GH Transcript Thursday 4/13/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 4/13/17


Episode #13784 ~ André admits he's heartbroken to Anna; Brad betrays Finn by going to Monica; Olivia needlessly worries about Dante's reaction to her engagement to Ned.

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Brad: Dr. Quartermaine, we need to talk right now.

Monica: Brad, you can do what everybody else does, and that is call my assistant and make an appointment. [Sighs] With all due respect, you probably couldn't squeeze me in for weeks. Okay? And -- and -- in that time, the hospital could sustain untold damage, to say nothing about our patients.

Monica: Damages? Exactly what kind of damages?

Brad: [Scoffs] I suspect it might take the form of a blockbuster malpractice suit, courtesy of one, shall we say, impaired doctor.

Hayden: What do you think you're doing?

Finn: Getting dressed.

Hayden: Not in that you're not. It's all bloody.

Finn: Well, beggars can't be choosers. Better bloody than shirtless, I think, as I go to explain to Monica why I have to check into rehab.

Hayden: Here. Fresh from Wyndham's. Now you won't have to face Monica half-naked.

Finn: So, now I have to bare my soul. It's about the hardest thing in the world for a guy like me to do.

Ned: Hello, gorgeous.

Olivia: [Chuckles] You better back off. You're touching an engaged lady right now.

Ned: Now, that wasn't meant to be a test, but I like what I heard.

Olivia: [Laughs] Good morning.

Ned: Morning. Are you ready for a surprise?

Olivia: Mm, good or bad?

Ned: That depends.

Olivia: Okay.

Ned: I talked to my mother this morning. And I told her we were engaged. And she said... she was happy for us.

Olivia: Your mother?

Ned: Mm-hmm.

Olivia: Even after she knows that I turned you down the first time?

Ned: Mm-hmm.

Olivia: I was not expecting that.

Ned: Neither was I. This trip must have put her in a sentimental mood. Huh. But whatever the reason, I believe she was being quite genuine.

Olivia: Okay. Uh... but I'm curious. How could I take that as anything other than good news?

Ned: I told her in person, which means she's back in town.

Olivia: Your mother doesn't scare me. 12 years with scary nuns toughens a person up. Besides, your mother isn't our most challenging test. That's still ahead of us.

Lulu: Yeah, I'm still prepping for the first supervised visit with Charlotte. Actually, I decided to let Rocco go on that play date after all. Mm. I don't know. I didn't want to overwhelm Charlotte on our first visit. Okay. Yes. I will call you right after. I will give you a full report. Okay. Love you, Mom. Bye. The house is clean. I've got all the fixings for cranberry scones. I've got toys. I've got arts and crafts. Do I sound like a crazy person?

Dante: No. No, you sound like an excited, nervous... conscientious mother who wants to connect with her daughter and show the social worker what we all know, is that you're an excellent parent.

Lulu: Right. Well, if I've got it so under control, then why do I feel like I'm forgetting something?

Dante: 'Cause you're forgetting to take a break.

Lulu: [Sighs]

Dante: You know what you're doing. You got this.

Lulu: Maybe on my end. But I'm sure that Valentin has all sorts of plans to spoil this visit.

Valentin: I am a bad influence.

Nina: Since when?

Valentin: Since you decided to skip work to come home to kiss me.

Nina: I'm not complaining. I wish it would stay like this all day.

Valentin: Well, there's no reason we can't.

Nina: What would Anna Devane think? [Chuckles]

Valentin: Okay, why did you have to say that?

Nina: All right, listen. [Sighs] In every aspect of your life -- with Charlotte, with all the people in town who hate you -- I believe you. I completely believe you. But when it comes to Anna Devane, I think that your judgment is off. I think you see what you want to see. Think of this. Anna comes here. She says she's sorry and that she was wrong, and she'll never see you again. The next day, she sends a note via messenger. In what world is that disengaging?

Valentin: To be clear, I was not implying that you need to trust Anna Devane, because I certainly don't. She's part of my past. I can't change that. But you and Charlotte? You're my family. Keeping you safe and happy, that's my only priority. Now, speaking of Charlotte, Ms. Watkins, the social worker, is gonna be here any minute, so...

Nina: What is that? It's nice.

Valentin: My watch.

Nina: It's nice. I don't -- I haven't seen it before. Where'd you get it?

