GH Transcript Wednesday 7/12/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 7/12/17


Episode #13844 ~ Julian sets Sam off; Bobbie has a better idea to separate Michael from Nelle; Josslyn continues down the wrong path.

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Carly: Hey, Mom. You left so early this morning, I didn't get a chance to say hi. Are you busy?

Bobbie: Uh, well, actually, had a little scheduling crisis this morning, but I cleared it up. How was the wedding?

Carly: Oh, well, I don't mean to brag, but the decorations were perfect. They were tasteful, they were romantic without being too overwhelming.

Bobbie: Honey, I'm more interested in the happy couple.

Carly: Oh, God. Happy doesn't even begin to describe Ned and Olivia. They were genuinely and blissfully in love.

Bobbie: Mm. Well, sounds like a good time was had by all.

Carly: Not all. Michael brought Nelle as his date.

Nina: Okay, Nelle, get me the projected ad list for November, as well as the rundown of articles.

Nelle: Okay.

Nina: And good morning.

Nelle: Good morning to you, too. Um, you know, you have a visitor in your office.

Nina: Really?

Nelle: Mm-hmm. Well, he won't be here for long.

Nina: What are you doing here?

Julian: Did you have fun while I was away? I have news for you. Party's over.

Valentin: Hello, Nelle.

Nelle: Mr. Cassadine. Hi. Thought you were out of the country.

Valentin: I was. And now I'm back. Nina in?

Laura: Thank you.

Kevin: Any word?

Laura: No, none.

Kevin: Well, maybe that's good news. Maybe Spencer is keeping busy.

Laura: Yeah. I just wish that he'd take some interest in some of the other activities, you know? Right now the only thing that he cares about is his part in that play.

Spencer: Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest and of most excellent fancy.

Josslyn: We did "Hamlet" in English last year. What a depressing play.

Spencer: If that's the way you decide to view art.

Josslyn: It's not that Hamlet doesn't have every reason to hate his uncle, but he ruins his life over it, drives poor Ophelia crazy. At a certain point, I stopped feeling sorry for Hamlet, because he was so busy feeling sorry for himself.

Spencer: Then you've entirely missed the whole point of the play. There is no nobler mission than to avenge one's father.

Jason: Hey, hey.

Sonny: Hey. Me and Carly missed you at the wedding last night.

Jason: I know. Sam wasn't feeling so good, so we had to send our apologies to Ned and Olivia.

Sonny: Yeah.

Jason: How was it? Was it good?

Sonny: Oh, Olivia, you know, she was just so happy. And, you know, Ned and I -- we -- we've been up and down over the years. Overall, he's a good guy. Olivia wouldn't have married him if he wasn't. You know why I wanted to see you, right?

Jason: Yeah, your text said you wanted to talk a little business.

Sonny: Yeah. Just a little. Um...[Sighs] I got something... that I think... is gonna benefit both of us.

[Sam's imagination] Sonny: Look at that. Me and Jason doing business just like old times.

Laura: Do you think I'm doing the right thing by making Spencer go to Lila's Kids?

Kevin: I do. He needs structure and to... be more with kids his own age.

Laura: Yeah, I guess you're right. [Sighs] I just feel like there isn't anything that I'm going to be able to do to distract him from this obsession that he has about Valentin having stolen his birthright.

Kevin: Not to go all shrink on you, but...

Laura: [Chuckles]

Kevin: ...This focusing on his birthright is really a way just to keep his father present in his life.

Laura: Okay. Then how many times should we actually tell him that Mikkos left everything to Valentin and that he has no claim to Wyndemere or anything else?

Kevin: Well, I think we should give him as many opportunities to talk about Nikolas that we can. The more we communicate with him, the better our chances that we can distract him from this crusade against Valentin and onto better, healthier ways to stay connected to his father.

Josslyn: I didn't know that the theater group was doing "Hamlet" this summer.

Spencer: I was able to persuade them. The director wanted to do "Cats." So lowest common denominator.

Josslyn: Maybe. But you'd make a great rum tum tugger.

Spencer: The curious cat?

Josslyn: Mnh-mnh.

Spencer: That's a supporting role, and besides, I feel I do better with the darker roles, where I can bring more of myself to the part.

Josslyn: What other activities are you doing this summer? You can't just do theater the whole time.

