GH Transcript Friday 6/9/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 6/9/17


Episode #13824 ~ Griffin prepares Kiki for the worst; Hayden suggests that Dr. Obrecht is out to get Finn; Dante looks for answers from Lucy and Scott.

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Stella: Well, speak of the devil. I certainly didn't expect to see you here with a present, calling my one surviving nephew "Baby?"

Curtis: Aunt Stella... thank you.

Stella: Thank you? Curtis, you better tell me this isn't what I think it is.

Curtis: I can't do that. Truth be told, Jordan and I are seeing each other.

[Knock on door]

Finn: [Sighs]

Hayden: [Sighs] Thank you. I couldn't get to my keycard.

Finn: [Sniffs] You smell like you got hit by a coffee tsunami. What happened?

Hayden: [Sighs] I had children. [Sighs]

Julian: Baldwin! Where the hell you been, man? How come you're not returning my phone calls?

Scott: I'm not your little phone buddy. I'm working on your acquittal.

Julian: Oh, okay, okay. If this is your way of bilking me out of more legal fees, cut the crap. I'm not paying you to waste your time on some kind of pipe dream.

Scott: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Dante: [Sighs]

Lucy: So, um, why did you need to see me?

Dante: I need you to explain to me how you got ahold of Morgan's pills. And how Ava fits in.

Lucy: Well, I'm -- I'm -- I'm not sure what you mean.

Dante: You know, Sonny and Carly deserve answers. And trust me, I intend on finding out what Ava did, how she did it, and how you're involved.

[Monitors beeping rapidly]

Dr. Prescott: She's in V-fib! Where's the crash cart?!

Kiki: Oh, my God! Look at her monitor -- her heart stopped!

Dillon: They're gonna save her.

Kiki: No, what if they can't? What if she dies?!

Stella: You have the gall to tell me that you... and her? After everything she did to your brother?

Curtis: Auntie... it's my birthday.

Stella: And you should have better sense than to spend it with the woman who destroyed our family! Who's responsible for what happened to your brother!

Curtis: It's not even like that.

Stella: Oh, then what's it like?

Curtis: We're just trying to move on with our lives. Tommy's been gone for some time now.

Stella: Yeah, thanks to her!

Jordan: Curtis, I'll just go.

Stella: First decent thing you've said.

Jordan: Call me later. Bye!

Curtis: No, Jordan. Wait, wait, wait. Aunt Stella, stop.

Stella: Don't tell me to stop! She's the one marching in here like the Queen of Sheba!

Curtis: She was invited.

Stella: Oh, and I wasn't? [Scoffs]

Curtis: That's -- that's not what I'm saying, okay? Look, it's my birthday, okay? So, as a present to me... can we just play nice? And, I mean, and who knows, that maybe, at some point, we can all find some peace.

Stella: Curtis Byron Ashford. For all the times you have tried my patience, I never thought you were a fool... until now.

Hayden: It must have been temporary insanity. I -- what made me think that I could practice motherhood on not one, but two 12-year-old boys? It's not funny. When did I become so gullible? Letting them talk me into espresso drinks?

Finn: [Laughs] Oh, you know, kids can be tricky.

Hayden: Yeah, well, clearly I met my match. I'm gonna be a failure as a mother.

Finn: No, no. I promise you, you won't be.

Hayden: Maybe I'm not cut out for parenthood. You know, I never really had any good role models.

Finn: Well, you've got, uh... Elizabeth.

Hayden: She has three boys. No wonder she's such a mess.

Finn: Hmm.

Hayden: [Sighs]

Finn: Hey. Hey...look. We're in this together, you know. If it gets too crazy, we'll, uh, call in, uh, reinforcements. Everything's gonna be okay.

Hayden: Well, heed my warning -- it's a jungle out there. I ordered room service. Ginger ale to celebrate. At least this baby's dad won't be a deadbeat. You've been reinstated at the hospital.

Dante: According to Sonny and Carly, you saw Ava throw away Morgan's pills. Is that correct?

Lucy: Yes. Uh, that's right. I saw Ava throw them in, um, trash, uh, in an alley off Van Ness. And it was, um, October 20 of last fall.

