GH Transcript Wednesday 7/26/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 7/26/17


Episode #13854 ~ Finn & Griffin make strides in diagnosing Sam; Laura has her hands full with Spencer; Dr. Obrecht seeks revenge on Hayden & Finn by enlisting Jared.

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Nina: Spencer, please tell them that Valentin had nothing to do with your kidnapping.

Spencer: I wish I could, but I can't, because it was him. He grabbed me in the park. He threw me in the trunk of a car, and he took me to a second location! And it was all my great-uncle Valentin.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: Hayden.

Hayden: Hi!

Griffin: You didn't really have to buy me lunch.

Finn: Actually, I did. Otherwise, I'd have to express my gratitude with words. [Laughs]

Griffin: Look, I was just doing my job.

Finn: Listen, you cleared my name, right? That's at the very least lunch-worthy.

Griffin: You were innocent. Obrecht was setting you up. Something had to be done.

Finn: Yeah, but when you first became my supervisor, I was less than gracious. Okay, I was an ass. [Laughs] Still, you went above and beyond.

Griffin: Well, it's over. You're reinstated. Maybe we just go back to being colleagues and friends.

Dr. Obrecht: Dr. Munro, Dr. Finn. Guten tag.

Sam: [Moans]

Jason: Sam? Sam.

Sam: Jason.

Jason: What's going on?

Sam: Hey.

Jason: Hey.

Sam: It's okay. It's over.

Jason: What?

Sam: It's finally over.

Jason: What -- what's over?

Sam: It -- it's okay. I made sure, okay?

Jason: What are you talking about?

Sam: [Breathing heavily]

[Wind howling]

[Sonny lies bleeding and unconscious]

Valentin: Spencer, I'd like very much to believe you're mistaken.

Spencer: I'm not mistaken.

Valentin: Well, then, you're lying, and liars always get found out.

Dante: Okay, Spencer, come here. Have a seat, buddy. Why don't you tell me exactly what happened?

Spencer: Thank you, Uncle Detective Dante. I would be glad to. I, a defenseless child, was at the park yesterday attending Lila's Kids' day camp when a bag was placed over my head. I was lifted right off my feet by somebody with impressive upper body strength and low morals.

Dante: Okay, just stick to the facts, okay, Spencer?

Spencer: I was shoved into the trunk of the car, and the next thing I knew, I was stashed in some room. I tried to talk to him. I tried to tell him that I, too, was just a human being, but he was gone without a word. No food, no water. "Will I die here?" I asked myself. No. I will not die.

Valentin: Well, I rest my case.

Spencer: After several attempts, I was finally and brilliantly able to escape my captor despite breaking my glasses in the process. Which reminds me, Grandmother, we need to get a new spare.

Dante: Okay, Spencer, based on your account of events...

Spencer: You're going to throw the book at him and send him up the river. Good riddance, I say.

Dante: No. By your own testimony, you said you didn't see who kidnapped you. And you also said you didn't hear them speak to you, so how do you know it's Valentin?

Valentin: As I've already pointed out, he's lying.

Spencer: I know it was you, and I can prove it.

Valentin: How?

Laura: Spencer?

Spencer: I know it was you because of your shoes. I'd spot those Giacomo Belmondos anywhere. You were wearing them in the park yesterday when you kidnapped me!

Dr. Obrecht: Funny you should be here when, at this hour, you would usually be on call.

Griffin: Yeah, well, we're just picking up lunch.

Dr. Obrecht: Yes, I suppose standards are falling everywhere in every profession. Well, I can't really blame you for following the herd like lemmings.

Finn: Been great talking to you. We gotta go.

Dr. Obrecht: Dr. Finn... I am certain you will make an excellent contribution now that you're back full time.

Finn: Yeah, I only wish you would have felt that way when you were trying to frame me and destroy my career.

Dr. Obrecht: I have always wanted what was best for GH. And if they prefer a drug-addicted doctor over my own exceptional skills, well, then, who am I to argue?

