GH Transcript Friday 6/2/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 6/2/17


Episode #13819 ~ Kiki looks for answers; Lulu is duped by Valentin; Amy wrestles past demons.

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Lulu: And Robin is sure that she's okay to fly?

Anna: Uh, yeah. To quote my daughter, she says that if she has to tell one more person that she is "within acceptable limits," then she just will tattoo it to her forehead.

Lulu: [Chuckles]

Anna: We both want to thank you so much for taking Emma last night.

Lulu: Well, you definitely didn't need to come over here to do that. It was our pleasure.

Anna: Um, I really wanted to find out what you know and -- and... what Charlotte understands about what happened to her father last night.

Lulu: Well, I don't know much and I definitely gave her minimal details. She knows that her dad was hurt, and she knows he spent the night in the hospital.

Anna: Yeah, it was a bad injury, but not life-threatening.

Lulu: Considering what this means for my daughter's future, what happens to Valentin next?

Valentin: [Gasping] [Grunts] Good morning, sunshine.

Deanna: You're awake!

Valentin: I am, and I'm feeling much better. Who do I talk to about getting out of here?

Kristina: Carly.

Carly: H-hi. Hey, Kristina.

Kristina: Are you all right?

Carly: [Sighs] I've had better days. Did you talk to your dad?

Kristina: No, but... Michael came to see me and he told me that... Ava Jerome replaced Morgan's lithium with sugar pills.

Carly: Yeah.

Kristina: And that you and my dad went to confront Ava about it at her warehouse, and she started a fire and got caught in it. Now she's in the hospital. But it's not enough.

Carly: What's not?

Kristina: I don't care that Ava's suffering. I mean, after what she did to Morgan, she's getting what she deserves.

Carly: I couldn't agree more.

Ava: Help! Help me! Can somebody help me, please?! I'm trapped! [Muffled moan]

Griffin: Ava, hey. It's Dr. Griffin Munro, all right? You're on a ventilator. Don't try to fight it -- just relax. Okay, good. So, you're in the hospital. We're taking good care of you. I'm afraid you've been in a -- a pretty severe accident.

Julian: Hi, Alexis. I'm sorry, I...wasn't expecting to see you. [Sighs] What are you doing here?

Alexis: I heard about your sister. How is she?

Julian: It's not good. [Scoffs] I don't know what I exp-- I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't this. Seeing her like this is, uh... [Sighs] [Breathes deeply]

Sonny: You just come from the hospital?

Kiki: Yeah. Yeah. I was there all night. I was working when they told me that she was in the burn unit.

Sonny: I'm sorry, I... I can't imagine what you're going through or how hard it must be.

Kiki: Just tell me. What did my mom do to Morgan?

Nathan: [Sighs] Amy. We need to talk.

Amy: About the Nurses' Ball, right? How great was that Ned Ashton? I mean, Ned Quartermaine. [Giggles]

Nathan: I -- I don't care.

Amy: You're right, it's about the music. And either way, you can't go wrong with George Michael.

Nathan: Are you really going to pretend like you don't know why I'm here?

Amy: If humanly possible.

Nathan: Yeah, I am here because... this.

Kristina: I just finished my shift at the kiosk. Do you want me to get you anything before I go, like coffee, bagel? On the house.

Carly: No, thanks. No, thank you. [Chuckles] I just came here to think and, uh... feel close to Morgan.

Kristina: I get that.

Carly: I wanted to thank you for hiring Morgan to work here. It really -- it was good for him and it made him happy. It gave him a sense of purpose and stability, you know?

Kristina: I just wanted to have someone to boss around.

[Both chuckle]

Carly: You were a really good sister.

Kristina: He was a really good brother. Take care of yourself, okay, Carly?

Carly: Yeah, you, too. [Sighs] [Sniffles] Dr. Maddox?

André: Uh, Mrs. Corinthos, hi.

Carly: Hi.

André: How are you?

Carly: [Sighs] Um... not great.

André: Ah, yeah, I can imagine.

Carly: I want to thank you for everything that you did to help us figure out that Morgan's meds had been tampered with.

Sonny: Here's what happened -- your mother replaced Morgan's lithium with a placebo. She was -- she was trying to cause him to have a breakdown.

