GH Transcript Wednesday 6/7/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 6/7/17


Episode #13822 ~ Valentin's past catches up with him; Finn has another setback; Curtis gets a surprise visit from his Aunt Stella.

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Curtis: Well, now, this is a welcome surprise.

Jordan: See, you didn't think that I remembered that today's your birthday and your favorite flavor is red velvet. Make a wish.

Curtis: Why? It already came true.

Jordan: [Chuckles] Taste good?

Curtis: You tell me.

[Jordan chuckles]

Finn: Is it just me, or is Dr. Lee being a tad bit territorial?

Hayden: Well, maybe if you hadn't second-guessed everything she said.

Finn: What? [Chuckles] Well, just 'cause I'm there as a father doesn't mean I'm just gonna stop being a doctor.

Hayden: When your drug screen comes back today and you start practicing full time, maybe you can give Dr. Lee some space.

[Elevator bell dings]

Elizabeth: I'm sorry, soccer was canceled, but they did say there would be a makeup.

Cameron: Just because I'm not playing soccer anymore doesn't mean I have to come to work with you. I'm old enough to stay home by myself.

Elizabeth: [Scoffs] The house, Cameron, is being fumigated for fleas, because of your class guinea pig.

Cameron: Other kids in my class get to stay home alone.

Spencer: I've made it all the way back from France by myself. Do you really think I can't handle staying home alone?

Laura: I have vivid memories of what happens when you're left to your own devices. I don't want to live through that one again.

Spencer: But I'm asleep on my feet. [Sighs] I must still be on French time.

Laura: And you'll be out of time if you don't get your intercontinental butt in gear.

Spencer: Admit it. You're happy I'm back.

Laura: I won't deny that I've missed you.

Spencer: But you don't have to miss me anymore. I was forced into exile because you feared my sinister uncle would do me harm. Now that Valentin's in police custody, I can safely return back to Port Charles permanently.

Valentin: How is she? How's Charlotte?

Lulu: She's at school. She asked about you this morning. We said that you were still away on business.

Valentin: Is she upset?

Dante: Well, she wanted to call you.

Lulu: I said that there might be a problem with the time difference. We'd try later. That seemed to satisfy her.

Valentin: Thank you for helping her out with that.

Lulu: I'm her mother. I want what's best for her. That's why we're here.

Dante: You're heading to prison. We got to figure out what happens to Charlotte.

[Anna remembers]

Valentin: You have a past, Anna. You have transgressions of your own. I hope they are buried well enough. I hope they're as good as gone. Because if they ever see the light of day, maybe somebody will come for you with handcuffs.

Anna: Would that make you happy?

Valentin: No, not at all. See, you did what you did. You had your reasons. But you changed, and you made a good life, a new life. I hope you get to keep it. One of us should be able to.

Finn: If you think I'm gonna take a back seat to prenatal visits just because I may soon be reinstated, you'd be wrong.

Hayden: "May"? Why are you questioning it?

Finn: It's just -- you know, it's not a done deal. It's not a done deal until my -- my drug screens come back clean.

Hayden: Yeah, I realize we both tend to lean towards the cynical, but...

Finn: Mm-hmm.

Hayden: ...Maybe we can be a little more optimistic.

Finn: No, no, it's just... I'm stating the facts here, you know? There's somebody out there who's -- who's tampering with my drug screens.

Hayden: Which is why we made sure Brad is nowhere near this latest test.

Finn: Right. Right. What if we're wrong? What if Brad's not the one framing me?

Hayden: And what if we're right, and this is almost over? Come on. Say it with me. Good things are coming.

Finn: No. No.

Hayden: Come on. Come on. For the baby. Good things are coming.

Finn: Good things are coming.

Hayden: [Chuckles] It's a start.

Finn: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Oh, unh-unh. Screen time after you start your summer reading.

Cameron: [Sighs]

Elizabeth: I cannot believe you're making me say this. I meant a book from your summer reading list.

