GH Transcript Wednesday 4/19/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/19/17


Episode #13788 ~ Nelle takes the high road and refuses to testify against Jax; Brad continues to spy on Finn; Hayden isn't sure about her future with Finn; Carly insists that Nelle will never be good enough for Michael; Jordan & Curtis let TJ know they're dating, and he approves.

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[Knock on door]

Jordan: Uh, who is it?

Curtis: Your knight in shining armor.

Jordan: [Opens the door] I don't see any armor.

Curtis: Oh, well, it's a spiritual armor. It's kind of made manifest by my confidence and charisma. What are you doing tonight? What are you doing now?

Jordan: Um, I might actually be free. Why? Why do you ask?

Curtis: Because I have something in mind, something... amazing.

Tracy: [Remembers] What are you doing with this? Where did you get this? Did you get this from the monks? Why didn't they give it to me when they gave me the painting?

Samira: I didn't get them from the monks. I got them from my mother. Your father left them with her.

Tracy: Your journal, Daddy. Nothing relevant or helpful in it, just a travelogue of Greece, Italy, and Turkey. Nothing to explain why you gave it to Samira's mother, so I guess I'm just gonna have to answer some questions on my own. [Opens zipper]

Monica: Tracy!

Tracy: Oh, Monica. [Chuckles] You know the expression "First do no harm" also applies at home. You, uh, you practically gave me a, um, a heart attack.

Monica: Tracy, I know exactly what you're doing. So, for everyone's sake, please just be honest about it.

Brad: Seeing patients? Should you be doing that?

Finn: New research project. Studying the effect distance has on the human voice. Hey, you could be my first subject. Just stand right there and, uh, keep talking.

Brad: [Scoffs] I love what passes for wit among physicians. Hey, I wanted to congratulate you.

Thank you, Brad. It's been an honor.

Brad: Oh, it must be when a drug-addicted doctor gets to bounce from rock bottom to outpatient rehab. Yeah, from what I've witnessed, you probably should've been booted from the hospital, if not from medicine altogether.

Finn: Well, thank you, Brad, for all your kindness and concern, but truly, it was Monica's decision. Now, if you have a problem with it, I suggest you voice that to her repeatedly. She's gonna love it.

Brad: Oh, stop. You know that she let you off the hook just because you donated all the money you got from Biospen to GH. Without a penny for me, mind you, even though I helped you formulate that cure. Now you just get to sit pretty, get the kid-glove treatment for your "problem," while I'm out of a condo!

Finn: I hear you, Brad. I hear you. And now that I have a baseline, can you say that all again, the exact same way, while I do this. [Walks away]

[Elevator bell dings]

Griffin: [Sighs] Ah, Dr. Finn. A word, please.

Finn: Oh, uh, now's not really a good time.

Griffin: Oh, let's make it a really good time. I'm your new supervisor.

Sonny: [Speaking Spanish]

Michael: Hey, are you still thinking about that trip to meet with your South American partners?

Sonny: Possibly. Why?

Michael: Yeah, I think it's a good idea. I think you should leave Port Charles immediately. Before this mess you made with Mom gets any worse.

Carly: Okay, Jax?

Jax: Hey, it's a Port Charles lockup, not Midnight Express.

Carly: [Chuckles]

Jax: I'm fine. Thanks for asking.

Carly: All right, well, I can't stand the thought of you being locked up at all. I spoke to Michael, and I got a recommendation for a really great criminal attorney.

Jax: Hey, you know what? We shouldn't be focusing on me, okay? We should be focusing on Joss to make sure that she's handling everything okay.

Carly: Okay, yeah, Joss, our daughter, really wants me to do everything possible to help you, and that's what I'm going to do, okay?

[Cell phone chimes]

Jax: Carly. Carly, I don't --

Carly: Ooh. Ooh, this is your attorney who is going to be late, so I got to tell Detective West.

Nelle: I was told to come in.

Tracy: And how exactly am I not being honest?

Monica: Oh, come on, Tracy. Your trip to Turkey, the "Portrait of the Unknown Lady, Samira showing up here. You have been thinking about Edward, and now going through his keepsakes. You're grieving for your father all over again.

Tracy: Wow. Guess it's time to face the ugly truth. You finally learned how to read me.

Monica: [Sighs] Tracy, your feelings aren't a mystery. Don't hide them from anyone anymore.

