GH Transcript Tuesday 4/18/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/18/17


Episode #13787 ~ Tracy disappoints the family by not giving up her painting for a good cause; Alexis finds closure with Julian; Elizabeth is distraught when Jake runs away from her again.

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Tracy: As a tangible expression of my father's devotion to me, he wanted me to have this portrait. It's been passed down through the ages, and it bears an uncanny resemblance to me. So... without further ado...


Tracy: What the hell?!

Dillon: It's a clown.

Tracy: This isn't what my father left me! He left me a portrait that was so beautiful, I never could have imagined it when Ashton to-- oh, no. No, no, no, no!

Laura: Tracy, what are you thinking?

Tracy: When is the last time anybody saw Ashton?

Larry: [Smooches] Sorry, love. But when you try to screw me out of a deal, you only end up screwing yourself.

[Door closes]

Franco: Why don't you start charging more for, like, plastic surgery? Or have a bake sale. Hello? That's just rude.

[Footsteps approach]

Jake: Are they gonna let you come back to work?

Franco: No. Not yet. What are you doing here? You here to see Dr. Maddox?

Jake: [Sighs] Yeah.

Franco: You know, it's good that, um -- that I ran into you 'cause I wanted to ask you something. I found this... at my studio. Any idea how it got there?

Jason: How did your mother's scarf end up here?

Sam: I don't know, Jason. She had Julian on her mind and everything that he did to her. Maybe she came down here to think, and she ran into him.

Jason: Okay, look. Your dad's dealing with Hooper, which means he's desperate to get out of town.

Sam: [Sighs] I know, but what if -- what if my mom ran into him, Jason? What do you think he would do to her?


Alexis: [Breathing heavily]

Singer: True love will finally win and find a way love is a mystery how will we know when it is meant to be and when to let go?

Tracy: Every time that man darkens my doorstep, it costs me! And he's not gonna get away with it!

Laura: Ned, I think your mother's right. Your father must have swapped out these paintings. It is worth $20 million.

Ned: Okay, let's split up, search the grounds. He couldn't have gotten far. Let's go! Come on! Dillon!

Jake: I didn't draw that.

Franco: You didn't draw that?

Jake: No. I-it's probably one of my brothers.

Franco: Oh. That's a really good drawing. You know... I'm just wondering which one of your brothers is better at sneaking into my studio. Would that be Cam or Aiden?

Jake: You'd have to ask them.

Franco: Okay. I'll ask them. And while I'm talking to them, I'll ask them... ...who's that there? You know, hiding. Who do you think that is?

Jake: I don't know.

Franco: All right, look, Jake. Sometimes when I'm having a hard time saying something or if there's something that's really difficult for me to talk about, I draw it. Is there anything you want to talk to me about, Jake?

Jake: You can't tell anyone about that drawing, especially my parents. Promise you won't.

Elizabeth: Jake! How many times do I have to tell you not to take off the elevator and leave me in the dust?

Jake: I'm sorry.

Sam: Mom, it's me. I know you probably think I'm being overprotective, and I probably am, but I just really want to hear from you. So if you could call me when you get a chance and let me know you're okay, that'd be great. All right. I love you. Bye. I swear, Julian, if you hurt her, I will kill you myself.

Jason: Look what I found.

Sam: Hooper.

Hooper: What do you want from me?

Jason: Hey. Be nice. My wife and I here have a few questions for you, and we'd really like you to answer them right about now.

Alexis: When I ran from the bridge, I heard gunshots, and I turned around, and you were gone. [Sighs] What happened?

Julian: Well... Olivia shot me. I did bleed a lot, but in the end, it wasn't very serious.

Alexis: So, the pictures and the phone calls?

Julian: Guilty.

Alexis: I knew I wasn't going crazy.

Julian: Hmm. I'm sorry if I made you feel like you were. That's the last thing I wanted to do after everything else, was scare you.

Alexis: I read -- I read the letter.

Julian: Yeah. I wish, uh -- I wish it didn't take so long to tell you the truth. You have no idea how much I wanted to tell you. I mean, the agony that I put you through... all I can say is I'm sorry.

Alexis: I thought you were gone.

Julian: Hey. I'm here now. I'm never gonna leave you again.

Larry: At the front gate. Splendid. And you have ample storage in your trunk? [Chuckles] Sir, let me assure you, you're going to earn your five stars tonight. Ah! Ohh! Ahh! Ohh! Clumsy clod! Look what you've made me do!