Finn: Yes, I'm an addict, but I'm also clean and sober. I'm not sure there's a cure for what ails you, Obrecht.

Dr. Obrecht: It was a wrench to leave GH, but now that I made the break, I see my future prospects have actually improved.

Finn: Well, good luck with all that. At least we don't have to deal with you at the hospital anymore. Thank God that chapter's over.

Dr. Obrecht: Not nearly over, kotzbroken. Not nearly.

Jason: Honey, you have a fever?

Sam: No, it's okay now. It is, it's okay. We're safe. We're finally safe.

Jason: Safe from what?

Sam: [Sniffs] Jason, I did what I had to do.

Jason: What are you saying?

Sam: I made sure, okay? I made sure that I would be safe. Oh, God.

Jason: Hey, hey, hey. We're going to the hospital right now.

Sonny: What the hell? Oh! [Exhales] [Groans] [Grunts] Ahh. [Breathing heavily] Sam. The gun went off. Sam! I'm down here! Get me outta here!

Valentin: I see you can identify me by my shoes, can you?

Spencer: $3,000 shoes. Not many people in Port Charles can afford that, and only one is arrogant enough to wear them on the grass.

Valentin: It's true, I was wearing these shoes yesterday, but many people saw them wearing them, including Charlotte and Laura.

Dante: Okay, clearly, this isn't gonna work out here. We gotta go do this in private. Let's go, come on.

Valentin: Surely you realize he's lying.

Hayden: I really enjoyed my time with Jake the other day. I mean, I know it wasn't a lot of time, but -- mm. This is really good tea.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Hayden: Anyway, most importantly, I just wanted to thank you again for helping me through my little pregnancy scare at The Floating Rib.

Elizabeth: It was nothing.

Hayden: We didn't know that. Or at least I didn't know that. It was by turns terrifying and embarrassing and ultimately educational.

Elizabeth: A lesson every pregnant woman has to learn the hard way.

Hayden: Yes. Well, I just wanted to stop by and thank you again.

Elizabeth: You know, you didn't have to come all the way over here. You could have just called.

Hayden: I should have let you know I was coming. I'm sorry.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, that's not what I meant. You can stop by whenever you want. But why are you really here?

Hayden: Well, you know, I picked up a couple books on baby care. Actually, I picked up a lot of books.

Elizabeth: Did you buy all of those?

Hayden: I started reading them, and --

Elizabeth: And what?

Hayden: I'm doing everything wrong.

[Indistinct conversation]

Jared: Dr. Liesl Obrecht?

Dr. Obrecht: Yes. But let us dispense with the formalities. I shall simply call you Jared.

Jared: Yeah. Fine by me.

Dr. Obrecht: And you may simply call me Doctor.

Jared: Right. So, anyway, I was intrigued by your call.

Dr. Obrecht: I'm a very intriguing person.

Jared: Even so, I don't appreciate having to come all the way down here.

Dr. Obrecht: Port Charles? Yes, it is a bit out of your parole officer's jurisdiction.

Jared: Okay, so you've done your homework.

Dr. Obrecht: You could have done yours as well. My life is an open book.

Jared: And mine is a matter of public record.

Dr. Obrecht: Indeed, it is. I've been doing research.

Jared: On me?

Dr. Obrecht: Not directly.

Jared: So, you've been researching someone I know?

Dr. Obrecht: And I've learned a wealth of information about you and them. The internet really is a wonderful thing.

Jared: Okay, so... what do you want?

Dr. Obrecht: To get what we truly deserve. Both of us. Is that so wrong?

Griffin: Mmm. Thank you again for the ribs.

Finn: Don't mention it.

Griffin: Finn -- uh... forgive me if I'm hovering.

Finn: What are friends for?

Griffin: I certainly didn't expect to run into Obrecht today. She doesn't seem like she has any plan on leaving Port Charles any time soon.

