GH Transcript Tuesday 5/23/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 5/23/17


Episode #13812 ~ The 2017 Nurses' Ball begins at the Metro Court; Scott begs Ava not to tempt fate; Nathan's evening takes a positive turn; Bobbie tells a white lie about Nelle's progress.

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[Cheers and applause]

Mario: Good evening, everyone. I'm Mario Lopez coming to you live from the red carpet at the 2017 GH Nurses' Ball. With me this evening is the lovely Nina Reeves, Editor-in-Chief of Crimson magazine. Nina, you look incredible tonight.

Nina: Thank you. Thank you so much. It's so great to have you here this year.

Mario: Thank you. It's my pleasure to be here. I'm excited to be covering arrivals at the beautiful Metro Court hotel.

Nina: Yes, yes. And in mere moments, we're going to have the crème de la crème of Port Charles walk this red carpet, so don't touch your remote, because you'll miss all the glitz and glamour.

Mario: The rich, the famous.

Nina: Yeah, oh, and most importantly, the generous and the heroes.

Mario: Yes.

Sam: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Wait a minute. What's going on? You haven't been the same since the nightmare.

Jason: Yeah, I know.

Jake: Dad! Sam!

Jason: Hey, buddy.

Sam: Hey. Wow. You look dapper.

Jason: You do.

Jake: Thanks. What do you think of my pocket hankie?

Jason: I think it looks good.

Elizabeth: That's what we told him.

Jake: But I was thinking I should try a different color.

Franco: Let me ask you. Did you bring any extras?

Jake: Did I ever.


Sam: That's good.

Jason: Whoa.

Ava: So, what do you think?

Scott: Well, I had no idea you were so passionate about charitable givings.

Ava: Hey, I've had many a colleague living with HIV. I care very much about their struggle.

Scott: Now, don't try and kid and a kidder. You're just trying to buy your way out of the guilt that you feel over what you did to Morgan.

[Door closes]

Michael: Dad? Dad?

Sonny: Hey.

Michael: Hey.

Sonny: Hey, buddy. You look good.

Michael: Oh, thanks.

Sonny: You on your way to the Nurses' Ball?

Michael: Yeah. But I just want to drop this off first.

Sonny: I guess your mom got the text that I said I needed to borrow his journal.

Michael: And about you not going. Has it really come to that, Dad? You and Mom can't even be in the same ballroom together?

Sonny: No, Michael, we can't. It wouldn't be good for anybody.

Carly: And then I walked in and found them in bed together.

Bobbie: No!

Carly: Yeah.

Bobbie: Sonny and your lawyer?

Carly: Caught them in the act.

Bobbie: Ugh! That was their prior association? Ugh. Well, I hope when you see Sonny tonight, you string him up by his cummerbund.

Carly: Yeah, Sonny's not coming. He's not. He wants to stay home alone and, uh, read through Morgan's journal.

Bobbie: Oh, honey. I mean, a year ago, we had so much to be hopeful for. Now look at us.

Michael: Dad, I know how important the Nurses' Ball is to you, between Stone and Robin --

Sonny: I donated generously to the cause.

Michael: I'm sure you did. But, Dad, I still think you should be there.

Sonny: No, Michael, I can't! I'm not going. Leave it at that.

Michael: Okay. Um... can I ask you a question, then? Nothing to do with the Nurses' Ball or Mom. Why did you want Morgan's journal?

Mario: All right, it's about that time, our very first arrivals.

Nina: And you are going to see the who's who of Port Charles and who is generous in Port Charles.

[Camera shutters clicking]

Charlotte: Nina!

Nina: Hey.

Mario: Precious. Oh, look at that. Valentin Cassadine, who just happens to be husband to my beautiful co-host here.

Nina: And father to, uh, this beautiful little girl, Charlotte. Here, do a spin. You look gorgeous.

Mario: Look at you. What a natural. Nice.

Nina: Isn't she amazing?

Mario: Yes. Gorgeous.

Charlotte: Come take a picture with me!

Nina: Okay, let's go. Definitely. Let's go. Okay. Give your best pose. Your best pose. [Laughs]

Charlotte: You're gonna sit with us tonight, right?

Nina: Oh, shoot. I think I might be too busy.

Valentin: You look beautiful.