Samira: I'm so sorry.

Larry: Not as sorry as you're going to be. Who...are you?

Samira: Please let me help you.

Larry: [Sighs] No need. I have a car coming.

Ned: Not one more step! Father, stop.

Larry: Oh, uh... thank goodness you've come, Ned. You -- you're just in time. Uh, I found this intruder trying to abscond with your mother's painting.

Samira: Painting? No. There must be some mistake.

Ned: Yes, the only mistake was allowing you into the house this evening. Give me this.

Larry: As you wish!

Dillon: Uh, no, I think my mother's gonna want to have a word with you.

Larry: What are you doing? Unhand me!

Dillon: Let's go!

Larry: Ned, my boy, this is a tragic mistake!

Laura: Well, you have arrived here on a very interesting evening.

Samira: Yes, I would say so.

Laura: Yes. The Quartermaine family must owe you a huge debt of gratitude for stopping Lord Larry from, uh, running away with their painting, Miss...?

Samira: Adin. But you can call me Samira.

Laura: Samira Adin. I'm Laura. What brings you here?

Samira: I'm here to see Ms. Tracy Quartermaine.

Dillon: Guess who I found in the rose garden.

Ned: And look what he happened to have with him.

Tracy: Of all of the despicable things you have done to me over the years.

Larry: Forgive me, Tracy, but your father's legacy to you is worth $20 million. At the very least, I deserve a finder's fee.

Tracy: You're lucky I don't call the police. Ned, would you mind? Now... ...where were we?

Monica: Well, you were hogging the happy couple's spotlight.

Tracy: I was about to share this precious treasure with all I hold dear, not including Ashton. So... voilà.

Olivia: Oh, Tracy, it's gorgeous.

Tracy: It was painted by Jacopo di Cosimo, a renaissance painter.

Monica: Tracy, uh... I have to apologize. Because that's beautiful.

Tracy: Thank you, Monica.

Ned: I have to admit... the resemblance is striking.

Tracy: I know. As soon as Daddy saw it, he had to get it for me.

Ned: He loved you.

Jake: I'm not in trouble, am I?

Elizabeth: For scaring me half to death?

Jake: For finding Franco. Dad said I shouldn't see him.

Elizabeth: [Sighs] No, baby, you're not in trouble. Dr. Maddox is waiting over there for you. I'll be right here when you get done, okay?

Jake: Okay. Bye, Mom. Bye, Franco.

Franco: Later, Jake.

Elizabeth: I honestly don't know if I'm doing the right thing. I am so worried about him, but every time I try to get him to open up about what's going on on that island, he just pulls away.

It's hard for kids to open up sometimes. Grown-ups too.

Elizabeth: [Sighs] It's just that I have no idea what's going on inside his mind. And if I knew something, anything, I would...

Franco: You would what?

Elizabeth: I'd feel a lot better, like I wasn't useless as a mother. [Sighs] I'm sorry. Y-you go back to doing whatever it is that you need to do.

Franco: Wait. Wait. Hold on a second. No, hey. Elizabeth? Uh -- [Clears throat] There's, uh, something I need to show you.

Elizabeth: Okay. What is it?

Franco: Well, Jake left his timeline at the studio. And, uh... he added this. I mean, he asked me not to say anything to you, but...

Elizabeth: Oh, my God.

Sam: We have a question about a client you met with.

Hooper: [Scoffs] Look. I start selling out my clients, I'm out of business.

Jason: Look, you piss off Sonny Corinthos, you're gonna be out of business even faster.

Sam: Yeah, Sonny is a really good friend of ours. And if we tell him that you've been less than helpful, I can imagine --

Hooper: No, look, I don't -- I don't want that. Okay? I get along with Sonny's people. They go their way. I go mine. Everyone minds their own business.

Jason: That's great. You want to maintain that status quo?

Sam: Then, you've got to tell us why you were meeting with Julian Jerome.

Alexis: I thought you said that Hooper was gonna help you leave the country.

Julian: Yeah, that was the plan. I don't think I have to tell you I've got a long list of charges hanging over my head. Thought it best if I just kept a low profile.

Alexis: Except for calling me and following me.

Julian: I mean, I did want to kind of find out what would happen if you knew I was alive, how you'd react. I guess I found out. You found me, and you didn't run.