Tracy: Thank you, Monica. I'm just, uh, I'm trying to process them in my own way.

Samira: Good morning, Ms. Quartermaine. Dr. Quartermaine. Thank you again for letting me stay the night.

Monica: Oh, Samira, after all you've gone through to seek us out, you are more than welcome to stay as long as you wish.

Tracy: And I hope that you understand I am not unsympathetic to your plight. It's, in fact, since you're here, I, uh -- it's made me think of new possibilities.

Samira: I pray that means you are reconsidering your decision?

Tracy: No. Samira...

Monica: The monks have a buyer waiting for the portrait. The money will be used to save my daughter and many others.

Tracy: As I explained, the portrait has gone through customs. If it is sold and the proceeds used to fund illegal activity, it will be traced to me.

Samira: But if I could get the painting back to Turkey and the monastery without you, then --

Tracy: No! For the very last time, it's not possible. And even if it was possible, I am not giving up my father's legacy, not even for you.

Griffin: Yeah, I've been assigned to monitor you until you complete your outpatient rehab program. My duties include supervising both scheduled...

Finn: Oh, man.

Griffin: ...And unscheduled drug tests.

Finn: You had to do this here?

Griffin: I asked if I could have a word.

Finn: Oh, so it's my fault that I didn't pick up on your little, secret code?

Griffin: [Scoffs] Hey, I'm not judging you, Finn. And if you ever decide that you need someone to talk to, outside your counselors and the people you meet in whatever program you join, I'm here. Look, I would be more than happy to --

Finn: To what? To, me?

Griffin: Did I say that?

Finn: No, you don't have to, Griffin. I get it, all right? You're my supervisor. You have the thankless job of watching while I pee in a cup to make sure I don't switch my sample, all right? And it's my thankless responsibility to have to comply with you. But last time I checked, I didn't see anything in there about how I had to share my feelings with you or do a sing-along or anything like that. With all due respect, I don't need a priest, all right? So, let's just -- let's go find that bathroom.

Michael: Jax spent the night in lockup.

Sonny: No surprise there.

Michael: I helped Mom find a lawyer. Some guy from the city has an excellent reputation. I would rather use Diane.

Sonny: Diane's on retainer to me, Michael.

Michael: Yeah, I didn't want her to have a conflict of interest.

Sonny: Uh-huh.

Michael: Once the lawyer meets with DA Garcia, we'll have a better understanding of the charges Jax is facing.

Sonny: Why are you telling me this, Michael?

Michael: Because you put the whole thing in motion.

Sonny: No, I didn't put the whole thing in motion. Jax did when he slept with your mother, and he also made a deal with Frank Benson for Nelle's kidney.

Michael: He was trying to save Josslyn's life.

Sonny: And he did. But now he's got to pay!

Nathan: Well, since Nelle is the victim, we've asked her to come in and make a statement about what happened and how it affected her health and her life. We're gonna be using the interrogation room. So, as soon as I see that Mr. Jacks has been taken back to his cell, we can begin.

Nelle: Um, actually, Detective, I was wondering if Mr. Jacks and Carly could stay? I want them to hear what I have to say.

Finn: I've done my part. The rest, as they say, is up to you.

Griffin: I'll get the sample to the lab.

Finn: You do that. This is so embarrassing.

Griffin: Finn.

Finn: Huh?

Griffin: Look, if you keep pushing away everybody that's trying to help you, your recovery is gonna be extremely difficult.

Jordan: I don't recall you being a bowling fan.

Curtis: A fan?

Jordan: Yeah.

Curtis: Shoot, I'm more like an ace.

Jordan: Oh.

Curtis: Why? Don't tell me you don't like bowling.

Jordan: No, no. I do. I just -- I haven't played in years.

Curtis: Yeah. Well, here you go.

Jordan: Want to show me a few pointers, 'cause...?

Curtis: I would love to.

Jordan: Okay.

Curtis: All right. So now, you need to feel the weight of the ball.

Jordan: All right. Like -- like that.

Curtis: You got it?

Jordan: I feel that. Um, what I'm actually gonna feel is the money that I spent on my manicure kind of going down the drain, but okay.

Curtis: Forget all that. Okay, spread your legs, okay? Keep them apart.

Jordan: Mm-hmm.

Curtis: All right. Feel the ball. Okay, feel the weight. Now, what you want to do... okay, and then go back...

Jordan: Uh-huh.

