GH Transcript Friday 4/21/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/21/17


Episode #13790 ~ Elizabeth & Jason show a united front with Jake; Sonny causes trouble for Jax by having him deported; Ava decides to help Julian with his legal problems.

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Sam: Dante.

Dante: Hey.

Sam: Hey, come in.

Dante: Thanks. I didn't expect to see you here.

Sam: Well, it was a crazy night, but you probably already know about that.

Dante: Yeah, yeah, I knew. Listen, is your mom around? I wanted to ask her a few follow-up questions. The sooner we get her statement, the sooner we can lock Julian up for good.

Julian: You don't happen to have a cell phone on you, do you? Seems the, uh, PCPD forgot to give me my phone call.

Ava: Inconsiderate of them.

Julian: So, are we gonna keep making conversation, or are we gonna celebrate? Big brother's alive. The sooner you get me out of here, the better.

Ava: You think that I'm getting you out of here?

Julian: Aren't you?

Ava: The last time I was stuck in this miserable place, big brother, you refused to help me. So why don't you give me one good reason... why I shouldn't return the favor?

Elizabeth: Jake, what does this all mean? Are you this little boy? Why are you hiding? Is Franco right? Are you really afraid of your father?

Jason: Happy birthday, Sonny. I hope this year is better than the last.

Sonny: Couldn't get any worse.

Jason: Well, I hope that, uh, you and Carly can find some peace.

Sonny: Well, the sooner Jax is gone, I mean... we could work on that.

Jason: Sonny, what makes you think Jax is leaving?

Jax: Can I help you?

Officer Torosyan: Officer Torosyan, ICE. I need you to come with me immediately.

Jax: I don't understand. Is there some kind of problem?

Officer Torosyan: Your visa's been revoked. You're no longer welcome in this country.

Carly: Can you wait outside so Jax and I can discuss this, please?

Officer Torosyan: We're past that. I have a visual ID on Mr. Jax. I don't need a warrant to enter your home.

Jax: What seems to be the problem, exactly?

Officer Torosyan: My department has been notified that you were arrested for a crime of moral turpitude. That's immediate grounds for termination of any visa.

Carly: Jax hasn't been convicted of any crime.

Officer Torosyan: Mr. Jax is alleged to be involved in organ trafficking. That allegation is sufficient for us to start the proceedings of his deportation.

Carly: [Sighs]

Officer Torosyan: Now, as I said, you need to come with me now.

Jax: Understood. Will I be allowed to contact my attorney, or does Carly have to do it for me?

Officer Torosyan: You can contact your attorney directly.

Jax: Thank you.

Carly: Jax --

Jax: No, no, no, no. Don't worry. I'll have my attorney look into this, and I'm sure we'll clear it up, okay?

[Door closes]

Carly: You're not gonna be able to clear this up. But I will.

Sonny: You know Jax. He has a limited attention span. He'll be gone before you know.

Jason: Yeah. You did something, didn't you? And I probably don't want to know.

[Cell phone ringing]

Sonny: Probably not.

Jason: Probably not. Hi, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Hey, are you in the middle of something? I need to see you.

Jason: Something else happen with Jake?

Elizabeth: It'd be better if I could explain it in person.

Jason: Okay. I'm coming over. Uh, something's going on with Jake. Elizabeth told me to stop by.

Sonny: Go see your kid. That -- that comes first.

Jason: Yeah. Thanks for understanding.

Sonny: Thanks for...

Jason: Yeah.

Sonny: ...Celebrating me.

Jason: [Chuckles] Look, uh, I know it's none of my business. You want some advice?

Sonny: Yeah. Always.

Jason: Be careful how you play this thing with Carly. You've already pissed her off. Don't do something you can't take back. Happy birthday.

Julian: You're worrying about who owes who what? I've been underground for weeks after barely escaping our demented sister.

Ava: Yes, I know. I was certain that she killed you... and mourned your loss, wished I'd spent more time with you... longed for our relationship the way it was on our best days.

Julian: So, what happened?

Ava: I found out you were alive. That's what happened, and I remembered how angry I am with you! Do you have any idea what you put me through?! When Sonny heard you call Olivia his sister, he thought you were talking about me, and he came after me, Julian!

Julian: Yeah, I'm sorry --

Ava: And he would have killed me!

Julian: I'm sorry that had to happen.

