GH Transcript Tuesday 9/5/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 9/5/17


Episode #13881 ~ Finn is met with disappointment; Valentin is in a position to help Nina; Kiki gets an invitation to go on rounds with Dr. Bensch; André helps Anna with her investigation.

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André: The rooster crows at dawn.

Anna: [Gasps] Oh, God. What are you doing? Oh, my Lord.

André: Just having a secret meeting.

Anna: This doesn't really qualify as secret, does it?

André: Hey, you summoned me, Agent Devane.

Anna: I did. I piqued your interest.

André: You know damn well you did. What's up?

Anna: Well, uh, don't leave me hanging. Okay. So, the diamond that Spencer gave Emma we know was stolen in a smash-and-grab out of Montenegro. Were you able to connect that to the ring of jewel thieves that you were tracking in Central Europe? But, most importantly, were you able to connect that diamond to Valentin?

Nina: Thank you for escorting Nelle in, but you shouldn't have arrested her in the first place.

Dillon: You okay?

Nelle: Better than I was an hour ago.

Inspector Desroches: You have friends in high places, Mademoiselle.

Nina: It's "Madame." I'm married. I'm married, all right? Those are my mid-ranking friends. You're gonna meet the higher-ranking friends. You still have not recovered this necklace.

Inspector Desroches: I arrested a suspect.

Nina: You arrested Nelle! She had nothing to do with it!

Dillon: Oh.

Inspector Desroches: Looks like we got visitors. Who is this?

Nina: My husband.

Valentin: Valentin Cassadine. And you are?

Nina: Incompetent. That's who he is. He's incompetent.

Inspector Desroches: Your wife is a formidable woman.

Valentin: Oh, yeah. She is.

Nina: Yes, I am formidable, because I'm gonna have you fired.

Valentin: Well, that's not gonna be necessary.

Nina: It's not? Well, you weren't here. You weren't here, because this inspector arrested Nelle. He botched the investigation, and now a 7-figure necklace is out there. It was on loan to my company, and it's probably being divided into pieces as we speak.

Valentin: As it happens... this is the necklace right there.

Ava: So -- thank you -- tell me more about this, uh, fast-track pre-med program, will you? I mean, pre-med -- it's rigorous enough, isn't it? But to be fast-tracked? That's got to be pretty difficult, not that I think that you can't do it, because I know that you can. You can do anything.

Kiki: Mom... you don't have to try so hard.

Ava: I'm -- I'm interested.

Kiki: I'm sure you are, but you're also clearly freaked out that people might be staring at you, and I promise you... they're not. And even if they were, so what?

Ava: Maybe next time I'll order decaf, huh? [Chuckles]

Kiki: I think you're doing great. This is a big step. You invited me to go someplace in public. That's huge. And I'm happy that you asked. I am thrilled that you're done hiding out in the penthouse. That wasn't healthy.

Ava: Well, I've been out.

Kiki: Mm, right -- when Dr. Munro invited you to that concert in the park? He really is a miracle worker, huh? But, seriously, I know this is hard for you.

Ava: I'm trying. I'm gonna be strong for you, you know? If our relationship can survive Morgan's death --

Kiki: Mom, you're still my mother. I want to have a relationship with you. And I'm grateful you've decided to start living again.

Ava: Well, I couldn't do it alone. I have had help.

Griffin: David, hi. I got your text about Marisol Valdez. What happened?

Dr. Bensch: Last night her parents noticed that Marisol couldn't use her right arm.

Griffin: Well, how extensive is the paralysis?

Dr. Bensch: As of two hours ago, her entire right side. The lungs have been affected.

Griffin: [Sighs]

Dr. Bensch: She doesn't have much time.

Griffin: [Sighs]

Dr. Bensch: I'm sorry. Nothing prepares you for a case like this.

Griffin: Yeah. That's for sure.

Dr. Bensch: Parents are asking for you.

Griffin: Thank you.

Enrique: Dr. Munro, thank -- thank you for coming. Marisol's getting weaker. Is there anything you can do for her? [Crying]

Finn: Curtis, why haven't you answered any of my messages? I've been climbing the walls since I got your text last night saying you found Hayden. Please call me.

[Knock on door]

Finn: Where is she?

Nina: It's the necklace. How'd you find it?

