GH Transcript Monday 5/22/17

General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/22/17


Episode #13811 ~ Ava has the best of intentions; Anna looks for help from Valentin; Nathan shares what he can with Nina; Carly threatens to report Martina for sleeping with Sonny.

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[Carly barges into Sonny's bedroom]

Martina: [Sighs]

Dillon: I told you that we would learn that sometime.

Kiki: You're a very good teacher. That's all I can say.

Lucy: Oh, you know, you know, it's gonna be a swell performance, but it probably would be a little bit better if you didn't take so many breaks, 'cause I don't think, like, in the middle of the performance, you can take a nap or anything, you know?

Felix: Also, there's no talking while dancing. I mean, what was with all the chatter?

Dillon: Okay, this is just rehearsal. We're having fun.

Lucy: Okay. Fun is good. But I picture fun [Breathes deeply] with a little better posture perhaps, please.

Felix: Mm-hmm. And, Kiki, your elbow -- way too low.

Kiki: Okay. Yeah. Um, when did we sign up for "Dancing With the Stars"?

Ava: [Claps] Well, I loved it. You two need to refine your tastes. Don't you know genuine star power when you see it? Perfect. I wouldn't change a thing.

Jason: Sam, I'm home.

Sam: [Whispering] Hey, hey. Shh.

Jason: What?

Sam: I just got Danny to go to sleep, and Scout is down for the count.

Jason: Then my timing is perfect.

Sam: What do you mean? Whoa. Mm!

Jason: Mm.

Sam: Mm, mm. Okay. That was nice. What was that for?

Jason: I just realized, um... I've been neglecting my wife.

Sam: Oh.

Jason: I know I've been, uh... a bit obsessed with Helena and what's going on with Jake, so...

Sam: Mm, it's okay. I mean, if you hadn't followed up on the mystery in this book, you would not have been able to help Jake.

Jason: Yeah, this book.

Sam: That book.

Jason: I'm very happy that Jake's on the other side of everything, but I am done with Helena's mind games. all... about you.

Sam: Me?

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Sam: [Laughs]

Alex: Take this to Valentin and -- and just tell him what happened.

Anna: What, that you've been impersonating me for almost two months?

Alex: Yes. He really admires you. I think that's why I was able to manipulate him.

Anna: This just gets better and better. Everything that you've done. He's never gonna trust me, ever.

Alex: Oh, you're a spy, for God's sake. Can't you just figure it out? Get Valentin to tell you who bought the Chimera. You have to track it down and neutralize it. You have to end this.

Anna: Or what?

Alex: Well, a lot of people could die.

Anna: No, this isn't what's got you worried. You know that if your part in the original theft is ever exposed, you're gonna be charged with a laundry list of crimes. You're not trying to save the world, Alex. You're trying to save your own skin.

Valentin: Nina. It's me. Listen, I need to talk to you. Just please hear me out one last time.

Nina: What will change? We both know the person you really want to talk to is Anna.

Valentin: I deserve that. But you couldn't be more wrong. I have so much I have to say to you.

Nina: Just stop. Don't -- don't come... just stay there, please. I didn't come here to talk. I don't want another explanation. I just came to pick up some paperwork that I forgot.

Valentin: Well, stay. And we can talk.

Nina: I don't want to. We're not gonna talk.

[Key jingling]

Nina: There's... this. Please take this. Please.

Valentin: No.

Nina: Yes. Listen, I'm saving you the trouble of making a new one for Anna.

Sonny: Carly, w-wait a minute. Wait, wait.

Carly: Are you kidding me? Wait a minute? Wait. For what?

Sonny: Okay. I saw you with Jax. Obviously you've moved on. You can't be upset if I've moved on.

Carly: With my divorce attorney, Sonny?!

Sonny: Whoever I choose, Carly!

Carly: That's BS, and you know it! Ah. You did this. You did. You did all of this to piss me off, Sonny. And you know what?

[Glass shattering]

Carly: It worked!

Jason: I got Noodle Buddha and beer.

Sam: Ooh. I like the concept. I do. But... [Clears throat] I can't, um... I can't really drink while I'm nursing, so...

Jason: No, no, no. Did you see that?

Sam: What?

Jason: It's nonalcoholic.

Sam: Oh!

Jason: Yep.

