GH Transcript Wednesday 6/28/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 6/28/17


Episode #13836 ~ Josslyn is upset that Carly is getting back with Sonny; Julian makes his case with Ava not to give up; Spencer wants what's his.

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Bobbie: Dante? I'm glad I caught you. It's Bobbie.

Dante: Hey, Bobbie. What's up?

Bobbie: I spoke with Ava Jerome's doctors, and they agree that her condition has improved.  She's well enough to be interviewed by the PCPD.

Dante: Okay, uh, that's great. Thank you for the update. I'll be by to interview her sometime today.

Bobbie: Good.

Nurse: Can I help you with your breakfast?

Ava: I don't want it.

Nurse: You need to take in more calories --

Ava: I told you I didn't want it!

Julian: You'll have to forgive my sister. She'd, uh, prefer a dry martini.

Nurse: Hmm.

Julian: Don't worry. I'll make sure she takes a drink.

Nurse: Thank you.

Julian: You're welcome.

Ava: If you think I'm taking one sip of that, you're even more deluded than she is.

Julian: Ooh. Sounds like somebody's feeling better. Which is a good thing. It means things are looking up for the both of us.

Alexis: Given the circumstances, I don't think that I'm the right attorney for you.

Spencer: Is it financial issues? Because, like, don't worry. I'm solvent. My father, he left me a trust which is separate from the rest of the Cassadine estate, that my grandmother has already agreed to authorize the expenditure.

Alexis: Well, this really isn't about the money, Spencer. You see, your father is my nephew, and Valentin, whether I like it or not, is my half-brother. So, I have a personal connection to this case, which would be viewed as a conflict of interest.

Spencer: Oh. It's not a conflict! It's actually an advantage!

Laura: Uh, it is Alexis's decision, hon.

Spencer: But Aunt Alexis is wrong! The two of us -- the three of us -- will be unstoppable! We'll vanquish the man who stole my birthright and get everything back that he stole from me. The only thing he'll be left with is his name... Valentin Cassadine. [Grunts]

Dante: Okay, my mother said she'll be down in a minute. We can make ourselves at home.

Charlotte: Whose house is this?

Lulu: Pretty soon, this is going to be Dante's mother's. She's marrying Ned Quartermaine. That's the one out there, playing with Rocco and Leo.

Charlotte: Are they playing baseball?

Lulu: They're playing wiffle ball. Do you want to join them?

Charlotte: Maybe later. I like it in here. It reminds me of the place where I lived with Papa and Nina.

Lulu: Oh, honey. [Sighs] I know that you're really missing your papa.

Charlotte: I try to see him when I go to sleep. He said he'd be in my dreams... and in my heart.

Lulu: He is.

Charlotte: I don't want him to just be in my heart. I want him here. When is he coming home?

Carly: Okay, so, any idea how you're gonna make this happen?

Sonny: [Sighs] Like I told you, you know, it's not gonna be easy to leave the business. But I'm gonna figure it out and make it happen.

Carly: You almost make me believe it.

Sonny: Forget the "almost." I love you.

Carly: I love you.


Josslyn: Trina, I told you -- I don't know if my grandma said anything to my mom. Well, I mean, I begged her not to, but she never agreed. For all I know, she could --

[Door opens]

Josslyn: Wait -- someone's coming.

[Door closes]

Josslyn: Uh-oh. Hi. Uh, it's my mom. Uh, wish me luck. Bye. Mom!

Carly: Hey.

Josslyn: You're back!

Carly: Yeah. Hi.

Josslyn: Oh! I missed you.

Carly: Oh, I missed you, too.

Josslyn: Well, I want to hear all about your trip. But I got to go get ready. Trina and I are junior counselors at Lila's Kids, and I don't want to be late!

Carly: Okay. Oh, wait. I have to talk to you about something.

Bobbie: It would be completely irresponsible of me not to tell your mother what happened here tonight. Because if I keep quiet about this, you're gonna think I condone what you did.

Josslyn: No! No, I wouldn't. [Sighs] I knew it! Grandma told you what I did.

Lulu: I know that you have a lot of questions about your papa, but we just don't have the answers. You know, Olivia invited us here today, because she said that she has a surprise for you. Did you say that your mom would be down soon?

