?

Dante: No, we caved.

Lulu: Totally.

Olivia: Okay, the next time that you're in a "should we or shouldn't we" bind, you call me. Tell me about the inappropriate gift for Charlotte or Rocco. I will go get it, and you guys will be off the hook.

Dante: So you can be the cool Nonna?

Olivia: Yes. I am the cool Nonna.

Dante: [Laughs]

Olivia: And as a grandparent, it is my job to spoil your kids rotten and then leave you to deal with the aftermath of my generosity. You're welcome. Now, I got to get the ziti back in the oven.

Dante: You okay?

Lulu: Yeah. Right now, everything is right with the world. [Sighs] It's just next few weeks I'm not so sure about.

Dante: Why not?

Lulu: Valentin and Nina? They're back together, just in time for the custody hearing.

Dante: So what? They'll probably break up and get back together three more times before the hearing. Let's not worry about that and focus on the party.

Lulu: It's just that there's something else. I saw Valentin huddled up with Ava Jerome. That doesn't bode well for Spencer's wrongful-death suit... or our chances of getting sole custody of Charlotte.

Ava: Valentin, where are you? I'm just about ready to go, and I don't have my boarding passes or my itinerary yet.

[Knock on door]

Ava: Oh. Maybe that's your messenger now. Hi. Kiki, hi! W-what brings you by?

Kiki: Well, I'm on my way to work, but I thought I'd stop by and show you the poster for Franco's exhibit.

Ava: That's very sweet of you, but I really don't have the time right now.

Kiki: I was also thinking you could maybe walk to work with me. We could go through the park?

Ava: Um, like I said, I-I just don't have the time.

Kiki: You got to get out of the house, though, okay? And I know that GH. Is a safe place for you. Dr. Hoffman is there. Griffin is there. I just think that you need to spend some time somewhere that's Oh. I see you had the same idea. Where are you going? You going somewhere?

Ava: I am, as a matter of fact. I am going away for some much-needed R&R at a spa.

Kiki: Really? Where?

Franco: Okay, come on. Come on, come on. How long does it take to drag a deranged lunatic out of basket-weaving class for a surprise visit?

[Door opens]

Franco: [Laughs] Mother, I have brought you something that will make you very...happy. You're not my mother. Where's my mother?

Guard: In her cell. She declined the visit.

Franco: She can't do that.

Guard: Actually, she can.

Franco: Well...I'm her son. Did -- did she -- did you tell her that it was me?

Guard: Yeah.

Franco: Huh. Well, maybe -- maybe she's confused, right? She has another son who, last I heard, was in prison. Surprisingly, I'm [Chuckles] The son who's not in prison. Did you tell her that Franco Baldwin, the son who's not in prison, was the one who's waiting here?

Guard: Yes. Franco Baldwin. She declined the visit.

Franco: [Sighs] Why?

Guard: Well, she's a certified lunatic, so... her reasons probably don't make sense to anybody but her. You know the way out.

Franco: Wait, wait, wait. Hold on, hold on. [Clears throat] I, uh -- yeah. Okay, I need -- I need for you to bring her this.

Guard: What is it?

Franco: That is a BLT from Kelly's, and she thinks it's the most delicious food in the universe. And it's already been through security, so you know there's no nail files in there or little lock-picking tools.

Guard: Okay, relax. Dude. I'll give her the sandwich.

Franco: Okay, but wait. Tell her that there's more where that came from, but I'm gonna need some answers. You -- show her -- show her this picture. A-a-and tell her... that I need to talk to her today.

Guard: You know, in my experience, she doesn't respond well to ultimatums.

Franco: Well, she'll respond to this, right? And tell her that I'll be back next week and the week after that, and every week she gets a BLT. But she needs to come talk to me today, and she needs to tell me what's going on in that picture.

Guard: Okay. I'll relay the message.

Franco: Thank you.


[Door closes]

Griffin: You wanted the truth, so here it is -- the longer Jason stays in a coma, the less likely it is that he'll recover.

Sam: What -- what does that mean? He's either gonna wake up or he's gonna die?

Griffin: No. Not necessarily.

Sam: What are -- what are you trying to say? He's go-- he's gonna stay like this forever?

Griffin: Look, Jason is completely unresponsive. It's time you consider moving him to a long-term care facility.

Sam: No! No, no, no, no!

Griffin: Someplace that you can visit --

Sam: I'm not letting anyone take him away from me and the kids, no!

