GH Transcript Friday 6/23/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 6/23/17


Episode #13833 ~ Jason's timing couldn't be better; TJ does damage control with Aunt Stella; Josslyn gets in over her head.

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Stella: It wasn't enough for you to be unfaithful to Thomas, break your marriage vows, and dishonor his name? You passed Shawn Butler's child off as his!

Jordan: It's okay, guys, okay? Back to work. Everybody. You know what? Let's take this up in my office.

Stella: Oh! So you have shame now. Where was that shame when you were cheating on Thomas when he was alive? Or having another man's son and passing him off as his? Where was that shame when you started sleeping with his brother? It was nonexistent. You didn't have any then, and you don't have any now.

Michael: Well, look, I had -- I had a lot of fun tonight. And, uh... I'd really like to do it again. Soon.

Nelle: Yeah, me, too.

Michael: [Breathes deeply] Well, I should get going. I got a long day tomorrow.

Nelle: Yep. That's you -- the responsible one. Well... you know, I bet, as a kid, you were really good while Joss and Morgan got away with everything. Uh, yeah, Morgan, for sure, but not Josslyn. No, no. She wouldn't be able to misbehave if she tried.

Josslyn: Yeah. Pizza. I don't know. Probably watch some movies or something. No, I haven't talked to mom. Well, make sure you eat something, too, grandma, I mean, since you're gonna be working all night.

[Doorbell rings]

Josslyn: That's the pizza. [Chuckles] Don't worry. I'll be fine. Her folks are home. What could possibly go wrong? [Gasps]

Sam: Monica?

Monica: Huh? Oh, Sam. Hi. I was just trying to straighten up a little bit. Um, Danny is sleeping off massive amounts of cook's spaghetti, and Scout just went down about 15 minutes ago.

Sam: You are the best. [Chuckles] Actually, I was wondering if maybe you can keep them for another night. I hate to impose on you.

Monica: No. No. It's not any imposition at all. Um, but something come up?

Sam: Yeah. I have to get to Puerto Rico. Tonight.

Sonny: Carly, wait. I just said I needed to go for a walk and -- and just get some air, Sonny. That's all.

Garvey: No sudden moves, or someone's gonna die.

Trina: Okay, so, all breakables go in your mom's room. And do you have any keys? 'Cause it's better to just lock up the rooms you don't want people going into.

Josslyn: Um, these look like sodas.

Trina: Yeah. And they taste like soda mixed with syrup. [Gasps] Ooh. Does your mom have any vodka?

Josslyn: Um, yeah, but we'd better not touch it. She would kill me if she found out I was drinking. I really can't.

Trina: But how would she even know it was you? Doesn't your grandma live here, too?

Josslyn: Um, yeah. Let's just not, okay?

Trina: [Sighs] All right. Besides, isn't your mom busy living la vida loca in Puerto Rico with your stepdad?

Josslyn: So?

Trina: So... if she's cool with taking off and leaving you, then she'll probably be too distracted to notice the levels in her liquor bottle when she gets back.

Josslyn: I know, right?

Trina: Hey, look, don't worry about it, okay? I just texted the guys to bring some beer.

Josslyn: Wait, what?!

Nelle: Yeah, I've said it before. Joss is lucky to have you in her life. So am I.

Michael: I'm glad you think so. I'm, uh -- I'm really looking forward to more nights like this.

Nelle: I'm sorry.

[Chuckling] Oh, hey. Hey, don't -- don't -- don't -- don't be sorry. I'm, uh, certainly not. But to, uh [Clears throat] Keep it that way, I should, uh -- I should probably go.

Nelle: All right.

Michael: Leave you be.

Nelle: Okay.

Michael: Yeah. I'll call you. I'll call you, though.

Nelle: Yeah, okay.

Michael: Okay, uh...

Nelle: I'll go inside.

Michael: All right.

[Lock disengages]

[Door closes]

Michael: [Sighs] "I'll call you"?

Nelle: "Sorry"? What the hell, Nelle? [Sighs]

[Key jingle]

Nelle: Hey, I was just --

Michael: Oh! Hey. Are you okay?

Nelle: I just wanted to know if you wanted to come inside... for a bit.

Michael: I'd like that. For a bit.

Sam: There are extra bottles in here for Scout, change of diapers, two changes of clothes. If I missed anything because I packed in a hurry, the keys are in here.

Monica: Hey, Sam. Sam.