Finn: Yeah, well, you know, her son's in town, so I figured her hitting the road might be a little too much to ask for. You know, live and let live.

Griffin: You really mean that?

Finn: You know, Griffin, when I first came here, my life was pretty set. I came to treat Tracy Quartermaine for worms in the brain.

Griffin: Mm. Okay, I -- I just had lunch, and I have rounds.

Finn: Sorry, I always do that.

Griffin: Yeah. I'm sorry, I got rounds, too.

Finn: You know, I -- when Monica offered me a position on staff, I thought I had everything I needed. I had a lab. I had patients. I had a proper reptile companion. Besides an occasional game of backgammon with my favorite patient, I didn't really have to think about anyone, you know. Except -- except for my late wife.

Griffin: And then you met Hayden Barnes.

Finn: Yeah. I met Hayden, and there was just no going back.

Griffin: Yeah, she's a force of nature.

Finn: Actually, the first conversation we ever had was actually at The Floating Rib, you know. I was pretty convinced afterwards that she was more interested in Roxy than she was in me.

Griffin: And since then?

Finn: Still more interested in Roxy than me.

Griffin: [Laughs]

Finn: No, she's -- she's been there for me in ways that I never thought anyone ever would be. I mean, besides my wife, and I guess, I don't know, I just -- I finally understood.

Griffin: Understand what?

Finn: That -- and I never thought I'd be saying this, especially to you, but I'm finally getting a second chance at happiness.

Jason: I need help here. Help, please, right now.

Sonny: Sam! Anybody up there?! Damn it. [Exhales sharply] I'm not gonna bleed to death down here. [Grunts]

[Velcro ripping as he removes his bulletproof vest]

Sonny: Ahh.

Valentin: Come on, you heard Spencer. The only thing missing was organ music.

Nina: He was very dramatic, yeah.

Valentin: Do you believe him?

Nina: When we first met, you came to Port Charles to get Spencer.

Valentin: A lot has happened since then.

Nina: I know, but you were after Spencer at that time. Who's to say you're not after him again?

Valentin: Listen, if you feel this way, why did you post my bail?

Nina: I don't know, I don't know. I want to believe you. I don't know whether to trust the man that I know you are or I think you are. Or to just admit that I made a mistake, and you've been playing me all along.

Spencer: I'd recognize those Belmondo shoes anywhere. That man kidnapped me, and I demand that he be rearrested right now.

[Phone beeping]

Spencer: Whatever that is, it can wait.

Dante: Actually, it can't. [Sighs] Laura, I'll be right back.

Laura: Hey. Spencer? You know, what happened to you was really, really horrible, and I am so glad that you're okay, honey.

Spencer: No thanks to Valentin.

Laura: And what that man did to your father is also horrible and very wrong. But somehow, someday, he will pay.

Spencer: Carpe diem, Grandmother. Let today be that day.

Laura: And I would love that, but only if he's guilty. Spencer, if you're accusing him of something that, you know, maybe he didn't do, then -- well, like you were your kidnapper's victim? Valentin would be your victim.

Spencer: Well, doesn't Valentin deserve to be someone's victim, especially ours?

Laura: No. We don't want him to be our victim. What we want is justice. And if you're not telling the truth about some of this, then it -- well, everything we've been fighting for will be put in jeopardy.

Spencer: It would?

Laura: Yes, honey, because he'd use it against us in court, and he'd win. You know what the worst part of that would be? He'd be right.

Spencer: And there's nothing worse than Valentin being right. But what if he did kidnap me? I mean, it's possible.

Laura: But for the police to arrest him, you'd have to be certain.

Spencer: There are degrees of certainty.

Laura: Okay, well, here's something I'm certain of. If Valentin didn't do this thing, then the real kidnapper is still out there somewhere, and we can't have that. What if -- what if they tried to kidnap another person? Someone who's not as resourceful and smart as you. Somebody who couldn't get away? I know you wouldn't want that, right?