Nina: Thank you.

Charlotte: You haven't been at home. I've missed you.

Nina: What? You know where I've been? Working. So busy. You know where I'm sleeping?

Charlotte: Where?

Nina: In my office. Isn't that crazy? But you know what? That's business talk. Let's not talk about that. Let's talk about this dress and how great you look.

Charlotte: Do you like it?

Nina: I love it. Hey. Who helped you get ready?

Mario: Oh, and here's Lulu Falconeri on the arm of her husband, Dante, two of Port Charles' finest. Don't they look stunning?

Charlotte: Lulu picked my dress.

Nina: Well, that's great. It's great. You should go thank her.

Lulu: Charlotte! Hi, sweetie pie. Mm.

Valentin: Hey. What can I do to make things right?

Nina: Nothing.

Valentin: But you know the truth. You know it wasn't Anna chasing me at all. It was Alex working me for information.

Nina: It doesn't matter. You should've shut her down. You should've put your family first.

Valentin: I'm putting them first now and always. I love you, Nina. I went away from you, but I'm back now. Anna Devane will never come between us again. Please.

[Camera shutters clicking]

Michael: And I'll never forget how great it was when you and Morgan showed up at the Nurses' Ball last year. I mean, he seemed so... so clear, you know? So even.

Sonny: Medication was starting to kick in. He was getting his illness under control, Michael.

Michael: So what happened, then, Dad? I think about it all the time. I mean, how he was... he was okay. And then all of a sudden, he wasn't. What sent him off the rails?

Sonny: I wish I knew, Michael.

Michael: So, is that what you're doing? You're trying to find answers?

Sonny: Yeah. I'm trying, but I'm starting to wonder if I'm gonna find them.

Ava: I can never buy my way out of what I did to Morgan.

Scott: Well, you could go broke trying. I mean, that's a hefty sum of money.

Ava: Well, I didn't have a choice. Lucy put the squeeze on me in exchange for her silence about Morgan's pills.

Scott: Well, Lucy, she does like to put the squeeze on.

[Door opens, closes]

Scott: Lucy!

Lucy: Scott, hi. Oh, you came with...her.

Ava: Hi, Lucy.

Lucy: Oh, are those for me?

Scott: Yes, yes, of course, they are. You know, this is a big day for you.

Lucy: Thank you.

Scott: You know, break a leg.

Lucy: Oh. This is very sweet. They're from you and Serena. Thank you.

Scott: Okay.

Ava: So, is everything all set for tonight?

Lucy: You mean, are you getting what you wanted?

Ava: Yes.

Lucy: Everyone got the memo that your donation is in honor of Morgan Corinthos. Now, I really have to get ready!

[Door closes]

Scott: Are you nuts?

Carly: [Sighs] I can't believe I'm saying this, and you're gonna think I'm crazy, but I feel sorry for Sonny. Sitting alone with Morgan's thoughts... when I read that journal, it broke me. I mean, I couldn't breathe.

Bobbie: Yeah. I feel sorry for Sonny, too -- in this one isolated department.

Carly: Morgan was so tortured at the end. Out of nowhere. We're just trying to understand why.

Bobbie: [Sighs] Honey, I wish I could give you the answer to that.

Carly: Oh. Me too. [Chuckles]

Bobbie: But there is still hope. There's life to be lived. There's adventures to be had, people to love. That's what tonight is all about, isn't it?

Carly: I love you, Mom. I love you so much.

Bobbie: I love you, too, baby.

Carly: [Sighs]

Josslyn: Hey! I want in on this.

Carly: Oh, get over here.


Carly: Okay. How was rehearsal? How'd it go?

Josslyn: It was great, actually. How about you?

Bobbie: Oh, great. Opening number, here I come.

Carly: All right, ladies, what do you say? Let's go. Let's go rock this Nurses' Ball. Come on. [Chuckles]

[Camera shutters clicking]

Nina: Uh, I have to get back to work.

Valentin: Will I see you in the ballroom?

Nina: I don't think so.

Mario: Okay. Well, now the party can start that two of Port Charles' loveliest ladies have arrived -- Felicia Scorpio and Anna Devane.

Nina: And Anna Devane's granddaughter, Emma. The very talented Emma.

