GH Transcript Friday 9/8/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 9/8/17


Episode #13884 ~ Scott is of little to no help to Franco; Elizabeth counsels Griffin to go after Ava; Amy has bad news for Nathan; Maxie asks Nina for her job back.

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Maxie: No! We can't!

Nathan: What?

Maxie: [Sighs] You're gonna ruin my makeup!

Nathan: I'm just making up for lost time.

Maxie: Yeah, but this meeting is too important for me to arrive smudged.

Nathan: Speaking of, are you ever gonna tell me what this meeting's all about?

Maxie: Depends. Did you tell me the whole truth about you and Amy?

Ava: I don't see why you can't simply come here.

Valentin: I'm otherwise engaged.

Ava: You can't clear half an hour?

Valentin: Do you want this meeting or not?

[Cell phone beeps]

Valentin: Well?

Ava: I'll be there.

Lulu: Nina.

Nina: Hi. Hey, Lulu.

Lulu: Stopping for breakfast on your way to work?

Nina: I'm here for a meeting.

Valentin: Oh, good. We're all here. Shall I grab a table?

Lulu: Uh, um, we are here to discuss Charlotte, and Nina is not a part of that.

Valentin: Actually, she is.

Nina: Valentin and I are back together.

[Soft music plays]

Stella: How did I know I'd find you here? [Laughs]

TJ: Hey, Aunt Stella.

Stella: Hey, baby. Mm, give me some sugar. Mwah! It's a beautiful day. Shame you got to spend it inside.

TJ: Well, it'll be worth it when I get my paycheck. The more I can put toward med school, the better.

Stella: Such a hardworking young man. Just like your father... and his brother. You know, your Uncle Curtis never came home last night!

TJ: He didn't?

Stella: I'm sure he was out on some kind of all-night stakeout. PI work is a dirty business. You end up spending your time with lowlifes and ne'er-do-wells.

Curtis: [Sighs] Mm. Good morning, beautiful. How long you been awake?

Jordan: Um...just long enough to wonder how the hell we got here.

Curtis: Yeah? So, what'd you come up with?

Jordan: Mm, nothing. I kind of got stuck on another question.

Curtis: What's that?

Jordan: How the hell did we manage to stay away from each other in the first place?

Elizabeth: Franco? Franco? Are the boys ready to walk out the door?

Franco: [Sighs] Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Franco: They're already on the bus.

Elizabeth: All three of them?

Franco: Wait. There -- wait. There are three of them? I'm just kidding.

Elizabeth: Okay. Thank you.

Franco: Oh, I'm sorry, it was a bad joke.

Elizabeth: No. It's -- I'm seriously late for work.

Franco: Well, you're not 'cause I-I called the hospital, and Epiphany said she'd be more than happy to cover for you.

Elizabeth: You did? Wait. She did?

Franco: Yes. I -- yes, I did and she did. And, come on, you've had like four hours sleep, and you need another 10 or 15 hours, easy, so let's go. Seriously, do I have to march you up there myself?

Elizabeth: It's -- it's really tempting. Wait, how do you know I only got four hours of sleep?

Franco: Well, I may have been up, too, 'cause I was worried about you.

Elizabeth: [Sighs] I just keep thinking about Jason.

Franco: Yeah. Me too.

Elizabeth: All right, um, I just need to get to work.

Franco: No, you don't. You don't. Come on. You're -- [Sighs] Your son's father is in a coma. I mean, if ever there was a reason for a personal day, I think this is it.

Elizabeth: I know, but, honestly, too much time on my hands and my imagination just runs away from me.

Franco: Hey... Jason is gonna be okay.

Elizabeth: What if he's not? Then what? Then Jake doesn't have a father, and neither do Danny or Scout, and Sam loses her husband. And I will always wonder if the time I stole from Jason would have somehow made a difference.

Franco: Really? You're -- you're gonna -- you're blaming yourself?

Elizabeth: Well, shouldn't I?

Franco: No. I -- I think that I-if there was a poll, the results would be mixed. I'm pretty sure that Sonny and Sam are gonna blame themselves. I'm positive that when Jason wakes up, he's gonna blame himself.

Elizabeth: You just think I'm being silly.

Franco: No, I -- okay. No, I don't think you're being silly. I just -- I think that there's probably a more productive use of your time than beating yourself up. You could... try and help Monica.

