GH Transcript Tuesday 7/11/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 7/11/17


Episode #13843 ~ Anna blasts the WSB; Nathan is devastated; Finn keeps to himself.

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Elizabeth: You're here late.

Hayden: Yeah. A few hundred more evenings like this, and I'll be all caught up. 

Elizabeth: Can I ask you a question? Did Dr. Obrecht really get arrested for tampering for Finn's drug test?

Hayden: Well, I'm not at liberty to say. 

Elizabeth: Oh. I was afraid of that. 

Hayden: Really? I'm surprised that you care.

Elizabeth: [Scoffs] I don't, but Franco will. He's been in Manhattan.

Hayden: Yeah, you know, I haven't seen him around. What's up?

Elizabeth: Most of his assets were frozen pending a civil lawsuit. There's a chance for a negotiated settlement, and if that happens, he might be able to reclaim a large catalog of his work and maybe some large bank accounts.

Hayden: Mm. Fingers crossed, then.

Elizabeth: Still, I know he'll be upset about Obrecht. Even though I couldn't stand her, I guess she was a good friend to him.

Nathan: [Sighs] So, it's true. You are here again.

Liesl: [Sighs] My beautiful son. I'm so thrilled to see you. Now, open this cage and turn me loose. I have a busy night planned wreaking revenge on those who have wronged me.

Nathan: I can't just let you go. You're under arrest -- which I had to find out from the desk sergeant, by the way. Why didn't you call me?

Liesl: To what end? I was trapped into a confession. I'm certainly not going to beg for help when I am a victim in all this.

Nathan: You tampered with somebody's drug tests.

Liesl: [Scoffs] There were extenuating circumstances. That cretin stole my job. Other than you, mein schatz, my position at the hospital was all I had.

Nathan: Let me go over the details of the case, and I'll see if there's something I can do for you, okay?

[Door opens]

Finn: I'm here to see Liesl Obrecht.

Officer: It's way past visiting hours.

Finn: Oh. I got a message to come down to the station. I assumed it was about her.

Nathan: Dr. Finn. Thanks for coming. I wanted to discuss the case against my mother.

André: Anna.

Anna: Oh, hi.

André: Hi.

Anna: How are you?

André: Great. Are you having dinner?

Anna: Uh, yeah, I was gonna have a bite. Um, I thought with Mac and Felicia, but they're not here. And so I probably should've called first. You know?

André: Yeah.

Anna: So, last night...

André: Yes, about that... how do you feel?

Lulu: "Bad news"? How bad?

Dante: Valentin is out of prison.

Nina: Oh, my God.

Valentin: Nina...

Nina: Oh, my God, you're here. [Sighs]

Valentin: It's okay.

Nina: What are you doing here?

Hayden: The one I feel sorry for is Detective West. He seems like an honest, straightforward guy. It can't be easy for a cop to have his own mother in prison.

Elizabeth: I don't really know how close they actually are. I mean, he can't be completely oblivious to all the terrible things his mother's done. But on the other hand, a son's love for his mother can be very strong. I know.

Hayden: Wow. I had given that absolutely no thought.

Elizabeth: Speaking of -- how are you feeling?

Hayden: Better. I seem to be through the worst of the morning sickness.

Elizabeth: You know, I've got a break coming up. Can I get you a juice, or whatever the hip mothers-to-be are drinking these days?

Hayden: I'd like that.

Nathan: I believe you know, I'm Liesl Obrecht's son.

Finn: Hm. And you're gonna ask me not to press charges.

Nathan: I'm just -- I'm just asking you to hear me out, okay? We both know what my mother did to you is wrong. She falsified tests, she tried to sabotage your career, and she deserves to face the consequences of her actions. I just don't know that prison is the right way to go.

Finn: I get it.

Nathan: You do?

Finn: I've gone over the situation. I wouldn't be opposed to an alternative resolution.

Nathan: Great. What did you have in mind?

Finn: It's a deal she's not gonna like.

Nathan: Yeah, well, she doesn't really like much of anything, so...

Finn: [Chuckles] My ability to arrange her freedom rests solely in her hands. It all depends on what she tells me.

Nathan: And when do you want to do this?