Mario: Yes, Anna --

Nina: And Griffin Munro of General Hospital.

Mario: Of course.

Nina: He's an incredible surgeon.

Mario: Yes. Will your daughter, Robin, be joining us?

Anna: She is in her third trimester, so she's gonna spend her evening with her feet up.

Felicia: Her Uncle Mac is staying home with her to make sure she actually rests.

Anna: That's true.

Emma: Can we say hello?

Mario: Yes, of course.

Emma: Hi, Mommy! We love you.

Anna: Yes. You promised us that you would rest.

Felicia: Stay strong, Mac. Don't let her bamboozle you.

Emma: [Chuckles]

Mario: Dr. Munro, wow. You've got your hands full, I got to say. Lucky man to be here with all these beautiful, strong-willed women.

Griffin: Yes. No one knows better than me.


[Camera shutters clicking]

Charlotte: Hi, Emma. Are you in the show?

Emma: I'm assisting the Wizard of Awesome -- Jake Spencer.

Charlotte: Cool!

Emma: Well, I bet you could be an assistant, too. I bet Jake would really like that.

Charlotte: Really?

[Camera shutter clicking]

Franco: Well, there you go, kid. Now you're ready for the spotlight?

Jake: Can we go in? I have some finishing touches to put on my act.

Sam: Ooh.

Elizabeth: Of course. We'll see you guys inside.

Sam: Okay.

Jason: Break a leg, buddy.

Sam: Good luck, Jake.

Jake: Thanks.

Jason: [Chuckles]

Sam: Well, his enthusiasm is infectious.

Jason: Yeah, it is.

Sam: Excuse me. You seem kind of immune. What happened with that nightmare? What was it about?

Jason: [Breathes deeply] Well, it just felt like more than a nightmare. You were gone, my kids were gone. She took everything I loved away from me.

Sam: Who? Helena?

Jason: Yeah, Helena. And I can't shake it. I just feel like something's wrong.

Emma: Come on, Charlotte, I'll show you around -- so you don't get stage fright like Jake did last year.

Charlotte: Can I go?

Valentin: Of course. Just don't break anything.

Emma: [Chuckles] Come on.

Griffin: What's up with you and Valentin? I mean, why would you want anything more to do with him?

Anna: I'd say because of this.

Jason: Look, we talked about this. There are still things I don't remember from my time with Helena.

Sam: I know, but you just -- you seemed confident that it was all over.

Jason: Well, that was then. And now I'm dreaming about her. She's in my head. If everything's okay, then why is she there?

Nina: It's very nice to meet you. Thank you so much for attending.

Man: My pleasure.

Mario: Oh. And here's Nurse Elizabeth Webber. Okay. Who's your escort this evening?

Nina: Oh, this is, uh, renowned artist and, uh, art therapist Franco Baldwin. You look gorgeous.

Elizabeth: Thank you. So do you.

Nina: Thank you.

Mario: And you, my friend, I hear, are gonna put on a little magic show tonight, huh?

Franco: Yeah. You bet. Nice. Nurses' Ball is not gonna know what hit it.

Mario: All right.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Mario: Yes, here's GH Head Nurse Epiphany Johnson and Nurse Felix DuBois.

Nina: Hi. Come on in. We cannot wait to see you in the opening number. Oh. Uh, have a good time.

Epiphany: Don't we always?

Mario: Yes, of course. Thank you.

[As camera shutters click, Amy tries to sneak by]

Nina: Oh. Oh, Amy Driscoll, what are you doing? Come in here. Come here. Talk to us.

Mario: Wow. You look fabulous. Now, please don't tell me you're here alone tonight.

Amy: Um...I...

Nathan: No, no, no. She's, uh -- she's here with me.

Mario: Oh, Detective Nathan West. Good to see you, sir. Looking dashing, as always.

Nina: A fact that will shock no one.

Mario: Uh, now, where is your bride, Maxie Jones?

Nathan: She's, uh -- she's working, but she's here in spirit.

Mario: Oh.

Nina: There you go. Okay. Oh, my goodness! Mario...

Mario: Oh.

Nina: The queen of the Nurses' Ball has just graced the red carpet.

Mario: Yes, she has. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the mistress of ceremonies, the one, the only, the glorious Lucy Coe.

