GH Transcript Thursday 6/1/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/1/17


Episode #13818 ~ Kiki doesn't know how to feel about her mother; Michael is hopeful; Finn looks to get back on track with Hayden.

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Hayden: Mm.

Finn: Hey. How you feeling? You want some ice? I also got some of those-- those ginger candies you like.

Hayden: No, not yet. How long does morning sickness last again?

Finn: Typically, the first couple months, but it can last throughout a pregnancy, and, despite the name, it doesn't just happen in the morning.

Hayden: Mm. I have lunch scheduled with a board member today, and the thought of sushi makes me want to -- oof.

Finn: Yeah, you may want to pass on the sushi for a while. How about trying some ice?

Hayden: [Groans]

Finn: Listen, you're gonna -- you're gonna get through this phase real soon, and you're gonna go right into the radiant-glow phase, and there you shall remain.

Hayden: Nice try, but this is a whole new experience in nausea. Ugh.

Finn: I'm an infectious-disease specialist. It's not my first trip to the rodeo. I vaguely remember you getting me through this one or two times.

Hayden: Then we're even. But from now on... [Clears throat] I'll manage my own phases, however...unpleasant. Don't want you going out of your way.

Finn: What if I want to go out of my way?

[Monitor beeping]

Nelle: [Groans softly] [Inhales sharply] [Sighs]

Michael: Hey.

Nelle: Good morning.

Michael: I guess I conked out, huh? [Sighs] How'd you sleep?

Nelle: Wonderfully.

Michael: Yeah? Must be the company.

Diane: Hey, we need to talk. Are you free?

Alexis: I don't know. Let's see if I can squeeze you in between doing nothing and doing nothing. You at the office? What's it like?

Diane: No, I'm at the police station.

Alexis: Everything okay?

Diane: It's just another chapter in my principal client's ongoing disagreement with law enforcement.

Alexis: What did Sonny do now?

Diane: I have to go. Listen, I'll tell you when I see you, which is gonna be when?

Alexis: I'm home...all the time.

Diane: Okay. All right. See you soon. Good morning, Commissioner.

Jordan: What's this?

Diane: That is an order to cease and desist. It's just a little taste -- it's a little amuse-bouche -- of what is to come if you keep harassing my client.

Jordan: Department's investigating a suspicious fire right now.

Diane: Why waste my client's time when you could finally be bringing Ava Jerome to justice?

Julian: Bring Ava to justice for what?

Dante: Sonny. You all right?

Sonny: Yeah, I was just going over Avery's acceptance letter for preschool.

Dante: Oh, yeah. Congratulations. Rocco really liked that place.

Sonny: It's amazing how fast they grow up.

Dante: Yeah.

Sonny: I mean, you know, it seems like yesterday that Morgan... [Groans] Okay.

Dante: What's the matter with you?

Sonny: Nothing. I just hurt myself a little bit. Been running around at the warehouse. But you're not here for -- you're here to ask me some more questions, right? You know what? You can't. You got to talk to Diane, because she landed on me like the wrath of God.

Dante: I'm not asking you any more questions.

Sonny: All right.

Dante: Fire marshal's report came in, and it was everything you said it was. Ava started that fire.

Sonny: I told you. Whatever she's going through, she did it to herself.

Bobbie: Your mother's condition is critical. She's sustained second- and third-degree burns over 50% of her body. It's a severe injury. Near-catastrophic. The next few hours will be crucial. The team is working very hard to get her stabilized.

[Monitor beeping]

Bobbie: But because she's still in the emergent phase of her wounds, the first priority is to replenish lost fluids, prevent infection, and fend off hypothermia.

Dillon: Hypothermia?

Bobbie: The skin keeps us warm and it holds in heat, and without it...

Dillon: I see.

Bobbie: [Sighs] So, once Ava's stable, the burn unit will decide on a course of action.

Dillon: What -- what type of treatment might that be?

Bobbie: It's too soon to tell. They will make an assessment, and then they'll make a determination. Like I said, right now, the focus is on getting her stabilized.

Hayden: Did I hear you say something earlier?

