GH Transcript Monday 5/1/17

General Hospital Transcript Monday 5/1/17


Episode #13796 ~ Jason gets his hands on a piece of the puzzle; Elizabeth & Franco grow more concerned about Jake; Tracy knows what she must do.

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Tracy: As much as I value this painting, Samira needs it more.

Ned: Mother, are you absolutely about this.

Dillon: Ned, shut up! She is having a generous impulse for once.

Tracy: Your brother is right. Stop stepping on my moment. Doing the right thing is a novel experience for me, but I have to start somewhere. Yes, I'm giving up the painting.

Dillon: Way to go, Mom.

Monica: Oh, Tracy! I didn't think you had it in you.

Tracy: Always happy to make you wrong, Monica.

Monica: Yeah.

Samira: Bless you for your kindness.

Tracy: You're welcome. Now, let's talk about getting that painting back to Turkey.

Ned: Mother. Not so fast.

Tracy: What?

Ned: You may want to look at this first.

Nina: Hey, you're sweet to want to whisk me away.

Valentin: But you're on a deadline.

Nina: Yeah. Fashion never sleeps.

Valentin: Well, what time will you be done?

Nina: Uh, I don't know. I'm not really sure, you know? I need to hire someone to replace Maxie. It's insane.

Valentin: Yeah, you should hire someone.

Nina: Yeah, I should hire someone. I know that. I know. I know, but nobody has Maxie's drive or stamina, so there's that. Don't wait up for me.

Valentin: Well, I'm gonna be lonely -- Charlotte at a birthday party, you here.

Nina: I'm sure you're gonna find something to do.

Valentin: I always do, but it's not as much fun as being with you.

Nina: Why don't you go upstairs and eat?

Valentin: Oh, without you and Charlotte for company? I'm just gonna catch a launch back to Wyndemere.

Nathan: Hey.

Anna: Ooh!

Nathan: Hey, stranger.

Anna: Can I help you?

Nathan: Anna, you -- you okay?

Anna: [Sighs]

Elizabeth: What if these numbers really do represent Jake's birthday?

Franco: Okay, hold on now.

Elizabeth: And there was something -- something triggered his subconscious to make him write them?

Franco: What is it that you're afraid of, huh?

Elizabeth: With Helena involved?

Franco: Yeah, what do you think is gonna happen?

Elizabeth: I-I -- who knows?

Franco: Maybe they're just numbers, right? Maybe it doesn't mean anything catastrophic.

Elizabeth: Maybe Jason will find something, a clue in that book Helena gave me.

Franco: Right. That you and I missed? Not a chance.

Jason: Jake's birthday is in a couple of days, and if Helena has any plans for him on that date, then we don't have a whole lot of time. [Sighs] I just -- I thought she would leave a clue in here somewhere.

Sam: Hey. Maybe you just need a fresh set of eyes.

Jason: Yeah?

Sam: Yeah. If there's something in here that's gonna help us protect Jake, we will find it.

Jason: [Clicks tongue, breathes deeply] God, I hope so.

Tracy: What is that?

Ned: I thought there was something odd about that conversation you had yesterday at the hospital with Finn. You seemed so intense.

Tracy: That was a private conversation. It did not concern you.

Ned: I have to disagree. If it concerns you, it concerns me.

Monica: What did you do to Dr. Finn?

Ned: She persuaded him to run a DNA test, the results of which I picked up this afternoon.

Monica: Finn is on probation at the hospital. He isn't allowed to run any DNA tests, much less any other kind of tests!

Tracy: Thank you very much for ratting him out to his supervisor! I take full responsibility. I twisted his arm.

Ned: Monica, I think you can forgive Finn this once. The results of this test are invaluable to this family. Do you want to explain, or shall I?

Tracy: Fine. I had reason to believe that Samira... might be... Edward's...daughter. It was distressing for obvious reasons, so I-I needed to be sure. I found an old grooming kit of my father's. It still had some of his hair in it, and I had Finn compare that to a glass that Samira drank out of.

Monica: You know that is direct violation of Samira's privacy, Tracy!

Tracy: Well, I don't think she's gonna mind, because she's about to be proved a Quartermaine! That is what the results say, isn't it?

Ned: I haven't seen the results. You arranged the test. You should be the first to know.

Nina: You're a smart guy.

Valentin: I prefer the term "brilliant."

Nina: I'm sure you'll find something interesting to do.

Valentin: Do you know how much I love you?