Hayden: Hey, kiddo. I didn't know it was take your angel to work day.

Elizabeth: Well, you're un-typically cheerful.

Hayden: It's a new thing I'm trying out -- optimism.

Cameron: My mom wouldn't know anything about that. She's in a bad mood.

Elizabeth: I am not in a bad mood. Aiden's at camp, Jake is with Dr. Maddox, and his soccer just got canceled. That's all.

Hayden: Oh, well, I took the day off. Maybe Cameron should hang out with me.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] I-I wouldn't want to put you out.

Hayden: It's no trouble. I am his aunt, after all.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, but you really haven't, you know, hung out

Hayden: Not true. I spent all those months being Spencer's stepmother. Besides, it -- it would be good practice for me. Come on.

Elizabeth: For what?

Hayden: Whenever, you know, some potential future timeline. I'm not an old maid in all of them.

Cameron: Please, Mom. Anything's better than being stuck here.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I don't know about this.

Hayden: I babysit Finn's lizard, Roxy, all the time. How different can watching a boy be? You eat flies, right? [Chuckles] What? Oh, my God, Elizabeth. Relax. Cameron will be fine. I'm not a complete idiot.

Laura: Spencer.

Spencer: Port Charles is my home, and I know that father isn't ever coming back, but you're here, Aunt Lulu, Aunt Alexis.

Laura: Oh, honey, I know how much you've missed your family. And I hope you know how much we have all missed you. Spencer, the only reason I put you in that boarding school was for your safety.

Spencer: I know, but isn't it different now that Valentin's in jail?

Laura: It's a good start, but I-I can't take a risk. I need to know that the charges against him are going to stick. This guy has wriggled out of all kinds of stuff before.

Spencer: I believe that this time it'll be different. After all, it was Emma's grandmother that brought Valentin down. She is as fearless and resourceful as Emma, herself.

Mac: Anna, I am glad I caught you.

Anna: Oh. Oh, my gosh. [Chuckles]

Mac: Robert's been trying to reach you. You haven't been picking up.

Anna: Yeah. Well, I'm gonna call him when I'm good and ready.

Mac: He, uh, thinks that Valentin Cassadine's extradition might be hard on you.

Anna: He does, does he? You know what? You can tell him to mind his own business.

Mac: Come on. Don't worry. Anything you tell me stays between us.

Anna: Oh, there's nothing to tell, really. Valentin did what he did, and now he's gonna pay for it. I've arrested him, and I'm gonna hand him over to the Bureau, because that's my job. But honestly, I-I think it has precious little to do with justice, frankly.

Nathan: How are you?

Nina: How do you think I am?

Nathan: Well, you already know how I feel about the Valentin situation.

Nina: Yeah, that I did the right thing by turning him and Charlotte in, right.

Nathan: Mm-hmm. 100%.

Nina: Because to you, he's a fugitive, and... to me, he's my husband. And I know one thing about him. He loves Charlotte. And...they could be anywhere right now. They could have. They could have been halfway across Canada or walking the streets of Paris. They could have gotten away if it wasn't for me.

Valentin: You just couldn't wait, could you? Your first opportunity you try to get Charlotte.

Dante: Look, you're being extradited to the ICC in The Hague. Trial could take months. What do you think's gonna happen to Charlotte in the meantime?

Lulu: She needs to be with her mother.

Valentin: She'll be fine with Nina.

Lulu: You really don't know.

Valentin: You gonna tell me?

Lulu: Nina's the one who turned you in.

Jordan: I really wish I could sit here and do this all day, but I...

Curtis: Oh, no, no, no. Don't tell me you're going to work.

Jordan: I have to.

Curtis: Now?

Jordan: There's -- there's so much going on, babe.

Curtis: Baby, there's always gonna be something going on. But I only get one birthday.

Jordan: And it will still be your birthday when I get off of work tonight and pick you up.

Curtis: Ooh, it sounds like you got something planned.

Jordan: A little something. A couple things.

