GH Transcript Friday 8/18/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 8/18/17


Episode #13871 ~ Kiki offers Franco advice; Elizabeth encourages Griffin not to give up on Ava; Nina has a list of demands for Valentin.

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[In Ava's dream, she & Griffin kiss]

Ava: Griffin... I need you. [Breathes sharply as she wakes up] [Sighs]

Griffin: Kiki, hey. Has Anna Devane checked in? I saw she was on the schedule today for a phlebotomy.

Kiki: I don't know. I was just checking the schedule for my mom. She's late for a session with Dr. Hoffman.

Griffin: Really? She was in such a good mood about therapy last night. She even quoted Dr. Hoffman.

Kiki: You saw my mom last night?

Griffin: Yes. We went to the concert in the park.

Kiki: Wait. So you got her out of the house for something fun in public?

Griffin: Yes. But it wasn't easy.

Kiki: Well, whatever you're doing, keep it up.

Griffin: Mm.

Anna: Kelly's pancakes used to be your favorite. You've barely touched them.

Emma: Guess I'm not very hungry.

Anna: Is there anything in particular bothering you?

Emma: Yeah. I have to figure out how to give this back to Spencer. Like I told you, it wouldn't be fair to keep it, now that I'm going out with Leaf. Why are relationships so hard?

Anna: Oh, yes. I mean, that's the million-dollar question. A lot of people would like the answer to that.

Emma: Spencer's at boarding school. Will you help me pack this up and mail it to him?

Anna: Of course. Yeah. But before we ship it off to France, do you think I could borrow it for a while?

Emma: Why?

Anna: Oh, I just want to check something.

Emma: Come on, Grandma. I saw how you looked with Uncle Mac. You said you thought the diamond's real.

Anna: Mm.

Emma: You think there's something suspicious about it, don't you?

Valentin: Hello, Nina.

Nina: Valentin. Um, have a seat if you want. Yeah. Yeah.

Valentin: [Clears throat] If I'd known this is a working breakfast, I'd have brought you an update on your horse foundation.

Nina: It's not my foundation. You put it in my name. It's not mine.

Valentin: Well, you were the inspiration for it.

Nina: I saw online that you had some additions to your stable.

Valentin: I do. I actually have some pictures if you want to see them. Look. That's Left-handed Boy. And this is Lumina's Rock. You should come visit. I'd love to see you there.

Nina: Thank you.

Valentin: You know where else I'd love to see you? Back in our home.

Franco: I feel like I haven't been here in ages.

Elizabeth: Did you miss it?

Franco: Um, somewhat. I don't know. I have a complicated relationship with my art and with this place.

Elizabeth: Well, it happens to be one of Jake's favorite places, so it can't be all that bad. And I seem to remember a few good things that happened here.

Franco: Yeah, a few bad things happened here, too.

Elizabeth: Well, then, I guess we better work on making some new memories.

Franco: New memories? That sounds nice.

Elizabeth: I have a little bit of time.

Franco: Do you?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Franco: Um... I think maybe you should go, though. And we can pick up later where we're leaving off when we're home.

Elizabeth: Our home.

Franco: Yeah. Um... really. I think you should get going, you know? You don't want to be late.

Elizabeth: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Anna: "Suspicious" is a bit of a strong word.

Emma: But why do you want the diamond, if you don't want to investigate?

Anna: What I want is to ascertain exactly what kind of sparkly stone it really is.

Emma: I'm sorry to disappoint you, Grandma, but I don't think this can possibly be a real diamond.

Anna: Why not?

Emma: Well, because even though Spencer is seriously rich...

Anna: Okay.

Emma: ...I don't --

Anna: The polite term is "well-off."

Emma: Even though Spencer is seriously well-off, I don't think he'd give away a diamond.

Anna: Exactly. So that is why I want an expert to examine it, because if it isn't a real diamond, then it's nothing to worry about. But if it is, in fact, a diamond, well, then it's very valuable. And I would like to know how Spencer got his hands on it.

Emma: Do you think Spencer was involved in espionage?

Nina: Wyndemere's not our home. I haven't been there in months.

