GH Transcript Thursday 5/4/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 5/4/17


Episode #13799 ~ Nathan steps up to help Amy plan the Nurses' Ball; Carly senses something is amiss between Sonny and Martina; Tracy leaves Port Charles, sells her painting, and runs into Luke.

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Tracy: I love you all. The people that are in this room are the ones I hold in my heart. The time has come for me to step out of my father's shadow. I need to make a life of my own. I can't do it here... [Inhales sharply] ...Which brings me to my announcement. I'm leaving.

Ned: Mother... what does that mean, "leaving"?

Tracy: I called you all here to say goodbye.

Nathan: [Sighs] [Clears throat]

Sonny: I'm sorry. I mean, was there a reason why I couldn't take off my ring?

Carly: No. No, no reason at all. [Sniffles] We should, um, get this started, and, uh, we should let our lawyers do all the talking. [Sniffles] Great, here's mine now. Diane, Sonny, this is my attorney, Martina Morales.

Diane: Ms. Morales, Diane Miller. It's a pleasure to meet you. Your reputation precedes you.

Martina: As does yours.

Diane: [Chuckles]

Carly: Martina's from the west coast. She comes highly recommended.

Martina: And you must be Michael Corinthos Jr.

Sonny: Yeah. Uh, most people call me Sonny.

Diane: Okay, well, now that the formalities are done, why don't we get down to business? The purpose of this meeting is to determine how much common ground lies between you and Carly. Because I think, with any luck, we can avoid a lengthy arbitration. So... let's begin, shall we?

Dillon: Wait, Mom, what are you talking about?

Monica: Tracy, if you're doing this for some sort of dramatic effect, it's really not working.

Tracy: No. I'm not. I'm -- I'm gonna make a new life for myself somewhere -- something that I hope will be worthwhile. And dear old daddy is going to bankroll me. He may have cut me out of his will, but he left me this painting. And the proceeds of the sale... will be more than enough.

Ned: Wait a minute. I don't believe this.

[Doorbell rings]

Tracy: Oh! The food is here. Excuse me. Brunch is served.

Hayden: Pizza for brunch?

Tracy: Oh, it's not the time of day, it's about the significance of the gathering.

Dillon: It's a Quartermaine tradition. We usually limit it to Thanksgiving, but it sounds like this might be the last time we're all actually together as a family for a while.

Tracy: Don't say it like it's a bad thing.

Dillon: Well, Mom, you don't have to travel the world to find your purpose. You've left a wonderful legacy right here in Port Charles.

Tracy: I know I have... two beautiful sons.

Hayden: Just to be clear, what exactly are you planning to do?

Tracy: I am going to sell that painting. And then, my options are open. I just want to do something worthwhile. I don't have any definite plans yet.

Ned: So, there's no way we can talk you out of this?

Tracy: No. And believe me, I am not happy about leaving the two of you. It has been a thrill for me to have the three of us under the same roof. [Sighs] But the two of you have been living your own lives for years. It's time for me to do the same.

Ned: Do you have any idea how much we're gonna miss you?

Dillon: Not that we're not gonna see you again. I mean... wherever you land, we are coming to visit you -- unless you change your mind.

Tracy: No. I'm not gonna change my mind, but I am gonna miss you. [Chuckles]

Amy: Detective West, I don't know if you remember me. You interviewed me when all those people were being murdered at the hospital. I'm a nurse -- Amy Driscoll.

Nathan: Yeah, I remember. Something I can help you with?

Amy: You're Maxie's husband, right? So, you would know -- [Chuckles] ...Does she ever honor her commitments, or does she always flake at the first chance she gets?

Nathan: And, uh, what is it that Maxie has flaked on?

Amy: [Chuckles] The Nurses' Ball. I was getting off an all-night shift when Lucy Coe came running up to me, going on and on about how it was up to me to save the show, and not that I didn't completely rescue the opening number last year, but I'm the talent. I can't work behind the scenes.

Nathan: [Scoffs] Perish the thought.

Amy: So, where is Maxie -- eating bon bons while the rest of us work till we drop?

Nathan: Actually, Maxie is in Portland. She, uh, she took a job for a couple months, decided to stay a little longer.

