GH Transcript Friday 4/28/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/28/17


Episode #13795 ~ Tracy seeks advice from above and asks for one more chance, which she is granted; Ned succeeds in getting Samira a 6-month extension on her visa.

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Tracy: [Humming] Ooh! Not you, AJ. Don't you judge me, Daddy. Not that you have any right. My worst fears are confirmed. I am long overdue for some rest and relaxation, and I am definitely not gonna get it here with everybody yapping at me with their self-righteous psycho-babble, so I am hitting the road, and... I'm taking my painting with me. [Grunts]

Torosyan: Dr. Monica Quartermaine, you are under arrest.

Ned: That won't be necessary.

Torosyan: And you are?

Ned: Ned Ashton, Dr. Quartermaine's nephew by marriage, which isn't relevant. What is relevant is Samira Adin is sitting right over there.

Dillon: Damn it, Ned!

Monica: Do you know what you've just done?

Ned: As a matter of fact, I do.

Torosyan: Are you aware that anyone helping Ms. Adin is breaking the law? She is in this country illegally.

Ned: Actually, she isn't.

Torosyan: Well, I have an order or detention.

Ned: And I have a visa extension issued by the state department. Ms. Adin can legally remain in this country for the next six months, which means your services are no longer required.

[Birds chirping]

Tracy: The first roses are out, Mother. Oh, and they smelled so beautiful. When I walked passed them, I thought you were calling to me, so I brought you some. There, now you can enjoy them. It's the least I can do before I take off. I should have brought some for everybody. Yeah, except you, AJ. You, I should have brought crab grass. But, kids, you're all gonna have to muddle through without me. I am off to the land of sun and fun, and I don't feel the least bit of guilt. Samira is not a blip on my radar. The less said about her the better, right, Daddy? So, for all your criticism of me, I'm the last one standing. And don't you say a word, Alan. Every mistake I made came from the heart, and, yes, I do have a heart, and you all should have appreciated me more when you had the chance. Not you, Mother. But all the rest of you. Who cares if I don't meet some arbitrary criteria for a good person? I was good enough to keep ELQ in the --

[AJ's headstone falls on Tracy's head, knocking her out.]

Torosyan: Understood. Yes, ma'am. Right away.

Ned: I trust the matter's been settled to everyone's satisfaction.

Torosyan: Yeah, looks like the, uh -- the visa extension came from the highest levels of government.

Ned: I tend to lean somewhat to the left politically, but I went to a very conservative boarding school and one of my old buddies just happens to have a key position in the new administration.

Monica: Well, I think this is your cue to leave, because you're no longer welcome in this hospital. And if you were to bother Samira again, I will have my nephew-by-marriage see to it that you're assigned to check baggage for the TSA.

Torosyan: Oh, that won't be necessary.

[Elevator chimes]

Dillon: Oh, look at that. The elevator is here.

Kiki: Bye.

Dillon: I am not gonna miss that guy.

Monica: Ned, I'm impressed.

Ned: Admit it -- you thought I lost my mojo.

Monica: No, I thought you were reformed, that you gave up power-plays when you quit ELQ.

Ned: I'm a Quartermaine. Those cutthroat instincts are genetic.

Monica: [Laughs]

Dillon: Well, you sure picked a perfect time to bring them back. Well done.

Samira: Please -- what just happen?

Ned: All will be explained. Actually, um, is Samira well enough to leave the hospital?

Monica: Oh, I've already signed release papers. She's fully recovered.

Ned: I think it's better that we finish this at home. Dillon, can you take Samira with you?

Dillon: Okay.

Ned: Uh, Kiki, you can join us if you'd like.

Kiki: Yeah, sure. What am I joining?

Ned: And, Monica, it'd be really helpful if you came home, too.

Monica: Well, it is my house, so I'll, of course, be there. Can I ask you why?

Ned: I think it's time we resolve Samira's situation once and for all. And we can't do that without my mother.

Scott: Psst, Tracy! Earth to Tracy. It's showtime. There's no putting this off. You got to wake up.

Tracy: What happened?

Scott: Well -- now focus. We were talking strategy, and all of a sudden, your eyes, they just went wing-dinged.

Tracy: I'm -- I'm trying. I got hit in the head hard. W-- where -- where am I?

Scott: Court.

Tracy: What am I doing in court?

Scott: Where else would you be?

Tracy: Well, I was at home. I was talking to --

Scott: Talking to who?