Elizabeth: Monica? How?

Franco: Well, I don't know. Maybe invite her over. I'm sure she'd love to spend time with Jake. I'm sure it would comfort her to, you know, maybe talk about Jason and his childhood.

Elizabeth: Okay, um, that sounds like a-a nice idea. Let's -- can we talk about it when I get home from work?

[Door opens]

Elizabeth: Oh, hi. Uh, come on in.

Scott: Oh, hello.

Elizabeth: I-I'm running -- I'm really late for work. Bye.

Scott: Hi, son.

Franco: Oh, I-I-I'm sorry. Do I -- do I know you?

Scott: So it's my fault that we haven't seen each other in ages?

Franco: [Sighs] Things have been really crazy here. Jake's father, who I don't get along with under the best of circumstances, is kind of beeping along in a hospital. Elizabeth and Jake are afraid for him, and I'm, like, the last person in the world who's qualified to give them comfort.

Scott: Well, I'm sorry. Um, I'm afraid that I'm not gonna make things any better.

TJ: Aunt Stella, are you fishing for info on Uncle Curtis?

Stella: Young man, have you ever known me to beat around the bush?

TJ: No, ma'am.

Stella: [Chuckles] Exactly. Life's too short to waste time being passive-aggressive. If there's something I want to know, I simply ask. Like say, does my great-nephew need help paying for school?

TJ: [Scoffs] No, uh, don't worry, Aunt Stella. I'm, uh, I'm good.

Stella: Oh. The hourly wage here must be considerable.

TJ: Okay, you're right. The job here doesn't pay my way, but it's a start. And the more I can contribute, the less I'll owe other people.

Stella: And there's some shame in that? Taking help from people who love you?

TJ: No, of course not, but I'm an adult now. I want to do this on my own.

Stella: Your Uncle Curtis told me as much when he was your age. Neither one of you needed much looking after.

TJ: Hey, but it doesn't mean we don't appreciate it every now and again.

Stella: I'm glad to hear you say that. And I have loved visiting. But it's time I went home and left you and Curtis in peace.

Curtis: You know, um, as much as I hated breaking up with you... getting back together has made it all worth it.

Jordan: I'm sorry, did -- is that what happened just now? Are we back together?

Curtis: I mean, I hope so. [Chuckles] I stated my position clearly.

Jordan: Yes, um, what was it again? Oh, yes, you are "dangerously this close" to falling in love with me.

Curtis: That's right. But now, um, if you got something you want to say...?

Jordan: Actually, the person who I have to say something to next is...your aunt.

Curtis: [Sighs heavily]

Jordan: We have to tell Stella that we're back together.

Nathan: Maxie, I swear, I have told you everything that there is to know about me and about Amy and "Ask Man Landers" and...

Maxie: Everything?

Nathan: Yeah, everything. I swear.

Maxie: I know. I'm just pulling your chain. [Chuckles]

Nathan: Not very nice to tease your husband, you know, especially since you spent the last... oh, God knows how many months, on opposite sides of the country.

Maxie: I cannot help myself! Do you know what a rare opportunity this is? Usually I'm the one keeping secrets and begging forgiveness. This is a whole new experience. Can't you just let me enjoy it?

Nathan: Fine. Who knows how long it's gonna last anyway?

Maxie: Hey.

Amy: Uh. Don't mind me. [Laughs] I just stopped by for a cup of coffee.

Maxie: And more cover behind my husband? [Scoffs]

Nathan: Maxie... [Clears throat]

Amy: No. No, I totally understand. Nathan did what he did because he's a wonderful person.

Maxie: And you did what you did for your brother.

Amy: If there had been any other way --

Maxie: Trust me -- I get it. I would have done anything for my sister. It seems we have that in common. I'm hoping that's all we have in common.

Amy: Oh, Nathan and I are just strict--

Maxie: What am I still doing here? I really need to go. Wish me luck.

Nathan: Good luck. Sorry about that.

Amy: [Sighs]

Nathan: It might be a little while before we're both completely forgiven.

Amy: It's okay. I don't blame Maxie. Especially because... it's not over between us.

Valentin: Now that Nina and I have officially reconciled, all that's left is to move her back home.

Nina: But first things first -- we'd like to get Charlotte's custody squared away.