Amy: I've never been to Portland. I hear it's nice. Not that I'll have time to go visit. I'll be working night and day on the ball. [Chuckles] Not to mention my actual job -- saving lives. [Chuckles]

Nathan: Look, I'm sure if Maxie had known that --

Amy: But she didn't! Because why bother thinking about the little people? [Sighs] I guess I really shouldn't be surprised. She's still the same self-centered witch she always was.

Nathan: Excuse me?

Amy: [Sighs]

Diane: So, as far as major assets are concerned, it has already been agreed that all the trusts for Sonny's children will remain untouched. That leaves, in the way of legitimate holdings, Corinthos Coffee LLC, which includes Perks coffeehouse and kiosk chain, Pozzulo's restaurants, one, two, three, four, five -- well, numerous warehouses -- cargo ships, trucks, all of which have been transferred --

Martina: Let me stop you right there. It was my understanding that Mr. Corinthos signed all of his major holdings over to my client months ago. He has no claim whatsoever. They belong to her.

Diane: Well, considering that Sonny and Carly are still married, one might make the case that he still has an equal right to those assets. Equal right -- that is, of course, unless you want Carly not to keep my client in a style of living to which he has become accustomed. [Chuckles]

Martina: [Chuckles] I, for one, am very interested in those assets that you've listed, as well as those you didn't.

Diane: What would those be?

Martina: Okay, let's not play games. We know that the assets were put into Carly's name to prevent the government from seizing them, so, if Mr. Corinthos brings his demands before a judge, I'll have no choice but to introduce the sugar plantation in Puerto Rico. Oh, and let's not forget the private island housing its own casino.

Sonny: Knock yourself out. My businesses are completely legit.

Martina: Well, I have to say, I'm impressed, Mr. Corinthos. [Chuckles] You operate the first squeaky-clean casino in history. I mean, going over these books, I mean, I'm shocked at how... low the profit margins are. Doesn't the house always win?

Sonny: Our profits are in line with any operation of that size.

Martina: Mm. And yet, you maintain a rather lavish lifestyle. How on earth do you pay for it? It's almost as if you have some secret off-shore accounts. But that can't be the case. As I'm sure I don't have to remind you, failure to provide a complete accounting of your assets is a felony. Shall I go on?

Dillon: So, you're selling the painting and you are heading off into the horizon. I just -- I can't believe we're saying goodbye. You know, I mean, I -- I'm used to being the one that's walking out the front door, heading on to parts unknown. I guess it's easier to say goodbye to the ones you love when you have an adventure waiting on the other side.

Tracy: You have a really big heart. You are more than capable of dealing with life's ups and downs. In fact, I think that heart of yours makes you the strongest Quartermaine.

Dillon: [Chuckles]

Tracy: Come here.

Ned: Let's eat.

Olivia: Okay.

Finn: Are you sure you know what you're doing?

Tracy: Oh, yes. I stayed away from the pineapple. [Chuckles]

Finn: And I agree with you -- the pineapple is disgusting. But just taking off with no fixed destination in mind, just some vague notion of doing something significant -- there's so many things that could go wrong with that.

Tracy: I'm as tough as they come.

Hayden: I happen to agree. And I can speak from experience when I say you don't trust anyone until they've earned it -- and maybe not even then. I'm gonna go get that piece of pineapple.

Tracy: I think my outlook has changed a little bit in the last year, and I owe that to you.

Finn: For saving your life? You don't have to thank me.

Tracy: No. You convinced me to put my life in your hands, and I took a leap of faith. And it paid off better than I could have imagined.

Finn: Well, you know, speaking of, uh, paying off, when are we gonna finish that latest round of backgammon?

Tracy: Finn, we did -- last week. In fact, you owe me $150, but I am willing to forgive the debt.

Finn: I'm not. Let's see -- think we can fit in a quick game right now, double or nothing?

Tracy: Not today. Time's running out.

Finn: I've never had a friend like you, Tracy.

Tracy: Likewise.

Amy: I'm guessing you don't share my opinion of Maxie -- otherwise, you wouldn't have married her. [Chuckles] Or maybe you like the self-centered diva act. Although, you don't look like a glutton for punishment. [Chuckles] Oh, my God, Amy, stop. Why the hell are you still talking?

Nathan: I was wondering the same thing.

Amy: [Chuckles] Sorry -- really.

Nathan: [Clears throat]

Amy: But this is the second time in the last month that Maxie's bailed on me. She left Dillon and me to fend for ourselves with the Port Charles High School reunion.