Tracy: Never mind. I -- I -- I was there, and now I'm here, and...

Nathan: All right, you're up.

Scott: We're gonna need a minute here.

Nathan: Time's up. She doesn't have all eternity.

Scott: All right. You ready?

Tracy: Ready for what?

Scott: Come on.

Tracy: What does that sign say?

[Sign reads: "Life vs. Tracy Angelica Quartermaine 1:00 PM]

Scott: Let's sit right over there. Here we go.

Tracy: What is going on?

Scott: Uh, come on -- we've been over this. You know, playing clueless is not gonna get the charges dropped.

Tracy: What charges? What have I done?

Diane: [Laughs] What haven't you done?

Scott: Objection -- rhetorical question.

Diane: Your fly's open.

Scott: Huh?

Tracy: When did she become DA?

Diane: Oh, please? That's your strategy -- bewilderment?

Scott: ADD.

Tracy: I don't have ADD, and I have no idea what I'm doing here.

Diane: Perhaps this will jog your memory.


Tracy: Oh. I'm unconscious. This is a dream.

Diane: You're dead. "Subject suffered a cerebral hemorrhage due to blunt force and expired at 12:57 p.m. on Friday, April 28, 2017.

Tracy: I'm dead?

Diane: It's not what you expected, is it?

Scott: You know, I-I briefed you on this, but sometimes my clients have trouble accepting it.

Tracy: If I'm dead, what are you doing here?

Scott: Don't overthink it.

Tracy: Well, is it heaven?

Nathan: And who knew you were an optimist?

Tracy: Is it hell?

Diane: It's where the newly departed are reviewed before ascending to a higher plane or being sent back to Earth for a do-over.

Tracy: I'm being reviewed?

Diane: You've heard the expression "Judgment Day"? Welcome to yours. Scott's job is to present the sum of your good deeds. I'm presenting the bad. If the good outweighs the bad, then you ascend. If not, you reincarnate back to Earth for another go at it. Clear?

Tracy: I need another lawyer.

Scott: Oh, wait a minute! Hold on a second here. I've been doing a -- a great job. Lorenzo Alcazar was supposed to go back as a poodle. I got him bumped up to Leo Falconeri.

Tracy: Do you think I want to take that chance?

Diane: You might. Skye Chandler's considering adopting a baby.

Tracy: Dear, God, no.

Diane: God can't help you now.

Scott: No, just the judge and me.

Nathan: All rise.

Scott: Look alive, so to speak.

Nathan: Court is now in session. The Honorable Judge Michael "Sonny" Corinthos presiding.

Sonny: This court is in session. Is, uh, counsel prepared to get underway?

Diane: Yes, your honor.

Scott: Um, I could of used a longer lunch break. That being said, I am.

Tracy: I'm not! I...d-demand a mistrial.

Sonny: On what grounds?

Tracy: This is a mistake. I'm not supposed to be here. I wasn't ready to die.


Tracy: All right, all right, all right. How about the judge is biased? He hates me. ...Corinthos, you are a stunning disappointment to me. Here I thought you were such a keen observer of human nature. Brenda provided the perfect camouflage. Ned would never suspect the husband of his wife's best friend to try to undermine him. And the only reason he's keeping her around is because he loves to watch you suffer. He knows the two of you would be together now that you're wife has passed on, but he's around gumming up the works. Trust me, as soon as he gets bored, he's gonna sell her to the highest bidder. Wait a minute.

Sonny: Time is up.

Tracy: Okay. How about $500? At least I could get a good night's sleep in a decent hotel.

Sonny: Let me tell you something, lady, so we don't get this confused here, okay? I wouldn't give you a cracker if you were starving on the street.

Tracy: What have I ever done to you?

Sonny: It's what you did to Lois, you and your buddy -- see, let me tell you something. I know it's gonna be a concept that you're not gonna be able to comprehend, but Lois is the closest thing to family that I've got. She's a kind, decent, loving human being that did not deserve to be shafted by you.

Tracy: Give me $600. I'll go to Bensonhurst and apologize.

Sonny: How about if I give you another tip instead? You watch your back.

Sonny: How about that? I'd completely forgotten.

Tracy: Yeah, well, whatever that was, it completely proves my point.

Diane: Mnh-mnh-mm. The entirety of your life is going to be used as evidence in these proceedings.

Scott: Well, as for bias, my client does have grounds.

Sonny: Are you suggesting that I wouldn't be impartial?

