GH Transcript Tuesday 8/15/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/15/17


Episode #13868 ~ Dante questions Oscar; Josslyn has a date with Oscar; Griffin surprises Ava.

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Alexis: Until then, truthfully, I don't know if my testimony hurt Julian or helped him. I -- I just know that I'm sitting there with your sister in the hospital and I'm thinking, you know, she's there because of what his sister did to her. And he kept that threat a secret, so I...

Kristina: Mom, the whole point of coming here was to give yourself a break, okay? Sam's recovering. She's out of the woods. And Julian is not your problem, so just chill.

Alexis: All right.

Kristina: Relax, okay?

Alexis: Yep.

Kristina: Just enjoy the music. Eat some pasta salad and some fruit.

Alexis: Okay. So, duly chastised. Let's talk about you. How did registration go? Did you get the classes you wanted?

Kristina: Yeah, pretty much. You know how it is.

Alexis: No, I don't, really. How is it?

Ava: So, all I need is a referral from the prince of darkness. Sell my soul and get a my face back. So, I'm just supposed to forget how you killed a man who actually cared for me. Who died for me... well, Valentin, no deal. I will not choose vanity over justice for Nikolas. When something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

[Knocking at door]

Ava: [Sighs]

Griffin: Hey.

Ava: Hi. What are you doing here?

Griffin: I was just out for a walk. It's a beautiful evening. Care to join me, give the world another go?

Oscar: Hey! You beat me here. Sorry.

Josslyn: Yeah. Well, you said to meet right away so I left right away. It sounded pretty urgent.

Oscar: Well, there is a time constraint. And, you know, I thought it would be cooler to ask in person than over the phone.

Josslyn: What are you talking about?

Oscar: The concert in the park tonight. You want to go with me?

Nelle: Mwah.

Michael: Given everything that's going on with my father and the whole financial thing at GH, I'm actually surprised I made it out tonight.

Nelle: Well, I'm glad you did. You know, even responsible CEOs/hospital board members need a break sometimes, right?

Michael: Yeah, very funny. No more jokes about me being the responsible one, okay? Kind of messes with my whole bad boy, sexy image.

Nelle: Who says?

[Ring tone plays]

Nelle: Oh. I'm sorry. I'll get rid of whoever it is. I promise. Hello? Uh, yeah. Right now? Okay. Yeah, I'll be right there.

Michael: Who was that?

Nelle: That was the police. They want me to come in and answer some questions about your father's shooting.

Dante: What's that? Okay, thanks.

Sonny: New developments?

Dante: We just got some new information on who purchased that third gun.

Sonny: Oh, yeah?

Dante: Yeah. As I explained before, the serial number was wiped off. But we found a posting on the dark web for a gun that matches the ballistics, traced the IP address, found the vendor.

Sonny: How 'bout that?

Dante: Yeah. Feds are bringing the guy in so we can take a crack at him, you know, ask him a few questions.

Sonny: [Grunting] Yeah. Well, good luck with that.

Dante: [Sighs] All right, Sonny. You know what? If there's anything I should know about this gun, now is the time to tell me. 'Cause whatever secret you're trying to hide, it's gonna come out.

Jason: Hey, Cooper. How you doing? You know what? I need a word.

Sam: I know you want to come home. I want to come home, too. But it won't be long, because I'm all better now. Yes.

Carly: You psycho bitch! I know what you did to Sonny.

Ava: Well, I certainly don't mean to sound rude, but I definitely did not invite you in here.

Griffin: This is nice, but I don't think it'll be big enough. Do you have any other blankets we could use?

Ava: Excuse me?

Griffin: For the picnic in the park. Port Charles symphony is playing tonight.

Ava: Oh, well, you know, I don't really much like classical music, so.

Griffin: Fresh air will do you good. Have you even been outside since you've been back from therapy?

Ava: There's no need. I just order anything and everything, and it shows up right here, sometimes even on the same day. It really is a wondrous world in which we live.

Griffin: Especially if you're agoraphobic.

Ava: I'm not afraid of the world. The world's afraid of me. The couple of times I've taken this face out for a spin, I've frightened small children. The townspeople have come after me with torches and pitchforks.

Griffin: Well, at least you still have your sense of humor.

Ava: No, actually, I don't. If you don't mind...