Finn: You look pretty. You feeling better?

Hayden: I am -- for now. So I'm gonna go home while the getting's good.

Finn: You know, you can leave some clothes here if you like. You don't always have to be rushing home in the morning.

Hayden: [Chuckles] You don't have enough room for my clothes. Trust me.

Finn: I will, soon. Escrow's about to close on the townhouse I showed you, you know? Plenty of room for you, me, and the baby.

[Monitors beeping]

Dillon: Kiki.

Kiki: What? I'm sorry.

Dillon: Are you okay?

Kiki: [Breathes deeply]

Bobbie: Of course not. It's a lot to process. Can we talk for a second?

Kiki: Yeah.

Bobbie: Great. Have you slept at all?

Dillon: She hasn't eaten or slept.

Kiki: I'm really not hungry, okay? I'm fine. Thank you.

Bobbie: Okay. All right. Is there a next of kin I can contact to help take some of the pressure off?

Kiki: I don't know. My -- my mom and my grandma don't really get along, so I don't really want to call her until we have a little more information. And I just don't -- I don't want to deal with her right now.

Dillon: And as you probably know, there's her Uncle Julian, but...

Kiki: He's not available.

Julian: What were you saying about my sister?

Jordan: I have your bail-hearing papers. I want to go over a few things.

Diane: I did not just hear that! There is no way that Julian Jerome just made bail.

Julian: Well, it's more than possible. It just happened.

Diane: May I remind you that Mr. Jerome still poses a tremendous threat to many people in Port Charles, several of whom are my clients? I suggest you confiscate his passport.

Jordan: You can release him.

Julian: [Sighs] Now you can tell me what's going on with my sister.

Dante: Ava made it through the night. She's still critical. Doctors are working around the clock on her. You could probably call in and get an update. Might get more information than I can give you.

Sonny: Not interested.

Dante: What about Avery?

Sonny: What about her? She's too young to understand, thank God.

Dante: What if Ava asks about her?

Sonny: What if -- what if Ava asks? Wh-- you -- you feel bad for Ava? After what she did to your brother?

Dante: Hold on a second. I hate what she did. And she deserves to be punished.

Sonny: Okay. Right.

Dante: Okay? But not like this. No one deserves to be burned alive.

Sonny: Well, you know what? I don't -- I don't really give a damn. It could've been Carly in the hospital. Ava threw a lamp at her, held us at gunpoint, fire spreading. She didn't care if we were gonna live or die, Dante. Why should I care what happens to her?!

Michael: You look better. You got your color back.

Nelle: When did you become a medical authority?

Michael: Oh, please. I'm a Quartermaine and I'm a Spencer. As in Bobbie Spencer, nurse extraordinaire, right? So I got this whole medical thing on lock.

Nelle: [Chuckles, coughs] Oh.

Michael: You all right? Uh, you know what? Actually, I should probably get you an actual doctor.

Nelle: No, you know, it's okay. Just -- it's just... just hurts to laugh. But laughter is the best medicine, right?

Michael: Well, professionally speaking, absolutely. But I -- I still -- I think I should get you someone with an actual degree. I'll circle back, all right?

Nelle: No, Michael, you don't have to circle back. I just -- I mean, you stayed here all night. You've already gone above and beyond for me. You've been so nice, and, you know, I appreciate everything, but... you don't have to do anything more. You know, you're off -- you're off the hook.

Diane: I have good news, and I have bad news. Which do you want first?

Alexis: I really hate that question. Just tell me.

Diane: Okay. I will tell you the good news. It'll fortify you for the bad. Direct from the New York State Bar Association.

Alexis: What does this mean?

Diane: Congratulations, Counselor. You are once again and officially a lawyer.

Alexis: [Breathes shakily] [Crying]

Diane: Aww! Oh!

Alexis: Thank you.

Jordan: I see that Scott Baldwin handed over your passport, according to the terms and conditions of your bail, and you are expected to remain inside the county until your trial is concluded.

Julian: Yeah, I've been through all this in the bail hearing.

