GH Transcript Wednesday 8/16/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 8/16/17


Episode #13869 ~ Franco returns; Elizabeth thinks Dr. Obrecht had something to do with Hayden's disappearance; Finn wants Curtis to find Hayden; Ava & Griffin get closer.

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Ava: Besides smelling great, you'll see how quickly the pain fades away.

Griffin: [Sighs] I'll try anything at this point. [Inhales sharply] Ohh. [Exhales sharply] Wow. [Laughs] I may have the MD, but you're a miracle worker. I can't thank you enough. Yeah. That bee sting feels better already.

[Classical music playing]

Kristina: You want some company? I have food.

Parker: Sure.

Kristina: [Sighs] So, why did you come back?

Parker: So, why did you come back?

Jared: Thanks for meeting me.

Dr. Obrecht: I thought our business was concluded. If anyone should see us together...

Jared: Oh, we need to have a little chat about that brilliant plan of yours.

Dr. Obrecht: You could have just texted me, "thank you." By now, Hayden is in custody. You've been compensated for your years of incarceration. And I finally have my revenge. It is, as you Americans say, a win-win.

Jared: Yeah. There's just one little problem. My money never showed.

Dr. Obrecht: Of course, it showed. How could it not?

Jared: Because my ex-wife screwed me over...again.

Curtis: There you are.

Finn: How'd you find me?

Curtis: Well, I knew that when Hayden took off leaving only her engagement ring that you would come looking for her. This seemed like the only logical place to start.

Finn: Now that we've established how you found me, why did you find me?

Curtis: To stop you... from chasing Hayden. I know it's gonna be hard, but, uh, man, you gotta give her some time.

Finn: Time for what? For her to get halfway around the world so I'll never find her? At least I know she never used the tickets for Zanzibar.

Curtis: Well, of course not. She knew you'd follow her there.

Finn: Yes! Yes, I would. But for all we know, she could still be in town.

Curtis: Man, Hayden could be anywhere. Port Charles has an international airport, a ferry boat to Canada, an interstate on-ramp that leads to the rest of America. She's gone until she decides to come back. I guess it could be worse.

Finn: How?

Curtis: Just be glad Dr. Quartermaine decided not to press charges.

Finn: Maybe she should have.

Elizabeth: Naomi, hi! It's Elizabeth. How are you? Good, I'm glad to hear it. Hey, have you spoken with Hayden lately? No, no, no, no, it's not an emergency. Um, she and Finn are having this, uh... yeah, exactly. A little lover's spat. I think it's something they'll work through, but right now, she could use her mom. Oh, and when you speak with her, can you ask her to call me, please? Okay, thank you. You too. Bye. Oh! Gee-- I'm sor--

Franco: Really?

Elizabeth: Franco!

Franco: I'm not sorry.


Griffin: [Sighs]

Ava: I'm sorry if I embarrassed you.

Griffin: [Chuckles] You have nothing to apologize for.

Ava: [Laughs]

Griffin: What?

Ava: [Laughing] Nothing. Honestly, I've never heard anybody say that to me before.

Griffin: There's a first time for everything.

Ava: Like bee stings.

Griffin: Yeah. It's a good thing you were there.

Ava: That's another first.

Griffin: It's funny, I had no idea I was even allergic to bees.

Ava: So, how is it? How do you feel now?

Griffin: It's -- I think your home remedy's working like a charm.

Ava: Good. Well, maybe it will get me a ticket out of Purgatory a few years early. That is, if they let me out at Purgatory.

Griffin: [Laughs]

Ava: I'll probably be sent down to the lower floors.

Griffin: I will put in a good word with the boss.

Ava: Thank you very much.

Griffin: Mm-hmm.

Ava: You missed -- you missed a button there.

Griffin: Oh.

Ava: Sorry.

Griffin: I got it.

Ava: Yeah. I have to ask you... what is it like?

Griffin: What? What's...

Ava: Being perfect?

Griffin: I -- I'm -- thank you. I'm not -- I don't consider myself perfect.

