GH Transcript Friday 8/25/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 8/25/17


Episode #13875 ~ Griffin jumps to Ava's defense when a reporter attacks her; Ned makes a deal with Michael; the judge reaches a verdict in Julian's trial.

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Dante: [Sighs] Am I in the right house?

Lulu: Almost as good as the one Ruth built. What do you say? Hey, batter, batter. Step up to the box and take a swing?

Kiki: [Scoffs] This makes no sense.

Dillon: I know. You've got a beautiful sunset in front of you, you've got a refreshing pool, you've got a hot dude at your beck and call, and what are you doing?

Kiki: Trying to get to the bottom of organic chemistry.

Dillon: I've got something you can get to the bottom of. A cool libation. What did you think I meant?

Kiki: I would love to spend the next few hours sipping margaritas poolside, but if I'm gonna get into the accelerated pre-med program, I have to study.

Dillon: Fine. I will just, um, work on my tan line. [Sighs]

Ned: [Sniffles] [Groans] Be advised -- the terrace is in use.

Michael: Yeah, no problem. Look, I wanted to talk to you about the situation at ELQ.

Ned: Sure. What is it?

Michael: Last I checked, I was CEO, right? Unless there was some sort of coup while I wasn't looking.

Valentin: Done and done. I have a table for two reserved tonight for dinner upstairs, where you will give me your answer about our future.

Nina: Mm. That's what I said.

Valentin: Just making sure.

Nina: Are you gonna stay there all night?

Valentin: Looking for a hint of your decision.

Nina: I thought you said you were a patient man.

Valentin: One has one's limits.

Nina: Oh. Well, then, this will be the ultimate test.

Scott: Julian, I'm telling you, come on. This is really good news that the judge came back so fast. I-I really think that your testimony -- I mean, it got to her.

Griffin: Hey, should we find some seats?

Ava: Oh. Dr. Munro, what are you doing here?

Griffin: Well, the, uh, bailiff is a former patient of mine. I asked him to let me know when the verdict came in.

Ava: Oh. Well, this is your chance to get justice for your father, right? Are you here to add your pitchfork to the mob?

Griffin: Uh, actually, I came to offer you support.

Ava: Whatever did I do to deserve that?

Griffin: Keep a supply of lavender oil handy, and you're a human being.

Ava: Mm.

Alexis: You were honest, and you were compelling on the stand.

Julian: Mm. All I did was tell the truth. Let's hope that was enough to save me. Then we can figure out what comes next.

Judge Chua: This court is back in session. Docket number TD-13865, the people of the State of New York versus Julian Jerome. Will the defendant please rise? On the count of conspiracy in the second degree, this court finds the defendant... guilty. On the count of hindering prosecution in the first degree, this court finds the defendant... guilty. On the final count of criminal facilitation in the second degree, this court finds the defendant... guilty.

Scott: Listen, hang tough, okay? I-I can mitigate some of the damage.

Judge Chua: As to the sentencing hearing, I have an opening in four weeks.

Campbell: People are amenable.

Scott: Yes, Your Honor, as long as my client remains free on bail --

Campbell: Your Honor --

Julian: Actually, Your Honor... I, uh... I'd like to do it now.

Judge: Let me make sure I understand. You're requesting immediate sentencing?

Julian: Yes, Your Honor. The sooner we get this over with, the sooner I can start the rest of my life.

Scott: Let's talk about this.

Julian: It's okay, it's okay. Look, this trial's gone on far too long. Every minute more is one more that my family has to suffer.

Judge Chua: Mr. Campbell?

Campbell: I'm in possession of the victims' impact statements, and prosecution welcomes the opportunity to save the city time and money.

Judge Chua: Very well. Let's get started.

Ned: Michael, what's going on? Did I make a decision you weren't happy with?

Michael: You tell me. Did you okay a donation to Mayor Lomax?

Ned: Without Lomax's support, our fracking operation won't get off the ground.

Michael: Who asked you to get her support?!

Ned: I was under the impression that you put me in charge so you could spend more time with Sonny while he was in the hospital.

Michael: Okay, Ned, I-I-I asked you to keep an eye on things. You didn't have to set policy, buy or sell anything, just -- just mind the store while I was gone. That's it.

