GH Transcript Wednesday 5/10/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/10/17


Episode #13803 ~ Nina challenges Valentin's motives about Anna; Franco takes drastic action to help Jason remember; Elizabeth confides in Kiki; Jake receives a suspicious magic kit.

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Valentin: I sold The Chimera for a spectacular amount of money.

Anna: Well... you don't seem very concerned about what could happen.

Valentin: I'm not. It was a long time ago, Anna. If they wanted to use The Chimera, they would have. And now they're dead. They're stone dead. Don't worry, Anna. The Chimera Project will never see the light of day.

Anna: How can you be certain the buyer is dead?

Valentin: Why would I lie?

Anna: Why wouldn't you? You know that toxin is deadly.

Valentin: If deployed! It won't be.

Anna: Well, just because the buyer is gone doesn't mean The Chimera is, too. How do you know that it isn't out there waiting for someone to unleash it?

Curtis: I can't believe you're making me do this.

Jordan: It was your bet.

Curtis: [Scoffs] I wouldn't make you do it.

Jordan: Well, now, see, that would make you very sexist. Right? You can handle it, but I can't?

Curtis: I didn't think you'd take me seriously.

Jordan: No no, you didn't think that I would actually out-bowl you.

Curtis: How would I? [As Jordan] "I don't know how to hold the ball. When do I release it? Ugh!"

Jordan: What?

Curtis: [Chuckling] Yeah, right. [Normal voice] You hustled me. You a shark -- just admit it and release me from this bet.

Jordan: Are you scared?

Curtis: [Chuckles] Scared?

Jordan: You're really scared, aren't you?

Curtis: Ah! No!

Jordan: It's okay to be scared.

Curtis: Scared, huh?

Jordan: Mm-hmm.

Curtis: [Sighs] Ugh.

Jordan: Mm-hmm.

Curtis: All right, this was the bet.

Jordan: Bottom's up, right?

Curtis: Yeah, that's easy for you to say.

Jordan: Did you smell it? Is it fresh like a daisy?

Curtis: No, it smells like a used shoe.

Jordan: [Laughs] Okay.

Curtis: [Sighs] I can do this.

Jordan: Okay, okay. [Chuckles] You didn't actually think that I was gonna make you drink from that thing, did you?

Curtis: Oh, thank God.

Jordan: You real-- I'm not even going to kiss you after that.

[Both chuckle]

Curtis: Right.

Jordan: I'm just...

Curtis: That's funny.

Jordan: I'm impressed that you would actually even do it.

Curtis: You know what? I think we have an audience.

Nathan: Each text is vaguer than the last. I don't get it, Nina. I mean, two weeks ago, Maxie would have jumped on your offer to re-hire her at Crimson. Now she's talking about staying in Portland? Ma-maybe for good?

Nina: Call her.

Nathan: I will, I will. I'll do it after she gets out of her meeting. In the meantime, I guess I'll go home to my empty apartment.

Nina: You could be my escort. My escort to Wyndemere? You know, the crossing can be pretty rough...

Nathan: Nina, you have a private launch.

Nina: [Chuckles] But you never know what kind of scoundrel I'll run in to, so I really need you.

Nathan: [Chuckling] Okay. Okay, all right. Thank you. It's nice to feel needed.

Nina: I'll always need you.

Nathan: You're -- you sure Valentin won't mind?

Nina: Like you care. He's probably still on his run, anyway.

Anna: Valentin, stop. Wait.

Valentin: Yes, it's possible The Chimera hasn't been disabled, that it's still usable.

Anna: That doesn't concern you?

Valentin: Of course, it concerns me. I've got a daughter. But like I said -- the buyer died before ever using The Chimera.

Anna: That doesn't mean it wasn't passed on.

Helena: It's all there.

Valentin: The Chimera.

Helena: [Chuckles] Pleasure doing business with you... ...Valentin.

Valentin: It's highly unlikely.

Anna: How do you know?

Valentin: 'Cause the buyer was no good at sharing.

[Footsteps approach]

Elizabeth: What do you think you're doing?

Jake: Um... this one's probably books... those are art supplies, but I don't know about these.

Elizabeth: And what did I say about your birthday presents?

Jake: Not to touch them until my party?

Elizabeth: Right. So, hands off.

Jake: But, Mom!