Alexis: No, I didn't run.

Julian: I have to tell you, that's the first time in a long time I've had any hope, Alexis. In that moment, I... well, I thought maybe we might still have a future together.

Alexis: You just made it clear that you can't stay in Port Charles.

Julian: Well, yeah, but that doesn't mean that we have to. I mean, we could disappear, just you and me.

Alexis: You want me to forget about everything and leave my children and my grandchildren?

Julian: I mean, we'll get word to them eventually, right? That's not gonna be easy, but they will understand. I mean, we can start a new life. We can have new names, new identities, and new careers. [Chuckles] We could both leave the law behind. No right side, no wrong side. Just the two of us together. We did miss the meet with Hooper tonight, but there's no reason why we can't catch another charter first thing in the morning and be gone. Look, you... you just give me the word that we have a future together.

Alexis: I think you've misunderstood what happened here tonight.

Julian: Well, I don't know. I... I think I have a pretty good idea.

Alexis: No, I don't think you do. This is not a fresh start. This is goodbye.

Jason: So Julian hired you to get him out of town, but he never showed up.

Sam: And when you met with him, there wasn't a woman there?

Hooper: No. I swear.

Jason: Okay, well, if you hear from Julian, you're gonna call us, right? Hooper, you see him, you don't call us...

Sam: We'll call Sonny.

Hooper: Look, if Julian makes contact, you're my first call.

Jason: Good.

[Hooper sighs]

Sam: Julian was desperate to get out of Port Charles if he hired a boat. And the fact that he didn't show up for it means that someone probably ID'd him. That someone is probably my mother.

Jason: Okay. Listen to me. Your mom seems to think that Julian is the victim in all this, so if she went somewhere with him, she probably went willingly.

Sam: I know. That's what worries me.

Julian: "Goodbye"?

Alexis: I know all too well why you need to disappear, but I won't be going with you.

Julian: Well, why not? I mean, we love each other. And nothing's ever gonna change that.

Alexis: You held a knife to my throat.

Julian: [Sighs] Look, Alexis, you know, that's always gonna be the biggest regret of my life. But... [Sighs] You know why I did that.

Alexis: I don't know what I know. I just know how I felt that night on the docks. And you can't change that. You were gonna do to me what someone did to my mother.

Julian: I know. I know. I -- [Sighs] I don't deserve what I'm asking you to do, but I promise you, now that Olivia's out of the picture, I am never gonna hurt you again.

Alexis: This isn't just about Olivia forcing you to do what you did. It's about what you did before that because you chose to, because you wanted to.

Julian: Alexis, it was never my intention to hurt you. You know that.

Alexis: Was it your intention to hurt Duke and Carlos?

Julian: Look, I told you, I'm -- I'm gonna look for a new line of work.

Alexis: Don't ever... [Sighs heavily] ...Say those words again. Because those words mean nothing. There are two sides to you. There are. There are two sides. One... I believe loves me and would do anything for me. And then there's another side to you that would do whatever is necessary to protect yourself.

Julian: Well, for the record, both those men would stand by your side.

Alexis: Any kind of life with -- with you is accepting the violence that you traded in. It's only a matter of time before me or someone else that I love gets hurt again. And I won't do it. I won't do it. I won't put my kids through it. I won't. I won't.

Julian: So, you're just gonna throw this all away? No, come on. Alexis, I mean, it wasn't always bad, was it?

Alexis: No, it wasn't. Falling in love with you and marrying you was the happiest time in my life. But it was built on the hope that you would change... that the better side of you would win.

Julian: And what about tonight?

Alexis: I just wanted to remem-- [Cries] ...Remember.

Julian: Alexis... it can always be like that. I promise you.

Alexis: You can't promise me that. Which is why we don't have a future together. We have a past, and I'll never regret that, because it gave me Sam. But what I need now is closure. I need that, and I need you to give it to me.

Julian: [Sighs]

Alexis: Tonight is our ending. Let's just make it count.

Ned: I have to hand it to Grandfather. This painting is quite a gesture.

Larry: Well, this is all heartwarming, indeed, but some of us have more practical concerns. About my finder's fee --

Tracy: Get him out of here!

Ned: Let's go, Father. Let's go!

Tracy: So, Monica, I-I trust you won't mind replacing that wall hanging in the den with this beautiful picture?