Spencer: I guess not.

Laura: Okay, then. So tell me. Are you 100% certain that it was Valentin who took you?

Jared: Okay, lady.

Dr. Obrecht: Please -- Doctor.

Jared: Look, I'm not one for mystery, all right, so I'm gonna give you ten minutes tops to tell me what you want. Five if you're boring.

Dr. Obrecht: Rest assured, throughout my entire life, I have never once been boring.

Jared: Prove it.

Dr. Obrecht: Before you went to prison, you were married to Rachel Berlin.

Jared: So?

Dr. Obrecht: That was a very interesting case. So many, many puzzling questions and unresolved issues about that sad incident.

Jared: I take it you're not talking about the Ponzi scheme.

Dr. Obrecht: Then I would be boring. After all, what's a few billion dollars in fraud among friends? No, the Ponzi scheme came a year later. I'm talking about the night that you and Rachel had that fight at your country club and took off.

Jared: Okay, we're done here.

Dr. Obrecht: I assure you, we are not. Now that you're out of prison, I have a strong suspicion that you might want to locate your former wife.

Jared: If I wanted to find Rachel, I could do it on my own.

Dr. Obrecht: Well, that's precisely my point. You don't need to find her. Rachel lives a few miles away.

Jared: Rachel's here, in Port Charles? What's she doing here?

Dr. Obrecht: Living under a different name and preparing to have a child with a new love of her life.

Elizabeth: I'm sure you're not doing everything wrong.

Hayden: Yeah, well, close enough. I mean, I need -- I need someone to give me some guidance, tell me what matters in these books and what doesn't. And honestly, Elizabeth, you're the best resource I've got. And, yes, I probably should have called you, and if I'm imposing --

Elizabeth: Stop, you're not imposing. This is perfect timing.

Hayden: It is?

Elizabeth: Yeah, it's my day off.

Hayden: Wow, that's great for me. But it's not probably how you want to spend your day.

Elizabeth: Okay. Let me ask you something. Before all of these books and before your Ob appointment, what were your thoughts about having kids?

Hayden: Well, I was raised to believe that wealth and material possessions are paramount. But now that I'm pregnant, I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't instill those values in my offspring.

Elizabeth: That's a good place to start. Have you ever been pregnant before?

Hayden: No. First time.

Elizabeth: Did you think you might ever have kids?

Hayden: Vaguely, as a hypothetical. I don't think I ever told you this, but I was married before. It's not like it's a secret or anything. It's just --

Elizabeth: The past.

Hayden: Exactly. I mean, it was over even before my father's scandal broke, and my ex-husband and I -- let's just say we lived very, very well. The marriage, our lifestyle.

Elizabeth: Life in the fast lane?

Hayden: Yes. We talked about having kids, but never seriously. We were having too much fun, and there was always time.

Elizabeth: And then you blinked, and now here you are.

Hayden: Yeah. This is the first time that I've taken the subject of kids seriously, and that's only because I'm pregnant. And now I have all these books, and I'm -- you know, I -- I thought that they would be helpful, but it's the complete opposite. All they talk about are, like, wipe warmers and baby bath tubs, and --

Elizabeth: Okay, they're just trying to sell you things. The human race survived for thousands and thousands of years without any of this stuff.

Hayden: Yes, but for thousands and thousands of years, people died at the old age of 40. I mean, there's gotta be something in here that's useful.

Elizabeth: Yeah, maybe one or two things, I suppose.

Hayden: So what did you read? What did you do?

Elizabeth: What did I do?

Hayden: You know, to be such a good mom.

Sonny: [Grunts as he ties a tourniquet around his bleeding leg] Aah!

[Box crashing]

Sonny: Ugh. [Grunting]

Jason: She's passed out at least twice. When she's conscious, she's so in and out. When she talks, she's not making any sense.

Finn: What's she talking about?