Curtis: A couple? Give me a hint.

Jordan: I think you just had your first taste earlier.

Curtis: Okay.

[Both laugh]

Curtis: Look, I, um -- I don't mean to be greedy or nothing. Um, I could sit right here with you for the rest of the night. I'll be a happy man.

Jordan: Wow. You know, you really don't have to lay it on that thick. You don't have to -- you don't have to game me, okay?

Curtis: [Laughs]

Jordan: You already got me.

Curtis: I already got you?

Jordan: Mm-hmm.

Curtis: Well, I wasn't gaming you.'s how I feel. See, normally, you know, I would insert some corny joke right here and try to keep my emotional walls in place. But truth be told, when I'm with you, I don't want any walls. The way I see it, every day I'm with you is a gift.

Jordan: Wow. I'm impressed. And I think maybe I could push back a few things for, you know, to the afternoon.

Curtis: Oh, yeah?

Jordan: Yeah.

Curtis: [Grunts]

Jordan: [Chuckles] Mm!

Curtis: Mm!

Jordan: I mean, it's your birthday.

Curtis: It is my birthday.

Jordan: Mm-hmm.

Curtis: Happy birthday to me. [Laughs]

Jordan: [Chuckles]

Elizabeth: As for lunch, he's gonna ask for fast food, but give him a turkey sandwich or, you know, something healthy.

Hayden: I got this, Elizabeth. Cam's gonna have so much fun with his Aunt Hayden.

Cameron: [Whimpers]

Hayden: [Chuckles]

Spencer: Could it be?! My dearest stepmother!

Hayden: Oh, my God! Spencer! What are you doing here?! I thought you were in France.

Spencer: I'm wasted on the French, so I moved home!

Laura: Uh, what he means by that is we are discussing it.

Spencer: Hmm.

Hayden: Oh! Spencer, why didn't you e-mail me and tell me you were coming home?

Spencer: Well, I had to secure the element of surprise.

Laura: He bluffed his way out of boarding school. No one knew a thing about this until he turned up on my doorstep.

Hayden: I know I tried to explain this to you when I wrote to you, but I'm glad I'm saying this to you in person. You know, your dad and I had our ups and downs. But I'm really sorry he's gone.

Spencer: Thank you. I miss him.

Hayden: Yeah.

Elizabeth: We all do, honey.

Hayden: Promise me we'll have some one-on-one time so we can catch up.

Spencer: How about now?!

Laura: Spencer, not now.

Spencer: I'm sure you could benefit from my insights. I'd rather not sit in a hospital board meeting.

Elizabeth: Hayden, you don't have to take Cameron.

Spencer: Wow, I didn't see you there, Cameron!

Cameron: I didn't want to step on your big entrance. If you'd been here last week, you could have seen Emma.

Spencer: Emma was here? In Port Charles?

Cameron: For the Nurses' Ball. She's back in California. She's doing a dance camp for the summer.

Spencer: How would you know?

Cameron: She told me all about it when we were hanging out.

Spencer: Emma is a lady of style. She doesn't hang out.

Cameron: All I know is we had fun together.

Spencer: [Chuckles sarcastically]

Laura: Uh, Spencer, we will set up a visit for you and Hayden sometime very soon, but today you're going to sit quietly outside the boardroom while I have my meeting.

Spencer: I beseech you, Hayden, please save me from an afternoon of stultifying boredom!

Laura: I mean it! I mean it, Spencer! That is enough!

Hayden: Laura, of course. You know what? Spencer should come with me and Cam. The more the merrier.

Spencer: Mm-hmm.

Laura: Uh... are you sure?

Hayden: Absolutely! Come on. Let's go, you guys. Just let me know when you're done with your board meeting, and I'll bring Spencer back, okay?

Laura: Thank you.

Hayden: Come on. Come on, come on, come on, come on. Don't worry! These boys are gonna have so much fun. [Chuckles]

Anna: I'm not saying that Valentin's innocent. Far from it. But he's not as guilty as the Bureau maintains. My sister, on the other hand...

