GH Transcript Thursday 7/13/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 7/13/17


Episode #13845 ~ Sonny meets Oscar and tells Josslyn that her father can come back; Felicia agrees to help Bobbie dig up secrets about Nelle; Nathan agrees to help Amy once again; Lucy informs Scott of his father's death.

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[Frantic knocking on door]

Scott: Hold your horses, will you?! [Sighs] Oh! Lucy, listen. I'm very busy right now. I'm preparing for a case. So why don't you come back tomorrow, okay?

Lucy: No, no, no. This is really important, and it can't wait.

Felicia: And Saturday, you can come over for our poker night. It's usually us, Max, Diane, Epiphany, Milo, Spencer Cassadine's driver, Chandler. I think he has the night off.

Nathan: Okay.

Felicia: He usually does then. And then, on Sunday, you can come over...

Nathan: Look, Felicia.

Felicia: ...And we'll think about having --

Nathan: Slow down. It's okay. Why do I get the impression that you're trying to book up all my free time?

Felicia: Well, we just thought that, since Maxie was in Portland, we'd keep you company. We'd hate for you to get...lonely.

Bobbie: Amy!

Amy: Nothing! I'm working.

Bobbie: Uh, I need a favor.

Amy: Oh! You got it. Hey, you've been married before, right?

Bobbie: [Scoffs] Yeah. A few times.

Amy: Mm. I need some advice. When you were married, how often did you and your husband... you know... on a weekly basis?

Bobbie: Amy, honey... you and I are not quite there yet. Anyway, if anybody's looking for me, I'm taking an early lunch.

Amy: No problem. Everything okay?

Bobbie: It will be... Hey.

Carly: Hi!

Bobbie: So, I'm headed out for lunch. I'm gonna meet up with Felicia and get the ball rolling.

Carly: Okay, do you really think she can dig up dirt on Nelle?

Bobbie: I would bet my favorite lipstick on it.

Carly: [Laughs]

Bobbie: There is more to that little hussy's story.

Carly: Okay. We have to be careful, because Michael can't find out. He's gonna think we're on a witch hunt.

Bobbie: Well, we are, because Nelle's a witch, and Michael is too deep under her spell to think clearly.

Carly: [Sighs]

Bobbie: So we've got to protect him. But we will be very careful. Michael will never know you were involved.

Nelle: Thanks, ma'am. Oh. Hello.

Michael: Hello.

Nelle: One second, and I'll be ready for lunch, okay?

Michael: Actually, I don't think that this can wait.

Nelle: What's wrong? Is something wrong?

Michael: Yes, very. I missed you.


Sonny: Josslyn. It took a while to track you down. Can I talk to you for a second?

Josslyn: Um, no. My break just ended, actually, so I need to go back to work.

Sonny: No, it's just gonna be a little bit. Just one second. Just give me one second.

Josslyn: I said no.

Sonny: I promise you it's good news.

Oscar: How many times does she have to tell you? She doesn't want to talk.

Sonny: Look, kid, I don't know who you are to Josslyn, but this does not involve you.

Oscar: Are you gonna leave Josslyn alone? Or are we gonna have a problem?

Sonny: Look, kid... any problem you got, I can fix. Trust me. So if you don't mind...

Oscar: No, I do mind. Now we're recording. So get the hell away from us, or I'll upload this for everyone to see you making a pass at us, perv! Get out of here before this goes viral!

Josslyn: Oscar, it's okay, seriously.

Oscar: It's not okay. Some grown man tries to drag you off "to talk" and won't take no for an answer...

Josslyn: He's my stepfather.

Oscar: The guy who everyone says is a... oh. Um... Mister...

Sonny: Corinthos.

Oscar: Mr. Corinthos. I didn't mean to...

Sonny: Oscar. Is that your name? Right? What you did just now...

Oscar: I'm sorry. It was --

Sonny: Okay, don't talk. Let me --

Josslyn: Okay, Sonny, please. It wasn't personal.

Sonny: I'm talking. I'm talking now. Oscar, what you did just now... was exactly the right thing to do.

Bobbie: All you have to do is play nice with Nelle.

Carly: That's all? Slap a smile on my face and pretend like I don't despise her?

Bobbie: Well, if you can't, you're gonna blow everything.

