GH Transcript Monday 5/15/17

General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/15/17


Episode #13806 ~ Valentin rises to the challenge; Franco & Jason return from Cassadine Island; Julian won't make a deal with the DA.

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Campbell: Mr. Jerome.

Julian: DA Campbell. I thought you were supposed to keep your distance from me unless my attorney's present? You want to quote the rules, or do you want to hear my offer? You see, Mr. Jerome, today is your lucky day.

Scott: Alexis. Are you here for Julian?

Alexis: W-what?

Scott: Here, at the courthouse, for Julian's arraignment? I mean, I-I know it's been postponed a few times, but it's going on this afternoon. I think he's already in there.

Campbell: If you play your cards right, you could be a free man. In fact, you could walk out of this court within the hour.

Jason: Hey, hey.

Sam: Jason?

Jason: Yes.

Sam: You're home. Hi.

Jason: Hi. Okay. [Laughs] Oh. [Sighs] I was only gone a couple of days.

Sam: I know. I know. It's not how long you were gone. It's where you were. Nothing good ever happens on Cassadine Island.

Jason: Mm. So... hey, look, I'm fine. I promise. I'm more worried about Scout. Those text messages you sent, they were a little vague.

Sam: Oh, I'm sorry. She's fine. She had a mild fever, nothing really to worry about. Molly took her to the zoo.

Jason: Okay.

Sam: But you -- you, my love, were in a fight.

Jason: I'm fine. I'm good. I promise.

Sam: Tell me what happened?

Jason: Yeah, uh... well, Franco followed me.

Elizabeth: Why don't you go play soccer with Jake, and I'll be right over after I set up the picnic, okay?

Aiden: Okay, Mom.

Franco: You got enough there for me?

Elizabeth: Where have you been? We were worried about you. What happened to your face?

Franco: Yeah, that's -- that's the thanks that I get for helping Jason.

Elizabeth: Jason? Did you follow him to Cassadine Island?

Franco: Well, I mean, the way I see it, I was pivotal in the trip's success, so...yes.

Elizabeth: Okay, what are you talking about?

Franco: Well, Jason was having a hard time remembering what happened to him on the island. Thanks to me, he's had a breakthrough about Jake.

Elizabeth: He did?

Franco: Yeah. Where is he? Where's Jake? I need to talk to him.

[Birds chirping]

Aiden: Jake! Mom says you have to play with me.

Jake: I can't. I need to practice my magic.

Aiden: [Sighs] I wish Cam were here. He'd play with me.

Alex: Make yourself comfortable. [Chuckles] I have a very nice pouilly fuissé in the fridge. I'll be right back.

Valentin: You don't mind coming here rather than the park?

Alex: Well, I do think it is a waste of a lovely afternoon. But you requested privacy, so can you do the honors?

Valentin: With pleasure.

Alex: I'm glad you changed your mind about seeing me.

Valentin: Me, too.

Alex: You were so adamant before, almost to the point of being rude.

Valentin: Was I?

Alex: Yeah. And now you're all charm.

[Cork pops]

Alex: Oh. You're a study in contradiction.

Valentin: Well, that's only fair.

Alex: Well, it makes me feel like I don't really understand you very much.

Valentin: After all these years, you're still a mystery to me. It's almost like I don't even know you.

Sister Crane: Everything's gonna be all right. You're doing just fine. Thank goodness! You're finally awake. Do you know where you are?

Alexis: I did not come down to the courthouse to support him. I came down to meet with the bar association to discuss having my law license reinstated.

Scott: Well, good luck with that. I'm sure that the ethics board wasn't too happy when you admitted that you voluntarily went to Julian's hotel room.

Alexis: No, they weren't.

Scott: So, the DA had to drop the charges. I know that Julian is -- is pleased with that.

Alexis: All I did was tell the truth.

Scott: Yeah, well, whatever. He is still on the hook for all of Olivia's crimes, and not you or me or any attorney is gonna make that go away.

Campbell: We have you as an accomplice on multiple counts of kidnapping, attempted murder, and murder. You're looking at consecutive life terms. Unless I choose not to prosecute at this time.

Julian: Why would you do that?

Campbell: Because you're gonna do something for me, for this city, and for the people of the great state of New York.

Sam: I am so sorry.