Monica: Well, actually, I like that hanging. Maybe you could hang your picture in the front hall where everyone could enjoy it.

Laura: Tracy, there's someone who needs to speak to you.

Dillon: This is the woman who caught Larry making off with your painting.

Laura: Her name is Samira Adin.

Tracy: Thank you so much. It's much appreciated. I'm sorry. If you'll excuse us, my family and I are enjoying a celebration.

Samira: Please, Ms. Quartermaine, I've traveled a very long way to see you.

Laura: A long way? From where?

Samira: Turkey. I'm on a 72-hour emergency visa, which is almost expired. It took me much longer than I realized to reach your home.

Tracy: Uh, number one, how did you know where to find me? And number two, why would you want to?

Samira: The monks gave me your information and helped me make the travel arrangements. The painting must be returned to the monastery.

Tracy: [Sighs] I already explained all this to the abbot, and I am extremely sympathetic to the good works the monastery does, and I am willing to make yet another donation. But I'm sorry. There's no way I'm gonna part with this picture.

Samira: But I need it! My daughter's life depends on it!

Elizabeth: Jake left this at your studio?

Franco: Yeah. He said he didn't draw it. He told me that one of his brothers did. Never mind that neither one of them has ever been anywhere near my studio.

Elizabeth: Should I be upset that he's lying or grateful he's terrible at it?

Franco: Uh, let's go with grateful, right? The fact that he's lying about it proves that it's significant.

Elizabeth: I have no idea what these drawings mean, but it's obviously something he's witnessed when he was held captive.

Franco: So, the question is whether it's something literal, something he saw, or if it's a drawing that he made to try and make sense out of something.

Elizabeth: Well, hopefully, he'll open up to André, and we'll figure all this out. Thank you for showing me this.

Jake: Franco? You showed mom my picture?!

Elizabeth: Jake...

Franco: Yeah, no, it -- it -- [Sighs] Jake, I'm sorry.

Jake: I told you not to!

Franco: Your mother needs to know.

Elizabeth: Jake!

Jason: Look, all we know right now is that Julian is alive and he missed his ride out of Port Charles. There's no reason to assume that your mother was with him.

Sam: It's not an accident that her scarf was down here. Even if she did decide to forgive him, I'm not. Jason, I can't. I know what he's done, and I can't pretend otherwise. I'm not gonna allow the same history of family violence to keep repeating. We have to find him and make sure he goes to prison. It's the only way to keep him away from my mother, if he hasn't found her already.

Jason: Okay. We're gonna find him. I promise. He's got nowhere to hide. He has no money. He has no friends to help him.

Sam: Friends!

Jason: What?

Sam: Friends!

Jason: Okay, what are you talking about?

Sam: Oh! Wait a minute. My family...

Jason: What am I missing?

Sam: ...Downloaded the "find my friends" app so we could always find each other. Now it's actually gonna come in handy.

Jason: Interesting. You didn't tell me about this.

Sam: [Clears throat] [Gasps]

Jason: Find anything?


Sam: Yeah. I know where they are. And we need to call the police.

Julian: I don't want to live my life alone, okay? The only life worth living for me is the one with you in it.

Alexis: [Crying] I wish that I could say the same thing, but I can't. My feelings for you are so p-powerful, and they cause so much heartache. Our happily ever after left me so profoundly unhappy that... all I could do was drink and -- and drink.

Julian: I never want that for you again, Alexis.

Alexis: I don't want it for me again. I don't want pain for you, either. I don't want any more pain. And that's the only place that this will lead.

Julian: [Sighs] You know I love you, right?

Alexis: [Sobs]

Julian: I'm always gonna love you, Alexis. It's -- look. I'll tell you what. I'm gonna honor your wishes, okay? I'm gonna leave town.

Alexis: [Sobbing]

Julian: I'll never see you again.

Alexis: [Sniffles] Thank you. Okay.

Julian: Alexis... we still have tonight. Please... just give me tonight.

Alexis: [Breathes heavily]

Larry: There's no need to get rough! You stopped your old man from leaving the property. The painting's back where it belongs. All's right with the world.

Ned: Not even close! Forget about the money you've swindled from my mother over the years. That portrait was the last gift from her father, and you swiped it like you were grabbing a piece of jewelry to pawn!

Larry: I understand your anger, but wouldn't you prefer not to have this conversation in mixed company?