Carly: I can. I can. I can play nice. [Chuckles]

Bobbie: Well, the hardest part is going to be having to endure seeing Nelle with Michael. But keep in mind -- the more you attack, the more he's gonna want to protect her.

Carly: I know that. Michael's always stepping up for the people he cares about. It's the fact that he cares about Nelle that drives me crazy.

Bobbie: Yeah, but you're not gonna act on it. You're going to stay pleasant and calm. But not too sweet, 'cause that's gonna read as insincere. Honey, you got to play this right...

Carly: Oh, don't worry. Now that I know Nelle's game, I'll outplay her. Easy.

Nelle: Wow. You do like to live dangerously, don't you?

Michael: Ah, well, not when I can help it. I, um -- I called ahead. My mom's not in today.

Nelle: Oh. Okay.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Nelle: Well, I think she could still come back.

Michael: Not to shock you, but I think my mom knows we're doing a lot more than just holding hands.

Nelle: Still, there's no need to rub it in her face.

Michael: You're right. You're right. You know what? Since, technically...

Nelle: Mm-hmm.

Michael: ...This is my mom's turf, I will -- I'll be good.

Nelle: Good.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Nelle: Because there's no need to borrow trouble, and I am a very serious professional.

Michael: Mm. Yes, I know. I, too, am very, very serious... about you.

Nelle: Yeah, me, too. About you.

Nathan: Yeah, I've been a little lonely. But, you know, this job is a great opportunity for Maxie. And she gets to see more of Georgie, so how can I begrudge her that?

Felicia: You're a very enlightened man. But all this enlightenment can't keep you company at night. Maxie will be home soon. But until then, Mac and I can keep you company.

Nathan: Oh, you don't have to go out of your way.

Felicia: Oh, well, we don't mind. And, plus, we told Maxie we'd keep an eye on you.

Nathan: 'Cause she asked you to? Did she?

Felicia: She has her concerns.

Nathan: I don't know why she didn't tell me that. Instead of talking about the rain or... Georgie's trip to the museum. Not -- not that I don't love hearing about that stuff. I do. I just wish she would tell me what's really on her mind.

Felicia: May I be frank? Maxie thinks you're keeping something from her.

Nathan: [Scoffs]

Felicia: Isn't that just silly?

[Cell phone rings]

Scott: You know, Lucy, uh, your emergencies, they're -- they always, uh, translate into grief for me.

Lucy: Okay, could -- could you just sit down for a minute, please?

Scott: No! No, I can't, okay? I am very busy. You put the spotlight on me for ratting me out over those pills to the cops. You know, I'm -- I'm lucky to be alive. I'm looking over my shoulder every minute for one of Corinthos' goons.

Lucy: Okay, listen to me. I'm trying -- I'm just trying to tell you something here.

Scott: And I'm trying to tell you something here, okay? I am working on Julian Jerome's case. I am billing him by the hour, okay? This is going to be my early retirement money if I can milk him for everything that he's worth.

Lucy: Scott, stop! Please stop. Just -- just stop for a minute, please. [Breathes deeply] It's about your father.

Scott: My father? For crying out loud, Lucy. Did you call him and tell him... what?

Lucy: I'm so sorry, but... but he's -- he's gone.

Scott: Lucy, that can't be true! I just spoke to him last week. I-I [Sighs] I don't know. Maybe it was a month ago. I've been busy! Busy! But he's as healthy as a horse!

Lucy: It -- it -- it just happened suddenly. I...

Scott: But why do you know this?! Why do you know this, and I don't know this?!

Lucy: Because Serena called me! She was visiting Lee and Gail in Florida when it happened, and I didn't get the details because Serena's really focused on Gail right now.

Scott: [Sighs] Gail. How is Gail?

Lucy: I-I don't -- I don't know. I-I guess as well as can be expected. [Voice breaking] Serena told me that he went peacefully, so that's some comfort. I just -- I don't want you to mind that Serena called me first, you know, because she just didn't want you to find out about this over the phone.

Scott: [Sighs] It's just -- this is so sudden. I mean, out of the blue here. He's like a -- a bulldog.

Lucy: [Sighs] I know, and that's, um, why it makes it so hard to accept. [Sighs] But, you know, you have -- have to.

Scott: [Sighs]

Sonny: Quite the performance you painted right now. What did you call me? A pervert?

Oscar: Clearly, I was in the wrong, sir.