Griffin: Look, I'm gonna have to pull rank here. You need some fresh air. A few hours under the stars listening to music will do. Doctor's orders.

Ava: So, first you talk me into therapy, and now a concert? Are you really this dedicated a physician, or is this the priest talking?

Griffin: Maybe this is just me asking as a friend, Ava.

Ava: We're friends?

Griffin: Friendly acquaintances, at least.

Ava: [Laughs] Oh, boy. You're good. You'll really say anything to get me out of this apartment.

Griffin: Is it working?

Kristina: Registration went well.

Alexis: Good! Your credits all transferred, no problem?

Kristina: Nope.

Alexis: Wonderful. And I want you to know that I don't blame you at all if you're a little bit uncomfortable about this next year. It's natural.

Kristina: What makes you think that I'm uncomfortable?

Alexis: Well, I don't mean uncomfortable. I just... I know that something is up, and I know why. Because of the way things shook out at Wesleyan, you know, it's very natural for you to be a little anxious about going full time to PCU.

Kristina: Thanks for the reminder.

Alexis: You know what I mean. I'm confident, I really am so confident, that this is gonna be so good for you. It's a fresh start. It's a chance for you to reinvent yourself.

Kristina: I like myself the way I am.

Alexis: So do I. I do, and you know that. So I'm just saying, again, that it's good to be able to leave your old baggage behi--

Kristina: Mom, what's wrong?

Josslyn: A concert in the park? Like, now?

Oscar: Yeah. It's classical music, and at the end of the show, it goes full-on jazz. And if you're not sure about jazz, just wait. There's this killer solo pianist. I get jealous just watching him. You'll love it.

Josslyn: Yeah! Yeah, I mean, it sounds cool. Uh, let me text Trina and see if she can get a group together.

Oscar: Uh... actually, I was thinking it'd just be you and me.

Josslyn: Seriously?

Oscar: Seriously.

Josslyn: Like a date?

Oscar: Exactly like a date.

Jason: Our mutual friend would appreciate it if some accommodation could be made.

Officer Cooper: [Scoffs] I should go.

Jason: You know how to reach us. Like I said, we'd really appreciate this favor.

Sonny: Why are you hounding me on this gun? It wasn't mine. I told you everything that happened that night. It's just my memory's just -- I don't know.

Dante: Hazy, right?

Sonny: I don't like to say that I'm a victim, but Garvey did ambush me, try to kill me. He wound up dead. Isn't that what matters?

Dante: I'm still sticking with the theory that a third a gun equals third shooter. And the only reason why you're not gonna confirm that is because you know who sent that shooter, and you're gonna retaliate.

Sonny: No. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna stay in my house, recuperate my leg until Epiphany calls me into physical therapy and kicks my ass.

Dante: You know, I got to hand it to you. [Slaps shoulder] You should teach a master class in stonewalling, you know that?

Sonny: [Laughs]

Dante: But it doesn't matter, 'cause we are gonna find that other shooter.

Sam: Carly, I was on the phone with Danny.

Carly: Do you think I care?!

[Phone slams on floor]

Carly: Sonny's kids almost lost their father! Did you really think I wouldn't find out, Sam? That Sonny and Jason could make this go away?

Sam: I am so sorry. I wanted to tell you. I didn't know what I was doing...

Carly: You didn't know what you were doing when you shot my husband? Let me be clear, Sam. There is no getting away from this. Because I'm gonna make you pay.

Sam: Carly... [Gasps]

Carly: Hey. Take it easy. You had a nightmare.

Kristina: Parker.

Parker: Kristina. You're looking well.

Kristina: You too.

Alexis: Yeah, well, this is a surprise... for me, at least. I heard you were teaching at PCU.

Parker: Yes. I'm teaching English and American Lit this fall semes--

Alexis: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You're teaching at PCU? You knew about this, and you didn't mention it to me? You better tell me you didn't enroll in her class.

Kristina: No. But Molly did.

Griffin: [Sighs] There we go. The perfect spot. It's not close. It's not too loud. But it not far away enough that we need to be listening to it on our boom box.

Ava: Boom box? [Laughs] Don't say that too loud. People will think you haven't updated your technology in eons.

Griffin: Well, I did take a vow of poverty.

Ava: Did you really?

Griffin: [Laughing] No.

Ava: No?

