GH Transcript Thursday 4/27/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 4/27/17


Episode #13794 ~ Ava rejoices in Carly & Sonny's problems; Jason wades through memories and guilt; Monica buys time for Samira.

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Jason: Hey. Huh? Huh? You get to see mine, but I can't see yours? Is that how this is gonna work? I don't think so. Let me see. Come on. Let me see. Well, look at that. What do you think about mine?

Jake: Cool.

Jason: Really?

Jake: Yeah.

Jason: That's high praise coming from a great artist like you.

Jake: Dad...

Jason: No, I'm serious. Look at you. This is great. I mean, you're very talented. You're just like your mom. You certainly didn't get that from me. Can I get a hug?

Jake: Yeah.

Jason: Yeah? Thank you. I could use a hug. You getting too big for hugs? Huh? You getting too big for hugs? You know I love you, right?

Jake: Yeah. I love you, too, Dad.

Jason: I love you, too.

Jake: Dad? Not so hard! You're squeezing me! You're hurting me! Stop! Stop! I can't breathe! I can't breathe! Dad!

Sam: Jason! Hey, hey, hey. It's okay. It's okay. You had a nightmare.

Elizabeth: Hmm.

Jake: What does it say?

Elizabeth: 110.

Jake: Is that...high?

Elizabeth: A little bit.

Jake: Guess I'll have to stay home then, huh?

[Doorbell rings]

Elizabeth: Looks that way.

Franco: Sorry to just drop by. Is it a bad time?

Elizabeth: Hi. Come in.

Jake: Hi. Franco.

Franco: Hey, Jake. Why are you not in school?

Elizabeth: 'Cause he has 110-degree fever. You need to go back upstairs and get into bed. And no TV, okay?

Jake: Okay.

Franco: Hmm. Upstairs, bed. There's an idea. Faking his fever, huh? I used to use a light bulb.

Elizabeth: Something's going on with him. He's been up all night, he's withdrawing, he doesn't want to go to school. I'm really concerned.

[Door opens]

Kiki: Whoa, whoa. Easy does it. Hey, uh, what do you -- what do you think you're doing, Samira?

Samira: Get dressed. I have to leave.

Kiki: You haven't been released. You have -- you have to be cleared.

Samira: Every minute I'm in here is every minute my daughter is in danger.

Kiki: You can't help Sidika if you're sick.

Samira: Don't you have someone you love? Who you would do anything to save?

Kiki: Brought you some clothes. Here. Get dressed.

Monica: Hi.

Laura: How's the patient?

Monica: Oh, uh, K. Conway collapsed due to stress, travel, and poor healthcare.

Laura: And is Ms. Conway doing any better now?

Monica: Oh, she'll be fully recovered when Tracy coughs up the painting.

Laura: Do you think that's a possibility?

Monica: I would like to think so. I'd like to think that Tracy would do the right thing. But then again, it's Tracy, so you don't know.

Tracy: I spent all last night reading your journal, Daddy. It was dry as dust. Restaurants you went to, museums you visited. I get it. I know. You were in hiding, so you didn't want anything traced back to you, but I don't know, maybe I was imagining it, but you seemed really lonely, like your life was pointless without your family around you. Is that why you had mother's picture in your journal? How many hours did you spend staring at her? Or am I kidding myself? While we were all here mourning you, were you frolicking with Samira's mother? Are you really that self-indulgent? And was all this -- the letter and the painting -- just a setup for the cruelest double-cross of all? If you did that, Daddy -- if you did that, you have broken my heart for the very last time.

Dillon: Mom? You talking to Grandfather's picture?

Sonny: So, any news on the lab results? You said that yesterday, André. How much longer?

[Doorbell rings]

Sonny: Well, can you make it sooner? Because those pills could be the missing link to what caused my son's death.

Diane: My meeting with DA Garcia went much better than expected. She's actually not going to charge you with aiding and abetting Julian in his escape attempt.

Alexis: Did she mention anything about Julian?

Diane: No. And we don't care. Right?

Alexis: Right.

Diane: Right.

Alexis: You have done more than I ever could have dreamed of. You know that, right?

Diane: Well -- oh, Carly. Honey, I am so sorry, but Sonny had retained my services before you even called.