Nathan: Ah, I see, so that's it? That's why you have an issue with Maxie? It just goes back to high school?

Amy: [Scoffs]

Nathan: What happened?

Amy: I tried out for cheerleading.

Nathan: Wait, Maxie was a cheerleader?

Amy: Maxie was the cheerleader. She was the captain of the squad. My only goal was to impress her, and at my audition, I nailed it. But...I didn't make the squad. In fact, I was the first name on the cut list. And a couple days later, I heard that Maxie thought I "wasn't the right type." We both know what that means. [Sighs]

Lulu: Hey, I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you. To venture out and try something new. Have that much faith in yourself. That is why you have always been my hero.

Tracy: I don't know about that.

Lulu: I do. [Chuckles]

[Cell phone rings]

Lulu: Sorry.

[Ringing continues]

Lulu: It's Maxie. I'll call her back.

Tracy: Take it. Take it, take it, take it. I insist.

[Ringing continues]

Tracy: You have an amazing daughter.

Laura: Yes, I do. And I owe a lot of that to you. You were a mother to her when I couldn't be. You know, I'm never gonna be able to truly thank you for that. You set an amazing example -- generosity, bravery, a larger-than-life spirit.

Tracy: [Laughs]

Laura: You -- you can do anything you put your mind to.

Tracy: Yeah, sometimes, I need a little help -- like I did in Turkey.

Laura: Yeah.

Tracy: Thank you for going with me.

Laura: You know, I'm surprised to say it, but it was really my pleasure.

Tracy: Do you think we could have been doing this all along?

Laura: In another life, yeah. I think we could have been friends.

Tracy: I do, too. [Hug]

Amy: I'm not saying this to be conceited, but I happen to like the way I look. It's other people who have the problem with it -- including your wife.

Nathan: Okay, she was a high-school girl at the time, okay? And the last time I checked, high-school kids were not exactly known for tact and diplomacy. And you don't even know that she's the one who said this. This is all based on -- on what? On stuff you heard other people say?

Amy: Other people who knew her -- just like I did. Trust me, this is vintage Maxie.

Nathan: Okay, well, modern Maxie is very different. And modern Maxie would feel really bad about what happened.

Amy: Hmm. It's too bad she isn't here to prove your theory.

Nathan: Yeah. Too bad.

Michael: I told you, I don't want to do business with a company that has questionable ethics. No. No, you got to find me another... you know what, I-I'll call you back. I'm gonna sleep on it, okay? All right.

Tracy: That was an abrupt about-face.

Michael: [Chuckles]

Tracy: Not that I was listening.

Michael: Yeah, well, sometimes, you got to make compromises.

Tracy: [Laughs] That doesn't sound like you.

Michael: I'm trying to be more like you.

Tracy: You what?

Michael: Yeah, you err on the side of pragmatism -- doing the most good with the least amount of harm. And now that you're leaving, I, uh, I got to do the same.

Tracy: Michael, I have absolute faith that ELQ will thrive under your leadership. And if the company tanks, there will be hell to pay.

Michael: [Chuckles]

Martina: If we have to hire a forensic accountant, we'll be more than happy to.

Carly: Martina, we talked about this. I do not want to bring into question the legality of Sonny's off-shore holdings.

Martina: Of course. The client is always right. You might want to thank your wife for her generosity -- o-or you could reciprocate by not fighting for the assets that rightfully belong to her.

Sonny: Don't do this.

Carly: [Stammers] You did this.

Sonny: What do you mean?

Carly: What do I mean? You lost your temper, you made some bad decisions, and, you know, most people have to pay the consequences. Now it's your turn.

Tracy: I did not mean to steal your thunder. Changing your name to Quartermaine is lovely, but it's not necessary. You have always always been a Quartermaine, whether you bear the name or not.

Ned: I intend to bear it with pride. Besides, we both know this house needs an Edward Quartermaine under its roof.

Tracy: True.

Ned: [Inhales deeply] So... [Sighs] ...Come on. Out with it. Isn't it time for my goodbye speech?

Tracy: [Sighs] You're my rock. You always have been... and you always will. Come on, bring it in.

Ned: [Chuckles]

Tracy: I love you.

Ned: I love you, Mother. [Chuckles] [Inhales deeply] [Sighs] Goodbye, Mother.