Finn: How about now?

Nathan: All right.

Liesl: [Vocalizing]

[Door closes]

Liesl: [Continues vocalizing]

[Keys jingle]

Liesl: Oh, Nathan, I'm glad you came back so quickly. The food here is almost as...

Dante: Valentin was questioned by customs and immigration, and everything was in order. His release papers, his passport -- everything to prove that he was a free man. All legit. All verified.

Lulu: Okay, all right. Well, let's assume that this is legit and that he's, somehow, legally free. How could this happen? Why?

Dante: I don't know. But I know who should have the answers. And if they don't, I'll know how to get them.

Anna: I mean... how are you feeling?

André: Great. I had an amazing time. It was fun and physical.

Anna: [Chuckles] Yeah, it was definitely that.

André: And I'm glad that we stopped when we did.

Anna: Mm-hmm. Yeah, me too. Yeah. We were just, like... kind of barreling towards something that...

André: Neither of us were quite...

Anna: Exactly.

André: Yeah.

Anna: [Sighs] Yeah. I just... I kind of just wanted to forget some things.

André: Yeah, me too. And we did...

Anna: Yeah.

André: ...For a little while.

Anna: I'm glad that we had that brief... harmless...

André: Here's hoping.

Anna: Yeah, 'cause I just want us to be friends. We should be friends, still.

André: Yes. Yes, friends are good. Friends are good.

[Cell phone rings]

Anna: Sorry, I... oh, it's -- it's Dante.

André: No, please. Please.

Anna: Hi, Dante. How was the wedding? What? Where are you? Okay, I'm on my way.

Valentin: You look like you could use one of these. [Sighs]

Nina: I thought you were gonna be killed.

Valentin: I did, too. A WSB agent came to me in the middle of the night and put me in handcuffs and he threw me in a van. I thought for sure he was gonna take me to some remote location and shoot me. But I met with three of his WSB superiors, and they told me they were dropping the charges and that I was free to go.

Nina: Just like that?

Valentin: I didn't ask questions. I took my passport, took my release papers, and I left. And I had some time to think on the flight home. I think I know why they did it.

Nina: I don't suppose it's because they thought you were innocent.

Valentin: It's because the WSB is more complicit than I am. They created the Chimera in the first place. They don't want the public humiliation of a trial. It's much cleaner for them to let me go, bury the file in a drawer somewhere, pretend like none of this ever happened.

Nina: So, you're free.

Valentin: I'm free to come home to my wife and my daughter.

Nina: You don't have a wife anymore.

Valentin: Then why are you here?

Liesl: Nathan, why have you brought this man to me at this late hour? Do you want to give me schreckgepensts [nightmares]?

Nathan: Just hear him out.

Liesl: I am not interested in anything he might want to say.

Finn: It concerns your freedom.

Liesl: Fine. Talk.

Finn: Alone.

Liesl: So you can lord your triumph over me in private?

Nathan: Look, I'm gonna let you two talk this over, all right? But listen to what Dr. Finn has to say, okay? It might work out in your favor.

Liesl: I doubt it.

Nathan: Mother, please.

Liesl: Very well. For you, son. So?

Finn: So, I've been discussing the situation with Monica.

Liesl: Wunderbar [Wonderful]. Am I to be burned at the stake or drawn and quartered?

Finn: [Chuckles] She might have an alternative solution that might benefit all involved.

Liesl: Which is?

Finn: For starters, you need to resign from General Hospital immediately.

Hayden: You didn't have to buy me dinner.

Elizabeth: I said I would.

Hayden: No, you said you would buy me juice. This is above and beyond.

Elizabeth: I remember what it felt like to be pregnant and ravenous.

Hayden: Yeah, well, I wanted to wait for Finn -- he's supposed to meet me here in a little while -- but these cravings are insane.

Elizabeth: So, things are good between you and Finn?

Hayden: Yeah. I mean, you know, this pregnancy took us both by surprise, but we're adjusting.

Elizabeth: It's a big adjustment.

Hayden: And a lot for him to cope with so early in his recovery?

Elizabeth: Yeah, that occurred to me.

Hayden: But I'm doing everything in my power to help him stay clean -- even though I know there are no guarantees.