Valentin: Which is a mere formality.

Lulu: I think it's anything but that. Dante and I currently have custody --

Valentin: You have temporary custody.

Lulu: Because you were extradited to the Netherlands to stand trial for treason and espionage.

Valentin: Uh, those charges were dropped, as you well know. And, um, once again, you have absolutely no proof of any criminal wrongdoing on my part. So, Nina and I are just as fit to parent Charlotte as you and Dante are.

Lulu: Do you hear him? Are you paying attention? The only reason Valentin wants to get back together with you is to score points with the judge in family court.

Nina: Valentin and I are back together because we love each other.

Lulu: Then I wish you luck. You're gonna need it. I just hope you don't count on that life including Charlotte, because there is no way the judge is going to grant you and Valentin full custody of Charlotte.

Valentin: Well, I'm seeking joint custody... ...because Charlotte's life can only benefit from having both parents in it. I'm willing to set my feelings aside to act in my daughter's best interests. Are you?

Lulu: What, what? What? Of course, I want what's best for Charlotte. The problem is that you and I have very different ideas about what that means.

Valentin: Well, we have plenty of time to reach an agreement. In the meantime, I just hope we can all be civil when we take Charlotte to her first day of school tomorrow?

Nina: Yeah, I'm sure she'd be thrilled that the four of us were there together.

Lulu: All four of us?

Valentin: Lulu, is that not amenable to you?

Lulu: It's fine. Actually, I'm sorry that more of Charlotte's family can't be on hand, but I'm afraid my mom is still in Europe. She's looking after Spencer. You remember him, don't you?

Nina: It's hard to forget someone who falsely accused you of kidnapping them.

Lulu: Valentin murdered Spencer's father and never paid for it. But somehow, I'm the bad guy! So, hey, I will see you two bright and early tomorrow for Charlotte's first day.

Stella: I don't want to overstay my welcome. I've been kind of cramping your uncle's style.

TJ: No way Uncle Curtis said that to you.

Stella: He didn't. But he didn't have to. I can read that boy like a book. He's been waiting for me to go since the day I showed up.

TJ: Aunt Stella.

Stella: He's just too respectful to ever say so.

TJ: Curtis loves you, and he doesn't want you to leave any more than I do. I mean, we'll both miss you when you're gone.

Stella: Easy now. I'm just getting on a train, not departing this mortal coil! I just wanted to assure myself that you've got a good head on your shoulders and Curtis's was screwed on straight. And I got a resounding "yes" on both counts. So, as far as I'm concerned, my work here is done.

Curtis: Listen, I love my auntie, and I know for a fact that she loves me. And even when we disagree, I know deep down inside, she wants me to be happy. And you make me happy. I'll do whatever it takes to convince her to accept us.

Jordan: Whatever it takes?

Curtis: I mean, damned if I even know what that really means, but I'll figure it out. But I ain't figuring nothing out on an empty stomach. What do you say we get breakfast?

Jordan: Um, I think that -- I think breakfast can wait.

Curtis: Oh, yeah.

Jordan: [Chuckles]

Griffin: Ava, hey, uh, it's Griffin. I feel terrible about what happened yesterday. Please -- please don't let it get in the way of your recovery. And I want to fix things between us, but if it's -- if it's not possible, I just -- I want you to know that I'm still your friend.

[Door opens]

Elizabeth: Hi.

Griffin: There's...plenty of room.

Elizabeth: I'll be quick. I just want to say a quick prayer before I start my shift.

Griffin: Oh, you're working?

Elizabeth: Yeah, it helps to keep busy.

Griffin: Huh. Well, I guess, uh... everyone has their own coping mechanism. I just hope you're not using yours to avoid your feelings.

Elizabeth: Now you sound like Franco.

Griffin: [Scoffs] That is the first time I've ever heard that.

Elizabeth: Believe it or not, he's very perceptive. And he's helped me a lot since Jason got hurt. And yes, I see the irony in Franco offering his support while I worry about Jason.

Scott: So, uh, while you were in New York... I got some bad news.

Franco: What's the bad news?

Scott: Well, my father died. And I know that things have been really crazy for you. And it's not like you had a relationship with your grandfather. And, you know, you've never even met him, so... I figured, why would I bother you?