Jason: Something about I'm safe, it's all over now.

Finn: How bad's the fever?

Griffin: It's down, but still over 100.

Finn: Okay. Don't worry, we're gonna run some tests. We're gonna find out what's wrong.

Griffin: Hey, I'd like to be here when she wakes up to do a neuro exam -- can you...

Finn: Yeah, I'll take these to the lab. I'll put a rush on them.

Griffin: All right, thank you. Look, we're gonna admit Sam. I need you to come with me and fill out the forms.

Jason: Yeah, I'll be right there.

[Monitor beeping]

Jason: Hey. I'll be right back. You're gonna be okay. You're gonna be fine, I promise.

Sonny: [Echoing] Happy now? You killed me.

Nina: I want to believe you're an innocent man.

Valentin: But you don't.

Nina: [Exhales sharply] I just know that your version of events -- not only this, but your version of events in the past, you always sound honest and earnest, and it sounds truthful, but both of us know that sometimes it just isn't.

Valentin: Do you believe that I love you?

Nina: Yeah, I believe that you love me in the way you know how.

Valentin: Then how can you possibly think that I would lie to you about something?

Nina: Because sometimes heartfelt declaration and ruthless strategy are impossible to tell apart. I want to know what's in your head. I want to know what's in your heart, but I don't think I ever will.

Spencer: Valentin had means, motive, and opportunity.

Laura: And $3,000 shoes.

Spencer: Exactly.

Laura: Which you saw on your kidnapper's feet?

Spencer: Well, technically no, but --

Laura: Spencer, you have got to stop this. Honey, you know I love you, right?

Spencer: That's a trick question. You love me, but...

Laura: I love you, but... right now, you are being as vengeful and spiteful as Valentin is, and I need you to be something better, okay? I need you to tell Dante the truth -- everything you really know about this kidnapping. No more, no less.

[Door opens]

Dante: [Sighs] Okay, Spencer. You have anything to add to your statement?

Spencer: [Sighs]

Elizabeth: That's very kind of you to say.

Hayden: I'm -- I'm not being kind. When have you ever known me to be kind for the sake of being kind?

Elizabeth: Well... okay, never.

Hayden: I've been paying attention. And not just to how you deal with Jake, but with Aiden and Cameron, too, and my honest assessment is that you have been a very good mother.

Elizabeth: Thank you. But I'm sure if you were here with three kids, I'd be saying the same thing about you.

Hayden: No, no, you wouldn't. I'll tell you why.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Hayden: In my other life, I was not a good person. I mean, I literally extorted a girl in the second grade into giving me her candy bracelet, and do you know why? Because I was horrible, and I did not change for the better when I reached adulthood, so when I tell you that I would not have been a good mother, it's an understatement.

Elizabeth: Okay, I believe you.

Hayden: I have a lot to regret.

[Billiard balls clack]

Jared: So, Rachel's having a baby. Good for her.

Dr. Obrecht: Your enthusiasm is unconvincing.

Jared: It's also irrelevant. Rachel and I are divorced. I have no reason to track her down.

Dr. Obrecht: What about the reason you went to prison? That had nothing to do with her reprehensible father. On the contrary, it had everything to do with her. At the time, she was quite wealthy, was she not?

Jared: We were both doing pretty well. Rachel has a talent for making money. She knows how to separate business from people.

Dr. Obrecht: And you both lived, as they say here at The Floating Rib, high on the hog?

Jared: Yeah. Obviously, you think you know what happened.

Dr. Obrecht: I have studied every article on your arrest and incarceration. Knowing "Rachel" as I do, I suspect you went to prison for your wife.

Jared: Lady, what do you want?

Dr. Obrecht: Was I unclear? My apologies. I want to help you.


Sonny: [Groaning painfully] Aah. [Grunts]

Sonny: [Echoing] You think just because you killed me, it's over? You're wrong. You will never get rid of me. This will never be over.