Kiki: You're sure?

Sonny: Ava admitted it. But even if she hadn't, the lab did tests on the pill bottle and they found, uh, that there was some placebo. Dr. Maddox said that if Morgan was deteriorating so much, he wasn't getting enough lithium. [Breathes deeply] So, I'm thinking that your mother came to visit Avery, went into Morgan's room, and switched the pills.

Kiki: She used Avery as her way in? [Breathes heavily] I'm sorry. No, I'm sorry, I don't understand. Why would she do this to Morgan? She just -- she was just jealous? She just didn't want to see him happy?

Sonny: She was driving him to have a breakdown so that way, we would commit him, and with Morgan in the mental hospital... he would be free of you.

Kiki: She did this...for me? [Breathing shakily]

Sonny: Hey, hey.

Griffin: We've got you on a morphine drip. It's very important that you rest as much as possible. We won't know the extent of your injuries until we're able to assess the nerve damage.

Julian: [Sighs]

Alexis: I'm really sorry this happened.

Julian: [Sighs] Thanks. I'm surprised to see you here. I mean, I know Ava was your sister-in-law, but you weren't exactly close.

Alexis: I didn't come here for Ava. I came here for you.

Julian: You look... you look really good, all things considered.

Alexis: Well, I got some good news for once.

Julian: Really? Well, I could... use some of that right about now, so let's hear it.

Alexis: My law license was re-instated, so I'm officially a lawyer again.

Julian: Really? That's really wonderful, Alexis. [Chuckles] Congratulations.

Alexis: I think one hug is plenty.

Julian: Fair enough. [Sighs] But I am happy for you. I mean, you're an excellent attorney, you're good at it, so I'm glad you're back in the driver's seat. I mean, hell, maybe you and Scotty Baldwin should partner up, huh?

Alexis: Yeah, I don't think that's a good idea.

Julian: No, you're probably right. I mean, you'd probably run circles around him. I mean, I probably should just fire him and hire you.

Alexis: Really?

Julian: I'm kidding. [Sighs] I don't want to drag you back into this mess.

Alexis: Thank you.

[Door opens]

Griffin: So... uh, your sister's awake.

Julian: [Breathes deeply]

Deanna: Mr. Cassadine, you were seriously injured last night.

Valentin: [Sighs]

Deanna: So, give yourself time to recover.

Valentin: I am feeling fine -- or, uh, close to it -- but I will sign whatever you need me to sign to absolve the hospital of responsibility. Just...I have things I've got to get back to. and I both know you can...speed things along.

Deanna: I'll see what I can do.

Valentin: You're a credit to your profession.

Deanna: [Chuckles]

Valentin: [Groans]

Anna: He'll be transported to The Hague and then he'll stand trial.

Lulu: And he'll go to prison?

Anna: Most likely, yeah.

Lulu: What does this mean for Charlotte? Right at this moment, Valentin has sole physical and legal custody of her.

Anna: Yeah, well, you're going to have to fight for custody, aren't you, because otherwise... she could end up a ward of the state. All right? I'm going to do everything in my power I can to make sure that that doesn't happen.

[Cell phone rings]

Anna: Oh, no.

Lulu: What is it?

Anna: I've been given the orders to arrest Valentin.

Amy: Don't tell me you believe everything you read online?

Nathan: Yeah, I know -- crazy stuff out there. I read this one recently that I was moonlighting as an advice columnist.

Amy: [Laughs] Imagine that.

Kristina: Sorry I'm late.

Amy: Oh, it's okay. Your timing is perfect.

Nathan: Aren't you being a little disloyal to Perks by showing up here?

Kristina: Maybe I'm just checking out the competition. Everything okay?

Amy: Sure. Fine. [Chuckles nervously]

Nathan: No, we're kind of the opposite of "fine." Your roommate here has been writing an advice column attached to my picture.

Kristina: You didn't tell me that.

Nathan: Yeah. Yeah, and doing so without my knowledge. Once I did find out, I asked her to take the picture down, and instead I wake up this morning to find out that "Ask Man Landers" is about to sign a book deal. Amy, look -- I like you. You seem like a nice person. But I can't be a cop by day and an advice columnist by night, all right? And since you did all of this without my permission... I mean, give me one reason I shouldn't arrest you for identity theft?