Ava: Oh, come on. I know pride is a cardinal sin, but maybe false modesty ought to be one as well. Look at you. You're beautiful.

Griffin: Hey. Thank you, that's very flattering.

Ava: How is that you're not led into temptation?

Griffin: Who says I'm not tempted?

Kristina: Back? I'm from Port Charles.

Parker: [Laughs] I meant -- I meant back, like, right now, here, when your mother just warned me to keep my distance.

Kristina: To be clear, I love my mother.

Parker: Of course, you do.

Kristina: But I am an adult now -- chronologically, anyway. My mother doesn't make decisions for me, even though she still wants to. Anyway, I decided I wanted to know the real reason why you're here in Port Charles.

Parker: Um... well, things at Wesleyan --

Kristina: And don't say it's because you needed the job.

Parker: Well, actually, teaching-college gigs aren't in abundance these days. And as I told your mom, PCU agreed to take me on for one semester. And if it works out, it could lead to a tenure-track position.

Kristina: So, why PCU? I mean, don't get me wrong. It's a great school. But it's not exactly "little ivy," so...

Parker: So of all the gin joints in the all the world, I walk into yours.

Kristina: How dare you throw "Casablanca" in my face.

Parker: [Laughs]

Kristina: That is so unfair.

Parker: It's one of my favorite movies, too.

Kristina: I know. I remember.

[Classical music playing]

Parker: When I took the job, I honestly didn't think that you would be here.

Kristina: Where did you think I'd be?

Parker: Someplace far away from your parents, um, seeing the world, forging your own path.

Kristina: Well, it just so happens I'm doing exactly that, right here.

Parker: Mm.

Kristina: I've enrolled in PCU business school.

Parker: Oh!

Kristina: Don't laugh.

Parker: No, I'm not! I'm -- I'm impressed.

Kristina: Really?

Parker: Yeah. I'm very, very pleased. I always knew you'd be successful.

Kristina: You did?

Parker: You just needed to... find your passion.

Dr. Obrecht: Once the transaction took place, it was embezzlement. Even if Hayden put some money back, she still committed a felony. The Quartermaines wouldn't let anyone abscond with a pack of sticky notes, much less rob the hospital blind.

Jared: Look, all I know is somewhere between setting up the dummy corporation and the money ending up in my bank account, something went wrong. Now, either she got cold feet or got caught. Or, being Raymond Berlin's daughter, she kept it for herself.

Dr. Obrecht: If that's true, she has more kuhnheit than I gave her credit for.

Jared: Look, all I know is that Rachel or Hayden or whatever she calls herself, she owes me for all those years I spent in prison. And I'm going to collect.

Elizabeth: What are you doing here? Why didn't you tell me you were back?

Franco: Well, because I'm undercover.

Elizabeth: Oh!

Franco: Yeah, yeah. Hush, now, okay? Don't tell anybody. I'm on a secret mission to pick up some triple-chocolate fudge brownies. But really, you can't tell anybody because they're a surprise for you for when you're done with work.

Elizabeth: I completely ruined it, didn't I?

Franco: Yeah. You're the worst person. Did you miss me? It's hard for you, right? To say how truly, deeply, and madly you longed for me. Either that, or you didn't notice I was gone.

Elizabeth: I know I should say something jokey or snarky right now, but I'm incapable of banter. 'Cause I am just so happy.


Franco: Yeah, you know what? Let's forget about the brownies. Let's get out of here.

Elizabeth: Okay. Can you walk me to work?

Franco: No, 'cause that's not...

Elizabeth: And I have a bazillion questions to ask you! How was New York?

Franco: New York was fine.

Elizabeth: Did you settle that lawsuit?

Franco: Yeah, the lawsuit is finally settled. Uh, yeah. The plaintiffs received, uh, compensation for their injuries. And I had to sell some of my paintings and the rest of my work to pay for the settlement, but they have received damages. Um, yeah. And the rest of my paintings were returned to me.