Mac: Stop. You blame Alex.

Anna: Well, I'm not the only one. You know the Bureau has her in custody, right? I thought for sure that -- that she was gonna cut a deal, you know, give up her superiors, but she hasn't. I mean, so far, she's refusing to cooperate. From what I understand, she hasn't said one word during the interrogation. I mean, that's all gonna change obviously now, because Valentin's been apprehended. I just... I wonder if she's gonna pin it all on him.

Nina: Okay, well, this is a new experience for me -- sending the man I love to prison.

Nathan: That's not what's happening, and you know it.

Nina: I told the police where to find Valentin.

Nathan: Yeah, because there was a warrant out for his arrest. Nina, Valentin's committed so many crimes we can't even charge him in the U.S. He's got to go to the ICC in Europe. And if you'd helped cover for him, they would have charged you as an accomplice.

Nina: Well, no chance of that. Yay for me! Yay! Coffee for everyone.

Nathan: Stop acting like he's so innocent.

Nina: Stop acting like this is so black and white for me. It's not. He had a weapon. Years ago, he had a weapon. He sold it to Helena Cassadine. I know. I know. It was terrible. It was horrible. You know what else he did? He saved my life, and he got shot because of it. And you know what else he did? Months before that, he fell in love with me [Voice breaking] And he made me the happiest person on the planet -- happier than I've ever been in my life, J. You know why? 'Cause he made me part of a family. He gave me a family. That was real. I didn't imagine that. That was the truth. You want me to turn my back on him, don't you? I don't know if I can.

Dante: Nina said you promised to take her to Niagara Falls. That's where we found you.

Valentin: Nina was acting in Charlotte's best interest, which she'll continue to do as her stepmother.

Lulu: If Nina had any intention of fighting for Charlotte, she would have been at court this morning.

Valentin: Court? Wow. That was fast.

Dante: And as per the court, Charlotte's gonna be living with us. I assume you think that's better for her than being placed into foster care.

Lulu: That's why we're here. Okay, we are asking you to help us help Charlotte through this transition. If we all work together, we might be able to minimize her pain and -- and confusion and fear. Like it or not, we all have to be her parents right now.

Griffin: Uh -- I'm on the team treating Ava Jerome. Uh, her burns are second- and third-degree in the acute stage. We're managing her pain and -- and tending to her wounds, but my real concern is infection.

Finn: Is that where I come in?

Griffin: Yeah, we could really use your expertise on this.

Dr. Obrecht: Alas, Dr. Finn cannot provide it.

Elizabeth: Hey, it's me. I'm just checking in.

Hayden: Oh, my God. The blood. It's everywhere.

Elizabeth: That's not funny.

Hayden: It's kind of funny. Everything's fine. We're at the coffee kiosk getting treats, okay? Go back to work. I got this. Okay, boys, what will you have? Come on.

Cameron: I'd like a mocha frappucino with whipped cream and extra chocolate syrup.

Barista: Sure.

Spencer: How cloyingly American. Ugh. I'll have a cortado. Iced, please.

Hayden: You drink cortados?

Spencer: Well, when the mood strikes me.

Barista: Uh, do you want whipped cream on that?

Spencer: Uh, of course.

Hayden: I kind of figured that you'd get chocolate milk. Are you allowed to have all that caffeine and sugar?

Cameron: Well...

Spencer: I am.

Cameron: Yeah, me too. This is nothing.

Hayden: Okay.

Valentin: What do you want me to do?

Lulu: Charlotte needs continuity.

Valentin: Difficult under the current circumstances.

Dante: Then the next best thing is making sure she understands she's gonna be okay, given all the changes that are happening -- that even though you're going away, she won't be abandoned.

Lulu: Charlotte will believe whatever you tell her. So we need you to tell Charlotte that you want her to stay with us.

Valentin: For now.

Dante: You could even say it's your idea.

