GH Transcript Friday 6/30/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 6/30/17


Episode #13838 ~ Nina hesitates but then decides to sign her divorce papers; Dillon agrees to be Ned's best man; Anna & André release some tension by disco dancing; Liesl Obrecht is caught.

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Nelle: What time is it?

Michael: I have no idea.

Nelle: That's not very responsible of you, Mr. CEO.

Michael: Would you write me a note explaining my absence?

Nelle: Sure. What should I say?

Michael: I don't know. Something along the lines of, "Please excuse Michael for being late to work."

Nelle: "He had a doctor's appointment"?

Michael: Now that would be lying.

Nelle: "He was... otherwise engaged."

Michael: Too vague.

Nelle: "He was in bed with an irresistible woman and couldn't take his eyes off of her."

Michael: All right, now we're talking. That's perfect.

Nelle: [Laughs] Oh. Okay, well, I'll type it up ASAP.

Michael: Hey, hey, there's no rush. There's no rush.

Nelle: Michael, you're gonna be so late!

Michael: Ah, well, that's fine. ELQ will still be there.

Nelle: Yeah, well, so will I.

Michael: That's good to know.


Monica: Well, I have given this a great deal of thought, and what you're suggesting is not only very unusual, it could also blow up in our faces.

Finn: Yes, it's a risk, but it's too late to turn back now. The plan has to work.

Monica: And if it doesn't?

Finn: You'll never see me in this hospital again.

Hayden: Well, that's not going to happen because it will work. We are so close to proving who's setting him up. Please, you've got to green-light this.

Monica: You think she's buying this?

Finn: [Whispering] She better be buying it. This is my last chance to get my job back.

Dillon: Oh, no, no, no.

Kiki: No, I have to.

Dillon: Why? Where are you going?

Kiki: The hospital.

Dillon: I thought that you don't work tonight?

Kiki: Um...

Dillon: Unless you're going to see your mom.

Kiki: Well, no, neither.

Dillon: Is it a secret boyfriend hidden in the janitor's closet?

Kiki: Oh, how'd you find out?

Dillon: Wait, really, come here.

Kiki: [Laughs]

Dillon: What could be so important that you're willing to abandon all of this?

Kiki: It is a secret project that I've been working on, and a lot of people are counting on me.

Dillon: Hm, okay. I guess I better let you go then. Come here. Just one thing, though -- my hands are stuck.

Kiki: [Laughs]

Dillon: I can't move them. It's so weird!

Kiki: Oh, no!

Ned: [Clears throat] Am I interrupting?

[Knock on door]

Nina: Hey, Olivia.

Olivia: Hey, I got some good news.

Nina: Oh, great. I could use good news.

Olivia: Well, the lease agreement for Derek Wells Media has been renewed, so we got this space for another couple of years at least.

Nina: Oh, awesome! Thank you.

Olivia: No need to rush returning those papers. I just thought I'd drop them in person. I'm going to be a little busy in the next couple of days.

Nina: That's right. That's great. The wedding.

Olivia: Yeah.

Nina: Everything going good on that? It's all set?

Olivia: Well, you know, we're getting there. I don't even care about all the details, honestly. I just want to walk down that aisle and say "I do" to Ned. Honey? Honey, what's the matter? Oh, God. Me and my big mouth.

Nina: No... [Sighs]

Jordan: Hey. What are you doing here?

Anna: What, I'm not allowed to be at Kelly's?

Jordan: No, I just thought that you had already left for the Netherlands for Valentin's trial.

Anna: Not yet. Hopefully, not ever.

Jordan: What, you think the ICC won't need your testimony?

Anna: That's wishful thinking. God, the idea of testifying against someone that I once thought of as my friend who's in this position in large part because of me...

Jordan: Well, no, because of Alex.

Anna: You know what I mean.

Jordan: Yeah, I do. But, you know, some cases, just like some people, not only get under your skin, they take a piece of your soul.

Anna: And you may never get it back.

Nelle: So, while you may not mind playing hooky, this is my first official day at Crimson.

Michael: Yeah. You, uh, probably should show up.

Nelle: Probably.

Michael: Okay, all right, all right. I will let you take a shower.

Nelle: Oh, thank you so much.

Michael: But I have to take one with you. It's the rules.