Elizabeth: Nobody is suggesting that. We just want you to know your options.

Sam: I know my options. My only option is to stay here and fight for him until he wakes up. That's it!

Sonny: Dr. Munro, can I speak to you for one second?

Griffin: Just one moment, Sonny.

Sam: Wait, it's okay. Can I -- can I just ask you one question? When I talk to him, can he hear me?

Griffin: Absolutely.

Sam: Thank you, Doctor. I'm -- I'm sorry.

Griffin: Sonny.

Elizabeth: I know how scary this is.

Sam: No, Elizabeth. I don't think you know how scary this is. Jason may be Jake's father, but he isn't your husband. Your whole life isn't lying in that room right now. You get to finish your shift and go home to Franco.

Dante: Ava sold Valentin a tapestry?

Lulu: She had pictures of it and everything, but I'm not convinced. When I asked her about it, she got... strangely emotional. Basically, she said that she lost so much in the fire, she needed to have something to show for it.

Dante: The money from the sale?

Lulu: I hope that's all. I-I couldn't press her. We need Ava's statement for Spencer's wrongful-death suit.

Dante: You're convinced that if Spencer wins the suit, that'll affect Charlotte's custody?

Lulu: How could it not?

Dante: The last time we tried to submit a statement that Ava made in the last custody hearing, it went nowhere with the judge.

Lulu: Well, I know, but if a jury finds Valentin guilty of wrongful death, Judge Rawles will have to take that into consideration.

[Doorbell rings]

Rocco: Yay! More people for my party!

Olivia: It's probably Ned and Leo!

[Door opens]

Charlotte: Papa!

Valentin: Bonjour, ma petite! I understand it's somebody's birthday. Could it be Rocco's? Happy birthday, kid.

Rocco: Thank you.

Carly: Sam, I think you're so exhausted, you're saying some things you don't mean.

Sam: Don't tell me what I mean.

Elizabeth: No, Carly. It's -- it's okay. There's nothing Sam can accuse me of that I haven't actually done. I know I let you believe Jason was dead when he was really alive, and if... [Sighs] I would do anything to go back and give you the time I stole.

Sam: Yeah, but you can't. Because it's gone. Every hour, every minute that goes by could be the last I have with Jason. And I'm not gonna let anyone take that away from me. Not you, not the doctors, not anyone.

Griffin: Hey, I'm sorry. I know you were just trying to defuse a difficult situation, but... I can't talk about Jason's condition without specific permission from Sam.

Sonny: Well, I didn't invite you here to have a-a doctor/patient confidentiality conversation. I need to ask you... a spiritual question.

Griffin: How about we talk about something safer, like boxing?

Sonny: All right. Yesterday, when we were both in the gym, we were blowing off steam.

Griffin: Yeah.

Sonny: But we never asked each other why.

Griffin: Well, I just figured you were working off your frustrations about Jason.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. It's on me. I-I sh-- I knew better than to get out of the life. The question I want to ask is... why didn't God punish me instead of Jason?

Griffin: I really don't feel comfortable speaking for God.

Sonny: Why? Isn't that part of the job?

Ava: I found the most wonderful spa in St. Petersburg.

Kiki: I hope you mean Florida.

Ava: They cater to clients with conditions such as mine.

Kiki: That's great, but isn't Florida kind of a long way to go for a hot-rock massage and a mani-pedi?

Ava: Kiki, GH can't be my only safe space. And you've said it yourself. I have to branch out.

Kiki: I did say that.

Ava: Yeah, you did. And going to this spa will be like dipping my toe into the water.

Kiki: [Laughs]

Ava: And from what I understand, this is -- this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Kiki: Well, if it's that amazing, I'm just gonna have to come with you.

Ava: Mm...that would be great, but you can't. You're right in the middle of applying for that accelerated medical program, right? Yeah. You don't want Dr. Bensch to think you're not serious about it.

Kiki: I know. You're right. When do you think you're gonna be back?

Ava: The moment I feel like a brand-new woman.

And you really think that a trip to the spa can do that for you?

Ava: Kiki, if I stay here, I'm just gonna be hiding behind this mask, you know? And I cannot keep spinning my wheels. Especially if there's something out there for me that could bring me happiness, that could bring me peace. You understand that, don't you?

Kiki: Of course. Hey, have you talked to Dr. Hoffman about this?

Ava: I'll send her a postcard.

Kiki: [Laughs] All right. Well, you definitely mentioned it to Griffin. What did he think?