Jordan: You are to obey the laws, Julian. One single infraction will lead to your re-incarceration. You got that?

Julian: You still didn't answer my original question -- what is going on with my sister?

Jordan: Your sister's in the hospital in critical condition.

Sonny: Here you go.

Dante: Morgan's pills -- why are you giving me those?

Sonny: Evidence -- against, uh, you know, Ava. Dr. Maddox, uh, will confirm it. He has test results that will prove that Ava switched the pills. Then you got Lucy Coe, you got the chief pharmacist at General Hospital, and Scotty Baldwin. You got to go after him, and I'll tell you why. 'Cause I got a feeling that he was helping Ava cover it up.

Dante: He's gonna claim attorney-client privilege.

Sonny: Just squeeze him a little bit. He'll sing like a canary if it saves his own skin.

Dante: I'll see what I can do.

Sonny: What does that mean?

Dante: It means it's not my case.

Sonny: Well, who do I talk to at the -- at the police department?

Dante: I don't know. Someone will call you.

Sonny: Well, they better.

Dante: Well, you got to be realistic here, Sonny.

Sonny: About what?! About -- about Ava getting prosecuted for what she did to Morgan?

Dante: The woman is in critical condition, Sonny.

Sonny: [Scoffs]

Dante: No one is in a hurry to prosecute a dead woman!

[Monitors beeping, respirator hissing]

Dillon: Kiki is definitely not alone. She's got me. For what it's worth.

Kiki: It's worth everything.

Bobbie: That's a great comfort. But, you know, we also have patient advocates and social workers who can help you make decisions about how to go forward.

Kiki: I'm sorry. What -- what decisions?

Bobbie: Well, there are many decisions about Ava's care and treatment that can come into play, and with no other family available, that's going to be left to you. You know, why don't we just... take it slow for now? I'm gonna go find a social worker who can explain things a little better. You promise me you will try to eat something?

Dillon: I'll make sure, yeah.

Bobbie: Thank you.

Kiki: [Crying]

Michael: Look, if, um... I'll clear out if -- if I'm -- this whole thing is just too much for you.

Nelle: No, I'm not -- I'm not saying that.

Michael: Okay. Then what -- what are you saying? I mean, what -- what hook am I on, and why are you letting me off?

Nelle: Don't make such a big deal out of it.

Michael: No, I'm not. Honestly, I'm just trying to understand.

Nelle: [Sighs] Okay. Okay. You're -- you're being Michael about it. You're taking care of me like you take care of everybody else.

Michael: Is that what you think?

Nelle: Am I wrong?

Michael: [Chuckles] I... I want to take care of you. Because... I care about you. Look... the first moment I knew something was wrong was when Charlotte wasn't picked up from school, and I knew you wouldn't ditch her like that, so... I went to the pier to check. And then I saw you there, lying on the floor... so still... and it scared the hell out of me.

Nelle: If you hadn't have come back for me... and found me and taken me to the hospital... it could've been a lot worse.

Michael: Yeah, I-I was in... the waiting room for a long time, because you didn't want to -- you didn't want to see me.

Nelle: Yeah, about that...

Michael: I'm assuming it was because you were trying to let me off the hook, right?

Nelle: [Sighs]

Michael: Well, look, if -- if caring about you... if liking you... is a hook... then I don't want to be off. Did that make any sense?

Nelle: It did to me.

Hayden: Are you saying we should move in together?

Finn: Um...but on many levels, it makes sense, right?

Hayden: Uh... wow. My brain's already a little foggy. I just -- I need a minute to process.

Finn: It's just a question.

Hayden: It's a huge question, with all kinds of... ramifications, and I need to consider them.

Finn: Wow. Yes. Of course. And I know you're very fond of the balance sheet, so, uh... what's -- what's there to consider?

Hayden: That we might be getting way ahead of ourselves. Living together -- that's... a larger conversation that we haven't even had.

Finn: About...our commitment.

Hayden: About our future.

Finn: Yes, I see. And... whether you think we have one.

Alexis: I swear, I never thought this day would come.

Diane: Well, it's here, baby.