Sam: [Screams] [Breathing heavily]

Jason: What's wrong? What's wrong?

Sam: Oh, I want to go home.

Jason: Okay, relax. I need you to relax.

Sam: Jason, please...

Jason: Let the doctors take care of you.

Sam: No, no, no, we're not safe here. We gotta be safe.

Jason: You hear what I'm saying? She keeps talking about me being safe. It doesn't make any sense.

Griffin: Yeah, I thought it could be a fever, but her temperature's under 100. Let me go check.

Sam: I want to go home, please.

Jason: We can't go home. We can't go home. Please, please, please, please. We gotta stay here. The doctor's gonna take care of us. We're safe here, I promise you that. I've got you. I'll make sure you're safe.

Sam: No. I already did.

Spencer: I may have been a little bit overdramatic earlier. My story isn't as accurate as I first thought.

Dante: Okay. [Sighs] I'm gonna ask you this one last time. Are you absolutely certain that Valentin is the one who kidnapped you?

Spencer: I'm certain he could have kidnapped me. I mean, everyone knows that. I'm determined to bring him to justice for what he did to my father. But I'm not actually certain that he did kidnap me.

Dante: What about the shoes?

Spencer: Now that I think about it, I never saw the kidnapper's shoes. There was a bag on my head the whole time.

Dante: All right. Hey, Spencer, is there anything -- anything at all you think you could tell me about the kidnapper?

Spencer: Well, I thought it was Valentin, but now I don't know who did it. I don't remember or know anything.

Dante: Hey, thanks. I'll be right back.

Laura: Good job.

Spencer: Whether Valentin kidnapped me or not, I still hate him.

Laura: I know, sweetheart, and I don't blame you for feeling that way after what he did to your father. But I want you to know that we will never stop fighting for justice for your father -- ever.

Spencer: Never.

Dante: You are free to go. Don't leave town.

Valentin: I wouldn't dream of it. Did Spencer admit he was lying or what?

Dante: He admitted he wasn't sure. As of right now, we have no idea who took him.

Elizabeth: Hayden, you've come a long way from being Rachel Berlin, and nothing proves that more than the way you've stuck by Finn.

Hayden: I feel a "but" coming on.

Elizabeth: No, no buts. We're sisters, and if neither one of us was thrilled with that revelation when we first found out --

Hayden: Understatement.

Elizabeth: I would like to think we've made a little progress.

Hayden: How much progress?

Elizabeth: Well, for starters, I can offer my opinion on whatever you want or need to know. I can tell you which baby books helped me and which you can just throw out.

Hayden: Throw out? Please, I saved the receipts.

Elizabeth: Don't worry -- by the time you have your baby shower, you'll have all of this down pat.

Hayden: [Laughing] Oh, my, please. I have no friends in this town. Who's gonna throw me a baby shower?

Elizabeth: Who do you think?

Hayden: Really?

Elizabeth: What are sisters for?


Jared: You want to help us both, as in you and me?

Dr. Obrecht: Who else? Although, this has less to do with Hayden.

Jared: Who? Oh, is that what she's calling herself these days?

Dr. Obrecht: Hayden Barnes, despite the fact that everyone in this corner of the world knows who she really is. [Chuckles] It all came out in rather spectacular fashion. [Laughs]

Jared: Yeah, I'd love to hear about it some other time.

Dr. Obrecht: Stop interrupting. You may learn something valuable. Hayden's current lover, her Saeglingsvati, he ruined my life. Until recently, I was a highly regarded physician, a surgeon, a researcher. A healer of unparalleled skill.

Jared: If you do say so yourself.

Dr. Obrecht: And this man -- he was hell-bent on his own destruction. While I tried to save the hospital from him, Hayden -- your Rachel -- saved him instead, and together, they left my career for dead. I would like to pay him back in kind.

Jared: Lady, what do you want?