Dante: Yeah. Yeah, I did. Let me, uh -- let me go check on her.

Lulu: Are you excited for Olivia's surprise?

Charlotte: I am. Lulu, can I ask you a question?

Lulu: Of course, sweetheart.

Charlotte: Is my papa ever coming home?

Laura: Kevin and I have tried to explain the legal situation to Spencer. But we thought that it might be better for him to hear it from a lawyer.

Spencer: I want my property back, starting with my house.

Laura: And he wanted to see you first thing this morning, even though I thought we could have gone to camp first, since it is such a beautiful morning.

Spencer: I have no interest in participating. It's "Daybreak with Dad."

Laura: Oh.

Alexis: And what's "Daybreak with Dad"?

Laura: Um, it's, uh -- it's a nature hike, uh, the kids go on with their dads.

Spencer: And they explore the early bird gets the worm and other morning rituals -- a little trite, if you ask me. I've never been much for watching worms. But any activity with my father was usually a fun one. It would only remind me of what Valentin's stolen from me.

Alexis: Oh, Spencer. I'm so sorry.

Spencer: Thank you, but I refuse to wallow in self-pity. I've decided to take action against the man that murdered my father. [Sighs]

Julian: Okay. Come on, Ava. Just one sip.

Ava: Oh, come on.

Julian: And if you -- look. Listen, if you're good, I might, uh, see about slipping in a shot of vodka, okay?

Ava: [Laughs lightly]

Julian: Okay. Here you go. There you go. That wasn't so bad, was it?

Ava: Hmm.

Julian: Might even turn you into some kind of a morning person.

Ava: I seriously doubt that.

Julian: [Chuckles]

Ava: So, what were you saying about things looking up for both of us?

Julian: Mm. Well, um, Olivia finally got off her high horse and agreed to let me see Leo. I swear, that kid's grown almost a foot. I'm starting to think I'm making up for lost time, you know?

Ava: Hmm. Well, you know, Leo's so young, he probably won't even remember you not being there.

Julian: Well, maybe. But... he's not the only one I was talking about. I saw Alexis last night.

Ava: Oh. You know, I just think, you know, whatever happens with -- with Leo and Alexis, I don't know that it's really gonna matter. You know, right now, you know, aren't you headed to prison for a while?

Julian: Not necessarily.

Ava: You know something I don't?

Julian: Only that I plan on defending myself against those charges with everything I have. I'm gonna fight, Ava.

Ava: I think you should, too.

Josslyn: Mom, I know it sounds bad, but really, grandma's making a big deal out of nothing.

Carly: I got home five minutes ago. I haven't talked to your grandmother.

Josslyn: Oh. Okay. Uh, then never mind. I need to go, actually.

Carly: Okay, hold on. What's this big deal that Grandma's making out of nothing?

Josslyn: Um, we just...had a misunderstand, that's all.

Carly: Oh. Okay.

Josslyn: Um, yeah.

Carly: What kind of misunderstanding?

Josslyn: Um, I was supposed to call her and I didn't, and she got kind of upset. But it's okay, 'cause we worked it out. I need to change.

Carly: I need to talk to you about --

Josslyn: Well, I'll be right back!

Carly: [Sighs deeply] Oh, great.

Spencer: Listen, we need to find a legal way to wrest Wyndemere from that monster and return it to its rightful owner -- me. Aunt Alexis, you are a brilliant attorney. You can help me, right?

Alexis: When Valentin first came to Port Charles, I was absolutely certain that he would have no right to anything that belonged to the Cassadine family.

Spencer: So that means that he can't keep Wyndemere!

Alexis: I'm afraid that it can.

Spencer: [Sighs]

Lulu: Charlotte, why would think that your father wasn't coming home?

Charlotte: Because every time I ask you about him, you and Dante try to talk about something else.

Lulu: You're a smart kid, did you know that? You're right. Dante and I have been avoiding the subject. Because... your father's gonna be gone for a really long time.

Charlotte: How long?

Lulu: I don't know, sweetheart.

Dante: Hey, did, uh -- did Ned come back in here?