Elizabeth: Jake, I told you not to touch them.

Jake: That's not fair! My birthday's already over. Why should I have to wait till my party?

Elizabeth: Um, because you didn't want to have a party without your dad.

Jake: Then he should be here!

Elizabeth: Jake.

Jake: I'm being punished because Dad went away.

Elizabeth: That is absolutely not true. He didn't mean for this to happen. He had to go away on an emergency.

Jake: Well, when is he done?

Elizabeth: [Sighs] He'll be home soon. As soon as he can.

Jason: I was Jake's scarecrow all along.

Franco: Yeah, you were. You are who Jake has been afraid of all this time.

[Indistinct conversations]

Jordan: Do you want to leave?

Curtis: Why? Because of André? I'm good.

Jordan: Implying that I'm not?

Curtis: Well, you are the one who used to date him.

Jordan: "Used to" being the operative words there.

Curtis: So you don't mind being in the same room with him.

Jordan: Um, if I was 17? Yeah, maybe, but since we're all adults here...

Curtis: So nothing gets under your skin, huh?

Jordan: Not if I can help it.

Curtis: Uh, what if André took up with, um, one of your co-workers? Perhaps a subordinate?

Jordan: My officers' lives have been absolutely none of my business.

Curtis: Even if it was, uh, Valerie Spencer?

Valerie: Are these seats taken? I'm meeting my aunt.

André: Go for it.

Valerie: [Sighs] [Chuckles] Well... this is awkward. Are your ears burning, or what?

André: Let 'em talk.

Valerie: My sentiments exactly.

Nathan: Why are flights to Portland so expensive all of a sudden? Like, two weeks ago, I could swing this.

Nina: I-I -- I could buy you a ticket.

Nathan: [Chuckling] No, I'm not having my big sister bail me out.

Nina: Valentin will buy it.

Nathan: Absolutely not. No, never. Never gonna owe that guy anything.

Nina: It was a joke. It was a joke.

Nathan: [Laughs sarcastically] No.

Nina: Too tightly wound.

Nathan: Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm just...

Nina: I understand.

Nathan: Yeah, I wish I did.

Nina: Mm. What can you do, right?

Nathan: Mm.

Nina: You want a beer?

Nathan: Oh, I'd so love a beer.

Nina: Sparkling water? [Chuckles] The pantry's always fully stocked.

Nathan: [Sighs] What? What, they raised the price in three minutes? How -- how is that even possible?! Where's the beverages?

Nina: [Sighs] Valentin went for a run, and he hasn't come back. That's what the housekeeper said.

Nathan: Okay. And that -- that worries you? him, you know? Figure out where he is.

Nina: I know where he is.

Anna: Guess it would be too much to ask the name of the buyer?

Valentin: No, you can ask whatever you want.

Anna: Oh, but you wouldn't supply it?

Valentin: Well, why would I? It's not gonna do you any good.

Anna: If there is any possibility that The Chimera exists out there somewhere --

Valentin: It doesn't. And if it did, I would find it and I would destroy it.

Anna: Oh, my God. You don't trust me at all, do you?

Valentin: For good reason.

Anna: I have been nothing but honest with you since the moment that I came to grips with what I did.

Valentin: Yeah, so you say. How would I know the difference? Have you ever been yourself with me, Anna Devane? No angle, no game. Or have you always had an agenda?

Anna: Why, I don't know. What are you asking? Are you asking if you know me? Or ever knew me?

Valentin: Did I?

Anna: Well, there's only one way to find out, isn't there? Or if you would prefer, we can just leave the question unanswered, and I can just disappear from your life for good. It's your choice, really.

Jake: I don't even want this stupid party.

Elizabeth: [Scoffs] Weren't you just saying it wasn't happening fast enough?

Jake: I changed my mind. Cancel it.

Elizabeth: No. And if you keep up with this attitude, you're gonna lose your screen time.

Anna: For how long?

Elizabeth: A week.

Jake: A whole week?!

Elizabeth: I can make it longer if you want. [Sighs] Jake, you are old enough to be exercising a little patience.

Jake: But I've been --

Elizabeth: But you've been what?

Jake: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Mom.

Elizabeth: Okay. Thank you for apologizing.

Jake: I'll change my attitude.

Elizabeth: All right, well prove it by forgetting about those presents and get your homework done.