Elizabeth: If you think I should mind my business, will you just tell me?

Hayden: Will you listen?

Elizabeth: No. But at least I'll know it bothers you and I can bask in it. I think it would be a good idea for you to get familiar with the signs of a returning addiction. You know, just in case.

Hayden: Yeah, I've, um... I've read a little bit about it, but I don't know anyone with first-hand experience. So, what are the signs I should be looking -- [Gasps]

Elizabeth: What?

Hayden: I think it's the baby.

Dante: Anna.

Lulu: How did this happen?

Anna: Hey.

Lulu: How did Valentin go free?

Anna: I don't know. Who told you?

Dante: I got a call from a buddy at CBP. He said they detained Valentin at JFK, ran his paperwork, everything checked out. No outstanding warrants.

Anna: Robert had better have an explanation. Just hold on. Ugh, it's voicemail. Robert, it's me. Look, I know how determined you were to put Valentin away. Could you please explain how it is that he made a legal return to the US? When you get this, will you call me back? There's a number of people who are very anxious for answers.

Valentin: I thought I was coming home to an empty house.

Nina: You were. I came in to get my stuff -- my jewelry and...

Valentin: To fall asleep in my sweater.

Nina: The launch was chilly.

Valentin: Keep it.

Nina: I don't want your sweater. This is yours. I don't need it. And by the way, I want to tell you, I didn't appreciate you making me think that you were going to be executed.

Valentin: Well, I'm sorry if I upset you, but I really thought I was gonna die that night. I wanted to make sure I heard your voice one last time.

Nina: Okay. Well, you didn't die, you're alive. Good. I'm glad. I truly am glad. And we are divorced.

Valentin: It's official, is it? I wasn't sure.

Nina: Well, you signed the paper. You signed it. And so did I. So, I guess it has to be notarized and something legal has to happen.

Valentin: I still love you.

Nina: Please don't say that.

Valentin: Why not? It's the truth. I love you. And now that I've been married to you, I've developed a taste for it. I don't want to live my life with anyone else.

Nina: Please don't do that.

Valentin: All right. I won't pressure you -- tonight. I can't make any promises about tomorrow, because I will pull out all the stops, and I will convince you that we can make a family together again.

Nina: Well, you shouldn't worry about me. You should be worrying about Charlotte.

Valentin: Well, I would've gone to Dante and Lulu's, but Lulu has custody, and I doubt that they'd let me in.

Nina: Well, they're at the Metro Court -- excuse me. Dante's mother got married and Charlotte was a flower girl.

Valentin: Well, why don't we go over there together?

Nina: No. I'm leaving.

Valentin: Jusqu'à ce que nous nous reverrons, mon amour? [Until we meet again, my love?]

Nina: Did you just say something romantic to me?

Valentin: I told you you were my love

Nina: Listen, Valentin... I'm glad you're alive. I really am. I'm glad you're out of prison. But... you should go to your daughter. I wish you well, but we are divorced. Good night.

[Door closes]

Hayden: [Groans]

Elizabeth: Okay, just stay calm and keep breathing, okay?

Hayden: I'm breathing. If I'm talking, I'm breathing, right?

Elizabeth: Well, that's exhaling. You need to inhale, too. Keep breathing.

Hayden: Okay.

André: Is everything okay here?

Hayden: I think there's something wrong with my baby.

Elizabeth: She's having pains. Can you tell me what it feels like?

Hayden: It's, like, sharp and dull at the same time. What's happening?

André: Well, there's no point in guessing. Let's get you to GH, and we can have one of the attendings check you out.

Hayden: I just want my baby to be okay.

Elizabeth: We all do. It's okay.

Hayden: [Breathing heavily]

Liesl: [Chuckles] I see. While you go on with your career, which you gravely jeopardized with your chemical abuse -- I am to, what? Tender my resignation before going gently into that good night?

Finn: You need to clear my name with the board and the hospital staff. You need to write a written apology, not only to me, but to the hospital itself.

Liesl: I knew it. Your goal is to humiliate me.

Finn: Well, truthfully, that sounds excellent. But this has more to do with the hospital than it does with me.

Liesl: Just how do you figure that?