Lulu: You just need to make her understand that the situation has your blessing. Losing you is going to be hard, but it will be downright traumatizing if you go out kicking and screaming or aren't in our corner.

Valentin: Okay, I'll do it. With one condition.

Dante: What?

Valentin: Nobody tells Charlotte why I'm leaving. I will choose the reason, and I will tell her myself. And you back me up.

Lulu: Yeah, we can live with that.

Valentin: Then we have an agreement.

Lulu: Thank you so much for cooperating. This really is what's best for Charlotte.

Dante: We'll be in touch to, uh, go over the logistics.

[Door closes]

Mac: Robert seems to think you're gonna be called to testify when this goes to trial. Are you okay with that?

Anna: Well, I-I don't know. [Chuckles] Alex didn't seem to have a problem keeping me in a drug-induced coma while she assumed my identity. So I shouldn't have a problem telling the ICC about it, right?

Mac: What about Valentin? Look, however bad you feel for the guy, you know he committed some serious crimes. Are you gonna be able to take the stand against him?

Nathan: You got a visitor.

Curtis: Hey. Um, thank you for my dessert.

Jordan: You barely touched it.

Curtis: Maybe 'cause I had better dessert.

Jordan: [Chuckles] Mm. Um, you have a great day. I will see you tonight.

Curtis: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Bye. Bye. [Exhales sharply] Yeah! Dessert.

[Knock on door]

Curtis: [Chuckles] I was just about to eat that dessert again. What you want? Some more [Gasps]

Stella: Uh... Curtis Byron Ashford, do you always answer the door in your altogether?

Curtis: A-Aunt Stella?

Stella: [Laughs]

Curtis: [Laughs]

Stella: When was the last time you cleaned, Curtis?

Curtis: Auntie Stella, what -- what are you doing here? You okay?

Stella: Why wouldn't I be okay?

Curtis: Well, 'cause you usually call before you visit. You ain't never been to no Port Charles.

Stella: I can't surprise my beloved nephew on his birthday. Unless my being here is a problem.

Curtis: No, no, no, no, no. [Chuckles] I'm so happy to see you.

Stella: And I'm so happy to see you. You're looking well.

Curtis: Thank you. Thank you.

Stella: How long have you had that gray?

Curtis: What? Brother just trying to grow up a little bit. [Chuckles] No, uh, you like it?

Stella: It's different. You dye it like that? I've heard some young people put gray in their hair on purpose. Yeah. It's bizarre, if you ask me.

Curtis: Yeah, that is bizarre. No, this is all me. It's natural. Oh, where are my manners? Have a seat. Have a seat. Uh, you hungry? You thirsty? I got -- I don't got much in the cabinets, but, um, I can get you cold water, anything.

Stella: All I want is to hear what's been going on in your life.

Jordan: Nathan, can you, uh, bring me up to speed?

Nathan: Yeah. Well, pretty quiet, all things considered.

Jordan: And what about our guest? The guy we're holding for the WSB?

Nathan: Behaving himself for the time being. Had a couple visitors. My sister's in with him right now.

Nina: How's the bullet wound?

Valentin: Oh. Healing.

Nina: I think you know that I'm the one who told the police where to find you and Charlotte.

Valentin: You told them where they could look for me, but there's no way you could have known we were in Niagara Falls.

Nina: But I told them. They wouldn't have found you if it wasn't for me.

Valentin: Are you apologizing?

Nina: Um, I just... I don't... [Voice breaking] I don't -- I don't think it would have been good for Charlotte to be a fugitive and on the run. And I think you know that. And I think you panicked, which isn't your style.

Valentin: Yeah, I guess it wasn't the best plan I've ever made. If it's any consolation, I was gonna send for you, as soon as Charlotte and I were settled in.

Nina: So I could be a fugitive, too?

Valentin: So we could continue our life as a family. I'm very resourceful. I could have provided for us. We would have been happy.

Nina: Now we'll never know.