Nelle: Then we're never going to get to work.

Michael: That's all part of my devious plan. Can't you see that?

Nelle: What, to keep us trapped in this apartment?

Michael: Oh, who's trapped? We've got water, we've got power, we've got electricity, we've got food. What?

Nelle: Yeah, but, without any money to pay for it.

Michael: You do make a valid point.

Nelle: Plus, spending 24/7 together...

Michael: ...Is absolutely incredible?

Nelle: You're going to get sick of me, so we need to spend time apart so that we're dying to get back together.

Michael: "Distance makes the heart grow fonder."

Nelle: Precisely.

Michael: Okay. Let's try that then.

Nelle: What do you mean?

Michael: The whole distance thing. Get out of bed. You heard me, get out of bed!

Nelle: Okay, okay, okay!

Michael: Okay, I shouldn't -- I'm sorry, it's already working. I miss you already.

Nelle: Oh, shut up!

Michael: I just need a little bit more time with you before I let you go.

Monica: Obrecht's not an idiot. What if she sees through this act?

Hayden: If anyone can pull this off, it's Curtis.

Curtis: Excuse me, Miss...Olprishe?

Dr. Obrecht: It's Dr. Obrecht to you.

Curtis: I'm sorry, I'm not trying to create any waves. I'm simply looking for the lab. The lab.

Dr. Obrecht: The lab?

Curtis: Yeah, you know that place where specimens are analyzed?

Dr. Obrecht: And exactly what business do you have there?

Anna: Just before his extradition, Valentin asked me if I thought what was happening was justice. When I couldn't answer that... [Sighs] That's not true. I chose not to answer because what is happening isn't justice. It's damage control. The WSB doesn't want anyone asking why the Chimera existed in the first place and why they lost track of it for decades. So, they want to blame Valentin and get him convicted and lock him away. I'm not saying that he's blameless by a long shot. Just I don't see why he should have to pay for the Bureau's sins.

André: Anna, Jordan, good to see you.

Jordan: You too.

André: Beautiful day today, isn't it?

Anna: Mm-hmm.

Jordan: Yeah, it's really starting to feel like summer.

André: Just in time for the Fourth of July.

Jordan: Well, I should probably get going.

André: So, how's Curtis?

Jordan: Um, I wouldn't know. I wouldn't know. We stopped seeing each other. Anyway, you guys have a good one, both of you.

Anna: Okay, bye. Well, that was awkward.

Kiki: Your timing was perfect, actually. I was just about to leave.

Ned: I have been meaning to ask, how's your mother doing?

Kiki: She's hanging in there. It's really hard for everyone.

Ned: Yeah, I can imagine. If there's anything we can do...

Kiki: Thank you, Ned. All right, I'll see you later.

Dillon: Count on it.

Kiki: Bye.

Ned: Are you sure Kiki's okay?

Dillon: Uh, like she said, it's been really rough.

Ned: Yeah. Well, I'm sure having you by her side makes it easier.

Dillon: I hope so.

Ned: Oh, I know so. Despite your quirks, you're a stand-up guy, Dillon -- solid, dependable. And I'm grateful for that. I'm going to need it.

Dillon: Okay, why are you acting weird, Ned? You're supposed to be on cloud nine right now. You're about to take your wedding vows. This time, it's going to stick. You and Olivia are going to be together for the rest of your lives -- a permanent commitment. Oh... Ned, are you getting cold feet?

Olivia: Here you go.

Nina: Thank you. Just...

Olivia: I don't know, I'm always prepared for the waterworks lately.

Nina: Uh, yeah, but your tears are happy.

Olivia: Oh, I'm sorry. Honey, I'm really sorry I went on and on about the wedding.

Nina: No, go on and on. Go on and on. You're getting married. You should be ecstatic.

Olivia: But I know that you're in a different place right now, so...

Nina: You don't have to do that.

Olivia: What, honey?

Nina: You don't have to sympathize. I know how you feel about Valentin.

Olivia: Okay, he's not my favorite person by any stretch of the imagination, but he is your husband -- for the time being, anyway -- and you loved him. I mean, maybe you still do.

Anna: I can't rid my head of this whole mess.

André: Why do you think that is?

Anna: Because I've done things, you know, that I shouldn't have in the past. That's an understatement. I've done things that should've ended me up in prison, and I'm not in prison -- I'm here.