Curtis: ...And forth. And forth. Back.

Jordan: Uh-huh.

Curtis: And forth.

Jordan: Okay.

Curtis: Okay, that looks good. That's good how you're doing that. Back...


Jordan: Ohh!

Curtis: Whoa!

Jordan: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Curtis: [Laughs] No worries. It's all good.

Jordan: No, I was saying sorry to my neighbors downstairs.

Curtis: Oh, yeah, well, um, your neighbors downstairs had better get used to some noise.

[Knock on door]

TJ: Hey, Ma, it's me. You home?

Jordan: Um...

TJ: Ma?

Jordan: Hey, baby. Um, good morning.

TJ: Yeah. Looks like it.

Monica: Samira, could we have a moment, please?

Samira: Certainly.

Monica: Thank you.

Tracy: Okay, Monica, this is your moment, have at it.

Monica: Tracy, I know how important this portrait is to you, but since this is an extreme situation --

Tracy: Monica, even if I wanted to, I can't!

Monica: Okay. What about Dillon's idea? What if we pretend that Samira "stole" the painting. And then, if questioned, we'll --

Tracy: Oh, that's a good idea, because then we can send her right to prison, and then she will be in a marginally better situation than her daughter, and we will have successfully made a bad situation worse.

Monica: You're right.

Tracy: You what? Oh, my God. I want to record that. I want it as my ringtone.

Monica: Samira's safety isn't really what's bothering you, is it?

Tracy: Everything about this is bothering me. It's all happening too fast, and this woman shows up on our doorstep last night out of the blue. Oh, wait. With Ashton. For all we know, they're running this scam together.

Monica: Oh, I doubt that. And I think you do, too.

Tracy: Maybe. But only because he's too selfish to have a partner.

Monica: Look, why don't we just ask her some more questions? Then we can maybe decide how to proceed.

Tracy: Hmm. Wow. That's reasonable of you. Samira, can you come back in here, please?

Monica: Samira, we just, um, we want to ask you a little bit about, well, where you came from, your life at home. Your family life, apart from your mother --

Tracy: I don't want to talk about her family. I don't want to talk about her family.

Samira: Actually, I'd rather talk about your family.

Monica: What about my family? What would you like to know?

Samira: I see how much ms. Quartermaine loved her father. He looks like a good man.

Monica: Well, yes, he could be on occasion.

Samira: He has such kind eyes.

Tracy: Oh, wow. Do you know the expression "quit while you're ahead"? You don't know anything about my father, and you never will.

[Knock on door]

Hayden: Hey. Come in.

Finn: You got a minute?

Hayden: Yeah. What's up?

Finn: I was wondering if we could talk about our last conversation.

Hayden: Uh, you need to focus on rehab and fighting your addiction. Until then, we really don't have that much to discuss. Outside of hospital business, of course.

Finn: Oh, uh, sorry. Sometimes, I'm, uh, a little dense. Are you saying, uh, with the exception of supply requisitions and budgetary proposals, then you and I will have no conversations while I'm going through rehab?

Hayden: I'm afraid so.

Finn: Okay, right. Excellent. Excellent. Well, compared to not getting to talk to you, getting off drugs should be easy. I'll, um -- I'll just ask this, and I'll -- I'll be on my way then. I was, uh -- I was wondering -- I was wondering, when I get through this -- and I will get through this, Hayden -- there's just one thing I'd like to know.

Hayden: What's that?

Finn: I was wondering if -- I was wondering if, you know, uh, if maybe you would -- you would give me a chance to make things right between us? Do you think you can do that?

Nathan: This is Detective Nathan West, interviewing Nelle Hayes in the case alleged against jasper jacks. Ms. Hayes, can you please state your full name for the statement?

Nelle: Nelle Hayes, also known as Nelle Benson.

Nathan: And are you ready to give a full and complete statement?

Nelle: I am.

Griffin: Something I can help you with, Brad?

Brad: Uh, sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt, Dr. Munro.

Griffin: That's why I interrupted myself. So you wouldn't have to bear the burden.

Brad: Uh, thank you. That's, um... anyway, since we're talking, I just wanted you to know -- and this gives me no pleasure --

Griffin: Then maybe you shouldn't do it.

Brad: [Sighs] If that were only the case. But I feel it's my duty, as a health care professional and as a concerned human being, that I tell you what I know about Dr. Finn.