Ava: I survived only because Jason had Dante arrest me, which brings me back to the fact that I was in a jail cell for weeks while the only person who knew the truth -- my big brother -- did absolutely nothing to stop it.

Julian: Don't you think I wanted to?

Ava: Didn't seem like it, no.

Julian: Well, Olivia was threatening my family. What would you have done if you were in my place -- you tell me, huh? -- If someone, anyone was threatening Kiki? Don't tell me you wouldn't have done everything possible to protect your daughter.

Ava: Well, you're right about that. A Jerome does whatever they have to do to protect their own.

Julian: Exactly. So, does that mean you're gonna help me get out of here?

Ava: Consider it handled.

[Door opens]

Scott: Hi, Ava. I got here as soon as I got your message.

Julian: Baldwin?

Ava: [Sighs]

Scott: Well, it's nice to see you back among the living.

Julian: This is your master plan?

Scott: Hey, hey, I don't got to hang around here and get insulted. I'll take the afternoon off and go to the track.

Julian: No, you might as well stick around. At least here, you'll make some money.

Scott: Oh, how soon you forget. You were facing the trifecta of felonies. And who got you acquitted? I did that. I did that! And I'm willing to go two for the money.

Dante: It's best to get statements as close to the events as possible.

Sam: No, I understand. But my mom was a little shaken up, as you can imagine.

Dante: Mm.

Sam: That's why... I spent the night. She's been sleeping most of the afternoon.

Dante: Sure. I -- you know, this won't take long. I promise. Just need to get documentation on the kidnapping charges. When the police showed up at the motel, Julian confessed to holding your mom hostage.

Sam: Okay. Well, if he confessed, why do you need a statement from my mom?

Dante: I just need to lock the case down. Your mother can confirm this, we can nail Julian to the wall for good.

Alexis: [Breathing heavily]

Sam: I'll explain the situation to my mom, and I'll get her down to the station as soon as I can.

Dante: Sure. All right. That'd be great.

Sam: Okay.

Dante: Hope your mother feels better.

Sam: Thank you so much. Be safe out there. [Sighs] He's gone.

Alexis: Thanks for the save.

Sam: Oh, I didn't think you were up for Dante's questions right now.

Alexis: Yeah, you know, I'm -- I'm not ready to give official statements this early in the morning.

Sam: It's afternoon.

Alexis: Whatever.

Sam: Okay, so, you -- you might not have been up for Dante's questions, but... doesn't let you off the hook for mine. What really happened with you and Julian last night?

Jason: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi. Come in.

Jason: Where's Jake?

Elizabeth: He's still at school. I thought maybe we could talk before he gets home.

Jason: Okay. Is this about his therapy?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Kind of. [Sighs] Jake has been talking to Franco about his sessions with Dr. Maddox.

Jason: Franco? I thought we discussed this.

Elizabeth: [Scoffs] I know. We did --

Jason: I don't want Franco involved in any of this.

Elizabeth: We -- I know. I know. I didn't mean for this to happen. I-I just found out about it myself. But look. I want to show you this. Jake left this at Franco's studio the other night.

Jason: [Sighs] Okay. [Clears throat] What am I looking at here? Is this boy supposed to be Jake?

Elizabeth: Franco seems to think so.

Jason: Clearly, he's hiding from the scarecrow.

Elizabeth: Well, we don't really know that for sure. But when Franco asked him about it, Jake insisted he didn't want his parents to know any more about the scarecrow. Now, he knows that I've already seen it... which means the parent he's afraid of... is you.

Alexis: You found me with Julian. You saw exactly what happened.

Sam: Uh, no. I heard what happened. More to the point, I heard it from Julian.

Alexis: So, you think his confession is a lie?

Sam: [Laughs] Well, while I-I don't have a problem believing that Julian would kidnap you, I-I find it hard to believe that he would take you to a motel room.

Alexis: Well, where else is he gonna go? He can't come here.

Sam: Yeah, you're right. He can't, can he? [Inhales sharply] I don't know, Mom. I just -- I'm having a hard time believing that he would hold you up in a motel room. So why don't you just tell me the truth? He didn't kidnap you, did he?

[Door opens]

Kristina: Hey!

Molly: Hi. Mom, oh, my gosh, I'm so glad you're okay.

Alexis: I'm okay. What happened to your arm?!

Kristina: Walking and texting.

Alexis: What?

Molly: Sorry.

