GH Transcript Wednesday 8/23/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 8/23/17


Episode #13873 ~ Carly gets shocking news about Sam shooting Sonny; Elizabeth is intrigued by Franco's painting; Alexis confides in Ned about her attraction to unsuitable men.

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Elizabeth: Hi.

Franco: What's going on with you?

Elizabeth: I've missed being here with you.

Franco: I've missed being everywhere with you.

Elizabeth: You know what I mean. Surrounded by all this art and creativity... feels like home.

Franco: I think you should start painting again.

Elizabeth: [Laughs] Right. With all my free time between the hospital and the boys?

Franco: I'm serious. You should think of this studio as your studio. Doesn't have to be just a dream.

Elizabeth: Thank you. But for now, I'll just live vicariously through you, my brilliant and talented boyfriend.

Franco: Live-in boyfriend.

Elizabeth: Right.

Franco: Who, uh, maybe is not as brilliant as everybody says.

Elizabeth: [Laughs] Come on. Don't be so modest. There's a reason you're famous.

Franco: Yeah. But not one that I'm particularly proud of.

Ned: Alexis!

Alexis: Well, hello, stranger.

Ned: Just the woman I was looking for.

Alexis: That's what they all say.

Ned: You look happy. Dare I say, relaxed?

Alexis: I do?

Ned: I've been following Julian's court proceedings.

Alexis: Yes. Testifying at my ex-husband's trial is like stepping into a warm bubble bath. It's so relaxing. Anyway, that's over. Moving on. Why were you looking for me?

Ned: I am in the market for your legal services.

Judge Chua: This court is back in session. In the case of the people of the state of New York versus Julian Jerome, is the prosecution ready to continue?

Campbell: We are, Your Honor. And we'd like to start with an addition to the witness list.

Scott: Your Honor, hold on a second! I was not made aware of this.

Campbell: This witness was only just confirmed. There was no time to notify the defense.

Scott: Your Honor, the prosecution is playing games here!

Campbell: I have a witness you can speak to the defendant's motives.

Scott: Your Honor, I've had no prep time. How am I supposed to cross examine? This is ridiculous!

Judge Chua: I'll allow it.

Scott: [Sighs]

Julian: Do you, uh... do you think it could be my sister? I mean, God knows she's hell-bent on revenge.

Scott: No! Olivia's in a mental institution. There's no way they're gonna clear her to testify.

Julian: Then who the hell's it gonna be?

Campbell: The people call Winston Rudge.

Scott: Hold on a second. I know that name. That's one of Olivia's stooges, isn't it? How bad is this gonna be?

Sam: Carly, I am so sorry.

Carly: Sorry for what?

Sam: I'm the one who shot Sonny.

Carly: What are you talking about? Garvey shot Sonny. He told me himself. He bragged about it. He even said the exact words, "I killed him."

Sam: No, no. That's not the whole story.

Jason: We're gonna explain everything to you, I promise you that. But I gotta get Sam home.

Sam: Jason, I'm not leaving.

Jason: We need to go home.

Sam: I am not going anywhere! I'm not staying silent anymore. You deserve to know what really happened.

Elizabeth: Of course, art is subjective. Some may love your work, some may not. But no one can deny you're a powerful artist.

Franco: Well, thank you. But -- but the purpose of the work was always that when someone looked at it, that what they felt was the darkness.

Elizabeth: And these might be places you don't want to revisit. Okay, so don't.

Franco: Well, that's the plan.

Elizabeth: But...?

Franco: What if my talent, if that's even the right word for it...

Elizabeth: No, that's the word. .

Franco: ..And the darkness were -- were intrinsically connected? And what if one of them can't exist without the other?

Elizabeth: But you need to remember that you were in a different head space back then. That's not a figure of speech. [Chuckles]

Franco: I can't honestly blame everything on the tumor. 'Cause my work has always had an edge, even from the beginning.

Elizabeth: Right, which is why you've been so successful.

Franco: Yeah.

Elizabeth: People love that about you.

Franco: In the art world.

Elizabeth: Isn't that what we're talking about? What other world is there?

Franco: Ours.

Alexis: So, what's up?

Ned: I want to update my will.

Alexis: Oh, okay. Good. You want to add Olivia.