André: While Valentin's behind bars.

Anna: For something that my sister got him to do when he thought he was helping me.

André: And so you feel responsible.

Anna: Well, it's my face! It was our friendship, you know? Yeah, of course, I feel responsible. Why wouldn't I?

André: So, have you forgiven him?

Anna: Sometimes I think that there just isn't anything to forgive, and then other times I... I don't know.

André: Well, can I offer my two cents? I think you're being too hard on yourself. None of what happened was within your control.

Anna: Being out of control is, like, my least favorite setting.

André: Yeah, mine too. Hey. [Sighs]

Anna: Well, things are looking up, you know?

André: How so?

Anna: I mean, Jordan, 'cause she's not seeing Curtis anymore --

André: Oh, no, no, don't even go there.

Anna: Why not?

André: I'm good.

Hayden: Commissioner Ashford, hi! It's so good to see you.

Jordan: It is?

Hayden: Yeah, I've been meaning to call and tell you, on behalf of the hospital, how much your department's cooperation has been appreciated.

Curtis: I'm under no obligation to tell you who I am.

Dr. Obrecht: Name and business here!

Curtis: Uh...

Dr. Obrecht: Now! Harris Harrison?

Curtis: Yeah, my parents had a particularly odd sense of humor.

Dr. Obrecht: "Internet Technology Specialist at Pulse Logic."

Curtis: That's me. So, if you could direct me to the lab, you know -- oh, and I have permission from the higher-ups, if that's what you're worried about.

Dr. Obrecht: Which "higher-ups"? What's going on?

Curtis: Uh...listen, Dr. Ogre --

Dr. Obrecht: Obrecht!

Curtis: Right. I was hired to do a job, and I intend to do it, so unless you want to take this up with HR, you'll let me go do my job.

Dr. Obrecht: Lab is that way.

Curtis: Thank you.

Finn: Don't just stand there. Follow him! Go, go! Good Obrecht, good Obrecht!

Monica: You're not out of the woods yet.

Finn: It's a start.

Nelle: I'm gonna be so late.

Michael: Ah, Nina will forgive you.

Nelle: What makes you so sure?

Michael: Well, because you're already the best assistant she's ever had and because ELQ is going to make a major ad purchase.

Nelle: Okay. Aside from the morally questionable idea of you buying up ad space to compensate for your girlfriend being late for work --

Michael: Wait, sorry, did you say "girlfriend"?

Nelle: ...Which is, of course, Sugar Daddy behavior...

Michael: What about boyfriend behavior?

Nelle: Well, you also have to remember that Crimson is a fashion magazine, so unless you've bought up some design house that I don't know about.

Michael: I have not yet, but that sounds like an awesome idea, so, thank you.

Nelle: An ELQ ad is going to stick out like a sore thumb.

Michael: No, no, no, wrong. Look, Tracy -- she set this whole thing up in motion before she left for parts unknown. Dillon, he's on staff with Crimson, so she wanted to throw some business their way.

Nelle: So you were already planning on doing this.

Michael: Well, the ad campaign was supposed to run through September, but I can guess I can buy some more ad space through December.

Nelle: All to justify me being late for work?

Michael: Yeah, why not? Nina gets ad revenue, and we get to spend a whole morning in bed. The way I see it, everybody wins.

Nelle: You know, under that sweet exterior, you're a real player.

Michael: Oh, I only use my powers for good. I promise.

Nina: He gave me a family. [Voice breaking] That grounded me. My case-in-point, he's going away probably for the rest of his life, and I'm not spiraling out of control. I'm sitting here talking to you, and I'm strong. So I just wish I could have stood beside him when it counted.

Olivia: So, why didn't you?

Nina: It just -- it hit my biggest insecurity thinking he was cheating on me, that's all. I just could not get over it. I could not get over it. But looking at the big picture, um... well, it doesn't matter anymore, does it? It's too late.

Dillon: Ned, you cannot do that to Olivia, okay? It took a lot for her to finally say "Yes," and now you're just going to bail on her?

Ned: No! I'm not going to bail!

Dillon: Okay.

Ned: But thank you for all your faith in me.

Dillon: Well, it's just that you got all emotional.

Ned: Well, I am. In a good way! The best way.