Lulu: Nope. He's still outside playing with the boys.

Dante: Good. Okay, Ma. The coast is clear. The groom is outside. Come on, ladies, on your feet. The bride is coming in.

Lulu: Oh, oh, oh. Wow! Olivia. You look...

Charlotte: Beautiful!

Lulu: [Laughs] Beautiful! That is the word. Yes.

Olivia: You are so sweet. And a terrible liar. Look at this thing! It's a disaster! This -- this dress belonged to my cousin Violetta, who was the first Falconeri girl of our generation to get married. And she had her heart set on this dress, but it was very expensive. So my grandparents decided to justify the purchase by saying that it would be a family heirloom and all the Falconeri girls could wear it! And, believe it or not, four of them actually did -- and guess what? I'm not gonna be the fifth!

Lulu: [Laughing]

Olivia: I refuse to wear this dress!

Charlotte: Why not? You look like a fairy godmother.

Olivia: Ooh, honey, look at this little angel. Well, I am not a fairy godmother, but I'm pretty darn close. Do you know I am -- I am Leo's mother, and I am Rocco's grandmother.

Charlotte: You can't be Rocco's grandmother.

Olivia: Why not, honey?

Charlotte: You're too young!

Olivia: [Laughing] Oh, listen to this kid! That is about the greatest thing I have heard all day! That's it. I'm not giving her back. She is mine. You are about the most beautiful granddaughter I could every hope for.

Charlotte: You're my grandmother, too?

Lulu: Yes. Olivia is your step-grandmother.

Olivia: But -- but, you know what? I'm Italian, so you should call me Nonna.

Charlotte: Nonna. Mm-hmm. I like it.

Olivia: [Laughs]

Charlotte: Nice to meet you, Nonna.

Olivia: Nice to meet you. [Smooches]

Ava: If you think that you can fight your way to an acquittal, that's great, Julian. I'm happy for you. But I have no interest in evading justice. I deserve to be punished.

Julian: Uh, okay, Ava, you're already being punished right now, lying in agonizing pain in this hospital bed. Uh, you have months, I mean, if not years, of treatments and surgeries and physical therapy just to relearn stuff you already knew how to do. I mean, what, to get some semblance of a normal life back?!

Ava: It's not enough. I hurt so many people, Julian, including my own daughter. And now Kiki is torn between loving me, because I'm her mother and hating me because of what I did.

Julian: Okay, I don't think she could ever hate you.

Ava: Well, she should. I would. But you're right. I don't think that she can walk away -- not while I'm like this. It'd be easier for her if I was in prison. And sh-she could -- she could forget all about me. But as long as I'm here, like this, in the hospital where she works, she will feel obligated to come in here and see me.

Julian: Okay, look, you're not an obligation to anybody. Now, Kiki might be upset with you right now, but eventually she's gonna understand that you only switched out Morgan's medication to protect her. She's gonna forgive you, Ava. I promise. But, hey, I mean, if that's not enough to stop you from confessing and sending yourself to prison, then maybe you need to think about your other daughter. Maybe you need to think about Avery.

Josslyn: Mom? Uh, I'm gonna ride my bike to the park. Uh, see ya later!

Carly: Hey. Want to tell me what this was doing under the couch? This is what you thought Grandma told me about? What you thought was "no big deal"?

Josslyn: [Chuckles] That she left a bottle under the couch? Nope. Wasn't afraid of that.

Carly: Knock it off. I know we don't always agree, but I am always honest with you. Show me the same respect. What happened in this house? All right, I'm gonna call your grandmother, and she's gonna tell me what really happened, and, um, then I'm gonna show up at Lila's Kids, and I'm gonna drag you out of there in front of Trina and all the other junior counselors.

Josslyn: No. Just... Mom, just wait. Okay. I kind of... had a party last night.

Carly: You did?

Josslyn: But it was tiny, and there was hardly anyone here.

Carly: "Hardly anyone" include boys?

Josslyn: Yes.

Carly: Alcohol?

Josslyn: Yeah.

Carly: Yeah.

Alexis: I have literally gone over every one of these documents pertaining to the disposition of the Cassadine estate. My father, your great-grandfather -- he left all of it to Valentin.