Inspector Desroches: I'm interested to know that, as well, Mr. Cassadine.

Valentine: I conducted a search of my own. Didn't tell anybody in case there was a thief in the crew. Turns out, as I suspected, the necklace wasn't stolen in the first place.

Inspector Desroches: But how is this possible?

Valentin: Well, after the photo shoot was over, I guess there was such a rush to get out of there, it made it past security and wound up with the things of one of the makeup artists. Rochelle didn't even know she had it till I found it among her things.

Dillon: Yeah. I practically tore that dressing room apart. I mean, Farah and I went through everybody's bag, and that necklace was not there.

Inspector Desroches: He makes an excellent point, Mr. Cassadine. How did you find the necklace when others could not?

Valentin: I don't know. Luck, perseverance, clairvoyance? Why don't you take your pick?

Nelle: Look, I don't care how you found it. I'm just thankful that you did.

Nina: Okay. Well, inspector, um, the necklace has been recovered. I'm sure you have other cases to inspect.

Inspector Desroches: Oh, this case is not closed yet.

Valentin: [Speaking French]

Inspector Desroches: On second thought, the incident is closed. Good day.

Dillon: Wait. That's it? So, it's over?

Nelle: Thank you so much, both of you, seriously.

Nina: Oh, don't -- don't thank us. Don't thank us. Thank you. I mean, I'm sorry this happened. You should get hazard pay. Honestly, go back to the Riad. Put your feet up. And, Dillon, can you just tell Farah that, uh, we're scrapping the photo shoot?

Dillon: But, Nina, we --

Nina: No, no. Don't argue with me. We're scrapping it, okay? I mean, Morocco has been incredible in so many unexpected ways, but I think it's time for us to just pack up, take what we have, and, uh, really get out of here.

André: The thieves were well organized and well equipped -- always the same M.O. The stores were open. Customers were inside.

Anna: Ah. In case they needed to take hostages?

André: The thieves came in. Only took the big-ticket items -- nothing less than 6 figures. They were in and out in less than 10 minutes. There was a car and driver on the curb. There were a couple of high-speed chases, but the thieves always managed to escape. Their driver was damn good.

Anna: [Chuckles]

André: But whoever planned the robberies was better -- brilliant, in fact.

Anna: Valentin?

André: It seems likely. Smash-and-grab implies amateurs acting on impulse. These robberies were anything but. The thieves were pros, and these jobs were planned down to the last detail.

Anna: Well, Valentin was always an excellent strategist.

André: Well, we think he may have used mercenaries. Might have even been one himself.

Anna: Oh. Is there any way that we can tie him to these robberies?

André: Where is all this coming from? I thought you and Valentin made peace after the Chimera incident.

Anna: Oh, we did -- I mean, to a degree. But just because I think that he was unfairly scapegoated by the WSB, it doesn't mean that I am blind to who he really is.

André: And that would be?

Anna: Well, he's complicated, isn't he, and driven? Valentin has spent most of his life outside of the law. And, yeah, okay, so Charlotte and possibly Nina have managed to settle him down somewhat, but that doesn't mean that he's gonna follow the rules for the rules' sake. He lives by his own code, and that may very well include maintaining ties to his old associates, if it's advantageous to him.

Griffin: Um, I-- the paralysis is affecting Marisol's organs. One by one, they're shutting down.

Marisol's Mother: I mean, she seemed fine yesterday -- no worse than she's been before.

Griffin: At this stage, things can happen very quickly. I, uh -- I wish there were something more I could say or do.

Marisol's Mother: [Crying] Oh, God. Why do you want to take my little girl?

Enrique: Mami, Dr. Munro's a doctor. He's not a priest.

Griffin: Look, be with your daughter. It won't be long. We'll do everything we can to make sure she's comfortable. I promise you she won't suffer.

Enrique: Thank you.

Marisol's Mother: [Sniffles]

Enrique: You've always been so kind to Marisol. God bless you for all you've done for our daughter.

Griffin: Father Reyes, it's Griffin Munro. You need to come to General Hospital, the 10th floor. And, Father Reyes... please hurry.