Sonny: I didn't -- yeah, but you -- you didn't know 'cause I was just a man coming up asking Josslyn to come to me and she didn't come to me. So that was smart thinking. I like that Josslyn has a friend that takes action on her behalf.

Oscar: Uh, thanks.

Sonny: You're welcome. Now, um, just so we're clear, okay? Now that you know who I am, you -- these excuses aren't gonna work. Do you understand me? Okay. Excuse me. Josslyn, um... like I said, I-I have some good news.

Josslyn: What?

Sonny: I got word that your dad's issues with the state department have been resolved. He can come back here anytime he wants.

Felicia: We both know that Maxie has an active imagination, but she also has very good instincts. So, if you have something you're holding back and you just want to get it off your chest...

[Cell phone chimes]

Nathan: I can assure you, Maxie has no cause for concern.

Bobbie: Hey. I am so sorry I'm late. I had to meet with Carly first.

Felicia: No, no, no. No worries. I was just chatting with my son-in-law.

Bobbie: Aww.

Nathan: I got to get back. It's good to see you, Bobbie.

Bobbie: Same here.

Felicia: Don't forget.

Nathan: I won't. I'll call Maxie.

Bobbie: Is everything okay?

Felicia: That remains to be seen.

Bobbie: Mm. [Sighs]

Felicia: So...Nelle, huh?

Bobbie: Ugh. Nelle. She's got her hooks into Michael. Well, not on my watch. It's time to take that snake down. So, are you with me?

Felicia: Sorry, Bobbie. No.

Nelle: Mm.

Michael: No, wait, wait. Should you be, uh... should you be kissing me in a work environment like this? I'm not sure if...

Nelle: Oh, I'm so sorry. I just got -- I just got caught up in the moment. Let's get out of here while we still can, okay? Mm. [Clears throat]

Michael: Mom.

Carly: What are you doing here?

Michael: I'm, uh, picking up Nelle and taking her to lunch. Do you care to join us?

Nathan: Hey, hey. Let's make this quick.

Amy: Listen to this question. Some guy is complaining that his wife is only giving it up two or three times a week. I mean, does he really think he'd be better off if he was single? Talk about an overinflated ego. How's your sex life?

Nathan: My wife is across the country, so need I say more? Look, Amy, what's the emergency here, okay? 'Cause I got to go meet up with Dante.

Amy: Ohh! Are you guys going on a stakeout?

Nathan: No.

Amy: Oh. [Chuckles] Well, there's no emergency. Here.

Nathan: What is this?

Amy: Photo shoot proofs.

Nathan: This -- this was the emergency? This is why you were blowing up my phone? Amy, look, not only do I have my own life, but... the more that people see us together in public, the greater the odds that somebody's gonna figure out that I'm you know who.

Amy: You asked for photo approval. So take a look at those proofs and approve!

Nathan: Okay, but this is it, okay? After this, we're done with me being the face of "Ask Man Landers," okay?

Amy: Okay. Except...

Nathan: Except what?

Amy: There's just one teensy-weensy thing I still need you to do for me.

Nathan: [Sighs] What is that?

Amy: Be the face of the brand one more time.

Sonny: I haven't even told your mother, yet, 'cause I wanted you to be the first one to know. Um, your dad can come back here anytime he wants.

Josslyn: How'd you find this out?

Sonny: I know a friend who works for the government.

Josslyn: Same guy who got my dad deported in the first place?

Sonny: I just thought you'd want to know.

Josslyn: I do. And I'm glad he can come back here. I just wish he hadn't been thrown out in the first place, because now he's had to change his whole life and business around. And I can't even visit him this summer.

Sonny: Josslyn, you know, like I said before, I-I'm sorry that you got mixed up in this in the first place. I'm not gonna stop trying to make it up to you. You know why? 'Cause I care about you, and I always will.

Josslyn: Whatever.

Sonny: One more thing... remember when you told me you'd always have my back? Well, I am always gonna have your back. That's one thing that me and, uh, your friend Oscar here have in common.

Oscar: [Sighs]

Carly: It's a real invitation? Lunch with the two of you?

Michael: Yeah. We're, uh, game if you are.

Carly: I can't. I have a previous appointment that I'm already late for.

[Elevator bell dings]

Nelle: Maybe another time.

Carly: Maybe.