Dillon: Oh, okay. Wow, so you're just really, really happy. I mean, you should be, you should be. You're getting married. It's just...

Ned: And I've done it a few times before.

Dillon: You said it, not me.

Ned: But this time, it's going to last. The way I feel about Olivia, the way she brings out the best in me -- at least that's what it feels like. And don't even get me started on Leo. I mean [Chuckles] I'm a lucky guy.

Dillon: They're lucky, too, man.

Ned: I really believe this one is going to be forever. I believe it.

Dillon: Well, I'm rooting for you.

Ned: You always do, which is why I have a question for you. Dillon, my younger but wise-beyond-his-years brother, will you be my best man?

Anna: Now, you really need to stop blaming yourself.

André: You need to stop blaming yourself.

Anna: Really?

André: [Laughs]

Anna: That's so funny.

André: Why? Why are we sitting here feeling sorry for ourselves when we could be out there doing something? Something to remind us that there's still joy in this world.

Anna: You have an idea? What? [Laughs]

André: You up for it?

Anna: Uh-huh. What do I need to bring? Do I need to...

André: Just your toes.

Kiki: Hi, Dr. Obrecht.

Dr. Obrecht: [Clears throat] Hasn't anyone told you not to sneak up on people?

Kiki: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. Well, I will just let you get back to whatever it is you're doing.

Dr. Obrecht: Wait. Remember our conversation about you being my eyes and ears?

Kiki: Yeah.

Dr. Obrecht: Do you know that man?

Kiki: You know, techies just aren't really my type.

Dr. Obrecht: I don't need him to be your type. I need to know what he's up to. Find out.

Kiki: How? What do I ask?

Dr. Obrecht: I can't know for certain, but I'd start with Dr. Finn and company.

Kiki: Okay.

[Keyboard keys tapping]

Monica: What is taking so long? [Sighs] What if Obrecht is on to us? I'll tell you what will happen. She'll sue the hospital, walk away with millions, not to mention your scalp and my job.

Hayden: That sounds fun.

Finn: No, relax. Relax, it's going to work.

Monica: When?!

Finn: Hopefully right now. Kiki.

Kiki: So, I just spoke to Obrecht.

Hayden: And?

Kiki: She's desperate to know what Curtis is doing in the lab. And she sent me to be her eyes and ears.

Monica: Oh, my God, I can't imagine being Obrecht's anything.

Finn: Ohh.

Kiki: So, what do I tell her?

Finn: The truth.

Dillon: So, you want me to stand up for you at your wedding.

Ned: As long as you don't pull that whole bit about pretending to lose the ring.

Dillon: I was really looking forward to that.

Ned: So? Is that a yes?

Dillon: No. It is a hell yes. I am so stoked for you, man. You and Olivia -- you picked a good one.

Ned: Tell me about it.

Dillon: Nothing would make me prouder than to stand up there next to my big brother while you marry her.

Ned: Thank you, Dillon.

Dillon: Should we hug it out?

Ned: I think one is in order, yeah. Come on.

Dillon: [Laughs]

Michael: Sorry, you guys having a moment?

Ned: Wha-- are you just getting in?

Michael: Yeah, I am.

Ned: Don't tell me you pulled an all-nighter at the office?

Michael: No, no, no, no, not at the office.

Dillon: Ah.

Together: What's her name?

[Telephone ringing]

Nelle: Nina Reeves' office. Can I have her return? Yes, I have your number. Hey, Nina. I have the papers for the Margo feature. Nina? Everything okay?

Nina: No, not really.

Nelle: Was there a problem with the "Ask Man Landers" shoot?

Nina: Uh, no, no, it was just full of surprises.

Nelle: Oh, well, good ones, I hope.

Nina: Yeah, very good ones. We landed the exclusive interview.

Nelle: That's great!

Nina: Yeah.

Nelle: But did you find out who he is? I swear, this guy's identity has got to be one of the best kept secrets of all time, right?

Nina: Um...yeah, you know what, it's going to stay a secret. I think it adds to the mystique.

Nelle: Hmm, well, your readers are going to freak.

Nina: Hey, our readers.

Nelle: Our readers.

Nina: Mm-hmm.

Nelle: Women are fascinated, men are envious, and who couldn't use a little advice in the romance department.

