GH Transcript Wednesday 7/19/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 7/19/17


Episode #13849 ~ Dante blames Valentin for Spencer's disappearance; Finn & Hayden look to the future; Alexis is reluctant to testify for Julian; after being fired from the hospital, Liesl Obrecht decides to punish Finn by hurting Hayden.

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[Doorbell chimes]

Alexis: [Sighs] Julian.

Julian: Is this a bad time?

Alexis: I'm working on a new case.

Julian: Oh. Glad you're getting back in the game.

Alexis: Oh. I'll say there'll be fireworks.

Julian: Well, I hope you have time for one more dramatic court case.

Alexis: I'm not representing you.

Julian: It's all right. I'm, uh, not asking you to be my attorney. I'm asking you to [Sighs] be a witness... for the defense.

[Elevator chimes]

Hayden: Okay.

Finn: I know, but let's -- you know, let's not make a big deal out of it.

Hayden: You've been clean for 90 days. If you were in a 12-step program, you'd get, like, a chip or something. I'm proud of you. I want to celebrate.

Finn: You want to celebrate? You want something to celebrate? The townhouse I was buying didn't pass inspection. It fell out of escrow.

Hayden: And we're celebrating because...?

Finn: Because I found a better house that'd be perfect for us and the little one.

Hayden: Open-floor plan?

Finn: Hmm.

Hayden: Big backyard?

Finn: Have a look. There's even a -- a spare room that would be perfect for a nursery.

Hayden: And it has an apartment in the back so you can build that unregulated lab you've always wanted.

Finn: I know, right, but we have to move fast on this.

Griffin: Yeah, well, first things first -- I still need the results from your latest drug test, which -- one way or another -- will be your last.

Hayden: Way to be a downer.

Finn: No. W-- what are you doing? We already proved that -- that -- that Obrecht was tampering my tests. I'm gonna pass.

Monica: Uh, e-excuse me, Dr. Munro. Hayden, I need to have, uh, kind of a serious talk with Dr. Finn.

[Knocks on door]

Nina: Come in!

Nathan: Hey.

Nina: Hey. Hi. If you want to know about the "Ask Man Landers" interview, it's being edited.

Nathan: [Groans] If I never hear the name "Man Landers" again, it'll be too soon.

Nina: Oh, my goodness -- already disgruntled with your fame.

Nathan: Yeah, well, it was only ever supposed to be a favor for Amy and helping her brother with his medical expenses, and now -- now I just keep getting deeper and deeper. That's not even why I'm here.

Nina: You're here to say hi to your big sister. It's very sweet.

Nathan: Yeah. Something like that. And also to see if you're keeping your promise to stay away from Valentin.

Nina: Oh! Mm. Even your ulterior motives are altruistic.

Nathan: Uh-huh.

Nina: That's very sweet.

Nathan: So how 'bout it?

Nina: I'm not really staying away from Valentin.

Nathan: Mm.

Nina: No, okay, let me rephrase. He is not staying away from me. He told me that he's gonna pull out all the stops to win me back. Those are his words. They're not my words. They're not mine. Starting with this.

Nathan: [Scoffs] A nursing home for horses? The guy really knows how to win your heart back. Is it working?

Valentin: You're all finished?

Charlotte: May I have another one, please?

Valentin: Are you still hungry?

Charlotte: I'm full.

Valentin: Well, then why do you want another ice cream?

Charlotte: If I get another sundae, we won't have to leave.

Valentin: You don't want to leave the restaurant?

Charlotte: I don't want to leave you, Papa.

Dante: Laura, everything okay?

Laura: No. No, it isn't. Look, I decided that I was gonna take Spencer out of camp early, but he's not here. He didn't sign himself out. He's not answering my phone calls or my texts.

Dante: Okay. T-that's not too unusual for Spencer, though, right? I mean, he did make it back from Europe home by himself using phone apps. Um... did you try his driver?

Laura: Yeah, it was my first thought. Chandler hasn't heard from him at all.