Nelle: Mm.

Carly: Enjoy, baby.

Nelle: Well, that was interesting.

Michael: What? I'm sorry.

Nelle: I'm not sure who's more shocked. Me or Carly.

Michael: I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I threw you. I-I just -- it felt like I should reach out and make a gesture in the moment. Throw her off her game. You know, maybe -- maybe do some good.

Nelle: Yeah, you were doing your Michael thing. What if she had said yes?

Michael: Well, then we would have had the shortest lunch on record. In a place that has no knives.

Nelle: [Scoffs]

Michael: But, look, she didn't try and take your head off. That's progress, right?

Nelle: Oh, yeah, yeah. That's absolutely progress. For sure. Let's go.

Felicia: [Sighs] I'm not defending Nelle. At all. But I don't think I would be a good friend if I didn't warn you that I think you're making a mistake.

Bobbie: Well, I certainly didn't see that coming.

Felicia: I just don't want to see you wind up alienating Michael. I know that he's your grandson, but he's a man, and he gets to do whatever he wants. If you and Carly keep at this, you're only gonna wind up pushing him away. If you want my advice, friend-to-friend, you'll suck it up and let Michael live his own life.

Scott: Hey, Serena, uh, your mother just told me about what happened to your grandfather. I'm -- I'm sorry that you had to be there for all of that. [Sighs] I'm sure you were a huge comfort to Gail. You guys are probably making the arrangements now. Um... so, give me a call as soon as you get this message, okay? Uh, we love you, and, um, maybe it was good that you were there. Goodbye.

Lucy: That was a nice message. I'm -- I'm sure Serena's just swamped, like you say, with all the details and arrangements and such.

Scott: Yeah, probably. Uh, well, listen, um... thanks for coming by, Lucy. Um, you can go.

Lucy: Oh, um... that's okay. You know, I took the whole entire day off.

Scott: Well, you know, that's good. Then maybe you should, uh, go get yourself a pedicure or a facial or something, because, um, you know, I can take care of myself.

Lucy: By downing that drink?

Scott: [Sighs] I'm just getting started.

Lucy: Hey, you know, I don't like to speak ill of the dead, but Lee did have his battle with alcohol, so... given that fact, do you really think getting drunk is a fitting way to honor him?

Scott: Why not, Lucy?! I was a disappointment to him in life! So why shouldn't I be a disappointment to him in his death, as well?!

Nathan: I'm out.

Amy: Nathan, wait!

Nathan: No, Amy, look, I have a job, okay? A career that I love and enjoy, and, as I've explained, would not be helped if people found out that I was the face of "Ask Man Landers." So this has been fun, but...

Amy: Hear me out. It's good news!

Nathan: No. Not from where I'm standing.

Amy: It is! My brother was on a very long wait list for a special surgery at the VA Hospital in DC, and the approval just went through! He's having the surgery!

Nathan: Well, okay, that -- that is good news. Congratulations. I know what that means to you.

Amy: Yeah, it's great. Except it means I'll have to take a brief leave from GH to be there with him and help with his post-surgical care.

Nathan: Uh, well, Chet is really lucky to have a sister like you. I just don't see what this has to do with me still being "Ask Man Landers."

Amy: I don't have enough paid vacation, so I'm gonna have to take a leave of absence from the hospital. And the book hasn't even been published, yet, so there's no money coming in. So I've arranged for a little gig to help tide me over and cover expenses.

Nathan: What kind of gig?

Amy: "Ask Man Landers" is giving an interview! [Giggles]

Josslyn: I'm so sorry you had to deal with Sonny. Please, please don't tell anyone about this!

Oscar: I won't, I swear. I mean, besides, it was my fault. I shouldn't have gotten in his face like that.

Josslyn: You wouldn't have to if I had just let him say what he had to say. God, it would have been over and done with.

Oscar: Now that the terror's starting to pass... I'm kinda glad I got to meet him. He's cool.

Josslyn: Well, he did have the good sense to compliment you on your improvised defense tactic.

Oscar: [Chuckles] I'd do it again, you know. You have the right to talk or not to talk to whomever you want, Joss.

Josslyn: Ease up, tough guy. You can't ever do that to Sonny again.

Oscar: I can't not stick up for you.

Josslyn: I can handle my stepfather. And I don't need you sticking up for me. Even if you do it really well.