Sam: You don't have to do that.

Jason: I don't have to do what? We're just not drinking right now. It is what it is.

Sam: God, I love you.

Jason: I love you, too. And guess what.

Sam: What?

Jason: That's not even your big surprise.

Sam: What? Wait. There's more?

Jason: There's more. I'm gonna spoil my kids tomorrow, but tonight is all about you.

Sam: Me?

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: But wait a minute. Scout might have something to say about that. She could cry at any second. You know that.

Jason: She could?

Sam: Yes.

Jason: Then, well... guess we better get after it, then. [Laughs]

Alex: Well, it's too late to save myself, isn't it, because I'm in custody.

Anna: Well, if you think I'm gonna intercede with you with the ICC...

Alex: I need you to intercede with Valentin. Look, I regret what I did. You know? I was young. [Voice breaking] And I was young enough to be bored, and I was arrogant enough to think that I could just get away with it. But I was wrong. And I don't think Valentin would have taken the Chimera if it wasn't for me, so it's my fault that it's out there in the world, and I really -- obviously, I can't do anything to stop it, so you have to.

Anna: Why do you care so much now? It's been decades.

Alex: [Breathes deeply] Because my old associates with the DVX -- they want it for their employer.

Anna: Would you have given it to them?

Alex: I don't know. Let's just say that I think it's better for the world that you've taken over the search.

Anna: Who says that I have?

Alex: You have no choice! You have to destroy this. You can't give it to the WSB. You can't follow protocol. You just have to get rid of it yourself.

Nathan: It's her. WSB. I checked their credentials. They're here to take your sister into custody.

WSB Agent: Alexandra Marick, you're under arrest for espionage, treason, and related crimes and misdemeanors.

Alex: Sounds awful when you put it like that. Whether you like it or not, you have to stop what I set in motion.

Nathan: Well, I've got about 50 million questions about that.

Anna: Yeah. [Clears throat] Me too. But I don't have time to answer any of them... for either of us. Apparently, I have a job I've got to finish.

Valentin: I won't -- I won't give this to Anna. This is yours... just like this house, just like my heart, just like Charlotte's. She's here, by the way. She'd love to see you.

Nina: Okay, don't do that. Don't -- don't play my feelings for Charlotte. Were you thinking of Charlotte or were you thinking of me when you let Anna twist you around her finger?

Valentin: I was an idiot to listen to anything Anna had to say. But it's over. I finished it.

Nina: I don't believe you. And it doesn't even matter to me if Anna was using you to figure out something in her past, 'cause we both know if she texted you, you would go running.

Valentin: No, never again.

Nina: I believed you when you said you loved me.

Valentin: I do love you.

Nina: Do you love me enough to choose me? You don't love me enough to choose me or Charlotte or our life together. You don't love me enough to leave Anna behind... even though you swore so many times you would.

Valentin: I was wrong. I will spend the rest of my life making up for it.

Nina: It's really too late. As much as I love Charlotte, as much as I love you, as much as I love our life together, we're not a family. You destroyed that.

Kiki: Actually, I texted you because I wanted to let you know... I earned my certification as a nurse's aide.

Ava: Of course, I never doubted that you would, but that -- that's great. Congratulations. I'm very proud of you.

Kiki: Thank you. Me too. [Chuckles]

Ava: What a great day.

Kiki: Yeah. This is a great day.

Ava: I have some pretty wonderful news of my own. When you texted me, I was not alone. Avery was with me. She's at my house right now, and she's with a babysitter. She's gonna be spending the night. You know, maybe, hopefully, the -- the first of many.

Kiki: Obviously I'm thrilled. I just, um... what made Sonny change his mind?

Ava: Well, um... maybe he realized that the best thing for our daughter is to spend more time with her mommy and less time with Carly.

Carly: I can't believe you. I mean, not only are you sleeping with my lawyer -- how could you let Ava blackmail you into spending more time with Avery?

Sonny: I figured if it kept the peace and stopped what's happening right now, it would be nice to have an extra 12 hours.

Carly: Well, you know, you thought wrong. It's a nice day. I decided to take a walk through the park. And what do I see? Avery with Ava. And I know it's not her day for visitation, Sonny.

Sonny: What did Ava tell you?