Diane: Oh, stop grandstanding, Scott. You know only saints are awarded judgeships.

Tracy: Saint Sonny?! The man wouldn't give me a cracker.

Sonny: If you like, I'll recuse myself. The only other judge -- I mean -- is -- let's see... Anthony Zacchara.

Tracy: Okay. Never mind. You'll do.

Sonny: Then let's get moving. Prosecution, you're on.

Dillon: Man, did you see Ned back there? I mean, my grandfather could not have handled that better himself.

Kiki: Yeah, I had no idea that your brother was such a shark.

Dillon: A total shark. Are you kidding me? Great white.

Kiki: [Laughs]

Dillon: Ned was always luckier in business than he was with his love life. After his third or fourth divorce, he gave up Wall Street to focus more on music, but he's like -- he's like a gunslinger who gave it up to become a farmer, you know? I mean, he's still got the skills, clearly. He chooses to use them for a worthy cause.

Kiki: Okay, so I wonder...

Samira: Excuse me.

Kiki: ...Who does he know in the new administration?

Dillon: Oh, 10 or 15 guys easy. My grandfather parked him at boarding school during the epicenter of the neo-con movement.

Samira: Please! I can't help noticing --

Monica: Hi. Is Ned here yet?

Dillon: I thought he would be here before you.

Monica: No, he said he had to see somebody at the hospital.

Samira: Listen to me! The painting is gone!

Monica: Three guesses who took it.

Diane: Your honor, I will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tracy Angelica Quartermaine has squandered this, her latest life, and has learned not one, single lesson from past incarnations. She ignores the impulse to be generous, she turns up her nose at the those less fortunate -- which is pretty much everybody -- and she never passes up a chance to further her own selfish aims, even at the expense of her family. She's incapable of goodness, and she must be sent back.

Scott: What qualifies as "good" anyway? Good is relative. I mean, she's not "Cassadine bad," she's not "Heather Webber bad." I mean, she was born into a backstabbing family. Now, you compare her to her father? She seems fine.

Tracy: That's it?

Diane: Defense counsel makes an interesting assertion. It is difficult to find any evidence of Edward speaking as harshly to anyone as Tracy speaks to everyone.

Tracy: Laugh, Alan. I needed a good laugh today. Ned and Monica. Whew. Sorry, it's got too much taste.

Alan: Tracy, don't try to protect him.

Tracy: Alan, you're the one who needs protecting. Either you're nuts or it's wishful thinking. Are you looking for someone to take Monica off your hands?

Alan: You're evading the issue.

Tracy: I get it. Who's she fooling around with this time?

Alan: Your son!

Tracy: I got to tell you, Alan, I really feel sorry for you. After all these years, you're still pointing that finger of yours, trying to blame somebody else because you can't hold on to your wife, and she's not worth hanging on to!

Alan: What's the point of even trying to talk to you, Tracy. You always hated her anyway.

Monica: You vindictive witch!

Tracy: Oh, you haven't seen anything yet!

Monica: You are never, ever, ever coming back to that house!

Tracy: That is my family home, Monica.

Monica: Well, your idea of family is nothing but backstabbing and bitching.

Tracy: You know what? That's the pot calling the kettle black.

Monica: Tracy! Tracy!

Tracy: [Sighs] Why don't you show your guttersnipe to the door and then we can do business? If you and I had a battle of wits, I'd win by default. Why do I bother, mother? You will never think ill of Paul or the little tramp.

Lila: Her name is Jenny.

Tracy: Fine. Jenny the tramp.

Lila: You wonder why I don't trust you when you say vicious things like that?

Tracy: Don't misunderstand. We all know the legend of Luke and Laura because it has been rammed down our throats ad nauseam. Personally, it makes me puke, but that's another conversation. [Sighs] You know what, Scott? Retaining you as my lawyer is like hiring Elmer Fudd. Give me my purse. Oh, please! Really? For this, I risk coming back as Skye Chandler's baby? It's just words!

Diane: Fine. Then let's move on to deeds.

Sonny: This should be good.

Tracy: Are you just gonna sit there? Object!

Scott: Object? There's nothing to object to.

Tracy: I don't care. Move to strike, bar the evidence. If they move on to things that I've done, I'm not gonna come back as Sky's baby. I'm gonna come back as a flatworm!

Scott: Your honor, I'd like a rebuttal.

Sonny: You'll have your chance, Counselor.

