GH Transcript Friday 7/21/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 7/21/17


Episode #13851 ~ Sam makes a beeline for Julian but finds Ava instead; Nathan calls Nina out; Sonny receives an ominous text message about Spencer.

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Ava: [Slurring] Goodbye, rose gold. Goodbye, in the nude. Goodbye, eye shadow. Mascara. [Sighs] Goodbye, bronzer. Concealer, too. Goodbye, makeup! See you...never. Didn't rhyme very well. So long, my friends. We had a good run. There isn't enough paint in the world to cover my new face.

Bobbie: Has there been any progress in the search for Spencer?

Carly: Not that I've heard. Nope.

Bobbie: [Sighs] Laura must be beside herself. Nikolas gone, and now his only son?

Carly: Missing, not gone, okay? [Sighs] And I'm sure Jordan and Dante and the whole police force have worked all night. They're gonna find him.

Bobbie: Have you seen her? Laura, I mean.

Carly: She came by Sonny's yesterday. She asked him to use his connections to find Spencer.

Bobbie: And?

Carly: Well, Spencer's Sonny's nephew. Of course, he agreed.

Bobbie: Well, I know he's been working very hard to sever those connections. That's all.

Carly: I know, but this is different, Mom. It is. Sonny and I are in complete agreement with this. The most important thing is to bring Spencer home.

Sonny: I know I've made things difficult for you.

Sam: Yeah, you have.

Sonny: But, truly, I could say this from the bottom of my heart... I only want what's best for you and your family.

Sam: [Chuckles] What, Jason doing your dirty work is what's best for my family? No, Sonny. It's what's best for you.

Sonny: What can I say? Your husband gets results.

Sam: Yeah, well, so do I.

Jason: Sam? [Chuckles] Who are you talking to?

Sonny: I know you're terrified. You're probably not sleeping, not eating. Believe me, I've been there. But you really need to take care of yourself 'cause, otherwise, you're not gonna be any good to Spencer.

Laura: Well, we're gonna have to find Spencer before I can be good to him, and the police haven't turned up anything, and Valentin is not talking.

Sonny: No surprise there.

Laura: Well, what about your guys? Have they found anything? Any idea at all where he might be?

Nina: Yes. Yes, I know there are fees for withdrawing the money. I know there are penalties. I know about all of that. I know about the long-term implications. I get it. [Stammers] Listen. I want you to listen to me. I'm more interested in the short term. Are you gonna help me withdraw this money, or do I have to take my business elsewhere? Thank you very much. I'm on my way.

Valentin: I could do this all day.

Nathan: Well, it's a good thing we've only got a couple of minutes 'cause, after that, you'll be going to Pentonville to await trial -- if you make it to trial.

Valentin: That supposed to scare me?

Nathan: No, it's just that life expectancy for people who hurt kids is limited. So if you want to do anything right now to clear things up or mitigate your circumstances --

Valentin: Now would be the time?

Nathan: Yeah. What did you do to Spencer?

Ava: Yes. Hello. Um, do you deliver? Ah. Oh, that's fantastic. Great. Um, I... I would like to order some vodka, please. Y-yes. Russian. Yep. Is there any other kind? [Laughs] Um, a case. Mm-hmm. Mm, I'm having a party. And it's soon. So -- so please be quick about it.

Jason: I thought I heard you talking to somebody.

Sam: I was talking to myself.

Jason: You're talking to yourself again?

Sam: [Chuckles nervously] Yeah. Well, I'm -- I was t-talking into the phone. There's this app that you can talk into it and leave in the baby's room when you're not around and... I know. It's stupid.

Jason: No, it sounds cool. It's not stupid.

Sam: Well, what do you have going on today?

Jason: Me? Uh, well, I've got -- I've got nothing, really. I cleared my schedule. All I'm doing is escorting you to your follow-up exam, which I know you're very happy about.

Sam: Yeah, I'm super psyched. [Sighs]

Jason: How are you feeling?

Sam: I-I think I'm feeling better, actually.

Jason: Yeah?

Sam: Yeah. I think these iron supplements are working.

Jason: That's great.