Carly: I understand. Yeah, I, uh -- I thought it was a long shot.

Diane: Well, I still hope we can come to some sort of equitable agreement.

Carly: I got to find a lawyer first. Hey, what about you, Alexis? You want to represent me in my divorce from Sonny?

Kiki: So, what's your plan?

Samira: I'll go back. Maybe the brothers have a new idea.

Kiki: Going back? When?

Samira: As soon as possible. I know I am not welcome here.

Kiki: Maybe if you just give it a little more time?

Samira: I begged Tracy, but she won't part with the painting. I'm out of time. I only have one option.

Kiki: Which is?

Samira: I'll offer the kidnappers an exchange. If they let my daughter go, I'll take her place.

Tracy: You see anybody else here? No. So, yes, I was [Clears throat] talking to your grandfather.

Dillon: Fair enough. Did he say anything back?

Tracy: He did. He wanted to know when you're gonna give up photography and join the ranks at ELQ.

Dillon: Okay. Well, I'm out. Dropping by the hospital to check on Samira. So, carry on.

Tracy: I'm not crazy. I spent a lifetime sparring with your grandfather, so there's no reason to stop now.

Dillon: No, I get it. They say that a relationship doesn't end in death. So, do whatever -- talk, quarrel, seek solace in Grandfather's picture. When you're ready to talk to a living, breathing person, I'm your guy.

Tracy: You think I'm a bad person?

Dillon: No.

Tracy: Even if I don't... give up the painting?

Sonny: So, today's not your day to see Avery, so, uh, why are you here?

Ava: Well, I wanted to talk with you about this the other night, but it wasn't a good time because of Lucy. [Chuckles] Tell me, has she contacted you again to try and shake you and Carly down for a donation?

Sonny: Well, I spoke to her briefly, and, uh, I can't really speak for Carly.

Ava: Really?

Sonny: Yeah.

Ava: You know. Well, as you know, I do want to start talking about, uh, Avery's preschool options. And I-I'd like to do that now, if you have the time. And I'm sure that Carly has lots of experience, so is she -- is she here?

Diane: I shall leave the two of you to discuss. Carly, it's very good to see you, but I have to see another client.

Carly: Is Sonny that client?

Diane: I am very sorry for yours and Sonny's troubles, but I'm willing to bet that with the two of you, when the smoke clears, you will be able to put all of this behind you.

Carly: I wouldn't bet on that. Sonny's pushed me too far this time, and I have every intention of pushing back.

Diane: Duly noted. Talk to you later.

Alexis: Okay.

Franco: Something new happened with Jake?

Elizabeth: I spoke with Jason about the new addition to Jake's drawing.

Franco: Right. The little kid hiding from the scarecrow.

Elizabeth: And I told him that you thought Jake is afraid of him.

Franco: And Jason said I put Jake up to it.

Elizabeth: Surprisingly, no. But when we asked Jake outright, he -- he said he's not afraid of him.

Franco: He's covering. Little kids say things to please their parents.

Elizabeth: Okay, but listen. We showed him some old pictures, and we realized you're halfway right. Jake is afraid of the man Jason used to be.

Sam: How long were you on the couch?

Jason: Uh... I don't know. Uh, I-I got up to give Scout her bottle around 3:00, and I couldn't sleep, so I just stayed down here. I didn't want to wake you.

Sam: Well, I certainly appreciate a good night's sleep. Thank you. But, you, my love, look exhausted.

Jason: No, I'm okay. I'm okay.

Sam: You sure about that? Because when you came home last night, I could tell something was off, and I didn't ask. Then you went to bed, barely said a word, and you didn't eat. I didn't ask. But I'm asking you now. What's going on? Does it have anything to do with Jake?

Jason: Jake is afraid of me. Not -- not so much who I am now, but apparently, who I used to be.

Sonny: Why don't you tell me where you want, um, Avery's preschool to be, right, and then I'll let you know if I agree. If not, then you're gonna have to just find another alternative.

Diane: Sonny? Max sent me through.

Sonny: Uh, did we -- did we have a meeting?

Diane: No, no.

Sonny: Oh.

Diane: I just came to give you a heads-up. I was just at the Metro Court, and I saw Carly, and apparently, there is a storm a... brewing. I'm sorry. I didn't realize you had company.

