GH Transcript Friday 5/12/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/12/17


Episode #13805 ~ Carly demands an explanation from Sonny; Jordan looks to Anna for advice about Curtis; Griffin takes Hayden by surprise when he announces she's pregnant.

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Griffin: I'm reviewing these results, and there's something else that needs addressing.

Finn: Oh, what now?

Griffin: The, uh, results say your pregnant.

Finn: Pregnant?

Hayden: Me?

Finn: I'm pretty sure it -- it is me. But -- but it was your sample. Uh, is -- I mean, is that, um, even -- could you actually --

Hayden: Are you positive that's what the lab report says?

Griffin: Yeah, I mean, it's right here in black and white.

Hayden: It doesn't -- doesn't even make any sense. Why would a lab tech testing for opiates check for pregnancy?

Nina: Is that a bug?

Curtis: This is more than a bug. This right here is a grade A transceiver. It's the best espionage has to offer.

Nina: So it's expensive.

Curtis: And hard to find. Just like this watch.

Nina: Can she hear us now?

Curtis: You mean from this mangled disaster? Probably not.

Nina: Uh, so -- so you're saying that Anna's been listening to our conversations this entire time?

Curtis: Yeah, it looks like it.

Nina: This is absolutely unbelievable. [Scoffs]

Curtis: So, my thought is "What is Anna's game plan?" You know, is she some psycho stalker? 'Cause, you know, I've had clients like that back in the day. Or does she just like to listen in on people's private lives?

Nina: Mnh-mnh. So much more than that, Curtis. It's so much more. She's been targeting my husband, and she knows exactly where to aim.

[Cell phone rings]

Valentin: What?

Anna: Valentin, are you all right?

Valentin: What do you want?

Anna: Well, I-I was just kind of frustrated with our encounter the other day, and I was wondering if we could maybe pick up where we left off? Are you free to meet?

Valentin: I'm busy.

Anna: T-too busy for a -- a picnic? It's a gorgeous day outside, and I'm here at Kelly's, and I can pick up a couple of sandwiches and go to the liquor store, and I can get a bottle of wine, and then we can go to the park, and lay a blanket out, have a picnic.

Valentin: I don't think so.

Anna: [Scoffs] We got so close yesterday, closer than we have in decades.

Valentin: Maybe it's time we got to know each other. I mean, not who we were -- who we are now.

Anna: Like a fresh start?

Valentin: Stranger things have happened.

Anna: Valentin? I just was thinking that maybe we could build on that and see where we can go from here?

Valentin: [Exhales sharply] It's over, Anna. I won't be seeing you today or any other day.

Anna: [Sighs]

Nelle: Hey, Nina. It's Nelle. Um, I've been doing a lot of thinking, and -- look, as much as I love her, you're gonna have to find a new nanny for Charlotte. I mean, what you're asking me to do is spying on your husband, shadowing your husband... call me.

Carly: I came to ask Dino to make me a cake, and what do I find? My husband and my divorce attorney holding hands. Wow. Really? Somebody say something, and it better be good.

Sonny: Carly, w-why are you doing this --

Carly: And don't lie to me, please, because you've already done that enough, really.

Martina: Okay, Carly -- Carly, please, let me explain. I will -- I will tell you everything. First of all, I apologize. You were never supposed to see us like this.

Carly: I wonder why.

Martina: No, I mean, I wanted to tell you first.

Carly: Tell me what?

Martina: To avoid the appearance of impropriety, um, I -- I'm removing myself from your case. That's what Mr. Corinthos and I were just discussing.

Carly: You're quitting?

Martina: Yes.

Carly: What did you do? If he's intimidating you, we can fight him, okay? You can't let him get away with this.

Martina: Mr. Corinthos didn't do anything. I am not representing you anymore for personal reasons.

Carly: You want to be more specific?

Sonny: Me. I'm the reason.

Michael: Well, I can pretend I didn't hear anything.

Nelle: Or you could be honest.

Michael: Honest. It's a novel concept.

Nelle: I deserve that.

Michael: So, you're, um, spying on Valentin Cassadine. I assume that's because Nina asked you?

