GH Transcript Wednesday 5/31/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/31/17


Episode #13817 ~ Sonny wonders if he should have done things differently; Nina is shaken; Curtis takes the high road.

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Curtis: Okay. Now.

[Curtis & Jordan chuckle]

Curtis: That wa- I'm... quite po-- quite poss-- R-Right? Like-- [Exhales sharply]

Jordan: I mean, are you -- are you having a heart attack, a stroke? What's going on? "A stroke"?

[Both chuckle]

Curtis: Well, if I am, it's because of you.

Jordan: Thank you.

Curtis: Yeah.

Jordan: That was... amazing.

Curtis: You know, I never thought it would happen. [Chuckles]

Jordan: Well, you know I had to make you work for it a little bit, right?

Curtis: [Scoffing]

Jordan: I mean... what, you thought I was playing hard-to-get?

Curtis: Yeah. And, yeah, you did more than play. [Chuckles]

Jordan: I just -- I had to figure out a lot of things. I had to... figure out us -- this.

Curtis: Hmm. "This." Speaking of this...

Jordan: Mm-hmm?

Curtis: Was this as good for you as it was for me?

Jordan: [Chuckles]

[Elevator doors open]

Nathan: Was anybody exposed?

Anna: No, no. Thank God, no. The canister was never opened.

Nathan: Well, where is it now?

Destroyed. Under my personal supervision. It's done.

[Monitor beeping]

Valentin: [Exhales sharply] You're okay.

Nina: [Softly] Yeah. Never better. I wish I could say the same for you.

Valentin: [Groans]

Nina: They're prepping the OR. You're going in for surgery.

Valentin: I should have ducked.

Nina: You saved my life. And those men shot you for it.

Valentin: [Chuckles] Oh, Nina. Will you promise me, not matter what... you'll remember I love you?

Nina: What do you mean, "no matter what"?

Laura: Hi. Elizabeth called us, so we know that Jake is all right, but --

Anna: Yes. He's fine.

Laura: We don't have any of the details, though.

Anna: Well, you know, complex situation. Which is contained.

Laura: So, no one was hurt?

Anna: Uh... yeah, I just found out that, um, Valentin was shot. He's in surgery.

Kiki: Hey, Mom, it's me. I was just calling to check in 'cause you were acting really weird tonight when we saw you in the lobby. So I just wanted to make sure everything's okay. Um, call me back.

Dillon: Yo.

Kiki: [Gasps] Hi.

Dillon: Hi.

Kiki: Mmm!

Dillon: I come bearing gifts.

Kiki: Mmm.

Dillon: Because I cannot stand the thought of you drinking this... vending-machine coffee.

Kiki: [Chuckles] Thank you. I'm probably gonna need it. Tonight's gonna be a long one. The ER just sent up a severely-injured patient to the burn unit.

Dillon: They have you working in the burn unit?

Kiki: Oh, no. No, that's far above my level of expertise. But they're pulling in extra staff, which means that nurses' aides like me are gonna have to pick up the extra weight.

Dante: Just heard from the hospital. Ava's in critical condition. Nothing?

Sonny: You wanted our statement. We already gave it to you.

Dante: You want to call Diane?

Sonny: I hope it's not necessary.

Carly: We have nothing to hide.

Dante: Okay. How'd you end up at Ava Jerome's warehouse?

Sonny: [Sighs] We went to confront Ava about what she did to Morgan.

Dante: What did she do to Morgan?

Carly: She replaced his lithium with placebos. She drove him into the manic spiral that led to his death.

Nina: There's no "no matter what." You're gonna be okay.

Valentin: No, not that.

[Monitor beeping]

Valentin: You're gonna find out that I've done some things.

Nina: [Sighing] Yeah. I know everything I need to know. You love me. You love me enough to sing a song to me in front of a ballroom of people. [Chuckles] Enough to save my life. And I love you. And that's all that matters.

Valentin: Do you remember when I said before I was a father --

Nina: Stop it, stop it, stop it. Come on. All that needs to happen now is you need to get okay. You just need to be okay. All right? Charlotte and I are depending on you.

Valentin: Charlotte. Will you go to Charlotte?

Nina: No, no, no. I'm gonna stay here until -- at least until you go into the surgery.