Ava: Oh, don't mind me. What were you saying?

Sonny: Oh, we were -- I was -- we were just that you're -- you're -- you're leaving.

Ava: Okay, well...

Sonny: Yeah.

Ava: To be continued then.

Sonny: Yeah.

Ava: [Chuckles] [Clears throat]

Alexis: Carly, are you sure that you want to do this?

Carly: I'm sure that I have to end my marriage to Sonny. Yes. For many reasons, but right now, mainly because he just had Jax deported permanently.

Alexis: What?!

Carly: Yes.

Alexis: How?

Carly: Sonny has some very, um, sensitive information on Jax, and Sonny thinks he's punishing me, but he's really punishing Josslyn because now she can't see him unless she travels all the way to Australia.

Alexis: He can't come back? Ever?

Carly: Ever.

Alexis: Well, Jax is gonna fight this.

Carly: Yeah.

Alexis: Yeah. So, what does Sonny have -- never mind. I don't want to know.

Carly: You don't want to know. You do not want to know. But the point is, Sonny doesn't care who he hurts. And I'm done. This time, I'm done.

Alexis: Well, I knew things had gotten rough after Morgan. I-I just didn't know that they had gotten this bad. I've been a little out of the loop. I was busy on my downward spiral. But Kristina talks to me, and she told me. I'm sorry. Essentially, I'm sorry.

Carly: Well, it sounds like we've both been through hell. But we're survivors, and we're gonna get past this, okay? I just want to move on with my life, and I would really like for you to represent me.

Alexis: Well, I can't 'cause I don't have a license, which is what Diane and I were just talking about. She's trying to get it reinstated.

Carly: Well, can't I be your first client?

Alexis: Well, Carly, it's gonna take months. Can you wait that long?

Carly: I can, but Sonny won't. Okay, I really need a great attorney. I need someone who can go head-to-head with Diane. And Sonny.

Alexis: Here's who you need to see. Say that I sent you.

Kiki: I have never been in your situation before, but I have made some mistakes, and I've taken some risks that were probably really stupid and of my own making. But what I've learned from my experience is that you do not act out of fear.

Samira: I don't care! I have to try something!

Kiki: No. Okay, give the Quartermaines another chance. I know. They're difficult people, especially Tracy. But they have really good hearts, and they have money, and they have influence, and they have the painting, so that just automatically makes them the best bet at saving your daughter.

Samira: Why do you believe in them?

Kiki: Dillon. Because if he's on your side, you are gonna be okay.

Laura: So no one else knows she's here?

Monica: No. Just the people that admitted her. Oh, and, uh, Tracy's offered to cover all the medical expenses. Isn't that generous?

Laura: You're not very happy with Tracy, are you?

Monica: Oh, Laura, every time I think maybe she's evolved, she's come around, she does something completely selfish and insensitive like she always does.

Laura: I think you're being just a little bit unfair. I do think she's changed. Really. Since her father died, I see a change. I think she's grown, and I think you must've seen it, too.

Monica: Well, this is the big test, isn't it? So far, she's failing.

Laura: She's confused, though. I have faith that she will do the right thing in the end.

Monica: [Sighs]

Laura: And there's still time.

Monica: Oh, Laura, I have known Tracy a hell of a lot longer than you have. And all I can say to you is, don't hold your breath. [Sighs]

Dillon: You already know how I feel about letting Samira have this painting. Just like I know how much this painting means to you.

Tracy: Do you really?

Dillon: I just walked in on you mulling it over with Grandfather, so yeah. But the problem is, Grandfather wasn't here for you when he was alive, so what makes you think that he is gonna be there for you in death?

Tracy: Here it comes. Another, uh, episode of let's bash Edward Quartermaine. Your grandfather was a very complicated man, but he loved his family -- in his way.

Dillon: I can't argue that. But, you know what, Mom? I am breaking with Quartermaine tradition, starting right now. Grandfather, your way of loving sucks. Here's how it's done. Mom, I love you, and I will always love you, even if you disappoint me.

Tracy: And will I disappoint you if I don't give up the painting?