Ned: Mm-hmm, and Leo.

Alexis: Great.

Ned: As my son.

Alexis: As your stepson.

Ned: No. Actually, I still want to adopt him.

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but?

Rudge: I do.

Scott: Your Honor! This stooge here, he's a known criminal. And he certainly isn't Olivia Jerome.

Campbell: But he worked closely with her. And if anyone can testify to the chain of events...

Scott: Well, it's certainly not him! I mean, he wasn't privy to every conversation between my client and his sister.

Campbell: That would be impossible.

Scott: Well then, how could he speak of their motives?

Judge Chua: Counselor?

Campbell: Your Honor, Olivia Jerome is confined to a mental institution and cannot testify. Winston Rudge is of sound mind, and was present at several of the meetings between the defendant and his sister. I feel that his testimony is vital to the people's case!

Judge Chua: You may proceed.

[Scott sighs]

Campbell: Please state your full name for the court.

Rudge: Winston Randolph Rudge.

Campbell: Mr. Rudge, can you tell us when you first met Olivia Jerome?

Rudge: Uh, let's see. It was well over a year ago. She hired me to come to Port Charles to open a store in preparation for future operations.

Campbell: Did she give you specifics about her intentions?

Rudge: No specifics, no. Only that she had unfinished business in Port Charles, and that her brother was involved.

Campbell: Involved how?

Rudge: I wasn't privy to that information at the time, but she did say that he was willing to do anything that she needed.

Carly: Okay, this doesn't make any sense. Sam, after Sonny was shot, while he was still missing, I came to see you in the hospital. That's where I ran into Garvey. And he told me he had killed Sonny. So how in the world could you have shot Sonny when you were in the hospital fighting for you own life?

Sam: [Voice breaking] It's because I collapsed right after. I went home to tell Jason. And the next thing I knew, I woke up in the hospital. And I didn't remember anything. I was so sick. And then I started to remember, and I am so, so sorry, Sonny. [Sighs]

Carly: This is real?

Sam: Yes.

Carly: You actually...

Sonny: It's true, Carly.

Carly: I don't -- I don't get why. No, why? I know you were sick, but you were that far gone?

Sam: I didn't know what was real and what wasn't anymore. I -- I started hearing things and I was... seeing things. [Tearfully] These hallucinations -- they were like a walking nightmare of Sonny telling me that he was gonna take my family away from me. And I believed him. I had to protect my family.

Carly: From Sonny?

Sam: I know! It sounds so crazy. I know it does, but I was so scared, Carly. I would've done anything.

Carly: That's what you wanted to talk to me about at the hospital that day.

Sam: It makes me nauseous... to think how far I went. [Sighs] I bought a gun on the black market. I staked... Sonny's house out.

Carly: That's how you knew where he was that day.

Sam: I followed him to -- I followed him to the site. Yeah.

Carly: And then what?

Elizabeth: I like our world.

Franco: I love our world. But that scares me.

Elizabeth: Do I scare you?

Franco: No. Elizabeth, you -- you dazzle me. You... [Sighs] You do. You thrill me and calm me at the same time. It's... I love you. It's uncharted territory for me.

Elizabeth: It's not like you haven't been in love before. [Chuckling] I'm hardly your first girlfriend.

Franco: No, but you might be my first sane girlfriend. Look at some of the women I've been with in my life.

Elizabeth: Oh, do I have to?

Franco: Ava and Nina -- a whole slew of other -- moderately-sized slew of other whack jobs. I think you might be the first normal person to ever go out with me. [Laughs]

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] I'm flattered?

Franco: You should be. I should be. You' and funny and you're beautiful. You're generous. And look what you do for a living -- you save people, then you go home and take care of three boys? I don't deserve you.

Elizabeth: No, don't say that.

Franco: I love the world that you and I have created, and I'm a little terrified that I'm gonna mess it all up.

Elizabeth: You won't. [Chuckles]

Franco: You don't know that.

Elizabeth: Franco, everyone has darkness inside of them, I mean, me included. We all make mistakes, and, yes, some are bigger than others and some we have no control over, but there's also light. I know some of these pieces have brought up some bad memories for you, but there's one in particular that stood out. Can you tell me about this one?