Anna: I hope I don't have to testify against Valentin. I mean, I don't have anything to offer in the way of evidence, really, you know? [Whispering] He told me everything. He told me all of it. But I-I didn't record it. So if he decides that he's gonna deny the whole thing, then it's just my word against his. I don't have any tangible proof. I mean, the only thing that I could swear to you is -- is the fact that he -- he took the Chimera from the ballroom at the Metro Court, and he said it was with the intention to destroy it. That's what he said. And so, when I asked him to surrender it to me, he did. So that's all I have.

Mac: You're going to stonewall.

Anna: I'm not, Mac. No, I-I'm gonna be 100% honest. But any case the WSB has against Valentin, it rests with Alex, not me.

Dr. Obrecht: Dr. Finn's medical privileges are suspended. He cannot consult on Ms. Jerome's case or any other.

Griffin: I disagree. Dr. Finn's specialty is fighting infectious agents.

Dr. Obrecht: He is not the only doctor on staff with that knowledge.

Griffin: No one as well-versed or experienced on the subject.

Dr. Obrecht: Dr. Finn is also the only physician on staff, that we know of, whose judgment is clouded by addiction.

Griffin: Finn, are you under the influence of controlled substances?

Finn: No.

Griffin: Well, would any member of your rehab team describe you as in withdrawal or experiencing drug-related issues?

Finn: No, but you're free to ask them yourself.

Griffin: Oh, well, that's good enough for me.

Dr. Obrecht: Will it be good enough for Ava Jerome if she develops an infection which Dr. Finn is unable to address, because his faculties are impaired?

Griffin: It's just a consult, Doctor. Finn isn't cleared to treat patients.

Finn: [Scoffs]

Dr. Obrecht: Nor will he be.

Hayden: So, we got our treats. What should we do after we drink them?

Spencer: Hmm.

Hayden: The art museum just launched a new exhibit. How about we go see that?

Spencer: I think that's a wonderful idea.

Hayden: Great.

Cameron: Maybe while you and Spencer are at the museum, I could go to the park across the street. There's usually a pick-up soccer game on the lawn.

Spencer: I should have realized the museum would be too intellectually challenging for him.

Hayden: Maybe we should find something we all want to do.

Spencer: Cam doesn't enjoy the arts, but that does not mean we both have to miss out. We can go enjoy some culture and Cameron can play pick-up soccer, and hopefully we'll get lucky and someone will pick him up, take him home with them, like the stray that he really is.

Hayden: Hey, now, now, now, Spencer.

Cameron: Better than getting ditched at some school halfway around the world.

Hayden: Cameron, that's not nice.

Spencer: Well, I'm back now, and things are gonna change.

Hayden: All right, boys, dial it back.

Cameron: No one cares that you're back, Spencer. No one missed you while you were gone.

Hayden: Both of you!

Spencer: Emma missed me. She was inconsolable.

Cameron: Huh!

Spencer: Well, not that you'd know what that word means.

Cameron: Here's what I know. I kissed Emma, and she loved it.

Hayden: [Gasps]

Laura: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey. Oh. Wow, that might be the shortest board meeting on record.

Laura: Yeah. We didn't have enough for a quorum, so they just canceled.

Elizabeth: Oh. That means you have the day off.

Laura: Yes. I do. So I guess I should probably go get Spencer off of Hayden's hands.

Elizabeth: Or you could do something for yourself for a change.

Laura: I like the sound of that. Thank you.

Elizabeth: You're welcome.

Laura: [Chuckles]

[Cell phone rings]

Laura: Hello?

Hayden: Laura!

Laura: Hayden?

Spencer: Get back here!

Hayden: Help! Please!

Spencer: Ahh! Ohh!

Cameron: [Laughs]

Hayden: Boys! Stop it!

Cameron: Ohh!

Hayden: Spencer! Spencer, stop!

Spencer: Well, he's bigger than me!

Hayden: Cameron, you stop!

Cameron: He started it!

Spencer: Leave me alone!