Ned: Olivia is my family, and I can no longer say the same about you.

Olivia: Easy. Easy, Ned. I know you're upset, but don't say something that you can't take back.

Larry: Hear, hear! I knew I liked her. Why don't you listen to your lovely affianced, and, uh, we'll head back inside. I'm more than happy to let bygones be bygones.

Ned: No! Not this time, Father.

Larry: Aah! Look, let's all take a breath. I know your mother's upset now, but just give her a few days. She'll be so busy admiring her portrait that she'll forget all about this evening.

Ned: Somehow, I doubt that.

Larry: I don't. Y-your mother's used to my little schemes, just as I'm used to her less-than-flattering assessment of me. We've been failing each other for years. That's no reason to kick me out of your engagement party.

Ned: Actually, there's a very good reason. You're no longer welcome at my engagement party. Or my wedding.

Larry: Don't say that. Why -- why don't you try and talk him into something sensible?!

Olivia: No, no. Your son knows his own mind. And I support him wholeheartedly.

Larry: You can try to kick me out of your life, Ned, but I'm not going anywhere. Anyway, sooner or later, you'll miss me.

Ned: I wouldn't count on it. Now get out of here. Go.

Dillon: How would that painting save your daughter's life?

Tracy: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Um, before we go any further, Ms. Adin, is it? I'd like to see some identification. Looks authentic enough, but then, I knew a man that could forge any document under the sun.

Samira: Please, I don't have time for this. Look at the visa.

Laura: Yeah. That's a 72-hour emergency visa. It is halfway expired. But your destination is in Virginia.

Samira: There's a charity there. They give aid to refugees. They helped me get the visa.

Monica: Come. Sit down.

Samira: My husband passed away a few years ago. Since then, it's only been my daughter and me. It's been difficult, but we've managed. Then one day... she didn't come home from school. I was frantic. I found her friends, and they told me that two men had grabbed her.

Laura: What did they want? Money?

Samira: They didn't ask for a ransom. Because they never planned on giving her back.

Dillon: Human trafficking. A buddy of mine made a documentary about this. A whole network on the dark web where powerful men are able to buy people.

Laura: You were the woman I heard crying.

Samira: My daughter has been gone for weeks. I didn't know where to turn. The brothers took me in, promised to rescue her.

Tracy: The monks? Excuse me. Why didn't you go to the police? Don't you have police in Turkey?

Samira: No, we do, of course. But their options are limited. So the brothers decided the best strategy was to bid for my daughter ourselves.

Dillon: Those bidders spend a massive amount of money. Where would a monastery find that amount of cash?

Laura: Edward's painting.

Tracy: When the auction fell through, the monks lined up a private buyer.

Samira: The brothers will use the money from the sale to save my daughter and others like her.

Dillon: That's all we need to hear. Mom, give her the painting.

Tracy: [Scoffs] Dillon, wait.

Dillon: For what?! She needs to save her daughter!

Tracy: I have to think about it!

Samira: I'm sorry, but there's no time.

Tracy: If your story is true.

Dillon: Mom, do you really think she's gonna fly all the way here from Turkey on an emergency visa and lie to us?

Tracy: Let me think. For $20 million?! Mm, it's a distinct possibility.

Monica: Wait. Maybe -- maybe there's an alternative. The brothers seem like they're honest men.

Tracy: Yeah. Some of them.

Monica: Well, if they believe Samira's story, maybe we can give them enough money to save her daughter.

Dillon: That sounds fair.

Tracy: You don't understand. Then we would be funding a human-trafficking ring. And while we may be able to justify the moral implications, I'm not so sure that the justice department will see it that way. We could all end up in jail!

Samira: But not if you let me take the painting. No money would change hands. But you'll save my daughter's life.

Ned: Whenever I see my father, I always end up thinking the same thing. How in the world did I spring from the same gene pool as that weaselly con artist?

Olivia: Hey, hey, you know what? Gene pool or no, you are nothing like your father. Good parenting has nothing to do with DNA. And you prove that every time I see you with Leo.

Ned: Speaking of...

Olivia: Hmm?

Ned: I've been doing a little thinking lately.

Olivia: Yeah? About what?

Ned: About us, our family... our future. With Julian gone, I want to be there for Leo.

Olivia: Are you saying that you --

Ned: You asked me before if I wanted to adopt Leo, and my answer got all tied up with whether or not you and I would get married. But if the offer is still on the table, I accept. I would be honored to adopt Leo and become his legal father.