[Anna is listening in]

Ned: Olivia, I completely understand. I have been married before. And this is your first wedding, so whatever you want to do, I will happily go along -- big wedding, small wedding. You have nothing to worry about.

Olivia: Ned, I am not talking about the ceremony.

Ned: Oh. Well, then, what's the most challenging part?

Olivia: I'm talking about my son. And I don't mean Leo.

Lulu: I know in my heart that Valentin is doing everything in his power to sabotage today's visit. And probably every other visit for the next six months.

Dante: He probably is.

Lulu: What? That was the part where you're supposed to tell me there's nothing Valentin could do to shake the bond between a mother and daughter and that I should stop worrying and just focus on my time with Charlotte.

Dante: Look, I'd be lying to you if I thought he was just gonna sit back and let you bond with Charlotte. Telling you not to worry, I'd feel like a hypocrite.

Lulu: Since when are you worried?

Dante: Since always.

Lulu: What? You haven't said anything about that.

Dante: I'm trying to be strong here for you, okay? What good is it gonna do you if I tell you how badly I want Charlotte to be here with us and a part of our family with Rocco?

Lulu: It does more good than you'd think. Um, one, it's a relief to know that I'm not scared all by myself.

Dante: And two?

Lulu: I have so much nervous energy about today, and I seriously can't clean this kitchen for a fifth time.

Dante: [Chuckles]

Lulu: So, now I can put that energy to good use. Mm-hmm. Let me be the strong one for once.


Nina: The watch is beautiful. Is it an antique?

Valentin: No, it's new. Just made to look old.

Nina: Really? How come I haven't seen it before?

Anna: Oh. You don't want your wife to know I gave it to you. See? [Chuckles]

Valentin: I just bought it.

Nina: You were shopping?

Valentin: Online.

Anna: Liar.

Valentin: Your gift is considerably more elaborate.

Nina: Well, just because you got yourself something doesn't mean you have to give me something.

Valentin: No, no, no. I wanted to get you something that I knew you'd enjoy. And I wanted to apologize.

Nina: For what?

Valentin: I didn't know how to talk to you about Anna, so I just kept quiet. I was stupid. It was a mistake, and I'm sorry. I just should have been straight with you -- the way you always are with me.

Nina: Normally, I am straight with you, but I left out some information. I went to see Anna.

Anna: Oh. It's about time. Come on, then.

Nina: After you showed me that note, I went and confronted her.

Valentin: And? What happened?

Nina: I kicked her ass.

Anna: Oh, as if. [Scoffs] Okay, I want to release you, but not until you're calm. Are you calm?

Nina: [Muffled] I've been calmer.

[Doorbell rings]

Anna: Oh. [Laughs softly]

André: You're definitely a sight for sore eyes.

Hayden: If it helps at all, I have found Monica to be a pretty reasonable person. And I'm the money person. [Laughs softly]

Finn: I don't know what that means. Well, usually, the chief of staff is the chief penny pincher. We're adversaries. It's not like she's talking to another doctor. But she will be with you, so that's got to bode well.

Finn: You don't have to do this.

Hayden: It's too late. It's already done.

Finn: No, I mean about the pep talk. I-I appreciate it, I do, but I have to face the reality that my professional future is at stake.

Hayden: You had an illness. I'm sure Monica will see it like that.

Finn: No. She's gonna see me as a doctor who practiced under the influence and put the hospital's reputation at risk.

Hayden: Well, the hospital wouldn't be open if it weren't for you. Licensing your cure to Biospen is what kept the doors open. And if Monica doesn't factor that into the equation, then she doesn't deserve you.

Finn: Thanks for the shirt, Hayden.

Hayden: I'd say "good luck," but I know you don't need it.

[Door closes]

Finn: Oh, well, that's one way to project vulnerability. Hi, Brad.

Brad: [Exhales sharply]

Monica: Dr. Finn? Come in. And close the door. I want this conversation to be private.

Hayden: Oh, hey, Brad. Good news. I've, uh -- I've green-lit your request for new lab equipment.

Brad: Really? I thought GH's money was tight.

Hayden: Well, I wouldn't be very good at my job if I can't find funds for vital equipment.

Brad: Oh, so, you can find a way to pay for new equipment, just not for the people who operate it.

Hayden: Excuse me?