Sam: Mm-hmm. I was -- I was even considering calling Dr. Bensch and telling him that I didn't need to come in, but I know how you would feel about that so... [Inhales deeply]

Jason: I know how you feel about this. Nobody hates doctors or hospitals more than me. But in order to put this behind us, we got to figure out what's going on with you. And it's probably nothing.

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: But if it's something, then it's nothing we can't handle.

Sam: Okay.

Jason: Right?

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Jason: I love you.

Sam: I love you.

Bobbie: No word from Sonny?

Carly: None.

Bobbie: [Sighs] Well, you know, that doesn't necessarily mean that they haven't found him.

Carly: Yes, it does. Yes, it does. If there were a lead, if they had found Spencer, anything, Sonny would let me know. I mean, Josslyn is worried sick, and, Mom, she's drowning in guilt.

Bobbie: Guilt? Why?

Carly: 'Cause it happened on her watch.

Bobbie: Ohh. Of course. I forgot. Spencer was taken from Lila's Kids.

Carly: Right, and Josslyn thinks it's all her fault.

Bobbie: Oh, well, that's ridiculous.

Carly: I know! We tried to tell her that, and I hope we got through to her. But you know Josslyn. She internalizes everything.

Bobbie: Mm. The joys of parenting a teenager.

Carly: Ha! I wish she saw herself that way. No, Josslyn sees herself as an adult. Look -- drinking, hanging out with boys.

Bobbie: Still the one? Oscar?

Carly: Yeah. And Oscar is now a lifeguard at Lila's Kids, so that means they see each other every day. Ugh! Oh, Mom! I don't know!

Bobbie: Ah, summer romance. I remember those.

Carly: Wait, what? It's not a romance. Is it a romance?

Sonny: I got people watching the docks. I also have people, um, retracing his steps.

Laura: What about somebody he might've hired?

Sonny: It's going on, but we haven't found anything yet. But we will. Valentin didn't do this alone. And the number of people who are willing to snatch a kid in my town are few and far between.

Laura: [Sighs] Okay, thanks for doing all you can.

Sonny: It's not over, Laura. When I get Valentin, I-I--

Laura: Yeah, but when are you gonna get him, really?

Sonny: Well...

Laura: I mean, he's in lockup now.

Sonny: Until he's moved to Pentonville.

Laura: Yeah. And until he makes bail because, yeah, he probably will.

Sonny: I get him in transfer or I get him at home. Either way, I'm gonna get him. So I don't want you doing anything... rash?

Laura: Thank you, Sonny. I appreciate it so much.

Valentin: I had nothing to do with Spencer Cassadine's disappearance.

Nathan: See, if I don't believe that, you really think the thugs in Pentonville are gonna? Was that funny?

Valentin: You just seem to think this is my first time in prison. I know the drill, Officer.

Nathan: Detective.

Valentin: Apologies. I know the drill, Detective.

[Door opens]

Nathan: Perfect timing. Looks like your ride is here.

Officer: Actually, word just came down from the court clerk.

Valentin: Did it now?

Nathan: What kind of word?

Officer: [Sighs] Cassadine's bail has been posted.

Nathan: It's what?!

Officer: It's all there, black and white.

Nathan: No, that bail was off the chart...

[Door opens]

Nathan: Let me guess -- you got your lawyers to free up the money?

Nina: No, I did.

Nathan: Don't have any travel plans?

Valentin: Not at the moment.

Nathan: Good. And while you await trial...

Valentin: I'll follow the letter of the law.

Nathan: Good. Because if I catch you so much as jaywalking --

Nina: "J," we get it. He stays in town. He doesn't break any laws.

Nathan: I'll go get your paperwork.

[Door opens]

Valentin: You made my bail. You didn't have to do that.

Nina: I know.

Valentin: You know my lawyers are on it. The money's probably being wired as we speak, so if you don't want to be involved...

Nina: [Breathes deeply] Well, I'm involved.

Valentin: Why?

Nina: 'Cause I wanted everybody, including you, to know that I believe in you. I wasn't married to you all those months for nothing. You said you didn't kidnap Spencer. That's good enough for me.