Sam: You can get into my apartment at any time.

Monica: Sam, Sam, the kids are gonna be fine. I'm gonna be fine. It's you I'm worried about. Why this sudden urge to go to Puerto Rico?

Sam: You know, um, it's... nothing I can really talk about right now. I don't mean to sound mysterious, but I really do have to go, okay?

Monica: Well, then why not let Jason handle it? He called. He asked to borrow the ELQ jet to go to Puerto Rico. Now you want to go. I'm thinking it's not just a coincidence. I mean that there's trouble going on. And if you're trying to keep me from worrying, you're decades too late for that. Just tell me. Tell me what's going on. Maybe I can help.

Sam: Sonny's in trouble, and Jason went to rescue Sonny. And I'm gonna go rescue Jason.

Garvey: Mr. Corinthos, take a seat. Mrs. Corinthos, come stand by me.

Sonny: No, no. That's not gonna happen.

Garvey: Or I could just shoot you.

Carly: Okay.

Sonny: You want money? Is that what you want? I'll get it.

Garvey: I'm not interested in money. But your woman will pay if you don't do as you're told.

Sonny: Okay, take it easy. I'm at a disadvantage. Mister...?

Garvey: The name is Garvey.

Sonny: Garvey. Yeah. I heard of Brett Garvey. You guys connected?

Garvey: He was my brother. Your people put him in the ground last year. I came to return the favor.

Jordan: You just need an audience.

Stella: [Scoffs] Since when do you care what I need or don't need?

Jordan: Stella, I have done my fair share of mistakes, but you haven't walked in my shoes.

Stella: Oh!

Jordan: Whatever you think about me, I have never done anything intentionally to hurt anyone.

Stella: Oh, oh, oh, so, sleeping with another man, having his child, and pretending it was your husband's -- that just happened by itself? I don't need to walk in your shoes. I know what kind of woman you really are. And now they all know it, too. The person they trust with their lives is a dishonest, lying, faithless Jezebel.

Curtis: Aunt Stella, that's enough. Wow. Airing the family's dirty laundry? Causing a scene? Auntie, that -- that's not like you.

Stella: I never in my life thought we'd be caught up in a situation like this. Not our family. Lying to us all these years! Putting the burden on TJ to bear.

Curtis: I spoke with TJ, okay? He's upset about it. But he's also worried about you.

Stella: Of course, he's upset! How can any of us not be upset? If your mother hadn't already passed, this would kill her. [Breathes deeply] Dear Lord, my sweet sister's spirit broke into a million pieces when Thomas died. Don't you remember how shattered our family was?

Curtis: Yeah. It was a hard time, okay? But it was hard for all of us.

Stella: And the one saving grace was that precious little boy. Thomas' legacy. His flesh and blood. He's all we had left. And she let us live with that lie.

Curtis: Okay, yes. She lied, okay? But it was a lie of compassion. Imagine how Tommy would have felt if he'd found out TJ wasn't his.

Stella: I don't have to imagine it. I'm living it.

Jordan: I was just trying to protect Thomas. He loved TJ. He was such a good father to him.

Stella: You know, I have no doubt who you were trying to protect -- yourself. If you hadn't been unfaithful, Thomas would be here today. You took him away from us. And now you've taken TJ, too.

Josslyn: Trina, you invited guys?

Trina: Who said anything about inviting guys? You told me to invite people. What did you expect? The knitting club? Relax, okay? They're on their way.

Josslyn: Well [Sighs] Are they cool?

Trina: No. No, no, no. Um, they're the -- the geeks and the weirdos. Of course, they're cool.

Josslyn: It's just, I've never done this before.

Trina: And that's why I got this, okay? We do this all the time when we get a house to ourselves. [Singsongy voice] And I even invited Oscar.

Josslyn: Oscar? Oscar, Oscar...

Trina: Oh. The only Oscar in school. Oscar who transferred in April. And don't even try to play yourself by pretending you don't like him.

Josslyn: I never said anything.

[Doorbell rings]

Trina: [Gasps] Ooh! And they're here!

Group: [Chanting] Trina! Party!

Trina: And Oscar!

Group: Trina! Party! Trina! Party! Trina! Party! Trina! We're here!

Trina: Yeah, yeah!

Group: And we brought refreshments.

Trina: Come on in! Let's party! Yeah!

[Indistinct conversations]

Trina: Hi, Oscar.

Michael: Here we are.