Valentin: Well, I will always call Wyndemere "our" home. We were happy there. And I'm determined we'll be happy there again.

Nina: Getting a little ahead of yourself, aren't you? We're not together. We're not seeing each other. We're not even dating. Besides, I don't want to get off point.

Valentin: Okay. What Herculean feats would you have me do to earn back your trust?

Nina: Hercules was a God. I don't hold you to such high standards. But he did clean out the mythical stables, didn't he?

Valentin: The Augean stables, yes.

Nina: Yeah. So maybe you can clean out the stables at "my" horse-rescue foundation. That's a good idea. I'm gonna add that to the list.

Valentin: Okay, done. What else have you got for me?

Nina: Listen. My list goes way beyond physical endurance. Do you understand that? My list speaks to your moral compass and your personal integrity. And quite honestly, I'm not convinced you can handle it.

Valentin: If it'll bring you back to me, I'll find a way.

Franco: Trust me, after all the time that we were apart, the last thing I want is more time away from you. If I had my way, we'd be home in bed, and I'd be making up for all of the time that I wasted in New York.

Elizabeth: It wasn't wasted time. You won the settlement. Your paintings are coming back to you -- right where they belong.

Franco: Yeah. Definitely where they belong. Here's the thing. There's gonna be a mess. There's gonna be, like -- like -- like, packing crates and packing material. Like, a real mess.

Elizabeth: Sounds kind of fun to me. I don't mind the mess. I live with three boys, remember?

Franco: Yeah, but [Sighs] I just -- I-I work better alone. I work faster. And -- and -- and think of it this way. The sooner I get started, the sooner I can get home to you. And don't forget. I got a bunch of stuff that I get to move in, too.

Elizabeth: All right. Well, when you put it that way... maybe you can bring one of your paintings home.

Franco: We'll see. I'm not sure any of them are appropriate.

Elizabeth: Okay. I'll see you later.

[Door closes]

Singer: Don't hold your breath they won't stop me. You can never tell where the breaking point lies. No consequence

[Doorbell rings]

Kiki: Mom, it's me.

Ava: Hi. Good morning.

Kiki: Hey. Are you okay? I saw you canceled your appointment with Dr. Hoffman, and then, when you didn't answer your phone, I got worried.

Ava: I'm fine. I just shut the ringer off on my phone. I needed to get some sleep. I've had trouble falling asleep. I didn't want the phone to wake me.

Kiki: You still having trouble sleeping? Why did you cancel your appointment? I thought you were doing better.

Ava: I had trouble falling asleep because I was uncomfortable. I felt a little bit feverish. So I thought it was best for me to stay home and rest.

Kiki: You do feel a little warm. We should get you to the hospital so a doctor can check you out.

Ava: No, no, I don't think so.

Kiki: Mom, you know a fever can mean an infection, and that would be really serious for you. Come on. Let's go.

Ava: I will check in with Dr. Finn later, okay?

Kiki: Dr. Finn's taking some time off, but I will call Griffin and see if I can get a referral.

Ava: No! Don't -- don't call him.

Kiki: Why not?

[Franco spray paints on a white canvas]

Singer: Don't hold your breath they won't stop me. You can never tell where the breaking point lies. No consequence regain control put your hands I would lie if it would make you want me push and shove until you love me don't just stand there watching

Anna: Rule number one -- when discussing matters of espionage, do not do it in a public location.

Emma: Do you mean it? Spencer's involv--

Anna: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Emma: Spencer's involved in something?

Anna: No. I don't know. I mean, I doubt it. But that's why I need to check, because if it's real... look, diamonds of this size, they're precious, and there's always a very complicated history attached to them.

Emma: [Sighs] If it is real, then I definitely have to give it back to Spencer.

Anna: And we will, if it's rightfully his.

Emma: Do you think he stole it?

Anna: No. I don't think so. I mean, Spencer is precocious to a fault, but he's not a thief. What I really think happened is, he just wanted to create something lovely for you, and it never occurred to him that the diamond could be real, and it may not be, in fact.

Emma: Well, I trust you to figure it out.