Nelle: No. Carly told Nina about what happened with me and Sonny -- you know, the real story -- so, Nina said she would fire me with good reason, unless I agreed to spy on her husband.

Michael: Well, that's a tough position, Nelle, but you know there are other jobs out there?

Nelle: No. Not here. I mean, at least not for me. It doesn't matter though, 'cause I told her I wouldn't do it.

Michael: Well, good for you.

Nelle: Yeah, there's a big "but" there, though. She practically got down on her knees and begged me to do it.

Michael: Then you agreed.

Nelle: It was just once. I followed Valentin to the pier, and I hated every second of it. I even lied to Nina about it.

Michael: What, you told Nina that he was up to no good when he wasn't?

Nelle: No, the opposite -- I-I told her that everything was fine, when really he was doing something pretty -- pretty sketchy. Believe me, I get how -- I get how messed up that is.

Michael: Well, not just for you. She shouldn't have asked you in the first place.

Nelle: Yeah. Which is why I just called and quit.

Michael: Quit?

Nelle: Mm-hmm. I take it you didn't hear that part.

Curtis: Nina, this is a specialized-ass piece of equipment. Do you have any idea how Anna came upon this?

Nina: WSB -- that's where they met. [Exhales sharply]

Curtis: Valentin was in the WSB?

Yeah. Many years ago. He was very different back then.

Curtis: Friends and colleagues, right? Something more?

Mm-hmm. Here. You remember how I told you that Valentin made advances on Anna? Remember?

Curtis: Uh...yeah, yeah, and then she rejected him, right?

Nina: Yeah, yeah. Okay, he was in love with her, he was hopelessly in love with her, I guess, and she just used that to end his career.

Curtis: Damn.

Nina: Yeah. It took him a while to get over it, a guess a decade, and now here she is back in his life.

Curtis: Mm -- along with all his old feelings.

Nina: Exactly. But you know what? Valentin thought that she regretted what she did. He thought that she wanted to make amends. And that is only what she wanted him to think.

Hayden: We were just trying to find the person who was messing with Finn's drug test. That's why we used my sample.

Finn: You tested positive for opiates, which proved I was framed.

Hayden: If they knew that it was Finn's sample, why would they check for pregnancy?

Griffin: Look, I'm not sure, but I have a theory.

Finn: What?

Griffin: Let me check with the lab. Look, someone I trust completely. I promise. I'll get back to you guys as soon as I can.

Hayden: Thanks. Well, this, uh, certainly changed the trajectory of my day.

Finn: Yeah, I didn't see that one coming. [Sniffs] You couldn't... you couldn't really be pregnant, could you?

Anna: No, I-I have not located The Chimera yet, but -- well... I said that I was getting close. But I-I hit a bit of a setback. Um, I've lost transmission with Valentin. Well, I don't know. His wife had a fit, and she destroyed the device or something. But what's worse is that he now is resisting any kind of further attempt I-I have at any kind of intimacy between us. Yes, obviously I'm going to try again, because I know how important it is to find The Chimera, and only Valentin knows who he sold it to, so I get all of that. Yes, I will. [Sighs]

Jordan: Just how long did you think that you could hide from me?

Nina: Anna doesn't care about him. She never did. She just preyed on his vulnerability. I mean, obviously, it was easy for her, because she was listening to our every conversation, so she knows -- she knows when he left Spoon Island, she knows when he was alone.

Curtis: She's good.

Nina: She's disgusting.

Curtis: That's what I meant.

Nina: Yeah. So, she knows that I left him, right? Yeah. She probably has already booked a -- a room downstairs.

Curtis: You picked the right time to leave your husband. Nina, that dude is dangerous. I mean, he's under surveillance by the WSB. I wouldn't get involved, okay? But clearly the choice is yours. And I would make it soon.

Carly: What does that mean, you're the reason?

Sonny: [Sighs] Ms. Morales and I know each other.

Carly: From where? A better question -- when? Because you've been sitting across a table in mediation, and neither one of you said a word.