Finn: I gave GH the money it needed to save itself.

Liesl: [Laughs] So you remind us, over and over.

Finn: I don't want to jeopardize the arrangement we have with the pharmaceutical company. If I'm reinstated after failing multiple drug tests, that might reflect badly on the hospital. You need to make it a public record that you tampered with those tests and that I'm clean.

Liesl: And if I comply? If I publicly disgrace my name, my reputation, my life's work? Then?

Finn: All the charges will be dropped, and you'll be set free.

Liesl: But I wouldn't be free -- not in the way I see freedom. So my answer is "No."

Nina: Hello. Hey. I thought you might need a pick-me-up.

Nathan: Oh, coffee, coffee.

Nina: Yes.

Nathan: I'm assuming you heard, then.

Nina: No. What happened? Is Maxie okay?

Nathan: What? Yeah, yeah, Maxie's fine. Sit, Maxie's fine.

Nina: All right. What's going on?

Nathan: Well... my mother, your Aunt Liesl, has tampered with someone's drug tests in an attempt to destroy said person's career and life.

Nina: What? Do you know why she did this?

Nathan: I have a pretty good idea. She blames Dr. Finn for her demotion at the hospital.

Nina: What? That was forever ago. Why would she still be holding a grudge. Well, yeah, of course, she'd be holding a grudge. Well, what's gonna happen to her?

Nathan: I don't know. I called Dr. Finn in an attempt to, I don't know, negotiate some kind of truce or something. I'm not sure I got through to either one of them.

Nina: J, she's your mother and I know you love her, but she broke the law, and she has to face the consequences. You don't need to bail her out.

Nathan: Yeah, I -- she's my mother, okay? I know we've had problems -- literally, since the day I found out -- but...

Nina: That's putting it mildly.

Nathan: Yeah, but she loves me. I know she does. In her own... unique, demented way, she loves me. And she's in trouble. And never mind the fact that the trouble is of her own making, I can't just sit here and do nothing.

Nina: I know you can't. Because you're a good guy and you help everyone -- like you're helping Amy -- and that's why Maxie loves you, and that's why I love you, and that's why I'm here.

Nathan: Why are you here?

Nina: Yeah.

Nathan: What do you need?

Nina: Oh, just a reality check, please...

Nathan: All right.

Nina: ...Before I follow my heart into some trouble.

Nathan: Follow you heart where, exactly?

Nina: To Valentin.

Nathan: [Sighs]

Anna: All right, thank you. Thank you so much for that information. You know, would you do me a favor? Could you tell Robert to call me when he gets out of that meeting? Valentin's release is legit. They dropped the charges.

Lulu: How is that possible? He sold a classified weapon to Helena Cassadine.

Anna: Well, the WSB is concerned -- that's their word -- about drawing attention to a weapon that was developed in a previous administration that isn't in line with the Bureau's current goals and methods.

Lulu: So, they let Valentin go because they're embarrassed?

Anna: Well, they want to avoid the embarrassment that could, you know, potentially arise through the publicity of a trial.

Dante: So, they're covering it up?

Anna: Yeah. I mean, there's not a lot to cover up. Really, well, there isn't. I mean, my sister, Alex, you know, she's still at large. Helena's dead. If you think about it, there aren't any other witnesses that could testify against Valentin. So, the rest of their case is... I mean, it's just circumstantial, really, at this point.

Lulu: They just let him go?

Charlotte: Papa!

Valentin: Hello, sweetheart. Oh.

Charlotte: Papa!

André: I just saw the attending leaving. Is everything okay?

Hayden: Everything but my dignity.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles]

Hayden: Laugh it up. I liked you better when I hated you.

Elizabeth: Okay, now I have to go.

Hayden: Yeah, you better run.

Elizabeth: But one day, I will trade pregnancy horror stories with you that'll make you feel much better.

Hayden: I can't wait.

Elizabeth: You'd better stay put until you sign those release forms.

André: So, how do you really feel?

Hayden: Grateful. I'm really glad that both of you were there. Thank you.

André: Oh, my pleasure. I was happy to help. Congratulations, by the way. I wasn't aware you were pregnant.

Hayden: Yep.

