GH Transcript Monday 7/31/17

General Hospital Transcript Monday 7/31/17


Episode #13857 ~ Sonny begins to lose hope; Nina is on the defense; Nathan delivers a strong warning; Finn accepts Hayden's marriage proposal.

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Jason: Test, test, test, test, test, test. How many more tests can they run on you? [Exhales deeply] Well... hopefully, we'll get some good news this time, and I can get you home, where you belong. Haven't been out an hour, I'm talking to an empty bed. But I can't help but think -- what if that's all there is from now on? Just an empty space... next to me... in our house... in what used to be our life. Married to a memory. [Clears throat] It's not gonna happen. Because we're gonna get good news, and I'm gonna take you home, where you belong.

Finn: Griffin, what the hell's keeping those new brain scans?

Griffin: Hey, I'm sure they'll be here soon. Look, I-I don't like that she's in a coma, but thanks to your diagnosis of toxoplasmosis, at least we know what we're dealing with.

Finn: Yeah, I just uh... I want to know what's going on, all right? I-I can't wait around here. I'm going down to Radiology and see what's holding things up.

Griffin: Hey, hey... when's the last time you took a break? Why don't you get out of here for a little? I mean, she's... there's nothing you can do for her until she's conscious again.

Finn: [Exhales sharply] What, you don't think she's waking up any time soon?

Griffin: I don't know. You know, I don't know. I just know that, the longer she's comatose, the greater the odds of her not...

Hayden: Yes, yes, I've got the key. Thank you so much for letting me do this tonight. You know, I've heard that you should get a feel for the property in the nighttime, as well as in the daytime, you know, so... No, no. Finn's still tied up at work, but I will be sure to report back to both of you. Okay. I will. Thank you, Lucy. [Exhales deeply] Here we are. This could be our home. [Laughs softly] Home... you know, your mom never liked to play house like all the other little girls... but I so want to do it, now... with you and your daddy...

Jared: [Exhales deeply]

Dr. Obrecht: I'm sorry about the need for secrecy, but we need to work together, so...

Jared: I'm sorry. We're not.

Dr. Obrecht: You're passing on my proposal?

Jared: Yeah. I've given this a lot of thought. Rachel -- or Hayden, as she likes to go by now, she's already cost me years in prison. Years that I will never get back. So, as tempted as I am by your offer, I'm gonna have to decline. When I leave Port Charles tonight, I am leaving Rachel and my past behind for good.

Dr. Obrecht: I anticipated the possibility of your reluctance, so I put together a dossier for you to read. It details the wonderful life Rachel-slash-Hayden has been living while you were left in the dirt -- or, more accurately, in the state penitentiary. But if you have no interest, so be it. Bon voyage.

Jared: Well, let me... take a look.

Nathan: Nina, hey.

Nina: Nope.

Nathan: What? No -- no "Hello"?

Nina: You're busy.

Nathan: Well, there was an incident at the hospital. I was just going over the details.

Nina: I don't want to interrupt you.

Nathan: Okay. You're mad. I can see that.

Nina: What? No, no. Mad? No. I'm not mad... Nathan. I'm disappointed. I know you don't always like my choices, but I never thought you'd give up on me.

Nathan: I'm never gonna give up on you. And if implied that, then, I'm sorry. Nina, I-I love you. I'll always love you. I just don't want to watch you get hurt again.

Nina: I don't want to get hurt, either.

Nathan: Okay, well, then, why are you --

Nina: Let's not argue. Let's not argue. Come on. Please. We're just gonna say things we don't mean, end up apologizing to each other all over again. Just tell me where I can get my paperwork to get my bail money back. Since Spencer could not identify Valentin, he is an innocent man.

Valentin: Nina. What a nice surprise.

Nina: What are you doing here? I figured, since you were falsely accused, a police station would be the last place you'd want to be.

Valentin: I wanted to see if the police had found an actual kidnapper, or if I'm still considered a person of interest.

[Elevator dings]

Dante: Carly! Carly, Elizabeth, I need you to do statements.

ER Doctor Andy: Let's get this patient into cubicle 2. I need an IV with --

Carly: No, no, no! No! Sonny's alive! Sonny's alive, and he knows where he is! Where is he, you son of a bitch? No! He knows where Sonny is!

Dante: We'll get to him.

Sonny: Ugh, you son of a bitch. You cut my air. I'm not gonna die like this. [Groans] I can breathe. I can breathe. I'm gonna live.