Anna: Oh, thank you, darling.

Emma: You're welcome.

Anna: [Chuckles]

Emma: But I still want to hold on to the heart from Spencer.

Anna: Okay. That's a very wise choice. How about you hang on to the heart, and I'll hang on to this?

Valentin: Can I borrow a pen? I'd like to start ticking things off.

Nina: Such as?

Valentin: Well, such as [Breathes deeply] Anna Devane and my...

Nina: Obsession.

Valentin: Okay, obsession. But it's over.

Nina: You said that many times. Then she'd call or come by or barge into the house, and then all of your promises just evaporated.

Valentin: Well, then you'll just see for yourself -- and you will -- that it's true.

Nina: I need empirical evidence.

Valentin: Nina, I was a prisoner of my past with Anna and her sister. But that's over now. My priorities have changed. I have Charlotte. I had you. And I hope to have us all together again one day. If you'll give me a chance.

Nina: Next item.

Valentin: "Make peace with Spencer." Well, I did actually try, and he threw the olive branch back in my face.

Nina: Well, he's kind of dramatic.

Valentin: He was always satisfied to have me in prison for a crime that I didn't commit, but, yes, I will happily call a truce with Spencer.

Nina: And the wrongful death suit?

Valentin: My lawyers are gonna work hard to have that thrown out, because the last thing I want is a trial in civil court. And Spencer may not realize that, but it's the last thing he wants, as well.

Nina: Why is that?

Valentin: Because my lawyers will argue that there's no proof that Nikolas is actually dead. He faked his death before. Blamed it on an innocent person. He was a fugitive at the time, and, most importantly, no body was ever discovered.

Nina: That's an interesting take. Not that I believe it's true.

Valentin: Truth is irrelevant in a courtroom. The real question is whose lawyer makes the most compelling argument. I think Spencer's too young to understand that. And regardless of the fact that I think he's an obnoxious brat, I don't want him wondering if his father's up and abandoned him.

Nina: I'm supposed to believe that you have Spencer's best interests at heart?

Valentin: His. My own. Can I take it off?

Nina: Put it in brackets. Put that in brackets.

Valentin: Okay.

Nina: We'll deal with the next item: Charlotte's custody.

Valentin: [Breathes deeply]

Ava: I don't see any reason to involve Griffin... Dr. Munro. He's already gone above and be-- I'm not even his patient, you know.

Kiki: What? You know Griffin doesn't mind.

Ava: Still, I just don't want to take advantage.

Kiki: Oh, Griffin's your friend. He doesn't see it as "taking advantage." He even told me how much fun he had with you at the concert yesterday.

Ava: Did he? What else did he say about me? About that bee sting?

Kiki: Oh, my God! You were stung by a bee? No wonder you have a fever.

Ava: No.

Kiki: That could be an allergic reaction.

Ava: No.

Kiki: We got to get you to the hospital.

Ava: Kiki, no, I wasn't stung. Griffin was stung.

Kiki: Oh.

Ava: And I fixed him right up using our old lavender oil cure.

Kiki: Ah, I see. So you'll treat a doctor, but you won't let a doctor treat you.

Ava: It's just a little cold, Kiki.

Kiki: Mom, come on. Your immune system is severely compromised. You know there's no such thing as "a little" anything for you. And if you jeopardize your health over a little infection that could have been cleared up with...

Ava: Okay, all right. Okay! I'll go. I'll go, and I'll get checked out, all right? But, really, there's no need to trouble Dr. Munro. You know, he's got enough on his plate without worrying about me.

[Elevator bell dings]

Griffin: Nurse Webber.

Elizabeth: Oh. I'm so sorry I am late. I-I totally lost track of time this morning, and there was a ton of traffic, and Franco got home yesterday, and we were up late. Like, I'm just --

Griffin: Yeah, no explanation necessary. I covered for you.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Griffin: Yeah. So, I take it everything's going well at home?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, it's better.

Griffin: Good.

Elizabeth: I mean, I've been pretty down since Hayden's disappearance, but having Franco back definitely helps.

Griffin: [Breathes sharply]

Elizabeth: You okay?