Nelle: You're the guest. I should be waiting on you, not the other way around.

Michael: Well, I just wanted to make sure you recovered from our little collision earlier.

Nelle: Oh, I'm fine. Are -- are you okay? I creamed you pretty good.

Michael: Oh, I'm all right. I've experienced far worse from Morgan and Josslyn, believe me.

Nelle: It must have been nice growing up with siblings. All that noise and love.

Michael: Yeah, no. I mean, uh, I have some really good memories. We weren't exactly "The Brady Bunch," but, yeah.

Nelle: Yeah, but you guys were still, you know, a real family overall.

Michael: Yeah.

Nelle: No matter what.

Michael: What are -- what are you -- what are you getting at with this?

Nelle: [Sighs] I'm just worried about what's gonna happen when your parents find out we're, what, seeing each other?

Michael: Okay, they -- they -- they will find out, because we're not gonna hide it. And when they do find out, I'll handle it.

Nelle: You have so much more to lose than I do.

Michael: No, I don't intend on losing anything. Including you.

Monica: Have you talked to Jason or Sonny recently?

Sam: No. No, I haven't, and Jason should have landed by now, and I haven't heard anything from him. And I know the weather was bad, and I'm just afraid that something might have happened to the plane.

Monica: Well, I can -- I can call Michael, but I'm sure I would have heard if anything had happened with the jet.

Sam: No, I don't think that's necessary. I'm just -- I'm letting you know that I'm going. I'm -- I'm gonna go.

Monica: Sam, what is the need for you to protect Jason?

Sam: What? Do you think it's a problem for me to protect my husband?

Monica: No. No, I don't think so at all, but we both know Jason, and we know that he's pretty adept at taking care of himself.

Sam: [Chuckling] Okay, so, what? You're telling me I'm overreacting now?

Monica: I hope so. I don't want to see my son walking into danger, but, look, Sam, I'm trying to be pragmatic. If there is imminent danger, then there really isn't anything we can do right now. And then if you went down there, you walk into danger, and what -- what about the kids?

Sam: Yeah, I know. It's just I --

Monica: Sam, Sam, what is going on?

Sam: I hate that Jason left me and the kids to go help Sonny.

Monica: Okay. But we both know Jason, and we know he's never going to break his loyalty with Sonny. So let's just hope that he has handled whatever it was he went down there to do, and he is on his way home, and he's safe and sound.

Sam: Yeah.

Sonny: This is between you and me. You don't need to involve my wife.

Garvey: I have to disagree with you, there. I didn't plan this, but it works out perfect. You get to see someone you love take her last breath before you take yours. It's not the same way I lost my brother, but it's close enough.

Sonny: Well, there's another difference... because Carly and I are gonna go on our feet. Your brother was on his knees, begging and crying to your mommy.

Garvey: You son of a bi--

Carly: No! Sonny!

Nelle: Do you want me to warm this up?

Michael: No, no. No, thank you.

Nelle: I hope you don't mind eating out of the bag. I only have a few dishes, and they are all in the dishwasher.

Michael: What have we got here? Is this oatmeal raisin?

Nelle: Mm-hmm.

Michael: That's amazing. Great choice.

Nelle: The only choice.

Michael: Well, you know what? I actually, um -- I meant to, uh, ask you earlier.

Nelle: Mm.

Michael: Are you okay with tea? Because we kind of have to be cautious with Josslyn.

Nelle: Green tea's fine. In moderation. You really don't have to fuss over me, Michael.

Michael: Well, what if I like fussing over you, Nelle?

Nelle: Well, then I would say that you worry too much. And as a fellow worrier, you can understand why I'm concerned how your mom's gonna react when all of this comes to a head.

Michael: Okay, okay, can we -- can we -- can we set a few [Clears throat] Ground rules here? Look, from now on, whenever we're on a date, let's not talk about any of my relatives or anyone with an opinion about you or us. Please.

Nelle: Even if it's good?

Michael: Well...

Nelle: Kidding. [Chuckles]

Michael: Look, honestly, the only people's opinions I care about are the two people in this room right now. And my opinion of you is actually really great. And I'm very happy you're in my life, too.

[Rock music playing, indistinct conversations]

Trina: I have pictures on my phone of all of the rooms so we can restore things back into place. All right, listen up! All bottles go into the black garbage bag in the kitchen, and anyone who throws up cleans up.