Valentin: No, no, no. She needs you more than I need you.

Nina: Okay, all right. Okay, I'll do that. But when I come back, you're gonna be awake, right? You're gonna wake up? Or you're never gonna hear the end of it. All right?

Valentin: Okay.

Lulu: Valentin sold this toxin -- the Chimera -- to Helena?

Anna: Mm.

Laura: Why would he do that, though? The only thing I actually believe about him is that he loathes Helena.

Anna: He was a fugitive at the time, you know, and he needed money for surgery. It was decades ago. He just assumed that Helena had died without ever using the toxin. But she had literally programmed Jake to set it off. It's... [Scoffs]

Lulu: So, if Jake had opened the canister tonight?

Anna: We would all have been exposed. Charlotte, Emma, all of us. But that didn't happen. How are the girls?

Lulu: They're asleep. They were really worried -- and weirded out, but we calmed them down.

Anna: Thanks. Can I leave Emma here tonight? I have some things I got to finish.

Laura: Of course.

Anna: Thank you.

Lulu: Oh, Anna, um... what should I tell Charlotte about her father?

Anna: Uh, ooh, I... I'll -- I'll just go to the hospital and find out, and then, uh -- can I just text you about that?

Laura: Anna. What about Valentin's involvement in what happened tonight?

Anna: You know, why don't you just tell Charlotte that... her father was very brave. It's just really too soon to say anything else.

[Door closes]

Nathan: Nina, hey.

Nina: Hey. Oh. I was gonna text you. I was gonna text you. I have to go get Charlotte.

Nathan: Hey, take -- take a breath, all right? Are you okay?

Nina: No, mnh-mnh. But thank you for asking.

Nathan: [Scoffs] Yeah, well, what are little brothers for?

Nina: You were my rock tonight -- I really appreciate it -- and the reason I'm still standing.

[Elevator dings]

Nina: I have to get Charlotte.

Nathan: N-Nina, wait up. Wait. Wait. I have to talk -- I have to talk to you, okay? It's about Valentin.

Nina: What about Valentin?

Nathan: It's about his involvement in the Chimera project, okay? There's a lot you don't know.

Nina: Um, you know what? I-I really want to know, but you have to tell me later, 'cause Charlotte's a priority, okay?

Nathan: Okay.

Jordan: This was better than I thought it was gonna be.

Curtis: That's only due to the limitations of your imagination.

Jordan: No, actually, uh, my expectations were pretty high.

Curtis: And I exceeded them?

Jordan: [Laughs] Yes. Yes, you were amazing. You are a bedroom god. You were --

Curtis: [Scoffs]

Jordan: Yes, you've ruined me for all men on the planet.

[Both laugh]

Curtis: If I had a quarter...

Jordan: Truth is, I... I just feel so blessed and so grateful right now.

Curtis: Honey, if you think you're grateful now, you wait till I get a chance to do all the things I want to do to you.

Jordan: Really?

Curtis: Mm-hmm.

Jordan: Do tell.

Curtis: Even if it takes all night... I am gonna render you speechless.

Kiki: Hey, is it just me, or did you think that my mom was acting kind of strangely tonight?

Dillon: When she was leaving the Nurses' Ball? Yes.

Kiki: Like, telling me she was "so proud of the person I'm becoming" and that all she's ever wanted was my happiness?

Dillon: Yeah. I mean, if it was anybody else's mom, I would say she's just being a mom, but --

Kiki: But my mom is not that kind of mom.

Dillon: Right.

Kiki: Yeah. It was like she was really intense, but at the same time, she was kind of distracted.

Dillon: What do you think it was about?

Kiki: I wish I knew. I don't know, I called and I left her a message, but she hasn't called me back yet. But, you know, with my mom, she's probably just caught up in something.

Dante: Ava tampered with Morgan's medication?

Sonny: Mm-hmm. Yep. [Exhales]

Dante: You know this for certain?

Sonny: Yep.

Dante: You got proof?

Sonny: [Scoffs]

Carly: She admitted it.

Dante: Before or after Sonny pulled his gun on her?

Sonny: I didn't pull my gun out on her. But she sure pulled out hers.

Dante: How'd you know how to find Ava?