Monica: Well, we just heard from the hangar, and the jet is all fueled and ready to take off. And your car is gonna be here shortly.

Tracy: How shortly?

Monica: [Inhales deeply] A few minutes.

Tracy: This just got really real.

Monica: Getting cold feet?

Tracy: Maybe a little.

Monica: I don't know what I'm gonna do without you.

Tracy: [Laughs] Celebrate, no doubt.

Monica: No, I don't think so. And I don't know what happened. I don't know what happened during all those years of us snarking at each other and back-biting, and... [Sighs] ...All the things that we did. But somewhere along the line, you went from being my sister-in-law... to my sister. And if you thought that I...hated you -- I didn't. [Voice breaking] I love you.

Tracy: Thank you.

Nathan: It's just, when Maxie said that she was gonna stay in Portland, I was just completely caught off guard.

Amy: Makes sense.

Nathan: But I shouldn't have been, though. You know, her -- her kid is there, her dream job is there. The only thing that's not there is me. So... so I got to ask myself if there's even any room for me in Maxie's life anymore.

Martina: Perhaps we've acted too hastily.

Diane: I agree. After all, we are here to negotiate. There's no use in painting ourselves into a corner.

Martina: [Chuckles] My client agrees completely.

Sonny: I agree. We should compromise. We should take out of the marriage what we brought into it. So, uh, Carly's gonna keep the house, the hotel, her real-estate holdings, assets. I'll do the same. As far as community property we acquired while we were together... she can keep it, with my compliments.

Carly: Well, then, I guess I will see you in court. We're done here.

Diane: All right. I guess I... need to set up a session with a mediator.

[Door closes]

Martina: I have to say, this was unexpected.

Sonny: What the hell kind of game are you playing?

Amy: So, what I hear is you coming up with reasons for why your marriage can't survive with Maxie in Portland. But I bet if you tried, you could come up with just as many for why it could.

Nathan: What, are you saying I got to move to Portland?

Amy: I'm saying your marriage can survive. Either you move to Portland or you do things long-distance for a while. But if you really love Maxie, you'll figure out a way to make it work.

Nathan: Yeah, I mean, we have overcome bigger obstacles than this and became stronger for it. So... hmm. You're pretty good at this advice thing.

Amy: I told you to think of me as your bartender, remember?

Nathan: Mm. Is that what you did before you became a nurse?

Amy: Nope. But I do have four brothers who used to come to me with all their girl problems. I can't say they always followed my advice, but they were usually happier when they did.

Nathan: Left to their own devices, guys don't always make the best decisions.

Amy: [Laughs]

Nathan: Like this shirt -- which I'm gonna go change right now.

Carly: You know, until the divorce is final, I think you should just talk to my attorney.

Diane: And I'd agree with you -- if I were approaching you as Sonny's attorney. But I'm not. I'm approaching you as a friend -- to both of you. Someone who was privileged to be in the room when the two of you decided to have Morgan committed.

Carly: Why would you bring that up?

Diane: Just hear me out. Sonny could never have done that without you. He needed you. And I will dare say you needed him. Carly, you're not the first couple to divorce after a child's death, and maybe it's what the two of you need. Maybe it's just how you need to process your grief. And I understand that he's provoked you. I understand you want him to hang on to his assets. He's been arbitrary. He's been unfair. But I have to ask you -- what part of any of this surprises you?

Martina: There's no game.

Sonny: You expect me to believe you had no hand in what happened last night? Carly put you up to this? Get me in my bed so you can get all the information you can? Make my life a living hell?

Martina: No, my client didn't ask me to sleep with you! She has no idea we even met before today -- I mean, neither did I.

Sonny: So, what are you saying, this is just a coincidence?

Martina: Oh, God. [Scoffs] As far as I was concerned, you were just a random stranger I met in a bar. When I saw you with Carly this morning, I was as shocked as you are.

Sonny: Okay, let's -- let's just say that I believe you. You are still my wife's lawyer. There's got to be some kind of violation here. So, we got to come clean --

Martina: No, no. We will do no such thing.

Ned: Mother, your car's here. Your car is here! The driver is loading your luggage and the painting.

Tracy: Okay. Um... [Laughing] I guess this is it. [Laughs] Oh. The two of you need to take care of each other for me, okay?

Lulu: Yes, ma'am.