Josslyn: Wow. You really have this down to a science.

Trina: Yeah. Okay, I told you -- I got this. Now, there's Oscar. Why don't you go talk to him?

Josslyn: He's busy. No, I'll talk to him later.

Trina: Ugh! When?

Josslyn: Later.

Trina: Soon.

Josslyn: Trina, why did you invite so many people?

Trina: Seriously? There's hardly anyone here. And stop trying to change the subject, okay? You're into him, and he's obviously into you.

Josslyn: Where did you hear that? Did he say something?

Trina: [Chuckles] He doesn't have to. He keeps looking over at you. See? Okay.

Josslyn: Oh, my God. Okay.

Girl: There's a hot tub outside.

Boy: Yo, sweet! I got the jets!

Together: [Chanting] Hot tub! Hot tub! Hot tub! Hot tub!

Josslyn: Wait. Did they bring their bathing suits?

Trina: [Chuckling] Are you kidding me right now?

Curtis: Auntie, blood don't make family. TJ is ours ever since he wrapped his [Chuckles] His tiny hand around my finger. Or when he used to scoot his little butt across the kitchen floor backwards. How about when he caught his first baseball, thrown by Tommy? That boy is ours, and -- and nothing is gonna change that fact.

Stella: Except now we know the truth.

Curtis: Okay, but knowing different don't mean different, Auntie. I-I-I don't believe that. Do you? Does this rob you of a single memory that you have with TJ? Do you love him less than you did two hours ago?

Stella: [Sighs] Baby [Sighs] I promised your mother on her deathbed that I would take care of her family. And just look at us. Her son's widow's a faithless liar. Her grandson's not really Thomas' child. And now you...

Curtis: Auntie. I'm here, okay?

Stella: Yeah, but as long as that woman is in your life, it's just a matter of time before you're gone, too. She's destroyed our entire family, and you're either too blind or too stupid to see it!

[Door opens, closes]

Sam: Okay. The kids are asleep. Any word?

Monica: No, not yet.

Sam: [Sighs] This is hell.

Monica: Sam, you've always been able... [Sighs] ...To handle these kind of things in stride. Actually, you've been better at it than I am. Why has it, all of a sudden, changed?

Sam: Jason had removed himself from Sonny's world. More than once. We were building a new life with our kids.

Monica: Were?

Sam: Yeah, were. I should have known that we would never be able to get away from Sonny. No matter what we do, he's always there, casting his shadow. We're trapped. We are trapped. And there is nothing we can do about it.

Sonny: [Grunting]

Carly: Sonny, get down!

Garvey: You missed, bitch.


[Jason walks in]

TJ: Aunt Stella! [Chuckles] Are you okay? Are you all right? Do you want to come inside?

Stella: I'm fine. It's a warm night.

TJ: Okay.

Stella: And I'm sorry about the way I ran out and left you earlier.

TJ: I'm sorry, too. I didn't want to hurt you like that. I know it's a lot to process.

Stella: It must have been hard on you, too. How long have you known?

TJ: I just found out last year.

Stella: Yeah, um...

TJ: Listen, I don't expect you to instantly be okay with this, but... I had to process it, too.

Stella: All your life. Living with a lie and not even knowing it.

TJ: Did you go see her?

Stella: Mm-hmm. I went to the police station.

TJ: That's gutsy. You do know they have police there. And jail cells. And guns.

Stella: Please. We had an exchange.

TJ: An exchange?

Stella: Mm-hmm.

TJ: As in you talked and she listened?

Stella: You think you know me so well, huh?

TJ: I ought to. We're family.

Curtis: I am sorry about all this.

Jordan: No, it's not your fault. I knew this was gonna happen one day. I just didn't think it was gonna happen in the squad room.

Curtis: [Breathes deeply] Yeah. I, um -- I should have told Aunt Stella sooner, but... at least it's over with.

Jordan: Baby, this is so far from over. Stella hates me.

Curtis: With all due respect, that's nothing new.

Jordan: I know. I just -- I-I can live with that. I can't live with her hating you, too. I mean -- and she will. She will hate you as long as you are with me.

Nelle: The concert was nice.

Michael: Yeah. Yeah, what -- what, uh, did you like most about it?

Nelle: It was very enlightening. Not the typical thing that I'm used to hearing. Um... it was nice to hear avant-garde classical music in -- in Port Charles.

Michael: [Chuckles] So -- so, you're into atonal, unstructured, unconventional instruments, huh?