André: Are you having second thoughts about the baby?

Hayden: I'm having second thoughts about my fitness as a mother. I mean, I'm usually very cool, calm, and collected. Now I panic at the drop of a hat. Does that go away? Or am I gonna freak out every time I think something might be the tiniest bit wrong?

André: A little uncertainty is perfectly normal.

Hayden: Ugh.

André: Though, in the future, I would definitely advise you to lay off the rich foods and the spicy ribs.

Hayden: Yeah, yeah.

André: They're really good, but...

Hayden: Yeah, they are. Lesson learned. [Chuckles] You know, when I found out I was pregnant, I was... I was ambivalent. But after what happened tonight, I realized how much I want this baby and how much I want to raise him or her with Finn. But the way I'm going, I'm probably gonna be, like, a helicopter mom tracking my kid every second throughout the day until he's, like, 30.

André: Right now, you sound like a very normal mother to me -- nothing more, nothing less.

Finn: You'd rather go to prison than admit that you were wrong?

Liesl: You never understood why I hate you so much, did you?

Finn: Mnh-mnh.

Liesl: I took the job as chief of staff at general hospital so I could stay in Port Charles and get to know my son. I was able to acquaint myself with that beautiful, honorable man while curing patients and maximizing administrative efficiency at that -- that Quartermaine-corrupted madhouse. And when you showed up, all of that changed.

Finn: I came here to treat one patient. And if you wouldn't have put up so many obstacles, I would've treated Tracy Quartermaine and been on my way.

Liesl: So go.

Finn: I can't now. I have... a life here. I have a child on the way.

Liesl: [Scoffs] Bully for you.

Finn: You know, if it weren't for your spite and your anger, I wouldn't have been cornered into the life that I have. So, in a strange way, I guess I have you to thank for that.

Liesl: Then drop the charges.

Finn: Write the apology and tender your resignation.

Liesl: The scandal will eclipse my work as a physician and a researcher. I'll never get another job as a doctor -- at least, not in America. Maybe anywhere.

Finn: You realize, the fate that you're describing -- the one that you are facing -- is the same one that you were planning for me.

Liesl: That was different. It was happening to you, and you deserve it.

Finn: [Scoffs] Oh, Obrecht. Look, acknowledge what you did in writing... and then, you'll be on the path to rebuilding your life. And at least you'll get to see your son -- and it won't be through Plexiglas in some prison visiting room. So, what's it gonna be?

Nathan: Wait, so you -- you heard from Valentin?

Nina: I saw Valentin. He says he was legally and legitimately released.

Nathan: Of course. What else is he gonna say? Did he show up at Crimson?

Nina: No.

Nathan: Did he show up at your hotel room?

Nina: No.

Nathan: Okay, well, Nina, where?

Nina: [Sighs] I was at Wyndemere, sleeping on the couch, wearing his favorite sweater.

Nathan: [Sighs]

Valentin: Oh. I missed you, sweetheart.

Charlotte: I missed you, too, Papa. I was looking at our star, even though I knew you'd come back -- like you said in the video.

Valentin: I was looking, too. I was looking, too.

Charlotte: Where were you?

Valentin: Oh, someplace I don't have to go to again.

Charlotte: Why were you gone so long?

Valentin: Well, some folks made a mistake, but we made it right, and I never have to leave you again.

Charlotte: I'm glad. I don't like when you're gone from me.

Valentin: I don't like it, either. So, tell me everything. Nina told me you were in a wedding.

Charlotte: I was the flower girl.

Valentin: I heard you were the prettiest thing I could possibly imagine, and she wasn't lying. Look at you.

Lulu: Hey, Charlotte, honey, you want to come get some lemonade with me? Anna and Dante want to talk to your papa about where he's been.

Valentin: Vas-y, ma petite. Je serai ici. [Go on, my dear. I'll be here.]

Lulu: [Sighs]

Valentin: Do you guys want to see my paperwork?

Dante: Yeah, I 'd like to.

Anna: That won't be necessary. I checked with the WSB. All the charges were dropped.

Valentin: Yeah. Shocked the hell out of me.

Anna: You thought they were gonna kill you.

Valentin: It crossed my mind.