Spencer: I can. Hamlet is a complex and demanding role. It takes total focus. And I don't have time for roasting marshmallows and making lanyards.

Oscar: Joss! Hey.

Carly: As happy as I am for Ned and Olivia, it was a bumpy night for me.

Bobbie: Because of Michael and Nelle, or did something else happen?

Carly: When Sonny came to pick me up, he finally had some alone time with Josslyn, and he gave a very heartfelt and sincere apology for what he did to Jax. And Josslyn was not having it.

Bobbie: Mm, well, you know, you have to expect a little friction. But that doesn't mean you should tolerate disrespect. I mean, you're the parent, you have to set appropriate limits, but at the same time, Joss is entitled to her feelings.

Carly: What about my mother?

Bobbie: You already know my feelings on the subject. And besides, my approval's never been a top priority for you.

Carly: Okay. I know, but I'd still like to have it.

Bobbie: You want my approval? Make different choices.

Carly: [Sighs]

Bobbie: Otherwise, you have to live with the consequences of the choices you've made. Honey, I don't doubt that you love Sonny, but every time you try to make a life with him, something gets in the way.

Sonny: Like I was saying... the closer Jason is to me, the further he is from you and your kids. The closer he is to death.

Sam: Stop it.

Jason: Sam, you okay?

Sam: Oh, yeah, I'm -- I'm -- I was -- I got a thing -- a message on my phone.

Sonny: Good to see you.

Jason: You want to join us?

Sam: No. I actually have someplace to be.

Jason: I didn't realize you had plans today.

Sam: I-I do. Um, do you mind? Uh, you'll take care of the kids, right?

Jason: Yeah, I've got the kids, but why don't you just...?

Sam: No, I -- I'll be back. [Chuckles] You guys have fun.

Nina: What are you doing sitting at my desk?

Julian: Just wanted to see how my holdings are holding up.

Nina: Oh, well, Crimson's doing just fine. Thank you.

Julian: I've noticed. Uh, crimson's doing quite well under your leadership.

Nina: Mm-hmm. It is, thank you. Which is more than I can say for the rest of your media empire. Have you checked out your non Crimson numbers?

Julian: Not doing very good.

Nina: No. No, they're not. Uh, you better right your ship soon, or else your investors are going to start losing confidence, and you'll be asking for a hostile takeover.

Nelle: Uh, Nina is in a meeting.

Valentin: Well, I'll wait. You know, I haven't actually seen you since your unfortunate visit to the hospital. I trust you've recovered.

Nelle: Yes, I am feeling much better.

Valentin: Glad to hear it. Don't suppose you're interested in coming back to work as Charlotte's nanny.

Nelle: I actually just started here at the magazine, um, so as much as I love taking care of Charlotte, I just -- I think this might be a better fit.

Valentin: As long as you're working for Nina, you'll still have contact with Charlotte.

Nina: And next time you decide to come by, call in advance. I've got to make sure I'm not here.

Kevin: You know, if I'm completely honest... I'm more worried about you. I see you being so strong and meeting all of Spencer's needs, but I'm not sure you're taking care of your own.

Laura: [Scoffs] I'm fine.

Kevin: Are you? Because I see you running so fast and pushing so hard... that you're afraid if you ease up, the loss will overwhelm you.

Laura: [Inhales sharply] I guess there are consequences to dating a psychiatrist.

Kevin: Eh, I'm speaking as your partner... who happens to love you very much.

Laura: Thank you for saying that. You know, we're coming up on the, uh, the one-year anniversary of Nikolas' death.

Kevin: I know.

Laura: It's gonna be a really hard day for everybody.

Kevin: Does it help to know that Valentin is gone? Probably for good?

Julian: Mistaken, Doc.

Kevin: Excuse me?

Julian: Valentin Cassadine hasn't gone anywhere. He's right here in Port Charles. I just saw him.

Oscar: I wasn't sure I was gonna see you here today. I thought maybe you were grounded or even worse for meeting me.

Josslyn: My mom couldn't really prove anything.

Oscar: Well, you lucked out on that.

Spencer: Hello! Are you going to introduce me?

Josslyn: Oh, yeah. Spencer, this is Oscar. Oscar, Spencer. Spencer's been away at school -- uh, Switzerland?

Spencer: France, near the Swiss border.

Oscar: Wow. That must've been really cool.