Jason: There's nothing to be sorry about --

Sam: There is. I'm the one who told Franco. He was with Elizabeth when I explained to her what was going on. He's such a liar! And you got into a fight with him.

Jason: Mm, no. I'd say that we traded punches, but not a fight.

Sam: And I'm sure he is worse for the wear.

Jason: He's fine.

Sam: Okay.

Jason: He's fine. Although I did have to hire a local to go over to the island to unshackle him.

Sam: What?

Jason: Yeah, I said "unshackle," and it's a long, complicated story, but, uh, I have to say Franco being there was actually helpful.

Sam: How?

Jason: To start, the scarecrow that Jake was so afraid of? Well, it turns out that was me.

Franco: Jason had this memory of being shackled to a wall and beaten, so I thought that if he were shackled to a wall and beaten again, that he might trigger his memory.

Elizabeth: You beat up Jason?

Franco: Well, the whole point was to re-create the experience of him being disoriented, so... [Chuckles] ...Yeah. I knocked him out.

Elizabeth: Well, on what planet is that okay?!

Franco: Oh, it's okay because it worked. He remembered what it was that traumatized Jake.

Elizabeth: Which was what?

Franco: Well, Jake witnessed Jason when he had another face, being shackled to a wall and beaten. He must've heard a bunch of stuff about Jason being a killer.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God.

Franco: Yeah. So, that's why I want to talk to Jake. I just want to make sure he's okay. Has he been okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, he's been sleeping well and doing his homework, wanting to go to school. He was kind of upset that he didn't get to open his presents on his birthday 'cause his dad wasn't here, but he was really excited to get a gift from his cousin Spencer. Aiden, where's Jake? Did he not want to play with you?

Aiden: No.

Elizabeth: Jake? I need you to come back to the picnic table. Hey, what are you doing up here? How come you didn't want to play with your brother?

Jake: I don't really like soccer.

Franco: W-what you got there, Jake? Do you mind if I take a look?

Jake: No, don't!

Franco: Whoa, okay.

Alex: There's no mystery. Not anymore.

Valentin: What does that mean?

Alex: I know what I did to you. And I deeply regret that. But I'm trying to make amends for what I've set in motion, and that's why I asked to see you. Because you admitted that you had sold The Chimera project onto someone else who's since passed away, but you didn't give me any details.

Valentin: You may have wanted to see me about The Chimera project, but that's not why I'm barking up your tree. Nina left me.

Alex: Oh. Why?

Valentin: Because of you.

Sister Crane: Please, try and relax. Dr. Lancaster said you might not be able to speak when you first woke up. Wh-- I'm sure you must be disoriented. Let me explain. You're Dr. Alex Marick. I'm Sister Caroline Crane. I work for you, here at the clinic. You recognize me, don't you?

Anna: [Breathes shakily]

Sister Crane: You had a medical incident, and we've been caring for you here at the clinic.

Anna: I'm not bloody Alex! I'm Anna Devane!

Scott: I know what you're thinking.

Alexis: Oh, I highly doubt that.

Scott: That you can given Julian a better defense than me.

Alexis: Even if I had my law license back, I wouldn't be serving as his counsel. Because I'm a material witness, they're going to call me to testify.

Scott: You didn't answer my question.

Alexis: I...don't have time for this, Scott. You know what? I will tell you that the state's case against him, from what I hear, is very strong. Because Olivia Jerome is locked away in D'Archam, she's hopelessly insane. She won't be testifying. So they're -- they're gonna use all the evidence that they have against Olivia. They're gonna use it against Julian.

Scott: So, Julian doesn't have a prayer.

Alexis: I have to go.

Campbell: I have everything I need to secure a conviction. But, let's face it, you're just the accessory. Your sister was the big "get," but she's mentally incapacitated -- incapable of standing trial. Now, a conviction against you wouldn't do much for my record. A conviction against Sonny Corinthos, that's a different story.

Julian: You want me to turn? You want me to be a rat?

Campbell: We drop the charges for now. You go back to your life -- media mogul by day, criminal by night. We keep you under surveillance while you provoke Sonny. Sonny comes after you, we've got him. The Teflon don finally goes down. He'll be doing time in Pentonville, and you'll be walking free. Everybody wins.

Franco: You're right, Jake. Uh, I should have asked. I am truly sorry.

Jake: It's just... this is for "magician's eyes only." Me.

Elizabeth: That's the present I was telling you about -- from Spencer.