Anna: Well, I guess without Alex to testify...

Valentin: I think that's probably why she was able to get away.

Anna: You think they let her go?

Valentin: I don't think that they want public record of the Chimera, I certainly don't think they want a trial, and I think it's better to pretend that the Chimera never existed.

Dante: Well, this worked out well for you, huh?

Valentin: Yeah. It worked out great. I'm free to collect my daughter.

Dante: Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

Liesl: Your arguments are sound and, as much as I hate to admit it, generous. I will take all of this under advisement. This may indeed be the best way to go.

Finn: We'll be in touch.

Nathan: Okay, okay, so, you're curled up on the couch at Wyndemere in Valentin's sweater because...

Nina: I don't know. It was an impulse.

Nathan: An impulse to do what?

Nina: I don't know. [Sighs] Listen, the other day, I was getting dressed, and I realized that I didn't have my favorite opal bracelet, and it was in my jewelry case, and my jewelry case was at Wyndemere. So, I decided to go there and get it, and I saw Spencer.

Nathan: Spencer Cassadine?

Nina: Yeah, Spencer Cassadine. And he was there, and he was so sad. I felt so bad for him, because he wants to be at Wyndemere, it's his home, but he can't be, because it doesn't belong to him, it belongs to Valentin.

Nathan: Okay, so, the kid showed up alone?

Nina: No, no, with his grandmother and his grandmother's boyfriend.

Nathan: You're getting sidetracked.

Nina: I know. I know. It's because I just don't want to admit what I did.

Nathan: What'd you do?

Nina: Okay. After I got my jewelry case, I came downstairs and I saw Valentin's sweater. And it's my favorite sweater of his because it's the same sweater that he wore the first night I stayed at Wyndemere. So, I grabbed it, just so I could have something familiar of his. And then, I put it on, and I guess I fell asleep on the sofa, because I woke up to him looking down at me with this smiling face. And honestly, it was the happiest I've ever been in my entire life, J.

Nathan: Nina...

Nina: I know. So, I'm backsliding, and I need your help. I need you to tell me all the reasons that I should be better off without him.

Nathan: [Sighs] Hold that thought. Dr. Finn.

Finn: Huh?

Nathan: Any progress?

Finn: Yes, I... I think your mother may have seen the light. If she does what I'm asking -- what the hospital's asking -- you have my word... the charges will be dropped.

Nathan: Thank you.

Finn: Yeah.

Nina: Hey.

Nathan: Look, I got to go follow up with my mother.

Nina: Oh. All right.

Nathan: There's a chance the charges might be dropped.

Nina: Oh, okay, go ahead.

Nathan: Look, I want you to stay here. Nina, look at me. I want you to stay here and wait till I get back and think about all of the times that Valentin lied to you. Think about all the times that you convinced yourself to believe him. Think about all the times that he left you to go be with Anna.

Nina: Right.

Nathan: Think about it.

Valentin: I am grateful to you an Lulu for taking care of my daughter. But I'm back now.

Dante: You may be back, but Lulu still has custody of Charlotte.

Valentin: Temporary custody.

Dante: And until that changes, we're not letting that little girl out of our sight.

Charlotte: Papa. Have you answered all the questions?

Valentin: You know what, I did. I think it's best that I let you go, because it's late and you need to go to Dante and Lulu's to get tucked in and have sweet dreams.

Charlotte: Can you come, too?

Valentin: No. I wish I could. But I have to go back to the house and check on the horses, make sure they're okay, and get everything ready for you to come back to stay.

Elizabeth: Dr. Maddox. Thank you for your help this evening with Hayden's little crisis.

André: I'm glad it turned out to be enthusiastic eating, but better safe than sorry.

Elizabeth: Well, I'm sure it made it easier for her, having a doctor there. And I heard the two of you had a little chat.

André: We did.

Elizabeth: Well, whatever you said, it meant a lot to her.

André: It's nothing I wouldn't have done for anyone in distress. But didn't I hear through the grapevine that you're her sister?

Elizabeth: Half-sisters. But when we first found out, things were not really good between us. Things are better now. And tonight...

André: Tonight what?

Elizabeth: Let's just say, I'm excited about becoming an auntie.