Nina: Mm-hmm. Apparently not you.

Nelle: Sorry?

Nina: Well, you're practically glowing.

Nelle: I am?

Nina: Yeah, you are. I mean, I think I need my sunglasses to talk to you right now.

Nelle: [Laughs]

Nina: So, um, what did Michael do to put that smile on your face?

Ned: Nelle?

Michael: Yeah, um... please, don't say anything to anyone. We haven't gone public with this yet, and I don't think my mom is going to react well.

Ned: No, that would be my guess, but don't worry, we won't tell a soul.

Dillon: No way.

Michael: All right, I appreciate that. Thank you.

Ned: And for what it's worth, I'm happy you're happy.

Michael: Thank you. So, um...what are you guys celebrating? What did I walk in on?

Dillon: Ned here just asked me to be his best man.

Michael: Nice!

Ned: Yeah, actually, we were about to toast to it when you walked in. Care to join us?

Michael:, I'm never going to get to work, am I?

Dillon: Oh, work's overrated. Come on.

Ned: I have always said that.

Michael: All right.

Ned: All right, here we go!

Dillon: A toast to the next generation of Quartermaines.

Michael: May we be less dysfunctional than the ones who have come before us.

Ned: To family. I cherish you guys, dysfunction and all.

[Glasses clink]

[Olivia gasps]

Ned: Olivia? What's wrong?

Olivia: Nothing. Everything is absolutely perfect. [Sobs]

Anna: Seriously? What, this is where you come when you want, like, a emotional pick-upper?

André: Yep.

Anna: I'm surprised.

André: Why?

Anna: Well, you just seem very, you know, reserved. Poised.

André: Ah, I could say the same about you.

Anna: Yeah, I don't know.

André: Exactly, and as I'm sure you can relate, all that poise takes its toll after a while.

Anna: Yeah.

André: Yeah, well... it's empty now, but imagine it filled on a Friday night, full of people, everybody dancing away their demons and their stress, their disappointments.

Anna: Hmm. Just dancing away their inner struggle.

André: That's right. So, what do you think? You want to do this?

Anna: You want to pick the music, or shall I?

Finn: Can't just stand here and do nothing.

Hayden: Well, technically you're not standing.

Monica: And weren't you the one that was telling me to patient?

Hayden: Kiki's got this, Finn.

Finn: She did seem confident, didn't she?

Monica: And she does know a thing or two about lying.

Hayden: Speaking from personal experience, or...?

Monica: Oh, it's a long story. Not as long as the one about you two that involves a couple of words like "I'm pregnant."

Finn: Oh, boy.

Hayden: Wait, how did you...

Monica: I'll give you one guess.

Together: Tracy.

Monica: Yeah. I get an e-mail from Tracy telling me to take care of you and the baby. Now, who would've guessed she knows and she's all the way in Amsterdam, and I'm here in the dark, and you're under my roof.

Hayden: I'm sorry.

Monica: Oh, don't be. Hey, listen, it's really none of my business.

Hayden: I guess it was easier to tell someone halfway around the world. Made it feel less real. But that was before we realized how excited we are.

Monica: Well, I'm truly, truly happy for your two. Congratulations!

Finn: Just one more reason this plan has to work. So I'm employed by the time our baby gets here.

Kiki: Dr. Obrecht.

Dr. Obrecht: Well? Were you able to find anything out?

Kiki: Sort of.

Dr. Obrecht: What do you mean "sort of"? Either you did or you didn't.

Kiki: Well, you were right about Dr. Finn. I heard him talking to Hayden and Monica, and apparently they hired this guy to find some sort of video file. They think it may have been left on a laptop that was just sitting here in the lab and no one knew it.

Curtis: Room's occupied. You'll have to come back later.

Dr. Obrecht: Not anymore it isn't. Get out, or I'll have you removed with the toxic waste.

Curtis: What is your problem, lady?

Dr. Obrecht: I need this lab for a medical emergency.

Curtis: Okay, then I'll just gather the laptop and put it somewhere else.

Dr. Obrecht: No equipment is to leave this room! Understand? Now go.

Curtis: [Sighs] All right. They don't pay me enough for this.

Dr. Obrecht: Give HR my regards.

Kiki: Do you need anything else from me?

Dr. Obrecht: Yes.