Franco: Oh, yeah? That's cool. That's cool. And you're right. A real magician doesn't show anybody how they do their tricks.

Jake: That's right.

Elizabeth: But they do need to eat. So, let's go get some food, and then you can practice your magic. Do you want to take your box with you?

Jake:'s okay here.

Franco: Yeah, no problem. Here, where no one will look at it.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles]

Jason: I was shackled to a wall and one of Helena's bodyguards was working me over pretty good. I, uh -- they must have sent me on some kind of an op, and I tried to escape. Helena said something about now I kill for her, and then she stopped the beating. And she was talking to someone. I couldn't see them. [Sighs heavily] They were just outside of my eyeline. She referred to that person as "little man."

Sam: Jake.

Jason: Yeah, I think so. I didn't know that Jake didn't know that I was his father at the time, but, um, he did know who I was, and he overheard Helena's plan for me.

Sam: Well, he must have been really scared... to know that he knew someone from home, and he couldn't help you. You obviously couldn't help him.

Jason: I just looked so different then. And I'm sure Jake tries to... differentiate me as two different guys. But when he got home and realized he had seen his father beaten...

Sam: Uh, look, that's a lot for me to process. I-I can't imagine him having to process that whole thing.

Jason: Yeah, that's why I don't really want to waste any more time. I need to see him. [Sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Elizabeth: Hello.

Jason: Hey, uh, it's Jason. I'm back from Greece, and I really need to see Jake.

Elizabeth: [Scoffs] Yeah, I heard all about your little trip. We're at Rice Park having a picnic, uh, up near the basketball courts.

Jason: Okay, great. We're on our way.

Elizabeth: Hey, Jake. Good news. Your dad is coming by to see you, so we can celebrate your birthday. Which means as soon as we get home, we can open your presents. What's the matter? Aren't you excited to open your presents anymore?

Jake: Does Dad want to talk about how he used to look different.

Elizabeth: Why would you ask that?

Jake: I don't know.

Elizabeth: [Sighs] Babe, listen, I know it's really confusing that your dad got in this accident and had to have surgery that completely changed his face. But he's your same old dad.

Jake: I don't want to talk about how he used to be. Ever.

Alex: Well, I didn't know that you and Nina had broken up. And if I had anything to do with it, I feel awful. But, yes, you and I, we have a history that I am trying to come to terms with, and if I did anything that was misconstrued, I --

Valentin: Stop...talking.

Alex: Okay. I'll stop. You talk.

Valentin: I love Nina. I took our wedding vows very seriously. I planned to spend my life with her. And if I thought about you at all...

Alex: Did you think about me?

Valentin: ...It was as an adversary. Somebody who denied our mutual past. But now, you have admitted everything -- good and bad. I can't really blame Nina for leaving me.

Anna: Hmm.

Sister Crane: [Whimpers] It must be frightening, not being able to speak. But you're perfectly safe and in good hands. It was Dr. Lancaster that found you at your flat and brought you here. I'll go get him now.

Anna: [Moans] Nnnn...

Campbell: That's my offer -- your freedom, in exchange for evidence against Sonny Corinthos.

Julian: [Clicks pen] No deal. [Sniffs]

Campbell: I'm gonna do you a favor, and give you another minute to reconsider. I'm giving you a chance at freedom. This is a one-time offer. It will not be repeated.

Julian: I understand. But it's not for me.

Campbell: All right. Suit yourself. After all, Corinthos is notoriously hard to convict. And even if you had been willing to play ball, there's no guarantee we could've put him away. And no one wants to be next in the long line of prosecutors who have tanked against Corinthos. But you, on the other hand, your last name, Jerome, your conviction, your guilty verdict, is a sure thing.

Scott: What's this?

Campbell: The arraignment's been postponed.

Scott: Again?

Campbell: Yeah, well, Judge Chua has other priorities.

Scott: What just happened?

Julian: The DA thought he had an offer I couldn't refuse. But I did.

Sister Crane: What is it, Dr. Marick? Can you say something?

Anna: [Strains] Mm. [Groans]

Sister Crane: Dr. Lancaster! I need your help!

Valentin: Nina left because she sensed something long before I could admit it. I still feel something for you. And it's as strong today as it was all those years ago.

Alex: I have strong feelings for you, too. Um, but I tried to fight them, out of respect for your marriage, but I couldn't.