Brad: You kept me from getting a raise...I deserved.

Hayden: Oh. Well, I wasn't aware that, uh, Monica was making that public yet, but we're not singling you out, Brad. Nobody's getting a yearly raise. And I'm sure everyone will be disappointed, but GH. Isn't on solid footing yet.

Brad: Maybe if a hotshot doctor got fired, that would free up funds for raises.

Hayden: I talk to Monica every day. She didn't mention anything about letting any doctors go.

Brad: Huh. Well, that should be changing any minute now. And it couldn't be happening to a more deserving jerk.

Finn: Brad seems edgier than usual.

Monica: Well, we just had a rather difficult conversation.

Finn: Oh, yeah? Did my name come up?

Monica: Look, Dr. Finn, let me just say. You know, a hospital is like any other workplace. It's got conflicts. It's got rivalries. And with conflicts, comes talk. And I don't give credence to gossip.

Finn: It's not gossip if it's the truth. I imagine my decision to confess has come about an hour too late.

Monica: Confess?

Finn: You've always been good to me. I regret not coming to you sooner, Monica. But I'm here now, to let you know that I'm an addict.

André: I ran into Griffin at the hospital, and he told me you were back in town, so I thought I'd say hello.

[Door closes]

Anna: Yes. I got your call, but I wasn't able to take it. I'm sorry. I couldn't pick up.

André: Oh, is this a bad time?

Anna: It's not the best.

André: I'm sorry. I should have waited for you to return the call. Forgive the intrusion.

Anna: No, no. It's okay. I can take a few minutes off. Sure.

André: Are you sure? You weren't in the middle of something?

Anna: I can take a break.

Valentin: Nina, Anna's a trained agent. I don't know if I'd provoke her.

Nina: Oh, okay. Well, what's most important here is I made my position very clear -- hands off my man.

Valentin: Is that so? You're willing to fight for me.

Nina: With everything I've got. Don't ever forget that.

Charlotte: Papa?

Valentin: Hello, Ms. Watkins. Good to see you again. You're here to take Charlotte for her visit with Lulu.

Charlotte: Papa, no. I don't want to go.

Valentin: [Exhales sharply]

Lulu: Everything is going to be fine. It's just gonna take time.

Dante: It will.

Lulu: I'm not saying that it's gonna be easy, because it definitely won't be.

Dante: No, it won't.

Lulu: The deck is stacked against us.

Dante: Do they get stacked any other way?

Lulu: We will make it through it. It's what we do.

Dante: It's who we are.

[Cell phone buzzing]

Lulu: Oh. Charlotte and the social worker will be here in, like, 15 minutes.

Dante: Okay. I'm gonna get out of your hair.

Lulu: You're leaving?

Dante: Yeah. I think you made the right choice by sending Rocco over to Asher's. It's her first visit. You don't want to overwhelm Charlotte with too many people here. Unless you want me to stay.

Lulu: I do. But I also think that you're probably right. Next time, I definitely want you here.

Dante: Okay. Well, it's whatever you want. Up to you. Okay? I won't go far. You know where to find me.

Lulu: Well, look for the bat-signal.

Dante: Okay.

Lulu: [Chuckles]

Valentin: Charlotte, we discussed this.

Charlotte: I'm busy. My bears and I are having a tea party.

Nina: What?! I wasn't invited to that?

Charlotte: You're not a bear, silly.

Nina: Oh, okay. Well, I'm just gonna have my own tea party with my pony friends.

Charlotte: Can I come?

Nina: Hmm. I suppose you can come. You can even invite your rude bear friends, and I can teach them a thing or two about good manners.

Charlotte: Yay. Can we have it right now?

Nina: Oh, gosh. It's gonna take me a while to prepare. At least an hour. About as long as you're gonna be gone. But you know what? When you come back, it'll be all ready. It'll give you something to look forward to, right?

Charlotte: Well, as long as there's almond milk. My bears do not like soy.

Nina: Oh, they don't? Wow, those bears are as picky as they are rude, aren't they?

Valentin: Amuse-toi bien, ma petite. Nina et moi serons exactement ici en t'attendant. [Have fun, little one. Nina and I will be exactly here waiting for you.]

Ned: I can say, with a high degree of certainty, that Dante is not going to have a problem with us getting married.