Kiki: I couldn't believe it when he asked me to go on rounds with him this morning. And Dr. Bensch has already gone over and above by recommending me for the pre-med course. Now he's giving me the opportunity to experience the day-to-day interaction with patients. I mean, that is like second- or third-year stuff, usually. Do you think I should be taking notes? Do you think I'll look like too big of a dork if I start taking notes?

Ava: [Laughs]

Kiki: What? Do I sound like a little kid excited to get on the Ferris wheel?

Ava: No. You sound like a young woman who knows exactly what she wants and who is smart enough and talented enough to make it happen. I am so proud of you. It was just a few months ago you didn't know what you wanted to do with your life, and now here you are. You're gonna be a doctor.

Kiki: [Chuckles]

Ava: You're gonna save lives. You're gonna make the world a better place.

Kiki: I hope so.

Ava: Oh, I know so.

Kiki: How can you say that? I've never done anything this big before.

Ava: You've always gone after what you've wanted.

Kiki: You know, if I can go for what I want, so can you.

Ava: Yeah. Maybe I'll just start asking myself, "What would Kiki do?"

Kiki: [Chuckles]

Ava: Yeah. We got to get going, huh?

Kiki: Yeah. Uh, are you heading home?

Ava: No, not quite yet. I'm gonna head to the hospital with you.

Kiki: Oh, okay.

Curtis: I'm sorry, man. I know you had your hopes pinned on me coming back with Hayden.

Finn: [Sighs] Where is she?

Curtis: Well, I don't know.

Finn: What do you mean? Your -- your -- your text said you found her.

Curtis: Well, I did. Uh... I found a trail, barely. Hayden's got that hiding thing down. Anyway, um, followed the trail, and I got as far as LAX on the West Coast, and then I got a phone call. It was Hayden.

Finn: She called you?

Curtis: She did. I don't know how she knew, but somehow she knew I was there. Anyway, she told me to meet her at a hotel on aviation boulevard, gave me the room number, told me a key would be waiting for me at the front desk.

Finn: Curtis, I don't need a whole travelogue. Just tell me what she said when you found her.

Curtis: Well, that's just the thing. Um... when I got there, the room was empty. But she left this.

Nina: Nope. Don't worry abou-- listen, that won't be necessary, Ambassador. My crew and I -- we're leaving on the 10:00 flight. Yeah. And, you know, Raffaele -- they already, uh, picked up the necklace, so that's fine. Yeah. No, I know. It's very strange. It was just a mix-up. How 'bout that? Well, thank you very much, and give my love to Kip. Bye-bye.

Valentin: You know a Kip?

Nina: Yeah, Kip -- the ambassador's husband. I know him from the stables, from the Hamptons, and when all this happened, I was trying to figure out who could help, and he called his wife for me.

Valentin: Well, sometimes back channels are the most effective.

Nina: Yeah. I was tearing my hair out after Nelle was arrested, but you weren't here. You were -- you were off, checking out my crew's baggage.

Valentin: Nah. I really was searching for hours. It's been a long night. I'd kind of like to take a shower. You want to join me?

Nina: Uh, I know every name of every makeup artist, and nobody was named Rochelle.

Valentin: Did I say, "Rochelle"? I don't know. Maybe it's Roxanne or Rosemary. Does it really matter?

Nina: I'm very grateful that you recovered the necklace. Don't get me wrong. But why did you lie? What are you covering up? Where'd you find the necklace?

Anna: Okay. So, we know that that diamond was stolen out of Montenegro. What we don't know is how it wound up at Wyndemere.

André: Well, what about Hayden Barnes? Could she have acquired the diamond at some point?

Anna: That's what I thought first of all, yeah, which is how come I ended up in a prison last night with Finn, questioning Hayden's father.

André: Raymond Berlin?

Anna: Yes.

André: The great swindler himself. What did he say?

Anna: He was offended that I suggested he'd purchase stolen gems. Apparently, when it comes to diamonds, Mr. Berlin is strictly upscale retail.

André: And you believed him?

Anna: [Sighs] No. But...I do believe that if he's capable of love, he loves his daughter. But just because you love your child, it doesn't give you a free pass, you know? You've got to have to want to turn your life around. You have to make a conscious effort to do better. Can't just assume that you're smarter than everyone and that you can cover your tracks and be a devoted father and husband during the day and then a thief and criminal at night.

André: We're no longer talking about Raymond Berlin, are we?