[Doorbell rings]

Elizabeth: Hey!

Kiki: Hey!

Elizabeth: What's up? Come in.

Kiki: I was really excited when I got home from GH and saw there was a package waiting for me, but it turns out it wasn't for me.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles]

Kiki: Can you believe that?

Jake: Who is it for?

Kiki: I'll give you one guess.

Jake: Me?

Kiki: Yeah! Yeah, here.

Jake: Thank you.

Kiki: You're welcome. I hear it was someone's birthday. It's from Franco.

Elizabeth: That's really sweet.

Jake: Hey, Mom, can I --

Elizabeth: [Singsong voice] Homework! Someone is having a little trouble with the concept of restraint.

Kiki: Ah, yes. I always hated having to wait to open my presents.

Elizabeth: And look at you -- you totally survived, didn't you?

Kiki: [Chuckles] I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was an issue. I was just trying to follow orders.

Elizabeth: Orders?

Kiki: Yeah, Franco left a note saying to bring it over as soon as possible, but I'm not really sure why he didn't just bring it over himself.

Elizabeth: Oh, well the last text message I got from him said he was on a mysterious errand.

Franco: What did you do to Jake?

Jason: Nothing.

Franco: Nothing? You're the scarecrow. You just said so yourself.

Jason: I need you to shut up. I can't think.

Franco: You should think.

Jason: I didn't hurt my son.

Franco: Okay. So tell me what did happen.

Jason: I was here. I -- the restraints, I remember it.

Franco: The restraints?

Jason: I was shackled to the wall.

Man: Rule number one -- your life is not your own.

Jason: [Grunts] I was being beaten.

Franco: I totally understand why somebody would want to shackle you to a wall and beat the hell out of you. What I don't understand is, if that's what Jake saw, why is he afraid of you? Wouldn't he be afraid for you?

Jason: Rule number one -- your life is not your own... [Grunts]

Man: Rule number two -- when you finish an op, don't miss your extraction.

Jason: [Grunts]

Man: You don't make decisions, you follow orders.

Jason: [Grunts] [Breathing heavily]

Man: Maybe he's had enough.

Helena: [Laughs] Far from it.

Jason: There was somebody else here. There was someone calling the shots.

Franco: Okay, who? Who was that?

Man: He'll pass out soon.

Helena: [Chuckles] You underestimate him. Jason Morgan has survived far worse than this. Far worse.

Jason: Helena.

Nina: When Valentin disappears and there's no explanation, it means he's with Anna Devane.

Nathan: Maybe he ran into a friend.

Nina: He has no friends.

Nathan: Okay, like, an old colleague.

Nina: Anna Devane.

Nathan: Nina. Look, you said he went running, right? Well, maybe he twisted his ankle. He could be in a hospital right now.

Nina: If he was in the hospital, I would've heard from him. [Sighs] He either went out to find her, or she went out to find him.

Nathan: Now, I don't understand. I thought you guys figured all this out.

Nina: I thought we did, too! But every time I turn around, I run smack into the face of Anna. And Valentin, you know, he acts so sketchy all the time, like he has something to hide.

Valerie: [Laughing] Oh, you are so funny. [Giggles]

Curtis: I think I'm gonna need a drink.

Jordan: But you already -- already have one.

Curtis: Yeah, something stronger, and, uh, preferably something that don't smell like feet.

Jordan: We don't have to be here, you know. We could... we could move to the...The Rib.

Curtis: Mo-- nah, I'm -- I'm fine.

Jordan: No, you were fine before Valerie walked in and joined André.

Curtis: Okay, look, the thing is... Valerie is her own woman. She can date whoever she wants to. I'm just happy she's moved on.

Jordan: Yeah?

Curtis: Yeah.

Jordan: 'Kay.

Curtis: And André -- he's a lucky man to be with her.

Jordan: Yeah.

Curtis: But not quite as lucky as I am to be with you.

Jordan: Keep talking.

Curtis: That's the plan.

Valerie: [Chuckles] Sorry. Am I making you uncomfortable?

André: No. But Jordan and Curtis...

Valerie: Nice. So it's working.

André: I'd say so.

Valerie: Well, you can thank me any time.

André: Mm. For the record, I was doing just fine.

Valerie: Because drinking alone screams fine. Or, wait, no -- drinking alone while your ex is on a date with a new man.