Valentin: You know, I'm used to handling these kinds of things by myself. It's always been that way.

Nina: Well, not anymore.

Valentin: So you mean it? You believe in me?

Nina: Yeah. But that doesn't mean I'm coming back to you.

Ava: Help me! Can somebody help me, please?! I'm trapped!

[Knock on door]

Ava: Yeah? Wh-who is it?

Man: A delivery from Eastside Liquors.

Ava: [Sighs] Uh, just leave it outside, please.

Man: Well, the vodka needs to be signed for.

Ava: Okay, well, uh, um, I'm a little indisposed at the moment. Maybe you could [Sighs] Slip it under the door and I'll -- I'll sign for it and slip it back.

Man: I need to see who's signing.

Ava: I'm -- I'm not underage. You could trust me.

Man: Do you want the booze or not? Look, Lady... I was told there was a rush.

Ava: Boo.

Carly: I'm not ready for this. I am not ready for this.

Bobbie: [Chuckles] It's just a boy.

Carly: A boy my barely-14-year-old may be dating! How do I do this without screwing it all up?

Bobbie: Ugh. You're asking me?

Carly: [Sighs] Well, Virginia did her best with me, but, Mom, come on. She wasn't equipped to handle me.

Bobbie: Well, I'm not sure I could've done much better.

Carly: You survived parenting an adolescent.

Bobbie: I had a boy.

Carly: Yeah, it's not like Lucas didn't come with his share of surprises.

Bobbie: Well, that was not my best moment, not by a long shot. I was so thrown when your brother came out, I didn't listen.

Carly: Yeah, but you guys got through it, and now you're closer than ever.

Bobbie: And you and Josslyn will be, too.

Carly: Really? You promise?

Bobbie: I promise.

Sam: Hey, Molly, listen, don't -- don't worry. You can call me if anything comes up. I mean, this is just a basic routine checkup. I'll be able to schedule it anytime.


Sam: Okay. Thank you. I love you, too.

[Footsteps approach]

Jason: Basic and routine, huh?

Sam: Well, I-I mean, I just meant that our kids come before the doctor's appointment. That's all.

Jason: Yeah, I agree. But this is something, don't you think?

Sam: [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Sam: Were you expecting someone?

Jason: No. But you never know. Hey.

Sonny: Got a minute?

Jason: Yeah, come on in.

Sonny: Yeah. Hey, Sam.

Sam: Scout's blanket. Molly forgot it.

Jason: Uh, well, I'm sure she's gonna be okay without it.

Sam: You know what? I would feel a lot better if I brought it to her.

Jason: Okay.

Sam: Okay?

Jason: Okay.

Sam: I'll be right back.

Sonny: Good to see you a-again, Sam.

Sam: Yeah.

[Door closes]

Sonny: Is she okay?

Jason: Uh, Sonny, I don't know. I don't know.

Sonny: Uh, it just seems something's going on with her. That's the vibe I'm getting, or maybe it's just me?

Jason: No, it's -- it's not you, Sonny. She's, uh... she's going through some medical stuff right now.

Sonny: N-nothing serious?

Jason: I don't think so, but it -- it requires some tests. And I don't want to pressure her, but I'm staying on top of her, so it's stressful, you know?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry about all that.

Jason: Hey, yeah, you know, new baby, new life, new world. We're just adjusting.

Sonny: Well, you know, usually, if you told me something like that, I'd just walk right out the door.

Jason: Yeah, I know, man. This must be important.

Sonny: Spencer's missing.

Jason: I heard that. Valentin's in custody?

Sonny: He was. I talked to Dante. Apparently, Nina posted his bail.

Jason: Police don't have any leads?

Sonny: Mnh-mnh. Mm, no.

Jason: Of course not.

Sonny: And the longer this goes on, you know, you and I both know what Valentin is capable of.

Jason: Yeah, I know. Yeah.

Sonny: So that son of a bitch needs to be stopped.

Jason: You want me to stop him?

Sam: [Sighs]

Carly: Okay, so, like, on one hand, I want to be cool. I do. I want Josslyn to tell me everything, and I want to be her best friend. But I can't be her best friend, because I'm her mom. And limits have to be set, and I have to set them even if she hates me.