[Cell phone ringing]

Hayden: Turn around.

Finn: Hey.

Hayden: Hi.

Finn: How are you? I thought you were already gonna be here.

Hayden: I was, then I had to leave for a little while.

Finn: Oh, where'd you go?

Hayden: It's embarrassing. I'll tell you about it later. I'm much more interested in hearing about Dr. Obrecht and how that went. Did she take the deal?

Finn: She's considering it.

Hayden: You don't sound too optimistic.

Finn: Oh, no. I think Obrecht and I finally came to an understanding -- one that would be best for all of us.

Nathan: Dr. Finn tells me he's made you some kind of offer.

Liesl: He's willing to keep me from going to prison -- or so he claims.

Nathan: Well, that's great news.

Liesl: Yes. Wonderful. And all I have to do is resign from GH, tell the world what I did, and probably never practice medicine anywhere again. At least, nowhere with indoor plumbing and floors.

Nathan: Well, look at this way -- the sooner you get it over with, the sooner you can walk free.

Liesl: [Scoffs] Yes. I can.

Nathan: I, um, I got to go. There's somebody upstairs. I know it's a lot, but it's better than prison, right?

[Keys jingle]

[Door closes, locks]

Liesl: I'll be free to go wherever I want and do whatever I please... to whomever I please. Finn has taken away my medical career -- the most important thing in my life -- which means, I have to take the most important thing in his life away from him. [Laughs]

Valentin: My greatest happiness is knowing that you and Charlotte are happy.

Nina: I am. Is that why you gave me the horse?

Valentin: I gave you the horse to see you smile.

Nina: Listen, I love Lumière. She's gorgeous. But you don't have to get me a horse. All you have to do is be honest with me.

[Footsteps approaching]

Nathan: So, have you been remembering?

Nina: Yes. But every time I remember something bad, my mind drifts off into something good.

Nathan: No, no, there's nothing good about Valentin.

Nina: Oh, that's not true.

Nathan: Nina, you got to stay strong and send him packing.

Nina: J --

Nathan: Every time -- Nina, think about it -- every move he makes -- every time he calls you, every time he texts, every time he "accidentally" bumps into you, all right -- you send him packing. 'Cause if you don't, we both know what's gonna happen.

Charlotte: Will I see you tomorrow?

Valentin: You will. I promise.

Lulu: Charlotte has camp tomorrow. We enrolled her in Lila's Kids. It's a summer tradition in Port Charles.

Valentin: I look forward to hearing all about it. Bonne nuit, ma petite. Fais de beaux rêves. [Good night, my dear. Sweet dreams.]

Charlotte: Good night, Papa. I'm glad you're home.

Valentin: I'm glad, too.

Dante: Come on.

Lulu: Come on.

Valentin: Come on. Drink with me.

Anna: Why not?

Valentin: Will you drink to my freedom?

Anna: Yeah. I will, actually. Do you want to drink to the Bureau? For making the right call?

Valentin: Better late than never.

[Glasses clink]

Valentin: [Sighs] I had a lot of time to think, in my cell in The Hague, about you and your sister. The choices that we've made. You know, my life would've been different if you'd kissed me that night. I was resentful for a long time. But now I have nothing but gratitude. You left me vulnerable for Alex. She tricked me into stealing the Chimera. I sold it, took pay for life-changing surgeries, on and on, like so many falling dominos. I wouldn't have my daughter if it weren't for you.

Anna: No.

Valentin: I would never have met Nina, and those two are my greatest sources of joy. So, however indirectly... they're because of you. Thank you.

Anna: You know, when I was arresting you, you said to me that I had managed to put my mistakes behind me and build a new and better life. Well, now, it's your turn. Don't blow it. Because if you do, I will be waiting.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Julian (to Nina): I have news for you.

Valentin (to Nelle): Nina in?

Kevin (to Laura): Does it help to know that Valentin is gone?

Spencer (to Josslyn and Oscar): Hamlet did it all wrong. I won't.

Carly (to Bobbie): She's gonna wind up hurting Michael, unless I can figure out a way to stop her.

Sonny (to Jason): I got somethin' that's gonna benefit both of us.

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