Scott: Oh, come on, your honor. I need a little latitude here.

Sonny: Proceed.

Scott: Okay, now, the prosecution has painted my client as a heartless shrew. I think we should talk about some of her romantic conquests -- Lord Larry Ashton.

Diane: Not really a lord.

Scott: District Attorney Mitch Williams, District Attorney Paul Hornsby --

Diane: Ooh, a serial killer. I'm not sure who was worse -- him or international criminal Nicholas Van Buren, aka "Domino."

Tracy: They weren't all bad. I dated Scott.

Scott: Well, thank you.

Diane: [Chuckles] And married crime boss Gino Soleito. Your honor, it's clear, the defendant's relationships have in no way contributed or furthered her personal growth. So, if I may move on --

Scott: No, you may not!

Sonny: She was asking me.

Scott: Well, your honor, there's a man whose name should be mentioned that has inspired growth and fulfillment in Tracy's life. Now, it sickens me to even say his name, but I'm not on trial, Tracy is. So, here you go -- Luke Spencer.

Diane: Yes, but can what Tracy and Luke had really be called love? Hmm? He tricked her into a fraudulent marriage. She wanted out.

Tracy: It started that way, and then it grew into something else.

Diane: Hmm.

Luke: Do you know what the irony of this whole thing is? [Scoffs] You think the only reason I come home to you is to line my pockets, to pour your father's booze, and to take advantage of Cook's blueberry pancakes.

Tracy: You've never once denied that.

Luke: I could live without the pancakes.

Tracy: [Laughs]

Luke: And I don't need your bank account. I've lived in the back of a car, in a tent, under a bridge. I'm very adaptable.

Tracy: So, why do you keep showing up on my doorstep? Why can't you just go and stay gone?

Luke: You really don't know. [Scoffs] Tracy, I love you. I love you.

Scott: Do you see now, Tracy had a real, honest love with Luke.

Diane: Mm-hmm. Until she couldn't find it within herself to trust him.

Tracy: This is it. This is the end! Luke Spencer, I am done being your fool! So, when, eventually, you get sick of the little lady, which you will, or she goes running after Scott again, which she will, or maybe, God forbid, she opens up her eyes and she sees you for the fractured, pathetic loser you are, do not come looking for me. Oh, no, wait. I take that back. I take it back. Yes, do. Because I will so enjoy hearing you beg, watching you get down on your bended knee, wailing about what we mean to each other. You know what's gonna happen then? Nothing! I will walk away, and I will never, ever, ever look back. And you will be utterly and completely alone. With absolutely nobody to blame but yourself. I am the best thing that ever happened to you.

Diane: And that was the end of that.

Tracy: You're fired!

Kiki: Let's not jump to any conclusions, okay? Maybe there's another explanation.

Samira: I truly thought she would show compassion.

Kiki: I'm sorry.

Monica: Well, you obviously don't know Tracy.

Ned: What has Mother done now?

Dillon: [Sighs] Disappeared. And she took the painting with her.

Scott: Oh, for heaven's sakes, Tracy, you can't fire me!

Tracy: I just did.

Sonny: It's a bad idea to proceed without representation.

Tracy: Oh, please! I barely had representation in the first place!

Scott: What are you talking about? I've been doing a crack-up job for you!

Tracy: You hung my immortal soul on my romantic entanglements! I am a woman of the world. I don't need a man to validate me in life or in death!

Diane: Preach it, Sister! Testify. Amen.

Sonny: Would you like to address the court, Ms. Quartermaine?

Tracy: Yes, I would. I would like you to consider some of the good things that I've done. And saving Luke Spencer's life counts! As does giving life. I have two glorious sons. And my son Dillon was born under very difficult circumstances.

Jenny: Tracy, w-what happened?

Tracy: Tell me you didn't hear the crash.

Jenny: Yeah, but what was it?

[Door closes]

Jenny: Oh, my.

Tracy: Why didn't you come and help me? Were you afraid of getting wet?

Jenny: No. No. I didn't know what it was.

Tracy: [Sighs] Are you gonna get me a towel, or are you gonna let me stand here and drip dry? Oh, my God. I'm soaked.

Jenny: I know. I'm gonna get you dry in just a minute, okay?

Tracy: Unh-unh. It's not from the rain. My water broke.

Jenny: Tracy, the phones are not working! What do we do?

Tracy: Breathe?

Jenny: I am!