André: Yeah, if only. Curtis was always the third wheel in our relationship.

Valerie: I hear you. Curtis' new woman is my boss. [Scoffs]

André: My advice? You don't like your situation...

[Bills rustling]

André: ...Change it.

Valerie: [Sighs] Hmm. Maybe I will.

[Cell phone rings]

Jordan: Need to get that?

Curtis: Uh, you know what? It's one of my cases. Um, it can wait.

Jordan: No, go for it. I will go to the bar, get our drinks since our waitress has seemed to quit halfway through the shift. Uh, bourbon, rocks?

Curtis: Uh, anything that doesn't come in a shoe.

[Both laugh]

Jordan: I got you.

[Cell phone beeps]

Curtis: Yo, this is Ashford. What do you got?

Jordan: Um... one bourbon, rocks, and a glass of chardonnay. Hey, girl.

Valerie: Commissioner.

Jordan: We're not in the -- not in the station, Valerie. You can call me Jordan.

Valerie: Okay.

Jordan: I was just, uh, picking up some drinks. I'm not gonna take André's seat. Don't worry. [Chuckles]

Valerie: He just left.

Jordan: Really? So you guys are dating, or...?

Valerie: Why? Are you gonna warn me off André, too?

Nathan: Whether or not he's cheating on you is not what matters. Something about his behavior bothers you, and you-you've made him aware of this.

Nina: Yes! Many, many, many times.

Nathan: And he's not doing anything to fix it.

Nina: No, everything he does just makes it worse!

Nathan: Okay, well then there's your problem, Nina! All right? You're losing faith and trust in your husband, and he's doing anything to get it back. Okay, so you got to ask yourself, can you -- can you live like this?

Nina: Well, obviously not! I can't! I mean, look at me!

Nathan: Okay, so leave him! All right? Or at the very least, demand more.

Nina: What if he can't give me more?

Anna: Well, I'll steer clear, you know, give you your space, if that's what you want.

Valentin: Oh, I think we both should want it. What happened back then doesn't reflect very well on either one of us.

Anna: It's just every time I see you, I'm reminded of the... ills I committed against you. You. You should've been a friend or even... [Sighs] I'm drowning in guilt from the moment I wake up in the morning to when I go to sleep at night. And clearly that doesn't mean anything to you.

Valentin: It means something.

Anna: But not enough. So, I'll just give you your space.

Valentin: No, no. Maybe it's time we got to know each other. I mean, not who we were -- who we are now.

Anna: Really? Like a fresh start?

Valentin: Stranger things have happened.

André: Sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt.

Valentin: [Chuckles] No, that's all right. I was just leaving.

Franco: So Helena was keeping you here. So, that makes sense. This is her island. What we don't know, Jason, is what it is that Jake saw.

Jason: Her guard was beating the living hell out of me. But that wasn't enough. [Grunts]

Man: [Panting] I wouldn't push much harder. Your investment will be for nothing if he's dead.

Helena: But like any good investor, I am nothing if not diversified. I always have assets in reserve.

[Doorbell rings]

Man: Special delivery.

Jason: "Assets in reserve." That could be Jake. It could be Luke. It could be anyone of her crazy relatives. I don't know.

Franco: Okay. Did Helena say anything else? Did she give you any -- any hints?

Helena: I'm very pleased with your work. And, oh! The target was eliminated. No one ever saw you. But you missed the rendezvous, and we barely managed to retrieve you. Unacceptable.

[Chains rattling]

Jason: [Grunts]

Helena: [Scoffs] After all I've done for you. The only reason you are alive right now is because I met Faison's price. Don't make me regret it. Proceed.

Jason: [Grunts] That guy keeps hitting me. Helena orders more.

Franco: That's interesting.

Jason: He won't stop. There's nothing I can do about it. Someone's saying something -- it's just out of reach. I don't know why I can't remember.

Franco: [Hits Jason on the back with a rock, knocking him out.]


Franco: Hey. Rise and shine.

Jason: [Groans]

[Chains rattling]

Jason: [Groans]

Franco: Come on. Here you go.

Jason: [Sighs] What do ya know? Perfect fit.

Jake: Another present? Who's it from?!

Elizabeth: Your cousin Spencer.

Jake: Is he gonna be at my party?