Spencer: But Valentin murdered my father! The court should take everything away from him and give it back to me!

Laura: Honey, I know how hard this is. But we have to abide by the court's decision.

Spencer: But isn't that why we came to Aunt Alexis in the first place? To fight the system? Aunt Alexis, you're the best attorney in the whole entire state.

Alexis: Uh... I appreciate your confidence in me. I really do. But I'm not sure what I can do.

Spencer: Can't you find a loophole or an exception? Aunt Alexis, I know you can figure this out.

Alexis: Honey, Valentin owns everything -- that's all the assets, the property, from here to Greece -- that includes Cassadine Island and Wyndemere. And he owns it all until he dies.

Spencer: Until he dies?

Alexis: Yes.

Spencer: So...until Valentin meets his mortal coil, what happens then? Does that upstart Charlotte get my home?

Alexis: Yes.

Spencer: Ugh.

Alexis: She does.

Olivia: Okay, my family. I need all the help that I can get.

Charlotte: What do you need help with?

Olivia: Well, I'm getting married the first week of July -- and I need to find myself a new dress really, really, really fast. So, do you think that you and Lulu could help me with that?

Charlotte: Won't your grandparents be sad that you're not wearing the family heirloom?

Olivia: Oh, honey. My grandparents are in heaven, now. But I know that they're always here looking out for me, and they are gonna be happy with whatever dress I wear as long as I'm happy. Because that's how family works.

Lulu: Now, Olivia, didn't you say that you invited us here today, because you have a surprise for Charlotte?

Olivia: Oh, I do. I do. Oh! Listen to me, saying "I do" before we've even at the wedding. [Laughter] Okay, I'm gonna go put on something that does not smell like moth balls. And me and my favorite granddaughter are gonna have a little chat. Okay? Don't move.

Lulu: [Sighs]

Charlotte: I have a grandmother in Canada, and I have one here, but Nonna's nothing like them. She's something else.

Lulu: [Laughs]

Dante: She definitely is that. Yeah.

Charlotte: [Chuckles]

Josslyn: Mom, I already told you, is wasn't a big deal!

Carly: You had a party behind my back!

Josslyn: I didn't plan on it. You know, Trina, she just showed up and she brought some people from school. They're the ones that brought the alcohol. And then they saw the hot tub, and things just... got out of control.

Carly: They got out of control?

Josslyn: No, that was the wrong choice of words. Look, Mom, all I'm saying is, I'm not the one that wanted a party. In fact, I almost called it off.

Carly: But you didn't.

Josslyn: Okay, I didn't. But it's not like I was encouraging them. You know, everybody went outside near the hot tub, and I stayed here, inside.

Carly: Alone?

Josslyn: Yes.

Carly: You stayed inside alone while everyone was outside?

Josslyn: Well, no, not exactly. I mean, I stayed inside.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Josslyn: I just wasn't alone.

Carly: Were you with a boy?

Bobbie: Oh. You're back.

Sonny: Yeah. Um, we -- we landed this morning -- Carly and I.

Bobbie: Oh. So, I assume you and Carly got everything straightened out in Puerto Rico?

Sonny: Uh, well, yeah. I mean... [Sighs] There were a few surprises, you know, but we -- it's been taken care of.

Bobbie: Good. I'm glad to hear it. So, the only business left between you and my daughter is finalizing your divorce.

Julian: Hey, maybe you think that Kiki's a lost cause. Now, I don't agree with that assessment. But my point is, Avery, she's too young to remember any of this. She needs you, Ava. She needs her mother.

Ava: I'm the last thing that little girl needs. When the doctors say that I'm well enough to be questioned, I'm gonna tell the cops everything.

Julian: Ava, you --

Ava: I'm gonna confess, Julian.

Julian: You can't.

Ava: I am. And I'm gonna spare Kiki the unwanted publicity, the pain of having to testify. I'm gonna confess... and I am gonna accept whatever punishment they give me.

Charlotte: Wow! I have a lot of relatives.

Lulu: You sure do.

Dante: Kind of means you'll always have someone to play with, right?

Charlotte: I can't wait.