Alexis: [Sighs] Not a moment too soon. I was gonna downsize and try to get a job at Kelly's.

[Both laugh]

Diane: You -- you mean, I might never again have had the pleasure of facing you as opposing counsel? [Chuckles] Worrying that your ability to sway a jury was more persuasive than mine? That your research was more extensive, your briefs certainly more convincing, your ability to cross-examine was more debilitating than mine, hmm? Damn! Why did I not keep that letter of reinstatement to myself?

Alexis: I truly don't know how to thank you. You have stood by me through everything.

Diane: You're welcome, truly.

Alexis: And I won't screw up, I promise. No more lapses and no more distractions.

Diane: Good. Well, now you are ready for the bad news.

Alexis: [Breathes deeply]

Diane: Against all odds and all rational conduct of jurisprudence... [Breathes deeply] Julian Jerome just made bail. He's out.

Nelle: Michael, I wanted to say that --

[Knock on door]

Bobbie: Excuse me. I hope I'm not interrupting. I was actually up here looking for the social worker, and I saw, Michael, still in your ball tux.

Michael: Yeah, I've -- I've been with Nelle all night. We just woke up. I was about to go find a doctor.

Bobbie: Oh, I'll do that. Nelle, your color looks better.

Nelle: See?

Bobbie: So, Michael, now that I found you, could I talk to you for a second?

Michael: Uh, yeah. Yeah, sure. Um, I'll be right back.

Nelle: Okay.

[Door closes]

Michael: So, what's up?

Bobbie: Have you talked to your mom and dad since last night?

Michael: No, I, um -- I -- I played Joss' Nurses' Ball song for Nelle, and then I turned my phone off. What, did, uh -- did something happen?

Bobbie: You should check your messages. Or better yet, go see your parents.

Michael: What -- what is this about?

Bobbie: Your brother. It's about Morgan.

Dillon: Okay. I got you your favorite smoothie. Drink it. Bobbie made me promise that you would get some nourishment.

Kiki: Thank you. It's pretty good.

[Door opens]

Kiki: How is she?

Doctor: We're managing her wounds and pain, but she's at risk for multiple complications. Do you know if your mother has a living will or advance directive?

Dillon: Whoa. Can we just focus on the treatment for now and not talk about living wills?

Kiki: It's -- it's okay. Just following procedure. Um, they need to know if my mom left instructions for her medical treatment in case she was unable to give consent. Like if she were incapacitated. So, need to know the circumstances under which to intervene to save her life... or not. Um, so, if there isn't one, then that decision... falls on me, right? Okay. Um... the thing is, I just -- I don't know if she has a living will.

Julian: I do.

Dante: Don't push this, Sonny. I'm serious. Ava's fighting for her life. Just keep your distance.

Sonny: I don't get it. It's like you forgot how and why Morgan died, like you don't care wh-- what Ava did.

Dante: Of course, I care.

Sonny: Okay. Then what's all this about, then? You keep telling me that she's fighting for her life, like you're trying to get sympathy from me. I combed every inch of that riverbank looking for your brother's body. Morgan wouldn't have been in that car if it wasn't for Ava.

Dante: Yeah, I know that.

Sonny: He got his bipolar disorder from me. I know what he went through, what kind of pain he was going through, and sh-- Ava exploited that. She drove him to have a breakdown, and it killed him! So don't you dare... don't you dare judge me, because I have no -- no care for Ava. She doesn't deserve it.

Dante: I'm not judging you. But Avery might.

Sonny: What do you mean Avery might? She's too -- she's too young. What are you talking about?

Dante: Yeah, right now she is, but one day, she's gonna be old enough, and she's gonna ask you about her mother and what happened to her and what you did to try and save her. And what are you gonna tell her?

Sonny: I don't know. I mean... I guess I'm -- I'm gonna tell her... that she had an older brother named Morgan that she doesn't remember... who had bipolar, and he fought it, and he won, and... Ava took it from him. And me and Carly, we -- we got angry, and we went to go talk to Ava, and Ava threw a -- a lamp at Carly and started a fire, and she got caught. Then I'm gonna tell her... that she's not her mother. She's her own beautiful person. And that Ava's cruelty and selfishness did not have to get passed down to her. But the most important thing I'm gonna tell her... is how much I love her. And I hope that's enough.