Dante: Lulu said he's been taking off a lot recently.

Laura: Yeah, he has. He's got this obsession that Valentin has stolen his inheritance... [Sighs] And he's been sort of aggressive, I guess, about trying to get it back, which is why Valentin would like nothing better than for Spencer to disappear permanently.

Alexis: As much as I would love to help you...

Julian: Then help me.

Alexis: ...The bar just reinstated my license, like, five minutes ago, and the reason it was suspended in the first place --

Julian: Yeah, because of me.

Alexis: Bingo. So don't ask me to stand on some witness stand for you and perjure myself...

Julian: Just wait a second.

Alexis: ...Because everything that I have done and everything that I have struggled to hang on to will come crashing down around me.

Julian: Alexis! I'm not asking you to perjure yourself. I'm asking you to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Finn: No. N-no way! There's no way I failed that drug test. Obrecht tampered with my samples. It's over. That's the end of story. I know I'm clean.

Monica: Well, according to your latest test results, you are.

Finn: I-- I'm sorry. What?

Monica: Your tests came back negative, and you have vindicated my belief in you.

Finn: Well, then what was with the long face?

Monica: Well, I had to keep a neutral demeanor. If I'd expressed all my pride and my belief in you, that would have been unprofessional.

Finn: Heh.

[Cell phone rings]

Finn: Oh, excuse me.

Monica: Oh, come on! What could that be telling you that is more important than what I'm saying?

Finn: I'm wanted in the 10th floor conference room.

Monica: Oh, well, then I think you better go to that... now that you're officially reinstated.

Finn: Officially?

Monica: Officially. Congratulations.

Finn: Thank you, Monica...

Monica: You're welcome.

Finn: ...For everything.

Nina: I may possibly, uh, maybe, be able to entertain the idea of giving Valentin a second chance.

Nathan: Nina.

Nina: Yeah, but not -- listen, listen to me -- not unless I get conclusive proof that he's willing to put his past in the past and create a future with me and Charlotte.

Nathan: [Sighs] Well, did you tell him this?

Nina: I told Nelle.

Nathan: Nina, that's even worse. That's -- that's you convincing yourself to take him back. Nina, that guy broke you heart.

Nina: He came back.

Nathan: [Sighs]

Nina: That never happens.

Nathan: No. This guy has done terrible things.

Liesl: We are all capable of terrible things. Even I have committed a transgression or two.

Nina: Even before you've had your morning coffee.

Liesl: Fortunately, we are all capable of redemption. Am I right, mein schatz?

Nathan: Yeah. You okay?

Liesl: Why would I be otherwise?

Nathan: Well, I mean, you know, in light of everything that's happened.

Liesl: [Scoffs] As they say in America, "I'm embracing retirement." And now I have business to discuss with Nina.

Nina: You do?

Nathan: What kind of business?

Liesl: I wish to discuss the matter with my niece privately. Now kiss Mutter. Danke. Und auf wiedersehen.

Nathan: If you need me, I'll be at the station.

[Door opens, closes]

Nina: Full disclosure -- J told me what happened at the hospital.

Liesl: Frankly, I'm glad to be rid of the place. Why should I trouble myself with Philistines who envy true genius when they see it, hmm?

Hayden: Welcome back. [Laughs]


Griffin: Hey!

Elizabeth: Surprise!

Laura: I get a phone call from Josslyn Jacks. You know, she works at Lila's Kids as a junior counselor. And she says that Charlotte is asking to call her father, but she calls me instead. So I go back to the camp. And I'm talking with Charlotte. And Valentin comes back again. Only this time, he's got a court order in his hands so that he can take Charlotte for a visit right then. And he does. He just -- he just leaves with her! So now I'm really freaked out, and I just want to get Spencer out of there and home, right? And he's missing!

Dante: Okay. We have uniforms canvassing the area, okay? With any luck, someone saw Spencer leave the park.

Laura: Yeah. But if he did that, he would've at least called Chandler to tell him he didn't need him.