Dante: Why did you get them out of the trash? You wanted to blackmail Ava?

Lucy: No. No, no. Not -- not really.

Dante: I don't get it. They why -- why get the pills? And then, once you had them, you saw who they belonged to, but -- but you didn't go see Sonny and Carly. Why'd you hang on to them?

Lucy: Look, I'm gonna say something that's not gonna be easy for you to h-hear. Okay. Um, I -- I went to Ava with, um, certain suspicions I had.

Dante: Those being...?

Lucy: Those being that Ava had lured... Morgan back into her bed, and that they were continuing their affair before he died. I figured that maybe Morgan left the pills at Ava's and, uh, she wanted to get rid of them... before Carly and Sonny and Kiki, her daughter, found out about it.

Dante: You told Ava about your suspicions?

Lucy: Yes. Yes, I did, and she convinced me that I shouldn't say anything, because everyone had been hurt enough, and, you know, I was so torn about this, but I just -- I didn't want to see anybody's heart get broken over and over, so I... anyway, Sonny and Carly confronted me at the Nurses' Ball, and that's when I told them about the affair.

Dante: Lucy, there was no affair.

Lucy: W-what? No. But I know --

Dante: Oh, come on. Are you telling me that in the weeks leading up to Morgan's death, you had no idea that Ava switched out Morgan's lithium with placebos?

Lucy: Oh! No! No, I didn't know anything about that! That is horrible! That's more than horrible. Why would she do that? Why would she do that?!

Dante: Ava didn't want Morgan dating Kiki.

Kiki: What is taking them so long?! They have to defibrillate!

[Monitors beeping rapidly]

Dr. Prescott: She's in V-fib.

Griffin: How long has she been down?

Dr. Prescott: Two minutes.

Griffin: Nurse, charge to 200.

Kiki: Oh! [Crying] No. Oh, my God.

Carly: It's okay. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry you're going through this.

Kiki: [Sobs]

Griffin: Clear!

Dr. Prescott: Still in V-fib.

Finn: Yeah, you know, about that, there's something I need to tell you.

Hayden: What do you say we order dinner in? I'll go shower.

Finn: Yeah, no, that -- yeah, we -- sure, of course, we can order dinner in, but, uh, there's really nothing to celebrate. My test came back positive. I've been suspended.

Hayden: What? How is that even possible? We made certain that Brad was nowhere near that test.

Finn: Not certain enough.

Hayden: Well, either he's an accessory or someone else is out to get you.

Finn: I've been thinking about that all day.

Hayden: Finn, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. This is un-unbelievable. Are you worried?

Finn: Yeah, I'm worried.

Hayden: Well, maybe I can give you something else to think about.

Finn: Okay. What is it?

Hayden: Well... it's about us.

Stella: If you expect me to have a Kumbaya moment with the woman responsible for my nephew's death, you have lost your mind.

Curtis: Okay, maybe it's a little too soon for the Kumbaya moment, but can we stop the hating?

Stella: I'm not forgiving, and I'm not forgetting. And I am so disappointed in you. Curtis, how could you get wrapped up in this? He was your brother!

Curtis: Aunt Stella, there's way more to this.

Jordan: Curtis, we cannot expect your aunt to accept us or feel anything other than what she's feeling right now. So, just don't -- don't push this.

Stella: I'll never accept this.

Curtis: Well, then, maybe it's time we get real.

Stella: Oh, like how Shawn Butler accidentally killed Thomas in a friendly fire incident? I never believed that for a second. I know that was cleaned up for TJ's sake. Wasn't anything friendly or accidental about it.

Curtis: Well, you're right.

Jordan: Curtis, don't.

Stella: I knew it. Thomas discovered his wife was sneaking around with that man, so, well, the two of them found a way to get rid of him.

Jordan: Are you honestly accusing me of conspiracy to commit murder?

Curtis: Look, look, look, look. Hold up, okay? Jordan was nowhere near what happened, okay? Tommy and Shawn were in the Middle East.