Dillon: Yeah, actually. But I'll get over it. I'm not gonna denounce you or banish you from my life. You're my mom. I'm your son. So, you're stuck with me. We're Quartermaines. We're not the nicest people. We snark and we bicker for fun and enjoyment. [Chuckles] We're basically incapable of expressing our emotions. But that doesn't mean we can't feel love and loyalty. So, as long as we stick together, we will be okay.

Tracy: That's what family does.

Dillon: There's not many of us left, so we can't afford to cast anybody aside. Not even you. Especially not you. Love you, Mom.

Tracy: Did you hear that, Daddy? Dillon accepts me. He won't kick me to the curb if I don't give up the painting. It's so nice to have support for once.

Laura: Too bad Samira can't say the same.

Tracy: Oh, my God. I'm gonna have to fire whoever keeps letting people sneak in.

Laura: Tracy, you know as well as I do that without that painting, Samira is going to lose her daughter.

Tracy: I know no such thing. Have you spoken to Robert Scorpio?

Laura: Yes, I did. There's a lot of unrest in Turkey, human trafficking is on the rise, there are people in desperate need all around the Mediterranean, and most of them are refugees.

Tracy: Not my problem.

Laura: Okay. Well, if Samira turns out to be your sister, will it be your problem then?

Kiki: Dr. Quartermaine.

Monica: Oh, Kiki, I meant to tell you, I've heard very good things about your work in the nurse's aide course.

Kiki: Thank you. That means a lot.

Monica: Welcome.

Kiki: Um, oh, I wanted to tell you, uh, Samira's getting really restless.

Monica: [Chuckles] Well, who could blame her? Waiting for Tracy to show an iota of compassion could put anybody's teeth on edge.

Torosyan: Dr. Quartermaine. Oh. I'm Agent Torosyan.

Monica: Yes. Yes, I remember you.

Torosyan: Good. May I have a word, please?

Monica: You know, you really caught me at a very bad time, so would you please call my office and set up an appointment?

Torosyan: I'm actually here on official business that requires your compliance. Now, we could either discuss the matter here, or you can come with me to the detention center.

Kiki: Hey, okay. Wait a second, pal. Do you have any paperwork to back up all this officiousness?

Torosyan: And you are?

Monica: Uh, this is Nurse Jerome. This gentleman is with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He is here investigating the whereabouts of an enemy of the state.

Torosyan: Correction. I'm investigating someone who has violated the terms of her emergency visa and should not be here.

Monica: Oh, well then, I stand corrected. So, while I have this official conversation with this gentleman, would, uh, you take this file and give the patient an update on their status? I've already signed the release papers.

Kiki: Gotcha. Um, are you sure that I shouldn't contact the hospital's legal counsel?

Monica: No, that won't be necessary. Your efforts are better suited tending to the patient. That's all. Okay, so, now that you have my mandated undivided attention, what is it that you want?

Torosyan: You can start by telling me why you lied to me.

Kiki: We have to get you out of here, stat.

Elizabeth: When Jake saw the picture of Jason before the accident, I could tell that he was afraid. He didn't say the words, but he -- he was uncomfortable and he -- he shut down.

Franco: That doesn't make any sense. Jason had an accident, and he's got a different face. Jake's a smart kid. He knows that Jason's the same person.

Elizabeth: Well, okay, maybe he understands that conceptually, but if -- if Jake saw Jason on Cassadine Island with a different face --

Franco: Hold on a second. "If Jason..." he doesn't remember being on Cassadine Island?

Elizabeth: He doesn't have the conscious memory of being there. He's pretty sure he was, and that Helena was controlling him.

Franco: Okay. Well, this is good. Hey, no, this is good. We have a good starting point.

Elizabeth: Starting point for what?

Franco: Okay, we -- we know that Jake was with Helena on Cassadine Island. We know that Jason may have been, we know that Jason had a different face, and we know that Jake is afraid of that face. It's time, I think, to start considering the possibility that Jake was traumatized by something he saw or something that he associates with that other Jason.

Jason: The moment Jake saw that picture of what I used to look like, he, uh... his whole demeanor changed. He... he withdrew. He wouldn't look me in the eyes. And then my son just shrunk away from me in fear.

Sam: But did he say that he was actually afraid of you?

Jason: No, he didn't have to. His behavior said it all. Elizabeth and I had to drop it just to keep from upsetting him.