Carly: Well, she said that now we're getting divorced, I don't have a place in Avery's life.

Sonny: Well, you know that's a lie, right?

Carly: I know it's a lie, because Ava was working overtime to distract me from the real question, right? Why would you let her spend one extra second with Avery? She had leverage on you. And I thought about how you were holding Martina's hand. And then I thought about how she had this ridiculous excuse to quit as my lawyer.

Sonny: I figured you'd put it together, Carly.

Carly: Yeah, because it's not rocket science, Sonny. Anyone who knows you could figure it out, so I came over here to see for myself.

Sonny: Oh, so, now that Jax is gone, you want to check up on me. Is that what happened?

Carly: And you know what? Poor Max. He was so upset. He was sweating bullets. He was so guilt-ridden. He wouldn't even tell me if you were home. And I show up, and I walk over here, and I see that? You cooked for her. Wow. I mean, you don't miss a trick, huh?

Sonny: If you knew what was happening up there, why'd you go up there, Carly?

Carly: Because I wanted to see for myself, okay? I wanted to see if you were actually sleeping with my lawyer.

Martina: With all due respect... I'm no longer your lawyer, so what happens between me and Sonny is none of your business.

Carly: If it affects my legal situation, it's definitely my business. I'm curious, Sonny. How long after you slept with her did she agree to tank my case?

Sonny: Okay, first of all, I had no idea Martina was your lawyer. I was having a rough night. I went to the Haunted Star to have a drink, and she was there. We didn't know each other's names. She was from out of town. And it -- spontaneously, things just happened.

Carly: Okay. Let's say I believe that.

Sonny: Right.

Carly: How about the second she walked into the preliminary meeting, and you did realize she was my lawyer? Why didn't you say anything then, either one of you? Why didn't you say anything then? We could have walked away. No harm, no foul. Instead, you used this to your advantage.

Sonny: Oh, no, no. I didn't use anything, Carly.

Carly: I mean, I really did think it was strange when Martina, out of the blue, advises me to give you all your assets back. But it wasn't her idea. It was yours. Yeah, you took advantage of the one-night stand, and you used it as leverage, and Martina... she wanted to salvage her reputation and her fee.

Martina: Let's be honest. You're not angry because we kept you in the dark or that I advised you to compromise you on the division of your assets. What's really ticking you off is that I'm the woman in what used to be your bed.

Dillon: Uh, would you excuse me? I'm gonna go talk to Felix real quick.

Kiki: Yeah.

Dillon: Yeah.

Kiki: What?

Ava: I'm just happy to see you with someone who really appreciates you.

Kiki: Yeah, I know. I keep having to pinch myself. I mean, what if Dillon and I hadn't gotten on that same bus on New Year's Eve? We were both ready to leave Port Charles, because we couldn't stand being around each other when we couldn't be together.

Ava: Kiki, don't waste your time thinking about what-ifs. Just accept that sometimes things work out the way they're supposed to.

Lucy: Okay, we simply have to finalize the program, because I have to give the lighting cues to the lighting director.

Felix: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Lucy: We have to get this done. Okay.

Dillon: Uh, Lucy. Can I borrow Felix for just -- just a minute?

Lucy: [Sighs] Yes, yes, of course. But one tiny minute. Come on. We got a lot to do.

Felix: What can I do for you?

Dillon: Okay, so... Kiki just got certified to be a nurse's aide.

Felix: Mm-hmm.

Dillon: And I want to get her something. You know -- something special. Um, something a nurse would really appreciate.

Felix: Oh! Aren't you romantic? Fortunately, you came to the right guy. If you really want to get Kiki something that any hardworking nurse would love, I got what you're looking for.

Ava: I can't help but think of last year's Nurses' Ball. You and Dillon shared your very first kiss. And now here you are, an official couple. What a difference a year can make, huh?

Kiki: Yeah. In good ways and bad.

Ava: Just focus on the good, would you? You've got Dillon. You have an exciting new career. Your future could not be brighter.

Kiki: And Morgan's dead. Why do you keep pretending like he never existed?

Sam: It's good to see you so relaxed.

Jason: Mm. It feels good to be relaxed. You know... Jake -- it seems that he's doing well. And, uh, you know, it's funny. I'm actually looking forward to the Nurses' Ball tomorrow.

Sam: Oh, really?