Griffin: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just got a bee sting, and it's still itchy.

Elizabeth: You got stung?

Griffin: Yeah. First time in my life.

Elizabeth: No kidding.

Griffin: Yeah.

Elizabeth: How could you have gone all this time and not been stung by a bee?

Griffin: I guess I was lucky, and my luck finally ran out.

Anna: Good morning.

Griffin: Good morning, Anna.

Elizabeth: Oh, hi.

Griffin: How are you?

Anna: I'm good.

Griffin: Um, Elizabeth, would you mind taking Anna to the exam room? I'll go make sure Dr. London knows she's here.

Elizabeth: Sure. Hi.

Griffin: Thanks.

Anna: I just dropped Emma off with Cameron and the sitter. They're going to the movies.

Elizabeth: Oh, perfect.

Anna: Oh, yeah.

Elizabeth: I know he's really looking forward to seeing her.

Anna: Yeah, they're gonna have fun. Could I -- could I talk to you... yeah. ...About something before you go?

Elizabeth: Of course. What's this about?

Anna: Um... this.

Franco: Thanks, guys. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the prodigy best known for his seamless fusion of street art and studio technique, the much-hyped, arrogant, egotistical, undeserving artist known as... me! [Spray paints on canvas]

Kiki: Mom?

Ava: Yeah, you know, I-I really don't think this is necessary, Kiki. I'll go home, and I'll climb into bed, okay?

Kiki: No, not a chance. Oh, Dr. Chadha. Hi. This is my mom. Thank you so much for seeing her on short notice.

Dr. Chadha: Of course, of course. Hello, Ms. Jerome. I'm Dr. Chadha.

Ava: Hi.

Dr. Chadha: Would you like to come back?

Ava: Yes, yes. Let's get this over with.

[Cell phone chimes]

Griffin: Hey, Kiki, is everything all right with your mom?

Kiki: I hope so. She had a fever, so I convinced her to come in. Are you gonna be around?

Griffin: Uh, yeah, yes. Why?

Kiki: Could you do me a favor and look after my mom in case I'm not back by the time she's done with the doctor? I just got this really cryptic text message, and I have to go figure out what's going on. I'll try to be back as soon as possible, but just in case...

Griffin: Yeah, no problem. I, uh... I'll look after your mom.

Elizabeth: Dr. London will be in shortly. You know the drill. It shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

Anna: Right.

Elizabeth: You might experience some dizziness afterwards.

Anna: Oh, I know. I know how it goes. I wondered, do you think you could talk a little bit more about this diamond?

Elizabeth: Okay. I don't know how much help I'll be.

Anna: Well, it was embedded in this heart-shaped clay thing that Spencer made for Emma, and I'm just curious as to how he could have got his hands on a stone like this.

Elizabeth: Yeah, me, too. Are you sure it's real?

Anna: Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure.

Elizabeth: It might be more helpful to have a conversation with Laura about this.

Anna: Well, I thought of that, but you lived at Wyndemere, too, and do you think it could be one of Hayden's diamonds?

Elizabeth: Oh, I don't know. Weren't they all accounted for?

Anna: Yeah, I thought.

Elizabeth: [Gasps] But you know what? Nikolas did spill them once. I walked in on him picking them up.

Anna: Maybe he didn't find all of them. And Spencer came across one.

Elizabeth: It's a possibility.

Nina: Listen, I am the first to admit that Lulu has been... less than cooperative.

Valentin: You think?

Nina: Yeah. But to be fair, she missed out on the first two years of her own daughter's life, so her attitude is understandable. But at the same time, Charlotte doesn't need two parents at each other's throats.

Valentin: I agree.

Nina: You agree?

Valentin: Yeah. I've come to believe that Lulu has a positive effect on Charlotte's life, so I'm willing to entertain the idea of shared custody.

Nina: Oh, wow. You're good.

Valentin: Why does that not sound like a compliment?

Nina: I mean, everything you're saying about Anna and Charlotte, Spencer, Lulu... so sincere, isn't it? You're using that sincerity to manipulate me.