Nelle: Well, I didn't know that nails on a chalkboard could actually be considered music... in the most challenging of ways.

Michael: Yeah, yeah. The big challenge for me, honestly, was not -- not leaving immediately after they started.

Nelle: You didn't like it?

Michael: I hated it. I ha-- the only reason I stayed is, I thought you seemed pretty into it.

Nelle: No.

Michael: You weren't into it?

Nelle: No, I was so lost.

Michael: No?

Nelle: I looked around, and everyone was absorbed and -- and transfixed. And I was wondering what the hell I was missing.

Michael: Why didn't you say anything?

Nelle: Uh, because it was an ELQ event and I didn't want to be rude.

Michael: Oh, please. I beg you. Next time, be honest. Tell me the truth. Be rude.

Nelle: Me, be honest? That would be the real challenge, huh?

Michael: Well, I'm up for it. The only way to get better at anything is practice, right, so... want to start?

Josslyn: I guess I'm a bad host [Chuckles] For not going out to the hot tub with my guests.

Oscar: Or you're a good one for not leaving me by myself.

Josslyn: [Chuckles] You don't like hot tubs?

Oscar: I don't think getting any kind of naked is how I want to make friends. I'm Oscar, by the way.

Josslyn: I know. I'm Joss.

Oscar: I know. Everyone knows you. Even the new kid.

Josslyn: Oh. Am I, like, notorious or something?

Oscar: Well, mostly because people like you and partly because people talk about your parents.

Josslyn: Really? What do they say?

Oscar: That your dad's some kind of crime boss.

Josslyn: He's not my father. He's my stepfather, and hopefully not much longer.

Jason: He's still alive. You still have a doctor on call?

Sonny: Yeah. Oh, the lines are down. I want go to the doctor in a little bit. You should go, too. You got some blood on your arm.

Jason: Yeah.

Carly: Who shot you?

Jason: You shot me.

Sam: Sonny thinks that he owns Jason.

Monica: You know, I was kind of under the impression that Sonny was amenable to Jason getting out of the business.

Sam: Oh, no. That's what he would like us to think, but he is -- he's slowly reeling him back in. I-I see it happening. I-I've even heard him say that he would have Jason.

Monica: That doesn't sound like Sonny. Were those the exact words he said? Sam?

Sonny: [Echoing] Better watch your step, Sam. You can't trust anyone.

Carly: Do you need anything else? How about a drink? Maybe you shouldn't drink. You've been shot.

Jason: Carly. I'm fine. I could definitely use a drink, though.

Carly: Okay, me, too.

Jason: Okay.

Sonny: The police are transporting Garvey to San Juan. He's gonna be in the hospital a few days. He's gonna make a full recovery. Then they're gonna extradite him back to the US so he can face attempted-murder charges.

Carly: Oh, good riddance.

Sonny: Okay, if you're having a drink, can you pour me one?

Carly: Yes, of course. Oh. There you go.

Sonny: All right. To Carly, a woman of rare courage and horrible marksmanship.

Jason: [Laughs]

Carly: Can we please not toast to me shooting Jason? I feel terrible, you guys. You know I --

Jason: I'm fine. It's nothing. It's a scratch.

Carly: It's not nothing. It's a gunshot wound.

Jason: It's a scratch. And, secondly, yeah. He's right. You are a lady of very rare courage. Cheers.

Carly: Cheers.

Sonny: I also want to make another toast to Jason.

Carly: Mm.

Sonny: The most perfect timing I have ever seen.

Carly: Always.

Sonny: Right? How'd you know that Garvey was coming after me?

Jason: Julian.

Carly: What?

Sonny: What the hell?

Jason: They were associates, Garvey and Julian, and when Garvey told Julian what he was up to, Julian, he clued me in.

Sonny: What was his angle?

Jason: I think he wanted to impress Sam, who, by the way, is gonna be very upset with me, as this turned out to be a lot more dangerous than I previously assumed. So, cheers to that, too.

[Glasses clink]

Sonny: Mm.

Jason: Ahh.

Monica: Sam, are you all right?

Sam: No, I-I-I-I don't think I am.

Sonny: [Echoing] Good save.

Monica: Well... you don't feel warm, but you are pale. I think you should go upstairs and get some rest. Now, I will take the kids if they wake up.

Sonny: You hear that? They're gonna take the kids. You see where this is going?