Nina: [Clicks tongue] I think so.

Valentin: [Gasps] That will never do. That will never do.

Nelle: Oh, sorry. I mean, if this is a bad time, I can --

Nina: No, it's okay. Valentin was just leaving.

Valentin: [Clicks tongue] Harumph.

Nina: [Laughs] Uh, we are gonna discuss that project that we were talking about earlier.

Valentin: I'm glad you have a spare hand.

Nina: Yes, Nelle is indispensable.

Valentin: Miss you.

Nina: Miss you, too. [Sighs] Go. [Chuckles] Okay, all right. All right. Obviously, don't take the elevator, but, uh, take the stairs, and I'm sure you'll meet him down there, and then you can follow him.

Nelle: Nina, I can't do that. [Sighs]

Nathan: Well, I mean, I know it's been a while since we worked together, but you kind of talked to me like you didn't know me for a minute there.

Anna: Uh, yeah. Maybe I'm just used to seeing you wearing more clothes.

[Both laugh]

Nathan: Fair enough.

Anna: Yeah.

Nathan: How about... how about now?

Anna: Oh, yeah.

Nathan: Better?

Anna: Yeah, way. I mean, yeah, I totally recognize you now. [Chuckles] So, I'm sorry.

Nathan: Yeah.

Anna: It's, um -- it's my, uh, medication.

Nathan: Ah.

Anna: Sometimes, it just makes me woozy, like really -- whew!

Nathan: [Chuckles] How's that going? H-how do you feel?

Anna: Okay, overall. You know, I have good days and -- and bad days. But, um, you?

Nathan: Uh, good. You know, with Julian Jerome off the streets, the PD can breathe easier.

Anna: Yeah, they can. Yeah. Uh, you even have time to go for a run.

Nathan: Yeah, I got time for all kinds of things now that, uh, Max moved across the country. You know, she, uh -- she moved to Portland when Nina fired her.

Anna: Oh, that's right. I'm sorry.

Nathan: [Clicks tongue] Yeah. Not exactly the newly-wedded bliss I was hoping for, but what can you do?

Anna: Um, well, I'd love to catch up, but, uh, I'm not even, like, a-anywhere close to 10,000 steps or anything. I'm trying to keep better track.

Nathan: Well, it was -- it was nice to see you.

Anna: Nice to see you, too.

Nathan: Yeah. Um, I'll, uh -- I'll see you later.

Anna: Okay. Bye. [Sighs]

Ned: Well, what does it say?

Tracy: Daddy, I should have known.

Kiki: She's talking to your dead grandfather?

Dillon: Yeah. She does that sometimes.

Monica: Any time you're finished communing with Edward, Tracy, I'm sure that Samira would love to know the results.

Tracy: You are not related to my father. Those beautiful blue eyes do not come from him.

Samira: I never said they did.

Tracy: I understand, but when you gave me his journal and the ring, I --

Ned: What journal? What ring?

Tracy: [Sighs] His signet ring... and the, uh, journal he wrote during his travels. Samira told me he left them with her mother and that they were friends. I jumped to a much less flattering conclusion, and I apologize. I did your mother and my father a terrible disservice.

Samira: I accept your apology. But now that you know we are not related, does it change your mind about the painting?

Tracy: No. No, I'm still gonna give you what you need to rescue your daughter.

Samira: Thank you.

Ned: That's very generous of you, Mother, but I think there may be another solution to Samira's problem.

Tracy: What other solution? We've looked at it from every angle.

Ned: Actually, you haven't. But I have.

Franco: What?

Elizabeth: Nothing.

Franco: Liar.

Elizabeth: What? [Sighs] Your number-one priority is helping Jake, right? Not making sure it's you and not Jason who saves the day?

Franco: Yeah, I just want the day to be saved. I don't care who does it. It can be that guy, the grim reaper, whatever.

Elizabeth: [Sighs] I just wish we had more time to figure this out, 'cause Jake's birthday is right around the corner.

Franco: Okay, can I say something? I've been thinking about this. Helena was dead before Jake's birthday last year, right? So, if she was trying to set some diabolical plan in motion, wouldn't it have already gone down? Why would she wait a whole year?

Sam: I mean, all this looks pretty normal. I mean, not normal when you know what you're talking about, but nothing is really popping out at me. There's no hidden clues or encrypted messages.

Jason: Yeah, I know. We didn't find anything, either.