Stella: Right! Fighting way across the world. Who knows what happened over there? It was a mess over there! And whether or not she was in on it, that man wanted to keep on carrying on, so he found a way to kill your brother. And you can't tell me otherwise!

Curtis: Listen up, okay? It didn't even happen like that. No, it wasn't no accident. Shawn had no choice. He killed my brother in self-defense.

Scott: Okay, so the DA offered this great deal and you turned your nose up. Why?

Julian: A d-- you call -- okay, I don't call baiting Corinthos and waiting for him to retaliate a deal. I call it a death sentence.

Scott: Well, it depends how good you were at it.

Julian: Okay, you know, Scotty, I turned it down. Let's move on, okay? It's done.

Scott: W-well, hang on a second here. N-now you care about your defense. You want to talk strategy all of a sudden. You couldn't be bothered. So, what is it that changed your mind?

Julian: Emily Scout. My granddaughter. I held her in my arms last night. She was with Alexis when I ran into them.

Scott: So, Alexis had a weak moment, she let you hold the kid in your arms, and all of a sudden, you felt this new life.

Julian: [Sighs]

Scott: And you want one for yourself with your family.

Julian: Well, you're damn right. Little Scout beat the odds. Maybe her grandpa can, too.

Scott: Let me tell you how this is gonna happen.

Dante: Ava wanted to drive Morgan to have a breakdown so that Carly and Sonny would have him committed, and then Kiki would be free.

Lucy: That is so disgusting to use his...mental illness, to take advantage of it and then withhold his medications.

Dante: The pills were recovered from The Floating Rib robbery, along with the other evidence. Sonny had this tested. It's lithium... but it's the wrong dose.

Lucy: I'm sor-- I'm not following that.

Dante: Morgan's prescription was 600 milligrams. These pills -- these pills here are 300 milligrams. Ava also confessed to the fact that she switched out his lithium with sugar pills. That is the residue found at the bottom of the bottle.

Lucy: Are you -- you're saying you think somebody switched the pills again? Why? Why would any...body do that? Unless they were covering for Ava.

Dante: How long you had these pills in your possession, Lucy?

Lucy: Uh, um, what, October to -- to February. What is that? Five months, I guess.

Dante: Any idea at all how they could've been switched while you had them?

Griffin: Clear! There's no change. Look, there's no DNR on record. We need to take every measure. Nurse, charge to 300.

Dillon: Hey, your mom is a fighter. She's gonna come back. For you and Avery.

Kiki: Yeah.

Carly: Hey, look, I know this seems unbearable. I'm so sorry this is happening to you.

Kiki: [Scoffs] How can you say that after what she did to Morgan and what she did to your family?

Carly: None of us blame you for that, okay? No one -- no one blames you.

Kiki: I do! She destroyed Morgan. She did that for me. I hate what she did. But... I'm not ready for her to die. I don't want her to die! [Cries]

Finn: Do you have any doubts about me using, I haven't. I swear.

Hayden: I have no doubts about that.

Finn: You believe me?

Hayden: I believe you. And I believe in you. I'm not going anywhere.

Finn: How'd I get so lucky?

Hayden: [Chuckles] Speaking of which, do you know how long it's been since we've, uh...

Finn: Since we've, uh... in there?

Hayden: Yeah.

Finn: Too long. Much, much, much too long.

Hayden: I'm aware that we've had our challenges, but we're moving forward now, right?

Finn: Yes, I'm -- I'm fully committed.

Hayden: Well, I spoke to Dr. Lee today, and she said there's no reason that we can't resume, you know. I mean, that is, if you're ready.

Finn: Oh, yeah. No, I'm, uh, well, I mean, yeah, I think I could manage.

Hayden: Well, first, I have to get out of my clothes.

Finn: Right. Out of your clothes.

Hayden: Yeah.

Finn: Didn't you say something about needing a shower?

Hayden: Yeah.

Finn: Mind if I join you? I'm filthy.

Hayden: [Chuckles]

Jordan: Curtis, now is not the time.

Stella: What are you saying? Shawn wasn't defending himself. He murdered Thomas!

Curtis: You're wrong.

Jordan: Please. Let it go.