[Monitor beeping]

Bobbie: [Sighs] I'm sorry to disappoint you. Did the attending come by to see you?

Nelle: Yes. Thank you for letting him know.

Bobbie: Don't mention it. Well, I... I see that your kidney functions are bouncing back. And your vitals are strong.

Nelle: Should you be reading that? I mean, are -- are you my nurse now?

Bobbie: No, but I did promise Michael that I would keep an eye on you, and I always keep my promises.

Nelle: Is -- is Michael still here?

Bobbie: Nope. He was called away. Family matters. But I will be sure and give him the good news -- that your kidney is on the mend, and soon, you will be up and about.

Nelle: Sure hope so. I can't wait to get out of this hospital.

Bobbie: And out of town. That is still the plan, isn't it?

Dante: You okay, boss?

Jordan: Yep. Just that kind of morning.

Dante: Tell me about it.

Jordan: What's this?

Dante: Morgan's pills. Sonny's got proof from labs and witnesses that can substantiate his claim that Ava tampered with Morgan's medication.

Jordan: Okay. Uh... I will have someone do a follow-up, do some preliminary interviews, but right now, um, making a case against Ava Jerome isn't really gonna be a priority.

Dante: What are you talking about? She played a major role in my brother's death.

Jordan: I know. In theory, Ava should be brought to justice, but right now, she's in a burn ward in GH, which is its own kind of justice.

Sonny: Yeah, hi. I, uh... I'm trying to get an update on Ava Jerome's condition. My relationship? Well... you know what? Uh, never mind.

[Door opens, closes]

Michael: Hey, Dad?

Sonny: Hey, Michael.

Michael: Hey. Sorry. I would've come sooner. I just got your message.

Sonny: That's okay.

Michael: Okay. So, uh... Grandma Bobbie told me that you and Mom have news about Morgan.

Sonny: We know what caused Morgan's last breakdown. He wasn't getting the lithium he needed.

Michael: So, he -- he stopped taking it?

Sonny: No, he was -- he was doing everything he was supposed to do. He -- Ava tampered with his medication. She switched the lithium with a placebo.

Michael: She wanted -- she wanted him to break down?

Sonny: She was trying to sabotage Morgan. She wanted us to have him committed. That way, Kiki couldn't be anywhere near him. That was her big plan.

Michael: And it got Morgan killed.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: Julian's out on bail? Are you sure?

Diane: I saw it happening. And Jordan confirmed it.

Alexis: So, where'd he get the money? 'Cause the bail was set really, really high.

Diane: I know. I was wondering the same thing.

Alexis: Well, it's just a matter of time before we find out.

Diane: No, no, no, no, no. No. You are not to let that miserable excuse for a human being anywhere near you.

Alexis: Diane, be realistic. It's just a matter of time be-- he's probably on his way over here right now.

Diane: I doubt it. Julian has other concerns at the moment.

Kiki: How are you here?

[Monitors beeping, respirator hissing]

Julian: I made bail. I just... I just got out. How is she?

Kiki: Bad.

Julian: Can we see her?

Kiki: She's heavily sedated.

Julian: Well, she needs to know that her family's here for her.

[Knock on window]

[Door opens]

Julian: Um, sorry. Uh, I'm Ms. Jerome's brother. I would like to come in and let her know that we're here for her.

Nurse: Only one at a time, and only very briefly.

Julian: Okay. Thank you.

Nurse: You'll have to wear a gown and a hat to prevent the spread of infection.

Julian: Okay. Of course, thanks. Okay. Well, looks like we're allowed in. Um, why don't you go in first?

Kiki: I don't -- I don't want to --

Julian: No, it's okay. You know what? I'll -- I'll go first. You just stay here. Collect yourself, okay? It's gonna be okay, Kiki. Your mother's strong. Okay? She'll be all right.

[Door opens, closes]

Dillon: I'm sorry about that.