Spencer: No, it wasn't. I prefer to be closer to home. All the better to reclaim what's mine.

Valentin: You got a minute for me?

Nina: What if I say no?

Valentin: I'd respect your wishes, but then I'd immediately start looking for a new opportunity to see you.

Nina: Okay, come on. Let's get it over with. Okay, what are you doing here?

Valentin: I want to see you. I spent a lot of time in my cell at The Hague imagining your face, trying to remember your smile. I'd really like to see it live and in person.

Nina: Well, I have a business to run, so if you don't have an actual reason to be here, then...

Valentin: Uh, I want to buy an ad.

Nina: Well, talk to our sales department.

Valentin: Two-page spread, prime position -- I want to advertise my new...nonprofit.

Nina: Since when do you have a nonprofit?

Valentin: Since this morning, filed the paperwork this morning.

Nina: What does your nonprofit do?

Valentin: We offer a safe haven for washed-up racehorses that would otherwise be destroyed. I'm gonna call it the Nina Reeves Horse Rescue.

Jason: Sam certainly seemed off, didn't she?

Sonny: [Sighs] Well, you know what? Um, I wouldn't be surprised if she wants you all to herself, especially since you went to Puerto Rico and got yourself shot.

Jason: I got grazed, and it's almost healed. Thank you.

Sonny: Well, I-I'm sure Sam is focusing on the damage the bullet could have done to you, you know, couple inches that way.

Jason: Yeah. I mean... [Sighs] It just never used to bother her. If I really got shot or ended up in the hospital, yeah, she'd have been upset, but I've been hurt way worse than this 100 times, and Sam is usually one to patch me up.

Sonny: Times change. I'm sure Sam wants you to take fewer risks. Which brings me... to my proposal. How would you like to partner with me in a completely legit business venture?

Carly: I just want to stay focused on Michael, okay? What the hell is he thinking getting involved with Nelle?

Bobbie: Are you sure you're not jumping to conclusions? Maybe he just needed a date for the wedding.

Carly: Okay, you don't believe that any more than I do. Michael is smart, Mom. He's level-headed, okay, and he has good judgment. He's just compassionate, and he feels sorry for Nelle, and that's the opening she needs. I mean, you should have seen her standing there, holding on to his arm like she won. Took everything in me not to smack that smirk off her face.

Bobbie: Mm, yeah, I can imagine. So, what did you do?

Carly: I called her out. I asked her if this was all about revenge.

Bobbie: Oh, Carly. Did you cause a scene?

Carly: No, I didn't. I didn't, but I didn't do myself any favors. Michael stepped right in to defend her. He basically told me that it was mistake to make, and I should butt out. I mean, he wasn't -- he didn't say it like that, he was nicer, but that was the basic message.

Bobbie: So are you going to listen?

Carly: Hell, no.

Bobbie: [Laughs]

Carly: That woman set out to destroy my family, and I don't care whether her motives were misguided, she's a train wreck waiting to happen. And she's gonna wind up hurting Michael unless I can figure out a way to stop her.

Laura: Where did you see Valentin?

Julian: Uh, just saw him at the Crimson offices. I had a meeting with Nina, and I just happened to see him as I was walking out. Well, if you'll excuse me.

Kevin: How is this possible?

Laura: Oh, no, I got to call Lulu.

Nina: I-I don't know what to say.

Valentin: My brush with the law taught me I don't want to delay things, so I have made a very generous offer on a farm in Beecher's Corner. I want to open an animal-therapy program for children and veterans, where they can help rehabilitate the horses while rehabilitating themselves. What do you think about that?

Nina: I think it's beautiful. And incredibly transparent. You're -- you're just trying to lure me back into your life by appealing to my soft spot for horses.

Valentin: I'm not trying to lure you, I'm trying to win you -- that's a completely different tactic, and -- and -- and I'm the man you want, I'm just proving it to you.

Nina: Listen, I'm -- I'm really happy for the horses and the children and the veterans, but it doesn't -- it doesn't cancel out all the things that you've done and the people that you -- you've hurt, namely Spencer Cassadine.

Valentin: Is this about the Cassadine estate? I can't help it if my father left everything to me.

Nina: No, it's not about the inheritance. You -- you killed Spencer's father.