Carly: He knows! He knows where Sonny is, Dante!

Dante: Is that true? Do you know where Sonny Corinthos is?

Garvey: Breathing heavily]

Dante: What did you do to him?

Garvey: [Groans]

ER Doctor Andy: We need to get him to the OR.

Dante: Good. Keep that man alive. Elizabeth, do you remember what vehicle he got out of when he got you?

Carly: Why? Do you think the car's gonna lead us to Sonny?

Dante: I don't know. We check surveillance cameras. If we get the make and model, we can check the GPS. Do you remember anything?

Elizabeth: I didn't see him get out of a car. But there was a white sedan nearby.

Dante: White. Can you describe it?

Elizabeth: It was dirty. That's all I remember.

Dante: Morrison, can you check that out? What parking lot were you in?

Elizabeth: One. Level one.

Dante: Okay, great. Can you check that car? Get the make, get the plates, see if there's anything inside. Thank you, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: No, the thanks goes to Carly. If you hadn't shown up when you did, it...

Carly: You just need to get yourself checked out. I'll tell Dante everything that happened.

Elizabeth: Okay, I will. Let me know if you need anything else.

Carly: Garvey said he killed Sonny. I don't believe him. I don't believe him at all. There's no way Sonny would let that guy get the drop on him.

Dante: Sonny didn't know he was after him, though.

Carly: I know.

Dante: Maybe Garvey was following Sonny.

Carly: I know he was looking for Spencer. He was so focused on finding that kid. He would've never seen Garvey coming. But where the hell did their paths cross?

Griffin: Jason, look, I... sorry you had to hear that...'s... we don't know anything for sure. I was just trying to convince Finn to take a break. I mean, he's done all he could do for now.

Finn: It's speculation, Jason. It's -- it's what we do. It's what keeps us ahead of the game.

[Pager beeping]

Jason: Sounds like somebody else needs you.

Finn: It's just's just Hayden. I'll call her back. I want to be here when Sam comes back from her scan.

Griffin: Finn, take a break, man. Go see about Hayden. I'll call you as soon as the scans come in.

Finn: Yeah? Yeah. Okay.

Griffin: All right, buddy.

Jason: So, what aren't you telling me?

Dr. Obrecht: Makes for interesting reading, yes? While you were left languishing in prison, she was moving on, busily reinventing herself. Rachel Berlin became Hayden Barnes. The woman who avoided punishment when you went to prison, whose father stole billions in a Ponzi scheme, and who managed to remain blameless. This same woman who has skated past any consequences for her actions is now a respected member in our community -- Chief Financial Officer at General Hospital, no less. And now, she and her grandstanding doctor, who torpedoed my career, are having a child together. They are even buying a big, beautiful house. You see, it's lovely.

Jared: What kind of a name is "Finn?"

Dr. Obrecht: It's a perfect name for a cold fish who's only out for himself. Dr. Hamilton Finn has no respect for convention or rules. He takes what he wants -- the girl, the baby, the happily ever after that should have been yours.

Valentin: I can't tell you how much I appreciate you bailing me out. Your faith in me is... well, it's everything.

Nathan: Too bad her faith in you is misplaced. Man, you are not only everything everybody says about you, you're worse. You did all this on your own. You've earned it.

Nina: Stop. Stop. He's not perfect. He didn't kidnap Spencer. He's telling the truth about that.

Nathan: Just because Spencer didn't ID him doesn't automatically clear him.

Valentin: Okay, this is a witch hunt. Spencer accused me, and then he retracted. So, let's look at what's really happening here. He has a civil suit against me. One that both Laura and Alexis told him that he could actually win. Now, the PCPD can't pin kidnapping charges on me, but they will call me a "person of interest." Why? To help with the case. Why else would they be focusing on me and not trying to find a real kidnapper?

Carly: I was on my way into the hospital and I saw Elizabeth with Garvey.

Dante: What do you mean -- what you mean "with him?"

Carly: Well, she didn't want to be with him. He was holding on to her arm. He told me if I didn't cooperate, he was gonna hurt her.

Dante: What did he want?

Carly: He wanted medical supplies so Elizabeth could patch him up.

Dante: Well, that's not a very well-thought-out plan.

Carly: No, but I let Garvey believe I was going along with that plan, and then, when he let his guard down, I jumped him.