Olivia: Oh! [Laughs]

Alexis: Sam's called a dozen times. I-I have to go home.

Julian: Well... so, this is it, huh?

Alexis: This is it.

Julian: You take care of Sam and Lucas for me. And make sure that Ned does right by Olivia and Leo.

Alexis: I will.

Julian: You better take care of yourself. A lot of people love you, Alexis. Not just me. So, if you feel like having a drink, you've got to call one of those people that loves you, okay?

Alexis: I will. You take care of yourself. I...

Julian: You don't have to say it.

Alexis: Julian.

Julian: I know. Believe me, I know.

[Pounding on door]

Man: Police! Open up!

Jason: Julian Jerome?!

Police: Freeze!

Julian: Sam.

Tracy: I would like to help you, but the portrait was cleared by customs. They know it's in my possession. If it ends up as currency on the black market, I will be responsible.

Dillon: Mother, there has to be something that we can do.

Tracy: Laura, is Robert Scorpio still based outside of Turkey?

Laura: Yes, he is. I can contact him if you'd like.

Tracy: Ask him about human trafficking in that area. Maybe we can find out exactly what happened to Ms. Adin's daughter.

Samira: I swear to you, I'm not lying.

Tracy: Well, hopefully by the morning, we'll have all the details.

Monica: Samira, when was the last time you had something to eat or drink?

Samira: It's been a long trip.

Monica: Well, say no more. I'm going to have our cook fix you something to eat, and then we'll find a spare bedroom for you to spend the night.

Samira: Thank you. You are very kind. But I couldn't possibly impose.

Monica: You are not imposing. I insist. Besides, it is my house. Now, say no more. Now, Dillon and Kiki, would you find her a suitable room?

Dillon: Of course.

Kiki: Yeah.

Monica: Really. It'll be just fine.

Tracy: I think it's morning in Turkey.

Laura: Oh, okay. I will give Robert a call. But, you know what? Remember the woman that I heard crying and how the monks pleaded with us to leave the painting with them? I think this woman might be telling the truth. And you may very well be the only one who can help her.

Elizabeth: He wasn't by the water fountain.

Franco: Not in the doctors' lounge, either.

Elizabeth: Well, where could he be?

Franco: Don't worry about it. This place is crawling with security. Trust me -- whenever you don't want to be found, they show up.

Elizabeth: Franco, this is how it all started. I turned my back on him for one second, and he was gone.

Franco: Okay, look. Dr. Maddox -- check his office. Maybe he went there to hide.

Elizabeth: Right. Okay. I'll check.

Jake: Go away.

Franco: You found a great hiding spot.

Jake: I don't want to talk to you.

Franco: Yeah. I get it. I wouldn't want to talk to me, either. [Sighs] You know, your mom's really worried about you. That's the only reason I did that.

Jake: You shouldn't have done it. I don't want her or Dad knowing anything more about the scarecrow.

Sam: Mom, are you okay?

Alexis: I'm all right.

Sam: I was so worried about you.

Officer: This your accomplice?

Julian: No. My hostage.

Officer: This is patrol unit 24. We have eyes on Julian Jerome at the Rendezvous Motel. Request backup immediately.

Julian: That won't be necessary, gentlemen.

[Handcuffs clink]

Julian: I'm all yours.

Officer: Julian Jerome, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Samira: Ms. Quartermaine, please believe me. I'm only here to save my daughter.

Tracy: I understand, but you have to understand that that painting means a great deal to me.

Samira: I have two things which may convince you. Perhaps you recognize these?

Tracy: My father had a ring like this. What's this? Should I open it? Oh, my God. [Turns page] It's his handwriting. [Gasps] Oh, my God! It's my mother. What are you doing with this? Where did you get this? Did you get this from the monks? Why didn't they give it to me when they gave me the painting?

Samira: I didn't get them from the monks. I got them from my mother. Your father left them with her.

Tracy: Why would he do that?

Samira: She said they were friends, that he was a kind man. I am sure he would want you to help me.

Monica: Samira, your room is ready, and I'll take you upstairs.

Samira: Thank you. You'll see, Ms. Quartermaine, I'm telling you the truth.

Tracy: Your ring. Your journal. She has blue eyes, Daddy. Don't you do this to me!

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