Curtis: The military file said "accidental shooting." It wasn't no accidental shooting. I'm really sorry I didn't tell you the truth.

Stella: Well, then, you better tell me now.

Curtis: [Exhales sharply] [Sighs] Auntie... I'm the one who told Tommy about the affair. Me. Tommy went ballistic. He went after Shawn. He tried to shoot him. Shawn defended himself, and that is what happened to my brother. Because I opened my mouth... I put all of that in motion. So, if -- if you're gonna hate anybody... you should hate me.

Stella: No. I can't hate you. I could never do that. Is this the truth you're telling me?

Curtis: I'm sorry, but it was better for everyone to believe that it was friendly fire and not self-defense.

Stella: And you've been living with this lie all this time? You've been blaming yourself for your brother's death? Sweetheart, why didn't you just tell me?

Curtis: Because of this. Auntie, you were so grief-stricken over Thomas' death, and -- and you were upset about the marriage. I-I didn't know --

Stella: My Lord. Baby, no wonder you turned to drugs.

Curtis: Okay, don't, okay? 'Cause that, too, was on me. I'm responsible for my own life.

Stella: Well, then look at what you're doing now. Open your eyes now and look at what you're doing! This woman has brought nothing but misery to our family! If she hadn't been unfaithful, none of this would have happened!

Jordan: Curtis, Stella is right to blame me. I didn't want to accept this, baby. I didn't want to face this, but I don't have a choice right now. [Voice breaking] You're his brother. My husband had the right to know that his wife was sleeping with his best friend! I hate myself for what I did and for what happened, and you have every right to hate me, too.

Dante: Did you switch those sugar pills with lithium?

Lucy: No! No, I wouldn't. I would never do something like that. Never.

Dante: Where'd you keep the bottle?

Lucy: Under lock and key.

Dante: Anyone else know you had them?

Scott: Where you going?

Lucy: Oh, I'm just kind of, uh, protecting my leverage.

Scott: What?

Lucy: Hey, do not even try to guess, because -- no peeking, it's not your birthday.

Scott: Serena's birthday.

Lucy: No. You'll never guess. It's numbers that I would never let you know about.

Dante: What about Ava?

Lucy: What?

Dante: Ava? What about her? Do you think she knew that you had them and somehow she got them off of you?

Lucy: No. Um... no, I-I-I don't see how that would be possible.

Dante: Lucy, come on! I know that you know something that you're not saying! Come on, you had these pills in your possession for months, by your own admission. You knew something was up, yet you kept quiet.

Lucy: Look, I-I had no idea that any of this was gonna happen!

Dante: Well, that's too bad, because it did. And you're still involved. So, you either start talking to me right now, or I arrest you as an accessory in my brother's murder.

Scott: Okay, listen, I got the strategy of all strategies -- the truth. The simple truth. Olivia coerced you to do all of her dirty work because she threatened your family.

Julian: Uh, she actually...

[Cell phone vibrates]

Julian: [Sighs] [Sighs] Damn it. I got to -- I got to go.

Scott: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Is -- is something going on with Ava?

Julian: Yeah. She might be dying.

Dante: Baldwin! Glad to see you. Why don't you come have a chat with me and Lucy Coe in the interrogation room?

Scott: Lucy? What's she doing here?

Lucy: Don't act like you don't know, pal.

Dillon: I texted your uncle. Did they get her back?

Kiki: No, not yet. They're still trying.

[Monitors beeping rapidly]

Griffin: Nurse, charge to 360. Come on, Ava, your daughter's outside. She's here with you. Fight! Clear!

[Monitor beeping]

Dr. Prescott: She's in normal sinus rhythm.

Griffin: All right.

Kiki: Oh, my God! It worked. They got her back. [Crying] It worked! Oh, my God!

Sonny: Looks like she made it.

Carly: I'm happy for Kiki.

Sonny: Yeah, so am I.

Griffin: Look, we were able to revive your mom, but she's still at a very high risk of another cardiac episode. It's normal for burn victims. Uh, the body tries to cool itself from the thermal injuries, thus overtaxing the heart. There's -- there's not a lot we can do for her right now, other than monitor her very closely.