Sonny: Let's go. All right.

Kiki: Oh.

Sonny: Look who's here! Uh-oh!

Kiki: Hi, Avery. Hi. Hi, sweetie. Oh, my gosh, you are so big, you know?

Avery: But my nail polish is coming off.

Kiki: Oh, no!

Sonny: [Laughs]

Kiki: You got a cute little face. You know, that's the face I've been dying to see. Hey.

Avery: Is it white?

Kiki: It is white. Do you know -- can I -- can I just have one more hug? Oh, my gosh. [Voice breaking] Thank you. [Smooches]

[Monitor beeping]

Julian: Hey. [Sighs] Can you hear me? You've had me worried, you know that? I mean, we may fight like cats and dogs, but I guess it's how we Jeromes express our love. Speaking of love, you'll be happy to know that Kiki was here all night. I guess Dillon must have convinced her to take a break. She'll be back, okay?

Kiki: Hey, um...thank you for letting me see Avery.

Sonny: She's your sister. You can see her anytime you want.

Kiki: That's really generous of you, considering my mom did what she did to Morgan. Because of me.

Sonny: You're as much Ava's victim as Morgan was.

Kiki: Knowing what my mom did, I can't forgive her. I don't want to see her, but...but if... I'm sorry. This... it's not your problem.

Sonny: No.

Kiki: I'm sorry. No, it's...

Sonny: Well, you can be as upset as you want to be, but don't take Ava's guilt on yourself 'cause you did nothing wrong.

Kiki: This is just so my mom's MO. This is what she's always done. She does whatever she wants, she hurts whoever she wants, and she uses me, and now she uses Avery as an excuse. And I can hear her already. She's going to say that she was doing it to protect me -- that because Morgan was unstable, it was all for my own good.

Ava: I just don't want the past to prevent you from having the future that you deserve, sweetheart. And whatever happened before, you know, whatever I did, I did for you -- I did for your well-being.

Kiki: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, she told me.

Sonny: Told you what?

Kiki: When Dillon and I were rehearsing for the Nurses' Ball, my mom came to see us -- to see me -- and she was telling me... everything was great and what a difference a year makes, so I called her out on it, and I asked her if she was trying to pretend like Morgan never existed. So, she just made some excuse like she does. She's great at it. And she said that whatever she did, she did it for my own good. She was talking about switching Morgan's pills! [Voice breaking] Like, it was okay. That driving him to a breakdown was okay, that getting him killed was okay, because she was doing it for me!

Sonny: Listen to me, okay? You said she's a master of excuses, right?

Kiki: Yeah.

Sonny: That doesn't mean you got to buy into it. She did what she did. It's on her!

Kiki: You need to make sure that you protect Avery from my mother. Do not let her get her. [Voice breaking] Not like the rest of us.

André: What Ava Jerome did to your son was the worst kind of sabotage. To deprive a bipolar patient of lithium, knowing that without it, he would become a danger to himself and others... that's just -- that's unconscionable!

Carly: Ava doesn't have a conscience, so...

André: And to add insult to injury, we never would have been able to get an accurate read of Morgan's condition. If he had lived and his manic spiral had continued, I'd have suggested putting him back in Freedman. I would have increased his lithium dosage and probably prescribed him with a lot of other medication that he didn't need. I would have been hurting your son while desperately trying to help him. For a doctor, that's... that's a nightmare scenario.

Carly: Ava hurt you, too.

André: I realize it doesn't compare to the pain that you and Sonny had to go through, but...

Carly: At least we know the truth now.

André: Has it given you closure?

Carly: No.

Anna: [Gulps] Valentin?

[Knocks on door]

[Door opens]

Anna: The patient assigned to this room, Valentin Cassadine -- did they take him for tests or something?

Deanna: Mr. Cassadine signed himself out against medical advice.

Lulu: Charlotte! Rocco! Grab your backpacks. It's time to go! I mean it, guys, come on! We don't want to be late!