Dante: You took quite the risk, Carly. I mean, he could've had a gun.

Carly: I figured, if he had a gun, he'd be pointing it at me. So, I knew he was unarmed and he was weak. I saw an opportunity and I took it.

Dante: You know, you uh... maybe you should've been a cop.

Carly: [Laughs]

Officer: I think I found the car. And I checked it out. There's no GPS, but I've got the plates. I also found this.

Dante: Run the plates.

Carly: That's the Cassadine crest.

Dante: So, the car sounds like it fits the description of the vehicle used in Spencer's kidnapping.

Carly: Garvey took Spencer? Why would he do that?

Dante: He's obviously been in Port Charles longer than we thought. Maybe he was stalking Sonny and saw the two of them together.

Carly: Okay, so, what? He took him for revenge, for ransom?

Dante: No. For bait. What better way to set a trap for Sonny than taking his nephew hostage?

Dr. Obrecht: That's just an overview. There's more intel where that came from.

Jared: That won't be necessary. Rachel -- or, Hayden -- has brought me nothing but bad luck. I'm cutting my losses. I suggest you do the same. Auf wiedersehen.

Dr. Obrecht: Coward. No wonder she left you holding the bag. [Exhales deeply] He may be willing to walk away, but I won't. Not now...not ever.

Finn: Hayden?

Hayden: Over here.

Finn: Hey, are you okay?

Hayden: I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm just trying to imagine putting in a skylight. Maybe the kitchen would be better... I might even be inspired to cook. What do you think... what do you think if we just, like, blow this out and put it out onto the terrace, and like, you know, make some more light?

Finn: Yeah...

Hayden: What? Am I... am I going on too much? I really am fine. So is the baby.

Finn: No, that's good. I'm -- I'm... I'm glad you're okay. I'm glad you're happy and you like the place. I'm sorry I overreacted over there. It's just... I have this case at the hospital. It made me just realize how fragile life is. You... you know Sam Morgan, right?

Hayden: Yeah. Is she the patient?

Finn: Yeah. She lapsed into a coma.

Hayden: Oh, my God. That's awful. Is she gonna be okay?

Finn: I hope so. Yeah, I guess it just brought some old memories. You know, seeing her husband... that look in his eyes, you know. Just...fear, and being scared, and...for a minute, I guess I could relate, you know? Just that, his whole life has gone to hell, and it... he'd lose everything, and without any warning whatsoever. So, I's...

Hayden: That's not gonna happen. That's not gonna happen to us. Our life is just beginning.

Finn: Okay. [Exhales softly]

Jason: Can you just be straight with me, here? Talk to me, tell me what we're up against?

Griffin: [Exhales deeply] I am being straight with you, Jason. But I'm not gonna speculate or tell you something that's unconfirmed.

Jason: Okay. Well, I hope you don't mind, but I'm gonna tell you about a few things that are confirmed. Let me tell you about my wife. Sam might look small and delicate to you, and when she's lying in a hospital bed, I'm sure she looks weak, but I can assure you, she is anything but. She's strong, and she's a fighter, and she will do anything for the people she loves. She loves our kids. And I'm sure she can beat this, and I wish I could help her, but I can't. She needs you to help her. She needs you to believe in her. So, I'm asking you... can you help my wife?

Griffin: I will fight for your wife. Okay, let me tell you what we're up against.

Jason: Thank you.

Griffin: [Clears throat] We need to get Sam conscious. The longer she's in a coma, the more likely it is for complications.

Jason: Okay.

Griffin: I need you to hold it together, also. Why don't you go get something to eat? I don't care if it's a candy bar. Eat it, get some rest, or just go home and hug your kids.

Jason: My kids are fine. My place is here. And I'm not leaving until my wife wakes up, and I take her home with me.

Nathan: Let me get this straight. You want to accuse the PCPD of false arrest, obstruction of justice, and trying to influence a civil proceeding against you?

Valentin: Yeah, that's right. I think the facts speak for themselves. I've been falsely accused, and the PCPD's doing nothing to find the actual kidnapper.

Nathan: You don't know anything about what we're doing in this investigation. And nothing that we're doing has anything to do with your legal troubles with Spencer. Now, personally, I hope the kid takes you for everything your worth -- which can't be all that much, since my sister had to bail you out of jail.

Nina: Uh, yeah. Speaking of which, I just want to retrieve my money. Where can I get my money?