Elizabeth: Well, that's great, right, for everyone? 'Cause then the families can move on, and you're gonna get your work back.

Franco: Can we just talk about this later? I really want to be alone with you.

Elizabeth: And so do I. But unfortunately, I just -- I need to get to work.

Franco: No, no, no, no. I am not letting you go to work.

Elizabeth: "Letting" me?

Franco: No, because you are -- you are -- look! Come on. You're burning up! Look at you! You're gonna, like -- it's a danger to all of the patients 'cause you're a contagion! I'm gonna call the hospital, and I'm gonna tell them that you're sick.

Elizabeth: Franco, I can't.

Franco: And then I'm gonna take you home, and I'm gonna put you to bed, and I'm gonna give you all the TLC that you deserve.

Elizabeth: Franco.

Franco: What? What is it? What's wrong?

Curtis: Now, she's pregnant with your baby, and you want her arrested? What? Brought up on embezzlement charges? You want her convicted?

Finn: No! I just want her found! Maybe the police can do that. I'm not sure I can.

Curtis: All right, Doc, look, you're going through a lot, all right? What do you say we go get something to eat?

Finn: Hey, Curtis, I appreciate what you're trying to do, okay? I do.

Curtis: Now, that was the very definition of "unconvincing." I'd hate to see your bedside manner.

Finn: Look, I don't need a sponsor, all right? I'm not gonna start using. I'm not gonna become unglued.

Curtis: Oh. Okay. 'Cause for a minute there, it sounded like you were talking about having the woman you were about to marry arrested. Maybe you're not as together as you thought.

Finn: It's the last place I saw her. [Scoffs] Came to surprise her with this cactus and... when I came back to give her the card, that's when I heard her on the phone using her old name, Rachel Berlin, to do business.

Curtis: Wow. Yeah, that sucks. You know... it's always rough, you know, when you find out what people are capable of. Kind of, uh, shakes your foundation.

Finn: All those months we spent getting closer, and when she got into real trouble, she couldn't trust me. She couldn't confide in me. From Hayden's perspective, it was a better solution to steal money from this hospital.

Curtis: And you told her this?

Finn: Yeah. That we had to work on our -- our trust and our honesty, and that's... that's when she got real defensive, and she walked out that door. I had no idea when she was leaving... that was the last time I was gonna see her.

Curtis: And?

Finn: And what? That's it.

Curtis: [Sighs] Doc Finn, imma tell you something that I know you don't want to hear. But it's time you admit something that I think you're afraid to.

Finn: What? It's my fault that she's gone?

Curtis: No. Mnh-mnh. It's time you admit the truth. You still in love with her.

Griffin: I am hardly a saint.

Ava: No saint starts out that way. Didn't one of them say, "Give me chastity, but not yet"?

Griffin: Close enough. It was Saint Augustine.

Ava: I know you have a past. I know you once believed that Valentin Cassadine's daughter Charlotte was your child. Ergo...

Griffin: I have given in to temptation, yes.

Ava: With...Claudette, right? Is that her name?

Griffin: That's right. When she left Charlotte in my care, I-I-I nearly walked away from the priesthood so I could raise a family.

Ava: Well, that's a noble temptation.

Griffin: [Scoffs] Yeah, it might have been. You know, for a long while I hoped with all my heart that something wonderful would come from my -- my fall from grace. And the idea that I could have been Charlotte's father is...

Ava: Thank you. For letting me see this side of you.

Kristina: So, did your wife come with you?

[Classical music playing]

Parker: No. No, she didn't. You know, she has her medical practice in Connecticut.

Kristina: So she didn't want to leave her patients.

Parker: Exactly.

Kristina: Oh, is she going to, you know, join you when you get tenure? Or, I mean, I guess it's not that far away. Just, like, commute back and forth on the weekends.

Parker: Honestly, I think we should keep things less personal.

Kristina: Right. Sorry.

Parker: No, it's okay. Just, um... you know, boundaries.