Sam: It just doesn't make any sense. Why would Helena give Elizabeth this book if it didn't mean anything?

Jason: What are you thinking?

Sam: Well, you said that Jake did all of his drawings himself, right? He put the numbers on the scroll?

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Okay, well, maybe -- I mean, maybe he made it up.

Samira: Why did you want to talk to me alone?

Ned: Keep your voice down. I guarantee they're listening through that door. Okay, Samira, you have two options. You can either play this out to the bitter end and possibly face criminal charges. Or you can take this certified check for $10,000 and the visa extension that I arranged and figure out your life. Which will it be? Look. Wise choice.

Samira: I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

Ned: Don't explain. You can call an Uber from outside the front gates.

Samira: Please tell her I'm sorry.

Ned: Not nearly as sorry as someone else is going to be.

[Dramatic tone plays]

Jason: I can see Franco doing this sort of thing, but Jake?

Sam: I know. I know. It's a lot for a kid to come up with on his own.

Jason: No, it's not even that. It's not that. I-it's -- why?

Sam: Remember how he acted out last year?

Jason: Yeah, but that was because he wanted me back with his mother.

Sam: Jason, he pretended that someone had broken into the house so you would come running.

Jason: Yeah, I know. I know. I know, but he's so far past that now. You get along great with him. He loves you.

Sam: I know.

Jason: And for reasons well beyond me, he's happy that his mom is with Franco.

Sam: Okay. All right, maybe -- maybe it's just for attention then.

Jason: [Sighs]

Sam: Things have settled down. The focus isn't on him anymore.

Jason: So, you're saying my son has found his way back into the spotlight?

Sam: No, no, no. I'm sorry. I'm not saying that he's a liar or a troublemaker or anything.

Jason: No. I know you're not. I know you're not.

Sam: You know what? The simple fact is it's probably gonna take several years for Jake to adjust. This is just one hurdle we have to clear first.

Franco: I get where Jake is coming from. Really, I do. To have all of these -- these tortured thoughts banging around your head, to not -- to not trust yourself. It's scary. It's a really terrible feeling.

Elizabeth: Something was done to him.

Franco: It doesn't make him a bad kid. And it doesn't make him wrong. I just means that he needs help.

Elizabeth: We're gonna be able to help him, right, and help him get whatever is in there out?

Franco: Yeah. Yeah.

Nelle: Look, I really hope your husband isn't cheating on you. But if he is, I'm not gonna be the one to find out.

Nina: Please. Please, don't make me threaten to fire you again. It was so unpleasant the first time.

Nelle: Look, aside from me trying to be a better person, I really think you'll regret it, Nina. You know, I know I did. I was holding onto this grudge like it was oxygen for years. I mean, just -- a grudge based on lies. I mean, there was this whole other side to the story. I think maybe there's another side to Valentin's, too.

Nina: Well, if that's the case, you'll find out, won't you?

Nelle: [Sighs] Why don't you find out yourself? You know, call your husband. Ask him to be honest with you. You might be surprised by his answer.

Valentin: This is Valentin. I want to get back to Wyndemere. When does the boat get here? [Sighs] Fine. I'll just, uh, wait.

Anna: [Winces, sighs]

Valentin: Anna? Anna? Are you all right?

Anna: [Sighs] [Breathing heavily]

Ned: There's nothing to worry about. Samira was very happy with my arrangements.

Tracy: I don't believe you.

Dillon: Ned, why is that painting so important to you? Mom, I can understand -- it was her legacy from Grandfather. It looks just like her. But you just found out the thing existed a week ago.

Kiki: Acquisition fever.

Tracy: Excuse me? You see it all the time in the art world. A perfectly reasonable, rational person will see a piece and become obsessed. They have to acquire it at any cost.

Dillon: Yeah, but Ned doesn't give a damn about art. And the idea that you're so obsessed with a picture of what could be our mother -- frankly, I find it kind of creepy.

Ned: Kiki does have a point, though.

Tracy: Oh, good Lord!

Ned: Not about me. There is someone obsessed with this painting, determined to acquire it at any cost.

[Doorbell rings]

Ned: And here they are now. If you'll excuse me. Father. So glad you could make it.

Larry: Ned, my lad, I was absolutely thrilled to get your call.

[Door closes]

Tracy: Ashton.

Larry: How could I forget. I have a prior engagement. We'll have to do this some other time.

Ned: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no! You're not going anywhere until we get this settled.