[Cell phone ringing]

Nathan: Dante, hey. Yeah. Yeah. What's up with GH? What? Thanks.

Nina: Something happened. What is it?

Nathan: We know who abducted Spencer.

Valentin: And now, you finally have to admit it wasn't me.

Carly: Sonny's voicemail is still full. What if Garvey's telling the truth? What if he did something to Sonny?

Dante: Look, if he were smart, he wouldn't of come back here. He's made mistakes. We now know the connection between him and Spencer's kidnapping. We'll just uncover more mistakes.

Carly: How long is that gonna take? We have to find Sonny now.

Dante: We have an APB out for Sonny's car. And we have every cop in the area tracking his GPS.

Carly: No, it does-- aggh! Sonny had all that disconnected a long time ago so he could fly under the radar. Same thing goes with his cell phone. Sonny made sure he was untraceable.

Sonny: [Terse breathing] [Laughs softly] [Strained] In the name of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit... forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been a long time since my last confession.

Hayden: So, this design software allows us to create interior floor plans and landscape plans, you know, so we can like... we can do, like, layouts and designs, you know? Isn't it cool?

Finn: Yeah.

Hayden: There's so many options for converting that tennis court...

Finn: Yeah. I can see that. Uh...what -- what is it about tennis? You don't like it yet?

Hayden: I-I-I don't like tennis or what it represents. Let's do the upstairs.

Finn: Right. The upstairs. What does tennis represent? I'm -- what's going on?

Hayden: [Exhales sharply] You know I was married before Nikolas... and my first husband, Jared, he worked for a hedge fund. And we had this... house. And he would invite potential investors over. And it was a very overpriced house with all the amenities to impress them. And he was, um... he was great at tennis. And he used those skills to get clients. You know, he'd win the first few sets, and... then he'd let them win, you know? He was a master at closing the deal. And it just... it just reminds me of that time in my life... and the sad person I was.

Finn: Have I mentioned to you that I hate tennis? We should blow up the tennis court and turn it into a natural habitat for Roxy and all her reptile friends. Anything that makes you happy. I'm -- I'm sorry. Hey, isn't that what you wanted? To get rid of the tennis court?

Hayden: Yes. I mean, no. I mean... yes. This is what I want. With you. But I'm just -- I don't know. Oh, my God! These hormones are killing me! This is like what I was telling Curtis earlier, you know? I... both he and Elizabeth brought it up. And I wasn't even remotely ready to talk about it. At first.

Finn: Wait a minute. First -- wait... did you or did you not talk to Elizabeth and Curtis about whatever it is that we're not talking about?

Hayden: I talked to Curtis.

Finn: Oh, thank goodness. I thought I was the last to know. Poor Elizabeth. She's still in the dark. Dare I ask what this is about?

Hayden: Marriage. They wanted to know if we were... talking about it, or... we were going to talk about it, or... wanted to talk about it.

Nina: Tell us who abducted Spencer. You owe Valentin that much.

Nathan: I don't owe Valentin a damn thing. And I'm not gonna release the name of the suspect in an ongoing investigation.

Valentin: Okay, do you see the double standard? You arrest me with no evidence, and yet you protect the identity of the actual kidnapper?

Nathan: You were questioned just like any other person of interest. And you're not even that anymore. And my sister gets her money back. So, what more do you want?

Valentin: I want a public apology. I have a pending civil suit. I have a custody hearing. I want PCPD to retract everything that you've accused me of.

Nina: Okay. You won. It's over. I'm gonna see about this bail bond. Do you want to come with me?

Valentin: Yeah.

Nathan: Uh, hold that thought, 'cause we still have a few details to discuss.

Nina: J, come on. Seriously?

Valentin: No, it's okay, Nina. You go ahead without me. But listen... at least you know your faith in me wasn't misplaced.

Nathan: You really have a way with words. But they're empty.

Valentin: Do you want to talk to me about something?

Nathan: Just this -- you keep trying to worm your way back into Nina's life, you'll regret it.

Sonny: [Pained breathing] I have many sins to confess. So many I can't take back. But the biggest sin of all... ...was the sin of pride. I thought I could walk away from my old life, and here I am buried in it. Looks like I'm the joke, huh? I should've known what was wrong with Sam, but... whatever it is, she's just in trouble. Just like Morgan was. Please, God, help her. And please, God, help me. For so long, I wasn't afraid to die. But I got to tell you, God, I'm afraid to die right now. Afraid to leave... my kids and Carly. To not be able to see their lives and their future. I got to tell you, I'm afraid to die right now, down here, alone in the ground.