Sam: What are you talking about?

Monica: I'm worried about you. That's it. I mean, you're not acting like you. Maybe it's just all the excitement, but you need to get some rest.

Sam: Oh.

Sonny: You need to cover better.

Monica: I-I think you'll probably feel a lot better once you've gotten some sleep, and if you don't, then I'm gonna make an appointment for you at GH.

Sonny: How long before they take the kids? [Whispering] And send you away?

Sam: No, I-I, um... I-I just think that, um...

[Cell phone rings]

Sam: [Gasps] [Sighs] It's Jason.

Monica: Oh, good.

Sam: Jason.

Jason: Sorry I didn't call sooner. We just got cell reception back.

Sam: You're on Sonny's island?

Jason: Yes, I am. And, uh, everything's taken care of.

Sam: Oh.

Jason: So I'll be flying home tonight.

Sam: Yeah? He's coming home.

Jason: Oh. [Chuckles]

Sam: [Chuckles]

Curtis: No, no, no. This -- this can't be happening. We just got together. You can't tell me we're breaking up.

Jordan: Okay, Curtis, just listen to me.

Curtis: Jordan, it's not an option, baby.

Jordan: And losing Stella is? I mean, she is your second mother. She has seen you through so much.

Curtis: Stella's gonna be fine.

Jordan: No, you're wrong. No. Curtis, this -- this -- this is coming down to a choice. You choose me, and she will never forgive you.

Curtis: [Sighs] She can't make me choose if I don't let her.

Jordan: This isn't about Stella's decision. It's not about yours. It's about mine. All of the damage that I have done... I don't want to do any more. I don't want to destroy any more of what's left of your family. Okay? I am done. We're done.

TJ: There you go.

Stella: I hope this job isn't getting in the way of your studies.

TJ: I'm on break for the summer. I figure I can kick back now and save myself from drowning in debt when I get out of school. Gonna be a lot of loans to pay back when it's all over, so got to make that money.

Stella: You are like your father. That was just like him. So responsible. I mean, your actual father. Not that other man.

TJ: My birth father. So you still think of Thomas as my father? Knowing what you know?

Stella: Thomas brought you up in this world, didn't he? He taught you right from wrong, how to work hard and be strong and proud. He made his mark on you. So much so... when I look at you, I still see Thomas.

TJ: So you gonna be okay with all this? [Breathes deeply]

Stella: Tell me something. How have you been okay with all this?

TJ: I was angry, at first.

Stella: Mm-hmm.

TJ: Uncle Curtis helped me sort some things out, and I got over it. Nothing's changed about the way I feel about my dad or my mom. And she's messed up bad. But she's still my mom, Aunt Stella.

Oscar: Hey, I'm -- I'm sorry. I didn't know about your parents.

Josslyn: No, it's okay. My family situation is kind of messed up right now.

Oscar: Oh, I hear you. Mine too.

Josslyn: Really? Are your parents divorced?

Oscar: It's -- it's a whole thing. It's like I'm expected to be and act a certain way, do certain things, but not question anything.

Josslyn: Right. You know, just do what you're told and accept it. I mean, 'cause you're young, and you don't understand anything.

Oscar: Yeah, and never mind that the instructions are obviously totally flawed.

Josslyn: Or things around you are falling apart and people are making huge mistakes.

Oscar: Yeah, just go along. I used to speak up, try to change things, but no one listened.

Josslyn: Because no matter what you say or how you feel, they're just gonna do what they're gonna do anyway.

Oscar: Yeah, you get it.

Josslyn: Yeah.

Nelle: Please tell me we're not about to play truth or dare.

Michael: No, no. No dare needed. Just be open. I'll go first.

Nelle: Okay.

Michael: When I first started middle school, I was in gym class, and I discovered all the kids in my locker room wore boxers. I wore tighty-whities. So I had my mom go and get me a whole bunch of boxers, and for the entire year, I wore my boxers over my tighty-whities, because I didn't know you had to wear one or the other. It's a true story.

Nelle: When is being open too much information? Uh... do I have to tell an embarrassing story?

Michael: No, no. I was just -- I was just, you know, breaking the ice.

Nelle: Oh.

Michael: Now you go.

Nelle: Uh, I'm afraid of dogs. I was bit by a Chihuahua when I was little.

Michael: A Chihuahua? That's barely a dog. [Laughs] Okay, I tell my assistant sometimes I'm on a very important business call when I'm actually taking a very important nap. Go.