Lucy: Oh. Thank you so much. [Laughs]

Scott: Listen, you're seriously not gonna flaunt your affair with Morgan, are you?

Ava: I'm not flaunting anything. I'm making a donation in his name. It's a gesture.

Scott: Yeah, well, you don't think a gesture like that might offend his parents?

Ava: Lucy warned me of the same thing.

Scott: Well, because Lucy's smart. Do you think Sonny and Carly want a public reminder of what happened? Don't do it, Ava!

Sonny: I'm gonna to spend a little time with Morgan tonight, try to piece together why he fell apart the way he did.

Michael: Okay. Well, good luck, Dad.

Sonny: Thank you. And I'll keep you posted on any progress.

Michael: Yeah. Love you.

Sonny: Yeah, I love you, too.

[Door opens, closes]

Sonny: 600 milligrams? 600... Hi. Yeah, listen, um... I need to see you right away. It's about Morgan.

[Camera shutters clicking]

Mario: Sam and Jason Morgan, yes. You two must be excited to live it up tonight.

Sam: Yes! Can't wait, actually.

Mario: You look incredible, by the way. I apologize. I probably should have said that first.

Nina: You just had a baby. That's -- that's so great for you. Um, what's your secret?

Sam: Oh. Well, I -- I don't know. I guess I'm too tired to eat sometimes.

Nina: Oh.

Mario: [Chuckles] How is the newest addition to the family?

Sam: She's amazing. She's a princess.

Jason: We're very lucky.

Sam: Yes.

Mario: Aside from the whole not sleeping thing, right?

Sam: Yeah.


Nina: Great.

[Camera shutters clicking]

Amy: Thanks for saving me back there.

Nathan: Yeah, I didn't really want to walk in alone, either.

Amy: Sorry Maxie couldn't make it.

Nathan: Me too.

Amy: Anyway, it's nice to be out, isn't it? All dressed up with somewhere to go?

Nathan: You must work a lot of night shifts.

Amy: Between this and my other job, let's just say my social calendar is lacking these days.

Nathan: You have another job?

Nina: Um, just, yeah. Can -- can -- can I steal him away?

Amy: Steal away?

Nina: Okay.

Amy: I'll see you inside?

Nathan: Yeah. That sounds good. [Sighs] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. No, you're doing great, you're doing great. Nobody would even know what you're dealing with.

Nina: Valentin is here with Charlotte, and... you know, I want to forgive him. I really do. And then, I get close -- I get really close -- and then... I see Anna. She just pops into my head. How am I supposed to trust him again?

Valentin: Scotch, rocks. Use the good stuff.

Emma: Hey, I thought you could use a second helper with your act.

Charlotte: Is it okay if I join you?

Jake: Sure. That'd be cool.

Emma: Yay!

Charlotte: Lulu, I'm gonna be in the magic show with Jake and Emma!

Lulu: Get out of here.

Dante: For real? That is awesome.

Lulu: Oh, I can't wait to see you on stage.

Dante: Just don't let him saw you in half.

Lulu: We like you in one piece. We do.

Charlotte: [Laughs]

Anna: Anyway, it's called a Chimera, and it's part lion, part goat, part serpent.

Griffin: Okay.

Anna: It was also a code name for a WSB project that I didn't have clearance for. But Valentin did. And long story short, Alex wanted it. So she seduced him, betrayed him, basically broke his heart.

Griffin: So that makes Valentin's issues with Alex. Why do you still feel you have unfinished business?

Anna: Well, included in the project was a, um... product. Extremely dangerous. And Alex believes that Valentin sold it, so it's out there somewhere, waiting to be unleashed.

Michael: Oh, wow. I don't know who to say "you look beautiful" to first.

Carly: Look at you. You clean up really nice.

Michael: Oh, thanks. Dad said the same thing.

Carly: Oh, Dad. How's it going over there?

Michael: Um, it's okay, I guess, considering.

Carly: Good. That's good.

Josslyn: So, what do you say? Should we go own this ball?

Carly: Yeah.

Michael: Um, let's -- question first. Did you work today? I was just curious how Nelle was doing.

Bobbie: I did work today, and I did check on Nelle.

Josslyn: Wait. Nelle's in the hospital? Please tell me it isn't her kidney.