Sonny: Baldwin said she was running away. And she needed a fake ID, needed money. I-I knew she was too smart to leave it at her apartment or the gallery, so the last place was the warehouse.

Dante: And what'd you find when you got there?

Carly: Uh, the place was dark. It was dark. The front door was -- was open. I'm assuming that's because Ava was in a hurry. And when you first walked in that place, it's like a maze. Behind that is the warehouse. That's where we found Ava, with this kerosene lamp sitting next to her. It was...

Dante: Is that how the fire was started?

Sonny: No, what started the fire was when Ava threw a lamp at Carly.

Curtis: As soon as you're able to communicate again, you let me know what you want to do about dinner.

Jordan: I can't even believe you're thinking about food right now.

Curtis: Mnh-mnh. Too presumptuous?

Jordan: [Chuckles] Well, clearly, not too presumptuous.


Anna: Oh, hey.

Nathan: Hey.

Anna: Yeah. How's Valentin?

Nathan: They just took him into surgery now.

Anna: Okay.

Nathan: So...I guess this is that, uh, "classified" business that you and your sister were talking about in that room at the airport.

Anna: Yeah. [Sighs] So, mm, decades ago, Alex -- she persuaded Valentin to steal the Chimera.

Nathan: Mm-hmm.

Anna: Which he did. Um, and they had a falling out. And he took off, disappeared. So, fast forward, the last couple of months, she's been impersonating me again to find out what Valentin did with it.

Nathan: What did Valentin do with it?

Anna: He sold it. To Helena Cassadine. Who, in her last act, she somehow managed to program little Jake Webber to set if off, and he almost did. But Jason and Elizabeth, they -- they got through to him. You know, they talked him down.

Nathan: And that's how you got your hands on the weapon?

Anna: Right. Well, actually, no. In then end, it was Valentin who gave it to me.

Lulu: I just have so many thoughts colliding in my head right now -- the main one being that Valentin is in surgery.

Laura: Yeah. I know what you're thinking. Don't judge yourself, all right? Because, if Valentin were to drop off the face of the earth right now...

Lulu: Or end up underneath it?

Laura: ...It would be the end of all your problems. Right? I mean, you'd be the sole surviving parent. You and Dante would have her, no questions asked.

Lulu: We really would.

Laura: I know. More importantly, your brother's murderer would finally get what he has coming to him. So, look, if he doesn't pull through, you have nothing to feel guilty about.

Lulu: It's just... Charlotte loves him. To her, he's "Papa." She'd be so devastated if anything happened to him. I don't want to see her go through that kind of pain.

Laura: Yeah. No, of course not. No mother would.

[Doorbell rings]

Lulu: Oh. Maybe Anna has an update already. Nina.

Dante: Did anything of significance occur before Ava threw the lamp at Carly?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. We called her out for destroying our son.

Dante: Did it get physical?

Sonny: We didn't lay a hand on her, no.

Carly: Ava admitted that she switched the pills, okay? That she did it because she wanted Morgan to have a breakdown, we'd have to recommit him, and that would keep Morgan away from Kiki.

Dante: That's it? That's why she messed with Morgan's sanity? To stop him from dating her daughter?

Carly: Yeah, and I keep going over this over and over again. Because if -- if Ava's plan had worked, Morgan would be in Freedman, over-medicated, on medication he didn't need, blaming himself for a breakdown he didn't cause. But he'd still be alive.

Dante: Well, it sounds like a motive for murder.

Carly: Oh, come on!

Sonny: Why would I -- why would I kill that bitch in a way that could be traced back to me?

Carly: [Sighs]

Sonny: We -- I talked to Dr. Maddox. We spoke to, uh, Lucy Coe and bal-- I even talked to you about Ava. If Ava died, then I would be the prime suspect. Why would I do that to myself? Why would I do that to my kids? Ava's miserable life is not worth the trouble.

Dante: So, what were you gonna do? Just confront her about what she did to Morgan and let her go?

Sonny: Absolutely, Dante.

Dante: Then why'd she throw the lamp?

Carly: Because I called her out, okay? I called her a bully. And I told her to pick on someone her own size. And I dared Ava to come after me, and she freaked out and she threw the lamp. Not only is she a monster, Ava Jerome is a coward.