Bobbie: And she will.

Carly: [Sighs] I don't want to hear that.

Bobbie: [Laughs] Oh, honey, just do what I failed to do with Lucas. Listen.

Carly: [Sighs]

Bobbie: Keep the lines of communication open. Always give her the opportunity to tell the truth. And when she doesn't, give her more opportunities. You need to be her safe place even when she doesn't want to admit it.

Carly: Well, I just don't want her to be the teenage girl that either of us were -- no offense.

Bobbie: Oh, you mean you don't want her getting pregnant in the next couple of years.

Carly: No, I -- no! Are you kidding me?!

Bobbie: That won't happen.

Carly: How do you know that won't happen?

Bobbie: [Sweetly] Because she has you. [Normal voice] My best advice?

Carly: Please.

Bobbie: Remember when you were 14.

Carly: That does not help.

[Both laugh]

[Door opens]

Bobbie: Hi, Josslyn.

Carly: Hi, sweetheart.

Josslyn: Hi.

Carly: Mm.

Josslyn: Were you guys just talking about me?

Carly: [Exhales deeply]

Josslyn: Oh, no. Is this about Spencer?

Valentin: You just have to give me a chance.

Nina: Well, maybe. Not today.

Valentin: But someday?

Nina: Listen. We've both made mistakes.

Valentin: No. I won't have you blaming yourself.

Nina: It's just that everybody's running around like a chicken with their head cut off. Why should we? I mean, we -- we shouldn't do that.

Valentin: So, what now?

Nina: Go home. Take a shower.

Valentin: Well, it's not much of a home without you and Charlotte.

Nina: [Sighs] Never say never.

Valentin: Oh, I won't say never when it comes to us.

[Papers rustling]

Nathan: Sign these. You're free to go.

Valentin: See you around.

[Knock on door]

Sam: Ju-- Ava? Hey.

Ava: [Slurring] Mm.

Sam: Ava, it's Sam. Come on. Wake up.

Ava: Mm.

Sam: Hey.

Ava: Uh, Sam.

Sam: Oh.

Ava: What are you doing here?

Sam: Hey, are you all right?

Ava: Oh, for Pete's sake.

Sam: Hey.

Ava: [Breathing shakily]

Sam: Don't worry.

Ava: Uh... uh, yeah.

Sam: You have been drinking.

Ava: Uh, yes, I have.

Sam: I came to...

Ava: What?

Sam: ...See Julian --

Ava: No, no, no. You don't have to do that, okay?

Sam: No, it's okay.

Ava: Sam. It's fine. You don't need to clean up after me, all right?

Sam: Ava, Ava. I've got it, okay?

Ava: Thank you.

Sam: You can repay me with a cup of coffee.

Ava: What did you want to see Julian about?

Sam: Well, I had a proposal for him. But he can't even be bothered to stay here with you. I guess I'm gonna have to take care of it myself.

Ava: I'll get you that coffee.

Sonny: Cops are all over this, so it's got be low-key. And there's no way of getting Valentin... quietly or quickly... unless I have your help. But you know he's a pro. And if I bring in the muscle and my men and the whole thing -- someone's got to get noticed.

Jason: Right. I'm in.

Sonny: Yeah?

Jason: Yeah, I'm in. Timing could be better, but I got it.

Sonny: All right. Like I said before, um... he's very important to me.

Jason: He's your nephew.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Jason: I understand. I'll do what I can do.

Sonny: Well, thank you.

Jason: Absolutely.

Sonny: Listen, um... you sure that Sam's gonna be all right with -- no, 'cause I'm -- you know, I know how she can be.

Jason: I know. Sam's gonna be fine. I'm looking for a little kid, someone she's related to. She'll be all right. I got this, all right?

Sonny: All right. Cool.

Ava: Well, I hope you like almond milk. It's all my brother stocked in my absence.

Sam: I can't believe he couldn't be bothered to stay here with you.

Ava: Eh, I'm not 5. I -- I don't need a minder.

Sam: No, but you're gonna need some more vodka 'cause you're all out.