Ned: And ELQ did just fine.

Michael: I do not want the company associated with Lomax or fracking! I'm trying to divest the company of its dirty-energy holdings, not add to it!

Ned: Something came up! I handled it! I'm sorry if it wasn't in keeping with your vision for the company. If it was that important to you, you should've briefed me. It was an unforeseen circumstance, nothing more.

Michael: Okay. That's it. That's just -- it's a one-time occurrence? That's it.

Ned: What else would it be?

Michael: Okay, well, look -- you -- you want to join ELQ again, th-that's great. That is, that's great, but if y-you're setting the groundwork for a takeover, you're going to have a big fight on your hands.

Valentin: I had no idea you were such a tough negotiator.

Nina: Oh, this is not a negotiation. This is the only deal I'm offering. Meet me for dinner and you get my answer. Take it or leave it.

Valentin: Take it. I'll see you at our table.

Nina: Mm.

Valentin: [Inhales sharply] [Clears throat]

[Door closes]

Nina: Nelle. Hey, hey, um, is -- is Valentin gone? No, no! Don't -- don't -- don't call him back! Just tell me when he gets in the elevator. He's in? All right, come in here right away. Okay. Okay. Are you sure he's gone?

Nelle: Yeah, yeah, I promise. I saw him get on the elevator myself.

Nina: Okay. I need you to go to our sample room, and I need you to get 10 of the best cocktail looks that we've ever, ever, ever had. And they're my size, of course. [Sighs] This is make or break for my marriage.

Nelle: I -- I thought you were divorced.

Nina: Details. Doesn't... tonight, I need to look better than I ever have in my entire life.

Dante: You, uh, get lost on your way to the ballpark, beautiful?

Lulu: Mm. I brought the ballpark to you.

Dante: I see there, uh -- there isn't a game tonight.

Lulu: Oh. Well, I guess we're gonna have to find another way to get in on the action. You'll need to sit.

Dante: Okay.

Lulu: You need this. And you need a pretzel.

Dante: Actually -- actually, I think I need you.

Lulu: You know, our quality time has really taken a back seat to our jobs and our kids.

Dante: Yeah, uh... where -- where are our kids?

Lulu: Valentin has Charlotte, and your mom took Rocco.

[Keys clatter]

Dante: So, we... we have the whole house to ourselves?

Lulu: It's just you, me, and the Bronx bombers.

Dante: Lucky me.

Lulu: Oh, wait. No, see, that remains to be seen.

Dante: Hmm?

Lulu: Better be careful. You might strike out.

Dante: Oh, no. I-I-I don't think that's possible, because, you see... I've really got my eye on the ball.

Lulu: Oh.

Dante: And I am way overdue.

Lulu: Overdue for what?

Dante: Home run.

Nina: No, no, no, no, no. Okay. Uh... none of these are good. What else do we have?

Nelle: That's everything, I'm afraid.

Nina: No. No, this can't be everything.

Nelle: [Sighs] Look, Nina, we've been through all of it, right? "Top 10 for Dinner and Drinks," "California Classics," "Hong Kong Heat," "New York Nights," "New Roman Holiday." Uh -- you know what? This one. This one is beautiful.

Nina: Do you understand? This has to be better than beautiful. It has to be perfect.

Nelle: You know, I'm really happy for you and Charlotte.

Nina: Well, that's assuming that Valentin and I get back together.

Nelle: Would you go through all this trouble to pick out an outfit if, uh, you were just gonna blow him off?

Lulu: Yeah, we are way overdue for this. [Sighs]

Dante: When was the last time?

Lulu: Mm... three weeks ago? In the laundry room.

Dante: Oh, you're counting that?

Lulu: We're not counting that?

Dante: No, no, that was great. It was great until -- until Rocco knocked on the door, wondering what we were doing on top of the dryer.

Lulu: [Laughs] Mm, we really need to make up for lost time.

[Doorbell rings]

Lulu: Mm. Mnh-mnh. Are you expecting someone?

Dante: Uh, no. You?