Valentin: [Snickers]

Alex: I think that's why I've been so desperate to make sure that everything is truly clean between us, that I haven't left any wreckage behind, you know, like The Chimera project.

Jake: You take it. It's the last one. I've had enough.

Aiden: Thanks!

Jason: Hello.

Elizabeth: Hello, Jason. Franco filled me in on everything.

Jason: Yeah, I need to talk to Jake about what I remembered.

Franco: Well, you might want to proceed with caution. He's still pretty shaken up about whatever it is that he saw.

Elizabeth: When I told him you were coming by, he asked if you were going talk to him about "when you looked different."

Franco: He doesn't want to have that conversation.

Sam: Well, given what he saw on that island, I don't blame him for not wanting to talk about it.

Jason: Yeah, I understand that. But I need to talk to my son, and I'm gonna do it alone. Thanks. Hey, guys.

Jake: Hi. Hey, Dad.

Jason: You are getting big. How are you?

Jake: Good.

Jason: Hey, do you mind if we, uh, go take a walk, talk a little bit?

Jake: Okay.

Jason: All right. How's that cookie?

Jake: Good. We'll be back. We're over there. Okay?

Aiden: Okay.

Franco: Well, I really hope Jason knows what he's doing.

Sam: Well, at least Jason didn't lie about his intentions, like you did.

Jason: Okay, Jake, you and I need to talk father to son. And it is serious.

Jake: Am I not getting my presents?

Jason: What? [Chuckles] No. No, it's nothing like that. We're gonna celebrate your birthday, and we are gonna have an absolute blast, but first, um... I need you to understand that you don't have to worry about me.

Jake: Okay.

Jason: Or the scarecrow.

Scott: You know, if the DA wants to make a plea bargain with you, he has to deal with your attorney. And that would be me.

Julian: He wanted to use me to get evidence against Sonny.

Scott: Well, what possible evidence could you have against Sonny? I mean, if you were dying of thirst, he wouldn't even give you a thimble of water.

Julian: He wanted me to provoke Sonny. Keep me under surveillance and when Sonny came after me --

Scott: Sonny would be arrested. Now, there's some merit there.

Julian: Mm-hmm. Except there was never an offer for immunity from prosecution. And there is no statute of limitations on murder. Which means, once Sonny was in prison, the DA could turn around and come after me again.

Scott: Yeah, that was your best chance at freedom. Now you've got nothing. And your nutjob sister, she was very sloppy, so there's a lot of evidence that they can pin on you. So, when they find you guilty, know this -- when they lock you in that little cage, you screwed up my winning streak! [Scoffs] Oh. Was your hearing postponed like Julian's arraignment?

Alexis: No. My meeting was brief. Why was...his arraignment postponed?

Scott: [Sighs heavily] Well, because the judge has, I guess, better things to do. But I've got an idiot for a client. I mean, even if he was to get arraigned, he would probably end up getting himself sent to prison.

Alexis: What are -- what are you talking about? What did he do?

Scott: He blew the best chance he had! So, maybe you can talk some sense into that nitwit!

Sister Crane: She was awake and responsive, and then she passed out.

Dr. Lancaster: Are you sure it's not just involuntary movement? She's been unresponsive for some time now.

Sister Crane: I'm telling you, she was trying to speak.

Anna: [Groaning]

Dr. Lancaster: You may be right.

Valentin: Why are you so worried about The Chimera? It's been decades.

Alex: I wasn't worried about it. It's my fault it's out there. You stole it for me.

Valentin: I've done anything for you.

Alex: It should be locked up in a lab somewhere at the WSB.

Valentin: It should never have existed in the first place. The fact that the WSB created it is proof that they can't be trusted with it.

Alex: And the party that you sold it to? What about them?

Valentin: I told you. They're dead. And in all the years they had The Chimera in their possession, they never deployed it. So, there's nothing to worry about anymore. And there's nothing for us to feel guilty about. Is that the only reason you wanted to see me?

Alex: I don't know. It's not the only reason.

Valentin: What else?

Alex: Um, well, I really tried to respect your marriage. But now Nina's left, you know, we can talk about us -- who we were, then, who we are, now... ...what we could be... ...together.

Franco: How's Aiden?

Elizabeth: Oh, he's fine. He's just practicing his soccer skills. Totally unaware of what's going on with Jake.