Dante: Carly, no one's untraceable these days. Not even my father, okay? Once Garvey wakes up...

Carly: If he wakes up.

Dante: Carly, go home.

Carly: No. I'm not going home. I have to get him to talk...

Dante: No...

Carly: ...Dante!

Dante: I will get him to talk. And I'll let you know if I get something. Please. There's nothing for you to do here, okay?

Hayden: I've learned so much from my past, and... I've survived, and I don't want to repeat my mistakes. So, marriage, it's you know, the ultimate test -- one that I failed, not once, but twice. I...I want to build a life -- a wonderful, nurturing life for our child and for our family, and... I know I'll never be able to live up to what you had with Reiko, but I'll try my best, even though I'm far from perfect. And... I don't know, Finn. I love you. And if that's not good enough, then -- is that a yes?

Finn: Was that a proposal?

Nina: Dirty martini, two olives, please.

Dr. Obrecht: Put it on my tab.

Nina: Oh. Liesl... no, that's not necessary. I mean, I should be buying you the drink, considering that I shot down your pitch for the medical column.

Dr. Obrecht: Win some, lose some. I don't hold a grudge.

Nina: Since when?

Dr. Obrecht: Since I wasted too much time with those ungrateful people at General Hospital. Sometimes, you have to do what's best for yourself, even if it's unpopular with everyone else.

Nina: You should pass that along to J.

Dr. Obrecht: [Laughs softly] Nathan believes in sacrificing himself for the greater good. But look at him... alone while his wife is off chasing her dreams. Some people are just too afraid to go after what they truly want -- or demand what's right for them.

Nina: Thanks.

Dr. Obrecht: Thanks for what? You didn't even get your drink.

Valentin: Well, Nina's a big girl, capable of making her own choices -- sometimes, her own mistakes. But they're hers to make, aren't they?

Nathan: Cassadine, I'm warning you. If my sister means anything to you, if you are grateful for her faith in you at all, you will repay her by staying as far away from her as you can.

Valentin: Well, even if I wanted to, that's not very practical. My daughter and I live in Port Charles. This is a community we are a part of. Nina, too. But I'll tell you what I will do. If I'm lucky enough to get Nina to come back to me, I will spend the rest of my life trying to make her happy. Anything else? Detective...

Griffin: Hey...I just heard. Are you okay? Your...your neck's a little red.

Elizabeth: Yeah. No, I'm fine. I'm fine. I've already been checked out by a doctor. I'm just sore. [Laughs softly]

Griffin: What are you still doing here? It's all over the hospital how you helped take down a dangerous fugitive.

Elizabeth: Well, I'm not gonna take credit for that. Carly was the superhero. Don't laugh, but I kind of feel like there was a guardian angel watching over me.

Griffin: You think I would laugh at the idea of an angel?

Carly: I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get to you.

Jason: What are you talking about? You've been pretty busy.

Carly: [Exhales deeply] Yeah.

Jason: Look, I'm sorry I couldn't do more for Sonny.

Carly: You've had your hands full.

Jason: Yeah...

Carly: I know Sonny's alive. I mean, don't ask me how, but I just do. [Voice breaking] I know it. Just like I know that Sam's gonna pull through this, right? [Inhales deeply, exhales]

Jason: I'd like to believe that. Just, it wasn't too long ago, I was sitting here hoping for the same thing. And now, I can't help but wonder... how many of my prayers is God willing to answer?

Carly: [Whispering] He answers them forever. At least, I hope so.

Jason: Yeah, so do I.

Hayden: Expect a pregnant woman to get down on her knees and propose?

Finn: No. I don't want you to do that. I-I wanted to do that. I didn't think you wanted to get married. And yeah, I was listening to what you were saying, and-and you're right. My first marriage with Reiko, that did set the bar pretty high, and she was one of a kind, and that's why I never thought I'd fall in love again. You know what? Forget it.

Hayden: You know, the whole thing, just forget it. Forget it, forget it, forget it.

Finn: That was before I met you. You saved me. You saved me.

Hayden: [Laughs softly] And your cure's gonna save a lot more people.

Finn: Why do you think I did that? Why do you think I never gave up? Why do you think I gave all the proceeds to the hospital? It's 'cause I'm some sort of saint? I don't even think I qualify as "good." I did that for you. Everything. Whatever I am, whatever I did, it was for you. So...yes.