Kristina: We came over last night as soon as we heard what Julian did and to tell you about Molly.

Alexis: Oh.

Kristina: But somebody wouldn't let us see you.

Sam: Oh, well, that -- it's -- somebody was asleep.

Molly: Well, we could have tiptoed into her bedroom.

Alexis: You know, I'm in one piece, but you aren't. I'm worried.

Molly: Well, you're the one who went through a trauma with Julian, okay? And since 90% of all communication is nonverbal, Kristina and I thought it would just be better if we could come see you ourselves.

Kristina: We didn't want you to have a drink.

Molly: Kristina!

Kristina: What? That's why we're here, isn't it?

Molly: I was trying to say it in a more subtle way.

Kristina: You were taking too long, and the food's getting cold. We brought brunch from Kelly's.

Molly: We thought waffles would be good comfort food.

Alexis: For both of us.

Molly: [Chuckles]

Alexis: And you figured right.

Kristina: And we put all the best comic-book series at the top of our queues.

Molly: Completely mindless entertainment that takes absolutely zero brain cells to watch so that we can talk.

Kristina: Or not talk.

Molly: You know, whatever you want. It's all about the Davis women today.

[Baby cooing]

Alexis: Well --

Molly: All of them, huh?

Alexis: All right, well, I couldn't love anything more. It's my favorite kind of day.

Kristina: Well, what are we waiting for? I'm starving.

Molly: Oh, and, Sam, don't worry. The movies are going to be a good influence on Scout. We made sure to pick the movies with themes of female empowerment.

Sam: Oh, that's good. We could all use a little bit of that right now.

Alexis: Yeah. So, I'm gonna go grab a waffle before --

Sam: Well, no, no, hold on. I am not done with this conversation.

Alexis: Well, we have plenty of time for that later. I got to go help your sister eat. She's only got one arm.

Scott: All right, now, enough of this chitchat. If I'm gonna mount a defense, we haven't got a minute to waste, so, uh, you're gonna have to go. You're not covered under client/lawyer privilege.

Ava: Oh, okay. Say no more. I'm sure that my brother will be happy to reimburse me after he's free and clear of all the charges.

Julian: You have a lot of faith.

Ava: In Scotty's abilities or your finances?


Ava: What can I say? You're my brother. And despite your recent disloyalty... I love you. I'm glad you're alive.

Julian: Careful now. Somebody might think that you actually like me.

Scott: Don't worry. I'll keep it under my hat.

Sonny: Hey, Carly. You didn't -- you didn't have to come here and wish me happy birthday.

Carly: I don't want you to lie to me. You called Customs and Immigration on Jax. You're trying to have him deported.

Elizabeth: I know you have no reason to believe Franco, but...

Jason: I just want to know what's going on here.

Elizabeth: [Sighs] Jake and I ran into him at the hospital. Jake went into his therapy session, and Franco showed me a picture of this drawing.

Jason: And he said my son's afraid of me?

Elizabeth: Yes. And when Jake figured out that Franco had shown me this picture, he had a total meltdown. He -- he took off. We couldn't find him. It was crazy. And then when Franco finally caught up to him, he kept insisting that he didn't want his parents to know any more about the scarecrow.

Jason: But he didn't mean both his parents. He just meant me. Jake's afraid that -- Jake doesn't want me to see the scarecrow.

Jake: Dad?

Molly: [Laughing] I love this movie.

Sam: That's just because you haven't seen the sequel.

Molly: Yes, I have! Forgive me if I prefer an origin story to two hours of blowing everything in the world up.

Kristina: That's the whole point. The origin story is just the setup so you can get to the good stuff.

Molly: Okay, fine! There is only one way that we're gonna settle this -- we have to watch both.

Kristina: Sounds good to me. Let's let Mom be the deciding vote.

Alexis: What? What are we voting on?

Molly: Whether story is more important than special effects.

Alexis: Mm.

Kristina: [Sighs] We're not moving from the couch for the next four hours -- unless you have somewhere you need to be.

Alexis: Nowhere comes to mind.

Sam: You know what? Actually, Mom has to go to the police station and make a statement, so... [turns TV off]

Kristina: What for? Didn't Julian confess?

Alexis: Yeah, he did. He just -- Dante wants to ask me some questions. Some forms I think I need to fill out.

Molly: Well, that's probably good, right? I mean, if they do everything by the book, they can make sure Julian never gets away with anything like this again.