Dante: Really? Is he that considerate?

Kevin: He's that thorough. He would cover his tracks. Also, the last time he disappeared, he sent me a message.

Dante: Why you?

Kevin: So I could make sure his grandmother wouldn't worry.

Dante: [Sighs]

Laura: Dante, it had to be Valentin. I was just telling Kevin that Spencer just told Charlotte that it was Valentin who killed Nikolas.

Dante: And Valentin knows this?

Laura: Yes. Yes, he was -- he was livid.

Dante: Okay. But that doesn't mean he kidnapped Spencer.

Laura: There's something else. Spencer is suing Valentin for wrongful death.

Kevin: Now, if that goes to trial, at best, Valentin will suffer public humiliation. But at worst, Spencer wins and Valentin loses a lot of money.

Laura: And Valentin made it really clear to me that he wanted that lawsuit to go away.

Dante: Which could mean making Spencer go away.

Valentin: I'm sorry that I had to be away from you all that time. It was a mistake. But it's all better now, and I don't have to leave you ever again. And, you know, once we talk to a judge, you can come back to Wyndemere and stay with me.

Charlotte: What about Lulu and Rocco and Dante? Will I still be able to see them?

Valentin: Yeah. Of course, if that's what you want.

Charlotte: Even though Lulu hates you?

Valentin: Who told you that?

Charlotte: Spencer.

Valentin: Well, that Spencer's a troubled young man who says a lot of things, and they're not always true. I give him a break because he's a kid and he's missing his father. But that's not okay that he takes his unhappiness out on you. And that's why you won't be seeing him anymore, okay?

[Cell phone chimes]

[Valentin reads a text message: "Possible child abduction, Rice Park, Port Charles"]

Charlotte: What's that, Papa?

Alexis: If I do what you want me to do, you're going to jail.

Julian: Not if you testify that my sister Olivia was threatening me the entire time.

Alexis: I can't do that. I don't know that. I have no proof of that.

Julian: No proof? You were a witness to it on the bridge when Olivia tried to convince me to kill you! Which I did not, by the way.

Alexis: Yeah, thanks for that.

Julian: Oh. In fact, I shot your cuffs off, and I took the bullet so you could get away.

Alexis: This conversation was between a homicidal maniac and, no offense, you. I mean, even Leo could tear this apart on the stand...

Julian: Well...

Alexis: ...Without even looking up from his building blocks.

Julian: Okay, I disagree. I think the judge and the jury will buy it.

Alexis: Why? For all the reasons that you just said! I don't remember what I just said. I just know "homicidal maniac" and "inadmissible."

Julian: Okay. If you testify on my behalf, you are risking your career, your sobriety, the esteem of your family, your entire future...

Alexis: Yeah, you sure know how to sweeten the pot.

Julian: ...All for a man who is no longer a part of your life and never will be a part of your life. Isn't that right? It's because you have nothing to gain by lying and everything to lose if the jury's gonna believe you.

Alexis: That is an incredibly solipsistic argument.

Julian: Thank you?

Alexis: It's not a good argument. It's a huge stretch.

Julian: Okay. Would you just tell me you're gonna help me?

Alexis: The only way I would consider considering taking the stand for you is if somebody else were to testify.

Julian: And who's that?

Alexis: You!

Julian: [Sighs]

Alexis: Raise your right hand.

Julian: [Laughs]

Alexis: And repeat after me.

Monica: Well, had you worried there for a bit, huh?

Finn: Yes, you did.

Monica: [Laughs]

Finn: Your bedside manner's even worse than mine sometimes.

Griffin: Here you are. Drink up, my friend.

Finn: Thank you.

Monica: Ah. First, I'd like to propose a toast.

Finn: Oh. Thank you.

Monica: It takes courage and it takes strength to stay clean. And you've done both.

Finn: Thank you. I got a lot of help, Monica, more than I ever had a right to expect.

Monica: Well, in this hospital, we're all out for each other. But today, we're all here for you.