Kristina: Yeah, sure. Boundaries are awesome.

Parker: So, uh, tell me about the business school. Do you see yourself, like, working for a high-powered consulting firm someday or maybe going into venture capital? You always were a risk taker.

Kristina: [Sighs] You left me a note.

Parker: Kristina.

Kristina: I had to track you down and corner you into admitting that you were going back to your wife.

Parker: I'm sorry.

Kristina: Good. Now, don't you think that I'm entitled to know how it all worked out?

Parker: Yeah, sure. You are. And it didn't. We tried very hard. We gave it our all, but in the end, we had to face it. My marriage is over.

Elizabeth: Hayden's not responding to my e-mails, and I've been texting and calling her, but she's disconnected her phone.

Franco: That sounds drastic.

Elizabeth: And the only thing she left behind was her engagement ring.

Franco: Are you kidding?

Elizabeth: Mnh-mnh.

Franco: After everything your sister and Finn went through, on their wedding day, right before that last leap of faith, she pulls a vanishing act. Why? What happened?

Elizabeth: [Sighs] It's a long story. Can I just tell you later?

Franco: Yeah, sure. Absolutely. I can tell you're distraught and need consoling. Why don't I, uh -- why don't I console you?

Elizabeth: Well, as much as I want to be consoled by you, I have to get back to the hospital.

Franco: No. Seriously?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Franco: You're gonna choose strangers over me? Sick strangers over me.

Elizabeth: Come by the house after my shift, and I will make it up to you.

Franco: Okay.

Elizabeth: I promise.

Franco: Really?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Franco: Sold.


[Door opens]

Dr. Obrecht: Ah, the visionary genius and his medical maintenance drone together again. It warms the heart.

Elizabeth: And how would you know? It's not like you have one.

Finn: Of course, I still love Hayden.

Curtis: All right. Good. I thought I was gonna have to drag that out of you.

Finn: That's not the only reason I need to find her.

Curtis: What's this about, man? The baby? Are you sure it's not about the woman that was rocking that beautiful rock?

Finn: Of course, it is. I need to make sure she's okay.

Curtis: But for the sake of the baby?

Finn: No. I want her to be okay for her own sake. What is this?

Curtis: So, you can't get past the mistake she made just to be with her?

Finn: You're thinking I'm blaming Hayden for this, that somehow it's all her fault?

Curtis: [Inhales sharply] Yeah, because, um, that's exactly what it looks like.

Finn: No, listen, I need to tell her that I'm as much to blame for this as she is.

Curtis: You really believe that, or are you just saying it 'cause it sounds right?

Finn: When I was detoxing and in withdrawal, I told Hayden that she couldn't be trusted. I said those words knowing that they would hurt her. I wanted her to hurt inside the way I was hurting inside, and those words left a scar. We tried to get past them. But when Hayden really needs someone to believe in her, when she had no one else to turn to, why would she have any faith in me?

Curtis: All right, look, um, those things you said, they were harsh, right? And they stung. But Hayden knew that was the detox talking. She stayed in it, man. She guided you through recovery. She stood by your side.

Finn: But you understand in her mind, I couldn't return that loyalty. And like I said, my fault.

Curtis: Doc, the only thing worse than blaming Hayden is blaming yourself.

Finn: Hey. Hey! Where the hell is she?! Where is she?! Tell me where she is right now! Tell me where she is!

Ava: Turns out you're human after all.

Griffin: [Chuckles] All too human. You know, Ava, um, I don't know what God you pray to or -- or even if you pray to any God at all, but there's no sin in wanting to love and be loved or simply feeling the simple touch of another human being.

Ava: This conversation is getting a little esoteric for me.

Griffin: [Chuckles]

Ava: And, you know, I don't -- I don't want to be rude, but I'm -- I'm still getting my stamina back. You know, and the trip to the park tired me out.

Griffin: Should I take this as a hint to leave?

Ava: I don't know. Are you gonna take it? Are you gonna stick around and -- and give me another lecture on reinventing my life?