Sam: Well, Jake is a child, and he's had a lot of trauma in his life. A lot of trauma that's resulted in a lot of challenges for him. And until he's seen by a doctor and a doctor's able to unlock those memories, then nobody's gonna know what happened to him while he was with Helena, let alone if it's connected to you.

Jason: What if I hurt him?

Sam: What if you didn't? This all comes back to the woman who took him. It all comes back to Helena.

Jason: And if it doesn't?

[Baby crying]

Sam: Our baby's up.

Monica: I let you interrupt my very busy day so you could insult me? Good day, sir.

Torosyan: Not until we clear this up.

[Door opens]

Kiki: Hey!

Torosyan: Now, when I first questioned you regarding Samira Adin at your house, you said you didn't know her.

Monica: Uh, no, no, no. What I said was, the woman you were looking for would not be found in my house.

Torosyan: We're playing games with semantics here, Dr. Quartermaine. Your statement was false.

Monica: Okay, as I said, I'm a very busy woman. So, you either produce evidence to the contrary or be on your way.

Torosyan: Okay. Will that suffice?

Kiki: I am glad to see you.

Dillon: Likewise. What's going on?

Kiki: There's an ICE agent out there interrogating Monica. We have to get Samira out of here right now. Can we take her back to your family's house?

Dillon: I mean, yeah, but I don't think she'll be any safer there.

Tracy: That painting is worth a fortune. I find it awfully convenient that Samira dropped out of the sky and needs the painting so desperately.

Laura: You have managed to turn that painting into some sort of a physical manifestation of your relationship with your father.

Tracy: I am sick to death of you presuming to know anything about my relationship with my father!

Laura: I was there when you read the letter from him.

Tracy: Then maybe you know how much it meant to me to finally have his love and his forgiveness. I admired my father. And what if there was nothing to admire? What if he wasn't the man I thought he was?

Elizabeth: Let's take a step back. We've got Jake's drawing, but we're making assumptions about things he's never said. We're reading a lot in between the lines, and we're coming to a very devastating conclusion.

Franco: Yes, drawing a very condemning picture of Jason, yes.

Elizabeth: Jason and I disagree on a lot of things, but one thing I know for sure, he could never hurt a child.

Franco: Well, no, not willingly or consciously. Probably not. But isn't that the whole point of what happened to him on Cassadine Island, is that he wasn't aware of his own actions? I mean, that's why he was never charged for trying to blow up the Haunted Star, right? He was not acting of his own free will. Maybe the same thing applies to whatever Jason may or may not have done to Jake on Cassadine Island.

Elizabeth: I'm not convinced that Jason did anything to Jake, and I don't want to jump to that conclusion. Scapegoating Jason does not help Jake.

Jake: Help me what?

Sam: Jason?

Jason: Why would Jake be afraid of who I was unless I hurt him?

Sam: Don't do this. You're playing right into Helena's hands.

Jason: I lost two years of my life. Two years where I did anything she ordered, under her complete control. What if Jake saw some of that?

Sam: Listen, I think Helena's attempt to control our lives just lives on. You know that. You were at the will reading. She wanted to create chaos, and she succeeded. She was a master manipulator.

Jason: She had my son. I want to know what she did to my boy.

Sam: I know you feel helpless, right? And you probably feel like this is your fault. But we can't do anything to change what happened to Jake. All we can do is help him move forward. He's a kid. He's resilient. He can heal.

Jason: Heal from what? I want to know what she did to him.

Alexis: All right, I just called the office and they're expecting your call.

Carly: I appreciate that. Thank you very --

Ava: Oh! Alexis, Carly. Hi, ladies.

Alexis: That's my cue. Keep me posted.

Ava: Hey, you know, you might have called me to tell me that my brother's alive. Do you have any idea what the DA's planning to do?

Alexis: No. And that's never a conversation that I'm gonna have with you. Good luck.

Ava: Well, so much for standing by your man, eh? You, on the other hand, you are to commended. Do you think it's too early for a glass of champagne? Toast your divorce?

Diane: Max should have told me that Ava was here.

Sonny: She was gonna find out sooner or later. What -- what was this that you said about Carly?

Diane: I have every reason to believe that Carly is going to make your divorce as miserable as possible.

Sonny: She's punishing me because of what I did to Jax.