Elizabeth: No, honey, not this year. He's still away at school.

Jake: Well, since I'm almost done with my homework, and he's not gonna be at my party...?

Elizabeth: Uh, you... can open this one.

Jake: Yes!

Elizabeth: But just this one, okay? Got it?

Jake: Got it.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Delivery Man: Just doing my job. Happy birthday... little man.

Jordan: If you want to pursue something with André, go for it. It really has nothing to do with me.

Valerie: Until you're tired of Curtis and want André back?

Jordan: I'm sorry?

Valerie: Then you'll swoop down and give me all the reasons why André's no good. Why dating him would be a bad move -- both...personally and professionally.

Jordan: I really didn't mean for things to work out this way.

Valerie: Yet they did.

Jordan: If you have something to say to me, Valerie, you should just go ahead and say it.

Valerie: I just think it's funny. How you nearly fired me for being involved with Curtis, yet... look at you now. But I guess that's your prerogative...boss.

Jordan: Look, I'm sorry you're hurt --

Valerie: Oh, no, no, no. That's the thing -- I'm not hurt. I'm grateful. I got out of a bad situation thanks to you. I just hope you can, too. I would hate for Curtis to cost you your career like he almost cost me mine.

[Cell phone chimes]

Valerie: My aunt has to reschedule. See you at the station.

Curtis: All right. Sorry about that. These ours?

Jordan: Yeah.

Curtis: You sure look like you could use it. So, uh... you want to tell me what happened between you and Valerie?

Jordan: [Inhales deeply] Nothing. We were just, uh... just talking shop.

Anna: Are you keeping tabs on me?

André: Just talking a walk to clear my head.

Anna: Here?

André: It is a public park.

Anna: Yeah, I see.

André: So what would have happened between you and Valentin if I hadn't shown up?

Anna: [Chuckles] Drop it, André.

André: I don't want to drop it. I know you plan to uncover his secrets, but you never told me how you're going to do it.

Anna: Well, that was intentional.

André: You're not conducting surveillance from afar. You're going to do it up close.

Anna: And?

André: How close are you planning to get?

Nina: I think there's something going on between him and Anna, and he swears there's not. He tells me that -- that our family is the center of his universe.

Nathan: And something won't let you believe him.

Nina: I just don't want to give up on him.

Nathan: Okay, did I suggest that?

Nina: A million times. Come on.

Nathan: Okay! Okay, okay. I-I hate him. Okay? I hate your husband. I hate him for who he is as a person, and mostly, I hate him for the way he's making you feel right now. All right? Lost and lonely and insecure and --

Nina: It's not always like that.

Nathan: And the list grows! And I hate him for making you making excuses for him. Okay, look, ideally, you would be miles away from Valentin, but that's just me, all right? You swear you love him.

Nina: I do love him.

Nathan: Okay, then you have to decide if all of this is worth it. 'Cause fixing this is gonna hurt -- if you even can. And it's gonna get harder before it gets easier.

Nina: That's quite a pep talk.

Nathan: I know. You want truth, right?

Nina: [Laughs] I want truth.

Nathan: Okay, then you got to start with being truthful with yourself and figure out where you go from here.

Valentin: Nathan. What are you doing here?

Nathan: I brought Nina home.

Valentin: Why? Is there something wrong?

Nina: You tell me. Were you with Anna?

Jason: Can you get these damn things off of right now?

Franco: Okay, come on, this is gonna be fun.

Jason: Brain tumor, my ass. You're the same freak you've always been. Right? Right, psycho boy?

Franco: Do we ever completely lose our taste for this kind of work?

[Chains rattling]

Franco: I'm just gonna... I want to know what it feels like to be Helena's shoes. That came out all wrong. Maybe I should just finish what she started.

Jason: [Grunts]

Helena: I've always envied Sonny Corinthos, you know, for having a man with your abilities at his disposal. It's so hard to find good help.

Jason: [Grunts]

Helena: That's why I jumped at the chance to bring you onboard. No muss, no fuss -- a clean kill every time. And now... now you are at my disposal.

[Chains rattling]

Jason: [Grunts]

Helena: Now... now... [Laughs] You kill for me. We're not alone. Hello there, little man!

Jason: [Grunts, coughs] Yeah, he was here. He saw everything.

Franco: Who?