Alexis: You're talking about adoption and the trial isn't even over yet? Bold.

Ned: Is it? Really?

Alexis: I don't even know what's gonna happen to Julian.

Ned: Okay, well, say he does go to prison. Uh, will you represent me then?

Alexis: No.

Ned: No, as in you'll think about it?

Alexis: No, as in no, I won't. Ever. Not now, not then.

Ned: So you admit there's a chance that he'll be convicted.

Alexis: Why are you bringing this to me?

Ned: Well, because you're a hell of a lawyer.

Alexis: Thanks.

Ned: And I also thought that you would have the best chance of... convincing Julian to agree to the adoption.

Alexis: I'm sorry, truly -- I really understand where you're coming from -- but for a million different reasons, there isn't a chance in hell that I would go anywhere near this with a 10-foot pole.

Ned: I respect that. Now can I ask you a question?

Alexis: We don't have any secrets.

Ned: Is one of those 10 million different reasons you can't involved because you're still hung up on Julian?

Campbell: So, just to be clear, when Olivia Jerome first came to Port Charles, you two hid out in her store?

Rudge: Yes, that's correct. Although, she did most of the hiding. I ran the pawn shop up front.

Campbell: And carried out whatever orders she might give?

Rudge: Not a very noble way to earn a paycheck, but yes.

Campbell: Were you present at her first meeting with the defendant?

Rudge: No, I wasn't, but she told me that he was willing to do anything that she needed.

Scott: Objection, Your Honor! It's hearsay!

Judge Chua: Overruled. You'll have your chance to cross-examine the witness.

Scott: Boy, am I looking forward to it.

Campbell: But you did eventually meet the defendant.

Rudge: Yes, multiple occasions.

Campbell: Do you remember the first occasion?

Rudge: Yes. Julian came by the store for a lengthy conference with Olivia to lay out their future plans and how best to achieve them.

Julian: Oh, my God, he's so lying.

Rudge: At the time, I wasn't privy to the information.

Campbell: Then how can you be sure they were working together?

Rudge: Well, firstly, the way they spoke to each other -- they were very conspiratorial. And secondly, after Julian departed, Olivia assured me that they were both on the same page as to how to proceed.

Scott: Objection, Your Honor. The witness has no proof that this meeting even took place.

Campbell: Your Honor, we know that Mr. Rudge and the defendant were close associates. I refer the court to page 27 of the deposition given by Alexis Davis. She states that she met Mr. Rudge when he came to her home as a friend of the defendant. Ms. Davis testified she allowed them to speak privately. After Mr. Rudge left, Ms. Davis felt the defendant was unsettled and on-edge, but when Ms. Davis expressed concern, the defendant insisted Mr. Rudge was just a friend.

Scott: Objection, Your Honor. Relevance!

Campbell: Either the defendant did, in fact, consider Mr. Rudge a friend, or once again, the defendant was lying to Ms. Davis.

Jason: Sam, uh, you don't have to do this right now.

Sam: Yes, I do. When I got to the site, Sonny was faced off with Garvey.

Carly: So Garvey never shot you?

Sonny: No, he did. He just hit the Kevlar vest.

Carly: But the one in the leg...

Sam: He was amazing, Carly. You...were amazing. Here I was with a gun in my hand saying the craziest things, and you were so...sympathetic. He was sympathetic to me. Oh... God, I'm really starting to remember everything now. You... you tried to talk me down. You said that you would never do anything to hurt me or my family.

Carly: Because he wouldn't.

Sam: Of course, he wouldn't, but I didn't know, Carly. I wasn't thinking clearly.

Carly: So what happened? You just...aimed and fired?

Sam: Sonny tried to convince me to stop and...he started to walk toward me.

Carly: Because you didn't believe that she would go through with it.

Sam: No, why would he? It was me.

Sonny: That's got to show you how sick she was.

Carly: Yeah, I get that. I do. I'm just, you know, trying to, um... understand all this.

Sam: Sonny tried to take the gun out of my hand and it went off.

Carly: Okay, so it was an accident.

Sam: No.

Carly: But you just said that...that...

Sam: No, I meant to shoot Sonny. And that's exactly what I did.

Julian: This guy's lying through his teeth.