Laura: Stop it! That's enough! What is going on here? It's a mess. It's everywhere. I can't believe this. Spencer, you know better than this. And, Cameron, you do, too. Oh, my goodness. Separate right now, both of you.

Cameron: He started it. He always starts it.

Laura: Is that so?

Spencer: Grandmother, I was just trying to protect myself.

Laura: Really?

Spencer: Mm-hmm.

Laura: Napkins. Clean it up. Everything. Hayden, what happened to you?

Hayden: We stopped for a snack, and -- and they ordered these drinks with caffeine and sugar, and then they started arguing, and then they went crazy, and I'm pregnant [Voice breaking] And what kind of mother am I gonna be if I can't go one hour without causing a disaster?

Laura: Ohh, Hayden.

Hayden: [Sobbing]

Finn: Can I talk to you for a second?

Dr. Obrecht: No consulting to do? Dr. Munro must have reconsidered the wisdom of exposing a patient to your less-than-reliable care.

Finn: For some reason, you don't like me. I accept that. What I can't accept is you would allow this patient, Ava Jerome, to suffer because you and I can't figure out a way to work together.

Dr. Obrecht: I am simply abiding by hospital procedure.

Finn: Noted. And we don't have to be friends. We need to be good doctors. That's all we need to be. So perhaps you could think about putting aside your dislike for me just long enough so we can do right by the patient.

Curtis: I mean, I, you know -- I work...

Stella: Mm-hmm.

Curtis: ...Eat a little something every now and then, try to work out, you know?

Stella: [Chuckles]

Curtis: But, um, enough about me. What's up with you?

Stella: No, no, we're not done talking about you. What kind of work?

Curtis: Same PI stuff.

Stella: Oh, it's not the most reliable employment, but...

Curtis: I do all right, Auntie.

Stella: You like living up here, so far away from home?

Curtis: Yeah. I really like Port Charles. I mean, it could be a little warmer, but, um, just wait till I take you around. You're gonna love it like I do.

Stella: Oh, no, no, no. I-I don't want to be any trouble.

Curtis: No, you're no -- no trouble.

Stella: I know you've got a life to lead, other demands on your time. You seeing anyone?

Curtis: Uh, you -- you get right to it, don't you?

Stella: [Chuckles]

Curtis: Um, you know, I love the ladies. Always seeing someone.

Stella: Anyone I should meet?

Curtis: Auntie. Oh, wow. Uh, I -- you haven't even gotten settled yet, so, uh, where are you staying? Because I have a friend who has a best friend who owns a hotel. I promise they could hook you up with the best deal in Port Charles.

Stella: [Chuckles] Why do I need a hotel? I can just stay right here with you. [Laughs]

Curtis: Oh! Oh!

[Cell phone ringing]

Anna: Hello? Were your ears burning? Yeah, we were just talking about you. What? When?

Dante: You think we should pull Charlotte out of school?

Lulu: What?

Dante: Maybe we could pull Rocco out, too? We should have our whole family here.

Lulu: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Dante: What's up? What are you thinking?

Lulu: I'm worried.

Dante: About how Charlotte's gonna handle the news? So am I. But, look, we've got help. Charlotte and Rocco -- they're bonding. Both our mothers want to have some more grandma time. She has a big, extended support system.

Lulu: Just none of them are her father. She is gonna have this giant hole in her life. And whatever story Valentin does come up with, it's not gonna satisfy her forever. Charlotte is going to find out the truth about what happened, why she lost her dad. [Sighs] Just when all of this comes out, what if she blames me?

Valentin: Why does this all feel so familiar? Me in handcuffs, waiting to be shipped off to pay for some nefarious crime, and you looking beautiful, telling me you've turned me in and that you made the right decision, but your eyes betray you.

Nina: It was different last time.

Valentin: Yeah, I guess you're right. I barely knew you, but I knew I liked you. I knew I'd see you again. Now I love you. And I can't imagine my life without you.