Kiki: About what?

Dillon: Your Uncle Julian. You've been here all night, he just comes in, takes over, he wants to go in first?

Kiki: No, it's fine.

Dillon: No, it's not. I'm gonna say something to him.

Kiki: No, I don't want to see her, okay? I can't see her.

Hayden: Well, judging from our morning, we already have a future together, no matter where we live.

Finn: You know what I mean. You know, unless -- unless you were planning on raising the baby -- our baby -- without my involvement?

Hayden: I'm not trying to cut you out of your child's life.

Finn: But you're not expecting me to be there on the daily, diaper-changing basis. Is that it?

Hayden: I was going with that scenario, yes.

Finn: Why? Why? Because, you know, I told you I would support you no matter what you decided to do.

Hayden: Yeah, well, saying you'll go along with what I decide isn't exactly a declaration that you're all-in. I can't take for granted that you're up for the challenges of fatherhood or...partnerhood.

Finn: Uh, partnerhood? Is that even a word?

Hayden: It is! It is now. You see, this is what I meant when I said that you were jumping the gun. Talking about the three of us, like, living together, like we're some sort of family or something.

Finn: Well, what if we are? What's wrong with that? What's better than family? That's what I want -- with you. There. Is that a big enough declaration for you? You, me, and the baby -- let's be a family.

Hayden: Why didn't you say so in the first place?


Nelle: Bobbie, whether I stay or go isn't any of your business. And do you mind putting my chart back down? You're making me really nervous.

Bobbie: I'm just keeping an eye on you, especially since your well-being directly affects my family's.

Nelle: Why is that?! I mean, I'm the one in this hospital bed recovering from an injury to the only kidney that I've got.

Bobbie: [Sighs] We will always be grateful to you for your sacrifice. And that's why I'm going to give you some sincere advice. I can see that you and Michael have connected, and maybe that's what you both needed to do for closure. But now that you've gotten it, your presence here will only complicate his life. And, frankly, my dear, I don't think it's going to work for you, either.

Nelle: Bobbie, I'm not trying to cause your family any more pain, all right? Especially Michael.

Bobbie: Then follow your instinct to leave Port Charles. A fresh start is what you need. We all do.

Diane: So, when the fire department finally reached her, she was badly burned. From what I understand, she's in intensive care.

Alexis: Does Julian know?

Diane: I'm sure Jordan told him.

Alexis: Well, he must be devastated.

Diane: Don't. Alexis --

Alexis: Don't what?

Diane: You know perfectly well "don't what." You stay away from Julian.

Alexis: You stay out of my head.

Diane: Your head is the last place I want to be right now. Unfortunately, it's sitting there right across from me being incredibly stupid. So let me refresh its memory. Julian Jerome is the reason you lost your law license in the first place, and he is the reason you almost didn't get it back. Now that you've got it back, please don't blow this second chance.

Alexis: I said I wouldn't.

Diane: Well, there's only one possible way to make certain of that. You keep your distance from Julian, or I will lock you in a closet!

Julian: I'm sorry I couldn't be here sooner. But, uh... [Voice breaking] I'm here now, and Kiki's here with me. Your family's here. We're not going anywhere.

[Monitor beeping, respirator hissing]

Dillon: Kiki, Kiki, wait. Look, I know that you are scared, okay? But you have got to be strong for Ava. I will be strong for you.

Kiki: No, you don't get it, okay? It's not about the way that she looks. It's about who she is. I can't face her. [Voice breaking] If this is true, what she did to Morgan, she put him in that car, she -- he spiraled because of her!

Dillon: Maybe that's not the whole story, Kiki. That is your mom. You cannot turn your back on your mom... unless you know for sure why you are doing it.

Michael: I can't even process this. So, Ava's been walking around this entire time acting like nothing happened, keeping her mouth shut, knowing what she'd done to Morgan?

Sonny: It's unthinkable, son.

Michael: We've been carrying all this guilt, wondering what we could've done differently, thinking that we failed him.

Sonny: Only a monster could've done what Ava has done to this family.