Lulu: You think I would do all of this if I was expecting someone? No, I have no idea who that could be. [Sighs]

Dante: [Groans]

Lulu: [Chuckles] [Sighs]

Dante: [Inhales sharply]

Valentin: Hope we're not interrupting something.

Michael: You know, if I recall, it was your idea that I take over as CEO. You said your focus was solely on your music. I don't know. Maybe that focus has changed?

Ned: Michael... I was working at ELQ before you were born. I'm well-versed in how quickly decisions need to be made, and I'm not afraid to make them.

Michael: The point is to make decisions that don't directly conflict with ELQ's policy. Look, we're investing in sustainable energy. Fracking does not fall in that category.

Ned: Like it or not, fracking is a lucrative energy source. And I just want to make sure that ELQ stayed in the game. But I realize now that I should have consulted with you first. For that, I apologize. But let me assure you... this wasn't a coup. I have no interest in undercutting you or taking your position for my own.

Judge Chua: Now that the victim-impact statements have been entered into record, the defendant has the option to make a statement that may be taken into account when I pronounce the sentence. Mr. Jerome, do you wish to address the court?

Julian: I would like to make a statement, Your Honor.

Scott: Make it good if you want to shave a few years off your sentence.

Julian: [Sighs] I'm not asking for leniency, Your Honor. In fact, I take full responsibility for my actions and for their consequences. I do regret the pain I've caused everyone, especially to my children and to the woman I love. My crimes very nearly cost them their lives, and it certainly destroyed what little trust they had left in me. And that is worse than any punishment that this court could impose. I have to live with that for the rest of my life. And I finally understand that being near my family is just... it only does them harm. My family deserves better than that. They deserve a better life without me. So, please, Your Honor, just... [Sighs] ...Keep me away from them.

Judge Chua: The court thanks you for your statement, Mr. Jerome. I'm... ready to impose your sentence. Your son and daughter, your granddaughter, and your ex-wife all suffered grievous harm as a result of your complicity in your sister's crimes, as did many of your fellow citizens. You cast your own remorse in doubt several hours ago when you threatened a witness. So, yes, I agree -- you are, indeed, a danger to your family. But you are no less a danger to our community. It is with all this in mind that I sentence you to the state penitentiary in Pentonville for a term not to exceed 20 years but no less than 15. Please prepare Mr. Jerome for transfer to Pentonville. This court is adjourned.

Bailiff: All rise.

Lulu: Valentin. Hi, Charlotte.

Charlotte: What happened to your face?

Lulu: To my face?

Dante: Uh... [Clears throat]

Lulu: Uh... it's makeup.

Dante: She got carried away with the dress-up box. what do we owe the pleasure?

Valentin: Charlotte, why don't you go change out of your dance costume into your PJs, and Dante and A-rod here will tuck you in.

Charlotte: Good night, Papa. Good luck with Nina.

Valentin: Merci, ma petite. All right.

Lulu: Thought, um, Charlotte was supposed to be spending the night with you?

Valentin: Yeah, she was, but something, uh, pressing came up, and so we're here.

Lulu: So pressing that you would give up time with your daughter?

Valentin: A sacrifice I'm hoping will pay dividends in the long run.

Dante: Yeah? And how's that?

Valentin: Well, if all goes well tonight for Charlotte and me, our lives will improve for the better -- as will yours.

Nelle: No. No, Celine -- Celine, get -- I-I understand what you're saying. No, I-I sympathize with you, all right? But this is what we need to do.

[Receiver clicks]

Nelle: Hello? She hung up!

Nina: Do I want to know?

Nelle: No. But you probably should.

Dillon: You sure you don't want one?

Kiki: I'm sure.

Dillon: You don't know what you're missing.

Kiki: You can parade around naked all you want. You're not gonna distract me.

Dillon: Not even a little bit.

Kiki: You know how much I would like to join you.

Dillon: [Sighs] I know. I know. I do. I just... you have to study. I get that. And I want you to get an amazing score on your MCAT, I do.

Kiki: But?

Dillon: I just wish you could find time for your studies and for our relationship.

Kiki: You could quit Crimson.

Dillon: Yeah, right, yeah.

Kiki: Why not? Instead of me spending less time studying, you could spend less time working, and then you'd be free whenever I am.

Dillon: It's not the same. Crimson is my job.