André: What's going on?

Sonny: Well, I was looking at Morgan's journal, and inside, he writes that he was taking 600 milligrams of lithium. But the extra pills -- right? -- That the lab tested...

André: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: ...They said 300.

André: Yeah. Um, I noticed that, too.

Sonny: You noticed that? Why didn't you say anything?

André: Because I wanted to be absolutely sure before I opened up old wounds.

Sonny: Okay. I respect that. And because, look, as far as Carly, I don't want her to know anything until we are concrete.

André: Agreed.

Sonny: Okay. So, you... you looked into the dosage, right?

André: Yes. It took some time to dig up the documentation, but the pharmacy made no mistake. It dispensed 600-milligram pills to Morgan.

Sonny: Why was he taking 300 milligrams?

André: I've been trying to figure it out. I have no idea.

Sonny: Okay. So... if he was taking half, right?

André: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Would that make him go out of control?

André: No. No, the only way Morgan could've veered that far off course is if he wasn't taking any lithium at all.

Griffin: If this Chimera Project is dangerous, you shouldn't be anywhere near it. Call Robert.

Anna: Ro-- oh, no. I don't see him making any progress with Valentin.

Griffin: Just, whatever you do about it, just, like, can we do it tomorrow? This is the GH Nurses' Ball. Let's focus on that. The Chimera can wait.

Woman: I'm so happy for both of you.

Dante: Thank you.

Jason: How's Jake been doing since I got back?

Elizabeth: He's great. He hasn't acted out at all. Even Cameron and Aiden noticed a difference. Jason, he's fine. He's back to his old self.

Jason: Good. That's good to hear.

Elizabeth: I'll see you later.

Jason: Okay. [Breathes deeply]

Sam: Well? Feel better?

Jake: No.

Jake: My cousin Spencer sent it all the way from France.

Emma: Spencer sent it?

Jake: Yeah. Why?

Emma: Well, we e-mail a lot. He said he was saving your birthday present for when he sees you. And it wasn't a magic set.

Jake: Guess he changed his mind, then.

Curtis: Mm. What did I tell you? Fly as ever.

Jordan: Hmm. Check us out.

Curtis: Check you out.

George: Whoa. Commissioner. I'm sorry. Do you and your escort have time for just a little question?

Jordan: Oh. Of course, we do.

Curtis: Yo, George Pennacchio, right? Look, man, it's always nice of you to do this every year.

George: Oh, the GH. Nurses' Ball is an important tradition here. I wouldn't miss it.

Curtis: Yeah.

Jordan: Well, neither would we.

Curtis: You know, I've only been in Port Charles a little over two years, and already I can see how important this day is and all the good it does.

George: And not to mention, the spectacular entertainment.

Curtis: Yeah. And surprises.

George: What kind of surprises?

Curtis: You're gonna have to wait and see.

Lucy: Goody, goody, goody. You're still here.

Ava: It turns out, I'm gonna be taking your advice. So when it comes to the donation, let's leave Morgan out of it, okay?

Lucy: Hallelujah. Just tell me. I don't suppose you had something to do with this change of heart.

Scott: Well, now, you could thank me any time you'd like, Lucy.

Lucy: Ha!

Scott: What's that for?

Lucy: I-I-I'm just so darned disappointed in you. This woman is selfish. Selfish. And everybody who has anything to do with her gets hurt, so I just can't believe you've really thrown in with her.

Scott: Now hang on a second here, Lucy, all right? Now, you were the one that was trying to extort money out of Ava over these pills.

Lucy: Yeah, I did. It was for charity, though -- for a darn fine cause, which you can't even come close to saying. I hope that Sonny just skewers you. But I'm so thankful it won't be tonight.

[Door closes]

Bobbie: Nelle was injured in a mugging.

Josslyn: What? That's horrible. Is she gonna be okay?

Bobbie: Her kidney was bruised, but they tell me she's going to be just fine.

Michael: Really?

Bobbie: Yeah.

Michael: Okay.

Bobbie: So, no more worrying about Nelle.

Carly: Okay. Let's go enjoy this evening, okay? As a family.

Michael: Yeah.

Carly: Come on. Come on.

Sonny: Zero lithium. You think that's really what happened?

André: It's the only explanation that makes any sense.