Griffin: Yeah. Here's to you, Dr. Finn.

Finn: Thank you. Thank you. If I could just take a moment. Thank you, Monica, for all the faith you had in me. And to you, Griffin. Thank you for your understanding and your patience. Elizabeth, thank you for giving me a second chance. But I wouldn't even be here right now, maybe not even on this planet, if it wasn't for the kindness and love of you, Hayden. And if you think that got a little mushy, don't forget, she's the one that signs our paychecks.


Monica: Cheers.

Griffin: Cheers.

Elizabeth: Cheers.

Monica: Now, everybody eat up because this party was especially catered for you.

Elizabeth: In your honor, we raided the vending machines.

Finn: [Laughs] Wow, where do you start?

Elizabeth: [Laughs]

Hayden: You know, nothing's too good for the father of my child.

Finn: You shouldn't have.

Hayden: Mm-hmm.

Nina: Aunt Liesl, I'm so sorry. I really am. We already have a monthly medical column.

Liesl: I'm not suggesting another frivolous health and beauty guide that promises eternal youth and no cellulite. I'm offering you a serious, scholarly report on the latest cutting-edge developments in medical research.

Nina: That sounds fascinating. It truly does. But it might be best for some medical journal.

Liesl: In other words, you have no place for me?

Nina: Um, n-- I'm sorry.

Liesl: I understand. Why should my talents be appreciated here when they were dismissed by my own hospital?

Nina: Oh! No, listen, Aunt Liesl. Um, you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna call around, and there might be some opportunity out there that's a better fit for your talent.

Liesl: Danke, but you don't have to lie to me.

Nina: No, I'm not lying! I'm not! I'll get my assistant on it. And we'll do the proper research, and we'll get back to you tomorrow.

Liesl: That is very kind of you to offer. Surprisingly so. I will think about it as I go to collect my final paycheck. And then... how do they say it? Out to the cow pasture.

Nina: Oh! I...

[Cell phone ringing]

Nina: Hey, J. What's up?

Nathan: Hey, can you come down to the station? I need to talk to you about Spencer Cassadine.

Valentin: You know, we don't have to spend our whole visit at the Metro Court. How'd you like to go to Wyndemere for a while and check on the horses?

Charlotte: Yes, please!

Laura: Hi, Charlotte. Having a nice visit with your papa?

Charlotte: We're going to Wyndemere to visit the horses.

Valentin: Which is well within the scope of the visitation order, so excuse us.

Dante: Hey, Charlotte!

Charlotte: Hey, Dante.

Dante: How are you?

Charlotte: We're going to Wyndemere.

Dante: Wow, that's awesome. That sounds like so much fun. But before you go, I just need to ask your papa a few questions. Okay?

Valentin: I take it your mother-in-law has yet to inform you that a judge has granted me time with my daughter.

Dante: No, and you can pick up right where you left off as soon as you answer my questions.

Kevin: I think you'd agree this conversation would be best held somewhere else.

Valentin: Ma petite, will you stay with your grandmother while I go answer some questions with Dante?

Charlotte: But what about the horses?

Valentin: Well, if I'm not back in time to go to Wyndemere, then we will see the horses on our next visit. I promise.

Charlotte: Grandma, I think I know why you're sad.

Laura: You do?

Charlotte: It's because of Spencer, isn't it?

Nina: Hey! What's going on?

Nathan: When I talked to you the other night, you said that Spencer Cassadine came to Wyndemere. You mind telling me what happened?

Nina: Yeah, why?

Nathan: I'll explain it later. Would you have a seat?

Nina: Okay. Um, that was the night of Ned and Olivia's wedding. And, as I told you, I went to go get my jewelry.

Nathan: Yeah.

Nina: I arrived. The front door was unlocked, which was weird. But Spencer Cassadine came downstairs, and he was holding a lock box that he found in the master bedroom. He said that he was trying to get proof that the estate was his and not Valentin's.