[Door closes]

Dr. Obrecht: Find that video file now.

Jordan: Curtis? What are you doing here? Why are you -- what?

Curtis: Shh!

Jordan: Why are you here, though?

Curtis: Shh!

Nelle: So, last night was our first date.

Nina: Nice. Did you have dinner?

Nelle: Mm-hmm, and a concert. And then he walked me home afterwards and kind of stayed.

Nina: Oh, wow! And it was kind of amazing?

Nelle: Uh, yeah, we literally just left each other right before I got here.

Nina: Oh. Ah, I remember those days -- being away from each other felt like an eternity.

Nelle: Yeah.

Nina: Mm. Good for you. You deserve to be happy.

Nelle: Well, not everyone would agree with you.

Nina: Oh, Carly?

Nelle: I mean, for starters, yeah.

Nina: Well, you're not going to let that stand in your way, are you?

Nelle: I mean, even if I wanted to at this point, I don't think I could.

Nina: You're head over heels.

Nelle: Yeah, I am. Okay, okay, enough about me. Please just put me to work. Do you need me to file those for you?

Nina: Oh, these? No, these are divorce papers. I just need to sign them.

Nelle: Oh, Nina, I am so sorry.

Nina: It's okay. Hey, listen, it's my life. It's not fun, but it's mine.

Nelle: You know, if I've learned anything from what has happened, things can turn around when you least expect them to. I know that they did for me.

Nina: That's great. [Voice breaking] I can't say... I just feel like signing these, I'm bailing on my husband. That's all. And that does not feel good. But on the other hand, Valentin quite possibly will be in prison for the rest of his life, and then where am I at? So, just -- I need -- I need to move on and start over.

Nelle: I know what I would choose.

Nina: Well, you know one time I didn't take your advice. Right, so I think I learned my lesson. So I'll just -- listen, I'll just sign these right here, and it'll be done. Right there.

[Papers shuffling]

Nina: Good. It's done.

Dillon: You have perfect timing 'cause we were just celebrating.

Olivia: How ridiculously cute the three of you are.

Dillon: Oh, yeah, that of course, duh, but also the fact that Ned just asked me to be his best man.

Olivia: [Gasps] I assumed from the mimosas, then, that you said yes?

Dillon: Of course, I said yes.

Olivia: Oh, that is wonderful. I cannot think of a better person for the job. Okay, to the Quartermaine men and the women who are lucky enough to love them.

Michael: I gonna get that monogrammed on my towel.

Dillon: That's actually not a bad idea.


Olivia: You coming to the wedding, yeah?

Michael: Mm-hmm. Would miss it for the world.

Olivia: And Ned told you you got a plus one?

Ned: Hey, you got a plus one.

Michael: All right. Nice.

Olivia: Not to be nosy, but you got anyone in mind for the plus one?

Michael: Um, yeah. Possibly.

Olivia: Okay, well, it's just a little family gathering, but I'm sure whoever you pick is going to fit right in.

Michael: Yeah, I'm sure she will.

André: [British accent] Are you feeling like a fox-trot?

Anna: Oh, I don't even -- it's so buttoned-up, I don't...

André: [Normal accent] How about a jitterbug?

Anna: That's too bouncy.

André: [Laughs] Oh, the Macarena!

Anna: Oh, God, no!

André: I've got it.

[Disco music playing]

Anna: Oh. Disco.

André: Are you a fan?

Anna: I used to do it a little bit.

André: All right, then. Shall we? You think you can handle it?

Anna: Oh, do you think you can handle it? [Laughs]

Singer: Go ahead get your groove back go ahead get your groove back yes. Go ahead

Anna: Okay.

André: Yes.

Anna: All right.

André: Okay.

Anna: Disco groove this.

André: [Laughs] Oh, make it easier than that, come on now!

Anna: Okay.

Singer: Oh, yeah

André: What? Spinning, swimming.

Singer: Oh, yeah

Jordan: Okay, I don't know what you have going on with this whole techie look you've got going on here, but if you don't let me go right now --

Curtis: Okay, no, no, listen, listen.

Jordan: Boy, if you don't --

Curtis: Okay, look, it'll all make sense, okay? You're just going to have to trust me on this one, okay? I know you can. And as soon as it's all over, you know, then you can go back to pretending you don't want this as much as I do.