Nina: [Sighs] Listen, Nelle, um... [Sighs] This wouldn't be the first time someone's cheated on me.

Nelle: If he's cheating on you.

Nina: Even if Valentin is thinking about it... [Sighs] I'm just scared. I'm just scared that he's gonna throw away everything that we've built with Charlotte... for something that never really existed. That's all. And I just want your help.

Nelle: You're gonna have to talk to your husband.

Nina: I did that. I talked to him. And that got me nowhere.

Nelle: Nina, I am sorry, but I am just not comfortable with this.

Nina: Okay, listen, listen, listen -- it's just gonna be between the two of us.

Nelle: What if I get caught?

Nina: You won't!

Nelle: Valentin is a smart man.

Nina: You're a smart girl! You're a smart girl, Nelle. Please, please, don't make me threaten to fire you again. It wasn't fun the first time. Please don't do that to me. Please?

Nathan: Hey!

Nina: Hey.

Nathan: Hey, am I interrupting?

Nina: No. No. Definitely not. So, what we were talking about --

Nelle: Mm-hmm.

Nina: I-I just think it's better for my family and Charlotte that, uh, we're on the same page.

Nelle: I'll give it some serious thought.

Nina: What brings you by?

Nathan: What? Can't a -- can't a guy visit his bi-- his big sister?

Nina: [Laughs] Yeah. [Chuckles] You can come by Wyndemere, you know? It's only a boat ride away. -

Nathan: [Chuckles]

Nina: You get seasick? You still get seasick?

Nathan: It's not the boat. It's your husband.

Anna: [Groans]

Valentin: Anna, are you hurt?

Anna: Yeah. It's -- it's my ankle. I just was running and I -- and I was lost in thought. I didn't see where I was going.

Valentin: May I touch you?

Anna: Yeah. [Winces] [Groans]

Valentin: Can you move it?

Anna: Mm, a bit, yeah.

Valentin: Good news -- it's not broken.

Anna: You don't think? It's just twisted?

Valentin: Yeah, it's just a sprain. Do you want me to get you to the doctor?

Anna: No. No, no, I don't. It's fine. It'll be okay. I-I've had enough doctors.

Valentin: I can imagine.

Anna: Could you just help me onto the bench?

Valentin: Yeah, yeah, yeah. One, two... [Sighs]

Anna: Thanks.

Valentin: [Sighs]

Anna: [Winces]

Valentin: So what had you so deep in thought that you face-planted on the pier?

Anna: You.

Jason: Given the alternative that we're staring at... [Sighs] I wish your theory that Jake was just seeking attention was true.

Sam: But you don't think so?

Jason: No, I don't. You should have seen his face when he saw that picture of what I used to look like. He was terrified. Something I did terrified my son.

Sam: I know, but when?

Jason: I don't know. There are two years of my life that I can't account for.

Sam: Oh, don't -- don't -- don't remind me of that, please.

Jason: And Helena held that boy on Cassadine Island the same time that she was controlling me, so why not just bring me there? I just wish there was a way to prove it.

Sam: Maybe there is.

[Video game beeping, warbling]

Elizabeth: Hey. Feeling any better?

Jake: A little.

Elizabeth: Good, 'cause Ms. Walsh e-mailed your homework assignments, and I printed it out for you.

Franco: All right. Let's get started. Unless it's Physics, in which case your mom is gonna have to help you out. [Laughs]

Jake: I'm good.

Franco: Uh, homework is not optional.

Elizabeth: It's okay. It's all right. He can do that later. What would you like to do right now?

Jake: Play "Ferris wheel freakout."

Franco: Or we could plan your birthday?

Elizabeth: Oh, well, that got someone's attention.

Franco: You know what I was thinking? Okay, if it's all right with your dad, maybe we go somewhere, like up to the mountains, right? We go hiking, fishing, we build big campfires, just you and me and your mom and your brothers -- go far, far away.

Elizabeth: What do you think? You've always wanted to go camping.

Jake: Not anymore.

Elizabeth: What? [Scoffs] Why not?

Jake: I just don't, okay?

Franco: It doesn't have to be camping. We can go anywhere.

Jake: No.

Franco: We can go to a beach, city, forest --

Jake: I said no.

Elizabeth: Jake. Honey, why don't you want to go on a vacation?

Jake: Because I can't.

Larry: I really have no idea what you're talking about!

Ned: You will. Have a seat.

Larry: Oh! [Sighs]

Ned: Please, everyone, make yourselves comfortable. Mother?