Hayden: Yes?

Finn: Yes. Yes. And not just because of the baby. It's not about the baby.

Hayden: No, no. It's okay, it's okay. It's okay. You had me at "yes."

Nina: Valentin! Hold on.

[Footsteps approaching]

Valentin: Nina. I thought you'd gone.

Nina: I Um... I just... wanted to apologize for my brother. Uh...he doesn't have Maxie around to protect, so he's overcompensating with me. And that's why I can't be mad at him. And he's slightly obnoxious and overbearing, but... but his intentions are good.

Valentin: I'm not upset with your brother for wanting to intervene on your behalf. And I admire anyone who wants to fight for you, 'cause I -- I share that desire. Even though I know you're perfectly capable of fighting your own battles.

Nina: Yeah. Yeah, I am. But it's nice to know that someone has my back.

Valentin: You always had my back. [Laughs softly]

Nina: Uh, I... my money was returned... or "exonerated," whatever the lawyers say. Whatever that... but're not indebted to me anymore.

Valentin: I'll always be indebted to you. But you didn't have to come all the way down here. You could've texted me.

Nina: I could have...

Valentin: Is there something else?


Sonny: Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation... but deliver us from evil.

Carly: [Exhales deeply] You... go. Go. Go see what's going on with Sam. I'll be right here if you need me.

Jason: Thanks.

Carly: Yep.

Jason: Hey...uh...let's talk.

Griffin: I'll give you the latest update on Sam.

Carly: [Exhales deeply]

Elizabeth: I just learned Garvey's out of surgery. They moved him to a room on the 10th floor. I should probably inform Dante, but that might take me a while.

[Elevator dings]

Finn: [Laughs softly] This calls for a celebration. It's not every night we get engaged.

Hayden: Yes. I know. No, it's not.

Finn: Before I left the hospital, I was ordered to get some rest and get some food. What do you say I make a run to The Floating Rib, and we can have our first dinner in our new house?

Hayden: As long as you get pickles.

Finn: Pickles? Yes. I'll get pickles. [Laughs] Uh...while I'm over there waiting for our food, I'll, uh, I'll call the hospital. And if, for some reason. I do need to get back, I'll bring the food by first, all right? It's something you're gonna have to get used to, being a doctor's wife.

Hayden: I think I -- I think I -- [Laughs] I think I can manage.

Finn: I love you.

Hayden: [Exhales deeply] [Exhales deeply]

[Door opens]

Hayden: What'd you forget? [Laughs]

[Door slams]

[Dramatic music plays]

Hayden: Jared...

Jared: Rachel.

Valentin: You have no idea how many times I've wanted to kiss you. How many nights I've spent dreaming, longing. Please come back to me. We'll be a family again.

Nina: [Whispering] Goodnight, Valentin.

Valentin: Goodnight.

Jason: Hey, buddy. Yeah, I know it's past your bedtime, but I, uh... I wanted to tell you "Goodnight." Mommy's sleeping right now. But the doctors are taking real good care of her, and she's gonna be fine. How do I know? Well... because she loves you. And your sister. She loves all of us so much, son. Hey, listen... tell your Grandma Monica to give you an extra kiss tonight, from your mom. Can you do that? Okay. Good boy. Son... yeah, I love you, too. She's gonna be fine.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Garvey: [Breathing deeply]

Carly: Oh, good. You're awake. Did you know that I have a year of nursing school? That's right. That means I know my way around these IV bags and medications. Like this morphine, here. This is a real gift for people in need. For those in real pain.

Garvey: [Breathing intensifies]

Carly: I hope you're not in too much pain. But then again, that's up to you.

Garvey: [Breathing intensifies]

Carly: Where's my husband?

[Car door opens]

Sonny: [Groans]

[Footsteps approaching]

Sonny: [Exhales sharply] [Grunts] It's you.

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Curtis (to Finn): Happiness ain't gonna protect you from a relapse.

Hayden: We're done with each other.

Jared: No, we're not.

Ava (to Julian): What was most surprising of all is how she was trash-talking Sonny.

Josslyn (to Michael): Where is Mom and your good-for-nothing father?

Carly (to Dante): If you can't get this bastard to talk, I'm gonna find someone who can.

Sonny (to Stone): I'm just happy to see you.

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