Kiki: Okay. So, um, you still don't really know if she's gonna live.

Griffin: Look, I just -- I-I can't say right now. Okay, we're doing everything we can. Would you like me to call a support person for you?

Kiki: Uh, no. No, thank you.

Dillon: I'm here -- I'm here for her.

Kiki: [Sniffles]

Griffin: All right, good. Uh, yeah, I'll be in touch if anything changes.

Kiki: Thank you. [Sighs]

Dillon: Really, Kiki.

Kiki: Yeah.

Sonny: Um, I don't know what to say, but I -- like I told you before, if you want to...see Avery, just got to come by, or if you need anything, just ask.

Carly: Anything. We're here for you.

Kiki: Thank you.

Sonny: You got her? You'll take care of her, right?

Dillon: I got her.

Sonny: All right.

Kiki: Bye. I have to go in.

Dillon: Yeah. I mean, no matter what she did, she is still your mom.

Kiki: [Sighs] I don't know what to say to her.

Dillon: Just tell her how you feel. If you don't, you might not get a chance to.

Scott: Lucy, um, you need to be quiet. I'd like to confer with my client, if you don't mind.

Dante: Did you retain Mr. Baldwin's services as your legal counsel?

Lucy: [Clicks tongue] I did... ...not.

Dante: Right. Good. I have some questions I want to ask you.

Scott: Me?

Dante: Yeah.

Scott: You got a subpoena? I didn't think so.

Lucy: Hey.

Scott: What?

Lucy: No words to say now, you silver-tongued devil, you? You were so desperate to get your hands on those pills. You know what he did? He tried to trick me, saying, "Hey, let's blackmail Ava together." Then he tried to seduce the pills out of me. Well, I did get wise, and I locked them in the hotel safe. But somehow, he figured out the combination. And on purpose, I used the anniversary of my marriage to Kevin. I didn't think you even remembered, but no, he did it. Come on. Scott, tell the truth! They know the sugar pills were replaced with lithium.

Scott: [Sighs]

Lucy: Come on! You were just trying to get Ava off the hook!

Scott: Well, the prescription was for lithium, right? So I swapped out dum-dum pills for the real McCoys.

Dante: Nice try switching out the lithium, Baldwin. But it was the wrong dose.

Curtis: Baby -- baby, please don't -- don't -- don't do this to yourself, okay? Don't beat yourself up.

Jordan: [Sniffles]

Curtis: You see there? What -- what good did any of that do for either of y'all?

Stella: You expect me to just swallow this? To -- to just plaster on a smile and welcome with open arms the woman who destroyed my nephew? Losing Thomas broke your mother's heart and put her in her grave, and you want me to make peace with Jordan?! [Sighs] I still can't believe this is happening.

Curtis: Okay, look, we're all just trying to heal, okay? Maybe -- maybe you should try that.

Stella: No, you know what? I think I'll just leave that to the two of you. You're so enamored with each other, you don't have time to be bothered with feelings of remorse or decency.

Curtis: Auntie, I'm really sorry I didn't tell you that Jordan and I were dating. I am, okay? We're just trying to -- to explore and find out where this is gonna go. But I didn't know you were coming, and I did not mean for you to find out like this. I love you, okay? But there ain't nobody trying to hurt you.

Jordan: I'm sorry, too, Stella. We were family once --

Stella: [Scoffs] Until you trashed it. Don't pretend to respect family with me. You destroyed my nephew and my sister. If you had any feelings of remorse, you would leave Curtis alone. Before you destroy him, too.

Jordan: Look, Stella, I hear you. And I understand why you would think that of me. But I've changed a lot since you've known me, since Thomas died. I will never make that mistake again. Ever.

Stella: [Scoffs] Not if I can help it.

Curtis: Aunt Stella, Jordan makes me happy, and that's absolutely all we're trying to here is find a little happiness.

Stella: Well, then, don't look to me. Because nothing about this makes me happy.

Curtis: All right. You know what? I'm not gonna change your mind -- not tonight, anyway.