Oscar: [Chuckles]

Josslyn: Time to get back.

[Footsteps approaching]

Sonny: Hey.

Carly: Hey. Oh, God. It is so nice to see you. You have no idea.

Sonny: What? What? You had a bad day?

Carly: [Sighs] Well, I ran into Michael on his way to his lunch date with Nelle.

Sonny: Ohh.

Carly: Yep. And you would have been proud of me because I was very polite, I didn't scream, I didn't yell. I even kept my cool when Michael invited me to join them.

Sonny: He what?!

Carly: Yeah. I mean, you know Michael -- he's a strategic thinker. He only invited me so I wouldn't object to him and Nelle. He didn't really expect me to say yes.

Sonny: Maybe he was genuinely trying to make an effort. You know our son.

Carly: You think I should have gone?

Sonny: That's not what I'm saying.

Carly: I mean, look, I know I'm supposed to suck it up and put on a brave face, but I cannot stand the position Nelle is putting Michael in. She's driving a wedge between us, Sonny.

Sonny: Don't think like that. It sounds to me like you're making progress.

Carly: Mm.

Sonny: Unless you're playing them. Is that what you're doing? [Chuckles] You're gonna soften up Nelle so you can drop the hammer?

Carly: The one who played all of us is Nelle. And as far as I know, she's still at it with Michael. I'm just trying to put my family back together... in difficult circumstances. Can you blame me?

Sonny: Hell, no.

Bobbie: Nelle took advantage of Morgan's death to sabotage Carly's family, to pretend she slept with Sonny, whether or not it really happened. Now she's moving in on Michael. It's just really hard to watch and do nothing to help. [Sighs] [Sighs]

Felicia: Think it over. Weigh the risks against the benefits. And if you still want to investigate Nelle, I'll take the case.

Bobbie: Oh, honey, I don't want to ask you to do something you're not comfortable with.

Felicia: The only thing I'm uncomfortable with is having you take it to another PI. If you need to move forward, I'll take the case, and I'll help you. Let me know.

Bobbie: Okay. [Sighs]

Lucy: Lee was not disappointed in you.

Scott: What do you know about this? I know you think you're doing me a favor, Lucy, but, you know, I really want to be alone.

Lucy: No! No, you just asked me a question, and I'm gonna answer it. Now, look... I know I was not Lee's favorite [Sniffles] Of your many exes, but I did manage to do something pretty wonderful. I helped bring Serena into this world. And from that moment on, Lee and I, we were in each other's orbits. Come on. You know me. I sense things, and I want you to believe me. Your father loved you very, very much.

Scott: No doubt about that. I mean, after my mother died, he adopted me, took care of me, school, law school. Yeah, he loved me, Lucy. But what did I do? I failed him every step of the way. You know, when my mother married my father, I thought, "Oh, lucky for me. I mean, this is a great guy." [Sighs] And what did I do? I just took advantage of him. And I took him for granted.

Nathan: Forget it.

Amy: One interview! Just a few questions about the book and the column, and what it's like to be the man with all the answers!

Nathan: I'm not the guy with all -- I don't have any of the answers. The person who does is not gonna be able to say anything.

Amy: I have a plan. I can shepherd you through the interview.

Nathan: No, Amy, no. There's not gonna be an interview! Look, I agreed to be the face of the brand. I even let you put my picture on the cover of the book. But that's it. That's as far as I go.

Amy: Nathan, please. You know how tricky healthcare is now. I need all the money I can get for my brother, and that's no lie. [Sighs] We still have to survive after the surgery. Both of us.

Nathan: Okay, look, say I do this, all right? What happens the next time, or the time after that? "Ask Man Landers" is popular because of you. People love the blog. They want the advice that you give, okay? And as your audience grows, so is the need for interviews, okay? And you can't hide behind me forever. Maybe now is a good time to tell everybody that you're "Ask Man Landers."

Amy: I'm sorry I dragged you into this. Believe me, I know it's not fair. I really do appreciate everything you've done for me. You've been amazing. Don't worry. I'll figure something out.

[Elevator bell dings]

Nathan: [Sighs] Amy, wait. How's this interview gonna work?

Amy: [Giggles] Oh! [Sighs]

Sonny: I-I was able to give Josslyn some good news, for a change.