Franco: Why would you -- why would you bother me? Because I'm your son. That's why.


Ava: Do we really have to sit here? Right in the middle of the restaurant? Oh, that's your point, isn't it?

Valentin: I'm not entirely sure what you mean.

Ava: I mean, you want me out in the open. You want me to be the subject of whispers and stares. Just a little incentive to take your deal?

Valentin: No, I was already sitting at this table with my wife. It seemed simpler to come back here than to ask to be reseated at a different table. And as for our deal -- I just need a yes or a no.

Nina: Yeah, I'll talk to you later. Thank you. Come in!

[Door opens]

Nina: Oh, my goodness. Okay, I have to prepare for this meeting, so, Dillon, if you could just e-- Maxie, what a surprise.

Maxie: Hi, Nina. Um, you look great. Did you do something different with your hair?

Nina: No. Nope. It's the same. I'm back with Valentin. That's probably what you're sensing.

Maxie: You and Valentin. That's -- that's good.

Nina: Mm-hmm. I thought so, too. Yeah. So, uh, why are you in town? Just here for a visit?

Maxie:, I'm back for good.

Nina: Oh. Well, J must be very excited to have you in the same time zone.

Maxie: [Sighs]

Nina: Listen, uh, if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting to prepare for.

Maxie: I know you do. It's with me.

Nina: Max Jones. Of course. Social media influencer?

Maxie: Spinelli helped me create the online profile.

Nina: So, that's what you've been doing with your free time? Figuring out how to catfish your former employer?

Maxie: I'm sorry, I didn't think you'd take the meeting with me otherwise.

Nina: And why do you want to meet with me?

Maxie: I want to come back to work for Crimson.

Nathan: You're kidding me, right?

Amy: It's just one more time!

Nathan: You say that every time!

Amy: I'm sorry, I honestly thought you were done being the face of the brand.

Nathan: Okay, well, then, what happened?

Amy: [Scoffs] Well, Quinn came up with this book launch party. And she's insisting that "Ask Man Landers" appear in the flesh!

Nathan: Look, Amy, come on. There's got to be some way to get out of this. So, would you just... call your lawyer or something?

Amy: I already did. And the clause about a public appearance is buried in the fine print, but it's there and I signed it. If "Ask Man Landers" doesn't hold up his part of the deal, the whole contract is null and void! [Sighs]

Nathan: Okay, so -- so, we get somebody else to be the face of the brand.

Amy: Quinn's already met you and fallen in love with you! And it's your mysterious blue eye peering out from the book cover! It's your face that's gonna launch a best-seller! If anyone else shows up to that party claiming to be "Ask Man Landers," it's gonna raise a lot of questions... all of which result in me having to pay back my entire advance, and won't have any money to pay for my brother's recovery!

Nathan: [Sighs]

TJ: I'm gonna miss you, Aunt Stella. And I hope you know, you're always welcome to visit.

Stella: Child, you'll be seeing plenty of me. I'll vis-- I'll visit here -- or you can come see me in Baltimore. I'll take you out for some real crab cakes.

TJ: That'd be nice.

Stella: Aw, I know how busy you are, baby, so I won't hold my breath.

TJ: Aunt Stella...

Stella: Baby, you don't need to explain. Med school is a serious undertaking. As long as you keep your eye on the prize, you'll get no complaining from me. I'll be back soon enough... even sooner if your Uncle Curtis can't keep his act together.

[Door closes]

Scott: [Sighs] Okay. Thanks.

Franco: Mm. You -- it's just a display of affection. It's kind of what fathers and sons do, right?

Scott: Well, yeah, but you're not really known for your affection.

Franco: Your father just died! I was just -- I was trying to be supportive!

Scott: I appreciate it.

Franco: are you doing?

Scott: Not good. I miss Lee every day. He was kind, he was fair... unshakable integrity... none of which I have ever lived up to. But... I know he loved me.

Franco: Well, I'm -- I'm sorry I never met the guy. I guess...I don't know a whole lot about my own relations. [Scoffs] I don't know a whole hell of a lot about my own life, really.

Scott: Is there something in particular?

Franco: [Sighs] My relationship with Jason.

Scott: Why! What am I looking at?

Franco: You tell me.

Scott: Uh, well, it's you and some little blond kid.

Franco: And I'm pretty sure Monica would say that that's Jason.