Valentin: Spencer's father faked his own death. He framed an innocent party, and then he fled to Greece. And as for the details of his subsequent disappearance, those events are open for interpretation.

Nina: Spencer doesn't see it like that. He's a little boy who misses his father. This is not something you can fix with him by setting up a nonprofit in his name.

Oscar: What does that mean? "Reclaim what's yours"?

Spencer: It's a verb -- to reclaim... something that was wrongfully taken from you. In my case, my sinister uncle stole my entire inheritance -- not that a peasant like you would understand.

Josslyn: Easy, Spencer. I thought you gave up on calling people peasants.

Spencer: Well, I don't appreciate being mocked when I'm being deadly serious.

Oscar: Huh, dude, I wasn't mocking you. Promise.

Josslyn: Yeah. Oscar's a good guy.

Spencer: I'm sorry. I've had a couple of tough days.

Oscar: No worries. I was gonna go grab some snacks from the food tent. You guys want to come with?

Josslyn: Sure.

Spencer: I'm okay. I'm gonna stay here and keep reading my lines.

Oscar: You're in the play?

Spencer: I am the play. We're doing "Hamlet." I'm the lead.

Oscar: Oh, you're talking about your part. I thought when you meant your sinister uncle took your inheritance, I thought it actually happened to you.

Spencer: It actually did. That's why I am qualified to play Hamlet. I'm living his story. My real uncle murdered my real father and stole my real inheritance. And just like Hamlet, I will be avenged.

Josslyn: You may want to rethink that. Doesn't Hamlet destroy himself in the process?

Spencer: Hamlet did it all wrong. I won't.

Carly: Okay, so I'm thinking by the time I'm done, Nelle will be serving 10 to 20 years, Michael won't look back. What do you think?

Bobbie: Mm. That may solve your Nelle problem, but it will also do the exact thing you are trying to avoid -- hurt Michael.

Carly: Okay, well, better a little pain now than the long-term pain Nelle can cause.

Bobbie: Mm. Is that really the pattern you want to establish? Interfering in Michael's life? He is a grown man, you know. What he does with his life is his own business.

Carly: No, not where Nelle's concerned, Mom. I know that girl. Hell, I practically used to be her. I'm not gonna let her trash Michael. He's the only son I have left.

Bobbie: And this is exactly how you're gonna lose him.

Sonny: So, you know the Black Duck distillery?

Jason: Yeah. It's, uh, on the bluff of the river.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Jason: Is it being re-developed?

Sonny: That was the idea, but the developer ran out of money, so I want to buy the place, finish the demolition, keep the same brick structure, add some construction, um, open it as a mixed retail, office space. I know it's a big job, but, uh, as far as the investment and the physical construction, but I do need a partner really bad. So... what do you say?

Sam: Julian, hey. I need to talk to you.

Julian: Sam, how'd you, uh, know I'd be here?

Sam: Come on, you're a creature of habit -- Tuesdays, you go to the gym, and then you come here for breakfast. See? I'm a PI, it's not that big of a deal.

Julian: Well, listen, I'm, uh, glad to see you since I literally thought you'd never speak to me again.

Sam: Well, it's gonna depend how this conversation goes.

Julian: Okay. What's the topic?

Sam: Sonny claims that he's done with the business and he's going legit.

Julian: [Chuckles] Okay, well, that's never gonna happen, even if Sonny's convinced himself otherwise.

Sam: Okay, well, all I care about is keeping Jason out of it. So if you ever want a chance at a relationship with me or your grandkids, you better care, too.

Julian: Okay, I'm sorry. Did -- did I miss something here? Because I thought that, uh, Jason wasn't working for Sonny anymore.

Sam: No, he's not, but Sonny made it very clear that he wants Jason back. Remember when you came to tell us about that threat from Garvey? Jason dropped everything without even a thought of his own life, his own safety, to go warn Sonny.

Julian: Okay, well, look, just because he went to warn a friend doesn't mean that he's thinking about going back to the mob.

Sam: [Stammers] Maybe. But Jason has a loyalty to Sonny, and I know Sonny. He will do anything he can to get him back in, and I'm not gonna have that.

Julian: Okay, listen, listen, listen. I applaud your initiative here, but just keep talking with Jason.

Sam: Talking to him?! No, I can't talk to him!

Julian: He'll listen to you.