[Doorbell rings]

Amy: Nathan, please. I know that you're upset, but if I get arrested for identity theft and it comes out that "Ask Man Landers" is actually me, I'll lose all my followers.

Nathan: Okay, I'm going to try and explain this in another way. I am a police detective -- a job which requires me to interact with the public on a variety of levels, from conducting interviews with witnesses, victims, and suspects, to giving testimony in open court, okay? And I cannot perform those duties reasonably and responsibly if people are asking me relationship questions, because they think I'm "Ask Man Landers."

Amy: I promise it won't come to that. I took the picture down!

Kristina: And if anyone has reposted it, we can always call Spinelli. He can make sure that your image is scrubbed from any server!

[Cell phone rings]

Nathan: Work just texted me. I got to go in.

Amy: But you're not going to say anything, right? Like...ask for a warrant?

Nathan: No, no, I'm not, I'm not. [Sighs]

Amy: Thank you.

Nathan: Don't thank me yet because the second this comes back to me --

Amy: Oh, it won't! I'll make sure of it.

Nathan: Make sure that it doesn't.

Amy: That was close. I was starting to think my next roommate situation would involve bunk beds and a metal toilet. [Laughs] Thank you for the assist, by the way.

Kristina: What the hell were you thinking posting Nathan's picture?

Amy: All of my readers wanted to know what Ask Man Landers looked like! I had to come up with something! So why not a smart, tough, incredibly good-looking cop? He's the alpha male that they all want to be! [Sighs] I just wish Nathan understood how important this is.

Carly: I was so sure that I would feel better when I knew the truth. But I don't -- I still feel that same hopeless ache that hit me the night Morgan died, and I just don't see me ever getting over that.

André: Grief isn't logical, no matter how much we wish it would be.

Carly: Right. I get that -- I get that about grief. I just... I thought there'd be some comfort in justice. But there is no justice. No matter what happens to Ava, it's not going to bring my son back. [Sighs]

Julian: You just hang in there, okay? You've been through worse than this, and you've survived. You're Ava Jerome.

Ava: [Muffled moaning]

Julian: Hey. What is it? What's wrong?

Griffin: Hey, her medication's wearing off.

Julian: Well, give her some more.

Griffin: We have to be careful. One overdose could compromise your sister's respiratory function.

Julian: Well, how much are you giving her?

Griffin: As much as I can. It's not enough to completely neutralize the pain.

Julian: [Scoffs] Okay, come here. Come here, Doc, please. But she's going to be okay, right? I mean, after surgery, after the skin grafts -- I mean, she's going to be as good as new, right?

Griffin: [Sighs] Yeah, look, I'm afraid it's too soon to speculate. If you could wait outside, please?

Julian: [Clears throat]

André: I should be getting back to the hospital.

Sonny: Before you go, Doctor, I just... I want to thank you for what you did last night. We finally have answers about what happened to our son.

André: I was glad to be able to help. Take care.

Sonny: Bye.

Carly: Guessing you're here for the same reason I am, huh?

Sonny: Well, you know, Morgan wanted to do so much... to this place and everything, I thought that coming here would... I'd feel close to him.

Carly: Me, too. When Morgan worked here again, we had so much hope for the future and...

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: ...Because of Ava, it's all gone. All of it.

Sonny: [Sighs] Believe me, Ava Jerome is not done suffering for what she did to our son.

Lulu: Valentin... what are you doing here?

Valentin: I'm here to pick up Charlotte.

[Approaching footsteps]

Charlotte: Papa!

Valentin: Oh, hey, hey, hey, there she is! Ohh! Sweetheart, I missed you.

Charlotte: Lulu said you had to go to the doctor.

Valentin: Yeah, and now I'm all better.

Charlotte: I was scared.

Valentin: You want to know a secret? I was scared, too. But now I'm fine. Actually, I'm better than ever!

Charlotte: [Laughs]

Lulu: I was just about to take Charlotte to school.

Valentin: Great! If we leave now, we can make it on time. Go get your backpack, we'll go.

Lulu: You know, I -- that's really not necessary. I'm taking Rocco anyway.

Valentin: No, that's okay. Thanks for the offer, but I'm taking her.

Lulu: It's just I...I feel like it might not be a good idea for you to have Charlotte with you right now.