Tracy: See? Dillon and Ned are proof that I've done something right. And, as for the rest of my family, well, I'm a strong personality. And I've used that strength to give comfort and guidance to the rest of the Quartermaines.

Diane: Until you used it against them -- inflicting chaos and agita.

Alan: Why is it you can find time to file your nails, and you can't find any time to file my reports?!

Tracy: Priorities, Alan? My sister-in-law is giving her first big dinner party tonight. I wouldn't want to embarrass her by looking anything less than my best.

Alan: It's your tongue that's usually the embarrassment, not your nails.

Tracy: Alan, if it'll ease your mind, I will write my solemn oath in blood.

Alan: Whose?

Tracy: Whether you want to believe it or not, Alan, I do have manners!

Alan: Well, you didn't show a sign of them last night at dinner!

Tracy: It was just family, brother dear -- Quartermaines and Gail Adamson! I thought it was perfectly all right to ask an innocent question about what Lesley Webber thought of the new Monica.

Alan: Tracy, I mean this. I mean this, Tracy. If you do anything, and I mean anything at all to ruin Monica's party or embarrass any of her guests, especially Rick and Lesley, I will personally escort you to the door!

Tracy: You know what, Alan? You don't know me very well, because I would never do anything to jeopardize --

Alan: You would do it in a second!

Monica: I'm not kidding, Tracy. One false move --

Tracy: Wonderful party, Monica. Enjoy! Seriously? Dinner party shenanigans?

Diane: Oh, that was just a prelude to a lifetime of betrayal yet to come.

Tracy: ...Nothing but remorse about this accident. I will do everything in my power to help you recover for the rest of your life.

Jenny: You've already done that number, Tracy. It's not good enough.

Tracy: I understand your anger. You have every right. But prison is just not an option for me. I'm a mother. Who will raise my son?

Jenny: Paul and I would absolutely love to raise Dillon.

Tracy: Jenny, look, I'm sorry. I'm very, very, very sorry. Just tell me. What do you want me to do? What can I do?

Edward: Pack your bags.

Tracy: [Laughs] I don't believe you.

Edward: You heard me.

Tracy: No.

Edward: Pack your bags. I think it's time you take a nice, long vacation. They tell me that Maui is having shark problems right now. You should feel right at home there.

Tracy: Ned, please, I'm trying to apologize.

Ned: My mind is racing? For which of your transgressions would you like to apologize? Destroying my marriage? Uh... running into Jenny? I can't forget your embarrassing attempt to steal my job. How about your general pathetic record as a mother? Should I just take my pick?

Tracy: I'm sorry. You know, Ned, if you were in this position, I would stand by you.

Ned: You know what's incredibly sad about that statement? Right here, right now, you actually believe that. All the rotten things you've done to me in the past you're able to just erase from your memory.

Tracy: No, that's not true. I know that I've done some things that I've done some things that have been less than prudent. I get carried away.

Ned: Carried away? You care about one thing in this life, Mother -- yourself.

Tracy: I'm sorry for so many things. But what I'm most sorry for is being a disappointment to you.

Lila: Tracy, Tracy, I want you to think very hard whilst you're away. Think about everything that's happened and why it's happened. I don't want you to ever go through this kind of pain again, dear. You don't have to, you know?

Diane: And to think -- that's not even the worst of it.

Tracy: Okay, you made your point. Let's wrap this up so Judge Sonny can judge.

Diane: Oh, that's not for me to decide.

Sonny: All the relevant facts must be presented.

Tracy: Come on. Do something. Object!

Scott: I can't. Not because you fired me. There's just no way around it.

Diane: Attention must be paid.

Tracy: I run from this memory every single day of my life. I do not need to see it. All right, Daddy, I have a move for you. I'd like you to leave.

Edward: Not yet. I, uh, haven't accomplished what I came here for.

Tracy: Ah, yes. You haven't signed the will.

Edward: I told you I wanted to do that in your presence, and I can now. But before I do that, uh, Tracy, I want you to know exactly why I'm doing this to you. It's because you've allowed money to become a -- a god in your life. You'd do anything to get your hands on that trust fund. I know that now. Ruin the family. Destroy your brother. Disgrace the family name. And most important of all, go against my direct orders. Which only goes to prove that you no longer love me if, indeed, you ever did.

Tracy: That's not true, Daddy, and you know it.

Edward: When I sign this will, Tracy, I want you to know that, uh, I despise the very sight of you.