Alexis: Right. Good point.

Kristina: So, they have to make Mom relive her whole trauma all over again? I mean, how many times has Julian put her through agony? And Dante's going to do more of the same.

Alexis: I -- I don't think that was Dante's intention. I think he's just doing his job.

Kristina: Everyone knows what Julian did to you, Mom. And it wasn't just kidnapping you. He set you up for murder, and then he tried to kill you. It didn't matter that he was married to you or that he claimed to love you. He tried to slit your throat because Julian's willing to do whatever it takes to save his own ass. He's a selfish bastard, and if you ask me, a firing squad is too good for him.

Alexis: Okay, okay, I get it. We all get it.

Ava: Detective.... pleasure, as always.

Dante: Here to see your brother, I assume?

Ava: Oh, yes, yes. It's wonderful, isn't it, his return to the land of the living?

Dante: Ah, the miracle we've all been hoping for.

Ava: Mm.

Dante: I got some more good news for you, too.

Ava: Don't keep me in suspense.

Dante: The evidence from the robbery at The Floating Rib has been released today. So, you can get your charm bracelet back.

Ava: That is wonderful. I've missed that.

Dante: Mm. I'll get, uh, Morgan's pills back to Sonny. Man, I still can't figure out how... these made it to the floating rib six months after he died.

Ava: [Stammers] One of life's great mysteries.

Dante: Ah, well, I don't think that's gonna be good enough for Sonny. We both know he's not gonna rest until he finds out the truth.

Carly: When did you become such a hypocrite, Sonny?!

Sonny: You know what? I use whatever leverage I can use. Unfortunately, Jax broke the law when he paid Frank for that kidney. So he can be deported.

Carly: Great. I get it. For you, this is all about payback. So, you hurt me and you hurt Jax. Did you stop for one second to think what this was gonna do to Josslyn? In the past year, she's lost Morgan and her grandmother. Now Jax was arrested, and he's gonna be deported, Sonny.

Sonny: It's not like they're gonna hold him at some detention center, Carly. They're gonna escort him on his beautiful plane, right? He's gonna take off and go to Australia, and Josslyn can visit him anytime she wants.

Carly: This is my kid's father, Sonny! Okay, fine. This is how you want to play it, fine, but if Jax has to suffer the consequences, so do you. And believe me -- there will be consequences.

Sonny: What is that supposed to mean, Carly?

Sam: Hey there.

[Baby cooing]

Sam: Did they startle you?

Alexis: I'm sorry. Did I wake her?

Sam: Oh, it's okay, right? She's got to get used to it sometime.

Molly: Scout is resilient.

Sam: She is.

Molly: But, Mom, you're the one that I'm worried about.

Alexis: Honey, I'm -- I'm fine. I just -- it's hard for me to hear any more lectures about this because the situation -- there's just more to it than you know.

Kristina: You mean a situation where you're in a relationship with someone who hurts you mentally and physically? I actually know a lot about that.

Alexis: I know you do. I'm sorry. I really am, honey. I-I'm just -- I'm -- I'm confused.

Molly: Mom, there's nothing to be confused about. Unless you're actually defending Julian again.

Alexis: [Stammers] No, it -- it's not that simple.

Molly: I don't know. It seems pretty simple to me. Julian put a lot of the people you care about in danger. Sam could have died because of what he did. So could Scout.

Alexis: I am very well-aware of all the danger that he put all of us into. It's -- it's just -- his motives are complex, is all I can say.

Molly: Not really. Honestly, Kristina is right. Julian doesn't care about anybody but himself.

Alexis: I know. You're right. I'm not defending him. I just -- I think that I'm more tired than I think.

Molly: Yeah. You had a really hard night.

Alexis: Yeah, and I was hoping that all this would be over.

Kristina: Well, isn't it?

Sam: You know what? Mom needs a breather before she goes to the station to give her statement, so...

Molly: Yeah. Yeah, that's a good idea.

Alexis: Y-- okay.

Molly: Good luck.

Alexis: All right, so --

Molly: I'll check in later, okay?

Alexis: All right, honey. You take good care of your arm, okay?

Molly: Okay. Take good care of yourself, all right?

Alexis: I will. You be careful. And I love you.

Kristina: I love you, too.

Alexis: And thank you for the waffles.

Kristina: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: Okay.

Molly: I love you.

Alexis: Bye.