Jason: [Clears throat]

Franco: Huh? Who was here?

Jason: Jake.

Valentin: Will you give Nina and me some privacy?

Nina: No, no! My brother is staying. It's a simple question. Did you see Anna?

Valentin: I bumped into her, yeah.

Nina: Oh, my God.

Valentin: It was nothing.

Nina: [Scoffing] Oh, my God. [Sighs] What'd she want this time?!

Valentin: She had some stuff that she wanted to work out.

Nina: What stuff?!

Valentin: I can't tell you that.

Nina: Oh, my God. I-I-I can't do this anymore.

Nathan: All right, let's go. Let's go.

Nina: I can't do this anymore.

Valentin: Could you please just get away from my wife?! You are undermining her faith in me!

Nina: You know what? No! This is not about my brother. This is about you. Every time I ask about Anna, you tell me I'm wrong. You tell me I'm wrong, and I think, "You know what? I've been cheated on. He's right. I'm super sensitive." And I've brushed my fears aside, and I put all my faith in you... to turn out to be the loser once again! I'm not doing it anymore! I'm done. Can we go, please?

Valentin: No, please don't say that --

Nathan: Okay, let's go. Come on.

Nina: Thank you.

Valentin: Please don't say -- please, just -- just listen to me! Please!

Nina: Okay, I'm listening. I'm listening.

Nathan: [Sighs]

Nina: You're having an affair with Anna?

Valentin: No.

Nina: Do you want to? [Scoffing] Oh, my God! That's all I need to hear.

Anna: Valentin has information that is vital to the WSB, and I am in a unique position to be able to acquire that.

André: Because he's obsessed with you. So, you're going to use his feelings against him, manipulate him.

Anna: Well, I work with what I've got.

André: [Sighs] You're playing with fire, Anna. Valentin is dangerous.

Anna: So am I.

André: I know you are. But not as much anymore, thanks to your condition and your tendency to ignore it.

Anna: What are you talking about?

André: I heard you've been missing appointments.

Anna: Oh, God. Thank you, Griffin.

André: Is it true? Are you overdue for phlebotomy?

Anna: Oh, that's none of your business.

André: I'm you friend.

Anna: [Stammering] I'm fine. Well, I mean, I'm as fine as I can be. And yes, I've taken my procedures elsewhere.

André: Why?

Anna: Why?! I don't know. Maybe to avoid prying eyes such as yours?

André: Don't make me out to be the enemy.

Anna: Look, believe it or not, my illness doesn't render me incompetent. I am still able to hold down a job, I am still able to tie my shoes, and I can get by without your unique form of condescension.

André: I'm just trying to help, Anna.

Anna: I don't want it! I don't want you to help. It's still you -- you insist on foisting your opinion on me. Why? Why? You think it's useful? Or am I a distraction from the wreck that you've made of things with Jordan?

Curtis: Hey. You sure you're okay?

Jordan: Yeah, uh... I'm just -- I'm sorry, I'm a little distracted. Sorry.

Curtis: No, I get it. Okay, you know what? No worries. What you need is a game plan. Something to look forward to, so why don't we get the check. Get up out of here, maybe take a stroll through the park, you know? Before we end up back at my house, where I have some more champagne on ice. And we can just kick back, listen to some slow jams, and chill.

Jordan: Yeah. That -- that, um... that sounds nice.

Curtis: Yeah. "Nice." I was kind of hoping for a hell of a lot better than "nice."

Jordan: Babe, I got to... I got to take a rain check.

Elizabeth: What is it?

Kiki: [Gasps] Ooh, Spencer certainly has interesting taste.

Elizabeth: Understatement.

[Both chuckle]

Elizabeth: Oh, wow! It's a magic set! That is so cool!

Kiki: Oh, look at all this stuff. You got a hat and cards and a wand.

Elizabeth: [Gasps] Whoa!

Kiki: Hey, look. It's a really good look on you.


Elizabeth: What is this box in there? What's that one?

Jake: [Holds a card with "Top Secret For Magician's Eyes Only" written on it.]

Franco: So, Jake saw you taking this beating?

Jason: [Sighs] Helena was talking to a child that I couldn't see. But it had to be Jake. And he must have hid behind that tree and watched. He had to have heard her say something about -- a clean kill every time. "And now you kill for me."