Curtis: Fortunately, the room hadn't been cleaned yet, so when I got there, it was exactly the way Hayden left it, and this was on the bed.

Finn: These are Hayden's. Why would she leave this behind?

Curtis: Well, that's not all she left behind. Like I said, the room hadn't been cleaned yet, so I went looking through the trash can. [Sighs] Doc Finn... Hayden ain't just runnin'. It looks like she's planning on reinventing herself -- again.

Kiki: Dr. Bensch usually starts his rounds in about 10 minutes.

Ava: Oh! Well, you don't want to be late. Thank you so much for having coffee with me.

Kiki: I'm really glad that you asked.

Ava: Go ahead. Go wow Dr. Bensch, huh?

Kiki: Okay. Bye.

Ava: Mwah!

Kiki: Wish me luck.

Ava: You don't need it. You're that good.

Griffin: Oh, Father, thank you for coming. There's a young girl, Marisol. She's very sick.

Father Reyes: I'll attend to her right away.

Griffin: Thank you.

Father Reyes: "I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live."

Griffin: Amen.

Nina: Gonna tell me where you were last night?

Valentin: No.

Nina: Well, at least... are you gonna tell me how you recovered the necklace?

Valentin: No.

Nina: Oh. Is this -- is this... what you meant when you said that you wouldn't stay within the confines of the law?

Valentin: Yeah. This is exactly what I meant.

Nina: But you didn't steal the necklace?

Valentin: No. No. I would never steal from you or your photo shoot.

Nina: Hmm. But you know who did, and that's who you went to go see to recover it?

Valentin: Uh, it's an expensive piece. It would take a real professional to move that, to handle that, so, uh... I just made some phone calls, got an introduction.

Nina: And these are the kind of people you did business with in the past?

Valentin: Yeah. Does that change things? Is it gonna make you want to give back your rings, change your mind about... being with me again?

Nelle: If you ever have to spend the night in police custody, everyone should have a place like this to come back to with a shower like I just had to wash it all away.

Dillon: I cannot believe that you are making jokes about being held in a Moroccan jail.

Nelle: It's not the first time I've been accused of something. I've been treated like a criminal before. The way my life has gone, I guarantee you it's not gonna be the last.

Dillon: Okay. Well, the good news is -- come here -- the photo shoot is in the can, right?

Nelle: Mm-hmm.

Dillon: We have returned the sapphire necklace to the proper jeweler, and now we have the whole day to just bask in spa treatments before we head home.

Nelle: Speaking of home, have you heard anything about Jason? I texted Michael, but I haven't heard anything back.

Dillon: Uh, yes. I left a voicemail for Ned, but I have not followed up. I was a little distracted by your arrest.

Nelle: Oh. Oh! Well, thank you for that.

Dillon: Mm-hmm.

Nelle: But I think now it's time for you to call Kiki and stop taking care of me.

Dillon: I did. Straight to voicemail. Kiki is very focused on trying to get into the pre-med program.

Dr. Bensch: What did you make of Mr. Fowler's motor skills?

Kiki: He had difficulty holding the cup.

Dr. Bensch: Did that strike you as cause for concern?

Kiki: You know, I, uh, wouldn't really feel comfortable speculating.

Dr. Bensch: I'm asking for an observation, not a speculation.

Kiki: He had a pronounced tremor in his right hand and was hesitant with his left, although the tremor was far less visible. Based on his age and other factors, there could be a medical explanation, or, on the other hand --

[Telephone rings]

Dr. Bensch: Go on.

Kiki: It's possible that Mr. Fowler was nervous or panicky that there was another person in the room. He looked at me several times before answering you, and I think it could be his anxiety that caused his hands to shake.

[Telephone rings]

Kiki: [Chuckles] Okay. That was probably way off base. Mr. Fowler was probably just curious about a new person in the room.

Dr. Bensch: We have more patients to see, Jerome. Come on, Jerome! Keep up!

Finn: Hayden knew you were following her. [Sighs] She wanted you to... bring me this -- her way of saying she's giving up Hayden Barnes and she's someone new. I can still find her. It may take a little longer, but I'm not giving up on her or the baby.

Curtis: Hayden did more than leave her old identity behind. She also left you a message. There was a little cactus on the desk, and this was propped up against it.