Scott: Oh, I don't know. It's just... a kid with blond hair and blue eyes. A lot of kids look -- I looked like that when I was a kid, okay? So, w-where are you going with this?

Franco: I -- I have spent my entire adult life obsessed with Jason.

Scott: That's because you had a brain tumor!

Franco: Yeah, but that's what I thought. But this picture proves that there's more to it than that. This picture proves that Jason and I knew each other.

Scott: No. No, no, no. This picture proves nothing. Just that, uh, you and whoever that is happened to cross paths.

Franco: We're dressed identically! Doesn't that s-strike you as, like, a little odd?

Scott: No. Not at all. You know, a lot of kids, they like to dress alike. Little sailor suits...

Franco: Oh, come on.

Scott: ...This, you know, little baseball players. It -- it doesn't really mean anything. I mean, it's a picture of you with some little friend of yours that was taken decades ago.

Franco: I didn't have any friends! I had to make them up!

Scott: What are you talking about?

Franco: When I was a kid, I had an imaginary friend. Only...this photograph is making me think that maybe he wasn't imaginary, after all.

Jordan: Hey. Would it be easier if you did this by yourself?

Curtis: From now on, we're doing everything together.

Jordan: Okay.

TJ: Hey, Mom.

Jordan: Hey.

TJ: Curtis.

Curtis: Hey, T.

TJ: What can I get you guys?

Curtis: Well, coffee's good for me.

Jordan: Uh, same. Good morning.

Stella: Is it?

Curtis: [Scoffs] I was searching for a sign Aunt Stella, we didn't come here to... make trouble. But we do have something to settle.

Stella: Do we?

Curtis: Jordan and I are together, and we're gonna stay together. So we all are gonna have to figure out a way to live with that... peacefully.

Nina: I'm not sure there's anything to discuss. I offered you your job back, and you declined.

Maxie: Circumstances have changed. To your benefit! Um, this is some of the work that I did while I was in Portland.

Nina: Hmm.

Maxie: Take a look. Okay, um, this is a feature we ran on a new boot designer. The shoot was done on the Alaskan coast. And this is a layout we did for Cartullo's spring line. We shot it at the base of Mount St. Helens.

Nina: Oh. I-it's very -- it's a very impressive body of work. I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a job. [Clears throat]

Maxie: I want to work for Crimson.

Nina: We don't have any positions available.

Maxie: Well, you're the editor-in-chief. You can create one. And I'm pretty sure you don't have anyone else around here who can do what I can do.

Nina: You know what, Maxie, maybe I don't. Maybe I don't, but I didn't fire you, because you can't do your job! I fired you because I cannot trust you.

Elizabeth: I can tell something's bothering you. You don't have to tell me what it is, but I'm always here to listen.

Griffin: I did something stupid. I don't even... I'm not even sure I knew I was doing it.

Elizabeth: Well then, maybe you shouldn't be sitting here feeling so guilty.

Griffin: Ignorance is no excuse. I treated someone... [Sighs] I treated someone clumsily. Someone that I care about.

Elizabeth: Can't you just apologize?

Griffin: It's not good enough.

Elizabeth: It would be a start.

Griffin: Yeah, I need to do more.

Elizabeth: What would it take?

Griffin: Figuring out how I feel.

Valentin: I was surprised to get your call last night.

Ava: I was surprised to make it. You're not my favorite person, for obvious reasons.

Valentin: I never promised you a saint. And you're in no position to judge. But let's not compare transgressions. We have something more important to discuss.

Ava: I thought I could do it. I thought I could piece together a life. Accept what's happened to me. If there is a chance to repair the damage, if there is a chance to... be normal, to look normal... I want it.

Valentin: Then let's talk terms.

Scott: Get a grip, okay? You know, somebody took a picture of you as a kid. You have no recollection of this picture, and now you're trying to put it into some half-baked theory that you have!

Franco: No, I-I've seen pictures of Jason Morgan when he was this age, and this is a photograph of Jason Morgan!

Scott: No, it just looks like a little blond kid, like millions of other little blond kids! That's it. Okay, let's just say, it was Jason -- a coincidence, right? So, let's say Alan and Monica took Jason to the city, the nanny took the kid to the park -- and there you were, in the same outfit as the kid, and your mother, she decided to take a picture of you two.