Franco: Wow. I could see how that would traumatize a kid, especially a kid so young. And it explains why Jake's afraid of the scarecrow, but I still don't understand how The Chimera fits in.

Jason: You need to take these off of me right now.

Franco: Oh, hey.

Jason: Take them off right now.

Franco: All right, hey, look man -- I didn't really want to chain you up and beat the hell out of you. It's just that, you know, I could see that you were on the verge of remembering... and so I thought I would spur you along by kind of replicating the experience. And I would've given you a heads-up -- really, I would have. But, you know, then you would have been... anticipating it, and uh... [Sighs] ...Surprise! But hey... it worked, right? So...

[Shackle unlocking]

Franco: ...We're uh... yeah. We're all good, right?

Jason: Yeah. Yeah, we're all good.

Franco: Good.

Jason: [Knocks Franco out] [Sighs] All's well that ends well.

Curtis: Is this about André and Valerie?

Jordan: No.

Curtis: Huh. Yeah.

Jordan: No.

Curtis: I kind of think it is, because you haven't been the same since you talked to her. Or... maybe it's about me?

Jordan: Or maybe it's about me. Um, thank you for the drinks. Thank you for bowling. Uh, I will -- we're gonna do it again soon.

Curtis: W-- hey, you forgot your trophy.

Anna: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get so personal. It wasn't fair.

André: Just because I'm still feeling the loss doesn't mean that I don't care what happens to you.

Anna: Well, I appreciate that. But there are boundaries.

André: And I'll be sure not to cross them. Won't tell you how to live your life or do your job. However... I won't stand idly by while you take your life into your own hands. Like it or not, this is who I am. You're stuck with me.

[Cell phone rings]

Elizabeth: I can't wait to see you do some tricks.

Kiki: Yeah, you know, you should, uh, think about charging admission.

Jake: Really? You think people would pay?

Kiki: Oh, yeah. "Jake's Mysterious Magic Show"? People be lining up around the block. [Chuckles] So what's, uh, what's this top-secret box?

Jake: My eyes only!

Kiki: Right! Yes. A magician never tells his secrets, that's right. [Chuckles]

Jake: Look underneath...?

Elizabeth: [Sighs] Franco's still busy.

Kiki: Mm.

Elizabeth: [Reads a message from Franco sent by Jason: "Sorry, can't see you tonight. All tied up."

Jason: Hmm. [Sighs]

Franco: [Groans as he's awakened by a bucketful of water to the face]

[Bucket clanks]

Franco: Okay.

Jason: Could you blame me for wanting to be in your shoes? How's it feel to be in mine?

Nina: Can I please stay with you tonight?

Nathan: Of course.

Nina: Thank you.

Valentin: That is not necessary. Nina. Nina! Nina! Nina, please --

Nathan: Hey. Hey!

Valentin: No, no, no!

Nathan: Hey!

Valentin: I'm trying!

Nathan: Do not touch her.

Valentin: Please don't leave me. Please don't go. Please?

Nina: We're done with this conversation.

Nathan: Well, I hope this whole Anna thing was worth it, 'cause you just lost the best thing that's ever happened to you.

Anna: [Sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Anna: Hello? Yeah, good news -- I'm making progress. Shouldn't be long before I get what we need. No, I know -- it can't happen fast enough. But I want this over as much as you do. Yeah.

Franco: So, this is the thanks that I get for trying to hel-- scratch that, start over. This is the thanks that I get for actually helping you? Because I did, Jason. I helped you. You remembered.

Jason: Yeah, I remember.

Franco: You gonna beat the hell out of me just 'cause I beat the hell out of you?

Jason: Nah, that'd be petty. But I am gonna leave you here to think about your actions and the meaning of the word "consent."

Franco: Where are you going?

Jason: Oh, uh, I'm gonna send somebody to get you out of this mess, but until then, I'm late for my son's birthday party. So... [Clears throat]

On the next "General Hospital" --

André (to Monica): I need to talk to you about Morgan Corinthos.

Hayden (to Curtis): Finn and I are -- I don't know what we are at the moment.

Griffin (to Finn): I just hope your plan works.

Nina: I'm leaving you, Valentin.

Anna: Oh, damn it!

Olivia (to Carly): Don't you be afraid to love again.

Martina (to Sonny): I've come up with a plan to settle your divorce.

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