Griffin: No, I am the first one in line to buy every new phone.

Ava: [Laughs]

Griffin: Is that a laugh I hear, Ava Jerome? I can't be certain because I can barely see your face.

Ava: Consider yourself lucky.

Griffin: Ava... if this is going back to Charlotte's reaction, remember, she's just a child. She didn't know any better.

Ava: Her reaction was honest. And better than the adults who try so hard to be polite, and then look away so they don't have to see me at all.

Griffin: Look. Don't assume it's because of anything mean-spirited. Sometimes people just -- they don't know what to do or say. And they don't want to do or say something that could be hurtful. It's more their problem than yours.

Ava: Look. You're a compassionate man. But you're not living in my skin, so I think it's easier for you to have that kind of detachment.

Griffin: You're right. I -- I don't know what it's like. I don't know what you're going through. But I do know your life isn't over. You know, maybe it's shifted a little. You know, maybe your scarf and your glasses and your mask are your new normal until they don't have to be.

Ava: Maybe they don't.

Michael: Hey, Josslyn.

Josslyn: Michael... and Nelle, hi. Are you gonna introduce us to your friend here?

Nelle: We've already met. Oscar, right?

Oscar: Yeah.

Michael: Hi, Oscar. My name is Michael Corinthos. Nice to meet you.

Oscar: [Laughing] Hi. You too.

Michael: So, I didn't expect to see you out tonight.

Josslyn: It was kind of a last minute thing. Anyways, Oscar said that there was gonna be an amazing jazz pianist after the symphony.

Michael: Yeah, right. Look, Josslyn, I'm sorry, but Nelle covered for you as long as she could. Now is the time for you to tell the truth about how that shell casing was found.

Carly: I stopped by to pick up Sonny's medication, and I looked in and I saw you in here asleep. I wanted to come in and sit with you. I hope I didn't disturb you.

Sam: No. No, I just, um... well, I had a bad dream.

Carly: Yeah. Is it the toxoplasmosis? Is that still in your system?

Sam: No. No, it was just a -- it was just a dream.

Carly: You want to tell me about it?

Sam: Could you pour me a glass of water, please?

Carly: Sure! Of course. You know, yesterday, you said you had to tell me something.

Sam: Um... I just don't... I don't really want to bother you with it right now.

Carly: [Laughing] Bother me? We've been through a lot over the years, Sam. And I've burdened you more than once with all my problems. And not only have you listened, but you've given me great advice. We're like family. I hope you know you can tell me anything.

Jason: What's going on, guys? Hey.

Carly: Hey! Hey, there. Well, Sam had a bad dream, and she was just about to tell me about it.

Jason: Oh, yeah?

Carly: Yeah.

Jason: Still having bad dreams, huh? If you can't get enough sleep, that's not good. You need your rest because you know once you get home to the kids, rest isn't gonna happen.

Sam: I know. Yeah. Scout was just starting to sleep through the night. So hopefully she still is.

Jason: Yeah.

Carly: Well, I'm gonna take off. I can come visit you another time. Although, I hope you're home and not here. [Laughs]

Sam: Yeah, that's good. I could probably use the rest.

Carly: Take care of yourself.

Jason: Good to see you.

Carly: Yeah.

Jason: Hey. Okay. I love you.

Alexis: Molly's enrolled in her class?

Kristina: Molly Lansing-Davis is my sister. And yes, she is taking "Women, Wit, and Politics in Fiction from Rebecca West to Now." She was planning to request a meeting with you, and she and I were going to go in together to tell you so we could figure out how to handle this.

Alexis: What's to handle? She'll be dropping the class.

Kristina: Mom, she needs this for her minor this semester.

Parker: I can assure you, despite our history, I will be completely fair and honest as her professor.

Alexis: You'll have to forgive me if I'm not entirely confident with your ability to respect the boundaries between you and your students.

Kristina: Mom!

Parker: It's okay, Kristina. It's fine. I -- I understand where your mother is coming from. Please just tell Molly to let me know whatever she decides. And I will understand that, too. I hope you both enjoy the concert.

Kristina: Are you happy now? Molly and I could have handled things just fine on our own.

Alexis: Oh, that's probably true since you didn't bother telling me about this.

Kristina: Well, maybe I would have later!

Alexis: I don't think so. You've had plenty of chances to tell me if you wanted to, but you didn't tell me.