Stella: Right. Right. It's your birthday, y'all got plans, so I'll just get my stuff... and I will be on my way...

Curtis: Well, are you sure?

Stella: ...To a hotel. Oh, I'm sure.

Curtis: Do you need me to drive you to the Metro Court?

Stella: No, thank you. I will get a car. I'll reach out to TJ when I'm feeling a little calmer.

Jordan: I'm sure he will be thrilled to see you.

Stella: At least I still have that part of Thomas -- his son. A-and for the record, Curtis... I had made my peace with Thomas' death. That is, until she waltzed in here and you two announced that you're together. So, you mark my words. Until this is over... there will be no peace.

Finn: [Chuckles] You feeling okay?

Hayden: Mm-hmm. Better than okay.

Finn: Yeah?

Hayden: Yeah. Mm.

Finn: Hi.

Hayden: Hi. Game night?

Finn: [Chuckles] Yeah, sometimes it helps me think.

Hayden: I don't need any help. Do you?

Finn: [Chuckles] Sometimes, when it comes to having ideas about who's trying to destroy my career, yeah.

Hayden: I already know.

Finn: Really? Who?

Hayden: Well, you like games. Figure it out. Who, besides Brad, has been openly hostile towards you?

Finn: You talking about recently or in general?

Hayden: Recently. At the hospital. Obrecht, but that's kind of obvious, isn't it? It's so obvious, she's the last person you'd suspect. But she's the one.

Dante: Here's how it went down. Ava used Avery to get to Morgan's pills. She swapped out the lithium for a placebo. But then Morgan died, so she went back into the house, stole the pills to cover her tracks. Dumped them in a trash bin in an alleyway. But Lucy saw her, got the pills, confronted Ava about it. Didn't hand them over, though. So Ava went to you. Somehow, somewhere along the line, you swapped out the placebos with lithium. But you got the wrong dose, Scott. Tell me, how am I doing so far?

Scott: I got nothing to say to you. You don't have a subpoena. I am Ava Jerome's lawyer. I have lawyer-client privilege. Lucy, if I was you, I would be as quiet as a little church mouse right now.

Lucy: I don't care! Think about Serena! What if this happened to her?! What if instead of Carly and Sonny, it was us, and we're watching our child spiral out of control and we don't know why and we don't know what we did wrong! I know you don't like Sonny and Carly, but they did not deserve this. You tell me you are not that heartless. Are you?

Julian: Well, thanks for reaching out. Hey, what happened? I thought she was stable.

Dillon: It came on suddenly.

Julian: Did she, uh -- did she get to see Kiki while she was still conscious?

Dillon: Unfortunately, no.

Julian: [Sighs] Well, if Ava comes back for anyone... it'll be for Kiki.

Kiki: Mom? I'm here. [Voice breaking] Oh, my God. [Sniffles] I am so sorry I didn't come sooner... when you were awake, and you could hear me, and you would know if I was here. I just hope I'm not too late. I don't want you to die, Mom!

Carly: Thanks for bringing me home. That was rough.

Sonny: [Sighs]

Carly: [Sighs]

Sonny: Well, you know what? I'm not gonna be a hypocrite. I-I don't like to see anybody suffer, but I-I believe Ava's getting what she deserved. But to see Kiki, to see her suffer like that is...

Carly: Awful. It's awful. I mean, she's Ava's victim, too. And Kiki and Morgan, they never had a chance. Sonny, they never had a chance. And I can't stand seeing Kiki go through this. It's killing her. I wish I could help her somehow.

Sonny: Well, that's because you got a good heart. Where was Ava's heart when she did what she did to Morgan? When -- when she watched him go deeper and deeper into the hell of his own mind? It didn't faze her, did it?

Carly: No.

Sonny: No.

Carly: Part of me, um, wants Ava to go to trial so the whole world can know what she did to our son, but then, the other part of me...

Sonny: If Ava dies, then this will finally be over.

Carly: Maybe we could heal.

Sonny: Do you believe we can heal?

Kiki: I'm here, Mom. I'm not gonna let you give up. I won't let you go.