Martina: Uh, that's because, um, I was informed only recently, uh, today in fact, about, uh, what amounts to a conflict of interest.

Carly: And this will stop you from being my lawyer?

Martina: In this particular situation, yes. I worked for a firm that represented, uh, your husband in a lawsuit brought against his coffee company.

Carly: How would you not remember being a part of his legal team?

Martina: Because I wasn't part of it, but I was at the firm at the time, w-which could be construed as me being on his side, a-and not yours.

Carly: Mm.

Martina: I-I hope you understand.

Carly: That part, maybe. But you telling Sonny before you tell me when I'm your client -- make me understand that.

Finn: I couldn't help but notice you seemed a little more interested in the logistics of the lab report than what it actually said.

Hayden: Well, why waste time and emotion on something that's obviously and error.

Finn: Obviously. I mean, it is obvious.

Hayden: Why do you say it like that?

Finn: I don't know. Say it like what?

Hayden: L-like you know something --

Finn: I don't know anything. It's your body. You've been in it a long time.

Hayden: Not that long.

Finn: And I'm sure you -- you're aware of your cycles and stuff -- what's normal, what's not?

Hayden: I've kind of been focused on other things lately. I haven't been paying attention to the ebbs and flows.

Finn: Until now? And?

Hayden: I'm not pregnant.

Finn: Right. You sure?

Hayden: That was fast.

Griffin: I could tell you were anxious for answers.

Hayden: Well, I'm anxious to put this whole mix-up behind me. That's what it was, right? I'm not pregnant.

Jordan: Sorry if I surprised you.

Anna: Not at all, no. How have you been?

Jordan: Good, good. Crazy busy, you know. How about you? Uh, how have you been feeling?

Anna: Oh, I-I've had my ups and downs, you know, much like anyone I suppose.

Jordan: But the cancer -- it's under control?

Anna: That's what they tell me.

Jordan: I'm guessing you've had to, you know, scale back a bit on the work front.

Anna: Oh, w-well, yes. I-I've settled down, so to speak.

Jordan: Ooh. That sounds frustrating.

Anna: It's hell.

Jordan: Although, actually, I wouldn't mind it in my personal life.

Anna: What, settling down?

Jordan: Yeah, I mean, that's -- I thought I was doing that with André.

Anna: But fate had a different plan?

Jordan: No, no. Uh, Curtis Ashford did.

Curtis: I'm gonna get up out of here. But remember what I said. Be careful.

Nina: I will. What are you doing here?

Valentin: Looking for you. You weren't at your office, so I decided to take a chance and see if you were here.

Nina: Well, you wasted a trip.

Valentin: Oh, Nina, please...

Nina: [Sighs]

Valentin: ...I don't want to lose you.

Nina: Well, that's too late.

Valentin: I refuse to believe that. I am so sorry that I put Anna between us, but she means nothing to me. And I know -- I know you've heard that from me, but it's true. She means nothing, whereas you mean everything. You and Charlotte -- you're my whole world.

Nina: Why did you blow us up?

Valentin: Because I am an idiot. I was looking for closure to a very painful and demoralizing chapter of my life, and I thought Anna could give me that.

Nina: But she didn't.

Valentin: No. And you know what? I didn't even need it, because I have everything that I need. I have a daughter I adore and a wife I don't want to live without. I won't see Anna ever again.

Nina: Um, I honestly don't care what you do.

Valentin: No, no, no. Please! I don't want Anna. I want you, more than I've -- [Sighs] ....I've ever wanted anyone.

Nina: I don't believe you.

Valentin: Will you please hear me out?

Nina: I've been hearing you out all this time. I've been listening to what you're telling me. I've been seeing it from your point of view. I've been giving you the benefit of the doubt, Valentin.

Valentin: I've been stuck in the past. I...just wanted relief from a lingering...ache. But it is nothing compared to losing you. Please come back to Charlotte and me. We can fix this. I know we can.

Nina: You're right. You have been a fool. The thing with Anna wasn't about closure. She was using you, pure and simple.

Michael: Look, I'd like to believe you, Nelle, that you were doing the right thing.