Kristina: [Sighs]

Alexis: So here's what I'm thinking. You two came down on me like the wrath of God about my coming clean about things, whether it's my drinking or anything else. And I felt horrible, so I made a vow to do better. And I was very sincere in keeping that vow. So I'm gonna ask that you two girls do the same, because open and honest communication go both ways. Got it? Good! I want some lemonade. I'm parched.

[Orchestra warming up]

Ava: I've been wondering if there are other avenues I could explore for cosmetic restoration. I've even done some research.

Griffin: [Sighs] Look, I don't want to burst your bubble, but go easy on the online searches. I mean, the web can be every patient's best friend and worst enemy.

Ava: You're afraid I'll get sucked in by some quack?

Griffin: I'll tell you what. You find something interesting you want to explore, bring it to me and we'll sort it out together.

Ava: Okay. I still don't get why you show such interest. You're a neurologist, and I'm clearly more of a burn-unit case.

Griffin: [Laughs] You're not a case. You're a person, a lovely woman that I'm enjoying getting to know.

Ava: I don't want your pity.

Griffin: Good. I'm not gonna give it. Maybe you're pitying yourself, and you think that's the case with me and everyone else.

Ava: You know, Sally did say that I'm very good at projecting on to others.

Griffin: Sally, as in Dr. Hoffman?

[Both laugh]

Griffin: I guess those therapy sessions weren't a complete waste of time after all.

Alexis: Uh, Ms. Forsyth?

Parker: Ms. Davis. Look, I'm really just trying to enjoy the concert. If it would make you feel more comfortable, I can move further away.

Alexis: Oh. Well, that would be nice. But until then, just tell me... what the hell are you doing?

Josslyn: If Mom finds out that I was at that construction site with Oscar, she'll completely freak.

Michael: Look, think about it. That clue led mom to Sonny and saved his life. She's going to understand.

Josslyn: Hello? Have you met our mother? Besides, Sonny's okay. So what's the point of dragging me and Oscar into this now?

Michael: Nelle got called to the police station. She has to give a statement. She's not gonna perjure herself just because you don't want to get into trouble with Mom.

Oscar: I'll go to the station with Nelle. I'll tell them I found the casing. Which is the truth, because I did.

Josslyn: No, no. Wait a minute. I don't want you getting in trouble.

Nelle: Look, I don't think anybody's gonna get in trouble. I just think that the police want to know the facts. That's it. Okay?

Josslyn: Are you sure? Here. I mean, you'll probably need this.

Oscar: Thanks. I promise I'll be okay.

Michael: All right. Just call me when you're done, all right?

Nelle: Okay.

Michael: Okay, that was pretty cool of Oscar to step up like that.

Josslyn: Yeah. Yeah, he's a pretty great guy.

Michael: Hmm. He seems like it.

Josslyn: You don't sound like you believe that.

Michael: Look, I'm your over-protective big brother. I'm not supposed to be okay with you sneaking off when you're grounded into a construction site.

Josslyn: Okay, well, don't blame Oscar for something I did.

Michael: I don't blame anybody! Look, you two were just looking for an adventure, right? I -- I get that, but look, if you're gonna break the rules, you have to be able to face the consequences. And I'm telling you from personal experience that the longer you hide something, the worse the fallout is.

Josslyn: Where are you going with this?

Michael: You and I both know that Mom's gonna find out the truth at some point. Now, wouldn't it would be best if that truth came from you?

Carly: Hey!

Sonny: Hey.

Carly: Wow, look at you!

[Both laugh]

Sonny: How was your day?

Carly: Oh, it was good. Busy. I stopped by the hospital pharmacy so I could pick up your medication. How are you feeling?

Sonny: You know, following doctor's orders. Just walking around as much as I can.

Carly: Oh, the model patient, huh?

Sonny: Yeah, well, I told you I'm gonna be on my best behavior.

Carly: You know, when you're good, it makes me very suspicious.

Sonny: Well, that's probably why you shouldn't be so paranoid.

Carly: Maybe I am.

Sonny: Where did that come from?

Carly: Well, I stopped by Sam's room when I was there. And she had this nightmare, and she was just feeling really upset about it. And before she could tell me everything, Jason walked in and shut it all down. He said she needed to rest.