Franco: Look, I know that you hate me.

Sam: With good reason.

Franco: And in a perfect world, we would never have to see one another. But it's not working out that way.

Sam: Yeah, I know. Because the two of you are together. But the first thing you do is take advantage of it.

Franco: I didn't take advantage of -- what did -- what did I take advantage of?

Sam: No one asked you to go to Cassadine Island. I was talking to her about it. You're the one who got yourself involved.

Franco: Well, it's a good thing that I did get involved, because I helped Jason remember things that he couldn't remember on his own.

Sam: By beating it out of him?

Franco: By re-creating his captivity to spark his sense memory. So, yeah, you're welcome.

Elizabeth: All right, enough, you guys, okay? What matters right now is Jake.

Jake: I don't want to talk about when you looked different.

Jason: Son, I know you don't. Your mother told me it's a very difficult topic for you, but I'm your dad. And it's my job to help you through some of the tough things you're gonna face in your life. And sometimes, the only way to get past something that's difficult is to face it straight on and talk about it.

Jake: If you say so.

Jason: Son, look at me. I need you to hear me when I tell you this. There is nothing in this life, not a single topic, you cannot discuss with me, because I love you so much. And if there's ever a problem, well, you believe me, there is a fix.

Jake: It's not about what I did do. It's about what I didn't do.

Jason: Is that why you've been drawing the little boy behind the tree, the scarecrow?

Jake: Mom always told me, if you see something bad, you tell someone.

Jason: Yeah, your mom's right.

Jake: [Voice breaking] But there was no one to tell. It was just her and the guard. They were beating him up, and I couldn't stop them.

Jason: Listen to me. Nothing that happened on that island is your fault. Do you hear me? You hear me? You were stuck in a very, very bad situation. Jake, when I looked different, you didn't even know that I was your father.

Jake: But I knew I liked you. You were the guy with the motorcycle.

Jason: Yeah. I'm the guy with the motorcycle. Yeah. Let me tell you something else. The fact that you wanted to help me... means everything in the world. You are a very brave boy.

Jake: I didn't feel brave.

Jason: Are you kidding me? You've been through some of the worst things anybody could go through, and you survived that situation. You are very brave, son.

Jake: Thanks.

Jason: Look...[Sighs] The reason I really want to talk is so that you know... ...I love you. And that woman -- she's gone. She's not coming back. She can never hurt you. She's never gonna hurt me. She's never gonna hurt this family. I'm always gonna be here to protect you. Do you hear me? Look...I love you.

Jake: I love you, too, Dad. Dad?

Jason: Yeah, buddy?

Jake: There's something else. Something you don't know.

Alexis: I saw Scott outside. He's very unhappy.

Julian: Well, DA Campbell offered me a deal, and I, um, turned it down without his permission.

Alexis: Well, if you were my client, I would advise you to really think that over.

Julian: Well, there's nothing to think about. I would have to provoke Sonny, and that's how this whole cycle of violence got started in the first place. And I'm not gonna do it.

Alexis: Is that the only reason you refused?

Julian: No.

Jason: There's something else you need to tell me? Okay. Well, come here. I think we should practice what we talked about earlier. You can tell me anything. And, like I said, if there's a problem, there's always a fix. So give it a shot.

Jake: I love you, too, Dad. And I don't care what you look like. You're the best dad ever.

Jason: Son, you just made my entire day. I'll tell you what, uh, do you want to go back and join the others?

Jake: Did Mom tell you what Spencer sent me for my birthday?

Jason: No. No, she didn't.

Jake: A magic kit.

Jason: Really?

Jake: Yeah, I've been working on my first trick to show everyone.

Jason: Well, that sounds like -- that's -- that's very cool.

Jake: But I need to practice. And I need to be away from Aiden. He's too young.

Jason: [Laughs] He's too young, huh?

Jake: He doesn't get it.

Jason: Yeah, okay. I'll tell you what. How about you stay here and you practice, and I'll go talk with your mom, and maybe I'll kick the ball around with Aiden.

Jake: I'm really glad you're back, Dad. And not just because I get to open the rest of my presents.

Jason: [Laughs] Come here. I'm really glad to be back, too, son. Okay. Now, you get your magician on over here. And, uh, I'll be over there.

Elizabeth: Now that you're done eating, you can go play, okay?