Nelle: But -- but you don't.

Michael: It's the fact that you agreed to spy on Valentin in the first place. It's -- well, what choice did I have? I mean, your mom knows everyone in this town. My résumé's probably gonna get tossed out on sight. So, yes, I-I took Nina's deal.

Michael: Because you're desperate?

Nelle: Because I want to stay in Port Charles. Because I thought that the end justified the means, but it -- it didn't. So I'm resigning. Okay?

Michael: So, uh... what?

Nelle: Guess it's time for my next adventure.

Michael: You're leaving?

Nelle: Yeah. Go somewhere where no one knows me, start over. It's kind of exciting, you know? It's -- it's a new chapter. What?

Michael: Huh? Oh, no. Nothing. Just -- it's just -- I don't know -- weird thinking of you not being around. That's all.

Nelle: Yeah, I mean, it's weird for me, too. I mean, despite everything that's happened, Port Charles has become my home. But there's nothing left for me here. I mean, unless you can think of a reason for me to stay.

Martina: I meant no disrespect in telling Sonny first.

Carly: What happened to "Mr. Corinthos"?

Martina: This is just one big misunderstanding.

Carly: It really is. And you know what doesn't add up, is that you said your reasons for bailing are personal, when, honestly, it sounds totally professional to me. But what's not professional was you guys holding hands when I walked in here.

Sonny: We were not holding hands, Carly. We were --

Carly: Oh, close enough! And it was intimate! It was intimate, like there was a prior connection on a personal level.

Martina: If that were true, Alexis would have never recommended me.

Carly: Alexis doesn't know everything there is to know about Sonny, and you, Martina? You were a referral. She did not vet your life for a year, which brings me back to you influencing my lawyer to sabotage my case, Sonny.

Sonny: I didn't sabotage nothing.

Martina: I would never --

Carly: Nice try. You would never? You already have. What about yesterday when you showed up wanting a complete reversal of strategy? What the hell was that?

Martina: The right call.

Carly: Really, the right call? To go easy on the man who has lied to me about everything under the sun? To go easy on the man who's conspiring with my lawyer? Where's your honor now, Sonny?

Griffin: I talked to Shannon in the lab.

Hayden: Good, good.

Finn: Yeah, she would -- she would never tell Brad what we're doing.

Griffin: If it was Brad.

Finn: He's the likeliest suspect.

Hayden: The only suspect. What did she say?

Griffin: [Sighs] Look, whoever rigged Finn's sample would have put in a few milligrams of an opiate.

Finn: Right, to prove that I was doping.

Hayden: Yeah, we know that.

Griffin: When the lab tests for drugs, they -- they do it blindly. There's, uh, no name, no sex, and no way to identify the subject -- just a number. If that test comes back positive, they test for functions that could also be affected by drug use.

Finn: Like a pregnancy.

Griffin: Yeah. So when Shannon detected the presence of hCG --

Hayden: What's that?

Finn: Human chorionic gonadotropin. It's a -- it's a hormone produced by the placenta after implantation.

Hayden: It's not associated with any other condition?

Griffin: No. So she ran the test. It came back positive.

Hayden: So, there's no mistake. This is actually happening?

Griffin: Yes.

Finn: Wow. This is... you're pregnant.

Hayden: Oh, my God.

Finn: You really didn't know?

Hayden: Clearly. We were always careful, weren't we?

Finn: Mm-hmm.

Hayden: [Sighs]

Finn: I guess that's why they say birth control's only 98% effective.

Hayden: [Chuckles] 2% -- we're in that 2%. [Scoffs] What are the chances?

Finn: 2%. I'm sorry.

Hayden: We haven't had sex in, like...

Finn: Months.

Hayden: Two at least.

Finn: Seven weeks, three days, and -- you know, if you were counting.

Hayden: This is...

Finn: Yeah.

Hayden: ...A baby.

Finn: A baby.

Hayden: I'm the least maternal person I know.

Finn: That can't be true.

Hayden: It's true, trust me. [Exhales]

Finn: You're good with Roxy.

Hayden: She's a reptile.