Valentin: No, I don't -- I don't like giving up what's mine, and I fight for those that I love. I'm not gonna apologize for that. So you can continue to see me as manipulative, or you can see me as the man who loves you.

Franco: "Vandal or visionary? That is the question. The controversy rages on. Can an artist best known for graffiting the side of a bank actually make it in the high-paced world of contemporary modern art?" The answer is yes, yes, he can! Providing that his work is dark enough and depraved enough to expose the twisted and ugliest parts of his questionable soul, well, then, yes, yes, he can achieve unquestionable commercial success. The collectors and the dealers, they will drive up the prices, making him rich and famous. And for a moment, he will actually confuse himself for a genius. We all know he is nothing more than just a good old-fashioned, garden-variety psycho.

Kiki: Franco, stop! Franco, what do you think you're doing?

Franco: Ridding the world of an eyesore.

Kiki: Okay, no. Don't even think about it. You are an artist. You're supposed to make art, not destroy it.

Franco: This so-called art comes from the deepest and darkest parts of my soul. This is the product of a man that I have come to hate, a man that I am -- I am no longer that man, but every time I see a brushstroke or a splash of color that may as well as be blood, I am reminded of who I was, and I didn't go to New York to reclaim these paintings out of pride. I got them back so that I could obliterate them, erase that part of me forever!

Kiki: Is this because of Elizabeth?

Franco: I don't want Elizabeth to see these paintings -- ever. Especially now.

Kiki: Oh, right. Now that you're moving in with her? That is what that text was about, right? The apartment's all mine? I think you forgot the part about how I'm supposed to cover the rent on my own. Moving in, huh? You, Elizabeth, the boys... it's good stuff. I'm really happy for you, Franco. You deserve it.

Franco: Thank you.

Kiki: This art, this -- this is from another time. I mean, you know, Picasso had his blue period. You -- you had your dark blue period.

Franco: My really dark and depraved blue period.

Kiki: But it's still art. You know, I saw this article about you a couple months ago. It was called "Genius: Interrupted." It was about what a visionary artist you were, and how your premature retirement robbed the world of what you could have created.

Franco: I still want to create. Just with different inspiration. When I get rid of all this garbage.

Kiki: So you're ready to destroy your work? 'Cause, you know, one of Basquiat's paintings just went for $100 million.

Franco: $110.5 million.

Kiki: Exactly. Some people would kill for one of those.

Franco: That's a poor choice of words.

Kiki: Sorry. Look, Franco... I understand that these paintings represent a part of your life that you're not proud of. I get it. But you got to get over it, okay? It's art. It's still art, and it has its place in the world. Maybe not with you, but... oh, my gosh. I know where you should send it.

Franco: To a landfill?

Kiki: No. Give it to my mom.

Dr. Chadha: Well, it's good that you came in, but there's nothing to be alarmed about.

Ava: Good. Well, thank you very much.

Griffin: How's our patient, Doctor?

Dr. Chadha: Ms. Jerome has a mild case of influenza. And since she just started to present, I've prescribed something to lessen the severity and duration of her symptoms. When you go home, I want you to go straight to bed, okay?

Griffin: I'll see that she does.

Ava: No! I -- no, I just mean that I can -- I can handle it from here. Well, thank you very much, Dr. Chadha.

Dr. Chadha: Call me if you need anything, hmm?

Griffin: Okay, let's get you home and into bed, huh?

Ava: Would you stop saying that? I'm waiting for Kiki. She'll take me home. I'm sure she'll watch out for me.

Griffin: Kiki said something had come up. She asked if I could look after you. It's not a problem.

Ava: Well, it's a problem for me, okay?

Anna: Ah, thank you.

Elizabeth: Here you go. Um, if you start to feel dizzy or faint, let me know, okay?

Anna: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. I will. I'll be careful.

Elizabeth: And, Anna, will you please take it easy before you launch into full-scale investigation mode?

Anna: [Chuckling] Okay. I will. But I am anxious to find out how Spencer got his hands on this mysterious diamond, you know?