[Door closes]

Alexis: Well, I shouldn't have said that.

Sam: I think Kristina understands.

Alexis: No, she doesn't, and I don't know that I do, you know? Why would I say that to her after everything she went through with Kiefer? [Stammers] I should never have done that.

Sam: Do you think you shouldn't have done that because of Kristina or... because of Julian? Because you know what, Mom? It's probably easier to just come out and tell the truth, so...why don't you just tell me the truth? He didn't hold you hostage last night, did he?

Alexis: No.

Scott: So, the cops show up to the hotel room, and the first thing you do is admit that you kidnapped Alexis?

Julian: Well, she was standing right there. What else was I supposed to do?

Scott: Oh, well, you were supposed to just dummy up. You know that expression, "Anything you say can and will be used against you"?

Julian: Yeah, I've heard the term.

Scott: Yeah, well, they usually mean it.

Julian: Doesn't matter anyway. All the police have to do is question Alexis, and they'll find out the truth.

Scott: So, it's your word against hers. You know, she has got so many skeletons in her closet. All I have to do is pick one to discredit her.

Julian: Let me make one thing abundantly clear. You can mount any defense you want, use any means necessary to get me acquitted, except anything that pertains to Alexis.

Scott: You got to be kidding me.

Julian: I'm not kidding you. I have hurt Alexis enough, and I promised her I would allow her to move on with her life.

Scott: Because it's worked so well for you before.

Julian: After you clear me of these charges... I'm leaving Port Charles for good.

Scott: You know, I'm not quite sure how you feel about my legal expertise, but let me assure you that I am top-notch here. So, as your attorney, the best advice I'm gonna give you is that you're gonna have to take a plea bargain.

Julian: What the hell does that mean?

Scott: Well, legalese, you're gonna spend a long, long time in Pentonville.

Carly: I really wanted to handle this breakup like a mature adult, you know? I wanted to take the high road, no matter how angry I was at you.

Sonny: But now?

Carly: Now you have shown me you have no interest in keeping this civil. When you made the call to ICE, you took the first shot, Sonny. So, fine, it's war. It's war, but you know what? I'm gonna win.

Sonny: We'll see, Carly.

Carly: Yeah, we will. Well, enjoy your birthday... here, alone. You know, when I see you here, all I can think about is how you celebrated last year when we were all together, all of us together as a family. And then everyone left and it was just the two of us, and I had never felt... so close to you. I knew we were gonna last forever. Just amazing... the difference a year makes.

Jake: Did you and Mom wait here after you took me to school this morning?

Elizabeth: No, baby. Your dad just stopped by for a quick visit.

Jason: You know, actually, uh, I thought if you were up for it, maybe we could hang out a little bit.

Elizabeth: Are you hungry? I'll get you something to eat.

Jason: Sit down, buddy. How's school?

Jake: Okay. Kind of boring.

Jason: Yeah? Well, you're a smart kid. Sometimes school is gonna seem a little boring. Bet you're ready for summer already, huh?

Jake: Yeah.

Jason: Yeah. And, you know... school's not as much fun as, say, uh, playing with your brothers or your video games or even those action figures that Dr. Maddox has.

Jake: Right.

Jason: Right. You know, uh, whatever you discuss with Dr. Maddox -- that's between you and him. That's -- that's private.

Jake: I know.

Jason: Good, but I-I need you to know something. Like, if there's anything you want to talk to me about -- anything at all -- you can always talk to me.

Jake: I know that.

Jason: Good. Because, um, I got to tell you, I've had this crazy feeling that maybe you're afraid of me.

Jake: You're not the one I'm scared of.

Jason: Jake, is there someone else you're afraid of, someone you don't want to know about the scarecrow?

Jake: Mom.

Elizabeth: Do you want some cheese and apples?

Jake: Can I have a soda?

Elizabeth: Uh, y-- half of one.

Jason: [Chuckles]

Elizabeth: [Sighs] What do you think?

Jason: Uh, he's definitely afraid of someone, but he says it's not me.

Elizabeth: I don't understand. Franco said that he was afraid of telling his parents, meaning you, about the scarecrow.

Jason: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Okay, and before you say it, I know what you're thinking -- Franco somehow planted this in Jake's mind.

Jason: That's not what I was gonna say. That's not what I'm thinking at all.

Elizabeth: Oh. You weren't?