Finn: She's very demanding.

Hayden: Finn, I don't know if I'm ready to be a parent. Are you?

Nina: Here. Here's your watch.

Valentin: What happened to it?

Nina: I destroyed it. And Curtis was with me when I did it. He liked the watch. He was trying to put it back together, and he found something tucked away right here so no one could detect it.

Valentin: Is that what I think it is?

Nina: Yeah. It's a listening device. Why are you so shocked? Anna's tried to bug our house before. First time, shame on her. Second time, you know. This was a gift. This watch was a gift. It was a gift to Anna so she could hear your every word.

Jordan: André broke up with me.

Anna: I heard. I think he regrets it.

Jordan: No, I doubt that.

Anna: Yes, and I'm serious. He confided in me.

Jordan: Oh, of course.

Anna: Yes.

Jordan: That I am actually not surprised about. In fact, I -- I thought -- you know, now that he's free, I thought maybe he might pursue something with you.

Anna: Me?

Jordan: Yeah. There's always been a pull there, you know, just like there's been one between me and Curtis.

Anna: I like André. He's -- he's smart and calming, and --

Jordan: Easy on the eye.

Anna: Well, yeah, obviously.

Jordan: Yeah.

Anna: But it's not the right time now, because I just was diagnosed with cancer, for Pete's sake, and so I can't go jumping into a complicated relationship.

Jordan: Aren't they all complicated?

Anna: Well, the ones that matter, yes.

Jordan: Yeah, well, uh, last night Valerie, Curtis' ex -- she accused me of warning her off Curtis so that I could have him to myself.

Anna: Was she right?

Sonny: First of all, I am not conspiring with Ms. Morales.

Martina: At all.

Carly: Just call her Martina. You guys are clearly on first-name basis.

Martina: [Scoffs] Carly, it's not what you think.

Carly: Get out. We're done here.

Martina: All right, please reconsider --

Carly: Go!

Martina: [Sighs]

Carly: Wow.

[Door closes]

Sonny: It's not what -- you know, it's not what you think.

Carly: Really? It's not what I think?

Sonny: This thing with Martina -- we've crossed paths before. We're not teaming up against you. I wouldn't do that.

Carly: He says that with a straight face.

Sonny: That's 'cause I mean it. [Sighs]

Carly: Are you kidding me? You have crossed so many lines in the past few months.

Sonny: And you haven't?

Carly: We're not talking about me!

Sonny: Well, we should, because last time I checked, you slept with Jax...

Carly: Oh, my God.

Sonny: ...While you were still married to me.

Carly: What has happened to you?

Sonny: [Chuckles]

Carly: You know, you used to live by a code. You used to really believe in honor. And now you will mow down anyone that crosses your path.

Sonny: I didn't want any of this, Carly. I wanted an amicable divorce, but you kept insisting to fight this.

Carly: No, I -- no, I'm not! That is not true. I just want to keep everything you signed over to me.

Sonny: Oh, of course, 'cause you want to punish me, and I didn't even cheat. You cheated. I didn't cheat. You did.

Carly: After you said we were through. Remember that part? I mean, you don't even see your own arrogance, Sonny. You cheat -- well, at least you think you do -- you lie, I get mad, and you say we're over. And then all of a sudden, you change your mind, and you're offended, because I already turned to Jax. Too bad! Then what do you do? You have him arrested, and then you have him deported, and then you want me to still protect you and sign back your properties, so you can go on and business as usual? Hell no. No. So whatever you did to get my lawyer on your side was a waste of your time.

Sonny: It's -- it's not what you walked in on.

Carly: Okay, okay, really? Then tell me, please. What did I walk in on? What? I want to hear the real story. And for once, tell me the truth.

Finn: I guess I hadn't really thought about fatherhood -- recently, at least.

Hayden: Did you and Reiko want children?

Finn: Yeah, I like kids. You know, I guess it was always in the plan. Then, you know, life, work, then she got sick. What about you?

Hayden: Well, yeah. I mean, my first husband and I talked about it, but, like, in the way distant future. More like "what life would look like in 10 years" kind of thing.