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Is he singing?

Jason: No, Jake's not singing, but he is performing. He's, uh -- he got a magic set from Spencer.

Sam: [Laughing] Whoa.

Jason: And he's going to wow the crowd.

Sam: Whoa.

Jason: He is.

Sam: He certainly did not inherit that from you.

Jason: Oh, really? Oh, well, you should be nice.

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: Otherwise, you're not gonna get the rest of your -- your nice present. Your nice...

Sam: No, that is not fair.

Jason: You're not getting it. Nope.

Sam: Give me it.

Jason: Nope.

Sam: Come on. Just...

Jason: No. Wait. Oh, that's cheating. All right, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine.

Sam: Okay, I win.

Jason: You did win.

Sam: Are you kidding me? No way! Jason. Where did you find this?

Jason: [Chuckles] Well, you know, I have my secrets.

Sam: This is vintage.

Jason: It is.

Sam: I know. And incredibly rare.

Jason: I know. You've wanted a vintage jacket.

Sam: I've wanted it for so long.

Jason: I know. I've heard you say it a couple times.

Sam: Where did you get it from?

Jason: Not gonna tell you.

Sam: Well, thank you, because I love it.

Jason: Yeah?

Sam: I love it. And I love you.

Jason: I love you.

Sam: Mm.

Valentin: I don't blame you for doubting me. I've risked everything that I love. But I don't believe it's too late to get it back. I just need a chance to show that you can trust me. Just give me one more night. We can wake up together... have breakfast together... take Charlotte to school together.

Nina: Oh, please don't. Stop promising me something you can't deliver.

Valentin: I can. And I will. I'm gonna go check on Charlotte. I'm not asking you to come with me. Just be here when I get back.

Anna: [Breathes sharply] Hi.

Nina: Oh, wow. How did you get in?

Anna: I'm sorry. I know. I picked the lock. Uh, it's an invasion of privacy. I apologize. But Valentin isn't answering his phone, and it's really urgent I speak with him. [Breathes deeply]

Carly: I think the Bar Association is gonna be really interested in your breach of ethics. I hope sleeping with Sonny was worth it.

Martina: Sonny is a free agent, Carly. And now that I'm no longer your lawyer, so am I.

Carly: Nice try. You were still my lawyer when you lied to me and said that you and Sonny were discussing the terms of the divorce. And let's not forget the "conflict of interest." You didn't resign as my attorney, because your firm did work for one of Sonny's businesses. You resigned because you were sleeping with your client's husband.

Martina: Ask yourself something. If I'm so unethical, why wouldn't I have stayed on as your attorney and screwed up your settlement and then kept screwing your soon-to-be ex?

Sonny: The lady's got a point, Carly.

Carly: She's not a lady. She's a backstabbing opportunist, and you know it.

Sonny: Yeah, that's -- that's what I thought when I walked into your house and found out that you had been sleeping with Jax.

Ava: How could you possibly think that I'd forgotten Morgan? His death was senseless. It haunts me to this day... more than you could possibly know.

Kiki: I think it's really important that we both acknowledge what Morgan meant to both of us, and if I can face my memories of him, I just don't understand -- why can't you?

Ava: I just don't want the past to prevent you from having the future that you deserve, sweetheart. And whatever happened before, you know, whatever I did, I did for you, I did for your well-being.

Kiki: Mom... what did you do?

Jason: Mm-hmm. Yep.

Sam: Mm. Like a glove.

Jason: Yeah. Oh.

[Scout fussing]

Sam: Mnh-mnh, mnh-mnh.

Jason: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Oh, Scout.

[Fussing continues]

Sam: [Sighs]

Jason: Nope.

Sam: Our daughter has terrible timing.

Jason: [Laughs] Yeah, she's funny, though.

Sam: All right, I'll be right back.

Jason: Oh. No. Stay here. I... would like to go see my daughter. But do me a favor.

Sam: Yeah?

Jason: Don't take off that jacket.

Sam: Okay.

Jason: Mm.

Sam: Hurry back.

Nina: Valentin's not here right now, as you can see. He'll be back anytime. Hey, roam the halls, look for him. It doesn't matter to me. I don't live here anymore.

Anna: I don't know what happened, you know...

Nina: Oh, screw you, you lying bitch.