Jason: No. I'm pretty sure I know exactly what's going on with Jake.

Alexis: So, when I was getting those mysterious phone calls and the photo was missing and -- you asked me how I'd feel if it turned out that Julian was alive.

Sam: Yes, and you told me you weren't sure.

Alexis: Right. And then I saw his photo -- proof that he didn't die. And I, uh, went down -- I went down to the pier.

Sam: Yeah. Jason and I found your scarf there. I figured you went down there to think about the night.

Alexis: I went down there to find closure. And I found him... Julian... standing there. And I felt relief.

Sam: Okay. So, he didn't force you to go to the motel?

Alexis: No. No. I went with him. And then you and Jason and the police showed up. And he said I was his hostage, so that I wouldn't be implicated, so that I would have a life without him while he spent the rest of his in prison, and so now I have to live with that.

Sam: Okay. Well, you know, at the end of the day, what you tell the police is your decision. But if I were you, I would bring Diane along when you make your statement.

Alexis: Why?

Sam: [Chuckles] Why? Because you either can confirm Julian's lie or tell the truth and implicate yourself.

Scott: Once Alexis gives her statement to the police, game over for you.

Julian: I don't believe that. There's got to be something you can do.

Scott: Well, you have been charged as an accessory in your lunatic sister's crimes, up to and including the death of Morgan Corinthos, and the kicker is that you kidnapped Alexis of your own free will! Now, you don't think that the new DA is not gonna want to take a crack at you?! Hornsby goofed it up, but DA Garcia -- she will be out for blood.

Julian: Okay, okay. Scotty, you got to have something up your sleeve here. Come on.

Scott: I've got nothing up my sleeve -- unless you want to recant your story!

Julian: No. No, I did what I did, and...I'm the only one who should pay for it.

Sonny: Any news on Julian's case?

Dante: No new developments, but, uh...

[Door closes]

Dante: ...If you ask me, I think we got a pretty airtight case.

Sonny: Yeah?

Dante: Yeah, even Ava was off her game today.

Sonny: I wish I was there to see that. [Exhales sharply]

Dante: I don't know if this is the best time for this, but I wanted to give you those.

Sonny: Your brother's medication?

[Bag crinkling]

Sonny: [Sighs] Means the case is closed?

Dante: This morning.

Sonny: What about the thugs? They tell you how they got the -- these pills?

Dante: No. The Gentry brothers pled out. We have zero leverage against them.

Sonny: Damn it. [Sighs] I just -- I just wish I knew how these pills ended up at The Floating Rib.

Dante: Yeah, me, too.

Sonny: Dante, something you're not telling me?

[Police radio chatter]

[Telephone ringing]

Scott: You know, Ava, your brother is gonna be the death -- death of me here! I'm -- I'm gonna earn every penny on this case.

Ava: Forget about Julian.

Scott: And speaking of money, are you gonna -- can you pay me?

Ava: Yes, you're gonna get your money. Julian's not going anywhere.

Scott: You're gonna pay me?

Ava: We have bigger problems right now.

Scott: Well, now, there's the Ava I know and love.

Ava: Hey, I have a serious problem. Dante -- he was almost taunting me just now. He was telling me about how Morgan's pills are gonna be released. It's like he knows that something's up.

Scott: Ava, I -- settle down. Settle down, okay? I took care of that. I told you that.

Ava: Are you sure?

Scott: Yes. Between you and your brother, you're gonna give me a complex. Haven't I proven to you that I'm capable of handling these dirty little things?

Ava: No, no, a-absolutely not, actually.

Scott: I swapped those placebos out. That bottle contains lithium. You have nothing to worry about.

Ava: Except that Dante's giving that bottle to Sonny right now as we speak. And whether it's lithium in there or breath mints in there, Sonny's gonna want to know why it ended up at The Floating Rib, and he's not gonna stop until he gets answers.

Sonny: You have any idea how Morgan's pills ended up at The Floating Rib?

Dante: No. Like I said, I was hoping I'd get something out of the perps, but, uh, they aren't talking.

Sonny: What I can't understand is how... Morgan, the night he dies, leaves those -- his pills, and six months later, they're still there.

Dante: It does not seem likely, right?

Sonny: Carly w-was convinced... that there was something going on with the pills, that -- and she -- she wanted to find out what it was 'cause she felt like maybe he stopped taking the medication and that's why he was spiraling out of control. And we were gonna get to -- to the bottom of it... 'cause that's what we do. We're a... we're a great team. It's amazing how things change.