Nelle: I don't know the first thing about fashion, and I'm afraid I'm gonna screw something up at Crimson.

Michael: No, hey, no, no. No, you're not. No. Come on, you're amazing. You're formidable, you're provocative, and you keep me on my toes.

Nelle: Aren't you supposed to say something about you?

Michael: I did. I have excellent taste in women. Come on, keep up.

Nelle: I think you're the best person I've ever known. Is that too much?

Michael: Oh, no, no. Hey. Please, that's not too much. You just, uh... kind of set the bar pretty high with that.

Nelle: I think you can handle it. I have faith in you.

Michael: Yeah, I should probably... [Clears throat] I should probably get going.

Nelle: Yeah. Maybe you should, but, um... you don't have to.

Michael: Oh, good. Because I don't want to.


Josslyn: Well, the one perk of not going outside is, we get all the pretzels to ourselves. [Chuckles]

Oscar: Yeah.

Josslyn: What?

Oscar: Sorry. It's just... I thought you had it all. You know, money, the good life. But you totally got where I was coming from.

Josslyn: Yeah, well, never judge a book by its cover.

Oscar: Noted. You want a different drink? You haven't touched yours.

Josslyn: Oh, uh, that's, um...

Oscar: You don't drink?

Josslyn: Ooh. Not usually. Um, but my real dad's Australian, and the Aussies drink all the time, so...

Oscar: Oh, Australian, huh? That's cool. Man, you're full of surprises. I'm really glad I came.

Josslyn: [Chuckles] Yeah, me, too.

Michael: Wait, wait, wait. We should, uh... we should stop.

Nelle: Right? No. No, no.

Jordan: I've made a lifetime of mistakes, and I... I want to stop doing that now.

Curtis: Have you learned?

Jordan: Learned what?

Curtis: Have you learned to, um, always get a second opinion? Look, uh, you may have decided that we're done, but I've decided that we're not.

[Door opens]

Curtis: We ain't done.

Stella: I guess I can understand why your Uncle Curtis kept quiet. He did it for your father and your grandmother and you.

TJ: He did it for you, too.

Stella: Well, I suppose if you can find a way to forgive him, I should be able to do the same.

TJ: Okay, well, that's a start.

Stella: Start?

TJ: Well, I figure if maybe you can find a way to forgive Uncle Curtis, you'll find a way to forgive my mother.

Jason: Just spoke to the pilot. Weather's good enough to fly, so I am headed home now.

Sonny: Take Carly with you.

Carly: No.

Sonny: What do you mean, "No"?

Carly: I want to stay. We have some unfinished business.

Jason: Okay. So, on that note, I'm out of here. Got to see the wife and kids. Bye.

Carly: I'm sorry.

Jason: I'm fine. I promise, I'm fine. [Grunts] All right.

Sonny: Jason.

Jason: Yeah?

Sonny: I owe you.

Jason: You don't owe me anything. I'll see you back home.

Sonny: All right.

[Door closes]

Jason: Hey.

Sam: Hey. Hi. I, um -- I checked the weather, and the storm moved out. You should be safe to fly.

Jason: Yeah, I know. I'm headed to the jet right now. Kiss the kids for me. I'll be home soon, okay? I love you.

Sam: Okay, I love you, too. [Chuckles]

Sonny: [Echoing] Sounds happy, doesn't he? Energized. 'Cause he loves what he's doing. He -- he knows what he wants. He's back in business. Get used to it.

Sam: And you can't have him.

Sonny: Too late. He's already mine.

Sam: I'll stop you.

Sonny: Big words from a little woman.

Sam: [Scoffs] Right. But I'm gonna get the last words, Sonny. You wait and see.

Carly: That was...exciting.

Sonny: You still know how to read my signals... my mind.

Carly: I knew you wouldn't let anything happen to me.

Sonny: I would die first.

[They start to kiss, but Carly pushes him away]

On the next "General Hospital" --

Hayden (to Curtis): I have a job offer.

Julian (to Alexis): Maybe I was meant to run into you.

Obrecht (to Finn): You believe someone is sabotaging your career?

Kiki (to Ava): You really want me to go and not come back?

Josslyn: Oh my God.

Oscar: What's wrong?

Michael: We should stop, shouldn't we?

Nelle: No.

Michael: No, no, no, no.

Carly (to Sonny): I hate--

Sonny: Me?

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