Kiki: Just like studying is mine. Maybe if you look at it that way, it'll be easier for you to understand.

[Cell phone rings]

Dillon: Nina, hey.

Nina: Is your passport valid?

Dillon: As far as I know, yeah. Okay. Uh, sure. Okay, I'll see you there.

Kiki: Something come up at Crimson?

Dillon: You could say that. Nina wants me to fly to Morocco -- tonight. You want to come with?

Michael: Look, Ned, I apologize for overreacting. [Scoffs] I-I realize that this whole sustainable-energy thing is a risk short-term, and I obviously get a little defensive about it.

Ned: I don't blame you for thinking what you did. You're under a lot of stress, and our family does have an instinct for betrayal, one that surfaces most acutely around ELQ.

Michael: True. But still, I had no reason to accuse you. Look, Ned, you have been nothing but supportive. True, this whole thing could've been avoided if we just communicated more.

Ned: Well, we live in the same house. I'm not sure how much more communicating we could do.

Michael: Well, I'm not talking about a cup of coffee, small talk in the morning.

Ned: Well, then, what?

Michael: You have valuable insights into the family business, and you have a lot of experience to offer. Would you be interested in coming to work for me at ELQ?

Ava: Hey. I'm so sorry.

Julian: So am I.

Ava: Is there anything I can do?

Julian: Just take care of yourself, okay?

Griffin: Hey, Ava, hey. I am truly sorry.

Ava: He did it to himself. Just like me.

Bailiff: Time to go.

Alexis: Wait, please. Please wait.

Bailiff: Let's go.

Scott: Come on, come on, you won. Let him say goodbye.

Julian: Hey. Hey. Could've been worse, huh?

Alexis: [Crying] No, it couldn't have.

Julian: Listen, I want you to understand that I -- I meant what I said. You know, my real sentence is understanding what I did to you and our family. I just hope that my going away will help you.

Alexis: H-help me how?

Julian: Help you to move on.

Alexis: [Sobs]

Julian: Help you to forget about me.

Bailiff: Time to go.

Alexis: [Sobs] [Sobs] [Sobbing]

Ned: So, you want me to come work for you.

Michael: Well, it's a family company, right? The more Quartermaines, the better.

Ned: [Sighs] You might feel differently if you had a better grasp of our history.

Michael: Well, look, Ned, that's -- that's in the past, right? This is a new era. We're allies now. ELQ will be a lot stronger if we work together, and it's not like your schedule's blowing up right now, right?

Ned: [Chuckles]

Michael: Or, uh, am I wrong?

Ned: You're not wrong. So, Michael, what kind of role did you have in mind?

Michael: Well, to tell you the truth, I didn't have one. This, just, uh, came to me. But if I were to think of one off the top of my head, um... I'd say VP of new business sounds about right. You know what? Uh, I actually have to go pick up Nelle. Um... think about it, okay? 'Cause as far as I'm concerned, you coming back onboard will only be good for the family and the company. All right?

Kiki: Wait. Slow down.

Dillon: I can't! I have to catch my flight.

Kiki: Why? What's happening in Morocco?

Dillon: Some of the models walked off set. Apparently, the photographer got a little too handsy, so Nina wants me to fly with her to finish the shoot myself.

Kiki: Wow. You're kidding. That sounds like a big responsibility.

Dillon: Or a huge opportunity. I mean, an international shoot? You know what that could do for my career?

Kiki: So you want your girlfriend tagging along?

Dillon: Look, Nina cannot do this job without me, okay? That means I can tell her to make room for you.

Kiki: I have to study.

Dillon: [Sighs]

Kiki: If I miss this test next month, I have to wait until next year, which means I'll miss my shot at Bensch's accelerated program.

Dillon: I get it. I get it. Medicine is becoming your passion, like film and photography is for me. [Inhales deeply] You better ace that test. [Laughs]

Kiki: [Chuckles]

Nina: No. Celine -- Celine, listen -- Celine, listen to me. Please don't leave the country. Yes, I'm coming! Right now? N-- absolutely, I'm shocked by his behavior! I already have a replacement. Yes, we're gonna be there tomorrow.