Finn: Mm.

Hayden: And when he took off, I just stopped thinking about having a family altogether. I was just so focused on surviving, you know? It wasn't until...

Finn: Until what?

Hayden: Oh, like, you know. I mean... let's just say Roxy isn't the only small creature to have had a thing for me.

Finn: Right. You told me about that kid -- Spencer?

Hayden: Mm. I miss him.

Finn: Well, that's something.

Hayden: Not a lot. But -- but you -- you've had plenty of time taking care of kids over the years, right?

Finn: Yeah. Those are the ones that stick with you. Kids are hard to shake.

Hayden: Well, that's something.

Finn: It's something. It's not a lot. So, what do you want to do?

Nina: You really had no idea?

Valentin: Of course, I suspected Anna had ulterior motives. But I dismissed the idea.

Nina: 'Cause you wanted her approval.

Valentin: I should have known. She's been asking about a long-ago clandestine operation. That's how she was always able to find me. When I was out of the house, she would always run into me, because she knew.

Nina: She knew.

Valentin: That's how she would always call me when you were out of earshot. Like today, after you left.

Nina: She called you today?

Valentin: Yeah. Not that it matters to you at this juncture, but I told her that I didn't want to see her again.

Nina: Just too little, too late.

Valentin: That's twice that I let Anna destroy my life. But this time I hurt you, and I hurt my daughter. So if it's any consolation, I'll never forgive myself.

Jordan: I mean, what Valerie said to me -- it didn't even sit right with me, you know? Like, I'm not that kind of person, am I? Or -- or maybe I -- maybe I am. Maybe I-I am. I -- maybe subconsciously I did want him available. I don't know. I don't even know.

Anna: You're overthinking it.

Jordan: I am.

Anna: Do you like being with Curtis?

Jordan: Yes.

Anna: And do you two have fun together and he -- he treats you well?

Jordan: When he's not being infuriating, yes, he treats me very well.

Anna: Infuriating is key. That means there's passion, yeah?

Jordan: Well, we've got that.

Anna: So go for it.

Jordan: Just like that? No -- no cautionary advice?

Anna: Just like that.

Jordan: Does this shift have to do with your health? Like, maybe you're -- you've realized how precious life really is --

Anna: Yeah, I cannot waste a moment, and neither should you.

Nelle: Like, I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I made my bed. I get that. [Sighs]

Michael: Are you -- are you being serious about leaving Port Charles?

Nelle: What other option do I have? It's not -- I mean, it's not like I have any friends in this town.

Michael: Okay, yeah, but you don't have as many enemies as you think you do, Nelle.

Nelle: That's not the same thing. Look, I know that you said that you might be able to forgive me some day, and I believe you. I mean, if any -- if anyone's able to rise above, it's you, Michael. But I have a distinct feeling that "someday" isn't gonna be anytime soon. So -- so, there's really no reason for me to stay.

Michael: Uh... no. No, I guess -- I guess there's not. Well, uh... good luck, Nelle. I, um... I hope everything works out for you.

Nelle: Yeah, I-I hope so, too. [Sniffles]

Sonny: What kind of cake is it?

Carly: What?

Sonny: Well, you said you were gonna talk to Dino, and he was gonna make you a cake, so I'll go ahead and give him the message.

Carly: I ask for the truth, and you dodge again.

Sonny: I told you the truth.

Carly: No, you didn't.

Sonny: Your lawyer has an association with me, she's taken herself off the case, end of story.

Carly: I don't know why I'm surprised. It's how we wound up here in the first place -- lies, lies, and more lies. When's it gonna stop, Sonny?

Sonny: You know, Carly, I --

Carly: Stop! [Scoffs] I already have my answer.

[Door slams shut]

Hayden: I need time to think.

Finn: Okay.

Hayden: I mean, you and I are just starting to find our way back together again, and I don't even know what life will be like now that you're clean.

Finn: That's true. But, you know, for me, the sun rises and sets with you. I love you. That's not the drugs talking. It never was. And I guess I was just hoping maybe... [Inhales] ...You still feel something for me or maybe... you even love me.