Griffin: I will give you a break, but I reserve the right to lecture again soon.

Ava: Must you?

Griffin: Or I'll settle for another outing, preferably to a place without any bees.

Ava: Okay, well -- well, we'll see about that.

Griffin: You know, I'm -- I'm really glad you came out tonight.

Ava: [Chuckles] Come on. Don't act like you gave me any choice. But it was nice, so thank you very much.

Griffin: You're welcome. Good night.

Ava: Good -- good night. [Sighs] [Sniffles] [Sighs] [Sighs]

Kristina: What happened? You told me that you were recommitting to your marriage.

Parker: That was the plan.

Kristina: Was it, or was that just a line to get the clingy co-ed off your back?

Parker: Oh, you weren't being clingy.

Kristina: I basically stalked you and threatened you. Clingy would have been an improvement.

Parker: I was talking about the last time I was here, that, um, when we... had sex? I never, ever meant to take advantage of you, Kristina.

Kristina: You didn't.

Parker: I wish I could be so sure, but you were vulnerable and confused, and I should have known better.

Kristina: No, I wasn't. Maybe back at school, but that night that we had together, I've never been more clear about anything in my life.

[Classical music playing]

Franco: Okay, wait, why don't we both, you know, remain in our neutral corners?

Elizabeth: Anyway, I have patients to attend to. You do remember what those are, right? Can't wait to see you tonight.

Franco: She is a spitfire.

Dr. Obrecht: [Scoffs] You disappoint me, Franco. I never took you for the sentimental type.

Franco: I never took you to become someone that would play three-card Monte with urine samples, so there we go.

Dr. Obrecht: I don't know what you've been told.

Franco: Probably just the facts.

Dr. Obrecht: I'll only say I did what I had to. Now, may I buy you a doughnut or some other pedestrian American pastry? I'm eager to hear what else the chirpy, little harpy has been saying behind my back.

Franco: Hmm. What makes you think we were talking about you?

Dr. Obrecht: Because nothing and no one in your life could provide more scintillating a subject.

Franco: If you must know what we were talking about is Elizabeth is worried about her sister.

Dr. Obrecht: With good reason. It must be a terrible blow to see someone you love being hauled off to jail.

Franco: Who said anything about jail?

Finn: Where is she?! Where's Hayden?!

Jared: Look, if I knew that, I wouldn't be here looking for her!

Finn: Yeah? Why are you here? Trying to squeeze a little more money out of her?

Curtis: Okay, you know what? Let this man go. Come on.

Jared: Get your hands off me, or I'll have you arrested for assault!

Finn: Yeah, you want to go ahead and call a cop, all right? You'll be charged with blackmail and extortion!

Jared: Rachel owes me!

Finn: Hayden! Her name is Hayden!

Jared: You can write "honey" on a bottle of rat poison, it's still gonna kill you.

Curtis: Whoa, whoa, that's some whack poetry, man, right there, okay? I'd hate to hear your wedding vows.

Jared: Look, it's not my fault that Hayden lied about her past and pretended to be something she's not.

Finn: What about you pretending to be her work husband?

Jared: Yeah, it was half-true.

Finn: You were threatening to expose her if she didn't pay you!

Jared: So what?! I wish you'd just thank me, huh? At least now you know that she was a lying bitch before it was too late.

Finn: I'm gonna kill you!

Curtis: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Finn: I'm gonna kill you!

Curtis: Doc, doc, doc, okay. You're a doctor. Keep it together. Your hands are for healing, all right? Mine, on the other hand, are not.

Jared: Aah! [Groans] [Groans]

Parker: You know, we used to love the fact that we didn't have that much in common. It gave us something to talk about.

[Classical music playing]

Parker: And then we just became... perfect strangers.

Kristina: I'm sorry. On principle.

Parker: That's not all of it, though. Through it all, I discovered... something about myself, especially when I was with you.

Kristina: You did?