Dr. Obrecht: All that time you spent in prison, and to what end? You are entitled to more than you have received from that wife formerly known as Rachel. But if you are not interested in getting the recompense you deserve? There's the door. Beyond it is your car. That will take you to the rest of your life -- unfulfilled. So go.

Sonny: [Grunting] [Panting] [Groans] Come on.

Jason: Sam? I need you to rest for me, okay? I just need you to rest.

Sam: You don't have to worry.

Jason: Okay. You're right, I won't worry. I'm just gonna stay here with you, and we're going to let the doctors find out what's going on.

Sam: I already did it. You're safe.

Jason: What does that mean? What did you do?

Valentin: You say you don't know my heart. That's not true. You know it better than anybody, 'cause it belongs to you.

Nina: Wow. It's not only Spencer who's being dramatic.

Valentin: Spencer's a child. I'm a grown man who went without love his entire life. Until you. And I don't want to give that up. I know I gave you reasons to doubt me, but I want to be better for you. You have to believe that.

Nina: To a point I believe it, yeah. That's why I posted your bail. Which reminds me, I'm gonna get my money back.

Valentin: That's all, huh?

[Purse unzips]

Nina: Listen, I wasted my entire afternoon. I have to get back to work, so...

Spencer: Don't think I'm going soft on you. I will do whatever it takes to make you pay for what you did to my father.

Valentin: Actions have consequences, Spencer. And while you falsely accused me, assuming there is someone out there who kidnapped you, he's getting away.

Dante: Valentin, I told you to leave. I suggest you listen. Laura?

Laura: Yeah, I'll take him home.

Spencer: You can't take me home. Wyndemere is my home, and you stole it, and I don't know if you kidnapped me or not.

Valentin: Not.

Spencer: Maybe you did, and maybe you didn't. But I have one last thing to say to you.

Valentin: Thank God for small favors.

Spencer: My name is Spencer Cassadine. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Hayden: Hormones.

Elizabeth: Hayden.

Hayden: [Sniffles]

[Door closes]

Jared: Maybe Rachel -- or Hayden or whatever she's calling herself these days, maybe she did promise me something. That was a long time ago. Before her family lost everything, and her dad went to jail.

Dr. Obrecht: And you, Jared, you got nothing.

Jared: Just divorce papers in my jail cell.

Dr. Obrecht: Exactly. Rachel cast you aside the moment she didn't need you anymore. I too know what it is like to be discarded. Your ex-wife does have a flair for dismissal, does she not? What she did to you personally, she and her baby daddy did to me professionally. It's as though they are hunting us for sport. It is up to us to fire back.

Jared: Or we just move on with our lives like grown-ups.

Dr. Obrecht: The way they did, without a care in the world? To cast us aside, never having to look back or feel a moment's remorse? I don't think they have that right, and I don't think you do, either.

Jared: No. Maybe not.

Dr. Obrecht: Then perhaps you and I can work together? To acquire not just recompense but retribution.

Griffin: Sam Morgan?

Finn: Bloodwork. You?

Griffin: Scans.

Finn: Swap? Griffin?

Griffin: Yeah?

Finn: I may have some idea about what we're dealing with.

Sonny: Come on! Come -- [Sighs]

[Phone clatters]

Sonny: [Grunts]

Jason: Whatever you're trying to tell me, it can wait. Just try to sleep.

Sam: I already did it.

Jason: I know, I know, you made sure I'm safe.

Sam: I made sure.

Jason: I know, I know, thank you for that. I love you for that. Now all you have to do is rest. I've got it from here. You hear me? Just, shh.

Sam: Jason, I --

Jason: No, honey --

Sam: [Gasping]

[Monitor beeping]

Jason: Sam? Someone come in here now! Sam! Help!

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Jordan (to Dante): I just got some news concerning your father.

Stella (to Curtis): When did you and Jordan decide to call it quits?

Griffin (to Finn): What's going on? Do you have a diagnosis?

Jason: Help! I need help in here!

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