Nelle: Yes, um, that's right -- two tickets on the next flight to Marrakesh.

Nina: Don't worry about it.

Nelle: Three, three.

Nina: Don't worry about it.

Nelle: I'm sorry, three tickets. Thank you.

Nina: Okay? I'll see you soon, honey.

Nelle: Okay.

Nina: All right.

Nelle: Thank you.

Nina: Relax.

Nelle: Bye.

Nina: All right, hon. Oh. No.

Nelle: Um, Nina, I need to know the third passenger.

Nina: You. [Sighs]

Nelle: Me?

Nina: Yeah, you. You're coming. I need my best people there. We, uh, need to save this photo shoot. That's for sure.

Nelle: Oh, my God! Thank you so much! This is amazing!

Nina: No, no, no, no, no! Don't be happy. This is not a pleasure trip. It's not a vacation. We are in full damage-control mode. Do you understand?

Nelle: Right, right. Sorry. Okay. Um, so... we're all set. Port Charles to Paris, Paris to Marrakesh.

Nina: All right.

Nelle: Uh, Nina? Our flight leaves in two hours.

Nina: Good. Good, two-hour-- oh, God, no! No, my dinner with Valentin!

Lulu: So... what is this good news that you're expecting, and how will it help Dante and me?

Valentin: You know I've inherited property all over the world. I mean, you must have wondered... why I'm committed to staying in Port Charles.

Lulu: Would you consider leaving Charlotte?

Valentin: No, I would never do that.

Lulu: Well, I have custody.

Valentin: You have temporary custody granted by a judge based on my unavoidable detainment.

Dante: [Chuckles] You mean while you were being tried for espionage in the Netherlands?

Valentin: No, those charges were dropped. My record's clean. So we are gonna be back in family court soon.

Lulu: And you will lose.

Valentin: Well... anything's possible. But keep in mind that Judge Rawles said that allegations of criminal behavior do not justify denying me custody. So you can say that I'm a horrible person, but in the absence of actual proof, then that's just your opinion. See, I'm Charlotte's biological father. With the exception of the last few weeks, I've been her custodial parent since the day she was born. She's far more bonded to me than she is to you.

Lulu: That's because you kept her from me.

Valentin: My point is, you could lose. But I do have a third option -- a scenario where no one loses.

Dante: And what -- what is that, exactly?

Valentin: If all goes well tonight, as I hope it will, I will have every reason to stay in Port Charles with Charlotte. That will keep the peace between the three of us. Lulu, you and I can present a united front to the judge. We can say we've come to an equitable agreement regarding Charlotte's custody. Because after careful consideration, I've decided that Charlotte's life is better with both parents in it.

Dante: Mm.

Valentin: And I hope you two reach the same conclusion... for Charlotte's sake.

[Door closes]

Dante: Okay. Charlotte is, uh, fast asleep.

Lulu: Aww. That dance class must've knocked her out.

Dante: Yeah. Right?

Lulu: Never really liked ballet. It was too strict, too regimented.

Dante: Mm.

Lulu: I was more of a free-form kind of girl, even at Charlotte's age.

Dante: Mm.

Lulu: She loves it. She always talks about how Valentin and Nina took her to see "The Nutcracker"... and "Sleeping Beauty."

Dante: What're you thinking?

Lulu: That Valentin is a ruthless bastard, more than capable of exploiting Charlotte's feelings to get what he wants.

Dante: [Sighs] He's not subtle, that is for sure. Unfortunately, he had a -- he had a good point. [Sighs] We got to be careful over custody. I mean, he's got money, he's got a good lawyer, he knows how to play the judge. He could very well be the one to end up with full custody.

Lulu: Obviously, Charlotte loves her father. Obviously, she wants him in her life, but she is too young to know who he really is. He shot Kevin, he murdered my brother.

Dante: I know. Look, and I -- and I wish we could bring him to justice for doing that, but we can't. The reality is --

Lulu: The reality is that Valentin has two very different sides. I mean, on one hand, he is a doting father. He's a man who would do anything for his little girl. But on the other hand... he is a monster. If I let Charlotte have one, then... I have to be willing to accept the other.

Nina: Hi. Oh. You look amazing.