Parker: [Sighs] I mean, for all the lines I crossed and the mistakes I made... ...there was still a part of me that felt, um...brave that I followed my heart. [Chuckles] I felt like one of those flawed heroines in my syllabus.

Kristina: Like Anna Karenina without the kid or, you know, the train.

Parker: [Chuckles] But mine wasn't fiction. I was living it. Anyway... please hear me that I -- I do not intend to get in your way. I don't want to do that.

Kristina: You don't?

Parker: No, Kristina. I hurt you once, and I-I don't ever want to see you unhappy again. I should probably go.

Kristina: Don't go.

Parker: [Sighs]

Dr. Obrecht: Surely Elizabeth told you about her sister's troubles at the hospital.

Franco: The hospital?

Dr. Obrecht: Are you saying that Hayden has not been arrested?

Franco: No, they don't arrest you for being a runaway bride.

Dr. Obrecht: [Scoffs] So she has left Dr. Finn at the altar?

Franco: Well, technically, not actually at the altar, but yeah, that's -- that's the general idea.

Dr. Obrecht: The good Dr. Finn must be heartbroken.

Franco: Well, I'm -- I'm sure he's not altogether happy about it.

Dr. Obrecht: Are you certain that the reason Hayden was unable to marry Dr. Finn was not due to her sudden arrest?

Franco: Yes, I am certain. Why do you keep asking?

Dr. Obrecht: [Scoffs] No reason.

Franco: No, no, no, no. Cut it out. Spill.

Dr. Obrecht: There is nothing to spill. I am merely tabling this discussion out of concern for your health.

Franco: My health is magnificent in the envy of all. Well, not technically all. I mean, not the people who are healthier than I am.

Dr. Obrecht: You just came home from a stressful excursion to a filthy city with a dying theater empire.

Franco: Actually, Broadway's doing really well.

Dr. Obrecht: You don't need to get caught up in all the sturm und drangs that's been going on here in Port Charles. Go home. Rest and unpack. Guten tag.

Franco: Liesl. If you know anything that would help Elizabeth find her sister...

Dr. Obrecht: After what that bean-counting hob goblin and her fiancÚ did to me? Whatever happens to them, trust me -- they more than deserve it.

Curtis: All right. Here's the deal. Hayden is my dear friend. And you blackmailed her and caused her to leave town. Now, if you want to make that right, you tell us where to find her.

Jared: I told you. I don't know!

Curtis: Mm! You know -- he says he don't know.

Finn: Hayden told me this jerk took real pride in his tennis.

Curtis: [Pats shoulder] Sure would be a shame if you couldn't rush the net again.

Jared: Look, come on! You got to believe me!

Curtis: No. We don't. We don't.

Jared: Hey, I'm a victim, too, all right? Look, Rachel -- Hayden -- she promised to pay me for taking the fall for her. I did the time. Where's my reward, huh? I gave her a divorce. Where's my settlement? Hate me all you want, but Rachel/Hayden ran out on both of us. But she can't help it, can she? She's Raymond Berlin's daughter. She learned how to lie and cheat at her daddy's knee.

Kristina: Look, you're going to be teaching here. I'm going to be studying on the same campus. On top of that, my sister's taking your class, so what's going to happen when Molly comes to me asking for help with the papers she's writing for you?

Parker: [Chuckles] Sorry.

Kristina: Okay. Okay, maybe Molly is better off writing that essay without my input.

Parker: Molly should do her own work.

Kristina: She will. She always does. That was just a bad example all the way around.

Parker: Well, it doesn't mean that she still doesn't have something to learn from her sister. From what I can tell, you've grown up a lot.

Kristina: Yeah, well, losing a brother will do that to you.

Parker: Oh, I heard about Morgan on the news. I'm so sorry. I wanted to send flowers or a note or...

Kristina: Oh, please. Another note? That's the last thing that I needed. Losing people you love, it teaches you something about yourself.

Parker: What did losing Morgan teach you?

Kristina: Not to waste time. Not to get caught up in the things that don't matter and to say the things that do.