Olivia: Ahh! Better.

Charlotte: Do you have my surprise?

Olivia: I do! [Laughs] Listen to me with "I do." I can't stop! I'm so happy! And how could I not be? Look at this adorable, little face.

Dante: All right, Ma, the surprise?

Olivia: All right. Would you just hold your horses, please?

Dante: I'm sorry. Some of us got to get back to work.

Olivia: Okay. Okay, okay, okay. Okay, I don't know if Lulu and Dante told you, but Leo and Rocco are gonna be in my wedding. They're gonna be the ring bearers. Do you know what that means? They walk down the aisle holding the ring on a pillow. And I was wondering if you would be the flower girl?

Charlotte: Flower girl?

Olivia: Yes. Do you know what that means? That means that you put on a beautiful dress and you walk down the aisle sprinkling rose petals out in front of me like -- like fairy dust, before the part where I get there. Does that sound like something you'd like to do?

Charlotte: You mean it?

Olivia: Yes, of course, I mean it! You're part of this family now.

Charlotte: Yes, yes, yes!

Olivia: Oh, good, honey. Honey, I just want to show you off. I am so proud of this beautiful family.

Charlotte: Me, too.

Olivia: [Sighs happily]

Spencer: So, when Valentin dies, Wyndemere becomes Charlotte's?

Alexis: Well, I haven't seen Valentin's will, but Charlotte is his only child. So I would assume that he left everything to Charlotte.

Spencer: This is just wrong! Aunt Alexis, please, I beseech you -- there has to be something we can do.

Alexis: As a feminist, I find this line of reasoning abhorrent. And it seems clear that Mikkos' intent was to leave everything to the male heir.

Spencer: Mm.

Alexis: However, if Valentin dies, I might be able to argue Spencer's claim would supersede Charlotte's.

Laura: Would that work?

Alexis: It's a long shot.

Spencer: I love long shots! They make the most money!

Alexis: That's because they rarely pay off.

Spencer: I have faith in you, Aunt Alexis.

Alexis: Spencer, even if I could negate Charlotte's claim, I can't do anything until Valentin dies.

Spencer: And Valentin's not even that old. Unless he meets an untimely end in prison. [Scoffs] I'll be at least 40 by the time Valentin meets his maker! How is it fair that I have to wait so long for something that I shared with my own father? Huh? How? Ay, ay, ay!

Josslyn: Okay, yes. I stayed inside... with a boy.

Carly: Doing what, exactly?

Josslyn: Talking. That's it. This boy -- he's sensitive and sweet and understanding, you know. The total opposite of Sonny.

Carly: So, were you and this sweet, sensitive, and understanding boy drinking?

Josslyn: I took, like, a few sips. And then Grandma showed up and shut it down. Listen, Mom, this was so not a big deal.

Carly: Stop saying that! Because it's a big deal. You were drinking with a boy. You had God knows how many people in this house. Do you know what could have happened? What if someone got hurt in the hot tub, Josslyn? W-what if older kids showed up here? Or someone called the police?

Josslyn: Nobody did, okay?

Carly: Because you were lucky! That's the only reason! Do you have any idea what could have happened?

Josslyn: [Voice breaking] I do, Mom. Listen, I'm really sorry, okay? It will never happen again.

Carly: You bet it won't happen again, because there are gonna be some serious consequences to your bad choices!

Josslyn: My bad choices?! What about yours?

Bobbie: Sonny? You and Carly are still going through with the divorce?

Sonny: Uh... you should probably talk to Carly about that.

Bobbie: Ugh. You can bet I will.

Julian: Ava, you need to listen to me. I used to feel exactly the way you do -- that I hurt the people I love, th-that I deserved to go to prison for the rest of my life, that my family was better off without me. But I'm telling you -- trust me when I tell you this -- it's the easy way out.

Ava: You think this is easy?!

Julian: Well, you're giving up, aren't you?

Ava: What is it you think I should do?

Julian: I think you need to make amends with everybody that you hurt. But, please, Ava, I'm begging you. Don't confess.

Ava: [Scoffs] It's not gonna matter anyway. You know, one way or the other, I'm going to prison.