Valentin: I wish I was a better man -- I do -- and I could offer you a spotless past. But I will say that a checkered past makes for a more interesting person.

Nina: [Scoffs] You're -- you're not even sorry that you've been gallivanting around with jewel thieves?

Valentin: Done worse. Things I can't take back.

Nina: Oh. Things you can't tell me or Charlotte?

Valentin: The only thing I fear is losing you and Charlotte. So what really keeps me up at night is you learning everything that I've done.

Nina: You make it sound really bad.

Valentin: Some of it was. Not gonna lie to you. All I can do is tell you the truth about my past in a general way and hope you can love me for who I am. Can you do that?

Nina: Yes. I can do that. I love you. I love you, Valentin, good or bad. And I believe in your heart, you're good, and your heart belongs to me.

Valentin: That's all that matters.


André: Before you continue this investigation, you might want to clarify why you're doing it. Do you see this as a challenge, a way to finally win one against Valentin?

Anna: No. It's not a vendetta against him. It's not. This is -- this is strictly WSB business. I want to follow the trail of that diamond wherever it leads me.

André: Okay. That's all I wanted to hear.

Anna: Cassandra Pierce?

André: One of her many names. We think she was working with the jewel thieves behind the scenes, handling the money.

Anna: A fence?

André: Among other things. There was never any way to prove this, but we think that Valentin's group sold their merchandise from the robberies to Cassandra. She'd then turn the items around, sell them to other buyers at a considerable markup, and then invest the money in whatever would generate a profit.

Anna: Wow. And Valentin's group?

André: No, they weren't involved in the second tier. For them, it was a simple transaction -- stolen goods for cash.

Anna: Really?

André: Mm-hmm.

Anna: Well, I can't see Valentin contenting himself with a smaller payoff when he could get a bigger one by investing with Cassandra.

André: But that woman has been linked to some -- some very dirty dealings, maybe even too dirty for Valentin.

Anna: Well, that remains to be seen. So, where is she now?

André: She's been living in the tax-free haven of Monaco.

Anna: Oh. I wonder when Valentin last visited Monte Carlo.

Griffin: [Sighs]

Ava: Griffin?

Griffin: Ava.

Ava: You're upset. Is it your patient? Would you like to talk, or maybe we could just go someplace and sit?

Griffin: I can't.

Ava: Hey. Hey, you've always been there for me. Would you please let me return a little of your kindness?

Griffin: There's nothing you can do! At the end of the day, there's nothing anyone can do!

Ava: Excuse me, Father.

Father Reyes: Yes?

Ava: Dr. Munro's patient...

Father Reyes: Yes.

Ava: ...The little girl...

Father Reyes: Marisol, yes. She, uh -- she is with God.

Ava: [Sighs]

Father Reyes: She went peacefully, but that's small consolation for her family.

Ava: Yes, of course. Or for Dr. Munro, you know? I know that he did everything he could for her.

Father Reyes: Dr. Munro has the blessing and the burden of being both doctor and priest, dedicated to saving people's bodies and souls. Right now he feels like a failure at both. Excuse me.

Curtis: So, are you gonna open it?

Hayden: Finn... I don't know how to write this letter. I don't know what to say except... I'm sorry -- sorry for the secrets, the lies, my inability to trust. Most of all, I'm sorry I took the coward's way out and left before the wedding. At least I know you're free -- free to find someone worthy of your love. Even though I have no right to ask you for anything, I'm [Chuckles] Asking anyway. Forget me. Forget Hayden Barnes ever existed.

Valentin: Okay, Nina. No. Before you judge me, there's something I got to tell you.

Nina: Oh, my God. What happened?

Valentin: It's nothing. It's nothing.

Nina: What are you talking about, "It's nothing"? I thought you called in favors. I didn't know you risked your own life for a necklace.

Valentin: I didn't risk my life.

Nina: The necklace is insured. It was insured. What I can't afford is to lose you.

Valentin: You're not gonna lose me.

Nina: But remember that time you called me from the Hague -- remember -- and you thought they were gonna kill you, and I thought you were gonna die, and I thought I was gonna lose you, and I thought I'd never see you again, I'd never have love again, 'cause nobody's ever loved me like you have, and no one ever will? And I know I can live my life without you, but I'd rather live my life with you.

Valentin: I feel the same way.