Olivia: Ned... [Clears throat] When a boy grows up, with only his mother, and father figures and uncles all over the place, but no actual father, he tends to be very protective of that relationship, if you know what I mean.

Ned: Are you telling me that Dante is a mama's boy?

Olivia: Oh! Bite your tongue. No. I -- [Scoffs] I'm just saying that he has very high standards where I'm concerned, okay?

Ned: Oh. Well, too bad I didn't think about talking to him first before I popped the question.

Olivia: You know what? Dante's gonna come around, okay? He just might take a little bit of time and hand holding to accept the fact that I'm really making a strong commitment and that --

Dante: What commitment would that be?

Olivia: [Sighs]

Hayden: If Monica is planning on firing someone, why wouldn't she tell me?

Brad: [Scoffs] Well, look at that. See? You're not the all-knowing overlord you make yourself out to be.

Hayden: Cut the crap, Brad. Who's getting fired?

Brad: I'll give you a hint. The odds of you becoming part of a two-income household in the near future are about to take a serious hit.

Hayden: The doctor getting fired is Finn?

Finn: When I contracted Blackwood's, as you know there was no cure, Zekenestrol was the only thing keeping me alive. The drug is highly addictive, and illegal in this country. But I didn't think I had a choice. I always intended to quit when I was cured, but... I tried. I...I tried, but I couldn't. I was dependant.

Monica: I had, uh -- I-I had no idea. But I'm glad you came to me.

Finn: I assumed Brad would have told you most of this.

Monica: Well, he -- he told me his version, but I don't act on his word alone.

Finn: Well, I don't think you would have been in the dark much longer. My problem is starting to catch up with me.

Monica: Are the injuries you have a result of that?

Finn: Yes. I, uh... I thought I could -- I thought I could detox myself. It's not one of my better ideas. But last night I was hurt and lonely and the addiction was strong. And it -- I went down to the docks looking to score.

Monica: Well, is -- is Zekenestrol the only drug you're on?

Finn: No. I had prescription for painkillers. And when that prescription ran out, I, on one occasion, took meds from the hospital.

Monica: Dr. Finn, were you ever under the influence when you were on duty?

Finn: Yes. My patients never suffered, but, if I'm being honest, that had more to do with my own dumb luck.

Monica: Well, you're running out of time.

Finn: I know I'm in no position to ask, but... I out of a job?

Monica: I would say that your job is the least of your problems at the moment.

Lulu: [Exhales sharply] Hi, Charlotte. Hello, Ms. Watkins.

Ms. Watkins: Hello.

Lulu: Well, please, come in.

Ms. Watkins: Enjoy your time with Charlotte. And as much as possible, pretend I'm not here.

Lulu: Thank you. Come in. You know what? We should go check out the playroom. Lots of toys with your name on it.

Charlotte: No, thank you.

Lulu: Okay. Maybe later. Oh, you know what? We have a swing set in our backyard.

Charlotte: I don't enjoy swings. Thank you.

Lulu: I don't like merry-go-rounds. Seriously. They kind of give me a stomach ache. [Chuckles] Okay, Charlotte, uh -- you know? Whatever you like. We have games. We have arts and crafts. Wh-- whatever you want.

Charlotte: I want to go home to Papa and Nina.

Nina: Do you want to help me with my pony tea party?

Valentin: [Exhales sharply]

Nina: I'll do it myself. Ponies are kind of low maintenance. You want to talk about Anna? I understand if you're angry about me going to see her.

Valentin: No, the only thing on my mind right now is my daughter. Whether Anna Devane legitimately wants peace with me doesn't matter. It's not like she can do anything to us anyway.

Anna: So, I was just doing a little research.

André: Audio files?

Anna: Uh... oh, background music to keep me company.

André: Oh, anything good?

Anna: Mozart.

André: I love Mozart. One more thing we have in common.

Anna: I know you didn't come over here to talk about classical music. Is something troubling you?

André: [Chuckles] You don't beat around the bush, do you? I, uh -- I bumped into Jordan this morning. She was with Curtis.

Anna: And?

André: It's just not a lot of fun to run into your ex with her new lover.

Anna: Oh, yeah. No. It must have stung. Yeah.

André: I'm just not sure if it hurt more because I miss her or because deep down I knew she wanted someone else.

Anna: Well, would it have helped knowing? Pain is pain, right?