Kiki: I have a theory why my mom's acting so weird. I just hope she hasn't gotten her hopes up.

Dillon: About...?

Kiki: Avery. My mom seems to think that, because Sonny and Carly are divorcing, that Carly is gonna be out of Avery's life and that Sonny's gonna lighten up on the custody arrangement.

Dillon: And what do you think?

Kiki: Um, you know, I don't see Sonny ever giving my mom more access to Avery. And when she realizes that, she's just gonna get all wound up again.

Dillon: Okay, um, Kiki... [Chuckles] I just want you to know, it is not your job to fix your mom, okay? She has done this to herself. I don't think you could fix it even if you tried.

Kiki: You're right. I just can't get drawn in again.

Epiphany: Kiki. I saw that you were on the schedule for tonight.

Kiki: Epiphany, hi.

Dillon: I just came by to give her a thermos of coffee. I should probably be going now, so...

Epiphany: No, I think you better stay. Um, Kiki, I have, uh... [Sighs] ...Some bad news.

Nina: Good. Uh, I just wanted to know, um, how's Charlotte?

Lulu: Um, she's sleeping like an angel.

Nina: Good.

Lulu: Come in.

[Door closes]

Laura: We -- we heard that Valentin was shot.

Nina: Yeah. Uh, listen... I know my husband isn't your favorite person. But with whatever happened, I want you to know that Charlotte's father is a hero.

Lulu: Oh. You really don't know, do you?

Nina: I don't know what?

Laura: Uh, Nina... [Sighs] This j-- everything that happened tonight, it -- it was actually set into motion by Valentin.

Anna: While I'm making these arrangements for the WSB, for them to come pick up the Chimera, and -- and Valentin decides that he's gonna handle it himself. All right, so he takes Jake's little magic box that's got the canister inside.

Nathan: For all you know, he was planning to sell it.

Anna: That's what I thought, right? But now we're having this argument about what's gonna happen to the Chimera, and then he gets a phone call from your sister, saying that she's being held hostage and that these guys want the toxin. But he gives it to me instead.

Nathan: So he risks Nina's life.

Anna: No, no, no. No. I mean, he's gonna try to rescue her. But -- but he's equally invested in getting this thing destroyed. So, while he goes off to outwit the guys that have got Nina -- and ultimately get himself shot... [Sighs] ...I go to a WSB facility, where, finally, mercifully, I get this thing annihilated. So, we're done. The Chimera is no longer a threat to anyone.

Curtis: Here's to you, Jordan Ashford. Don't you ever, ever, ever stop challenging me.

Jordan: Okay. And here's to you -- the hot bad boy who's exactly as much trouble as he is worth. And, you know, if you ever want to take a break from challenging me, then, you know, you can go right ahead.

Curtis: [Laughs]

Jordan: 'Cause...yeah.

[Cell phone chimes]

Curtis: [Groans] No, no, no! [Groans] Ugh!

Jordan: Okay, okay. Yes, yes, yes. Come here. Oh, no. It's, uh -- it's Anna Devane.

Curtis: Anna? Seriously? What has Anna done for you, besides get you in trouble?

Jordan: Uh, she's the one that told me to go for it with you. So, I don't know what you're talking about.

Curtis: Oh, well, you know, carry on.

Jordan: [Scoffs] I got to go to work.

Curtis: Whoa, whoa. Hold up. Hold up. What about dinner?

Jordan: I got to go to work. I'm sorry. I... damn! This text says it's a "classified event," which...

Curtis: All right, I got it. Work can't wait. But for the record? I so hate letting you go.

Jordan: Mm. Well, I promise... that I...will make it up to you.

Curtis: Promise?

Sonny: When Ava threw the lamp at Carly, she had to move out of the way, and she fell.

Carly: I wasn't hurt. I was just stunned.

Sonny: I know that. But she -- but -- Ava used the distraction to pull out her gun and have us sit there and listen to some self-justifying garbage about how it was our fault that Morgan died.

Carly: [Scoffs]

Dante: Your fault?

Sonny: According to Ava, we're not good parents. If we were, we should've seen that -- that Morgan's lithium wasn't working and had him committed.