Finn: I'm not asking you to be there for me at, uh, at all, as I go through rehab. I just, um, when I get done, you'll give me a chance.

Hayden: Finn, I've been thinking about, um, well, about everything, actually, not just the two of us, but about my own life, about who I am and where I came from. Starting with my childhood and every important action and decision I've made since. You must know Passover just ended.

Finn: Uh, I -- afraid I got, um -- yeah, why?

Hayden: [Laughs] Well, my father always insisted on a huge celebration. And we'd get together, and after dinner, my father -- well, Raymond Berlin -- he would talk, and he would talk for a while, pretty much until everyone was hungry enough for dessert, but it all boiled down to the same two subjects. One, family love and unity, and two, hard work and how it paid off.

Finn: Well, those are top-flight values.

Hayden: Yeah, they are. Meanwhile, he was ripping people off left and right. Not just clients and strangers, but family and friends. If they invested with him, he made them think they were making all kinds of money, and he kept every last dime. And all that talk about what truly mattered, all of it -- all of it's just one big lie. And I ended up just like him. Only out for myself. A liar and a user. And then I met you, and even though you bring out the best in me, I finally realized that I can't make promises I'm not sure I'll be able to keep.

Tracy: Learning more about each other's families may be interesting, but it's not gonna change the facts, and it certainly isn't going to change my mind. I will continue to look for solutions to get your daughter out of harm's way. But in the meantime, you're a guest in our home. And apparently, Monica has forgotten her manners.

Monica: Yes, people often wonder if I was raised by wolves.

Tracy: Ah, yes. Well, you married into the pack. I, luckily enough, have not forgotten my manners, and I had Cook make up a little breakfast for you.

Monica: I've already asked her if she wanted something.

Tracy: Nobody cares, Monica! How about a little fresh orange juice for you, Samira?

Samira: I'm sorry, but no thank you. I couldn't possibly eat a thing.

Michael: Dad, if Avery were sick, and the only way you can save her is to do exactly what Jax did, you wouldn't hesitate.

Sonny: Not for a second.

Michael: Okay, so why have Jax arrested for something that you would do yourself?

Sonny: I didn't plan on having him arrested. I wanted to record his confession so I can use it as leverage.

Michael: Yeah, to get what? You don't need his money. Your business interests don't overlap, right?

Sonny: [Sighs] Michael.

Michael: The only thing you wanted from Jax was for him to go, right? That's all you wanted was for him to leave.

Sonny: Jax made a bad situation worse between Carly and me, and she let him.

Michael: When you told me that you and Mom were getting a divorce, Jax was in Australia. He is not the reason that you two broke up.

Sonny: The reason we broke up no longer exists! I didn't sleep with Nelle!

Michael: What difference does it make? Nelle's not the reason that you and Mom are tearing yourselves apart, Dad! This is about Morgan.

Nelle: All I will say is, I will not be pursuing any legal action against Mr. Jacks, and I am happy and delighted that Josslyn Jacks is alive and well.

Nathan: Well, I guess that's that. And again, for the record, are you making this statement of your own free will?

Nelle: Absolutely.

Nathan: Well, then, this concludes the statement by Miss Nelle Hayes, aka Benson. Detective Nathan West stopping tape. I'm gonna get this to DA Garcia right away.

Carly: [Clears throat] Wait a second. Is Jax free to go?

Nathan: Not yet. Uh, you can stay for the moment. But if you need to leave, Mrs. Corinthos, let a guard know. He will escort Mr. Jacks back down to his cell until we can get word.

Carly: I'm not going anywhere.

[Door closes]

Carly: I'll be right back. I need to check on something.

Jax: I'll be here.

[Door closes]

Jax: Why?

Nathan: Yeah, the alleged victim's refusing to cooperate. We'll have an officer bring you her -- [Sighs] Yes?

Carly: Was that enough?

Nathan: Mrs. Corinthos?

Carly: Sonny has a recording of Jax' alleged confession.

Nathan: "Alleged." You've got some experience here.

Carly: Is the recording enough to move forward? Without Nelle's cooperation, can Jax still be prosecuted?

TJ: I was just returning your laptop. Mine's in the shop, so Mom let me borrow her old one.

Curtis: Well, that was nice of her.

TJ: Lucky she had it. I mean, I had a paper due the next day. Talk about bad timing.

Curtis: Yeah, I feel you.

Jordan: So, um, I thought that you were gonna bring it by work later on today.