Carly: What do you mean? You saw Josslyn?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. I tracked her down at -- at Lila's Kids.

Carly: Okay, what kind of news?

Sonny: Well, I, uh -- I pulled some strings and got Jax's deportation order rescinded so he can come back here anytime that he wants.

Carly: Aww! Josslyn must have been thrilled.

Sonny: Yeah, uh, I think she was glad. Um, but, uh, I don't think -- it's gonna take a little while to make things right.

Carly: Hey, hey, hey. All that matters is that you're trying. And I really appreciate that. And Josslyn will get there eventually. She will.

Sonny: Well, I mean, we were real close at one time.

Carly: Mm-hmm. I know.

Sonny: May-- maybe not as close as her and Oscar. Do you have any idea? Anything about this guy?

Carly: Did you say Oscar?

Oscar: So you like my swagger, huh?

Josslyn: You do okay. But ego check -- you got lucky with my stepfather. Don't push it.

Oscar: Me and Sonny? [Clicks tongue] We're good.

Josslyn: [Scoffs] You know, Morgan was the only one that could bust on Sonny and, you know, not get challenged.

Oscar: Yeah. I wish I could have met him.

Josslyn: Me, too. I think he really would have liked you.

Oscar: Just like...generally? Or any specific reason?

Josslyn: Well, mostly because Morgan liked anyone I like. But also because Morgan was a really spontaneous person. It got him into trouble sometimes. But he did things in the moment... leaped before he looked.

Oscar: Do you think I'm like that?

Josslyn: Well, you were when you stood up to Sonny. And also when you asked me to meet you on the footbridge. That was pretty spontaneous and out of nowhere. You know, doing something just for fun, because it seems like a cool idea -- that's very "Morgan."

Oscar: Okay. A think-outside-of-the-box person. That's cool.

Josslyn: Only to a point. You have to promise not to challenge my stepfather like that next time.

Oscar: Look, you have my word. As long as you promise there's a next time.

Nelle: Is she still watching us?

Michael: I don't know. I'm a little too lost in your eyes to take notice.

Nelle: Aww.

Michael: [Chuckles] Um, yeah, yeah, yeah. We're still the center of attention.

Nelle: We should just go. We can get Chinese.

Michael: No. No. I want barbecue. I'm craving it. Look, look. [Sighs] The sooner everyone accepts that we're a reality, the better it will be.

Nelle: Hmm. Well, maybe "everyone" will be gone by the time I get back from the bathroom. [Whispers] Or I'll jump out the window.

Michael: No, don't do that. You're buying.

Nelle: Ha ha!

Michael: [Sighs] Not gonna say hi?

Bobbie: I didn't want to interrupt.

Michael: You're my grandmother. Please interrupt.

Bobbie: Michael, I don't feel like pretending that I approve of this relationship. Or that it's not breaking Carly's heart.

Michael: Okay, look, you -- you and my mom have every right to your feelings. All right, but, look, this is my life, and I have to be true to myself.

Bobbie: [Scoffs] Well, I think it's ironic that you would use the word "true." Because Nelle wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit her in the face. She's using your kindness against you. And I suspect that your relationship is just another ploy for her to hurt Carly.

Michael: Okay, Grandma, look, I'm really sorry you still feel that way. But Nelle's a good person. She -- she got a -- a raw deal in life, and she made some bad choices as a result, but she's trying to make up for it. Look, I would -- I would have thought that you and Mom could relate. I mean, you made your fair share of mistakes, right? But you always had people around you to forgive you, give you second chances, third chances. Why shouldn't I do that for Nelle?

Scott: [Sighs] [Sighs] You know, Lee never, ever forgave me for goofing things up with Laura.

Lucy: Come on. You were ju-- you were just kids.

Scott: Yeah. We were. We were young. We were in love. And Lee was thrilled for us, you know. I-I was gonna start practicing law. Lucy [Sighs] I was gonna be a real success story. And then everything just... [Sighs] Just went downhill.

[Scott remembers]

Scott: Can't you just put this aside and -- and help me out?

Lee: Open up all the old wounds? Who helps me, then?

Scott: It's gonna be different this time.

Lee: Scotty, a father/son relationship is not something that you just sort of put on and then let go at your convenience, like a role in a play! You burned all of our bridges a long time ago, and I just don't think I have the heart or the desire to build them again!

Scott: What if my life is on the line?!