Tracy: [Sniffles] Whew. [Chuckles] And you two... you taught me something really, really important -- we don't have unlimited time. You need to quit wasting it.

Hayden: Excuse me?

Tracy: You heard me. Michael... you need to remember what I said. I expect ELQ to keep turning a profit.

Michael: Well, you can count on me, Tracy.

Tracy: I know that. And I expect to be invited to a premiere sooner rather than later.

Dillon: I can't make any promises.

Tracy: Well, if you need a patron, contact this man. It's time for ELQ to branch out. Olivia... ...this son of mine has a really bad habit of trying to take care of everyone. [Voice breaking] Can I tell you... how grateful I am that... you're the one who's gonna take care of him.

Olivia: [Chuckles]

Tracy: [Sniffles] And, Monica...

Monica: Yes?

Tracy: [Laughs] I'm a little worried about your decorating ideas.

Monica: [Chuckles] Well, don't worry, 'cause I will leave our house exactly the way you left it.

Tracy: Don't you mean your house? The one that Alan gave you?

Monica: I know what I said.

Tracy: Give me your hands. I cherish you all. I got to go.

[Door opens]

Tracy: [Returns and hugs Monica]


Nathan: I feel better already.

Amy: [Chuckles] You don't look so bad, either.

Nathan: I meant about the advice thing. I owe you one.

Amy: I do accept tips. [Laughs] Just kidding. [Chuckles] With all the work I'm gonna be doing, I won't have time to spend it.

Nathan: About that -- I'm, uh, I'm sorry Maxie flaked on you.

Amy: Thanks. But the show must go on, right? [Chuckles] We'll figure out a way to make this year's Nurses' Ball even bigger and better than last year.

Nathan: Well, if you want, I could help.

Amy: You seriously want to help plan the Nurses' Ball?

Nathan: No. And I don't know how much, uh, help I'll be, but I'm at your service.

Amy: I'm going to hold you to that.

Nathan: Okay.

Amy: [Laughs]

Diane: You understand Sonny better than anybody on this planet ever will. You understand his failings, his flaws, and you also know that when he is hurt, his first reaction is to lash out. But you don't have to respond in kind. You can choose to compromise. Look, if not for yourself or for Sonny, then do it for those of us -- the people that you have in common, myself included -- who don't want to see you tear each other limb from limb again! Please.

Carly: Okay, did you, um, say any of this to Sonny?

Diane: Are you ridiculous? Of course, I haven't said it to Sonny. Sonny is less than reasonable on the best of days. And now he's just lost his son, and he's facing losing the love of his life. And on top of all that, his pride is hurt. So, no. Anything I have to say will fall on deaf ears -- which is why you have to be the bigger person here.

Carly: That's not gonna happen, Diane. I can't do that.

Diane: Well, then, I-I must inform you, regretfully, that I am [Clears throat] legally obligated to carry out my client's wishes to the best of my ability -- however much I may disagree with those wishes. And I regret everything that's about to happen. And the whole stupid, tragic part is that ultimately, I think you and Sonny are gonna regret it, too.

Martina: If anyone finds out about last night, I could be disbarred.

Sonny: You said yourself, it was a coincidence.

Martina: Which you had trouble believing. You think the bar's gonna give me any fairer of a hearing?

Sonny: Okay, from what I hear, they -- they'll give you a warning, a suspension. Why -- you didn't have to jump to the worst-case scenario.

Martina: No, no, no. Worst-case scenario is that I lose the case and my reputation gets destroyed. I refuse to let that happen.

Sonny: From what --

Martina: And frankly, you should be just as concerned as I am.

Sonny: From what I hear from Diane, you are a shark, right? Why wouldn't I be happy that Carly replaces you?

Martina: Okay, I'm gonna decide to take that as a compliment. And -- and don't you think Carly can find another shark? One who most certainly will use our tryst against you?

Sonny: Then, what do you want to do?

Martina: You do nothing. And I will continue to represent my client to the best of my ability. For as far as I'm concerned, um, I just met Sonny Corinthos today. Anything before today was just simply a chance encounter between strangers -- one which you will never speak of again. Agreed?

Sonny: Agreed.

[Door opens]

Sonny: [Sighs]

Carly: What's going on here?

Martina: I was just, uh, letting Mr. Corinthos know how I look forward to seeing him in court. Why don't I walk you to your car? Uh, we can discuss strategy.