Sam: No. There is no guarantee in that. I can't have that. If this were on you, what would you do?

Julian: Look, if you're looking for a guaranteed solution, there's only one option -- you got to get rid of Sonny.

Jason: Sonny, thank you, but... this just isn't for me.

Sonny: It's a legitimate op-opportunity. If you don't want to put any money in, I-I got enough money to do it myself. I just -- I want you to participate 'cause no one can handle a big operation like you do.

Jason: You can hire somebody. There's a lot of great people out there.

Sonny: I -- yeah, I know, but this is an above-board, nothing dirty, no ulterior motives. It's about as vanilla and mainstream as it comes.

Jason: [Sighs] Look, Sonny. There are a lot of people out there -- namely, your enemies -- who are gonna have a hard time believing that you're out of the business. And if I'm involved, they're going to assume that it's a front and that I'm taking over your business. I can't risk that.

Bobbie: Honey.

Carly: [Sighs]

Bobbie: I know you want to protect Michael, but he knows what Nelle has done to this family, and he has made the decision to forgive her. And he's not gonna accept you ushering her out of his life. And the one thing you don't want to do is back Michael into a corner because you might not like the choice that he makes.

Carly: So I have two options -- if I do things my way, I get rid of Nelle and I could lose Michael for good, and if I do things your way, I'm stuck with Nelle, who's gonna take Michael away from me out of spite. Those two choices suck.

Bobbie: Honey, I'm not only your mother, I'm a schemer from way back. Did you honestly think I wouldn't give you a third option?

Nina: Please, Nelle, if Julian Jerome shows up in the office when I'm not here, please notify me immediately.

Nelle: Yes, I'm sorry. I should have done way more to warn you that he was here. I apologize for that.

Nina: It's okay. I'm just putting you on notice.

Nelle: Okay.

Nina: Our esteemed publisher, Julian Jerome, is a liar and a criminal, and he tried to sabotage this magazine. That's the kind of slime we're dealing with. Please never, ever, ever trust Julian Jerome, and there's somebody else you shouldn't trust.

Nelle: Yes?

Nina: I was gonna say Valentin, but that's not true. I mean, so many people in town have alleged he's done horrible things, but honestly, [Sighs] There's not one ounce of proof that he's committed a crime or broken a law. [Sighs] He's generous.

Nelle: So... you're happy he's back?

Nina: No! No, no, no. I'm -- [Scoffs] Please. We're divorced. I signed the divorce papers, he signed the divorce papers. No, no, no, no. No, it doesn't matter to me. It's over. [Clears throat] I don't care what Valentin Cassadine does or doesn't do.

Laura: I should go.

Kevin: W-what did Lulu say?

Laura: Um, she and Dante had a run-in with Valentin last night.

Kevin: And they didn't think to warn you?

Laura: I think she tried. I don't know, it's my stupid phone, and I didn't get the message that -- will you come with me?

Kevin: Yes, of course. Where?

Laura: To Spencer's camp. I want to... get him home before Valentin can get anywhere near him.

Kevin: Let's go.

Spencer: Now, I might do it pat, now he is praying; and now I'll do't. And so he goes to heaven; and so I'm revenged. Thou would be scann'd -- a villain kills my father; and for that, I, his sole son, do this same villain send to heaven.

Valentin: Bravo, Spencer. Well-done. I absolutely believe you could kill a man. I'm not gonna hurt you. I just want to talk. Things between us feel a little unresolved, wouldn't you say? Listen, I don't expect you're gonna welcome my friendship, although I'd like that. You are family, after all. But... with that in mind, I actually bring you a peace offering. See that? My father, Mikkos, your great-grandfather, had this made for me. He had one made for all his sons. He died when I was very young. For a long time, I thought that was the only thing he left me, which made me pretty mad. Thought about throwing it away. I'm glad I didn't because I think it brought me some good fortune. And now I'm passing it on to you.

Spencer: You killed my father. And if you think this ring is gonna make us even, [Scoffs] You couldn't be more wrong. Dead wrong.

Sam: That's all the advice you have to offer me? The only way to deal with Sonny is for him to die?

Julian: Hey, hey. I'm just saying it's not easy to walk away from the business, you know, especially for a guy like Sonny. It's almost impossible. I mean, he's considered a threat. He just knows too much. Unless he turns the territory over to someone he trusts.