TJ: Well, you know, I finished up early, so I figured, you know, why not get it out of the way? So are you two a couple now?

Curtis: Uh...[Chuckles]

Jordan: Uh, you know, we...

TJ: Yeah.

Jordan: ...Sort of.

TJ: Yeah. I've been there. All right. I got to get going.

Jordan: TJ, uh, listen... [Clears throat] I know that we haven't talked about this, okay? Curtis and I were just actually discussing going out for our first date.

TJ: Oh, so you're not dating yet?

Jordan: Yeah. I mean, Curtis and I were... you know, we just -- we haven't figured out if this is even anything serious.

TJ: But if it is?

Jordan: Would you be okay with that?

Tracy: Samira, I understand. You're worried about your daughter. That's why you can't eat.

Samira: Yes. That is exactly why.

Same thing happens to me when one of my sons is in trouble.

Monica: It does?

Tracy: Yes, it does. But starving yourself isn't gonna help you, and it's not gonna help your daughter. Why don't you try --

Monica: Leave her alone.

Tracy: Monica, you're a doctor! Isn't breakfast the most important meal of the day?!

Samira: I'm really not hungry. [Clears throat] Though if I could trouble you for some water.

Tracy: Oh, absolutely. Let me get that. Here you go. At least it's something. Drink up.

Samira: Thank you.

Tracy: I, uh, I sent the housekeeper out to buy you a change of clothes.

Samira: Oh, I couldn't possibly.

Tracy: Oh, don't be ridiculous. It's already done. And, in fact, I think it's probably on your bed already, so if you'd like, you could go and change your clothes now.

Monica: Why, Tracy, how thoughtful.

Tracy: Yeah, it is thoughtful, and surprising that you didn't think of it, seeing as this is your house.

Monica: Would you, uh, excuse me, please? I have to make some phone calls.

Samira: Thank you for your generosity.

Tracy: Oh, please, let's be honest. You want a lot more than some clothes from me.

Samira: I was hoping the items I brought would convince you of my sincerity.

Tracy: I'm glad to have the journal and my father's ring. I would happily compensate you for them.

Samira: I don't expect payment. My mother was only keeping them for him. I am sure he would want you to have them.

Tracy: He wanted me to have the painting.

Samira: [Sighs] I know in my heart there must be some solution in all of this, that there is more for us to explore.

Tracy: Perhaps. [Sighs]

Brad: Clearly, you've been appointed Finn's supervisor.

Griffin: Uh, I'm not at liberty to discuss that.

Brad: Oh, uh, of course not.

Griffin: And according to hospital policy, standard medical ethics, not to mention the privacy act of 1974 --

Brad: The what of the what?

Griffin: It would be very inappropriate for you to inquire, also. Now, I have to take this sample to the lab, and then I have patients to see.

Brad: Oh, uh, no worries. I'm headed to the lab anyway. I'll just, uh, take this for you.

Finn: This conversation didn't go nearly as well as it did when I rehearsed it in the mirror.

Hayden: [Sighs] I'm sorry.

Finn: No. No, please, don't, uh, apologize. It's me. It's my fault. I'm -- I'm an idiot, right? I, uh, I should let you get back to work. And, um, I'm sure I have an incurable disease to go conquer. I'll be sure not to infect either one of us with it this time.

Hayden: I like it already.

Finn: Yeah, I'll send you a budgetary proposal. I'll, uh, do the interoffice mail thing so you don't have to see me. Um...

Hayden: Finn, I'm trying to be honest about myself, and I hope that you can do the same.

Finn: Yes. Uh, honest about what?

Hayden: We both know you're into breaking boundaries and testing limits, but in order to stay really clean, you have to follow the rules.

Finn: Yeah, I get that.

Hayden: I know that you get it. But what I'm asking is, do you really think you can do it?

Sonny: Why do you have to bring your brother into this?

Michael: Do you think that you and Mom would be doing this to each other if Morgan were still alive?

Sonny: I don't know.

Michael: I don't know, maybe you'd still be broken up. I don't know. You and Mom spent more time apart than together when we were little, but you never did this kind of damage. I mean, Mom's forgiven you for far worse than Nelle, right? So why can't she get past it this time? She can't get past it this time because Morgan -- 'cause Morgan's dead. And when you couldn't force Mom to forgive you for what happened to Nelle, you turned around, and you did something even more unforgivable, and you had Jax arrested. It's like you want Mom to be mad at you, like you want her to push you away. But that's not gonna lessen your grief over Morgan, Dad. It's just make it worse on both of you. And on everybody who needs you.