Dante: Well, that sounds like Ava -- ready and willing to blame anyone but herself.

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: Anyway, by the time the fire spread, Ava was on one side of it, we were on the other.

Sonny: We couldn't listen to this garbage anymore, so I said to Ava, "we're leaving. You want to shoot us in the back to stop us, go ahead."

Dante: Did you know, at the time, that she was trapped in there?

Sonny: Uh... she didn't -- she didn't seem worried. There was a back door.

Dante: Why didn't she use it?

Sonny: I don't know.

Carly: Sonny and I were trying to find our own way out of a burning building -- in the dark -- with a cell phone flashlight. We really weren't thinking about Ava's escape route.

Epiphany: Ordinarily, the police would be the ones to notify you. But, uh, these are special circumstances. You're working right here in this hospital, and I have no intentions of giving you the official run-around.

Kiki: About what? What's going on?

Epiphany: The burn patient that they brought up from the ER is your mother.

Curtis: [Scoffs] [Grunts] Okay. [Opens door]

Grace: Curtis.

Curtis: Grace. What brings you to Port Chuck?

Grace: I'm interviewing with a marketing firm here.

Curtis: [Sighs] Is that right?

Grace: Yeah.

Curtis: All right.

Grace: What are you doing in a hotel? Is the room-service menu really that good here?

Curtis: I think so. But, um, suffice it to say that I didn't dine alone.

Grace: Hmm. So, are you and your new dining companion exclusive? Or do you want to grab a drink with me?

Jordan: Hey, I got here as soon as I could. So, fill me in. Tell me about this "classified event."

Anna: Well, the weapon in question -- code name "Chimera" -- has been neutralized, so we're done.

Jordan: How did it wind up in Port Charles in the first place?

Anna: Helena Cassadine acquired it, and somehow, before her death, she programmed little Jake Webber to set it off -- which, fortunately, didn't happen.

Jordan: Okay, so, that's it?

Anna: You need to know that Valentin Cassadine sold it to Helena in the first place... after my sister got him to steal it for her.

Laura: Okay, so you know that the canister that Jake had at the Nurses' Ball had a biotoxin in it. I guess the code name for this is "Chimera."

Lulu: Anna was here earlier. She told us everything.

Laura: Right. But what you don't know... is that Valentin stole that biotoxin from the WSB years ago.

Lulu: And he sold it to Helena Cassadine.

Nina: Mnh-mnh. That makes no sense, because he hated Helena.

Laura: And that was my first reaction, too. And, actually, Anna said that, at the time, he was a fugitive. And I guess he needed the money for some kind of surgery.

Nina: Okay, so, say this is -- say this is right. Just say that this -- this Chimera, that he did sell it to Helena, but --

Laura: Right. He did.

Nina: That was decades ago.

Lulu: But Valentin knew how dangerous it was. He also knew that Helena was crazy enough to use it -- and she did. She literally programmed poor, little Jake to set it off at the Nurses' Ball.

Laura: Emma and Charlotte were standing right next to him. They would've been the first to be exposed.

Kiki: My mom is in the burn unit? Are you sure it's her?

Epiphany: We're sure.

Kiki: Oh, my God. How bad is she?

Epiphany: Um, we're still evaluating her.

Kiki: I have to see her!

Epiphany: Uh, uh, I'm sorry. Y-you can't. The risk of infection is too high.

Kiki: Well, how could you possibly know that if you're still evaluating her?! How can you possibly know what the risks are?!

Dillon: Okay, okay, okay. Slow down. Slow down. Let's just take it one step at a time. This is a lot to process, okay? Can you tell us anything about Ava's condition?

Epiphany: Your mother has, uh, second- and third-degree burns over 50% of her body.

Kiki: [Voice breaking] So, you're saying she could die?

Epiphany: [Sighs]

Carly: Look, we got turned around trying to find the entrance. It was dark in there. That place is like a maze. It's amazing that Sonny and I found our way out.

Dante: What about Ava?

Sonny: We heard her calling, but if we'd gone back to help, we all die.

Carly: We called 911 the second we got out, and we reported the fire.

Dante: Would you have gone back for her if you had the chance to?

Sonny: Does it really matter? She started the fire, Dante! She trapped herself.