Franco: Right. You're grasping at straws.

Scott: Well, it's better than having some deep, dark secret with Jason! I mean, your obsession with him is -- is long gone, for crying out loud. Why would you want to revisit that?

Franco: Why? Because this photograph calls my entire life into question. And I need to know what it means.

TJ: Look, I'm really happy you guys are back together, man. I'm happy for you.

Curtis: Thanks, T. That means a lot to us.

Jordan: Thank you, sweetheart. Thank you.

Stella: So that's where you were last night. With her.

Curtis: Yeah, that's right.

Stella: [Scoffs] Here I was, worried you were out on dangerous PI business.

Curtis: I'm sorry to worry you.

Stella: Hmm. I don't know if I'd felt any better had you told me the truth.

[Soft music plays]

Curtis: Aunt Stella, I know how you feel about this, okay? But we're all just gonna have to find a way to work together because I love you. But... I love Jordan.

Nathan: You know I want to do everything I can for your brother.

Amy: I do know, and I appreciate it so, so much. You've made a huge difference in Chet's life.

Nathan: How's he doing?

Amy: A lot better. Really.

Nathan: Amy? What aren't you telling me?

Amy: It's just -- rehab's tough. Honestly? Sometimes it kicks his ass. He's not always the happiest camper.

Nathan: Therapists help?

Amy: They do, but they're also a reminder that he's a long way from home. Which is why I want to move him up here. I think it'll help him to be surrounded by some familiar faces.

Nathan: Namely yours. I think it'd do him a world of good to see you.

Amy: [Chuckles]

Nathan: He's lucky to have you. Not a lot of people would go through what you've gone through for a sibling.

Amy: You would. Look how much you did for a complete stranger. I stole your picture, used it without your permission, and instead of arresting me for identity theft, you came through and played "Ask Man Landers." And you continued to come through, over and over. And I know it's not fair to ask you to come through yet again, but... I can't think of any other way --

Nathan: Amy, it's okay. It's okay.

Amy: Define "okay."

Nathan: I'll admit, being the face of "Ask Man Landers" was not my favorite thing -- is not my favorite thing.

Amy: Mm-hmm.

Nathan: I would probably prefer a root canal. [Laughs] But...I don't regret it. And I'm not gonna stop now.

Amy: You'll do it?

Nathan: Yes. One condition. One condition. I get wardrobe approval.

Amy: Ahh!

Nathan: Okay. Okay.

Nina: Okay. Maxie, you know I always valued your work. But a relationship is built on trust -- a trust that you betrayed when you went behind my back to undermine Valentin's relationship with his daughter.

Maxie: You know what? You're right. Your family situation -- none of my business. And I had no right to insert myself into it.

Nina: Thank you.

Maxie: But is that really, like, the worst betrayal you've ever suffered?

Nina: No. Of course not.

Maxie: But -- Nina, if you could forgive those people who betrayed your trust, why can't you forgive me?

Valentin: I have two contracts, the first of which is an agreement to arrange facial reconstruction.

Ava: I have this for you.

Valentin: What am I looking at?

Ava: Well, it's a photograph of a 16th-century tapestry. I thought it would go very well at Wyndemere and add millions to your assets.

Valentin: Well, that's very generous of you to sweeten the deal. The second is a complete retraction of your statement that you saw me shoot Nikolas Cassadine. Once you sign this, we will have ourselves a deal.

Ava: Oh, you mistake me. The tapestry is the deal.

Valentin: That's not what we talked about.

Ava: That's what I'm offering.

Valentin: Then you have wasted my time -- and your own.

Nathan: Okay.

Amy: Ahh, thank you! Thank you! I have no idea how I'll ever repay you. [Gasps] Wait! Yes I do! I'm gonna dedicate my next book to you!

Nathan: No. I mean, that's really not necessary.

Amy: I know just how I'll word it -- "to Nathan, the man behind the woman behind the man."

Nathan: Look, the only thing that you need to promise me is that the truth about "Ask Man Landers'" identity never gets out.

Amy: You don't need to worry. I know how important your reputation is to you.

Nathan: I-I'm not talking about my reputation, okay? I'm thinking about Chet. All right, you said it yourself, if the wrong people find out that I am not God's gift to befuddled bros everywhere, then Chet's rehab is in jeopardy.