Scott: I know. I will deal with him on my cross. Now just sit there and twiddle your thumbs, will you?

Campbell: The night you stopped by Ms. Davis' home, what did you and the defendant discuss?

Rudge: He was pleased that his rival's son, Morgan Corinthos, had been killed, and he was eager to help Olivia go forward with her plans.

Julian: Oh, my G-- he was threatening me within an inch of my life!

Scott: Would you take it easy?

Campbell: Did the defendant know specifically what Ms. Jerome was planning?

Rudge: I can't say, as I was never privy to that information. But I do know that he was on board to participate.

Campbell: And after that, did you have more interactions with the defendant?

Rudge: Yes, several, and he always seemed to be a willing participant.

Scott: Objection, Your Honor. Speculation.

Judge Chua: Sustained.

Campbell: In the defendant's deposition, he testified that he tried to kill his sister in order to put an end to her plans. You know anything about this?

Rudge: I do, in fact. Julian was always concerned about the legal ramifications about his involvement. Basically, he wanted to help Olivia, but he was afraid of being caught, so they both agreed that if he was, they would say that he had been coerced.

Campbell: So the attempt to kill Ms. Jerome...

Rudge: Never happened. He was always a willing accomplice.

Alexis: I don't know how I feel about Julian. Well, no, that's a lie. I know how I feel, I just don't know which one of my feelings wins out.

Ned: Oh. Sounds complicated.

Alexis: Does that surprise you?

Ned: No.

Alexis: What's wrong with me?

Ned: Nothing. Alexis, you are a beautiful, smart, and, yes, complicated woman -- way, way too good for Julian. But that's only my opinion.

Alexis: Your opinion is correct. I shouldn't love Julian.

Ned: But you do.

Alexis: And I don't know why. And I can't let go. I mean, really, what is wrong with me that I continually pick men that are bad for me, that are dangerous and...

Ned: Violent. You do have a type, don't you?

Alexis: [Chuckles] You know, you're the only man that I ever loved that didn't fit into that type, and I ran away from you.

Ned: Literally. On our wedding day.

Alexis: You know, if I could go back and do it differently, I would.

Ned: You wouldn't change a thing.

Alexis: Yeah, probably not. [Sighs] How sad is that? [Sniffs]

Ned: You know the answer, right? To the question of why you always go for that type?

Alexis: My father. They're all like my father. I went after men to love me that were like my father, because my father didn't love me. I don't need a shrink. [Chuckles] How destructive is that pattern?

Ned: Maybe it's time to break it.

Franco: You like that one?

Elizabeth: I do. It stands out from the rest. There's an -- an energy to it. It's lighter, hopeful, maybe.

[Cell phone rings]

Franco: Oh. That's Ava. Hey, I get to show my work at their -- her gallery.

Elizabeth: That's amazing.

Franco: Yeah. [Laughing] That -- that is. It's like killing two birds with one stone -- I get to get rid of all this stuff that stirs up bad stuff, and I get to make some money.

Elizabeth: What are you gonna do with all that money?

Franco: Well, I was thinking, now that I am living with you and three boys, I would really like to contribute.

Elizabeth: [Sighs]

Franco: I would, with, you know, the groceries and the mortgage and all the sexy stuff.

Elizabeth: You make everything sexy.

Franco: And I... [Chuckles] I'd also like to help Kiki out with her rent, you know? I kind of left her high and dry over there.

Elizabeth: Getting sexier by the minute.

Franco: Thing is...

Elizabeth: What's wrong?

Franco: Well, I mean, what if they don't sell?

Elizabeth: Are you kidding? People are gonna love them. They're Franco originals. I predict this one is gonna fly off the wall first.

Franco: Oh. No, no, no, no. No, th-that one's not for sale.

Sam: I had the gun in my hand. So much of that night was a blur, but that I can see so clearly now. I had the gun in my hand and Sonny put his hand on top of mine to stop it and I deliberately... pulled the trigger. [Voice breaking] It wasn't an accident -- I shot you on purpose -- and I am so sorry for that.

Sonny: You don't have to keep apologizing, Sam. It wasn't you.

Sam: You didn't do anything to defend yourself. You just stood there. I could've walked away, but no. I had to finish it.