Sonny: Well, the only thing is that Morgan was taking his medication because he wrote that in his journal, and I trust that 100%.

André: So do I.

Sonny: [Breathes deeply] Wait -- wait a minute. What the hell is that?

[Camera shutters clicking]

Mario: Well, talk about all in the family. We've got GH's own Bobbie Spencer and her daughter Carly Corinthos.

Nina: Yeah, right behind Carly, we have her kids, Josslyn Jacks and Michael Corinthos.

Mario: Well, apparently, they saved the best for last.

Bobbie: Oh, you flatter us.

Carly: We should get going.

Nina: Hey, Carly, where is your very super-handsome husband?

Carly: Sonny couldn't make it tonight, but he wants everyone to know that the fight against HIV and AIDS is very near and dear to his heart.

Bobbie: You handled that flawlessly.

Carly: Yeah, thank you. So did you, by the way. Hey, uh, you told the kids that everything was okay with Nelle. Is that the truth?

Bobbie: Well, she got up too soon and had a little setback, but I didn't want to worry the kids. Tonight is about fun. Remember fun?

Carly: Barely.

Bobbie: Well, I'm about to jog your memory. Come on.

Man: All right, everybody, big smiles.

Bobbie: Photos! Come on!

[Camera shutters clicking]

Sonny: Some kind of powder, like the pills broke and crumbled.

André: Well?

Sonny: Not lithium. There's something else in this bottle.

André: I'll take it to the lab, get it tested.

Sonny: Can you do it tonight?

André: This can't wait. I'll be in touch. Sit tight.

Sonny: Yeah.

Mario: Well, ladies, you look absolutely beautiful. Are you excited to be here?

Woman: Oh, I'm so excited. You'll never know.

Mario: Well, what about you, dear? How do you feel?

Girl: I'm so excited to be at the Nurses' Ball.

Mario: Well, you look gorgeous. Thank you so much. And that's what the Nurses' Ball is all about -- family. Thank you, ladies.

Nina: Thank you.

Sonny: [Sighs as he sits down to watch the ball on TV]

Nina: And next up on the red carpet, we have Scott Baldwin and Ava Jerome.

Mario: Ms. Jerome. Now, word has it that you're one of tonight's most generous contributors.

Ava: Well, I'm very happy to do my part.

Mario: Sonny and Carly Corinthos must be moved by the very generous donation you made in memory of their son, Morgan.

Man: Ladies and gentlemen, the moment is finally here. Welcome to the 2017 Nurses' Ball!

Emma: Come on. It's starting.

Anna: Okay.

Emma: We have to go.

Anna: Okay, okay. [Drops the Chimera necklace on the floor]

[Fanfare plays]

Nina: Thank you for doing this.

Mario: Oh, no, thank you. You're so cool. Such a great co-host.

Nina: Thank you.

Mario: You look beautiful, you're well-informed, you really helped me out keeping all the players straight and everything.

Nina: Yeah.

Mario: You should get in there. I hear it's an awesome party.

Nina: Oh. All right. Are you coming?

Mario: Yeah, um, if it's cool.

[Both laugh]

Mario: I'll see you in a second.

Lucy: Thank you, thank you. Thank you so much. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the 2017 Nurses' Ball. Whoo-hoo! We're gonna have so much fun. Now look at you. You guys are looking pretty darn gorgeous, with a capital "G." But we aren't here just for the glitz and the glamour, and we're not here to see me end up in my underwear. No! It's not gonna happen. It's not gonna happen. It's not gonna happen this year. It's not, because there is a soul to this evening. And you know why we are all here. We are here to raise money for a very important cause, and we are so fortunate that our wonderful sponsor, Burt's Bees, has guaranteed that every dollar we raise tonight goes completely to the fight against HIV and AIDS, which is fantastic. Oh, and by the way, in your goody bags, Burt's Bees has given you some really nice goodies. So please be sure and check them out. Let's give them a wonderful hand.

[Cheers and applause]

Lucy: And a hand to all of you for being here. I give you credit for that. Okay. 1994 -- 1994 -- that's 23 years ago -- that was the first Nurses' Ball. That's crazy. Look how far we've come. But the key word -- nurses. Nurses. They are the heart and the soul of General Hospital. And without those nurses, none of this would be possible. So, I don't know. I just kind of have a crazy idea. Don't you think it'd be fitting if we check out what those nurses are up to tonight?