Lee: What if mine is? 'Cause it is!

Lucy: [Sighs] No. No. No, you don't. Okay, listen, that is enough. If you want to feel sorry for yourself, go ahead. You're completely entitled. But you do not get to rewrite history, okay? [Voice breaking] Now, you've been a jackass! Yes! Yes, you have. And have you done some really bad things? Yes. And did you disappoint your father sometimes? Yes. But that was a long time ago. I know you. That is not the sum total of who you are. Remember, I was there. I was there when you fell in love with Dominique, and that was magic, and it was a gift, and... Scott, there's us. [Chuckles] We, together, brought Serena into this world. And you were a changed man. All that -- that stuff between you and Lee, it just melted away! He saw this new man, and when he saw Serena, those tears in his eyes, they weren't tears of sadness. They were tears of joy and pride and love for the man that you had become. Can't you see this? Don't you see? Yes. You may have made some mistakes and disappointed Lee sometimes. But your father... he forgave you.

Oscar: I'm gonna be late.

Josslyn: Me, too.

Oscar: I mean, it's good news about your dad. Now you don't have to go all the way to Abu Dhabi to see him.

Josslyn: Not that he'd have me visit him there anyway. You know, I'm not sure I'd want to. I check the temperature every day. It was 107 degrees yesterday. So I'd have a choice between staying inside, in the air conditioning... or risking heat stroke.

Oscar: That's no good. Better to spend the summer somewhere you can actually go outside.

Josslyn: For sure. Things here are definitely better.

Carly: Oscar is the boy my mother caught drinking with Josslyn.

Sonny: I actually got a read on the kid. He didn't seem that bad.

Carly: Sonny, I don't care if he's the future pope. I'm not cool with some boy peer-pressuring my daughter into drinking. Especially since she only has one kidney. And Josslyn should know better. And if she's gonna make these bad decisions, I'm gonna have to step in.

Sonny: I'll support you in whatever you need. Thank you. But I just think that --

Carly: But what? Josslyn is too young. [Chuckles] I have to intervene, Sonny. And I will.

Michael: So what'll it be? And please do not say salad, because the baby back ribs are calling our name.

Nelle: I heard what you said to Bobbie. Are you sure you're ready for this?

Michael: Look, I, um... will always respect my family's wishes. But I can't live my life to please them.

Nelle: And what if you're wrong about me?

Michael: Am I?

Nelle: No.

Bobbie: I thought it over carefully, and I want to move forward.

Felicia: [Chuckles] I had a feeling you'd say that. I'm at the Metro Court. Do me a favor. Have Carly call HR for me. I want to get access to Nelle's employee records. I want to see if the contact numbers that she's provided are real.

Bobbie: Are you going back to Atlanta?

Felicia: If I have to. But something tells me the real dirt on Nelle Benson is where she got her start -- in Florida.

Nathan: Okay, so what is this interview?

Amy: It's a podcast thing. I'm sure hardly anyone will even hear it.

Nathan: I hope so. Especially nobody who'd recognize me. I'll probably sound like an idiot.

Amy: I told you. I have a plan. [Giggles]

Nathan: Yeah.

Lucy: Here.

Scott: Oh, come on. For crying out loud, Lucy. I had two drinks. I don't need any coffee!

Lucy: You're gonna take it, and you're gonna like it, 'cause I made it just the way you always want it. I remembered.

Scott: I appreciate you coming by. I'm sorry I snapped at you. So -- but... I just really want to be alone.

Lucy: Nope. Can't do that. I promised Serena.

Scott: I'll tell you what. Here. I'm gonna release you from that responsibility, okay? So, um, I'm -- I'm just gonna go. Bye.

[Knock on door]

Scott: Hey, Lucy, whoever that is, just tell them I'm not here.

Lucy: [Gasps] Oh! [Sobs] Okay, okay. Um, hey, you know, uh... when you see who's here at the door, I think you might change your mind.

Scott: Serena!

On the next "General Hospital" --

Alexis (to Valentin): We have something important to discuss.

Laura (to Spencer): Are you planning some kind of a move against your uncle?

Scott (to Lucy & Serena): Did you orchestrate this?

Amy: This is gonna work, Nathan.

Kiki (to Ava): I brought you a special surprise, guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Dante (to Sonny): I've got bad news.

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