Ava: Mm, no, I'm not. Ahh! Would you like a little [Clicks tongue] In your to-go cup?

Sam: No. I'll pass.

Ava: You could probably find, uh, Julian at his office.

Sam: It's okay.

Ava: Well, I thought you wanted to see him.

Sam: If he can't be here for you, he certainly isn't gonna be able to be there for me.

Ava: Oh. Well, I-I told him to leave. [Mutters] I don't understand.

Sam: Wait. What about Avery?

Ava: What about Avery?

Sam: I mean, she is gonna need -- I mean, she's gonna need a mother.

Ava: When Avery looks at me, she doesn't see her mother. She sees a monster. I guess she'll have to make do with Sonny.

Sam: No.

Carly: There are no leads on Spencer yet, but Sonny and the police are working on it.

Josslyn: It's been too long.

Carly: I know, but they're gonna find him, and he'll be back to being one of your quirkiest campers in no time.

Josslyn: One of? [Chuckles] He wins the quirk contest hands down.

Carly: [Laughs]

Bobbie: Isn't that the truth?

Josslyn: So, if it wasn't Spencer, what were you guys talking about? It seemed kind of serious.

Carly: Uh... we were talking about you.

Josslyn: That's not awkward.

Bobbie: I have to go to work.

Carly: [Laughs]

Josslyn: Yeah, and I have to change for camp so --

Carly: Oh, no, no. There's no camp. The director called. They're gonna pick back up tomorrow. So you and I have all the time in the world to hang out and talk today.

Josslyn: Great.

Carly: Yeah.

Bobbie: Play nice, you two.

Carly: Bye.

Bobbie: I love you.

Carly: I love you, too.

Bobbie: Love you, baby.

Josslyn: Bye, Grandma. I love you.

Carly: [Sighs]

Josslyn: Should I be bracing myself?

Carly: Let's sit. Come on. Okay. So, um... what's going on with you and this Oscar kid?

Josslyn: He's not a kid.

Carly: He's not a man. Is he your boyfriend?

Josslyn: [Sighs]

Nathan: Laura, why don't you come with me?

[Police radio chatter]

Laura: What is this?

Valentin: I've been released.

Nathan: On bail. The charges have not been dropped.

Laura: You bailed yourself out.

Nina: I bailed him out.

Laura: [Gasps] Really? Nina, my grandson has been missing now for nearly 24 hours. There's been no word from any kidnapper. There's been no communication whatsoever. I don't know if he's dead or if he's alive.

Nina: I'm so sorry.

Laura: No, you're not! If you were sorry, you'd do the right thing. He can't account for his whereabouts during the time that Spencer was abducted. His best defense is, "I didn't do it."

Valentin: Because I didn't.

Laura: Does it mean anything to you?!

Nina: Listen, I can't imagine the pain and frustration you're going through, but Valentin did not kidnap Spencer.

Laura: Why, Nina? Why do you know this? Because he told you this?

Nina: No, because I know him.

Laura: I know him! I know him! He killed my son, damn it! And now he's going after my grandson.

Nina: Listen, I think that it's best to take your focus off of Valentin and just put your focus on finding that little boy.

Laura: Be quiet. Just shut up! Shut up! You're guilty. You're as guilty as he is.

Officer: Okay. Let's go. Come on.

Nathan: Look, Laura. Pl--

Laura: You're letting him go. You're letting him walk out.

Nathan: We're not --

Laura: You're letting a kidnapper walk out!

Nathan: We're not gonna take our eyes off him.

Laura: Yes, you are! Well, he knows that. He knows you won't take your eyes off of him, so he won't go anywhere near Spencer. [Crying] He'll just hire somebody else to do his dirty work for him! Well, you go ahead, and you just keep your eyes on him. You do that. [Breathes shakily]

Nina: Oh, my God. That's horrible.

Nathan: She's just scared.

Nina: I'm trying to put myself in her place. [Voice breaking] I can't. She's spiraling out of control.

Nathan: Yeah, well, imagine if it was your sister.

Josslyn: Oscar is not my boyfriend. We're just friends.

Carly: Do you want to be more?

Josslyn: I barely know him.