Hayden: I do. That's something, right?

Finn: That's everything. [Hug] Hey. Whatever you decide about the baby, I support you. I'll be with you every step of the way.

Hayden: Thank you.

Man: Give me that bag!

Nelle: Get away from -- ow!

[Both grunting]

Man: Bitch! [Grunts]

Michael: Hey, Mom.

Carly: Hey.

Michael: Hey.

Carly: How you doing?

Michael: I'm, uh -- I'm okay.

Carly: Well, "okay's" better than me.

Michael: Yeah. Well, I have some -- some news that actually might brighten your day.

Carly: Great. Lay it on me. What?

Michael: Nelle's leaving town. Apparently, this time she means it.

Carly: Oh. Okay. Well, you know what? It may not seem like it now, but Nelle leaving is best for all concerned, okay?

Michael: Okay. I thought you'd have a bigger reaction.

Carly: I know, I know. I'm sorry. I just had a fight with your dad, and... [Exhales sharply]

Michael: Oh. Yeah. Uh, Mom --

Carly: I know. I know you're not taking sides, but you got to hear me out on this one. Your father -- he's mixing it up with my lawyer.

Michael: Mixing it up how?

Carly: Well, I have a pretty good idea, and I'm damn sure gonna prove it.

[Door opens]

Sonny: You're back. [Chuckles]

Martina: [Groans] I waited for Carly to leave. That was...[Sighs]

Sonny: Bad?

Martina: I was gonna say "intense," but, yeah, "bad" works. Oh, my God. I tried to spin it into something she might believe.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Martina: Did it work? Uh, no. That's a dumb question.

Sonny: Listen, Carly knows me real well, and she even hears what I'm not saying, and then when I stay quiet, she picks up on that also. I can tell you right now she knows we're hiding something, and she's not gonna stop till she finds the truth.

Curtis: Allow me to do all the talking. Something happened, uh, yesterday at the restaurant. Maybe it was Valerie, maybe it was André -- hell, maybe it was both. But it definitely derailed our date.

Jordan: And I am sorry about that.

Curtis: Well, you don't have to be sorry. Let's just run it back -- a do-over.

Jordan: A do-over?

Curtis: Yeah.

Jordan: You want to -- you want to do a do-over.

Curtis: I do. Ms. Jordan Ashford, would you allow me to escort you to the GH Nurses' Ball? [Stammers] Before you answer, let me just -- let me just say... [Sighs] I see a lot of couples fall off, right? And they fall apart, because they give in to the noise, and they forget what's really important, what really matters. Let's be better than them, okay? Let's cut through all the static, all the nonsense, and let's pull up to the scene and show those people how fly we really are.

Jordan: And we are that?

Curtis: You're damn right. So does that mean you're in?

Jordan: Well, I'm gonna have to get an amazing dress, but...

Curtis: Well...

Jordan: ...Yeah, I'm in.

Anna: Oh, come on, Valentin! Pick up, pick up!

Valentin: I'm right here.

Anna: I was just calling you.

Valentin: So I heard.

Anna: Uh... I don't know. I just felt that some of the things you said earlier -- maybe I wouldn't see you again.

Valentin: As if I could stay away. I kept telling myself that I was over you, but I'm powerless against it. And I can't fight what we have anymore.

Anna: Uh, neither can I. Uh, what -- what do you say we go and have that picnic, right? Um, forget about the sandwiches. We can just go and get a bottle of wine, and we can go to the park, lay out a blanket --

Valentin: I was hoping for something a bit more intimate... ...somewhere we can be alone.

[In a hospital in London, England a monitor beeps in Anna's room]

Nurse: [British accent] Everything's gonna be all right. You're doing just fine.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Franco: Mind if I take a look?

Jake: No, don't.

Jason: I'm back from Greece. I really have to see Jake.

Valentin (to Anna): You came after me, because you know.

Scott (to Alexis): What do you have for Julian?

Man (to Julian): You play your cards right, you can be a free man.

Nurse (to Anna): Do you know where you are?

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