Finn: Well, listen, o-of course I considered Obrecht, but once we sort of pinpointed Brad, I -- I dismissed her. You know, I just -- I find it hard to believe she would compromise herself like that.

Hayden: Don't give her that much credit. I mean, that woman has despised you from the very beginning. And when you saved the hospital, that sent her over the edge. Think about it, she -- she envies your talent, she resents your standing with the administration, and she has the access and the expertise to alter your test results. What we don't know is if she was working with Brad or if she's working alone.

Finn: Well, gee, Sherlock, we're gonna need a lot more than that if we're gonna present it to Monica.

Hayden: Well, it's your turn to roll the dice, Watson.

Finn: [Chuckles] I think I got a better idea.

Jordan: [Scoffs] Well, some birthday, huh?

Curtis: Uh, I've had better. I've had worse, though. How you doing? You okay? Auntie went in pretty good on you, but not as bad as you went in on yourself.

Jordan: I just -- I'm not -- I'm not very good with surprises.

Curtis: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sorry about the ambush. I tried to dip into the kitchen real quick and give you a text, but you knocked on the door and she was...

Jordan: I was completely thrown off guard in every way. I mean, wow. Stella... I-I put her in this small, little room way in the back of my mind, you know. Talk about compartmentalizing, and then, bam, here she is, front and center, blaring my life, the laundry list of my life, so loud that I can't even ignore it.

Curtis: Jordan... don't tell me you let my auntie get to you. You're not thinking about backing out this? From us?

Scott: All right, Lucy, we have nothing else to say here, all right? There's, uh, nothing we're gonna say or do that's gonna change anything. We did not put anything into motion. All they've got is hearsay, speculation. If they had something real, they would have charged us. Now, let's --

Dante: I'm gonna find out from my informants how and where you got your hands on that lithium.

Scott: Well, good luck. Lucy, let's go.

Lucy: Let go of me. Let go!

Dante: Hey, Baldwin. Didn't set anything in motion, huh? Well, how's this? Because you switched those pills, Sonny and Carly went after Ava. She fled. Because she fled, they followed her to the warehouse, where she threw a kerosene lamp at Carly and started a fire. Your hands are dirty. And after I'm done building a case against Ava for what she did to my brother... I'm gonna build a case against you, too.

Scott: Hmm. Let's go.

Julian: You think there's such a thing as fate? Or divine justice?

Dillon: Are you asking if I think Ava deserves this? Because of what she did to Morgan?

Julian: No. I was... [Sniffles] I'm actually asking for myself. I mean, yesterday, I thought I could -- I thought there was a chance that I could turn my life around. Today, my lawyer tells me that I might be able to plead coercion under duress, that my sister made me do all those crazy things. What if he's right? I mean, what if I get acquitted? [Scoffs] I mean, is that the trade off? I'm set free and my sister dies?

Kiki: I hate what you did to Morgan. And I know I told you if I found out that you played a part in his death that you were gonna lose me forever. But I don't want to lose you. I still love you, Mommy. I don't want you to die.

Carly: When Ava's heart stopped, I -- through all the chaos, I had this one quiet thought in my head. "This is where it ends." You know, all the hurt and the hostility and all the wounds that we inflicted on each other, it'll all just vanish when she vanishes.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Carly: It was -- it was just all grief. Right? I mean, we were helpless, and we wanted answers to so many questions. And we didn't know how to deal with the pain, and we didn't know how to accept the loss. I feel like if Ava dies, then we're gonna get some kind of justice for Morgan. I mean, I don't know if we're ever gonna have comfort, but maybe we'll find a little bit of peace.

Sonny: Peace for our son. Peace for us?

Carly: Maybe we can really start to heal.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Curtis (to Jordan): Are you thinking about backing out of this?

Stella (to TJ): Where would you get the idea that I didn't want to see you?

Kiki (to Ava) I need you to make up your mind to live.

Spencer (with Laura, to Sonny): Surprise!

Sonny: Come here, you.

Josslyn (to Carly): Sonny's the worst thing that ever happened to you.

Scott (to Dillon): Wait a minute...Oh! (Dillon punches him)

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