Ava: Oh, you know, Dr. Munro is busy doing the Lord's work. [Laughs] So when he comes up for air...

Kiki: You didn't tell him. Why not?

Ava: Kiki...

Kiki: I thought that you and Griffin were in a good place. What happened?

Elizabeth: No one wants to take Jason away from you.

Carly: No, no. It's the opposite. They just want to make sure you have as much time as possible.

Sam: Why am I even listening to the two of you? I mean, it's almost funny when you think about it, because here I am, about to lose Jason, and I'm -- I'm terrified. And I'm -- I'm listening to the two people who wanted to keep me away from him.

Elizabeth: I think it's best if I get back to work.

Sam: Yeah, you do that. That's a good idea.

Carly: Hey.

Sam: What?

Carly: If you don't want people to think you're crazy, then you need to stop acting crazy.

Sam: Oh, come on, Carly. Really?

Carly: You need to get your head on straight and focus, and stop thinking about the time that's gone!

Sam: Oh, you mean the time that you and Elizabeth took away from me?

Carly: So what? It's gone! Who cares? You need to think about the time that you have left, Sam. And if putting Jason in a long-term facility is what the doctors --

Sam: A long-term facility? What are you saying? You don't think I can take care of him?

Carly: That's not what I'm saying at all.

Sam: Y-you don't think I have the -- the love and the encouragement that it takes to get him to open his eyes? What am I supposed to do, huh? Hire a nurse? Oh, wait. I-I should get an intern out of med school. Oh! Oh, I get it! You want it to be you, don't you? Admit it, Carly! You want Jason all to yourself.

[Door opens]

Franco: Where's Heather?

Guard: In her cell. She's still refusing the visit. She did tell me to thank you for the sandwich.

Franco: That's great about the sandwich. Did you show her the picture?

Guard: Yeah. I held it up, made sure she got a good look at it. I didn't want to hand it to her 'cause she can be destructive, and she is surprisingly fast.

Franco: I understand, but Heather definitely saw that picture?

Guard: She definitely did.

Franco: And?

Guard: Nothing. She asked if they were my kids.

Franco: Did you tell her that it was me that gave it to you? Did you tell her it was Franco Baldwin, the son who's not in prison, who gave you that picture to show to her?

Guard: I told her exactly what you told me to say -- that you needed answers about this picture, you'd be back with BLTs if she cooperated. She's not interested.

Franco: That's insane.

Guard: Yeah.

Franco: Oh. Yeah. I really need to speak to Heather face-to-face.

Guard: Sorry. The only power that woman has left is to refuse visits, and she refused yours. But, um, here's your picture back. Cute kids.

Franco: Thanks.

Lulu: Valentin, really, you shouldn't have.

Valentin: I wouldn't dare show up at a birthday without a present. This is from Charlotte and me, by the way.

Rocco: Mom, Dad, can I open it? Please?

Dante: Sure, buddy. Go ahead.

Lulu: Of course.

Rocco: [Gasps] How did you know?

Valentin: Well, Charlotte may have told me you wanted it.

Olivia: Well, great. Now he'll have two.

Valentin: Oh, no. Did I step on...

Dante: That's okay. We got the receipt, and we can return it. This way when he goes on to blow up the world, we can blame it on you.

Lulu: And we will.

Valentin: I have no doubt. Well, it, uh, looks like my work here is done, so I don't want to overstay my welcome. Once again, Rocco, happy birthday. And, Charlotte? Tu vas au moins m'embrasser pour me dire au revoir?

Charlotte: Papa, don't go! There's plenty of cake and ziti. Right, Nonna?

Olivia: [Chuckles]

Ava: Nothing has changed between me and Griffin. You know, our friendship is really just... based on his compassion. I-I want more.

Kiki: More of Griffin?

Ava: No, no. [Scoffs] No. More of everything. I want to be able to laugh at myself without everybody thinking, "Oh, look at that woman. Isn't she brave?" I want to stop worrying about scars that won't heal.

Kiki: You really think that a trip to the spa is gonna fix that?

Ava: Probably not. But I'm gonna give it a try.

Kiki: [Scoffs] It's no wonder I believed you that Franco was my father. You both do this thing where you get all cryptic.

Ava: Wait. I -- I am not cryptic. And please don't compare me to Franco.

Kiki: Well, there's clearly something else going on here. How about you tell me what it is?