Anna: Wow.

Nina: Yeah, "Wow." I'm onto you. I know people like you. You're users. You prey on people's weaknesses, exploit their vulnerabilities. Hey, you know what? Valentin -- he was an easy mark for you, wasn't he, when he was a sad, lonely, disfigured man.

Anna: Oh, God. I don't know what she did.

Nina: She?! She? No, what?

Anna: I don't...

Nina: What? Are you kidding me? There's no "she." You're the one who lured him away from his family, giving him gifts. That watch -- it wasn't really a gift, though. Was it? It was a way to spy on him and listen to all our private conversations, wasn't it, Anna?

Anna: I don't know what to say. I don't. I-I don't.

Nina: Oh, you're good. You're -- you're actually very, very good. Acting like you don't know what's going on. Yeah, yeah. The look on your face. I shouldn't be so hard on Valentin for believing you.

Anna: [Sighs]

Nina: I really should -- wow.

Valentin: What are you doing in my house?!

Nina: Anna has something urgent she wants to tell you. I'm gonna leave you to it, okay?

Valentin: Nina, wait. No, no, no. I didn't ask her here. I don't want her here.

Nina: Yeah, well, look. She's here. I can't look at this another minute.

Valentin: Do I really have to kill you to get rid of you?

Anna: Okay, you're upset. I understand. I can explain. It's gonna take a minute or two.

Valentin: You really hold me in contempt if you think you can come around here after all you've done and give me more of your pathetic lies and I will believe them!

Anna: You need to listen to me, all right? You need to --

Valentin: Listen, the only reason you are not dead is because I don't want to jeopardize what's left of the life you have stolen from me. You will not take one thing more!

Anna: I didn't do any of that! I didn't betray you, not now and not back in the day. That wasn't me.

Valentin: Oh, I see. It was somebody with your face, with your voice, with your body.

Anna: Yes. My sister. I have a twin -- Alex Marick.

Jason: What can I say? I've got the magic touch. Sam? I like where this is going... a lot. [Laughs] Sam?

Sam: You did say not to take the jacket off, right?

Jason: Yeah, I did. I said that. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Sam: What? Oh, really?

Jason: I want to do it.

Sam: [Breathes sharply]

Jason: Oh, my God.

Sam: [Chuckles]

Jason: [Grunts]

Ava: Morgan will always be a loaded subject for us... for obvious reasons. When I encouraged you to move past him, to focus on your future, I was doing that with your best interests in mind. I'm your mother, and I will always do whatever I have to do to keep you safe, to keep you happy, and I will not apologize for it.

Dillon: Am I interrupting something?

Ava: No. No. Of course not. And I just want to tell you how happy it makes me to see my daughter treated the way that she ought to be treated.

Dillon: Well, it is an honor and a privilege.

Kiki: Oh, come on. Do you really have to lay it on so thick?

Ava: [Laughs] I can't wait to see the two of you perform tomorrow night, but, right now, Avery's at my place, and I don't want to miss one single moment with her, so I'm gonna go. Goodbye.

Kiki: Okay. Love you, too.

Ava: I'll see you soon.

Dillon: What did your mom want?

Kiki: I don't really know. I think part of the reason she's so happy we're together is, it's just really uncomplicated.

Dillon: Hm. Well, it is nice to have your mother's approval, but the only person that I care about is you.

Kiki: Mm.

Dillon: So...

Kiki: Hmm?

Dillon: ...Congratulations on passing your exam.

Lucy: It's all working out for you, ain't it?

Ava: I'm sure I don't know what you mean. Excuse me.

Lucy: Uh, don't you have time for an old friend, especially an old friend who saved you from the wrath of Sonny Corinthos?

Carly: You go right to the Jax thing to justify sleeping with my attorney?

Sonny: You're free to sleep with other people. So am I.

Carly: Okay, I want to be clear about something. I slept with Jax after you looked me in the face and you told me we were over. You did that! And -- and then you had Jax deported, Sonny.

Sonny: Oh, so now it's my fault? So the fact that Jax bought a kidney on the black market, that -- that has nothing to do with it?

Carly: The kidney saved Josslyn's life! You keep forgetting that part. You just are angry, and you want to hurt Jax, but you're hurting Josslyn in the process. And I thought we agreed that we didn't want to bring our kids into this.