Amy: I can name on one hand all the people who are in on it. There's me -- I'm not gonna tell. You -- you're not gonna tell. Nina -- she's not gonna tell. And Maxie -- she's not gonna tell. We're totally in the clear! [Giggles]

Nina: I may consider... giving you a second chance, but I need more than a promise of loyalty.

Maxie: Okay. Like what?

Nina: I don't know. Use your imagination. You know, something valuable, something that Crimson needs. Something that no one else has. If you do that, then I could... give you your job back. But -- I look forward to hearing from you. Listen, um, if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting to prepare for, so... [Clears throat]

Curtis: I, um -- I hope you understand, and we can all go on being a family.

Stella: I love you and TJ far too much to sacrifice a future with you now. I'll see you all later.

Curtis: Bye.

[Door closes]

Curtis: Wow. [Scoffs] I saw that going a lot worse.

Jordan: Yeah. You weren't the only one.

TJ: Aunt Stella forgot her phone.

Curtis: [Sighs]

TJ: Aunt Stella... you forgot your phone.

Stella: Thank you, TJ. I don't know what I'd do without you.

TJ: And I-I wanted to tell you, I know how you feel about my mom and Curtis. And, uh, they way you handled that was pretty impressive.

Stella: If I learned anything from my medical troubles, it's that I need to deal with adversity, and not let diversity deal with me.

TJ: Well, maybe the three of us can talk it out over dinner before you leave.

Stella: Oh, I'm not leaving.

TJ: You're not?

Stella: No. I've reconsidered my plans. I think Port Charles suits me just fine for now.

Elizabeth: I don't envy you. Figuring out your feelings? It doesn't get harder than that.

Griffin: Any words of wisdom?

Elizabeth: Well, if it were me, I wouldn't be sitting here in silence. I would go to that person and talk it out. Usually, the last words spoken are the ones that say how you really feel.

Maxie: Earth to Lulu? Are you even listening to me?

Lulu: Yeah, of course. I -- wait, can you just tell me what you just said?

Maxie: Okay, maybe we should put this on hold.

Lulu: Are you kidding me? This is the first chance we've had to get together since you've been back. Look, look, look. This is me -- 100 percent focused on you.

Maxie: Yeah, but I'm not 100 percent focused on you. Actually, I need to go. The future of my career depends on it. And I promise, once I get it taken care of, I'll give you all the details. Mwah. Love you.

Lulu: [Stammers, sighs]

Valentin: Spencer -- or more accurately, the adults in his life who should know better -- filed this lawsuit with the mistaken belief that your statement is proof enough of wrongful death. Nothing could be further from the truth, as you have nothing close to proof.

Ava: Well, then, why do you need me to retract it?

Valentin: To spare my daughter the strain of hearing my name splashed through the media. To spare myself the time and expense of a pointless trial. And to spare Spencer the trauma of my defense, which will be that Nikolas has faked his own death a second time.

Ava: That is a blatant lie!

Valentin: You have no body. You have no proof that he's dead. You have no proof that I shot him. Do you really want Spencer to wonder if his father's alive and well out there? That he's actually just abandoned him?

Ava: I know you killed him 'cause I saw it with my own eyes!

Valentin: Now, you have two choices. You have two choices. You can stand by your original statement. You can put us all through a pointless trial. And you can look like you do for the rest of your life. [Clicks pen] can sign.

Ava: [Sighs]

Scott: If you're dead set on finding the truth, I won't stand in your way.

Franco: Well, I was hoping that you might volunteer to be an asset.

Scott: Me? How could I help? I didn't even know you were my son until a couple years ago.

Franco: Well, you might know who to talk to.

Scott: Well, I think your step in the right direction would be Monica.

Franco: Monica? No, I don't think that's a good idea, what with Jason being in a coma.

Scott: Well, maybe not. Then you might want to go to the one who set this all in motion. Heather Webber.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Dante (to Olivia): Charlotte's father isn't going anywhere.

Valentin (on phone): The woman in question should arrive tomorrow.

Franco (to Kiki): Whether I like it or not, Jason and I will always be connected.

Lulu (to Ava): What the Hell was that about?

Carly (to Sonny): I'm gonna move back in.

Sam (to Griffin): Is Jason gonna wake up, or isn't he?

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