Michael: Kiki must be a wreck.

Sonny: Look, she's better off without her. Ava destroyed Morgan in her name. She killed Connie and went on like business as usual just like she did with Morgan. She deserves to burn in hell.

Michael: Okay. So -- so... Ava's at GH right now. I -- what's her status?

Sonny: Last thing I heard, she... they don't know if she's gonna make it.

Michael: Okay. If she does --

Sonny: What?

Michael: If she does make it, Dad, are you going to... intervene?

Sonny: You too? Dante came in here earlier trying to get me to have sympathy for her. I can't -- that's not happening.

Michael: That's not what I'm doing. I don't have any sympathy for Ava! All I'm asking, Dad, is, are you... do you want her dead?

Sonny: Leave it alone, Michael. No, you're gonna do -- you're gonna do whatever you want to do. I understand that. But whatever you decide, just... think about the price we're all gonna have to pay for it. I -- I love you, Dad.

Hayden: Instead of talking about living together, why didn't you just tell me you wanted us to be a family?

Finn: 'Cause I'm a little scared, too. [Chuckles] I don't want to admit it, but there it is.

Hayden: And I'm not?

Finn: This is big. Uh... I mean, I -- I've only ever had to take care of Roxy. What is that? I don't know if I'm cut out to be a parent.

Hayden: Are you kidding me? Do I strike you as the maternal type? I-I-I cringe when someone asks me to hold their baby. I didn't even have dolls as a child.

Finn: How can you compare yourself to -- to me? I'm an addict.

Hayden: No, you're not.

Finn: I'll always be an addict.

Hayden: A recovering addict.

Finn: I might bring you down. Isn't that what your sister said?

Hayden: You're not using anymore. You got through it. And I have faith that you're gonna keep getting through it. Don't you have faith in yourself?

Finn: Some. I... I have more faith in you. You got me through it.

Hayden: Finn... I'm not looking at life through rose-colored glasses. I haven't forgotten our challenges. But I also haven't forgotten how you risked your own life to save mine... and how you gave up what could've been your fortune to save GH. You're a good man. And you're gonna be a really good father.

Finn: I don't know about me, but... I know you're gonna make an amazing mother, because... [Sighs] You're just amazing. So, what are you -- what are you saying? Are we, um... are we doing this?

Hayden: Looks like it. God help us.


Nelle: If I didn't know any better... I'd think that you actually gave a damn about me. But I know you don't.

Bobbie: Believe it or not, I'm trying to do you a favor.

Nelle: Mm. No, you're trying to get rid of me. And if you don't mind, I'm getting tired.

Bobbie: I was once in your position -- young, cocky, and determined to get what I wanted no matter what. Don't make the same mistake I did -- mistaking decency for interest. Michael may say he cares for you, but that translates to pity. Nothing more.

[Monitor beeping]

Jordan: I'm concerned that we're on the brink of a mob war. Have you talked to your father?

Dante: Yeah, he wants to prosecute Ava. Doesn't know Julian's been released yet. He's not gonna like that very much.

Jordan: Yeah. Well, we can imagine how Julian's gonna react when he learns how his sister was injured.

Dante: Fire marshal cleared Sonny. Wasn't his fault.

Jordan: You really think that's gonna stop Julian from seeking payback?

Dante: No. [Sighs] But I know someone who might.

Julian: [Sighing] [Sniffles]

[Footsteps approaching]

Alexis: Julian?

[Telephone ringing]

Sonny: Max, what's going on? Yeah, send her up. [Sighs] Kiki, come on in. What do you want to see me about?

Kiki: I need to know the truth about my mother.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Anna (to Lulu): I have been given the orders to arrest Valentin.

Valentin: Who do I talk to about getting out of here?

Nathan (to Amy): I can't be a cop by day and an advice columnist by night.

Julian (to Alexis): I'm surprised to see you here.

Kristina (to Carly): I don't care that Ava is suffering.

Kiki (to Sonny): Knowing what my mom did, I can't forgive her.

Griffin (to Ava): I'm afraid you've been in a pretty severe accident.

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