Martina: He absolutely agrees, and you know it.

Carly: Oh, my God.

Martina: Come on. From day one, you told me Sonny was a great father, or -- or have you forgotten?

Carly: I haven't forgotten. I haven't forgotten anything. I also haven't forgotten that you slept with my husband and you tried to manipulate the divorce. I haven't forgotten that.

Martina: Carly, that was never my intention.

Carly: I don't think the bar is gonna see it that way.

Sonny: Carly.

Carly: I really don't.

Sonny: This could all just go away if you just --

Carly: Oh, hell, no. It's not going away. And you know what? You can -- you can sleep with whoever you want. But I'm not compromising on this. I'm not. I am going to keep every single thing that you signed over to me.

Martina: [Sighs]

[Door opens]

[Door slams]

Martina: [Sighs] What she walked in on, she -- she does have a right to be upset. I mean, it's not too late to go after her.

Sonny: I don't go after anybody... not even Carly.

Kiki: [Gasps] A gift card to the spa!

Dillon: One full day...

Kiki: [Gasps] Ooh!

Dillon: ...Of relaxation, massage, and pure self-indulgence. Felix said it is the answer to every hardworking nurse -- or nurse's aide's prayer.

Kiki: Thank you. But I have to be honest. When it comes to massages, I'm kind of partial to your hands.

Dillon: [Breathes deeply] It is a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

Lucy: Ain't love grand?

Ava: Don't you do anything to spoil my daughter's happiness.

Lucy: What? Like tell her about your little reunion with Morgan? Actually, I wouldn't do that, 'cause I don't want to hurt Kiki. But, you know, on the other hand, there's Carly and Sonny, and I just -- you know, I feel troubled, because as his parents...

Ava: Lucy, don't you dare!

Lucy: ...I think they should know what you did with that...

Ava: I paid your price.

Lucy: Yes, you did. You paid me for the pills. I didn't say I'd keep quiet.

Ava: The hell you didn't. The deal was for the pills and your silence. That antiquity I gave you was worth a small fortune.

Lucy: Absolutely. I loved it that you were actually right. Provenance is everything. That lovely little piece of terracotta was worth a quarter-million dollars.

Ava: And since it's my donation, I want to present one of those big, oversized checks right up there onstage at the Nurses' Ball.

Lucy: Wow. It's always about you, isn't it?

Ava: No. I just want everyone to know that I'm making the donation in memory of Morgan Corinthos.

Martina: I had a lovely time... till we were interrupted. [Sighs] But, um, I don't want to overstay my welcome.

Sonny: It sounds like you're building up to say goodbye.

Martina: Well, that depends on Carly. If she files charges with the bar association...

Sonny: Listen to me. She's pissed at me, not you. She's gonna wake up tomorrow and realize that it doesn't do her any good to throw you under the bus.

Martina: Oh. Sonny... for a smart guy, you really don't see it, do you?

Sonny: What?

Martina: Well, I mean, working all these years as a defense attorney, you learn to read people. A lot of times, it's the difference between winning and losing.

Sonny: What does that got to do with Carly?

Martina: All that anger, all those accusations... they mean that she's still in love with you. And I'd lay odds that you're still in love with her.

[Door opens]

Carly: Hey, Diane. So, did Sonny tell you? [Gasps] Max called you? Of course, he did. Okay, so you know, right? My attorney will be in touch with you... as soon as I hire them. No. No, you may not provide a referral, okay? I'll find my own lawyer... one that Sonny can't seduce. [Sighs]

[Door opens]

Nina: Oh. Thank you. Thanks for meeting me. Listen, I need to ask you a question. I need you to be honest with me, okay?

Nathan: Okay.

Nina: All right. [Breathes deeply] Do you think I should pull out of doing the red carpet at the Nurses' Ball?

Nathan: But why? I thought you were great last year.

Nina: Last year, I didn't know Valentin Cassadine. I don't want to stand there like an idiot with a smile on my face, holding a microphone while he and Charlotte walk in with Anna Devane.

Nathan: Yeah, I don't think that's gonna happen.

Nina: It is gonna happen. I went back to Wyndemere to pick up some paperwork. And guess who was there -- Anna. She said she had something urgent to tell him.