Grace: Come on, Curtis. One drink. What do you say?

Curtis: I'm gonna have to decline. Look, I really don't want to mess things up with my dinner companion.

Grace: Is that right? Well, then, whoever she is, she must be something else.

Curtis: You've got that right.

Grace: Good. I'm happy for you.

Curtis: [Scoffs] No, you're not.

Grace: [Chuckles] Wish me luck tomorrow. We might end up being neighbors.

Jordan: Okay, so, your identical twin sister left you in a drug-induced coma for the last two months?

Anna: Oh, God.

Jordan: Is that right?

Anna: When you put it like that, it's more embarrassing than anything.

Jordan: How are -- how are you doing? I mean, what about your blood condition?

Anna: I'm fine, yeah. Somehow, Alex managed to have my PV treated the whole time I was out.

Jordan: Well, that's good.

Anna: Yeah.

Jordan: Yay, sisterhood.

Anna: Yay.

Jordan: Yay.

Anna: Anyway, I'm back. And Chimera is destroyed. And, other than Valentin, no one was hurt, so...

Nathan: Hey.

Jordan: Hey.

Nathan: I got an update on Valentin's surgery.

Anna: Did he make it?

Lulu: I know that this is difficult to hear, but Anna told us the truth about Valentin.

Nina: Oh, Anna told you the truth? Oh, okay, well... well, we all know that Anna's version of the truth isn't really the truth at all, because we all know how objective she is where Valentin is concerned.

Laura: Yeah, but she did say there were mitigating circumstances. She did. But the point is, Nina, if Valentin hadn't sold the biotoxin to Helena, then no one, not -- the children included -- would have been at risk tonight.

Valentin: I love you, Nina. You've transformed my life. You've made me happier than I've ever been -- happier than I deserve to be.

Nina: Hmm? Why do you say that?

Valentin: [Sighs] Well... when I left the WSB, I was a bad, bad man. Did some bad, bad things. You're gonna find out that I've done some --

Nina: I know everything I need to know. You love me. Enough to save my life. And I love you. And that's all that matters.

Valentin: Do you remember when I said before I was a father --

Nina: Stop it, stop it. Oh, my God. It was Valentin. It was him.

Sonny: Dante said we're free to go.

Carly: [Sighs] Yeah. I just, um, need a minute to think. I... [Sighs]

Sonny: What are you thinking?

Carly: Just, maybe we shouldn't have talked to the police without Diane.

Sonny: We didn't do anything wrong, Carly.

Carly: What if it comes down to Ava's word against ours, assuming she survives?

Sonny: The -- the evidence backs us up. They're gonna trace the -- the path of the fire, where it started, and they'll figure out by the way the lamp broke that Ava threw it. She did it to herself.

Carly: I know. I know. I --

Sonny: Okay. Well, then, after what she did to Morgan, I don't want you to waste any more compassion on her.

Epiphany: The burn unit here is first-rate. Your mother is getting the very best care. Do you understand? Okay, I have to get back. But I will update you as soon as I hear more.

Kiki: Epiphany? Will you tell her I love her?

Epiphany: First thing.

Kiki: How did this happen? Why? I don't understand.

Dillon: Dante. I'm glad you're here. Can you please tell us what's going on with Kiki's mom?

Dante: Well, I just checked in with the doctor. They're trying to stabilize your mother.

Kiki: But how did this happen? She said that there was an emergency at the gallery. If there was a fire, why would she run inside?

Dante: Uh, she didn't. The fire wasn't at her gallery, it was in a warehouse. It happened during a confrontation with Sonny and Carly.

Kiki: A confrontation about what? About Avery?

Dante: No, it wasn't about Avery. Kiki, there's no real easy way to tell you this. The confrontation Sonny and Carly had with your mother was about her involvement in Morgan's death.

Carly: The last thing I feel for Ava is compassion. She certainly didn't have any for Morgan. That, I know. [Sighs]

Sonny: I keep thinking about him. Taking his lithium and thinking that everything's working out, and -- and his own mind has turned against him.

Carly: [Sighs]

Sonny: I mean, Ava -- Ava -- she doesn't even have a clue how much she put our son through. But I-I do. You do. I don't really -- I don't really care that's she's going through this hell.