Valentin: And why is that?

Lulu: Because you're about to be arrested.

[Keyboard clacking]


Alexis: Julian? 

Julian: Uh...hi.

Alexis: What are you doing?

Julian: Um... [Laughs] Just, uh, bringing these for you.

Alexis: Doorbell didn't work?

Julian: W-well, I wasn't really sure if it was going to work for me, so...

Alexis: And what are those for?

Julian: Um, to celebrate. To celebrate your law license?

Alexis: I thought they might be for a retainer.

Julian: Retainer for what?

Alexis: Well, if you're going to retaliate against Sonny for what he did to Ava, you're going to need a defense attorney and since Scott Baldwin's got his hands tied with all the crimes you've already committed... I thought maybe you were mistakenly thinking that I would be good back-up.

Julian: Thought hadn't crossed my mind.

Alexis: Which -- me defending you or you going after Sonny? Should Port Charles be bracing itself for another round of bloodshed?

Julian: [Sighs]

Sonny: Last year, we decided that Avery was going to have limited access to Ava. But after what that bitch did to Morgan, I think it's best that Avery doesn't see her at all.

Carly: I agree.

Sonny: So does Kiki. She came by earlier.

Carly: Oh, man, how is she?

Sonny: As you would think -- she feels betrayed. She couldn't even, you know, get enough to... go visit Ava. Where's the justice in that?

Carly: It's horrible that Ava was burned. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, as much as I hate her.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Carly: My wish is that Ava is arrested, tried, and convicted for what she did to Morgan. My wish is that the whole world knows what Ava did to our son. But then I think about Connie... and how she shot and killed Connie in cold blood. And Ava just walked away, Sonny. What the hell?! What if that happens again?!

Sonny: It won't.

Carly: I know that you want to believe that Ava's going to pay. I want to believe it, too. But there's just no way to be sure.

Sonny: Yeah, there is.

Valentin: Arrested? Why would the PCPD arrest me?

Lulu: [Whispering] No, it's the WSB. Anna has been instructed to arrest you and transfer you to Europe to be tried by the ICC.

Valentin: Why are you telling me this?

Lulu: To protect Charlotte! I'm hoping that if you know what's about to happen that you'll do what's best for her.

Valentin: Which is what?

Lulu: Let me take our daughter to school. Spare her the trauma of seeing her father dragged off in handcuffs. And you have to call Nora Buchanan. Tell her to file the paperwork to give me secondary custody of Charlotte.

Valentin: Secondary custody?

Lulu: Yes. You have to make sure that all legal protections are in place before you leave the country! Come on, you keep telling me how much you love your daughter. Right now is your moment to prove it. Do what is best for her!

[Footsteps approach]

Charlotte: Rocco can't find his phonics book.

Lulu: Oh, that kid. [Laughs] Here you go, sweetie. I'll go help him find it.

Charlotte: Are you ready to leave?

Valentin: [Exhales]

Nathan: Hey.

Anna: Oh, hey.

Nathan: We got officers posted at every exit.

Anna: Okay, good. Thank you. Thank you for the quick response. But Valentin -- he has a significant head start, you know? Okay, so, we're going to have to be at airports and car rentals -- anyplace that he would go to escape. And I need officers sent to Charlotte's school in case he thinks that it's a good idea to take her with him.

Nathan: All right.

Anna: Okay?

Nathan: I'm on it.

Anna: Thank you.

Nathan: This is Detective West. I need a unit sent to Franklin Elementary immediately.

Griffin: Hey, did I hear you right? Valentin's gone?

Anna: Yeah. He checked himself out a-against medical advice.

Griffin: Why wasn't he handcuffed to the bed?

Anna: Well, he wasn't under arrest yet. And all the red tape at the WSB, I mean, it just gave him this window he needed.

Griffin: Then w-w-why aren't you furious? I mean, don't you want him brought to justice?

Anna: Valentin was manipulated into stealing that classified weapon. And he was running for his life when he sold it. I'm not making excuses for his actions. I'm not. But honestly, he wasn't responsible for what happened at the Nurses' Ball. Logically, I know that this isn't even possible, but it's almost as if Helena set him up to take the fall.