Sam: And that would be Jason. And while Sonny tries to escape, he's gonna suck Jason back in. And I'm gonna lose the peace that I've tried to build for my family.

[Ice clinking loudly]

Sonny: There's only one way to break my hold on Jason. Too bad you don't have the guts to make it happen yourself.

Sam: I need to finish what I started.

Julian: Excuse me?

Sam: I'm sorry. Can you, um, can you do me favor? Don't tell anyone about this conversation, not even my mother.

Julian: Yeah. You know, Sam, it means the world to me that you reached out, but is everything okay?

Sam: [Laughs] I came to you for help. Obviously, I'm not okay. [On phone] Hey, hi. Yeah. Look, I know it's been a while, but I, uh, I need to know if you're still in business. Good. I need to make a purchase.

Sonny: [Sighs]

Jason: Sonny, you know this isn't personal, right?

Sonny: Yeah. You got to take care of your family, right? Keep them safe, do what you got to do, and I can't argue with that.

Jason: I have every belief in you. If you say you're getting out, then you're gonna get out.

Sonny: Yeah.

Jason: Are we cool?

Sonny: [Laughing] Yeah. Look, I-I got to go talk to Michael 'cause, uh, ELQ's interested in the place, and the last thing I want is a bidding war with my son. Uh, I'm gonna ask Michael if he's interested in a joint venture.

Jason: That's a good idea.

Sonny: Yeah. So... oh, uh, you go ahead and hold on to the papers. Not -- not for yourself, just to give Michael an honest opinion, 'cause I don't want him to think that I'm trying to force him into the business.

Sonny: I'll tell you what. I'm happy to look it over. And not that you need my opinion, but, uh... I think you can make this work.

[Cell phone ringing]

Sonny: I got to get this. [Sighs] Oh, it's a legitimate business.

Jason: [Laughs] Yeah?

Sonny: [Laughs] Uh, I got to go. Te-tell Sam I said bye.

Jason: I will. Thank you.

Sonny: Yeah. [Sighs] Diane, tell me something good. Oh! Okay. Uh...uh... I'll tell her the good news right away.

Oscar: So, your friend is... interesting.

Josslyn: I know Spencer's unique. I'm kind of related to him, kind of not. My stepfather's his uncle, so I've known him forever. And I know he can be a lot to take, but I think there's a reason.

Oscar: Oh, yeah? What's that?

Josslyn: His mom died when he was just a baby. He never really knew her, so he was really close with his dad, who was killed last summer.

Oscar: Was he really murdered?

Josslyn: No one knows for sure. I mean, the guy that supposedly did it was never charged. There wasn't enough evidence. Anyways, I-I just thought you should know so next time you see Spencer, you'll go easy on him.

Oscar: Yeah, of course. You have a very... dramatic family.

Josslyn: Tell me about it.

Carly: Did you not just give me a lecture about how I need to suck it up and let Michael date Nelle? Come on, Mom.

Bobbie: No. No, I told you that your plan to deal with Nelle was overkill and would probably backfire and drive Michael away from you. That doesn't mean that there aren't other ways to handle this -- a plan to separate Michael from Nelle and not cause you any blowback.

Carly: Okay. Well, is this theoretical, or do you actually have a plan?

Bobbie: Mm, as a matter of fact, I do. We have to gather the facts about Nelle and then arrange for them to become known to Michael, and then all you and I have to do is sit back and watch Michael choose to leave her on his own.

Carly: Okay, but what kind of facts are you talking about? We already know that Nelle has a shady past.

Bobbie: Yeah, some of it. But do you really think it ends there? Nelle is a bad girl. I mean, find one secret, surely there are 100 more.

Carly: I like your plan. I really like your plan. You know, it only works if two things are true -- first, if Nelle has skeletons in her closet, and second, if we can dig them up.

Bobbie: Oh, no. This only works if you keep your distance.

Carly: What are you talking about? How do we dig for dirt?

Bobbie: "We" don't. Hey, Felicia. Yeah, it's Bobbie. Remember that job you did for me earlier this year? Yeah, yeah, about Nelle. Well, at the time, you told me you thought there was more to find. Well, Carly and I would like you to find out the rest of the story now.

Nina: I mean, of course, I'm happy that Valentin is back for Charlotte's sake.

Nelle: Uh-huh.