Carly: Josslyn, we got to talk about your father!

Jax: Josslyn's at the stables. I told her I'd pick her up later.

Carly: Oh, you're here! Oh! I knew it. You know what? Just because Sonny says, "Jump," doesn't mean everyone has to say, "How high?" Right?

Jax: Sonny?

Carly: Yeah. Sonny's the one who tipped them off. He thought by hurting you, he would be hurting me, but it doesn't matter 'cause you're here and you're not going anywhere, right? Right? No.

Jax: It doesn't matter how ICE got their information. Considering what I was accused of, they were well within their rights to detain me until they sent me back home.

Carly: No. I mean, it doesn't make sense. You're here. They let you go. Why?

Jax: 'Cause I cut a deal. They agreed to let me go, provided I leave the country... tonight... and never return.

Sam: Oh, you're happy now? That's good. Me -- I don't know. I'm a little worried about your grandmother... 'cause she is in love with your -- oh, I can't even call him your grandfather. He's in... he's -- h-his name is Julian. She's in love with Julian. And while normally, loving someone would be okay... I'm just not sure about this.

Alexis: Hi, Tony. Uh, Detective Falconeri asked me to come down and -- and make a statement.

Tony: In which case?

Alexis: Julian Jerome.

Carly: You have to leave tonight? That doesn't make any sense. It doesn't, Jax. You know that this wouldn't hold up in court. You haven't even had the opportunity to argue your case.

Jax: Because there was no case to argue -- not for my release, anyway. I can appeal, which I'll do, but it's going to take a really long time.

Carly: So, you're just barred from the United States? You don't even get to come back and visit your daughter?

Jax: That's why I want you and Joss to come to Australia with me.

Sonny: When Carly found Morgan's diary... he wrote that th-the pills weren't working and she needed to understand why, if the pills stopped working or what, 'cause that way, we would have some kind of explanation... as to what happened. And we could stop bl-blaming ourselves for not saving his life.

Dante: You got to stop blaming yourself, okay? Morgan was sick. You know that better than anyone. N-nothing you could have done would have changed that.

Sonny: You're wrong. I do -- I do know that better than anyone. That's why I should have -- I should have known. I should have seen what was going on from the beginning.

Dante: I got to go, uh, follow up on some police business. You gonna be okay here?

Sonny: Yeah.

Dante: All right. I love you. Happy birthday.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Scott: When Dante hands Sonny those pills, he's gonna to find prescription medicine, not placebos.

Ava: Okay. Where did you get these pills? Because I-if Sonny can trace them somehow back to a pharmacy somewhere --

Scott: What? Come on, Ava. What do you think this is, amateur hour? You think I went to a pharmacy?

Ava: Well, then, where did you get them?

Scott: I-I got this guy --

Ava: You got a guy?

Scott: Yeah, I do have a guy.

Ava: What about -- what if he talks? You know, Sonny's got a long reach, and if he suspects something...

Scott: No. When Sonny opens up that bottle, he's going to find lithium -- not placebos -- lithium that was prescribed for Morgan.

Ava: Okay.

Scott: Okay?

Ava: Okay. You're right. I mean, you are absolutely right. There is no reason for Sonny to look any more into any of this.

Sonny: Yep. It's me. I need to see you... about my son.

Elizabeth: Look at this little guy. Do you know who that is?

Jake: No.

Elizabeth: That's you.

[Jason chuckles]

Jake: It is?

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm. This is when we were at the hospital when you were first born.

Jake: [Chuckling] That was forever ago.

Jason: Yeah. And, uh...

Elizabeth: [Chuckles]

Jason: ...See this picture? That's your mom when we first met.

Elizabeth: [Sighs]

Jason: She looks exactly the same, doesn't she?

Elizabeth: [Chuckles]

Jason: And you recognize her in this picture, but, um... you recognize the person in that picture?

On the next "General Hospital" --

Jason (to Jake): Do you remember when you used to look like this?

Diane (to Alexis): Julian kidnapped you, correct?

Olivia (to Julian): Ned and I have decided... affects you, as well.

Ned (to Samira): We can only cover for you for so long.

Tracy (to Laura): Before I tell you anything, I have to swear you to secrecy.

Jax (to Carly): Now, come on. Say yes. Say you will come with me today.

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