Valentin: This is in answer to your list. It's a pledge, a contract, if you will. All the things that I can promise you, starting at the top, because it was your top concern. I will never turn to Anna again in desire or desperation. And if I see her, which I'm sure to do, I will be polite, and I will move on without a second glance or a second thought.

Nina: That sounds great in theory.

Valentin: No, no, no. I'm not -- I'm not done. This is my top concern. I promise you that Charlotte will always come first. Ahead of my own work, my own ambition. And if that's not enough, I've actually added a few more. I promise to value, support, and honor you, not by putting you on a pedestal, but by accepting that you are a complicated, flesh-and-blood woman who is my equal in every way, with a life, career, and dreams of her own.

Nina: That's every woman's fantasy.

Valentin: I don't care about every woman. I care about you. And if you put my ring back on your finger, and if you come back to me, I'll spend the rest of my life making sure you don't regret that. This is my solemn vow.

Nina: This is a great pledge. It's amazing. It's missing something. I want you to tell me this. What if I do come back to you and Charlotte and we rebuild a life together? Can you promise me you won't do anything to disrupt that life? Do you promise me that you won't do anything to take you away from me?

Valentin: No. No, I can't make that promise.

Kiki: Franco, you have a catalog of work that could bring in hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Think about everything that you could do for Elizabeth and her boys.

Franco: I am thinking about it, but I'm not sure that Elizabeth would appreciate that kind of...

Kiki: All right. Well, if the money's no good to you, then you could always give it to me to help me cover the rent you've left me with now that you've ditched me for another roommate. Or you could always float me a loan for med school.

Franco: Med schools? Seriously?

Kiki: Yeah, I'm considering it.

Franco: Well, for what my vote is worth, I think you'd do great.

Kiki: Thanks. And for what my vote is worth, I think you should exhibit and sell your paintings. It's a way to turn something bad into something good. Not just for you and my mom, but Elizabeth and her boys. I mean, you could just put the money in a trust for them. But most of all, I think it would be good for you.

Franco: Kiki, I just finished telling you how looking at those paintings makes me feel about myself.

Kiki: Okay, but destroying the paintings isn't gonna change your past. If you -- if you give them back to the art world, you might be able to redeem them. I mean, your work, it forces people to confront themselves. It makes them step out of their comfort zones. That's a gift, Franco. A lot of artists strive their whole lives to achieve that. You owe it to the world to just put your work out there and let people react to it the way they're gonna react to it. And I think this exhibit could be a good way for you and my mom both to find beauty in the world again.

Franco: "Beauty" is the last thing I think of when I look at these paintings.

Kiki: Yeah? 'Cause, you know, you once told me that an artist doesn't own his work.

Franco: [Laughs]

Kiki: You remember. It's something that he takes from the world and he transforms in his own way, and then he gives back. You remember? I... yeah, so, what was that? A load of bull over wine and cheese? Or did you mean it? Oh, uh, and, by the way, welcome back. I missed you.

Griffin: [Sighs] Look, I am sorry if my insisting we go to the concert led to your getting sick.

Ava: That's what I get for leaving the house. I should have trusted my instincts. So, the next time you get some bright idea for an excursion to expand my horizons, why don't you take pity on somebody else instead, all right?

Griffin: Ava, you know I don't pity you. Come on. Friends don't let friends hide from the world or suffer allergic reactions to bee stings. Look, by the way, I can't thank you enough for the lavender oil. The least I can do is repay you and give you a ride home.

Ava: I don't want your thanks. And I don't need a ride home. I'll wait outside for Kiki to pick me up. And in the meantime...

[Elevator bell dings, door opens]

Ava: ...Why don't you find some other soul to save, huh?

Elizabeth: What was that about?

Griffin: Uh... I wish I knew.

Valentin: You asked for the truth. Here it is: I can give you my life. I can give you my love. I can share with you my heart, my most precious daughter. But I can't promise you that I will always stay within the confines of the law. It's actually too late, because I've already done things that can't be undone, things that come with certain associations, commitments that still resonate.

Nina: Are you admitting that you're a criminal?

Valentin: I'm saying there are certain circumstances in my life that make me complicated. I love you. I love you. When I'm away from you, I just want to see you again.