Nina: And for the horses.

Nelle: The horses?

Nina: Yes. The horses at Wyndemere, because they're gonna be ridden. And I'm also happy for the racehorses that Valentin is going to rehabilitate in the nonprofit that he set up in my name.

Nelle: He set up a nonprofit for you?

Nina: Yes, he did!

Nelle: Oh, my God!

Nina: Yeah, I know! Yes. I mean, no! No, yeah, he just set up a nonprofit to rehabilitate racehorses, and he put it in my name. It's a nonprofit. It's -- it was a gesture. That's it. I-it was lovely, but just a gesture. It doesn't change anything.

Nelle: I don't want to overstep here, Nina, but I-I got to point out the obvious. You still love Valentin. Right?

Nina: Maybe. But love is not enough.

Nelle: What would it take for you to see a future with Valentin?

Nina: Hmm? I'd have to know that a future with me and Charlotte was more important to him than the demons of his past.

Valentin: Listen, I understand why you feel the way you do. And a ring can't possibly make up for everything that you've lost, but there might be something I can do to even the scales. So in the meantime, why don't you hold on to the ring?

Laura: Get away from my grandson.

Kevin: I had a psychotic brother who taught me a lot about my own dark side. You don't want to see that.

Valentin: Duly noted. Just talking.

Laura: I never want to see you around my grandson again. Do you understand me?

Spencer: Hey, Valentin. You can keep the ring. I make my own luck. We'll see if it still works when I bury you with it.

Jason: Hey.

Sam: Hey. Did Sonny leave?

Jason: Yeah. He had some business to tend to. How 'bout yours?

[Door closes]

Jason: Is it done?

Sam: [Sighs] It's a -- it's a process, but it's starting.

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: What are those?

Jason: Oh, uh, Sonny is thinking about renovating the old Black Duck distillery, and he wanted me to partner up with him.

Sam: Are you gonna do it?

Jason: No. I think it sends a wrong message.

Sam: Then why leave the paperwork?

Sonny: That's... a very good question.

Jason: Sonny left them. He's gonna ask Michael to make it a joint venture with ELQ. He thought I could look it over and give Michael my opinion.

Sam: W-what if it's just an excuse? What if he left the paperwork to see if you would change your mind?

Jason: Well, if Sonny has the wrong idea, I'll just have to set him straight. Look, I promise you I'm not going back into Sonny's world, okay?

Sam: Okay.

Jason: Okay.

[Scout fussing]

Jason: Oh, and there's your daughter. I've got it. I've got it, I've got it. Relax.

[Fussing continues]

Jason: Coming for ya, Scout.

Sonny: So... you believe that?

Sam: It doesn't matter. I'm gonna make sure you're not an option for Jason.

Josslyn: Knowing what Spencer's been through, I feel like a jerk complaining about my situation. I mean, yeah, my dad may have to work in Abu Dhabi, but he's alive and well, and I can call him anytime. And my mom's right here with me. It was selfish and shallow of me to complain.

Oscar: How 'bout this? Next time one of us complains about our parents too much, the other steps in with a special code word, so we knock it off.


Josslyn: Are you saying we can't complain about our parents ever?

Oscar: Hell, no. I just mean there should be a limit.

Josslyn: Okay. Deal. What should the code word be?

Oscar: Something that's meaningful to the both of us. I know. Fireflies.

Josslyn: That's perfect.

Sonny: Josslyn. It took a while to track you down. Can I talk to you for a second?

Josslyn: Um, no. My break just ended, actually, so I need to go back to work.

Sonny: Look, it's just gonna be a little bit, just one second. Just give me one second.

Josslyn: I said no.

Sonny: I promise you it's good news.

Oscar: How many times does she have to tell you? She doesn't want to talk.

Sonny: Look, kid. I don't know who you are to Josslyn, but this does not involve you.

Oscar: Are you going to leave Joss alone? Or are we gonna have a problem?

On the next "General Hospital" --

Carly (to Bobbie): Now that I know Nelle's game, I'm gonna play her.

Michael (to Nelle): I actually am very very serious about you.

Felicia (to Nathan): Maxie thinks you're keeping something from her.

Sonny (to Josslyn & Oscar): Now that you know who I am, these excuses aren't gonna work.

Lucy (to Scott): This is really important, and it can't wait.

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