Tracy: Daddy, don't hurt me this way, please.

Edward: I'm no longer your father, Tracy.

Tracy: Daddy, don't you understand? You're the only one that ever really mattered.

Edward: Prove it. [Gagging]

Tracy: Daddy, what's the matter? What is it?

Edward: My medication, Tracy. [Coughs] Get me my medication. Tracy, I need my medication now.

Tracy: That would help, wouldn't it?

Edward: Tracy... than you could live long enough to sign the will. Huh, Daddy? Cutting me off from the entire Quartermaine fortune. Well now, gee. That's something I'm gonna have to think about, isn't it? All Quartermaines love each other automatically. There's only one thing we love more. Isn't that right, Daddy? [Whimpers] What is it, Daddy? Say it. What is it? It's money, Daddy.

Edward: Dear God.

Tracy: And I learned that at your knee. You always said to me, "Tracy, never count on people. Only count on money." Daddy, w-will you tear up this will? If I give them to you, will you tear up the will? [Cries]

Edward: I won't.

Tracy: Daddy, come on. Here it is. It's right here. Just tear it up.

Edward: I can't. I won't.

Tracy: Daddy, I'll do it for you!

Edward: No! Ohh! For God's sake, help me, Tracy.

Tracy: [Groans] Enough. I know what I did. I was selfish and greedy. But, if I was so contemptible, why did my family take me back after every banishment? I know that I've done good. And more importantly, I know that I can do more. If you send me back. I will prove it, but don't send me back as Skye Chandler's baby or a flatworm. You need to send me back... as me.

Ned: Thanks, Dave. Let me know if she turns up. Okay. Mother ordered the jet fueled and a flight plan filed. Destination -- Costa Rica.

Dillon: She's skipping town with the painting. We got to get to the airport.

Ned: Ah! Not to worry. I canceled the flight.

Monica: Oh, come on. That isn't gonna stop Tracy. She'll just fly commercial.

Ned: With a $20 million painting?

Dillon: Yeah, that's a good point. She'd have to check it at baggage. She could get another jet.

Samira: How do we find her? I must have the painting to save my daughter.

Kiki: I can't believe your mother would do this.

Dillon: Sadly, I can.

Ned: Don't write off my mother just yet. She could still surprise you.

Tracy: All right, Daddy. You win. I give up. I know you're here, pulling the strings. Making sure you get the last word. Judge Sonny -- oh, nice touch! You've really outdone yourself. You never forgave me, did you? That's okay. I never forgave myself. Never forgot it, never lived it down. I -- I did try to atone for it. I was constantly trying to fix things between us. [Voice breaking] All I ever wanted was to please you. Was to make you proud of me. I wonder what my life would've been like if I'd just been me? Would I have made myself proud? If I had one last chance... one last chance. What was that?

Samira: Perhaps we should call her.

Dillon: She's not gonna pick up.

Kiki: Hey, does she maybe have the, um -- that "find my family" app?

Monica: [Chuckles] No. Tracy doesn't want her family to find her. Not now. Not ever.

Dillon: Uh, yeah, my mother would never download an app that allowed her family to see her whereabouts.

Ned: She'll come back. She always does.

Kiki: What if it's not in time to save Samira's daughter?

Dillon: Then we will have to save her some other way. I don't mean to sound tacky, but the Quartermaines are rich. Maybe it's time we spent our money on something worthwhile.

Samira: Please, I cannot take your money.

Ned: It has to be the painting, right?

Samira: The monks already have a buyer.

Dillon: Hey, I don't mean to disappoint you, and believe me, I am disappointed, too, but that painting is gone. And despite my brother's bizarrely-timed optimism, I can't imagine my mom to walk through that door with the painting anytime soon.

Tracy: Then your imagination is in for a surprise.

Kiki: I don't believe it.

Dillon: Mom?

Monica: Tracy?

Tracy: I know what you're all thinking, and I cannot say that you're wrong. I was ready to take off with the painting, but recent events have caused me to reevaluate. I have been extraordinarily blessed. And it's time for me to use those gifts to help other people. You know how much I value that painting. Samira needs it more.

Ned: Mother, are you absolutely sure you want to do this?

Dillon: Ned, shut up! She's having a generous impulse, for once.

Tracy: [Laughs] Your brother's right. Don't step on my moment. Doing the right thing is [Clears throat] sort of a novel experience for me. But I have to start somewhere. So, yes, I am giving up the painting.

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