Carly: Okay.

[Door closes]

Monica: I hate to say this -- this house is not gonna be the same without Tracy.

Dillon: I can try insulting you every morning at breakfast, if that helps.

Monica: [Laughs] Well, thank you. That's very sweet, but you're way too kind-hearted to sell it. Follow me.

Olivia: How are you doing?

Ned: Well, better than expected -- even if it feels like my family is getting smaller by the day.

Olivia: You know, I've been thinking -- I know we talked about me keeping my own name even after we got married, but, uh... Olivia Quartermaine. It's kind of got a nice ring to it.

Ned: You sure?

Olivia: This family is the heart of Port Charles. Port Charles is my home. Someone's got to look after it. Why not you and me?

Ned: [Chuckles] [Chuckles]

Lars: [French accent] It's a magnificent piece.

Tracy: How long do you think it will take to arrange a sale?

Lars: Already done. We have had a pre-emptive offer from a private collector -- $60 million US.

Tracy: Oh. That's acceptable. Um, I'd like to close the deal as quickly as possible.

Lars: The money is already on deposit. The buyer can take delivery immediately. We can close as soon as you do the paperwork.

Tracy: Uh, is it done?

Lars: But of course. You don't get to broker a Renaissance masterpiece every day. [Chuckles]

Tracy: [Sighs] Done.

Lars: It's funny -- I thought when the time came, you would be reluctant to part with the piece.

Tracy: Uh, no. I actually gain more by letting go of it than by keeping it.

Lars: Still, I will give you a moment to say goodbye.

[Door closes]

Tracy: [Voice breaking] I don't know who you were... and I don't know what kind of life you lived... and I certainly don't know what's in store for me. But I know one thing... I'm so gonna live it on my terms.

[Door opens]

Lars: The money has been wired to your account.

Tracy: [Sighs] Thank you. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you.

Lars: The pleasure has been all mine. Is there anything else that I can do for you?

Tracy: You know what? I need a coffee shop. I could use a strong cup of coffee.

Lars: As it happens, there is a coffee shop right across the street. May I show you?

Tracy: Yes. Thank you.

Ned: Well, it's nice to see you back to your old self. I knew it wouldn't take long.

Tracy: I'm not one to sit and sulk for very long.

Ned: No. Not when you smell a chance to cause trouble.

Tracy: Oh, you think I'm causing trouble now? You ain't seen nothing yet. Daddy asked me to leave.

Monica: What?

Tracy: Banished me from the castle.

Monica: Oh, Tracy.

Ned: You care about one thing in this life, Mother -- yourself.

Tracy: I care about you. I love you.

Luke: Welcome to our honeymoon, you wildcat. [Chuckles]

Tracy: There is not enough alcohol in this world that would ever make me marry you.

Luke: Consider the evidence.

Singer: Not a thing that I would change I would trade 1,000 tomorrows for a single yesterday

Monica: Do not start a war with me.

Tracy: A war? I'm here to offer a compromise.

Luke: Come on, are you gonna make me get down on my one good knee? Be sure, now, 'cause I can't get back up.

Tracy: [Laughs]

Luke: Give me a chance to treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

Tracy: I am not your wife.

Luke: Not from lack of trying. I got it in Amsterdam. Be my bride. Let me love you forever.

Tracy: [Sighs] I think it's real.

Singer: So thankful for the memories that we made

Tracy: I want a Christmas wedding, and I want it done right.

Luke: With this ring, I thee wed.

Tracy: Hold on. I really need to see that prenup again.

Singer: Tears stream down my face there's not a thing that I would change I would trade 1,000 tomorrows for a single yesterday oh

Dillon: You are the strongest, smartest, bravest woman I've ever known. You are my mom, and I love you. I always will.

Singer: Oh

Tracy: The only real Quartermaines left are you and Ned. Monica... you mean the world to me.

Ned: Of course, I'll help you recover ELQ.

Tracy: I know it's a corporation... not a person. It's my history -- and yours, too.

Dillon: We're Quartermaines. We snark and we bicker for fun and enjoyment. As long as we stick together, we will be okay.

Tracy: That's what family does.

[Tracy walks into a café and locks eyes with Luke who's sitting at a table.]

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Michael (to Carly): Are you really gonna go through with this, Mom?

Sonny (to Ava): You stay out of my divorce, or you will regret it.

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