Tracy: I'll stand, thanks.

Ned: First, I want to apologize to all of you. I knew my father was up to something. But I didn't realize just how far he'd go to get what he was after.

Tracy: Samira was a con. There never was a kidnapped daughter. She was working for you! And when you couldn't get your hands on my painting, you hired that girl to do it for you!

Larry: Not to interrupt a good rant, but I really think there's been some mistake.

Tracy: Do not try to deny it!

Ned: It doesn't matter if he denies it. I got him dead to rights.

Tracy: How about just dead?

Dillon: You set us all up?

Monica: You dropped that girl on our doorstep to lie to us?

Tracy: No, he dropped that girl on our doorstep to lie to me! The rest of you were collateral damage.

Larry: It's not as nefarious as it sounds. [Chuckles] I really had every intention of donating some of the proceeds to charity.

Monica: Oh, shut up, Larry!

Tracy: How far back does this go? Were the monks in on it?

Ned: No. I don't think so. They're honorable men. I mean, the monks couldn't sell a painting they didn't own, but they did sell you something, didn't they? You made a generous donation to the monastery, and in return they gave you Grandfather's journal and ring as a token of their appreciation.

Tracy: Oh! That's why the monks didn't mention it. They were ashamed that they had sold my father's property!

Ned: Next, Father hired Samira, and he knew her blue eyes would make you think that she could be related to grandfather. And then, he told you about the painting. And he left a trail of bread crumbs all the way to the monastery where you went and claimed the painting exactly as he planned.

Elizabeth: There is no reason why we can't go away for your birthday.

Jake: Yes, there is.

Franco: What is it?

Jake: Dad, Sam, Scout, and Danny. It wouldn't be fair to leave them out.

Franco: Okay, how about this? How about we have a big party right before your birthday?

Elizabeth: And we can invite your dad and Sam and your brother and sister.

Franco: Yeah, and then we just hit the road for the big day.

Elizabeth: I mean, what could be better than having two birthday celebrations, right?

Jake: [Sighs] I'm ready to do my homework now.

Franco: Really? Did your fever spike again? You'd rather do homework than plan your birthday party?

Jake: Well, Mom won't let me have a party if I don't do well in school. Right?

Elizabeth: Yes, that's right. So, you'd better get to it.

Jake: [Sighs]

Franco: Hey. Where are you going?

Jake: I'll concentrate better in my room.

Sam: I don't know why I didn't think of this before.

Jason: What, hacking into the Crichton-Clark database?

Sam: Oh, well, it wouldn't be the first time. I can find out exactly when you were admitted.

Jason: Well, I certainly doubt they used my real name. And even if they did, it did burn down.

Sam: [Chuckles] The internet didn't. And if I can't find it, guess who can -- Spinelli. He's only a phone call away.

Jason: You know what?

Sam: What?

Jason: I am very glad that you're on my team.

Sam: Always.

Jason: Yeah?

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Jason: Get back to work.

Sam: Yes, sir.

Jason: [Chuckles]

Nina: Uh, if you came here to give me a hard time about Valentin --

Nathan: I didn't. I didn't. I didn't. Okay? I just don't feel comfortable just dropping by Wyndemere.

Nina: Okay. Understood. What's going on with you?

Nathan: You know, I'm doing good. I'm staying busy at work. I'm working out a lot.

Nina: [Chuckles] Missing your wife.

Nathan: Yeah.

Nina: Yeah.

Nathan: Max is -- [Sighs] Max is kind of killing it in Portland, though. You know, she's got a great sublet like a block from Georgie, works for a magazine that loves her. I know she wishes we were in the same city, but everything else is pretty awesome, so... I don't know. We'll figure it out.

Nina: I'm sure you will.

Nathan: So how about you? Catch me up. How's Charlotte?

Nina: [Sighs] Incredible.

Nathan: And Valentin?

Nina: [Clicks tongue]

Nathan: Nina? W-what's wrong?

Nina: I think that I'm losing Valentin to Anna Devane.

Valentin: Well, the bait shop had some ice. It might smell a bit fishy, but it's good and cold. Here.

Anna: Oh, yeah. Sure. I'll take what I can get.

Valentin: How does it feel?

Anna: It's -- it's a little better. [Sighs] You don't have to stay here.

Valentin: Well, it wouldn't be very gentlemanly to leave an injured woman.

Anna: You're nothing if not a gentleman, right?