Diane: Okay, would that be having him arrested, having him deported? Both? I wish you hadn't taken either of those actions, Sonny, without consulting me first. I would have strongly advised against it.

Sonny: I did what I did to Jax because he screwed my wife.

Diane: I get it. I get it.

Sonny: Right?

Diane: Yes. I get it. However, you might not want to hear this, but you have to remember that Jax is Josslyn's father. You had to know Carly was going to retaliate.

Sonny: She cheated on me, not the other way around, so I have grounds for divorce. She can leave with what she brought to the marriage, nothing else.

Diane: Don't be so sure.

Laura: I think you knew your father better than anyone. Except maybe Lila.

Tracy: And what if the man that I looked up to, twisted myself into knots trying to please, was running around on my mother? What if Samira really is his daughter? That means the time and energy I wasted on him wasn't worth it. Either Edward Quartermaine is a good but flawed man who I believed in... or he was a callous bastard. And this painting -- either it was a declaration of his love for me, or it's the only thing of value I ever got from him. And either way, I'm not giving it up.

Dillon: I don't know. She's pretty set.

Samira: I don't want to make any more trouble for this family.

Kiki: No. No. What part of "Samira is gonna be detained" isn't clear? We can just get her away from the hospital right now. We can worry about where we're taking her later.

Dillon: Okay. What can I do to help?

Kiki: Go get some scrubs and a wheelchair, and while you're at it, get something to cover Samira's face because it's not a far distance between here and the elevator, but the coast might be clear, it might not. We just have to pray that we don't get caught.

Dillon: Okay. [Sighs]

Monica: How did you get that photo? Were you spying in my house?

Torosyan: A concerned party alerted our office as to Ms. Adin's presence.

Monica: [Sighs] Larry Ashton.

Torosyan: Look... I don't appreciate being lied to, but I'm willing to overlook it. Just tell me where Ms. Adin is hiding.

Monica: Or...?

Torosyan: Or I'll have no choice but to arrest you and charge you with harboring an undocumented alien. What's it gonna be, Dr. Quartermaine?

Sam: We can't rely on speculation. Let André do his job, please.

Jason: Look, all due respect to André, but he doesn't know what Helena's capable of. He might inadvertently make things worse.

Sam: Well, he is a professional, and he came highly recommended from Kevin. And if you and Elizabeth go asking Jake a bunch of questions that you don't know how to answer, it might trigger something.

Jason: You know, there's another way that might not involve Jake.

Sam: What's that?

Jason: The book that Helena gave him -- maybe the answers are in there.

Elizabeth: What are you doing out of bed? Franco and I were just talking about what we could do to make you feel better.

Jake: Pancakes might help.

Franco: Or grapefruit -- Vitamin C.

Jake: Gross!

Elizabeth: Are you sure you can manage pancakes with a 110-degree fever?

Jake: I can handle it.

Elizabeth: Yeah. I bet you can. Take it easy, okay?

Franco: Huh. Made yourself a hot cup of tea there, didn't you, Mr. 110-degrees?

Jake: Yeah. Do you want to color?

Franco: Do I want to color? That's like asking a kid if he wants pancakes.

Jake: Great. I got some new crayons.

Franco: You did?

Jake: See that color? It's called sky blue.

Franco: You've been adding to the history, huh? What does 0705 mean to you?

Jake: Tell Mom I don't feel so good. I'm gonna go back to my room.

Monica: I'm sorry you've wasted our time this morning. I do not know the woman in this photo.

Torosyan: Dr. Quartermaine, I will find the woman in that photo with or without your help.

Monica: Uh, why don't we continue this conversation in my office? If you'll come this way.

Torosyan: Why don't you do the right thing and just simply tell me where she is?

Monica: Well, you see, the right thing to you seems really wrong to me. And I'm tired of this witch hunt.

[Elevator dings]

Ned: Dillon, Kiki. Um, where are you taking Samira?

Dillon: Shh! We'll explain later.

Ned: Relax. I've got this handled.

Dillon: No, I don't think you do.

Monica: I told you, I don't know anything, I don't know the woman in the photograph. This, obviously, has been Photoshopped.

Torosyan: Then your lawyer will be free to argue that in court.