André: I suppose there's merit in that. Just not a lot of satisfaction.

Anna: Nothing that a little time and, um... maybe some comfort food wouldn't cure. How about a spot of tea?

André: Listen to you. Your trip home refreshed you with some Briticisms. You'll have to tell me all about it.

Anna: Oh, there's nothing to tell. I'll be right back. Do you want Earl Grey, or... what do you think you're doing?

André: I was curious which Mozart composition you were listening to.

Valentin: I really don't think this is gonna work.

Nina: But you won't know until you try. There's nothing you'd rather be doing?

Nina: Well, there's lots of things I'd rather be doing.

André: I'm sorry. I'm not familiar with that requiem. What's it called?

Anna: You had no right to listen in on that.

André: Well, in my defense, I thought I was going to be hearing music -- Mozart, specifically. Instead, I hear a private conversation between Valentin Cassadine and his wife? What the hell are you doing, Anna?

Anna: I'm going on the offensive.

André: Against Valentin?

Anna: I'm taking him down.

Nina: King me.

Valentin: I told you I hate this game.

Nina: [Chuckles] Correction -- you hate losing this game. Your head's not in it.

Valentin: Well, my head and my heart are with my daughter. I know that these visits are necessary evils, but Charlotte doesn't know that. Lulu scares her and for good reason. She's obsessed with Charlotte. She doesn't even see her as a real person. She just sees her as a possession, "her" daughter.

Nina: Lulu's not gonna do anything outrageous with the social worker there.

Valentin: Well, I want Lulu to fail, but I don't want Lulu's failure to hurt Charlotte, so I don't know how I'm gonna make it through the next six months.

Nina: I do. I know. You're not gonna do it alone.

Charlotte: Ms. Watkins? I'd like to go home. Now. Please.

Ms. Watkins: I know this is new and scary for you, Charlotte, but we're gonna stick around a little longer.

Charlotte: But I don't like it here.

Lulu: It's so hard to visit a place you don't know. Everything's so new. Even the food tastes different. You know, when I travel, I like to bring a treat with me to remind me of home.

Charlotte: Like what?

Lulu: Hm. Usually chocolate-chip cookies.

Charlotte: I like cranberry scones.

Lulu: You do? Okay. I tried to make them once. It did not go well.

Charlotte: Maybe you mixed it too much.

Lulu: You're probably right. I was thinking about making them again. For a tea party that I'm having. 'Cause you can't have a tea party without good scones. But how will I make scones without a good mixer?

Charlotte: I could be your mixer.

Lulu: Really?

Charlotte: Can I come to the party?

Lulu: You drive a hard bargain, but sure. You got a deal. [Chuckles] [Sighs]

Hayden: What do you know about Finn?

Finn: Well, I know your boyfriend has a drug addiction and needs help. And now Monica knows too.

Hayden: You told Monica?

Brad: [Scoffs] Okay, see, it was a surprise to her but clearly not to you. So, how long have you known about your boyfriend's dependency, hm? You're supposed to be looking out for GH's financial health, and yet, you're allowing Finn to place patients' lives in jeopardy and risk how many millions in lawsuits?

Monica: It's not going to be easy getting off this drug and staying off it. Dealing with it has to be your first and only priority.

Finn: I know that. I've been looking into rehab treatment centers.

Monica: Well, General Hospital has an excellent outpatient program.

Finn: I know. I was thinking I -- I -- I didn't want to get treatment where I work -- or, worked.

Monica: Okay. All right. But you pick one, and you go, and you go today. You humble yourself, and you seek help, because you can't do this alone.

Finn: I know that now. You'd think a doctor would know this already.

Monica: Oh, well...[Laughs] You and I both know. I mean, doctors are the worst offenders when it comes to addictions, because they think they are all above the rules, because -- well, because they made the rules. I know. I know from experience. I've been sober since 2008.

Finn: I had no idea.

Monica: Well, when you come back after rehab, you can go to a meeting, and I will tell you all about it.

Finn: [Scoffs] Yeah. Assuming I survive rehab.

Monica: Oh, I did. You can do it, too.

Finn: Still can't help wondering, will I still be a doctor when I do?

Olivia: Um, I-I thought that this was, uh, Charlotte's first visit. I thought that you would be there for that.