Valentin: And you look --

Nina: The same, I know.

Valentin: I was going to say beautiful, as you always do.

Nina: I hope you still feel that way when I give you my answer. I can't do it.

Michael: Hey.

Nelle: Michael.

Michael: What, did you, uh, did you take over?

Nelle: I totally forgot you were coming to get me.

Michael: Ah. Well, I'll try not to be too offended. But I can think of a way you could, uh, make it up to me.

Nelle: Actually, I can't. I have to get to the airport. I'm...going to Morocco with Dillon and Nina.

Michael: Morocco?

Nelle: Uh-huh.

Michael: Where in Morocco?

Nelle: Uh, Marrakesh. We, uh, booked this major resort shoot for next year's issue, and it's completely falling apart. The A-list, bad-boy photographer has been hitting on all the models, and now they're threatening to walk off the shoot.

Michael: Mm. Well, h-how long you gonna be gone for?

Nelle: I don't know. However long it takes to fix a crisis.

Michael: Mm, you mind if I, uh, I tag along?

Nelle: Don't you have to work?

Michael: Well, if I stop in on ELQ's north African holdings, then it's a -- it's a business trip.

Nelle: Oh.

Michael: How does that sound?

Nelle: Sounds great. But, I mean, what happens to ELQ when you're gone?

Dillon: You drinking alone?

Ned: I'm thinking. Michael just asked me to come work for him at ELQ.

Dillon: That's great, man.

Ned: It is?

Dillon: Why wouldn't it be?

Ned: It's ELQ, for one.

Dillon: So, it's not grandfather's ELQ. 

Ned: No. It's Michael's ELQ.

Dillon: Well, aren't you the one that told me behind that baby face, Michael's a shark?

Ned: Yes, a shark with a very different vision for this company than mine.

Dillon: Okay, look, if you don't want to do this because it's not your thing, I get it, but if it's about pride... you got to get over that.

Ned: [Chuckles] Be careful, little brother.

Dillon: I'm just saying. I mean, Michael -- he admires you. He respects you. He's not gonna offer you a job that's beneath you. Think about it. You go back to work for ELQ, you can carve out a whole new role for yourself, not to mention draw our family closer together. Isn't that why you took on our last name? Actually be a Quartermaine?

Griffin: Hey. You ready to go?

Ava: No. You go ahead. I'm sure you have people waiting for you. A life to get back to. The only person I had waiting for me was my brother... and he just got himself sent to prison. Oh, Julian... you know, for all he's done wrong... for all the times that he's made me so mad... he's always been there for me. We've been there for each other. And today, there was nothing I could do to save him from himself. That statement that Julian made -- well, he wasn't thinking about his sentence. He was just putting on a little performance. You know, he wanted to impress Alexis with his remorse. And asking to be locked away from his family -- well, he certainly got what he asked for, didn't he?! The next 20 years, rotting in a cell! Just like I'll be rotting in that penthouse. The difference is, though, that I know what I did to deserve it, and my deluded brother -- he never will. All that talk about taking responsibility -- that was nothing more than a gesture. Now he's got to live with the reality.

Reporter: And here we are, live, in the courtroom, where Julian Jerome has just been convicted on all counts. And here's Ava Jerome, Julian's sister. Tell us, Ms. Jerome, do you have any comment on your brother's verdict? Tell us, Ms. Jerome, are you glad to see your brother go to prison?

Ava: L-leave me alone! Get that thing out of my face!

Reporter: This is your first public appearance since being caught in a mysterious fire. How are you dealing with the notoriety?

Griffin: Hey, man, give her a break, all right?

Reporter: It appears the reports were accurate and you are permanently disfigured. Get her face.

Griffin: Hey! Enough! Enough!

Ava: Griffin, no!

Reporter: You just assaulted my cameraman and me.

Ava: You and your cameraman cornered me, and you verbally and physically abused me! I hope you have a crack legal team, 'cause I'm gonna sue you!

Reporter: Let's go.

Ava: What were you thinking?

Griffin: I was defending you, not that I needed to.

Ava: Excuse me?

Griffin: The way you turned the tables on those reporters, I think I just saw the real Ava Jerome. Welcome back.

Scott: Alexis.