Carly: You go to school with him.

Josslyn: He's new.

Carly: Now you're working together.

Josslyn: So? That doesn't mean anything at all.

Carly: Okay. All right. So, um -- [Sighs] I can't stop you from seeing this boy -- guy, whatever. But it really bothers me, Josslyn, that he pressured you into drinking.

Josslyn: He didn't pressure me to do anything.

Carly: Okay, really? Would you have had one of those wine coolers if Oscar weren't here?

Josslyn: I don't know.

Carly: It sounds like, to me, that you wanted to impress him. And you don't need to do that, okay? The only person you need to impress is yourself.

Josslyn: I get that.

Carly: Do you?

Josslyn: Here's my thing -- you're judging someone you don't even know. Isn't that what Nelle did to you?

Carly: [Sighs] Okay. You're right.

Josslyn: Say that again?

Carly: I can't make a judgment call about someone I've never met. So why don't we change that?

Laura: Valentin? I'll get Spencer to drop the lawsuit, okay? You won't ever have to hear from him again. I can even make him leave Port Charles. I -- please give me back my grandson.

Valentin: Laura, I can't give you what I don't have.

Laura: What if it were Charlotte? What if -- what if she were missing, and you didn't know where she was or -- or what happened?

Valentin: Well, then I would go out of my mind, which is why I understand your desperation. But you're wasting your time with me.

Laura: Why? Because you've already covered your tracks? Is that it?

Valentin: Because I had nothing to do with Spencer's disappearance.

Laura: If you say that to me one more time, I swear I'm gonna kill you!

Valentin: I don't know what you want me to tell you.

Laura: The truth! I want the truth!

Valentin: Well, the truth is that your time would be better spent looking for whoever's responsible for taking Spencer.

Laura: [Sighs] My God. [Chuckles] You've won. You know, you're the king, you're the heir, you got the whole inheritance. You've got the only home he knows. He is no threat to you. None! Why would you be so cruel? There's no reason.

Valentin: Listen to you. Will you listen to you? You're making my point for me. Spencer is not a threat. That's what you just said. Why would I take him?

Laura: I don't believe one word out of your smug, lying mouth.

Valentin: Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

Laura: No, you're not! You're not sorry about anything. You're not sorry that you killed my son. You're not sorry that you stole my grandson. Yeah, now I know why Helena thought that you were the worst Cassadine of all. She was right. Because you're smarter than all of them, aren't you? And you don't care about anyone! [Crying]

Valentin: I don't think this conversation is helping anybody.

Laura: Don't you dare walk away from me, you bastard! You...

Valentin: You... good luck with your search.

Laura: [Breathing shakily]

Valentin: [Groans]

Nina: Wow. Ha. I'm spiraling out of control? Really? Yeah, I'm fine.

[Police radio chatter]

Nathan: Yeah, 'cause that -- that whole dance that you just did with Valentin, that's not fine, Nina.

Nina: Oh, you were a part of the conversation?

Nathan: I didn't need to be.

Nina: You heard what we said?

Nathan: I didn't need to be. I saw enough. I saw enough. I saw him begging you to take him back, to come home with him, and you wanted to.

Nina: Well, I didn't do it. Does that count for nothing?

Nathan: No, it counts for nothing, Nina, since I know you're just gonna cave and take him back in eventually.

Nina: Why would I do that?

Nathan: You're just making him jump through hoops so you'll feel better when you do take him back.

Nina: Wow! I'm impressed. Listen to you. This "Ask Man Landers" has really rubbed of on you. Suddenly you're the expert on relationships?

Nathan: No, Nina, I am the expert on you. You are my sister, and I love you. But you're wrong about Valentin, okay? You think he's gonna give you those things that -- that Silas and Franco and all of the others couldn't give you -- love and devotion and a real family. But he can't do that, because he's not capable of those things, and yet, somehow or another, you let him reel you back in every time.

Nina: Is this really how you feel about me, like I'm some pathetic, ignorant teenager?

Nathan: I think the world of you. And I will always have your back.

Nina: I know. Listen, you do. Every time I crumble, you always have my back. And you're always there to pick up the pieces.