Nelle: You know, there are a lot of reasons that I won't testify, but mostly because I don't want to hurt Joss anymore than I already have.

Jax: After everything I did to you, I don't understand why.

Nelle: You asked my father to find you a compatible kidney. The one he found happened to be mine. You know, you may have made the offer, but what he did to me that's -- that's -- that's on him.

Jax: Directly or indirectly, I'm still partly to blame.

Nelle: That's the thing, is that as a father, you were willing to do anything to save your daughter, you know, unlike my father. He didn't see me as a child. He saw me as a way to get money. So I can't punish you for... for wanting to save your daughter's life and loving her the way I would have liked to have been loved.

Jax: I'm so sorry this happened to you.

Nelle: But you're not sorry that Joss is alive, you know, and neither am I. So, if you tell her anything about what I did, just please tell her that.

Jax: Okay, I will.

Nelle: You know, um, something bad was done to me, and I did -- I had the choice to turn it into something good. When I first came to Port Charles, I could have been honest. I could have told the truth, and I probably would have been welcomed and supported, you know? I see that now. But now, instead, I chose to feed my own anger, and I lashed out, and I hurt people, and I wound up hurting myself just as badly. You know, an old friend told me once that you can choose to carry around all the wrong that has been done to you, or you can focus on the good and move on.

Jax: Yeah.

Nelle: That's what I'm trying to do now. [Exhales sharply]

Nathan: I'm not a lawyer, but if the alleged victim refuses to testify, then I don't think it'll go any further.

Carly: Thank you, thank you. Everything's gonna be okay. Everything's gonna be okay.

Finn: You know what? You don't ever have to worry about me.

Hayden: I need to know you're gonna stick with it -- with or without me.

Finn: I'm gonna be fine, Hayden -- with or without you.

[Knock on door]

Griffin: Hey, sorry to interrupt. I have a few questions about my budget. Hayden, what's --

Hayden: The budget?

Griffin: What's wrong?

Hayden: Nothing. Um, which department? Um, you're in more than one. This program is kind of glitchy, so...

Griffin: Stop, please.

Hayden: Let me just pull up the numbers.

Griffin: Hayden, stop. You're worried about Finn, aren't you?

TJ: I've always loved Uncle Curtis, so -- even if you didn't want me to, so now the fact that you all of a sudden like him and might be dating him -- I guess the situation's just kind of odd.

Jordan: It is.

TJ: But that doesn't change the fact that I love you, and I love Uncle Curtis, and I want you both to be happy, so go ahead, do you thing. You don't have to worry about me.

Jordan: You sure?

TJ: Yes.

Jordan: Are you okay with this?

TJ: Yes, I am.

Jordan: Okay.

TJ: I just hope it works out 'cause it'd be really awkward if it didn't. But, hey, I'm late. I got to get out of here.

Jordan: Yeah.

TJ: Hey, Uncle Curtis, I'll see you later?

Curtis: Yeah. Hey, man, study hard, be good, and you are the future. [Sighs] Okay, uh... I think that wasn't how either of us wanted to handle all this.

Jordan: Yeah.

Curtis: But TJ did need to know.

Jordan: He did.

Curtis: He seemed surprised.

Jordan: He was.

Curtis: But also, like, you know, he's basically coming around.

Jordan: I just think he's concerned about what'll happen if this ended up not working out.

Curtis: Yeah. Well, it looks like you are, too.

Jordan: I am.

Tracy: Just the man I wanted to see.

Finn: Oh, well, I appreciate the concern.

Tracy: So, a situation has arisen unexpectedly, and, um, truth is I might be overreacting, but I really need to know the truth one way or another, and that's where you come in.

Finn: I have no idea what you're talking about, do I?

Tracy: Because you're interrupting me. If you'd let me finish, I would explain. I need your help now.

Michael: You and Mom aren't the only ones getting hurt here. Josslyn is heartbroken.

Sonny: And I'm sorry for that --

Michael: I know you are. Josslyn already lost Morgan. You wouldn't want to turn around and put her through the pain of having her father sent to prison. You wouldn't do that, but you're not thinking with your right mind right now.

Sonny: I'm on my medication. I'm not having an episode.