Sonny: Maybe she needs to rest.

Carly: Yeah, but he was all protective like he wanted to isolate her from me.

Sonny: Maybe he's just feeling like she's doing too much.

Carly: You know that feeling you get when everyone in the room knows something, and you're out of the loop? That's how it felt. Anyway, where's Avery? Is she still asleep?

Sonny: Yeah. She's upstairs. She's been sleeping for a while.

Carly: Oh, wow. She must be going through a growth spurt. Okay, well, I'm gonna go wake her up 'cause if I don't, you will be sorry later.

Sonny: Before you go, there's something I need to tell you.

Alexis: So, you're gonna tell me that leaving Wesleyan and coming to PCU is just a weird coincidence?

Parker: PCU has a great English department.

Alexis: It also has my daughter on campus.

Parker: I had no idea that Kristina was enrolled here. I took this job because they offered tenure track.

Alexis: Tenure? Congratulations. I hope it doesn't get derailed because you're attracted to one of the co-eds.

Parker: [Scoffs] That was uncalled for.

Alexis: So is what you did to my daughter. You know, professor's aren't supposed to have sex with their students. I would've thought you would've known that.

Parker: I never once violated the code of conduct at Wesleyan.

Alexis: I don't get it. I thought we went through this a year ago. Why are you coming back for round three?

Parker: I told you. I did not know Kristina was gonna be here!

Alexis: It's her hometown. You never thought she'd be going to college in her own hometown? I mean, how weird is that? But yet, here she is, enrolled where you're teaching. How does your wife feel about that, that you're on the campus with a woman who almost broke up your marriage?

Parker: That is none of your concern.

Alexis: I think it is. My daughter has had a very challenging year. And despite all of that, she's managed to pull her life together.

Parker: Good.

Alexis: And I would like very much to know that you are not gonna destroy that again.

Kristina: Okay, that's enough, Mom.

Griffin: Oh! Why, Ava Jerome. What do you have there?

Ava: Just some water.

Griffin: Distilled in Russia?

Ava: [Laughs] What's not to love?


Griffin: Well, don't be stingy. Pass it over. Come on.

[Symphony begins to play]

Griffin: Mmm. Mmm!

Ava: What?

Griffin: Ow!

Ava: Are you kidding? It's not that strong.

Griffin: No, I think something -- ah, something just stung me!

Ava: Hmm? You said you're stung?

Griffin: Yeah. I think something flew down my shirt and stung me on my left shoulder blade.

Ava: Okay. You've never been stung by a bee before? Let me look.

Griffin: You? I'm the doctor!

Ava: Hey, even the very best doctors don't have eyes in the back of their heads.

Griffin: Okay.

Ava: Oh. Oh, I have some bad news for you, Doctor. You appear to be allergic to bee stings.

Jason: You want to tell me what's been bothering you? You want to talk about that nightmare?

Sam: Okay. Um, Carly found out about what I did to Sonny, and she was furious, Jason. She was yelling at me, and she told me that she was gonna make me pay. She even started to choke me.

Jason: It's just a nightmare. You know that.

Sam: Yeah, I know. I do. And then I woke up, and she was sitting right there. And she couldn't have been kinder or more supportive.

Jason: You want to tell her.

Sam: I have this guilt about shooting Sonny, and it's not going away. And now I'm having nightmares about it. So I think so. I mean, she even said it herself -- we're a family. I think she'll understand.

Jason: She will. She definitely will, but... I'm asking you to please wait to tell her until after the police close their investigation.

Sam: [Sighs]

Carly: Okay. So, worried should I be right now?

Sonny: Well, it's not really that you should be worried. It's just I didn't want to tell you until everything calmed down.

[Door closes]

Michael: Hey, Mom. Dad. I thought you'd be here.

Carly: What's going on? Honey, are you okay?

Josslyn: Yeah, Mom. I'm fine.

Sonny: Well, you don't look fine. What happened?

Michael: Josslyn has something she has to tell Mom in person.

Carly: Well, it must be my night for that, huh? Okay. Sweetheart, what do you need to tell me?

Josslyn: Um, it's about the shell casing.

Carly: The one that Nelle found at the construction site?

Josslyn: That's the thing. Nelle wasn't the one who found it. She was covering for me. Oscar found the casing... when he took me to the construction site.