[Cheers and applause]

Epiphany: [Singing] I know you think there's no way out that you've been living in the dark there is nowhere left to go

Amy: I know you're reaching up for the sky and you keep searching for that light but you don't have to search alone

Felix: We'll be the hands that hold you up we'll be the eyes to help you see that we are here, we are now we are one

Bobbie: You are the strength inside our hearts you are the reason we believe we are here we are now we are one

Chorus: You're not alone anymore you're not alone you're not alone anymore

Amy: I know you try your best to believe and these words all sound like dreams but together, we'll beat it all

Chorus: We'll be the hands to hold you up we'll be the eyes to help you see that we are here we are now we are one. You're not alone anymore you're not alone you're not alone anymore you're not alone you're not alone anymore you're not alone you're not alone anymore

[Cheers and applause]

Chorus: You're not alone anymore you're not alone you're not alone anymore you're not alone we're the hands that hold you up we're the eyes that help you see we are here we are now we are one we're the hands that hold you up we're the eyes that help you see we are here we are now we are one

[Cheers and applause]

Charlotte: Look!

[Cheering continues]

Jake: You can't tell anyone about this. Not your parents, no one. It'll ruin the surprise.

Sam: Jason, Jake is gonna be okay.

Jason: [Clears throat] I know. I know you're right. I'm supposed to relax.

Sam: Yes. [Chuckles] You need to stop focusing on your dream.

Jason: You know what? I like the sound of that. How's my wife doing?

Sam: Me? I'm, uh...thirsty.

Jason: [Chuckles] You're thirsty?

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: All right, you want a seltzer, water, or something?

Sam: That'd be great.

Jason: Okay.

Sam: Why don't you get yourself a scotch? Something strong.

Jason: I'm gonna take you up on that.

Sam: Hey.

Jason: Hmm?

Sam: I love you.

Jason: I love you, too.



Lucy: Wow. That is what I call kicking off the festivities, and there is so much more entertainment to come. Don't be long. So now would be a very good time to write that check for a very good cause. Now, Nightingale Nation was pretty awesome, but that's just the beginning of a most magical evening. Actually, I mean that literally, because we do have a magic act coming, thanks to the wizard of awesome, Jake Webber and his Abracadettes.


Jake: The big finale is the most important part. It's all about this.

Anna: Can we talk?

Valentin: No.

Anna: Well, y-you have every right to be angry.

Valentin: I don't need your validation.

Anna: The Chimera is bigger than us.

Valentin: Listen, I would never have touched the damn thing if your sister hadn't tricked me into stealing it, so why don't you ask her?

Anna: She can't help me. You can. Alex told me that you sold the Chimera? To whom? Okay. All right, here's the thing. I now know your little secret. I also know that you are better than this, so why don't you put aside your justifiable anger and do the right thing?

Jason: A Chimera.

Carly: I've been thinking a lot about last year... here with Morgan.

Michael: Yeah, actually, Dad and I were just talking about that.

Carly: Oh.

Michael: You know, Mom, you and Dad aren't as far apart as you think you are.

Carly: A lot's happened. A lot.

Michael: Yeah. But, Mom, you know, you can admit it. You, uh... you miss him, don't you?

Ava: I can't believe that Lucy didn't tell that reporter to keep his mouth shut. If Sonny saw that coverage of the red carpet...

Scott: All right, all right, settle down. Settle down, Ava. If -- "if's" a big word.

Ava: Well, you know what? It wouldn't even matter, 'cause it's gonna be all over the website. It's gonna be all over everywhere.

Scott: I-I-I don't even think Sonny is gonna be able to follow the breadcrumbs from that announcement to your part in what happened with Morgan.

[Sonny walks in]

On the next "General Hospital" --

Nelle: Michael...

Sam (to Jason): Do you think Jake brought it?

Anna (to Valentin): Tell me where the Chimera is.

Jake (to Charlotte): No! You can't touch it.

André (on the phone): Did you run the test on the pill bottled?

Sonny (to Ava): Why are you leaving? The party's just begun.

Lucy (to crowd): That's what we love about our Nurses' Ball!

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