Alexis: Want a latte? I haven't touched it.

Scott: No, thank you. I'm looking for something a little stronger, like a couple of martinis. You know, I hate to lose, even if my client is Julian.

Alexis: Turns out you were right.

Scott: Well, I'm all ears.

Alexis: Julian should never have testified in his own defense.

Scott: As much as I'd like to take credit here, uh, it wasn't Julian's testimony. It was Rudge's testimony and Julian's death threats that cooked his goose. But... I think there should be an appeal.

Alexis: On what grounds? Judge Chua is an excellent jurist. Her opinions were airtight. No procedural violations.

Scott: Well, thanks for the encouragement.

Alexis: I just don't think you should give Julian any false hope.

Scott: The guy just got 15 years. I think he would take any kind of hope that he could get. You know what I think? I think you should go and you should talk to him, you should see him, and you should give him a little encouragement.

Alexis: He doesn't want me there. He won't let me. He said that I should move on, forget about him.

Scott: Good luck with that. [Sighs]

Dillon: Okay.

Kiki: Traveling light?

Dillon: Just my cameras.

Kiki: I know. I'm playing.

Dillon: If only.

Kiki: Okay. I know I'm being no fun. I want to go.

Dillon: I know, I know. You've got to study. I get that. I just... I just thought it would be fun for us to get away together. And I really -- I really don't like the idea of being without you.

Kiki: Are you saying you'll miss me?

Dillon: I am.

Kiki: Well, it's only gonna be for a few days, right? I'll be right here when you get back. And I promise there won't be a review book in sight.

Nelle: Don't get me wrong. I would love for you to go to Morocco with me. I just -- I don't want your job to suffer for it.

[Cell phone rings]

Nelle: Oh.

Michael: Hold on a second. Sorry. Hey. What's up?

Ned: I think I might have given you the wrong impression before about your offer.

Michael: You, um -- you seem underwhelmed.

Ned: Yeah, it just took me, you know, a little time to process. It was kind of out of the blue.

Michael: Yeah, for me, too, but, uh... look, the more I-I think about it, the more certain I am it is a good idea.

Ned: I have to admit... the thought of returning to ELQ does intrigue me. But you have to promise me that there will be no scheming or backstabbing, because I have had more than enough of our family's machinations over ELQ.

Michael: Yeah, no, you and me both. Um... how about this? Look, I-I have to leave town for the next few days to check in on our North African holdings. Why don't you sit in for me while I'm gone, hmm? And, uh, see how it feels?

Ned: That's not a bad idea. And I promise you, I won't steer the company off a cliff.

Lulu: This is not exactly the romantic evening I had planned.

Dante: Yeah. You know what? We still managed to squeeze a little bit of romance in.

Lulu: Mm. Till Valentin put the squeeze on us.

Dante: Yeah, right? Walking in here, touching all our stuff, talking all about cryptic things.

Lulu: I don't know what he has planned, but it can't be good for us.

Dante: Well, I'm not gonna worry about it.

Lulu: You're not?

Dante: No. And you shouldn't, either. That guy's not gonna change his nature. He needs power, he needs money, and he has to do things illegally to get those things. He's gonna screw up again one day, and when he does...

Lulu: We'll be right there waiting.

Dante: That's right.

Valentin: So your answer is no?

Nina: No. No, my answer isn't no. My -- well, my answer is, no, I can't give you an answer, because something came up at work. I have to fly to Morocco.

Valentin: Morocco? What, tonight?

Nina: Yeah, it's a fashion emergency, and I just have to get there. So I'll give you my answer when I come back, okay?

Valentin: Well, why don't you give me your answer now and put me out of my misery?

Nina: Has anybody told you you are so sexy when you're frustrated? I'll see you soon.

Valentin: Oh, I will see you sooner than you think.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Griffin (to Ava): Is it so hard to believe that I care about you more than anyone would?

Franco (to Elizabeth): No second thoughts.

Alexis (to Sam): I need to talk to you about Julian.

Carly (to Scott): Wow, that bastard finally got what he deserved.

Valerie (to Kristina): Did you bring me to lesbian night at The Floating Rib?

Jason (to Sonny): Do you really think you could pull this off?

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