Carly: What does that mean, you had to finish it?

Sam: [Sighs] Sonny didn't fall into that hole. I pushed him -- no, I...I kicked him. And I looked down, and he wasn't moving, and I thought he was dead. I thought you were dead. I left you there to die.

Sonny: Sam.

Sam: I am so sorry.

Sonny: Come here. Come here. Listen. It -- it w-was not your fault. You had an infection. It wasn't you. You have nothing to be sorry about.

Rudge: You have to understand -- I was just there to facilitate. I was...the driver, delivery person.

Campbell: So you weren't "in" on Olivia's final plans, so to speak.

Rudge: No, that inner circle comprised of Olivia and her brother Julian.

Campbell: The defendant.

Rudge: Correct.

Campbell: Were you aware that Olivia Jerome was mentally unstable?

Rudge: No. Had I have known how far she was prepared to go, I --

Campbell: As her brother did.

Scott: Objection, uh, Your Honor. He's leading.

Judge Chua: Sustained.

Campbell: Mr. Rudge, were you in Olivia Jerome's motel room with her and her brother around the time of the attempted bombing at General Hospital?

Rudge: Yes.

Campbell: Did the defendant say something of importance to Olivia Jerome, something relevant to this case?

Rudge: Yes. He instructed her to make it look as if he had been tied up, so that he had deniability.

Julian: Okay, that's a lie, Scott.

Campbell: Nothing further, Your Honor.

Judge Chua: Your witness.

Scott: Your Honor, you know that his entire testimony is the definition of hearsay. There is nothing to back it up.

Campbell: I'm sorry, is there a question in there?

Judge Chua: Sustained. Mr. Baldwin, if you have anything relevant to ask the witness, otherwise I'll excuse him.

Scott: Okay. This stops now. Are you aware, Mr. Rudge, that my client tried to kill his sister Olivia years ago?

Rudge: Yes.

Scott: Not exactly a close-knit family, huh?

Rudge: Doesn't sound like it.

Scott: So why would he do anything for his sister unless he was coerced?

Campbell: Objection, Your Honor. Speculating.

Scott: Speculate -- that's all this guy is doing here.

Judge Chua: Watch it, Counselor.

Rudge: Uh, I'd like to answer.

Judge Chua: Go ahead.

Rudge: Well, I can't speak to Julian's state of mind, but I can speak to what Olivia told me.

Scott: Which is what?

Rudge: That her brother felt tremendous guilt over his past transgressions, and that he would do anything in his power to make things right between him and Olivia.

Elizabeth: I didn't realize you were keeping any of the pieces.

Franco: Just that one.

Elizabeth: Must be pretty important to you.

Franco: It is.

Elizabeth: Okay, so I can pretend to give you your space and not ask you why, but I'm really curious. There's a lot of doubling. Everything has a counterpoint.

Franco: Wow. You think it's sexy when I talk about mortgages, you talking about art, that's hot.

Elizabeth: Nice deflection. So, I take it the mirror effect is significant?

Franco: When I was a kid, I had an imaginary friend. And he lived in this... this imaginary world that mirrored my real world. And eventually I outgrew it, but...I always remembered him, and I missed him. So I, uh, I made a painting of him and of me, each of us in our own...respective, opposite realities. It's ironic, isn't it? Maybe the nicest thing I've ever painted is a manifestation of my childhood psychosis. [Chuckles]

Sonny: Sit down. You are blaming yourself for something you couldn't control. You got to stop.

Sam: What if I had killed you?

Sonny: You didn't.

Sam: What if Carly hadn't shown up?

Sonny: She did, and everything's fine. Look. Right?

Sam: I just feel so guilty.

Sonny: Okay, well, you know, I know a thing about guilt. Am I responsible for what happens to me every time I have a manic episode? Was Morgan responsible for what happened to him? Okay, then.

Sam: No. No, of course not.

Sonny: You got -- you got to just...calm down, okay?

Jason: You want to blame somebody, you can blame me.

Sam: What?

Jason: You were sick, you weren't yourself. I did nothing.

Sam: What do you mean, you did nothing? You made me go to the doctor. I wouldn't have gone to the doctor if weren't for you.