Nathan: Did he find it?

Nina: Um, he found a copy of the will that said everything was left to Valentin.

Nathan: And how did he -- how did he respond? Did he seem disappointed?

Nina: Oh, no. He seemed determined. Why are you asking me this?

Nathan: Last question, I promise. Did it seem like Spencer intended further action? Was he gonna go someplace, maybe see somebody?

Nina: Well, no, not that night at Wyndemere. But before...

Nathan: What do you mean, "before"?

Nina: Well, he came to my office and, um, he said that he demanded Wyndemere back. And I explained that it was Valentin's and not his, and that Valentin was in jail in the Netherlands. And he whipped out his phone and said that he was going to go confront Valentin. And I sort of talked him down. And then his grandmother and his grandmother's boyfriend showed up.

Nathan: Okay. Do you think he's even capable of that, just taking off on his own?

Nina: Uh, yes, I do. I actually do. Is that what happened?

Nathan: We're still trying to figure that out. All we know for sure right now is that Spencer Cassadine has disappeared.

Hayden: Can I steal my sister for a minute?

Elizabeth: Oh, isn't stealing a sin?

Griffin: No, not if it stops you from making another unholy concoction like this. Steal away!

Hayden: Ha-ha-ha-ha.

Elizabeth: What's up?

Hayden: Pinch me.

Elizabeth: Can I just slap you for old-times sake?

Hayden: Everyone's full of jokes. After everything that Finn and I have been through, look at us! He's finally been reinstated. He's been vindicated. I'm having a baby. We're actually gonna go house-hunting like normal people. Ow!

Elizabeth: Well, you told me to!

Hayden: Still! I'm in a delicate condition.

Elizabeth: Well, maybe I'm just a little jealous.

Hayden: I thought you were happy with Franco.

Elizabeth: Oh, I am. But even if the settlement goes his way and he comes back from Manhattan with his art catalog and his bank accounts restored, we will never be normal.

Hayden: That's not necessarily a bad thing.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Okay, you're right. And you -- you deserve a little normalcy, a little calm for sticking by Finn when everyone else doubted him, including himself.

Hayden: Yeah, well, he's had to put up with me, too. Believe it or not, I'm not always the easiest person to live with.

Elizabeth: What? I don't believe that.

Hayden: Ugh! [Laughs]

Griffin: Here, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

[Light laughter]

Griffin: Now, look. I wasn't going to say anything, um... ...but this day is, I don't know, it's been a long time coming. Let me, once again, congratulate our guest of honor, someone who has been misunderstood, someone who has broken the rules, and someone that GH couldn't do without.

Finn: Thank you.

Griffin: Here's to you, Finn.

Finn: Griffin, oh.

Alexis: Mr. Jerome, you claim that your sister Olivia Jerome forced you to help her seek revenge on her alleged enemies in Port Charles. Is that true?

Julian: Come on, Alexis!

Alexis: You know that she did. Yes or no?

Julian: Yes.

Alexis: And how did she do that?

Julian: Because she threatened my entire family, everybody I love. Including you.

Alexis: Anyone can make an idle threat.

Julian: Her threats weren't idle.

Alexis: How do you know that?

Julian: [Sighs]

Alexis: For the jury.

Julian: She blew up Morgan Corinthos, kidnapped Robin Scorpio, planted a bomb in the hospital...

Alexis: All that was after you started doing her bidding. What about before?

Julian: Before what?

Alexis: Before you found a wire on me, dragged me to the pier, and held a knife to my throat.

Julian: Alexis, do you remember when I was staying here helping you keep sober?

Alexis: Definitely after the night in question.

Julian: Just bear with me. Do you remember when you walked in on me, and I was on the phone with my sister?

Alexis: Inadmissible.

Julian: Overruled! Do you or do you not remember when I was asking my sister, and I quote, "Haven't I done enough for you? All I'm trying to do is protect my family"?