Nathan: I can't do it anymore.

Nina: What does that mean?

Nathan: It means that, if you go back to Valentin and he breaks your heart again, you've got to find somebody else to pick up the pieces.

Ava: I would think you'd love nothing more than me out of Avery's life. Big victory for your best buds Carly and Sonny.

Sam: No. Sonny is not my bud.

Ava: Since when?

Sam: And, besides, I'm a mother, and I think children should be with their mothers.

Ava: Even mothers like me?

Sam: Shouldn't you be wearing that?

Ava: Mm. Oh. [Sniffs] Why bother? It's not gonna change anything.

Sam: You're not a monster.

Ava: Really? Don't my actions make me one?

Sam: What do Sonny's actions make him, hmm?

Ava: Where is this coming from?

Sam: [Exhales deeply] You see, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about karma. And you've had to pay the price, but -- but Sonny hasn't. And wouldn't you like to be around when he does? Huh? You can wall yourself up in your penthouse, close yourself up to the world, keep yourself away from your daughter, concede victory to Sonny. Or you can have whatever you want whenever you want it. You can reclaim your life...

[Velcro rustling]

Sam: ...The way you want. Hmm? Yeah? Easy. Now come on. [Chuckles]

Josslyn: What are you... what's happening?

Carly: I want to meet Oscar.

Josslyn: Why?

Carly: 'Cause I want to know who my daughter's spending time with.

Josslyn: No. No way. No.

Carly: Why? Do you think I'm gonna embarrass you or something?

Josslyn: Yes.

Carly: Really? Wow. How the mighty have fallen. I thought I was one of those hip moms?

Josslyn: Oh, please don't say hip.

Carly: Oh, wow. Here we are. Here we are. The teenage years. Oh. They're gonna be hard, but we're gonna get through it. We are. We will. I promise you -- as long as we talk to each other and we listen to each other and respect each other. You can do that, right?

Josslyn: I'll try.

Carly: Great. Me too. So, call and invite Oscar over.

Josslyn: Why?

Carly: Because you like hanging out with him, right? And if you want to continue to hang out with him, I need to know what he's about. Come on, I'm not gonna embarrass you that much.

Josslyn: Oh, that's really comforting.

Carly: Yeah. It is.

Josslyn: [Groans]

Valentin: Aah! Are you insane?! [Breathing heavily]

Laura: Give me back my grandson.

Valentin: Yeah, if you see him again, it'll be from behind bars. I'll see you in jail!

Sam: Jason? Are you here?

[Lock engages]

Sam: [Sighs] "Had to go out. Will be back in time for appointment. J." [Sighs]

Sonny: What was that you said earlier, about who would have Jason and for how long? [Whispering] Looks like you were wrong, Samantha. [Clicks tongue]

Sam: [Takes a gun out of the closet and makes sure it's loaded]

[Cell phone ringing]

Sonny: Carly. Hey.

Carly: Hey. Is it a bad time?

Sonny: No. For you?

Carly: I'm just hoping for an update on Spencer.

Sonny: Nothing yet, but I expect some good news soon.

Carly: You do? Why?

Sonny: I, uh -- I brought somebody else into the search. Jason's on it now.

Laura: [Breathing heavily] How did you know?

Jason: Sonny told me that Valentin was out on bail. I figured he'd try to go home. You should get out of here right now. Go.

Laura: No, not until he tells me where Spencer is.

Jason: Listen to me. You can't raise that kid from a prison cell. If he's got Spencer, I'll find out where. I'll bring him back to you, I promise. Get out of here.

Sonny: I promise I'll keep you updated. I love you.

[Cell phone beeps]

[Sonny receives a picture of Spencer]

On the next "General Hospital" --

Carly (to Josslyn): Call Oscar and invite him over.

Valerie (to Dante): This is Oscar Nero. He has some information on Spencer Cassadine.

Mac (to Nathan): Swear you won't tell another soul, especially Maxie.

Jason (to Valentin): You're gonna tell me where Spencer is -- one way or the other.

Sonny: You're don't want to come out? You're afraid to meet me face-to-face?

(A hand appears holding a gun, then there's a gunshot)

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