GH Transcript Tuesday 4/11/17

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 4/11/17


Episode #13782 ~ Finn grows desperate and reaches out to Hayden who decides to move on and makes a pass at Curtis; Sonny discovers that Carly slept with Jax and lashes out.

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Rocco: Special delivery!

Dante: Rocco. What's this, man?

Lulu: Well, we got tired of waiting for you to come home to try our cookies, so we decided to bring them to you.

Rocco: Surprise!

Dante: I love surprises!

Rocco: And cookies.

Dante: And you. Come here. Get over here. Rrr! You having a good day?

Lulu: [Chuckles]

Dante: I love you. Thank you. Hey, why don't you go run around and see if you can find a criminal and arrest him?

Rocco: Okay.

Dante: All right.

Lulu: I hope it's okay that we just dropped in on you.

Dante: Yeah. You kidding me?

Lulu: [Chuckles]

Dante: It's a little late for him, no?

Lulu: Well, he was so excited about the visit with Charlotte. He wanted to do something special for his sister.

Dante: Sure, he did.

Lulu: So it was a good thing, if you think about it, that the social worker had to postpone. I got all of the toys that I bought for Charlotte wrapped, and now we have cookies that are frosted in all of her favorite colors. So I think that the extra day was really a gift.

Dante: Lulu.

Lulu: What?

Dante: What are you afraid of?

Hayden: Whoo-hoo! Nice ass! Think you could run it by me again?

Curtis: [Chuckles] Hey.

Hayden: Hey.

Curtis: What are you doing out here?

Hayden: Enjoying the view.

Curtis: Oh. You like that, right?

Hayden: Mm-hmm. [Chuckles] Sit. Take a breather.

Curtis: I haven't finished my 10,000 steps.

Hayden: I won't tell anyone.

Curtis: [Chuckles] You wasted?

Hayden: Nope. But I'm getting there.

Curtis: [Sighs]

Hayden: Want some?

Curtis: I suppose I got to stay hydrated.

Hayden: That's the spirit. Ha! Spirit, spirits -- get it?

Curtis: Mm. So, what are you really doing out here?

Hayden: Hiding.

Curtis: From?

Hayden: Finn.

Curtis: [Sighs] Please tell me he didn't relapse again.

Hayden: No. At least I don't think so.

Curtis: Then why are you trying to avoid him?

Hayden: Because I want us to get back together... and I'm scared he'll say yes.

Finn: [Sighs] Forget rehab. Forget detox. Forget everything. This is all I need. [Laughs] Ah.

Carly: Sonny, I really don't want to do this.

Sonny: I don't think you heard me, Carly. I didn't have sex with Nelle. It was a lie. I wasn't unfaithful to you.

Alexis: Hello? Is somebody here?

[Lock disengages]

Alexis: [Gasps]

Kristina: Mom, it's just me!

Alexis: Oh!

[Door closes]

Alexis: Kristina, good God.

Kristina: A laptop? Really?

Alexis: [Sighs] It's the closest thing I could find.

Kristina: For what? Why are you so freaked out?

Curtis: So, how did you and Finn leave things?

Hayden: I didn't leave things. I left him... with a list of only the best rehab centers.

Curtis: But you just couldn't stay away, right?

Hayden: I'm worried about him.

Curtis: Look, I know... I know Finn hurt you when he was detoxing.

Hayden: Physically and emotionally.

Curtis: Yeah. Whoa, whoa. You're cut off.

Hayden: Party pooper.

Curtis: [Chuckles] Look, all I can say is that I wanted to kill the guy for putting hands on you, but, Hayden, he's legit. That dude don't remember anything from the other night.

Hayden: Yeah, well, I'll never forget. He called me out, Curtis. Like, out out.

Curtis: Called you out on what?

Hayden: Everything. Every little insecurity I have, he shined a big, bright spotlight on it. He said he didn't trust me.

Curtis: Hayden, the man was out of his mind.

Hayden: No, it was the truth. Otherwise, the thought wouldn't have been in his head. But it was, because he said it.

Curtis: All right. Finn is a mess.

Hayden: [Sighs]

Curtis: I mean [Sighs] The next morning, he was sick to his stomach for the way he hurt you. The guy loves you.