Alexis: Yes, I remember that. I remember all of that. I remember the two of you standing right here in this living room while she was pretending to be my AA sponsor. You knew she was a fraud. You knew she was dangerous. And yet, you didn't think to warn me?

Julian: Because I couldn't do anything! She was watching me the entire time!

Alexis: How? Where? How, how? Were there cameras all over my house? Hell, are there still cameras in my house?

Julian: Not that I'm aware of.

Alexis: [Sighs] You couldn't have left a message on the fridge? I mean, maybe just a little hint!

Julian: Alexis, if you knew, you would've acted differently, and she would've known. If she even suspected that you knew, she would've actually sliced your throat open for real!

Alexis: Unlike you, who just threatened to do it.

Julian: Okay. I was trying to keep you away from her. I literally begged you. I begged you not to use her as your sponsor.

Alexis: But you didn't tell me why!

Julian: Because she would've killed you, Alexis! She would've killed you. Or Lucas! Or Leo! She actually tried to kill Sam and Scout.

Alexis: Is there anyone who could corroborate any of this?

Julian: I don't know.

Alexis: Then I'm just going to have to suggest what the prosecution would do. That there is no evidence at all that you were under any duress and that weren't trying to protect your family, that you knew that I was gonna turn you in and you tried to kill me to save your own neck.

Julian: That's not true. I do have proof.

Monica: Is there something we can help you with, Liesl?

Liesl: [Breathes heavily]

Hayden: I'm glad you came.

Liesl: That was not my impression.

Hayden: Did you think all that was for you? Like you would get a gold watch after what you did to Finn? You're lucky you're not in prison.

Kevin: Charlotte, why do you think your grandmother's sad about Spencer?

Charlotte: Papa explained why Spencer's so mean. His father's gone and he misses him, and he wants to blame my papa.

Kevin: Did your father say anything else?

Charlotte: I won't be seeing Spencer anymore.

Nina: Valentin, what are you doing here?

Valentin: I have no idea. I was enjoying an ice cream with my daughter at the Metro Court, and the good detective here said he wanted to question me. He hasn't told me why.

Dante: Spencer Cassadine disappeared from the park a few hours ago. Sit.

Valentin: And?

Dante: And according to his grandmother's statement, Spencer told Charlotte that you killed Nikolas.

Nina: Wait. He what!?

Nathan: Nina, take it easy. Take it easy.

Nina: No, I'm not gonna take it easy! I'm sorry that Spencer's father passed away, but that doesn't give him the right to pick on Charlotte.

Valentin: My sentiments exactly.

Dante: So you admit to being unhappy with the kid.

Valentin: Yes. I am unhappy with the kid. I'm also unhappy with the grownups who have indulged his precociousness to the point that he hurt my daughter. Regardless of what did or did not happen to Nikolas Cassadine, Charlotte is a little girl much younger than he is. He's a bully. He's a precocious little jerk, and that's exactly what I told his grandmother.

Julian: Go ahead. Read it. We'll call it Exhibit "A." It's the letter I left for you to read after I died.

Alexis: I know. I read it.

Julian: Well, then, read it again... so we can enter it into the record.

Alexis: "Olivia ordered me to kill you. If I were to fail or refuse, she would kill Sam, Lucas, and Leo. She then promised to make me watch while she killed you herself."

Julian: Go on.

Alexis: "I had one mission -- to protect my family... especially you. Because..."

Julian: Because I never, ever stopped loving you, Alexis. I wish you all the peace and happiness that this life can give you. I couldn't wish that for anyone the way I wish it for you. [Voice breaking] Again, Alexis, I -- I love you so much, even more now that I am gone.

Alexis: Mm.

Julian: Bye. The defense rests.

Alexis: [Sighs]

Hayden: Your severance. Saves me having to mail it.

Liesl: Who are you to treat me this way? Do you have any idea what I have achieved? Most doctors follow procedures. I create them, perfect them.

Hayden: Yeah. You are a magnificent healer.

Liesl: You mock me?