Jason: I should've done a lot more than that. I should've seen how serious it was the way I always did with you.

Sam: But you couldn't.

Sonny: J-Jason, you can expect it from me, but you didn't see this coming from Sam. It's not like there were signs that she had mental illness.

Sam: Sonny's right. There's no way you would've known.

Jason: You're my wife, you needed my help, and I wasn't paying attention.

Sam: No. No, don't -- don't do that, Jason. I was hiding all the time, and I don't know why, because I was terrified of what was happening to me. And you are the person that I trust most in this world, so why didn't I come to you for help? Why couldn't I ask you?

Alexis: Julian is [Sighs] Dizzying.

Ned: I'll take your word for it.

Alexis: His...huge proclamations of love... it makes my head spin. And I know that every single time that he says it, he means it. It's just there's this other side of him. And he can't help it. He was raised that way. He was born into it. Just like me. I know I'm making excuses.

Ned: Thank you for not making me say it.

Alexis: I'm a lawyer.

Ned: And a damn good one.

Alexis: I know, intellectually, that when someone hurts you so intensely that they will, in fact, do it again. I know that in my head.

Ned: But?

Alexis: But when it's actually happening to you... and you are so in love with that person and that person is the father of your daughter and the person that has made you happier than you've ever been in your whole life, the thought of actually saying that that can never be anymore, that it won't work out...

Ned: It's not easy.

Alexis: I want to get off this roller coaster. I want this to end. I don't want this anymore. And I have to figure out a way to make that happen.

Scott: The night that you first met Ms. Davis, she said that my client's state of mind was on edge and unsettled. Those were her words exactly. So if you guys were buddy-buddy, why would your visit upset him so much?

Rudge: I can't speak to Mr. Jerome's state of mind...

Scott: Well, you seem to be speaking on everybody else's.

Campbell: Argumentative.

Judge Chua: Sustained.

Rudge: [Sighs] Perhaps Mr. Jerome wasn't feeling well. Who knows?

Scott: Well, I guess his sister would know that, right?

Rudge: I'm sorry, I'm not following you.

Scott: Well, isn't it true that Olivia Jerome had you follow him, bug his phone?

Rudge: Well, if she did, she never told me about it.

Scott: Oh, I see. So she kept you in the loop sometimes and sometimes you weren't in the loop. Is that what you're saying?

Rudge: It was her prerogative.

Scott: Ah, you know what? I have a lot of problems with all of your testimony today. I don't think any of it's true. So let me ask you this -- how's jail?

Rudge: I've had nicer accommodations.

Scott: Oh. Yeah, and I bet you might get a little better accommodations, uh, for your testimony today.

Rudge: A lesser sentence has been discussed.

Scott: There you go, Your Honor. The reason why he's here is to try and save his hide.

Rudge: No. No, whether I served one year or 50 years, I knew I had to come today.

Scott: Oh, yeah? Why's that?

Rudge: To make things right. For Anna Devane, her daughter Robin, for Samantha Morgan -- for everyone who suffered at the hands of Olivia and Julian Jerome --

Julian: Okay, you know what? That's a lie!

Scott: All -- all right.

Julian: You son of a bitch, you know it!

Judge Chua: Sit down, Mr. Jerome. All right?

Julian: You're a lying bastard!

Bailiff: Sit. Sit down.

Elizabeth: I think I understand why this painting is haunting. It's an expression of loneliness. You felt isolated as a child, and so you made someone up who would understand you.

Franco: You know...I think you're pretty perfect.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] I'm so not perfect.

Franco: Well, you're perfect to me.

Elizabeth: I feel the same way about you.

Franco: But what if that changes?

Elizabeth: Because of the painting?

Franco: Because of anything. I don't know what that -- I-I can't lose you, Elizabeth. I don't want to lose you.

Elizabeth: Then don't.

Sonny: When you lose your mind, it's terrifying, and when you tell someone, it becomes real. That's why you hide.

Sam: From the people I love?

Sonny: Especially those people because they know you the best. And for whatever reason, you make them your enemy, right, because t-they -- they pick up on things that you don't want them to pick up on. When I would slip, all I would do is cover -- cover, cover, cover -- until the dam broke, and I couldn't do it anymore.