Parker: Hmm.

Kristina: So... I need to tell you that when I saw you today, I was glad.

Parker: I was glad to see you, too.

Griffin: What did I tell you? Miracles do happen.

Ava: But this... what did I do to deserve this?

Griffin: That's the thing about grace. It's a gift. You're not loved for what you've done. You're loved for who you are.

Ava: But I've done such terrible things.

Griffin: And you've suffered and atoned. Look. What do you see?

Ava: I'm not a freak anymore. I'm not a monster.

Griffin: No. You're beautiful. You always were.


Ava: Griffin.


Ava: [Exhales sharply] [Gasps]

[Cell phone rings]

Ava: Hello? Valentin, it's you. Yes. Yeah, I still have your card. I remember what you said. You said that the clinic worked miracles for you, and it could do the same for me. Well, there's just one problem with that. I don't believe in miracles.

Franco: I come bearing brownies because brownies are everybody's favorite.

Elizabeth: I think they're your favorite.

Franco: Who doesn't love a brownie?

Elizabeth: [Chuckles]

Franco: Oh, my goodness. That -- that's disgusting. There's a blondie in here? Ew! Look at that blondie.

Elizabeth: You think of everything, don't you?

Franco: I'm thinking maybe right now that you should blow off the rest of your shift and come run away with me.

Elizabeth: I can't. Why don't you take the rest of these brownies home to the boys, except for this one, and I'll be home as soon as I can. What?

Franco: I don't know. You tell me. You're still trying to track down Hayden, aren't you?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Franco: On company time, Nurse Webber. I think I might know where you could start looking.

Elizabeth: Why? Did Obrecht say something?

Franco: Maybe possibly.

Elizabeth: What -- what did your friend say that might lead us to my sister?

Franco: Have you tried jail?

Curtis: All right, here's what's gonna happen. You're gonna get the hell out of town, and you're gonna stay the hell out of town.

Jared: What about my money?

Curtis: Man, please. Look, Doc, Doc, don't even worry about it. It's not worth it.

Finn: What if he can lead us to Hayden?

Curtis: He don't know where she is, man. His dumb ass can't even find her.

Finn: That's just it. I'm supposed to let her go, let her go with our baby? Not even try to look for her?

Parker: Well, if I'm gonna try to make tenure in six months, I probably should start preparing my classes.

Kristina: Yeah, I've got to hit the bookstore. If I don't want to screw up my academic career again, I should probably, you know, buy the books. Thanks for sharing the blanket.

Parker: Thanks for the company.

Kristina: I may sit in on your class one day if the offer still stands.

Parker: Anytime.

Curtis: You got to remember, Rachel Berlin vanished and resurfaced as Hayden Barnes. The girl knows how to disappear.

Finn: Mm. But she was discovered. She was found once. She can be found again.

Curtis: Perhaps she learned from her mistakes.

Finn: [Scoffs] Do any of us? If she did realize how to cover her tracks better, it would take someone pretty savvy to track her down this time.

Curtis: Exactly.

Finn: Hmm. Maybe someone who understood the way her mind works.

Curtis: Yep. Wait. Whoa. You're not --

Finn: Someone like you.

Elizabeth: Jail? What did Obrecht say exactly?

Franco: Nothing specific. She just seemed really surprised that Hayden hadn't been arrested, like there was some law against ditching a guy at the altar. There's a lot more to this story than just a runaway bride, huh?

Elizabeth: Yeah, a lot more.

Franco: So, why was Liesl so convinced that Hayden had been arrested?

Elizabeth: Only one reason I can think of. She was in on it.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Mac (making a toast with Anna, Felicia, & Emma): To the newest member of the family.

Curtis (to Finn): Hayden covered all her tracks. She cut all ties.

Liesl (to Franco): Hayden Barnes got what she deserved.

Nathan (to Amy): You're not asking me to go on being Ask Man Landers, are you?

Maxie (to Spinelli): I have a more pressing mystery for the Jackal to solve.

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