Carly: There isn't one part of me that wants to let this go.

Sonny: [Exhales sharply] I know.

Carly: [Sniffles] Okay. All right. So, um...what do we do if she lives?

Sonny: Well, we just, uh, we hope that she gets charged and tried for what she did to Morgan. And Lucy Coe, with what she saw, and -- and Baldwin, with what he knows, I'm sure they can put her away.

Carly: It's not gonna bring Morgan back.

Sonny: No. No, but... we have no more questions. [Voice breaking] We finally know why he died.

Carly: I thought it would lessen the grief. [Breathes shakily] I need to go. [Sniffles] You know, I do, um... I mean, I know Josslyn's asleep at my mom's. I really need to talk to her about this, and figure out how I tell Josslyn about all that went down. [Scoffs]

Sonny: Yeah, I got to go see Avery, 'cause, you know, she's... it's great that she's a little girl -- she doesn't know...

Carly: No.

Sonny: ...Or understand.

Carly: Will you give her a hug from me? You take care of yourself.

Sonny: Yeah. You, too.

Kiki: My mother had nothing to do with Morgan's death. That was her sister Olivia who planted the bomb that killed him.

Dante: This wasn't about the bomb. It's about what made Morgan get in Julian's car in the first place. I'm sure you recall his behavior changed a little bit in the weeks leading up to his death.

Kiki: Yeah, he was...backsliding, I guess. He was getting more volatile, out of control.

Dante: Yeah, that's because he wasn't getting the lithium he needed to manage his bipolar disorder.

Kiki: Um, yeah. Yeah, I -- I had a feeling that he wasn't on his medication. But...what does that have to do with my mom?

Dante: Well, your mother replaced his lithium pills with placebos.

Kiki: No. No, I-I think you're mistaken.

Dante: No, I'm not, Kiki. Your mother admitted it to Sonny and Carly, and there's evidence. She caused the manic spiral that led to Morgan's death.

Kiki: Oh, my God. My God. [Sobbing] Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Dillon: Come on. It's okay. I got you.

Kiki: No!

Dillon: I got you.

Kiki: No! No! No!

Nina: You asked me before if Valentin ever told me anything about the Chimera, and he never did. Ever. But...he did say that there was something about his past that he regretted.

Lulu: Not enough to do anything about it.

Laura: Lulu, don't.

Lulu: No. Valentin knew that Helena had this thing. Why didn't h-he warn somebody? Or go get it himself? He just left it out there like a ticking bomb for Helena to use against our children! [Scoffs]

Nina: Um... I-I would appreciate if you didn't tell Charlotte about any of it.

Lulu: [Stammers] You think I don't know that?! Yes, I-I want custody of Charlotte. And I want to get her away from Valentin, but I didn't want it to go down like this!

Nina: Um, I need to go. Just... I -- I'll have somebody call you about Valentin's prognosis, okay?

[Door opens]

[Monitor beeping]

Valentin: Nina?

Anna: No.

Valentin: How's Charlotte? Is she okay?

Anna: She's fine. She's sleeping over at Lulu's with Emma.

Valentin: Nina?

Anna: I don't know. I haven't seen her.

Valentin: [Sighs]

Anna: In case you're interested, the bullet passed straight through. None of your vital organs were affected. You're gonna hurt like hell for a few days, but on the whole, you're... pretty lucky.

Valentin: How am I lucky? I don't feel lucky. What about the Chimera?

Anna: It's destroyed.

Valentin: Are you sure?

Anna: Absolutely, yes. It's -- I supervised it personally.

Valentin: Good.

Anna: The WSB has Alex in custody. She's going to tell them you stole the Chimera. You will be charged with treason, among other crimes, and shipped to the ICC in The Hague. And from there, to a Supermax. Probably for the rest of your life.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Diane (to Alexis): You are once again, and officially, a lawyer.

Hayden (to Finn): We might be getting way ahead of ourselves.

Michael (to Nelle): I want to take care of you.

Jordan (to Julian): Your sister's in the hospital in critical condition.

Sonny (to Dante): You feel bad for Ava?

Bobbie (to Dillon): The focus is on getting her stabilized.

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