Hayden: No. No, not at all. I looked at your file, and I was... amazed at your skill and your vision. Sure, sometimes you acted with reckless disregard for medical regulations and, you know, the law. But when it came to caring for patients, you got results.

Liesl: Then why?

Hayden: Why what?

Liesl: Why this?

Hayden: Why do you think? I not only looked at your hospital records, I took a good, long look at your background check. It's like you're two different people -- one who's willing to help others, and the other that will stop at nothing to destroy them. Honestly, if I could separate the two, I would, but I can't, so both of you have to go. The sooner the better.

Liesl: Do you really think this will stop me from practicing medicine? From performing scientific research? From making you pay for what you've done to me?

Finn: Okay. Lighten up, Obrecht. I'm sorry. You were taking a while, so I thought I'd come out and check.

Liesl: How chivalrous. Where was that sense of honor and duty when you were self-injecting narcotics and endangering patients?

Finn: Okay. I owned up to my mistakes, and I paid for them. Now it's your turn.

Liesl: The difference is, you deserved to lose everything!

Finn: Why? 'Cause you didn't like the cut of my jib? I mean, you tried to destroy my career, and you nearly pulled it off, but you didn't. So now I have a chance to get my life back, get my career back, and have a future with the woman I love.

Liesl: [Scoffs] Listen to yourself. You're almost as sanctimonious as that saccharine Griffin Munro. At least he's young and easy on the eyes.

Finn: He is handsome.

Hayden: Take your severance and get out of here before we call Security.

Laura: What do you suppose your papa meant when he said you weren't gonna see Spencer anymore?

Charlotte: Papa says it's not Spencer's fault that he's mean to me. He's sad about his own father. But Spencer hurts my feelings, and Papa doesn't want that. So I don't have to see Spencer anymore.

Laura: You know what? Maybe we should take you home.

Charlotte: Oh, no, thank you. I'd like to wait for Papa.

Kevin: I'm thinking he might be a while.

Charlotte: Why? Did Dante take him back to where he works? That's where they asked Papa questions before.

Dante: Before you say anything else, you might want to consult with a lawyer.

Valentin: No, I don't need one. I have nothing to hide. I would never harm a child.

Dante: Even if that child was trying to sue you for everything you've got?

Valentin: Alexis Davis is exploiting Spencer, using him as a plaintiff in a baseless civil suit that has no merit.

Dante: Maybe. But I'm thinking, do you really want to be embroiled in a lawsuit alleging that you killed Nikolas Cassadine when you're also trying to be in a family court getting custody of your daughter back? Maybe you see Spencer as, uh, something that needs to be removed. What do you think?

Valentin: Leave her out of this.

Dante: Why? She knows you better than anyone else. She knows how far you'd go to protect your daughter, to keep her with you. We know you tried to leave the country with her once. Would he try to get rid of Spencer if he posed a threat?

Nina: Isn't this bad police work on your part, just rushing to judgment? Maybe you're overlooking evidence or suspects, not to mention that Spencer could've taken off on his own. It wouldn't be the first time.

Nathan: A witness has come forward claiming they've seen a child matching Spencer Cassadine's description being dragged from the park.

Dante: Did the witness have a description?

Nathan: Yeah. Him.

Alexis: [Sighs] This letter's very convincing.

Julian: Because every word of it is true, and you know it.

Alexis: I want to believe it. But knowing and believing are two different things, and presumption without proof in a court of law is -- well, it's -- it's really tricky.

Julian: So what do you need, more proof? [Sighs]

Alexis: Why did you leave me?

Julian: I didn't. I never did.

Alexis: After the bridge, why didn't you find me? You stalked me, you broke into my house, but you let me believe you were dead.

Julian: I promise you, it was the only way to protect you.

Alexis: [Sighing] Not this again.

Julian: Alexis, if the police would've known that I survived the shooting and the fall from the bridge, they would've charged me as Olivia's accomplice. I knew that I had to disappear. I didn't want to implicate you.