Aiden: Okay.

Sam: Hey, how's Jake.

Franco: What'd he say?

Elizabeth: Where is he?

Jason: He's, uh -- he's over there. He's practicing his magic trick. I thought it'd be a good idea after what we talked about. It was pretty heavy.

Elizabeth: Did he open up to you?

Jason: Yeah, he did. He told me what he saw on Cassadine Island.

Sam: You being beaten?

Jason: Yeah. Yeah, and he was mostly upset that, uh, he was guilty that he thought he couldn't do anything about it. And I told him that I was just proud of him for surviving his own situation, and that Helena's gone. She's not gonna hurt us anymore.

Elizabeth: Does he feel better?

Jason: [Clicks tongue] I think he does. I-I think he still needs to see André, but I think he's turning the corner, you know? I think he's starting to heal.

Elizabeth: Great. That' good for him. What about you? Have you remembered anything more?

Jason: Just the beating. I don't know if Franco told you, but that drawing Jake made of the boy hiding behind the tree, we found the tree, and there was a Chimera emblazoned on it. I'm pretty positive that's where Jake learned the image.

[Footsteps approach]

Aiden: What are you looking at?

Jake: Stay away! This isn't for you!

Aiden: Why are you so mad?

Jake: It's a secret. You can't tell anyone! Not Mom, not Cameron -- no one!

Anna: [Moaning]

Dr. Lancaster: She needs another sedative. The regular dose.

Sister Crane: Another injection so soon?

Dr. Lancaster: She's my patient, sister. I know what she needs.

[Monitor beeps]

Alex: We have a connection, a pull, right? So, we can't deny that. Let's just accept it.

Valentin: Be careful, Anna. You keep asking for it, you're gonna get it.

Alex: [Laughs]

Valentin: You might have second thoughts.

Alex: Why would I?

Valentin: Because, deep inside, I'm still the man I was that night in Lisbon.

Alex: You're beautiful inside.

Valentin: No.

Alex: Yeah. I knew that.

Valentin: I was so weak compared to you. But I'm not weak anymore.

Alex: You're strong and handsome. You're my equal in every way. But I don't think we should have any secrets from each other.


Julian: The only way I'll be free to start my life over is if I get immunity from prosecution.

Alexis: That isn't part of the offer.

Julian: No. It's ironic, isn't it? I get away with the things I did, but I'm gonna have to pay for the things that Olivia forced me to do.

Alexis: Don't convict yourself in advance. You haven't even been arraigned yet.

Julian: Oh, Alexis, you're the best attorney I've ever known. Realistically-speaking, what are my chances? That's what I thought. Of course, um, maybe you think I'm getting what I deserve.

Alexis: What I think... is despite everything that's happened... ...I don't want you to go to prison. But I have no idea how to stop it.

Elizabeth: I hate thinking about what Jake witnessed. But I am grateful we finally know the truth. Now we can help him deal with whatever he saw and experienced.

Franco: Uh, it is possible that I owe you an apology.

Sam: For shackling him to a wall and beating him?

Franco: No. No, I stand behind that decision 100%. It was pivotal in getting him to remember. And it worked, right? So, I thought maybe you'd say thank you, but instead, you knocked me out, which is totally gratuitous, by the way.

Elizabeth: Uh, I think you were apologizing?

Franco: I'm sorry... [Clears throat] ...That I assumed that Jake was afraid of you, instead of being afraid for you.

Jason: I have to be honest, I started to think the same thing. And if Jake hadn't felt that he could open up to you, then we would never have found out what was going on. So, thank you.

Elizabeth: Wow. Okay. Well, I think we can all agree that we have to be careful moving forward with Jake. But I'm hopeful the worst is over, and he can finally start to heal from whatever happened on Cassadine Island.

Jake: "If you see something bad, tell someone." But I can't tell anyone about this.

Anna: [Moans]

Dr. Lancaster: Sister, where's that sedative?

Sister Crane: Right here, Doctor.

Alex: Make love to me right now. After all this time, it'd be so much fun.

Valentin: Is this really what you want?

Alex: I just want you. [Gasps]

Valentin: No. You just want The Chimera. But for once, I'm one step ahead of you.

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Jake (to Aiden): It's a secret. I'm the only one who knows what to do with it.

Anna: [While Dr. Lancaster is about to inject her]: It's a mistake.

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