Nina: I meant it was different last time, because you gamed the system. And I think part of me knew that you'd come back. But this time, you won't.

Valentin: No. Never say never.

Nina: Even if you beat the charges, you're not coming back to me.

Valentin: You know I love you. Of course, I'm coming back to you. I have a past. But that's all it is, and it's over.

Nina: So is the part with me.

Valentin: What is that?

Nina: These are divorce papers.

Curtis: So you -- you want to stay with me? [Chuckles]

Stella: Not if I'm gonna be in your way.

Curtis: No. No! No, Auntie. You can have my bed, okay? I'll just -- I'll crash on the couch.

Stella: Oh, I'm sure it won't be the first time.

Curtis: I've crashed on that couch many a night, but only because it saves time on making bed in the morning.

Stella: Curtis, how many times have I told you to sleep in your own bed like a civilized human?

Curtis: Probably my whole life?

Stella: [Chuckles] Well, at least I won't feel like I'm putting you out. Have you eaten? I'll cook.

Curtis: Oh, yeah, great. Um, but my cupboards -- they're about as hungry as I am.

Stella: Then we'll go shopping.

Curtis: How long are you planning on staying, Auntie?

Stella: Long enough to celebrate your birthday and spend a little time with TJ.

Curtis: Mm.

Stella: Oh, I'm so proud of that boy. He's a credit to our family.

Curtis: That he is.

Stella: No thanks to that sorry excuse for a mother. As long as I don't cross paths with that woman, I'll be fine.

Curtis: [Sighs]

Jordan: It's okay. I'll pay extra to have it delivered this afternoon. No, it's for a birthday, and... [Chuckles] Thank you. Mm-hmm.

Nathan: Hey.

Jordan: Hey.

Nathan: Got the, uh, information on the prisoner transfer from the WSB.

Jordan: Let's go over this in my office.

Valentin: Are you divorcing me?

Nina: I'm not asking for, um, alimony or a division of assets. I just want my freedom.

Valentin: What if I don't want to be free of you?

Hayden: I mean, how am I supposed to take care of a baby if I can't handle two boys in middle school?

Laura: Hayden, they don't pop out like this. By the time they reach this age, you've had all those years to learn how to wrangle them.

Hayden: [Groans]

Laura: And, by the way, congratulations.

[Both chuckle]

Laura: You can do this, Hayden. It will be all right.

Hayden: Do me a favor and don't tell Elizabeth.

Laura: Yeah, I think we can keep this just between us.

Griffin: Finn.

Finn: Huh?

Griffin: A word?

Finn: Yeah. [Whispering] Think about it. [Normal voice] I take it it's not about Ava Jerome, or you would have included Obrecht.

Griffin: Correct.

Finn: So, my drug screens are back. How soon can I start seeing patients?

Griffin: You can't. You tested positive for opioids. And since Brad wasn't anywhere near the test, there's no reason to question the results.

Finn: [Scoffs] So I'm suspended.

Nina: I can't be married to a man in prison. I can't be a stepmother to a little girl that I love so much, and she lives with another family. Whatever we had, it was... gorgeous and beautiful. But it's over.

Valentin: Please don't do this. Please don't do this.

Nina: This is just a standard, uh, divorce petition. It -- it's just very easy. It's one less thing for you to have to worry about.

[Door closes]

[Siren wailing in distance]

Mac: So, I'm guessing that wasn't good news.

Anna: Depends on your point of view. Alex has managed to escape. WSB doesn't know where she is.

[Door opens]

Officer: You have a visitor.

Valentin: Of course, it's you.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Curtis: Jordan would never do that.

Stella: What makes you so sure?

Jordan (to TJ): Curtis and I are a couple.

Valentin (to Alex): You must be pleased with yourself.

Dillon (to Kiki): I'm not letting go. Not when you need me.

Michael (to Nelle): I don't want Ava to suffer. I want her to pay.

Carly (to Sonny): Why would Nelle do anything to help us?

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