Michael: I know, I know. You're grieving right now. That's why you're doing this. You're grieving. And it's messing with your judgment, your sense of perspective. This has nothing to do with you being bipolar and everything to do with losing your son. Dad, I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry. I truly am, but you need to find a better way to deal with your loss, because what you're doing right now is hurting everybody that you love, everyone who Morgan loved.

Sonny: What do you want me to do?

Michael: Just let me fix this.

Sonny: It can't be fixed at this point.

Michael: I can try. The first step is dealing with Jax's legal problems. Dante's not in the office this morning, but I have a friend there who I can call.

Sonny: Call for what?

Michael: I need to know exactly where they are with the charges.

Nathan: Well, Mr. Jacks, your lawyer did arrive. He's with DA Garcia, and they'd like to see you.

Jax: Uh, are they coming here?

Nathan: No. I'm gonna take you to them.

Carly: Okay.

Jax: Thank you for everything.

Carly: Thank you. Hold on a second. Excuse me. Before you leave, there's, um, something I need to say to you.

Jordan: You and I have, uh, been through a lot.

Curtis: True that.

Jordan: And it's no secret that my attraction to you is definitely real.

Curtis: Oh. Okay. Um, back at you.

Jordan: And we've both made a lot of mistakes, right? Personally, professionally, family. I mean, it's as real as anything that we've got going on right now.

Curtis: I hear you.

Jordan: If we start this and it blows up in our faces, I don't want it to destroy any little bit of friendship that we've managed to build right now.

Curtis: I share the same concerns. How about that?

Jordan: That is something. So what? What now?

Curtis: Well, I mean, there is only one way to find out if what we have is a mistake or if it's really real.

Jordan: And what is that?

Curtis: With some serious bowling.

Hayden: Thank you, but I can't discuss Finn, not right now.

Griffin: Okay. I, uh -- I understand. Look, I just want you to know that I'm hoping for the best for you and Finn. And I think if he stays on the straight and narrow, everything will work out fine.

Finn: I know we haven't talked for a couple of days, so maybe you're not aware that I'm kind of in the middle of --

Tracy: I'm in the middle of something. Oh. And it's time sensitive, so I'm gonna ask you to hold off on telling me about your situation so that you can really focus on my situation because I really need your help.

Finn: [Scoffs] What kind of help?

Tracy: I need a DNA test.

Monica: Tracy? Oh, I wonder where she is.

Samira: You don't think she was trying to get away from me?

Monica: Oh, no, no, no, no. Unh-uh. You should really try to eat something, you know?

[Door bell chimes]

Monica: Uh, excuse me just a second, Samira. Yes?

Agent Torosyan: I'm looking for Samira Adin. I need to speak to her now.

Michael: Okay, thank you. Uh, I owe you. Bye.

Sonny: What's the word?

Michael: [Sighs] Jax is going to be released.

Carly: Okay, um, well, I'm glad -- I'm very glad that Jax is not gonna be prosecuted, and I have to thank you for that.

Nelle: Well, there's been enough pain. I just want everything to be over.

Carly: But see, that right there -- I can't stand this saint Nelle crap. And whether it's crap or not, it doesn't change a damn thing between us.

Nelle: You know, Carly, if you would just listen to what I have to say --

Carly: No, I want you to listen to me. I want you to stop talking, and I want you to listen to me, because I'm on to you, Nelle. And like you pointed out, mostly everything you've done I did, too. So I know why you're not gonna testify against Jax -- you want to look good for Michael.

Nelle: [Scoffs]

Carly: Yeah, you do. You want Michael to think that he's gotten to you, that he's gotten through to you. You want Michael to think that you've changed now, and now you can be a good person. Hell, you may even believe that. And you may want to believe that you're good enough for my son. But you're not. You are a damaged, screwed-up little girl. And like me, you will trash what you love most. Don't even think about loving Michael. Don't even think about it, because I know you, Nelle, and I know the real you, and I see you coming, and I will do everything I can to stop you.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Tracy (to Finn): I'm asking you to do this no questions asked.

Monica (to Agent Torosyan): And what makes you think this person is here?

Jason (to Elizabeth): We're not going to let anything or anyone get in the way of our son's progress.

Franco (to Kiki): I think Jake might be serious trouble.

Michael (to Sonny): Did you really want Jax to go to prison?

Nelle (to Carly): When is it ever going to be enough for you?

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