Oscar: We found the shell casing at the site. I didn't see a sign of anybody there. We had no idea Mr. Corinthos was in that pit. I mean, if I'd known he was there, I would've --

Dante: Hey, you know what, man? An entire construction crew missed him, as well, so don't sweat it.

Nelle: We just wanted to clarify everything and set the record straight, make sure everything was accurate.

Dante: And I appreciate that. I'm starting to understand the whole situation. Oscar, it's good you came forward to speak up, okay? But since you're a minor, I need to contact your parents. Can you write down their number for me?

Oscar: It's just my mother, but yeah, you can contact her cell.

Dante: Okay. You know what? Can you write down her number and name? I got to go take care of something.

Oscar: [Sighs]

[Door closes]

Nelle: You did good, kid.

Oscar: I sure hope so.

Dante: This the guy?

Officer: Yep. Feds just dropped him off.

Dante: Can we have the room? [Sighs] Got a good little business going for yourself. Selling guns -- that's a federal bounce.

Man: I want my lawyer.

Dante: Yeah, your lawyer's on the way. But this gives us a chance to talk. When they get here, they're just gonna find out the Feds got you dead to rights anyway. The traced the IP address of the vendor to your computer, not to mention the fact they got bitcoin transactions, records going into your account in exchange for guns, ammunition, the works.

Man: I got nothing to say.

Dante: I thought you might say that, and I get it. I do, I totally get it. But you are going away for a long, long time. And I'm trying to make this easier on you. All I need to know is who you sold that gun to.

Kristina: Parker, I apologize. Clearly, my helicopter mother needs reminding that I am a grown woman who can manage her own life.

Parker: Really, it's okay, Kristina. I actually admire how much your mother cares about you. But I should probably be going. So, I'll see you around. Or probably not.

Alexis: Oh, go ahead. Let me have it.

Parker: I don't even know where to start, Mom. You don't trust me to handle my life?

Alexis: I don't trust you to handle -- I don't trust you to tell me about it. Look, I was just trying to get to the bottom of what that woman was doing here.

Parker: Well, now you know!

Alexis: No, I don't know, because I don't believe anything she says.

Parker: Hey, don't you remember? I'm the one who lied? I'm the one who crossed the line with Parker when she was my professor? That makes me responsible for what happened at Wesleyan.

Alexis: No, no! No! She's the professor, you're the student, that makes her --

Parker: I am not a victim! Just because you can't own up to all the bad choices you've made doesn't mean that I can't! I'm sorry. I didn't...mean that.

Alexis: Sure you did. And you're absolutely right. I really am in no position to give advice to anyone about anybody's love life. You know what? I'm gonna go. Enjoy your concert.

Parker: Mom, don't...

Griffin: [Groans] I still think we should go to GH and get an epipen or something.

Ava: Well, if you were seriously allergic, you would have broken out into hives or gone into anaphylactic shock by now.

Griffin: Again, I feel compelled to tell you that one of us here has a medical degree, okay?

Ava: [Laughs] That may be true. But I do have some experience. Kiki's in the same boat.

Griffin: What, allergic to bee stings?

Ava: Mildly allergic. And there's a home remedy that I used for her when she was a kid, and it really works.

Griffin: [Groans]

Ava: Lavender oil.

Griffin: You're kidding me, right?

Ava: I'm not kidding. And luckily, I have some on hand, just in case. So before you go sobbing off to GH, let's see if we can handle this right here. Now get that shirt off. I'll be right back.

Griffin: [Groaning] Aah! [Groans]

Carly: You were at that construction site? Josslyn, why didn't you tell me?

Josslyn: Well, I didn't want you to know that I snuck out with Oscar.

Carly: Because you were grounded. That whole area was scheduled for demolition! And there was gunfire in the area before you guys got there! What if you would've gotten caught in the middle?

Josslyn: Oh, my God. I know, okay?

Carly: [Sighs]

Josslyn: Look, I was scared when I found out, too. Almost as scared as I was having to tell you the truth now.

Sonny: Josslyn, we're glad that you and Oscar didn't get hurt and that you found that shell casing. It actually saved my life. But the most important thing right now is you've got to, you know, tell the truth to your mother.

Carly: Baby, I'm grateful. I am so grateful that everyone's okay. But you have to be honest with me, okay? I have to know what's going on. That's the only way this works. Do you understand?