Sam: I appreciate that, I do, but I can't believe this went as far as it did.

Sonny: Sam, you were sick.

Sam: It's no excuse.

Sonny: It's like I said a-at the hospital -- you're not like me. You don't have bipolar. You don't -- you don't have to carry this for the rest of your life.

Jason: He's right. You had a serious infection, but you're cured now.

Sam: What if I'm still sick? What if this unleashed something inside of me and I keep having visions?

Jason: Have you had a vision since the treatment?

Sam: No.

Sonny: Have you felt towards me the same way you did when you were sick?

Sam: No.

Jason: I know you're scared to trust yourself, but you've got to start.

Sonny: Sam, it's over.

Carly: No, it's not. Not as long as the police are investigating.

Elizabeth: Is there something you're not telling me about the painting?

Franco: About the painting? No. There might be something I'm not telling you about the subject matter of the painting.

Elizabeth: Your imaginary friend?

Franco: Yeah. Um, I don't know how this is gonna sound, but...when I imagined him... I always imagined him kind of helping me, right? Like, if I didn't know how to climb a tree, he would show me how to climb a tree, or if I didn't know how to tie my shoes, he would learn how to tie his shoes and then he would show me. And I have this, like, vague memory -- it feels like a very real memory -- of being on a merry-go-round, the kind you see at a playground, the kind that you push, and I didn't know how to get off of it, and he showed me. He jumped first.

Elizabeth: So you want to keep the picture as a reminder.

Franco: Yeah. But just to be clear, okay, I'm not... [Laughs] I don't have any more imaginary friends. It's just, uh... it's just a memento of a way that I felt a long time ago.

Elizabeth: It makes total sense. And now that I understand the story behind the painting... I love it even more.

Franco: Thank you.

Elizabeth: More importantly... I love you.

Franco: Ah, that is more important.

Alexis: There's got to be some kind of a support group for people like me.

Ned: I think there is.

Alexis: Yeah, I'm in AA right now. That's all I can handle.

Ned: Well, consider me a sounding board if you ever need one.

Alexis: Thank you. I want to be able to like a good guy like you.

Ned: [Chuckles]

Alexis: Someone sane and sweet and gentle.

Ned: But you can't get out of your own way.

Alexis: Nope.

Ned: Let me rephrase that. You haven't been able to get out of own way so far, but you are a fiercely intelligent woman, Alexis. [Sighs] And if anyone can break the cycle, it's you.

Alexis: [Sighs]

Julian: Not one word he said on the stand is true!

Judge Chua: Mr. Baldwin, control your client!

Julian: You want to mess with me, errand boy? Go for it!

Judge Chua: [Pounds gavel] Last warning! Sit him down or we'll have him restrained!

Scott: Sit down, shut up!

Julian: You're gonna pay for this. You're gonna pay in ways you never even dreamt were possible!

Scott: Oh, come on.

Julian: But you will pay.

Scott: Okay. Sit down.

Campbell: The prosecution rests, Your Honor.

Carly: So, you've known from the beginning that Sam was the one who shot you. Everything you said in the hospital to the cops about not remembering...

Sonny: It was all cover.

Carly: Right. What about you?

Jason: [Inhales] I put it together pretty quickly after Sam was admitted to the hospital. Sonny and I, we decided we should protect her.

Carly: I get that. I do. You were really sick, and you're completely unaccountable for your actions. You are.

Sam: You don't have to say that.

Carly: I know, but I mean it. The last thing you needed while you were recovering is to be hounded by a bunch of cops.

Sonny: Okay, well, I'm glad you understand...

Carly: What I don't understand... is why the two of you didn't tell me the truth.

Sonny: Carly. Things were volatile.

Carly: Screw that, Sonny. Things are always volatile. I mean, after 20 years of friendship... how could you keep this from me?

On the next "General Hospital" --

Lucy (to Finn, with Anna): I need to know what you want to do regarding the house that you and Hayden were gonna purchase.

Valentin (to Nina): I have just the thing to cheer you up.

Julian (to Scott, with Alexis): Put me on the stand. Let me tell my story.

Sam (to Jason): I don't know why I didn't ask you for help.

Carly (to Sonny): We always trusted each other before. When did that change?

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