Nina: Okay. So don't risk your life for a necklace. Don't risk your life at all. Let's just be happy.

Valentin: Okay.

Nina: Okay?

Valentin: Let's do that.

Nelle: Dillon, again, thank you so much.

Dillon: I am not the one treating you to a day at the spa.

Nelle: That's not what I meant. I meant for defending me when you had no reason to believe that I was innocent.

Dillon: Well, I took you at your word. You would have done the same for me. Besides, I think there might be something that we have in common -- a, uh -- a healthy disrespect for authority.

Nelle: Hmm. You know, watch it, or you'll pick up on all my bad habits.

Dillon: Ah. [Chuckles]

Nelle: Okay? I'm gonna go take Nina up on that offer and get a massage.

Kiki: Dr. Bensch, I just wanted to say thank you again. I learned more this morning than I ever could from a textbook.

Dr. Bensch: There's still plenty to learn in the classroom, Jerome.

Kiki: I know. I have a lot to learn, and I am more than willing to do the work, I swear.

[Telephone rings]

Dr. Bensch: What you said about Mr. Fowler...

Kiki: I know. Medicine is about science, not my feelings.

Dr. Bensch: ...Was spot-on.

Kiki: It was?

Dr. Bensch: Empathy can't be taught, and you showed a rare understanding of someone much older than you. It also showed insight to suggest that what appeared to be an acute medical condition might well have other causes. In this case, Mr. Fowler's tremors are an indication of early Parkinson's, but I think that his anxiety of being in the hospital made it more obvious. I like your instincts, Jerome. Trust them.

Curtis: You okay?

Finn: You know, you should go.

Curtis: Doc Finn, I'm not about to leave you here like this.

Finn: Curtis, I'm gonna be okay.

Curtis: Okay. You know where to reach me.

Finn: Uh-huh.

Hayden: There's one more thing I need to tell you. There was something wrong with our baby -- a complication. The baby didn't survive. [Sniffles] [Crying]

Finn: [Cries]

[Ava watches Griffin at a punching bag in the gym.]

[Cell phone rings]

Dillon: Kiki! Hey! I've been trying to reach you all morning. It's good to hear your voice. Is there -- is there any news on Jason?

Kiki: He's out of surgery, but he's still in recovery. Michael's with the family right now, waiting for word. When are you coming home?

Dillon: Tonight. Nina actually scrapped the shoot, so we are headed home tonight at 10:00.

Kiki: Oh, great! I have so much to tell you. I had the most incredible morning going on rounds with Dr. Bensch, and guess what -- he likes my instincts.

Dillon: He -- he likes your what?

Kiki: [Staticky] My instincts.

Dillon: I can't -- you're breaking up, Kiki.

Kiki: Okay. You know what? ...Mind. Just know that I was working my tail off while you were hanging out at some fountain without a care in the world.

Dillon: Right. Yeah. I will tell you all about my...uneventful time when I get home. [Chuckles]

Kiki: Can't wait.

Valentin: You don't have to do this.

Nina: Okay, okay. Hold still.

Valentin: [Inhales sharply] Ah.

Nina: I'm just trying to help.

Valentin: I know what'll help.

Nina: Are you sure?

Valentin: Mm-hmm. Come here. See? I'm feeling better already.

Anna: There's no proof that the diamond Spencer gave Emma was ever in Valentin's possession... nor is there any sign that his past association with those jewel thieves is ongoing or, strictly speaking, if it ever existed. You know, you were right. There's no way that the WSB can ever pin him down.

André: So, that's it? You're closing the book on this one?

Anna: What do you think? Thanks for the intel. I'll be in touch, okay?

André: And where -- where are you off to?

Anna: Oh, I have to make some arrangements and then... I hear Monaco's really lovely this time of year, and I so love the action of the casino. [Clicks tongue]

André: Be safe.

Anna: I will.

Hayden: So there's nothing left to bind us together, no need for you to try and find me. You're a wonderful person, and I know you'll find love again. I just hope that woman, whoever she is, appreciates how truly special you are and how lucky she is to have you. Goodbye, Finn.

Finn: [Crying]

Hayden: [Sniffles as she gazes at her new passport with the name "Melanie Ford] [Sighs] [Sniffles and touches her still pregnant belly]

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