Josslyn: Yes. And I'm sorry. Can Michael take me back to the concert now?

Carly: [Laughing] Are you kidding me? No! You're going straight home. You broke the rules, you're gonna suffer the consequences. In fact, you're home all weekend.

Josslyn: But, Mom, that is so not...

Michael: Josslyn, Josslyn, Josslyn. Let's go home. Come on. Okay, you got off light. Don't push it.

[Door closes]

Sonny: You don't think you're being a little too hard on her? I mean, she did come to us.

Carly: I don't care! I'm worried about her. She could've been hurt. And now she's sneaking around? And lying by omission is still lying.

Jason: The fewer people who know the truth, the easier it is to contain the story. And we have to do that, Sam, because the police can still press charges.

Sam: I know. But if tell Carly, we can keep it from being an issue.

Jason: Okay, look. Can you please just concentrate on healing? You don't want to be away from the kids any longer than you have to, do you? Now, they've been troopers through all this, but they need their mom.

Sam: I know. I need them, too.

[Notification beeps]

Jason: Okay. [Sighs] Look, I need to take care of something. Promise me you'll get some rest, please?

Sam: Okay.

Jason: Okay. I'll be back.

Dante: You only sold one of these in the last month! Come on. Give me the name of the buyer!

Man: You know damn well we don't use real names!

Dante: Then give me something, something to go on, anything. Tell me what the guy looked like that you sold that to.

Man: Well, as it happens... I sold that piece to a woman.

Griffin: [Groans]

Ava: Okay. You ready? Not only will you smell great, but you'll see how quickly the pain goes away.

Griffin: [Sighs] I'll try anything at this point. [Exhales deeply] Ah! Wow. [Laughs] I may have the MD, but you're a miracle worker. I can't thank you enough.

Kristina: You want some company? I have food.

Parker: Sure. [Laughs]

Carly: So, one hand, I know that if Josslyn and Oscar hadn't gone to that site, I might not have found you. But on the other hand, who is this girl sneaking out?

Sonny: Your daughter. I'm sure you've done worse things at her age.

Carly: I don't want Josslyn to be anything like me. And I want to protect her. I want to protect her physically and emotionally. When did Josslyn turn into such a rebel?

Sonny: You've been a rebel ever since I've known you.

Carly: [Scoffs]

Sonny: And even when I'm not pissed off, I find it very attractive. And sometimes, I find it attractive because it pisses me off.

[Both laugh]

Carly: Are you trying to flirt with me right now?

Sonny: Is it working?

Carly: [Laughing] Yeah, a little. But I know you.

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: Mm-hmm. You're trying to distract me from whatever it is you said you were going to tell me.

Sonny: Don't be mad.

Carly: Okay, what?

Sonny: Um, I've decided to push back the start date for PT.

Carly: Sonny!

Sonny: No, no! It's not like I'm not doing it. I'm gonna reschedule. And then, I want to work as hard as Epiphany wants me to. It's just that you're right. I'm lucky to be alive. We're all safe. That's what matters.

Sam: Mommy will see you soon. I'll keep quiet for your sake. [Sighs] But how do I make peace with that?

Dante: You sold it to a woman? What did she look like? What color hair did she have?

[Knocking at door]

Woman: There will be no more questions until my client and I have had a chance to talk.

Dante: Yeah, yeah. I get it. This isn't over.

Officer: Detective Falconeri.

Dante: Yeah?

Officer: We have a situation. The third gun in the distillery shooting -- it's gone missing from the evidence locker.

Officer Cooper: That's it, right? Mr. Corinthos and I are square?

Jason: I'm sure Mr. Corinthos will be very grateful.

Dante: You want to tell me how a gun goes missing from our own evidence locker?

Officer: I don't know. But...

Dante: But what?

Officer: Jason Morgan was in here earlier. He said he was waiting to talk to the police commissioner.

[While on a bridge, Jason wipes the gun off and drops it into the water]

On the next "General Hospital" --

Griffin (to Ava): Who says I'm not tempted?

Kristina (to Parker): Don't you think I'm entitled to know how it all worked out?

Finn: Why did you find me?

Curtis: To stop you from chasing Hayden.

Jared (to Liesl): My ex-wife screwed me over...again.

Elizabeth: Franco!

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