Nathan: Nina... there's something you got to know about Anna.

Anna: The reason you and I remember our past differently is because we were never together. After we left the academy, you were with Alex.

Valentin: Your twin?

Anna: Right. She was recruited by the DVX to take my place, to do the things that I wouldn't.

Valentin: Like sleep with a hunchback?

Anna: Oh, come on. No. [Sighs] Like seduce an innocent man and turn him into a traitor. Alex was the one who approached you all those years ago. She needed your security clearance to get the classified material that she wanted. Alex was the one who took the job to steal the Chimera project, not me. And, ultimately, she was the one who put out the kill order on you to cover her tracks.

Nina: Anna has a twin sister?

Nathan: Yeah. Her name's Alexandra Marick. And I just watched two WSB agents take her into custody.

Anna: I have been in a drug-induced coma in London for the past two months, and Alex came here to take my place.

Nathan: The PD got a call, so I was dispatched to meet Anna at the airport. And I show up, and there's two Annas fighting each other.

Anna: So, she used you and betrayed you. And I hate her for that, but I think what I hate her for more is the fact that she traded on how you once felt for me, and I can't -- I can't change any of that. All I can tell you is that I'm not her. I'm Anna. And once upon a time, back in the day, you and I were friends.

Valentin: I don't believe a word you just said. And what difference does it make, anyway?

Anna: It does. It makes a difference -- to this.

Valentin: Oh. You want the Chimera.

Jason: Hey, Sam. What the hell?

Helena: She's gone. So are your children.

Jason: What did you do?

Helena: Oh, Jason... I warned you how this would all play out.

Jason: Where are my kids?! What did you do?

Helena: I warned you. [Laughs] I warned you.

Jason: [Gasps] [Grunts] Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

Sam: What is it? What's wrong?

Felix: Uh, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the staff rotation just came out. And while most of us are here raising money for a good cause, GH needs to keep a skeleton crew going. And because you're the newest kid on the block, you're gonna have to work tomorrow night and won't be able to go to the ball.

Lucy: Are you absolutely certain you want to take center stage tomorrow night? Do you really want to tempt fate like that?

Ava: Someone recently accused me of wanting to forget about Morgan. I don't. I want to honor his memory, and I think, this time, fate is definitely on my side.

Carly: [Laughs]

Sonny: To us.

Carly: To us.

[Singing indistinctly]

Carly: Happy new year.

Sonny: Happy new year.

Carly: [Sighs] I love you. I mean, if I haven't stopped now, I'm never going to.

Nathan: Alexandra Marick has been impersonating Anna for two months. She was the one who was after Valentin. Apparently, he's got some top-secret information.

Nina: Yeah, something from their past, and she pulled out all the stops to get it. So, when -- when I left Valentin over Anna, I didn't really leave over Anna. I left over Anna's sister.

Nathan: Look, Nina. It is not that I am in any way lobbying for Valentin, but does this change anything?

Sam: It's okay. We're safe. The kids are safe and sleeping upstairs.

Jason: I know. Yeah, it just... [Smooches] Felt so real.

Sam: I know. I know, but Helena cannot hurt us anymore. You know that.

Jason: [Sighs]

Valentin: You didn't come here to explain anything. You came here for information.

Anna: Okay, look. The Chimera project was way above my pay grade. All I was ever told was that it was some kind of toxin, but I didn't have clearance for any of the details. But you do.

Valentin: Yeah. Well, like I told you -- sorry -- your sister, assuming there is a sister, I sold it, and the buyer is long since dead.

Anna: But you don't know what they did with it? So the Chimera could be out there anywhere.

Valentin: It's not really my problem.

Anna: Oh, I don't believe that. No, I don't. Okay, whatever you think of me, the Valentin I knew back then, the one that I called my friend, would take responsibility for releasing something so deadly into the world. He would. And he would do everything he could to stop it. That's you.

[Door closes]

On the next "General Hospital" --

Alex (to Anna): You have to end this!

Anna: Or what?

Nina (to Valentin): Do you love me enough to choose me?

Felix (to Dillon): I got what you're lookin' for.

Jason (to Sam): Oh, my god...

Sam: (Chuckles)

Kiki (to Ava): What did you do?

Carly (to Sonny): I wanted to see if you were actually sleeping with my lawyer!

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