Julian: Well, that's not true. It's just, uh -- what do you think they have on you?

Ava: Lucy. Lucy's testimony, for one thing.

Julian: Oh, you think she's a reliable witness? Come on, Ava. Any good lawyer would vaporize her. Who else?

Ava: Well, Scott. He knows everything.

Julian: He's your lawyer. He can't talk.

Ava: Julian, I'm taking the hit. There's nothing you can say to make me change my mind.

[Door opens]

Julian: What the hell are you doing here?

Sonny: I just came to see your sister.

Julian: Really? You didn't come here to thank me for saving your life, since I'm the one who warned Jason about the hit on you?

Sonny: Yeah, he -- he gave me a heads-up. And he told me that you said something, right? Thank you.

Julian: Oh. Well, don't go overboard with gratitude.

Sonny: I-I just came to inform Ava that there's gonna be a change in Avery's custody order.

[Cell phone rings]

Alexis: Excuse me. I have to take this.

Laura: Okay.

Alexis: Alexis Davis.

Laura: Hey. I'm really sorry that that wasn't what you wanted to hear.

Spencer: I want to go home... to Wyndemere. I miss everything about it -- pizza on the parapet, sunset swimming in the pool, morning rides on my favorite horse. [Gasps] Who's going to take care of him now?

Laura: Uh, I checked, and the stables are all being really well maintained, and the horses are being cared for.

Spencer: It's just not the same anymore. I've lost so much.

Laura: Sweetheart. I know how much it hurts to lose Wyndemere. But the truth is, Wyndemere is just a house. Your dad doesn't live there anymore. Your dad lives right here. In our hearts. Your dad is a part of you. And you, Spencer -- you are the very best of him. I have something I want you to know. If you listen very, very closely, you will still be able to hear his voice. And you might even be able to ask him a question and hear his answer. He will never be gone from you, honey. Your father lives on inside you.

[Door closes]

Spencer: Chandler! It's very good to see you.

Chandler: And you, Master Spencer.

Spencer: Are you still working out at Wyndemere?

Chandler: I am, but the estate manager agreed that I could take a second job as your driver.

Laura: Thank you. We are so grateful, because I had to close Spencer's Uber account. I thought it might be better for him if he had just one driver who knows him and knows where he should and should not go.

Spencer: Well, we should be on our way. The campers' fathers are supposed to leave before lunch, and they're serving Sloppy Joes. I missed them while I was abroad.

Laura: [Chuckles] Yeah. Are you sure you're okay, honey?

Spencer: I'm fine now, Grandmother -- thanks to you.

Laura: I love you so much.

Spencer: I love you, too.

Laura: Oh! Have a good day.

Spencer: I'll see you later.

Laura: Okay.

Spencer: Come on, Chandler.

Alexis: I'm sorry about that. Is Spencer all right?

Spencer: Hey, Chandler, before you drop me off at Lila's Kids, can we make just a quick stop?

Carly: You're already in trouble, Josslyn. Don't make this worse on yourself.

Josslyn: By speaking the truth? You make bad choices, too, Mom. You're supposed to be divorcing Sonny, and instead, you're letting him fly you to a tropical paradise. What is wrong with you? Were you trying to get back together?

Carly: Don't change the subject. This has nothing to do with Sonny and me. You're the one that had a party and lied about it.

Josslyn: Oh, my God! Did you ever once think to yourself about why I wanted to have this party in the first place? Maybe it's because I wanted to get my mind off of your dysfunctional relationship for a few hours.

Carly: We both know that's not true.

Josslyn: Oh, no. It's definitely true. Everything that happens in our family is so screwed up with you and Sonny and Morgan and everything else. Maybe I just wanted to forget about it. Did you ever think about that?

Carly: I know that you have had a tough year, Josslyn, okay? I get that. But having a bunch of people party in our house is not the way to deal with it, and you know that!

Josslyn: Okay. Fine. You've made your point. Can I go to the park now?

Carly: No, you cannot. You can go upstairs to your room while I figure out how to handle this. And give me your phone.

Josslyn: Mom?!

Carly: The longer you take to give it to me... is how long it'll take for me to give it back.