Alexis: But yet, here you are. Why didn't you go and just stay dead? Why are you dragging me into your dysfunction?

Julian: Okay. That night on the pier when I found you, I really was leaving the country. But I knew -- I knew that I had to see you again. And I had... I had to spend one more night with you. And you did, too. You wanted to. I didn't drag you off to that hotel. You willingly went!

Alexis: I know what I did. And I can tell you that a jury is not going to be amused by it. They're gonna be turned off that you and I found some fugitive nest to do it in.

Julian: Well, I'll take my chances as long as you're willing to testify on my behalf.

Alexis: The prosecution is gonna tear me apart.

Julian: Well, he can certainly try.

Alexis: I am more of a liability than an asset.

Julian: I will take my chances.

[Doorbell rings]

Alexis: If that is Diane or any of the women that I gave birth to, you are in for such a smack down.

[Door opens]

Man: Alexis Davis?

Alexis: Yes. What is this?

Man: Have a wonderful day.

Alexis: Let me guess. I've been summoned to appear at your trial as a witness for the prosecution.

Finn: Thank you again, all of you, for this. And thank you, Hayden, for your unwavering faith in me.

Hayden: Oh, it wavered.

Finn: Oh!

Hayden: Just a little.

Elizabeth: But not for long.

Finn: Not for long.

Hayden: Right.

Finn: Well, thank you for this and thank you for welcoming me back to GH. I promise you won't regret it.

Monica: I'll hold you to that. Okay, everybody. Let's clean this mess up and get back to work.

Finn: Yes.

[Cell phone ringing]

Finn: Oh. Huh. As if this day couldn't get any better...

Hayden: Should I be worried?

Finn: No. You know that house we wanted to look at?

Hayden: Mm-hmm.

Finn: After my shift's over...

Hayden: Mm-hmm?

Finn: ...We're gonna look at it.

Hayden: Okay.

Liesl: [Scoffs] What's the point? I've already dug up his less-than-spotless past. Besides, there's a far more effective method to make him pay.

Laura: Dante just probably needs your dad's help with one of the cases that he's working on. That's all.

Kevin: Exactly. I go down there all the time to help catch the bad guys.

Charlotte: You do?

Kevin: Mm-hmm. So, since that might be what your papa's doing, and that takes a while, maybe you should go to Dante and Lulu's.

Laura: Yeah. Don't worry. We'll tell your dad where you are, and I'm sure that he'll come back just as soon as he can.

Charlotte: I know he will. Papa promised. No matter how long it takes, he always comes back.

Valentin: Well, obviously, your eye witness is mistaken or just wants to get their name in the papers. Either way, for the last time, I did not have anything to do with Spencer Cassadine's disappearance. Now, if you don't mind, I would like to get back to the Metro Court and my daughter and salvage what's left of my court-appointed visit.

Dante: Oh. What? What've we got here? "And so am I revenged -- that would be scanned. A villain kills my father, and, for that, I, his sole son, do this same villain send to heaven. You into Shakespeare?

Nathan: It's from "Hamlet."

Nina: Yeah. Spencer was quoting "Hamlet" at Wyndemere. He's rehearsing the part in camp.

Dante: Oh. Well, that would explain his notes on the side here. "Hamlet misses how things were before." "Stay mad at Claudius." "Claudius equals Valentin, Hamlet equals me."

Nina: Those are Spencer's notes, definitely. He thinks that his life parallels Hamlet's.

Nathan: You want to explain what you're doing with it?

Valentin: Yes. It's actually very simple.

Dante: Well, you know what? Before we go any further, we got to take care of a formality. Valentin Cassadine, you are under arrest.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Valentin (to Nina): You tell me, you don't still believe in me.

Lucy (to Finn): I have the keys to your dream house, and I can't wait to show it to you.

Hayden (to Liesl): What are you still doing here?

Dante (on the phone): Can you come to the station as soon as possible?

Laura (to Sonny and Carly): I'm sorry to just show up like this, but I need your help.

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