Griffin: Wait. [Sighs] Are you starting to feel sorry for this man?

Lulu: Rocco, your backpack is at the top of the stairs. Your books are inside. Finish brushing your teeth! Come on, let's go. Valentin? [Panting] Charlotte?!

Kristina: What are you going to do?

Amy: About what?

Kristina: [Sarcastically] Rising ocean temperatures. What do you think? I mean, Nathan's a nice guy, but he has a point. I can't see him busting perps who turn around and ask him for tips on how to improve their love lives.

Amy: It's not going to come to that! I told you, I took the picture down.

Kristina: Why'd you put it up in the first place?!

Amy: Because guys don't like taking advice from women. They like taking advice from other guys!

Kristina: [Groans]

Amy: And women really like taking advice from handsome men. [Laughs] [Sighs] Nathan was the perfect face for the Ask Man Landers brand.

Kristina: It's a brand, now?

Amy: It was starting to be! I was getting a lot more traffic on the site.

Kristina: Maybe because the advice you give is actually really good. Instead of giving Nathan all the credit for "Ask Man Landers" -- especially because he doesn't want it -- why not take credit for you own creation?

Griffin: Look, I realize that Valentin got played by your sister as much as you did, but the man is still a murderer. He needs to pay for what he did to Nikolas and Claudette.

Anna: Well, those are separate issues. Right now, he is only being charged with crimes that are related to the Chimera. That's it -- that's all. You know, and if he's convicted, it's going to be on Alex's word. She's the only one who can tie him to the original theft.

Griffin: So, you blame your sister more than you blame Valentin.

Anna: When I knew him back in the WSB, he was a good guy -- you know, he had good intentions. We were friends. I guess I just reacted badly when he wanted more... which left him vulnerable, I suppose. And Alex took advantage of that. He stole that weapon, because he thought my life was at stake. I'm not saying that he's innocent. He's just not completely guilty. That's all. Y--

[Cell phone rings]

Anna: Oh, hang on. Yeah, hello?

Lulu: Anna? I need you here, now!

Anna: What's wrong?

Lulu: Valentin was here... and he took Charlotte.

Julian: [Sighs] Ava's in agony, and the doctor the doctor can't prescribe enough painkillers to keep up. I mean, seeing someone I love in that much pain, I just want to inflict as much pain as possible -- the same amount of pain she's feeling.

Alexis: Anyway, I'm sure Carly and Sonny felt the same way when Morgan died.

Julian: Well, my point is... there's no one to hurt, Alexis. I mean, Ava's the one who started the fire. I mean, not that Corinthos wouldn't kill Ava if he was given the chance, but... [Sighs] I just can't blame Corinthos for this one.

Alexis: So, you don't want revenge?

Julian: [Scoffs] The only place that leads is to a constant cycle of violence with no end in sight. I don't want to be the one to start.

Alexis: Well, you've said that before. More than once.

Julian: Well, I meant it every time... if that means anything.

Alexis: And yet, somehow you always find yourself going back to it.

Julian: [Chuckles] Yeah, well... I guess it was because I thought it was the only way to... [Sighs] [Scoffs] I just thought it was the only way to protect the people I love. And now th-- now there's no one left to protect.

Alexis: I'm -- I'm not so sure that that's true. [Breathes deeply]

Julian: You know, uh... you came to see me at the hospital today. You didn't turn me away just now. I mean, I might be reading too much into this, but... is there any hope for us?

[Monitor beeping]

[Door opens]

[Footsteps approach]

Ava: Ki-- Kiki?

Sonny: [Whispers] Guess again.

Kristina: I mean it, Amy. Own "Ask Man Landers." You're perceptive, insightful, and down-to-earth. You know, you've got, like, a fun, easy writing style.

Amy: Thank you. I agree. [Chuckles] Unfortunately, content is only half the battle. I mean, Nathan's picture was generating a lot of interest. Think about it -- who doesn't love the idea of getting advice from a brave, handsome, athletic guy with a great sense of humor? If only there was some way to change Nathan's mind...

[Cell phone chimes]

Amy: Uh-oh.

Kristina: What-oh?