Monica: Well, then, perhaps I will just call her.

Torosyan: You leave me no choice. Dr. Monica Quartermaine, you're under arrest.

Ned: That won't be necessary.

Torosyan: And you are...?

Ned: Ned Ashton. Dr. Quartermaine's nephew. By marriage. Which isn't relevant. What is relevant is Samira Adin is right there.

Dillon: Damn it, Ned!

Monica: Do you know what you've just done?!

Ned: As a matter of fact, I do.

Tracy: So, if your attempts to guilt me into handing over the painting are done...

Laura: The painting is just a painting. And, by the way, if Edward strayed, it doesn't mean that he didn't love Lila.

Tracy: Thank you. That's easy enough for you to say.

Laura: She always took him back, right?

Tracy: Maybe he wasn't worth it. Maybe he didn't deserve her.

Laura: Well, she thought he did. She loved Edward. Edward made her happy. [Sighs] Look... what I know and what I saw when they were together is that they were a really good balance. When he got unfair, she was his saving grace. And, uh, when she was too timid, he was there to, you know, defend her. You really have the best of both of your parents. You know that? You do, honestly. If you want to honor them, all you have to do is just follow in their footsteps. You can do it. You can be fearless and compassionate and generous. That's a legacy to be really proud of.

Tracy: [Sighs]

Ava: Now that you and Sonny are divorcing, I just want to make it perfectly clear that you are out of my daughter's life.

Carly: What gives you that idea?

Ava: Well, the only claim you had on Avery was your marriage. No marriage, no baby Avery.

Carly: Sonny and I have irreconcilable differences on many levels. But Avery is not one of them. I love her, and Sonny loves her, and we both want what's best for Avery. So, I don't plan on being absent from her life. Push me and you will be.

Diane: These are the transfers you signed last year when you were preparing to confess to Morgan's death. You endowed a foundation in Morgan's name. You set up trusts for your surviving children. And the remainder of your assets... you signed over to Carly.

Sonny: How -- I was protecting my interests just in case I got convicted. But I didn't.

Diane: Yes, but there was no provision regarding the outcome of your case. Did you have a lawyer transfer everything back to you?

Sonny: No.

Diane: No. So everything still remains in Carly's name until and unless she decides to hand them back over to you.

Sonny: She's not gonna steal from me 'cause I'm -- I'll talk to her.

Diane: Okay, fine. You talk to her -- carefully. 'Cause, don't forget, Carly holds all the cards. Without your legitimate holdings, you may have to fall back on your offshore assets. In fact, to avoid federal difficulties, you may have to live outside the country.

Sonny: Like Jax.

Carly: Hi. Um, I -- I got your card from a mutual acquaintance -- Alexis Davis. She suggested I contact you. Yeah. Um, I'm divorcing my husband, and I want everything.

Jason: Hi.

Elizabeth: Hi. Come in.

Jason: Thank you. Jake's not here, is he?

Elizabeth: Actually, he stayed home from school today. He's up in his room. Why?

Jason: Of course, Franco is. Anyway, I-I need to take another look at Helena's book.

Elizabeth: Why? What's going on?

Jason: She liked riddles and puzzles. She must have put something in that book that has something to do with Jake, something that's just not obvious.

Elizabeth: Okay, um, I think there's something you need to see first. Does 0705 mean anything to you?

Alexis: Hi.

Sam: Thank you so much for coming. Hi.

Alexis: So, what's -- what's going on? Is this something about Jake?

Sam: Um, this is actually Helena-related. Jason is chasing one angle. I'm on another. And I think I have to go to Cassadine Island.

Alexis: [Stammers] No. You are not going back to that God-forsaken island.

Elizabeth: Could it be a code?

Jason: Could be a date.

Franco: Yeah, we thought of that, but I don't recognize its significance. Does July 5th mean anything to you?

Jason: You're looking at it the wrong way. We're thinking like Americans, not Europeans or Greeks. First the day then the month.

Franco: Okay, May 7th. Does that date have any significance?

Elizabeth: It's Jake's birthday.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Tracy: You all should have appreciated me more when you had the chance. You're all gonna have to muddle through without me. I am off to the land of sun and fun. I'm the last one standing.

[AJ's headstone falls on Tracy's head, knocking her out.]

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