Valentin: That's what they say.

Anna: Well, they don't know you the way I do.

Valentin: Huh.

Anna: You know, when I... [Breathes deeply] When I think of our experiences with the WSB, I'm really filled with regret. If I could just do it over...

Valentin: What would you change?

Anna: Everything. Not -- not everything.

Dillon: So was Samira ever at the monastery? Or was her story about the monks helping her just part of your con?

Ned: I think she was there. I think she tried out her kidnapped-daughter story on the monks before she tried it out on us. That story was your idea, wasn't it, Father? You needed something so urgent, something so horrible that Mother would have to cave.

Tracy: You timed it to the minute, bringing her in on a 72-hour emergency visa, arranging it so she stopped you from stealing the painting. I had no idea you could be so thorough.

Ned: Mm, money is a great incentive, especially for him.

Tracy: How did you figure it out?

Ned: Father did a very good job prepping Samira, but he took his con one step too far. Samira went out of her way to turn the conversation to a hymn -- "We Gather Together."

Dillon: Our Thanksgiving tradition?

Monica: You despicable worm!

Ned: Grandfather's favorite hymn, the perfect song to convince us that he had a close relationship to Samira's mother. Except Grandfather once told me that the one who started that tradition --

Tracy: Was Mother -- he never would have sung that song to anyone else.

Ned: Exactly. It was too pat, too perfect. So I started to investigate, and the whole story began to unravel. It was Father who called ICE on Samira. He knew you'd run a DNA test, so he had to get Samira and the painting out of the country before the results came back.

Tracy: Which is why she fainted -- so that we couldn't take her into hiding where he couldn't get to her.

Kiki: So, on top of everything else, we put our butts on the line with Immigration and Customs Enforcement for a woman who was running a con?

Tracy: Oh, no. She wasn't running the con. It was all him.

Nathan: So, does Valentin know that you know about the watch?

Nina: No.

Nathan: Okay, so, why don't you just bust him?

Nina: No! I'm not gonna do that. I want him to tell me. I want my husband to be honest with me. And don't say, "I told you so," please.

Nathan: I won't.

Nina: You're thinking it. You're thinking it.

Nathan: Of course, I'm thinking it. Of course, I'm thinking it.

Nina: [Sighs]

Nathan: The guy is bad news, Nina.

Nina: No, he's not.

Nathan: Yeah, he is.

Nina: No, he's not. He is just confused.

Nathan: About what?

Nina: About Anna Devane. And you know what? I don't blame him. It's the weirdest thing. It's so strange. You know, when he first came into town, she was all about how bad he was, comparing him to Satan, and now she's all over him, giving him watches and gifts. It's like someone flipped a switch.

Nathan: Look, well, my number-one piece of advice would be to leave the guy, but since I know you're not gonna take it here's number two, all right? Hey, just be careful, okay? For you and for Charlotte. She's gonna need a strong role model, and you're it.

Nina: Thank you. I love her.

Nathan: I know you do. She's lucky to have you, and so is Valentin. And if he doesn't know that you are the best thing that is ever gonna happen to him, then he is not half as brilliant as he pretends he is.

Nina: You know who else I love?

Nathan: Hm?

Nina: You.

Nathan: Back at you. I got to go to work. Call me if you need me, though, okay?

Nina: I will. [Sighs]

[Ominous tones play]

Valentin: We both moved on, Anna. There's no reason to relive the past.

Anna: Well, it's not the past. It's our past.

Valentin: Yeah, the one where you forced yourself to sleep with a hunchback.

Anna: Oh, God, that's not how it happened.

Valentin: Well, it doesn't really matter. It's over now. Where is that boat? I want to get back to Wyndemere and my wife and my daughter.

Anna: It'll be here soon.

Valentin: What is that necklace?

Sam: You know, it really hits me sometimes, the time that we didn't get to spend together.

Jason: Yeah, me, too. [Sighs] But, hey, it's over now. We're together.

[Computer beeps]

Sam: [Gasps] Ooh.

Jason: You get something?

Sam: Yes, I think so.

Jason: Okay, what's the verdict?

Sam: [Sighs] Okay, the records have been amended a few times, but you were a-admitted August 2014.

Jason: Well, that's two years I could have been on that island doing things that might have scared Jake, I could have hurt him.

Sam: No. You would never hurt him.

Jason: I don't have a memory of any of it, except for Helena.

Sam: Oh, yeah? And what about her?