Nina: If I allow myself to believe you and you pull the rug out from under me again...

Valentin: I screwed up. I admit that, but I never stopped loving you. Nina, I'm a man who spent his life chasing money as a substitute for happiness, because I just didn't believe that happiness was attainable. Then I had Charlotte. And I met you. And now I know what happiness is. And I want you in my life for the rest of my life. But I won't do that making false promises. Nina, I'm a man who's done some bad things, and I can't promise you that I'll never do bad things again. But I can promise you that I'll never, ever do bad things to you or Charlotte. Can you accept that? Can you take me for who I am?

[Elevator whirs]

Nina: Valentin... [Sighs]

Valentin: Right on time. Watch me ignore her.

Anna: So, thank you very much for agreeing to meet with me. You want a seat?

Man: Sure. How could I refuse when you mentioned the "Berlin diamonds"?

Anna: Right. I know that you consult with the WSB and that you did, in fact, examine those same diamonds when they were brought in to the authorities. My question to you is... do you think it's possible that there was a stray stone?

Nina: Maybe I don't want to turn a blind eye to the worst part of you. Maybe I think you can do better than that. Maybe I believe that Charlotte and I deserve better than that.

Valentin: Better than me? Oh. I'm sure of it. [Sighs] The only thing I can give you is the truth about myself. I love you. My love for you is very real. I think you know that. And I will do everything that's written down on that page. But I won't beg. Not anymore. And I think you know that, too.

Anna: Is it a Berlin diamond?

Man: How did you get ahold of this?

Ava: First you insist on taking me to the hospital. Then you abandon me there!

[Door slams]

Kiki: I'm sorry. I had something I had to take care of. But I asked Griffin to bring you home.

Ava: I was two minutes from calling an Uber.

Kiki: Well, then I'm glad I got there when I did. And you got a chance to fill your prescription. You know what? Why don't you hop into bed? I'll grab you something to eat, and then you can take your medication.

Ava: Why does everybody think that I need constant attention? Am I that helpless? That needy?

Kiki: No. That's not it at all. Griffin and I want to help. Why push us away?

Ava: Not you. Never you.

Kiki: Well, then, why don't you give us imperfect humans a chance to help you, okay?

Ava: Okay. But just let me take care of myself. I'll have something to eat, I'll take my medication, I'll climb into bed, but you should go, please. I don't want you getting the flu.

Kiki: Okay, fine. But I'm gonna check in with you later, okay? Love you.

Ava: Love you. Mwah. Bye.

[Door closes]

Ava: What could anyone ever feel for you but pity?

Elizabeth: It's only natural that Ava is struggling with her recovery. It's a huge adjustment. Don't take her attitude personally.

Griffin: All right, I shouldn't, but I [Sighs] I have to admit I didn't see that one coming. I thought we were getting somewhere.

Elizabeth: With the recovery?

Griffin: She needs to see that her life isn't over.

Elizabeth: Oh, and because you're you, you volunteered to be the someone to help her see it?

Griffin: Look, Ava... Ava accused me of trying to "save her soul." That's an exaggeration, but I... I want to help her realize that she can still live a productive life. And I genuinely like the woman.

Elizabeth: She's lucky to have you on her side. I remember when you used to talk to me about redemption and forgiveness with Franco. You were right. So just hang in there with Ava. If anyone can save her soul, it's you.

[Knock on door]

Ava: Oh, who is it?

Franco: It's an old friend.

Ava: What are you doing here?

Franco: Wow. Egon Schiele would have a field day.

Ava: Oh!

Franco: Okay, wait, no, no. Hold on. Hear me out. I have a proposition for you.

Next week on "General Hospital" --

Scott (to Julian): How bad is this gonna be?

Ned (to Alexis): Just the woman I was looking for.

Franco (to Elizabeth): That one's not for sale.

Anna: You know where this diamond came from?

Curtis (to Stella): You're up to something. Now, what is it?

Jordan (to Jason): Tell me why you would want to protect the person who shot Sonny.

Carly (to Sonny): What the Hell is going on?

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