Josslyn: [Stomping]

Carly: [Sighs] God! She's too young for this.

[Door closes]

Bobbie: Hey.

Carly: How could you not tell me that Josslyn had a party with boys and booze?!

Bobbie: Um, I thought you were still in Puerto Rico. So, when I ran into Sonny at the hospital, I got someone to cover me and I came home. I would never keep something this important to you, no matter how hard Josslyn begged.

Carly: How bad was it? Was she drunk?

Bobbie: Oh, no, no, no. A-actually, I don't think she had more than a few sips.

Carly: What about the boy?

Bobbie: Oscar. He seemed harmless, not like those other kids in the hot tub, led by Trina, who is way too fast for Joss.

Carly: Well, there's gonna be no more sleepovers at Trina's house. Mom, I knew that Josslyn was upset about me and Sonny. I had no idea that she'd act out like this.

Sonny: I'm, uh, petitioning for full custody of Avery.

Julian: Man, you are a piece of work, aren't you? Ava's sitting here in a damn hospital bed.

Sonny: Avery already stays with me full-time. I'm just making it official.

Julian: [Scoffs] You know what? I-I should have just let Garvey kill you. And then Ava would be Avery's last living parent.

Sonny: Ava took advantage of the first custody hearing while I was in a wheelchair. I'm just returning the favor.

Julian: Man, it's bad enough that you let her fry in the damn warehouse! Okay, now, you have to take her daughter away?! I mean, come on, Sonny.

Sonny: It doesn't make us even. You took my son. Can't bring Morgan back. The fact that I can protect Avery... should make you comfortable.

Julian: Yeah. At least there's a silver lining -- you and, uh, Carly are getting a divorce, right, Sonny? That means Carly won't be a part of Avery's life.

Sonny: Wrong again. Carly and I are staying together. Carly's gonna be the only mother that Avery knows.

Julian: All right, you know what, Sonny? You said your piece. Get out.

Sonny: Yeah. Yeah.

[Door closes]

Julian: I'm sorry.

Ava: It's okay. It's so not your fault.

Julian: Look, it doesn't mean that you stop fighting.

Ava: Julian... do something for me? Just leave me alone for a little while?

Julian: Okay. [Chuckles] Get some rest, okay? But I don't want you to give up.

[Door opens, closes]

Alexis: I'm really sorry that all I could offer Spencer was a dead end.

Laura: Uh, well, that's okay. I think he really needed to hear it from you. And thank you, by the way, for meeting us. [Sniffles]

Alexis: How are you?

Laura: Uh... [Chuckles] I can't shake this feeling that Spencer is not gonna give up.

Alexis: But there's nothing he can do.

Laura: Yes, we know that. But does he?

Alexis: Yeah.

[Door opens]

Dante: Ava? How are you doing?

Ava: The pleasantries aren't necessary. I know why you're here.

Dante: I want to ask you some questions about your involvement in my brother's death.

Spencer: Thank you, Chandler. I can take it from here.

Chandler: Spencer, come on. Don't do this to me again.

Sonny: Is this your driver?

Spencer: Yes. This is Chandler. He's excellent, but he's a little overconscientious.

Sonny: Hey, Chandler, is it all right if I have a moment with -- with him and you wait in the car?

Spencer: Uncle Sonny, thank you for making time to see me. I have a business matter to discuss with you.

Sonny: What kind of business?

Spencer: I want you to eliminate Valentin Cassadine.

Bobbie: When we spoke at the hospital, Sonny wouldn't tell me about your trip. He told me to ask you. So, I'm asking.

Carly: Well, the trip to Puerto Rico turned out to be more than business.

Bobbie: What does that mean?

Carly: Sonny and I decided that we're not gonna get divorced. We're gonna get back together.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Kevin: He went to see Sonny?

Laura: Three guesses what that's about.

Sonny (to Spencer): You know what you're asking me to do?

Josslyn (to Carly): You're a hypocrite!

Amy (to Nina, who's opening a door, where Nathan is hiding): Do not go in there!

Bobbie (to Dante): I think Ava should be brought to justice.

Scott (to Ava): You didn't sell me down the river, right?

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