Dante: Yeah, we, uh, we decided we didn't want it to be too overwhelming for Charlotte with too many people there, so Lulu's gonna do this one solo.

Olivia: Okay.

Dante: I had the time off. Thought I'd, uh, come spend it with my mother.

Olivia: Well, you look hungry. You know what? I'm gonna get you something to eat.

Dante: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. What's with the rock?

Ned: Dante, I, uh, proposed to your mother. She said yes. We're getting married. Is that gonna be a problem for you? Because Olivia seems to think that this is not going to be an easy sell. So let's hear it.

Dante: Well, what di-- what did you say?

Olivia: Well, I just said, growing up, you and I, we only had each other. You know, we -- we -- we learned to have each other's backs. You know, we rely on each other. And -- and now I'm gonna be relying on someone else. I just thought that maybe you would have some concerns about that.

Dante: I just want what's best for you, Ma.

Olivia: Ned is what's best for me. He loves Leo like he was his own son. He treats me like an equal. He's the man that I love. And -- and -- I know that you worry about me, but now you don't have to.

Dante: Well, Ned or no Ned, I'm -- I'm still gonna worry about you, Ma. But it is nice to know I won't be the only one.

Monica: I think we're gonna get our final answer now. Once you have started your program, I'd like to stop by and lend my support.

[Elevator dings]

Finn: Thank you. That means a lot.

Monica: Good luck.

Finn: Thanks.

Hayden: Hey. I have to tell you something. Brad knows everything.

Finn: I know. I know. He -- he -- he got to Monica before I did.

Hayden: And did she fire you?

Finn: She told me to get into rehab and focus on getting healthy.

Hayden: Yeah, but does that mean you'll have a job to come back to?

Finn: No, not exactly.

Hayden: What does that mean?

Finn: It means I should have given Monica more credit for being a caring boss. She couldn't promise me that my job was safe. She told me when I come back, once I complete rehab, I'd have to go before a medical review board. She did seem to indicate that if the board approved, she'd have me back.

Hayden: Well, that's a start.

Finn: Yeah. Now I only have one unresolved situation. After I get out of rehab, what happens between you and me?

Charlotte: What should we do while the scones are baking?

Lulu: Hm. Let's see. What should we do. All right, think. I just sat on something wedged in between... the couch cushions. What is this?

Charlotte: An Easter egg!

Lulu: What? It's not Easter until Sunday.

Charlotte: Here's another one.

Lulu: [Gasps] Is it possible that the Easter bunny came early?

Charlotte: One more.

Lulu: Ok-- look, look, look. I bet there are some hidden outside. Should we go have an Easter-egg hunt?

Charlotte: Yes, please.

Lulu: Okay. [Exhales sharply]

Charlotte: I'm supposed to hold a grownup's hand when I go someplace new.

Lulu: That is a good rule. Let's go.

[Both chuckle]

Valentin: Ms. Watkins should have checked in by now.

Nina: Well, I'm sure if there was a problem, we would have heard something.

Valentin: [Sighs] Lulu doesn't know what Charlotte likes, doesn't like. She doesn't know what sets her off, how to calm her when she's upset.

Nina: Yeah, Lulu doesn't know Charlotte's preferences. She didn't bother to ask. And I think, as a responsible parent, you should go over there and let her know.

Valentin: You are a genius.

Nina: Go. You're wasting time.

André: Your research into Valentin is getting really aggressive.

Anna: Well, he's a threat. And dealing with him is on me.

André: Well, the last time we talked, you wondered if maybe you were the threat.

Anna: I've since learned that there's a lot more to it.

André: So, your fact-finding mission was successful.

Anna: Yeah. I met with a WSB expert, and he helped me piece together the story.

André: Now I'm disappointed in myself.

Anna: Oh.

André: I thought our sessions were so thorough.

Anna: No, come on.

André: We left no stone unturned.

Anna: You can't blame yourself. Because the memory was so traumatic, it was buried so deep, it took a lot to dredge it up, okay?

André: What did you find?

Anna: Well, that -- [Sighs] That it's all of the utmost secrecy to the WSB. Just take my word on it. Valentin is a criminal, and I have to bring him to justice.

André: And how do you intend to do that?

Anna: [Exhales sharply]

Brad: Dr. Quartermaine.

Monica: Brad, I told you I was busy.

Brad: How could you just let Finn off the hook like that?