Jason: When I first got my memory back, I-I had this hallucination.

Sam: She was in it?

Jason: She said that I would never remember what happened to Jake on that island. But... what if it wasn't a hallucination? What if it was a memory? How -- how do I recall that?

Sam: [Sighs] I have an idea. [Sighs] Maybe this will help.

Elizabeth: Do you believe Jake?

Franco: What, that the only reason he can't go away is because of Jason? Ha! I don't know. I mean, I don't know what to think.

Elizabeth: The way he said, "I can't," like he wasn't allowed to.

Franco: It's probably my fault. I mean, I shouldn't have brought it up at all. I just -- you know, I thought it was the perfect way to protect the kid. I thought it was the perfect way to get Jake out of here and -- and -- and away from any kind of danger.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, no, no, no. It was -- it was fine. I would feel better if I knew Helena's plan.

Franco: If she has a plan.

Elizabeth: Right. Yes.

Franco: Do you want to ask Jake about the numbers?

Elizabeth: No -- well, not right now. I mean, he seems awfully fragile.

Franco: Yeah. Aren't we all? Do you know what I am right now? [Chuckles] Um... I'm inspired.

Elizabeth: You're inspired?

Franco: By the light, yeah. Gorgeous.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles]

Franco: We should go to your room.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Franco: Yeah.

Elizabeth: What does my room have anything to do with the light?

Franco: Well, it's got those westward-facing windows, lots of light.

Elizabeth: Are you trying to distract me?

Franco: Uh, yeah, that, too. [Laughs]

Elizabeth: Well, I think it's working, so maybe we should go capture the light.

Tracy: Ned warned me to stay away from you. I refused to listen.

Larry: Whoa!

Dillon: Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom!

Ned: No, no, no! Stop, stop, stop! There's a better way to handle this!

Dillon: Stop, stop, stop.

Ned: There's a better way to handle this.

Tracy: All right. The only reason I am letting you live is because you helped create this magnificent son of mine! Now get your sorry carcass out of my sister-in-law's house! And if you ever darken our doorstep again, rest assured the Quartermaines are fully capable of covering up a murder!

[Door opens, slams]

Ned: Well done, Mother. I think he's finally gone.

Dillon: What a bunch of suckers we were, huh? Well, except for Ned.

Ned: You're not suckers. You're kind and generous people. And that includes you, Mother.

Monica: Oh, don't get carried away, Ned.

Ned: You know, the other thing I hate about all this is that he took advantage of a very real ongoing tragedy. But on the bright side, Mother, you get to keep this beautiful painting.

Kiki: It really is magnificent. Jacopo di Cosimo was a master.

Dillon: I'm sorry that I called it stupid, Mom. It's proof of Grandfather's love for you.

Monica: You can hang it in the den if you really want to.

Tracy: My father wrote that I would know best where the painting should go. He was right.

Nelle: Nina. I did what you asked. I found Valentin on the pier.

Nina: With Anna?

Nelle: No. He was alone. And when the launch came, he boarded and went home to Wyndemere. See? I told you you were overreacting. Nina, your husband loves you. You got nothing to worry about. Okay?

Anna: Don't you recognize it? Does it look familiar?

[Dramatic tone plays]

[Jake draws something on his timeline]

Jason: A shot of tequila?

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Jason: That's -- that's your answer? What, are you trying to get me drunk?

Sam: No, I'm trying to get you to relax, loosen up a little bit. Maybe you'll relax enough to open your mind to something different.

Jason: [Laughs] Tequila. Fine. Yeah, I'll try anything at this point, so... Hey!

Sam: Shoot. Great, all over your kid's book -- I'll go get a towel.

Jason: Oh, man. Hey. Sam?

Sam: What? What?

Jason: The pages were stuck together. This was underneath the original.

Sam: [Gasps] Well, look at that. I told you this tequila would loosen something up. Jason?

Jason: I know what this is.

Anna: It's a creature with a lion's head and a goat's body and a serpent's tail -- a chimera.

Jason: It's a chimera.

[Dramatic music plays]

Jake: I remember you.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Scott (to Ava): What hole have you dug yourself into now?

Anna (to Valentin): You think you know the whole story? Well, you're wrong.

Elizabeth (to Franco): Oh, my God! What is that?

Jason (to Sam): Something bad is going to happen, and we need to deal with this right now.

Carly (to Sonny): I already have what you want, and I plan on keeping it.

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