Ava: I'll talk to you about it some more. We'll get some coffee before I leave, okay? Right now, you have to go. You have things to do.

Kiki: Yeah, yeah.

Ava: And I need to get ready for my big adventure.

Kiki: [Laughs] All right. I love you.

Ava: I love you. I love you. [Sighs] Bye. [Exhales sharply]

Griffin: These days, I'm, uh -- I'm trying to focus more on medicine. If you're looking for spiritual guidance, you could do better.

Sonny: No, no, no. I'm just here to talk to the guy that knows me and will tell me like it is. Or, I don't know, maybe I'm just... you're Duke's son, and I know you never knew him, but he's one person who understood what it's like to leave the only life that you've known.

Griffin: Yeah, I guess, uh... my father and I share that one thing. Yeah, we both -- we both knew how hard it is to walk away from the life you've built and start over. And when you do... no matter how noble your motives or how much you achieve or how hard you try, sometimes it still feels like you've failed.

Sonny: You talking about my life, Duke's life... or your life?

Valentin: I wouldn't dream of crashing the party. But you have a wonderful time, okay?

Charlotte: I'll save you a slice of birthday cake for when I see you.

[Door opens]

Valentin: Which will be very, very soon.

Dante: Thanks for stopping by.

Valentin: My pleasure. Oh, by the way, I do have news. I've spoken to my attorney.

Olivia: Kids, kids, kids, kids. Why don't you help me out in the kitchen? Let's go.

Valentin: [Clears throat] Um, things are going pretty well right now, so we would like to schedule a court date as soon as possible to revisit the custody agreement.

Lulu: The sooner the better.

Dante: I agree.

Valentin: Because we all want what's best for Charlotte, right?

Dante: Mm-hmm. See ya.

Lulu: He was confident.

Dante: Yeah. I wonder what that was all about.

Lulu: I don't know. But after seeing him with Ava today... it can't be good news.

Griffin: I know this will be a big adjustment for you. Try to remember your appearance has nothing to do with you living a long and fulfilling life.

Ava: Well, that's easy for you to say. I mean, look at you! I-I don't think you could understand.

Griffin: Yes, there's no question that this is going to be a hard transition. But you don't have to go through it alone.

Carly: You're a gutless, cruel monster. And you killed my son. And the only consolation is, now your face is as ugly as your soul.

Sam: Close yourself off to the world, keep yourself away from your daughter, concede victory to Sonny. Or you can reclaim your life... [Velcro rustling] ...The way you want.

Valentin: I'm offering you the cutting-edge procedure you're gonna need to restore your face to the one you once knew. You'll be able to walk the world with pride again.

Griffin: You are a survivor. You are resourceful, adaptable, occasionally funny, and flawed. And just like every other human being on this planet, you're worth knowing, so I want to be your friend. Is it so hard for you to accept? Is it so hard to believe that I care about you or that anyone would?

Kiki: Hey, is this new?

Ava: It's not "new" new. It's kind of new.

Kiki: [Chuckles] I don't know. I like it. You seem kind of...

Ava: What?

Kiki: I don't know. You seem kind of energized.

Ava: Really? [Chuckles] Well, maybe I am.

Kiki: Okay, what did I miss?

Ava: I want my face back. I want to be able to look in a mirror and not be reminded of every mistake, of every crime and sin, of every person that I've ever wronged. [Voice breaking] I know it's vain. I just want to be beautiful.

Griffin: Hey. You are beautiful.

Ava: When I come back here, I won't be hiding anymore. I'll be living.

Griffin: Hey, we should probably get back to the hospital.

Sonny: You okay?

Griffin: I'm just, uh, thinking about what it takes to leave the life you chose.

Sonny: What's going on? Are you thinking about leaving the priesthood?

Carly: I do not want to take Jason away from you. And you need to go home.

Sam: No, I don't need to go anywhere.

Carly: I don't care if I have to call your mother, Max, or the National Guard to drag you out of here, but you need rest because you're out of control, Sam.

Sam: Yeah, you are damn right I'm out of control, because I'm not gonna let you take Jason away from me again.

Franco: Typical Heather. How many times did I pray to never have to hear your voice ever again, Mother, never have to hear your cackling laugh, never see you -- you make your "Mommie Dearest" face ever again? [Sighs] And now...the one time I really, really do want to talk to you and you won't do it? What are you hiding? Really. What secret is so important to you that you would give up the prospect of future BLTs just to keep it? And what the hell is Jason Morgan doing in my childhood?

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