Monica: General Hospital does not show a staff member to the door just because he or she is ill.

Brad: No, was -- was ill. Finn had Blackwood's and discovered the cure. Finn stayed on Zen-Zen 'cause he's a junky.

Monica: Well, GH also has a holistic policy, when it comes to a staff member that has a chemical dependency.

Brad: [Scoffs] He was treating patients while he was high. What -- what if one of them had died?

Monica: Well, when he gets out of rehab, he will have to go in front of the board. They will decide whether he is fired or he's retained.

Brad: What? Retained? Why isn't he gonna lose his medical license?

Monica: Well, he -- he won't. But you know, all humans are flawed, brad -- you, me, dr. Finn. But Finn happened to discover a cure for a very rare disease. And that research generated the money that saved this hospital.

Brad: [Scoffs] And Finn did that research single-handedly, right? Wow. It's like he's superman.

Monica: Oh, no. He always made it very clear that you were invaluable with his research.

Brad: He told you that, did he? Yeah. Well, then, you must be the first and only one.

Monica: Well, I want to thank you. Thank you for coming to me with your concern about Finn. I think he got a hint that you were on to him, and that's why he came to me to open up. You very well may have saved his career, even his life. Thank you so much.

Brad: [Sighs]

Finn: Relax. I don't have any expectations that you'll be waiting for me after I get out of rehab. I know I put you through an emotional ringer. And if I'm being honest, there's probably more bad stuff down the line. I don't know how rehab's gonna go. I've been on this junk for so long, I don't even remember how I am off of it. You might not even like me when I'm sober.

Hayden: I agree with Monica. Let's get you healthy. And we'll deal with the rest later, okay? Just get better.

Olivia: Wait, am I hearing this right? We've got your blessing?

Dante: Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. You had my blessing when Ned came and told me he wanted to marry you.

Olivia: You what?

Ned: Well, to be fair, I wasn't looking for his permission, as much as an explanation for why you turned me down.

Olivia: [Exhales sharply]

Dante: It's about time you had a good guy, Ma. And more important than that, Ned is deserving of you. Welcome to the family, Ned.

Ned: Thank you.

André: Anna.

Anna: All right, I'm not gonna beat around the bush. If -- if I had wanted to kill Valentin, he would be dead by now.

André: Oh, and that's supposed to make me feel better?

Anna: His death isn't the point. He has to pay for his crimes, legally.

André: How?

Anna: [Exhales sharply]

André: How, Anna?

Anna: Well, by -- by playing into his ego. Now I understand his version of the events -- you know, that I wronged him, and that that has shaped his entire life. I can use that to get close to him. You see? And -- and I can conduct surveillance and lull him into a false sense of security and perhaps even get a confession out of him.

André: But this is a dangerous game you're playing.

Anna: I'm not playing a game. It's my job. And I'm doing it.

André: Okay, but you don't have to do it alone.

Anna: I do-- I'm not. I have the WSB backing me up.

André: Well, I've got clearance with the bureau.

Anna: No, not high enough. [Exhales sharply] I've told you too much already. That's --

André: What? You don't want my help?

Anna: No. I don't.

André: I'm your friend.

André: I don't want you involved in this at all. If Valentin sees through me, then he's gonna retaliate, and I don't want you hurt. I care about you. And I don't want you to talk about this with anybody. Not with Robert, any of your WSB colleagues -- no one. You understand? There could be dangerous repercussions. So you have to keep this between us. You promise? You won't tell anyone?

André: Okay. I promise.

Charlotte: There was a real, live bunny.

Lulu: I know. I forgot to tell you that we have tons of bunnies in the woods right around this house.

Charlotte: Did you see how it went hopping to its mommy?

Lulu: I know. It was so cute.

Charlotte: Can we look for the bunnies next time I visit?

Lulu: Absolutely. Any time you want.

Nina: "Time heals all wounds."

On the next "General Hospital" --

Jason (to Alexis): So, you think somebody broke into your home, turned on a light, and stole a photograph?

Charlotte: Papa, wait! I'm ready to go now.

Dante (to Lucy): Did you notice the perp stealing a bottle of prescription pills?

Sonny (to Michael): I'm thinking I'm gonna kill somebody.

Carly (to Jax): Nelle says that she has something that she wants to talk to me about.

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