Amy: [Sighs] It's the publisher. They've made me an official offer.

Kristina: You're going to be published?! [Laughs] Th-that's amazing! Congratulations?

Amy: [Sighs] There's just one catch... they want to meet Man Landers.

Nathan: Dispatch called Dante, he's on his way.

Lulu: Thank you. I -- I had my friend Cathy take Rocco to school. I managed to hold it together until he was out of the house. How are you going to find Charlotte?

Anna: Well, what happened? Where did Valentin take her?

Lulu: I went upstairs for one minute. I came back, and they were gone. This is all my fault.

Anna: What do you mean?

Lulu: I just wanted to make sure that she was protected. I was doing what was best for Charlotte.

Anna: Of course, that's what any mother would do.

Lulu: I pushed it too far. Anna, I told him that you were about to arrest him.

Anna: What, you said I had authorization? That the warrant had been issued? You told...that?

Lulu: Yes. Yes.

Anna: Why?

Lulu: I just...I wanted him to sign over secondary custody of Charlotte to me. I wanted to make sure she didn't end up in the foster-care system, and he just grabbed her, and he ran! They could be anywhere right now! What if I never see my daughter ever again?!

Charlotte: I think I'm going to be late for school.

Valentin: Oh, we're not going to school today, mon petit. We're going on a trip, just you and me.

Charlotte: Where are we going?

Valentin: [Sighs] Some place very special, where no one can bother us again.

Julian: I'm sorry for hurting you. More than I can ever say, more than you'll ever know -- I mean, the things I did, I -- [Breathes deeply] [Scoffs] I've made mistakes, Alexis. I really did. But I'm telling you, loving you was not one of them. Believe it or not, loving you... made me a better man. With everything that's happened, I... I don't know, I think I could maybe I, uh... [Laughs, clears throat] I think maybe I could get it right this time.

Alexis: I wish I could believe you, but I don't.

Julian: [Breathes deeply]

Alexis: Not now. Not yet. Thank you for the flowers.

[Door closes]

Julian: [Breathes deeply] Well, that wasn't a "No."

Alexis: [Sighs]

Carly: Hey, Kiki.

Kiki: Carly, hi. Hi. [Sighs] I... I heard what happened to Morgan -- what my mom did to Morgan, and I -- I just... I want to... tell you that I'm sorry.

Carly: No. You're not responsible for what your mother did.

Kiki: That's exactly what Sonny said. That it wasn't my fault. But...she did it because of me -- because she wants to control my life or because she thinks she knows what's best for me, or maybe because deep, deep down inside she still wanted Morgan for herself. I don't know.

Carly: You don't --

Kiki: But the... the point is she went after Morgan. She did the worst thing she possibly could, and he got in that car, because he was manic, and he was manic because she messed with his meds. [Voice breaking] And if it weren't for me, Morgan would still be alive.

Carly: No, that is not true. You had nothing to do with this. None of this is your fault.

Kiki: I know that you don't believe me, but I just... I really loved him.

Carly: I do believe you. I know that you loved Morgan, and I know he loved you, too.

Kiki: [Crying] Yeah, and it got him killed.

Carly: No, no. Oh, my gosh. [Sighs] Kiki... Ava. Ava is responsible for what she did, okay?

Kiki: [Sniffles]

Carly: Look at me. None of this -- none of this is your fault. [Sighs]

[Monitor beeping]

[Sheet crinkling]

Ava: Wha-- [Grunts] [Gasps]

Sonny: No one's coming for you, Ava. Kiki doesn't want anything to do with you, and I'm going to tell Avery from the start what you really are -- a twisted, selfish monster. How do you feel about all that, huh? Everybody knowing the truth, what you did to Morgan, what you really are. You sealed your own fate. You're going to deserve what you're getting.

Ava: Kill me.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Laura (to Elizabeth): There's something you don't know.

Lulu (to Dante): I know how to find her.

Anna (to Nathan and Nina): Valentin is a fugitive, and you need to help us find him.

Valentin (to Charlotte): Charlotte? Who are you talking to?

Carly (to Jason): He wants Ava dead, and I'm not gonna stop him this time.

Ava (to Sonny): Do what you came to do. Kill me.

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