Jordan: So this is an undercover thing?

Curtis: a way. But meanwhile, there are worse ways to pass the time, don't you think?

Dr. Obrecht: Would you hurry up?

Kiki: Well, this would go a lot faster if I knew what I was looking for.

Dr. Obrecht: It's a video of someone with a specimen.

Kiki: What kind of specimen?

Dr. Obrecht: Does it matter?

Kiki: Well, yeah, if you want me to be able to rule some of this out, it does.

Dr. Obrecht: A urine specimen.

Kiki: Whose?

Dr. Obrecht: Dr. Hamilton Finn.

Kiki: Ah, okay, so now we're getting somewhere. That's who I'm supposed to be looking for.

Dr. Obrecht: No! The specimen is Finn's, but someone else is doing something to it.

Kiki: Oh, like tampering?

Dr. Obrecht: Yes.

Kiki: Who? Oh, I think I got something?

Dr. Obrecht: Is it me?! Can you see what I'm doing to Finn's sample?!

Kiki: Oh, hey, guys.

Monica: Well, Liesl, do you have anything to say for yourself?

Dr. Obrecht: [Laughs] You're not going to take this child's word over mine. Clearly she's been employed by Dr. Finn to make it look like I'm --

Finn: Look like what? Like you doctored my sample? Made sure I tested positive for opioids not once but time and time again, even though you knew I was clean.

Hayden: She's right, though. We can't take Kiki's word. We'll take yours.

Monica: Yes, because we heard everything you said.

Finn: All of us.

Curtis: Hey, Doc.

Dr. Obrecht: I knew there was something weg about you.

Curtis: [Chuckles] Oh, and I think you also know Commissioner Ashford.

Jordan: Dr. Liesl Obrecht? You're under arrest.

Michael: Hey. How's work going?

Nelle: Uh, so far, so good. And Nina wasn't mad about me being late, so you don't have to buy that extra ad space after all.

Michael: Ah, no, I want to buy it. I'm a -- I'm a big believer in Crimson. Especially the assistant to the editor-in-chief.

Nelle: Well, you're the CEO. It's your call. So, no one complained about you being late?

Michael: Uh, I actually haven't made it to work yet.

Nelle: Geez, slacker. Okay, well, I'm actually glad you called. I wanted to invite you to dinner tonight.

Michael: I'd love that.

Nelle: Yeah?

Michael: I actually have an invitation for you, too. How would you like to be my date to Ned and Olivia's wedding? Hello?

Nelle: Um, yeah, no, I'm still here. I -- that's just a few days away.

Michael: Yeah, I know, I know. I know it's scary. I'm making it official, but I think this is the perfect place to make that first step. It's going to be mostly family -- the Quartermaines -- and just so you know, I'm a pretty slick dancer.

Nelle: Okay, well, in that case, I'm in.

Olivia: I think maybe we need to add a couple of people to the guest list.

Ned: Okay. Who are they?

Olivia: Sonny and Carly.

Ned: Oh...

Olivia: I know, I know. I know, honey. I know we said it was only going to be family. But Sonny is family in a way, and Carly's my business partner. You know, she did so much to put the wedding together. I just feel like it would be wrong to not even invite them, don't you think?

Ned: Sure. What could go wrong?

[Disco music playing]

Singer: Dance, dance, disco groove dance, dance, get in the groove

Anna: Whoo!

[Song ends]

[Both laugh]

André: Feel better?

Anna: That was fun. Yeah. That was fun. We should have a dance studio in your office or something. I think all your patients would just be [Snaps] Cured like that.

André: [Laughs] I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Anna: You feel good?

André: Among other things.


Nina: All right, hey, Nelle! I'm going to the lawyer's office. I'll be back in about an hour and a half, okay?

[Cell phone rings]

Nina: Hello? Yes, this is Nina Reeves. I'll accept the call. Oh, my God.

Next week on "General Hospital" --

Anna (to André): Maybe we could go back to my place?

Nina (on the phone): How is this possible?

Jordan (to Curtis): The person I have to arrest is you.

Stella (to TJ and Molly): Speaking of Curtis, where is he?

Sam (to her doctor): There is something in my life that's definitely off.

Sonny (to Jason): I wanted you to know I'm getting out of the business.

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