Hayden: Are you saying that I should take him back?

Curtis: Not until he puts his sorry ass in rehab. And recovery is a long road.

Hayden: Mm. You would know.

Curtis: Yeah. Finn was hooked on some pretty serious stuff, and you can't fix that or save him.

Hayden: That's what I said.

Curtis: If you try, you're gonna wind up losing yourself.

[Cell phone rings]

Hayden: Mm. Hello?

[Ringing continues]

Hayden: Right. It's Finn.

Curtis: Answer it.

Hayden: Hey. Are you okay?

Finn: [Breathes deeply] Not really.

Hayden: Where are you?

Finn: My room. I was wondering if you would come over.

Hayden: Did you call any of those rehab centers?

Finn: Please. Please, I just need to see you.

Hayden: Finn.

Finn: We can work this out. I promise. I just really need to see you.

Carly: Why are you doing this to me? I know you slept with Nelle. I heard the recording, Sonny.

Sonny: Nelle recorded us talking about it the morning after, but she didn't record us having sex. That should have been the first clue. A girl who's coldhearted enough to set me up would have recorded the act itself. That's a way to break you. But she couldn't get me to have sex with her. Hell, she had to drug me to get me in bed with her.

Carly: She drugged you?

Sonny: Remember I told you that I blacked out that night? That I don't remember anything except her coming in and the morning after? I thought that I was so drunk that I blacked out, but that should have been another clue, because I've been drinking my whole life -- drinking myself to sleep, drinking myself unconscious. I never blacked out. Except with Nelle. She drugged me.

Carly: Okay. Do you have proof, or is this just your theory?

Sonny: She came to my house an hour ago, and she confessed. So, see? We don't have to fight anymore. It's over. We can just be together.

Lulu: I don't really know what you mean. Afraid? I can't wait to have Charlotte all to myself without Nina and Valentin hovering around. It'll give me a chance to get to know her. She'll get to know you and Rocco. I'm thrilled.

Dante: Okay. Just coming across like you're a little bit nervous, and there's really no reason to be nervous about it.

Rocco: Dad! Try a cookie!

Dante: Yeah? Really? Okay. Which one should I try? This one right here? That one? Did you make this one?

Lulu: They're really delicious, right?

Dante: Mmm!

Lulu: Right?

Dante: Whoo! That is the best cookie I've ever had. Mm.

Lulu: [Chuckles] Hey. Rocco put extra salt in when I wasn't looking. A lot of extra salt.

Dante: I can taste it.

Lulu: Yeah.

Dante: [Clears throat] Have you had one of those?

Lulu: I-I did. I had a bite. I had to spit it out immediately.

Dante: Mm.

Lulu: He really was excited to have you try one.

Dante: Has he had one?

Lulu: He thinks that they are amazing.

Dante: Oh. Well...

Lulu: [Chuckles]

Dante: ...At least they look good.

Lulu: Yeah. Charlotte will hate them.

Dante: Baby, cookies, no cookies, toys, no toys... none of that means anything to Charlotte. It's not gonna make her love you.

Lulu: Then what will?

Finn: Somehow you think I don't trust you, but I do. You know, I'd give my life for you, and I trust you with mine. Why do you think I'd ask you to go through this detox?

Hayden: 'Cause you have no one else.

Finn: Not true. I have... many lizard friends.

Hayden: Not funny. You're only calling me because you want a fix, not because you want me.

Finn: The only reason why I want a fix... is 'cause of the way I treated you, because I'm ashamed. But I want you more than anything. Look, it doesn't matter. We can -- we can work this out together.

Hayden: But it does matter. I can't -- I'm not the answer, Finn. You need help... help that I can't give you. Please find it.

Curtis: That'll sober you up quick, huh?

Hayden: Yeah. Not for long.

Curtis: No.

Hayden: Don't even think about it. [Sighs]

Curtis: You did good, though, you know.

Hayden: Yeah. Then why do I feel like crap?

Finn: Well, I blew that, Roxy. Hayden wants me to go to one of these places, you know? And I just... I don't know. And it's not all the "Kumbaya" stuff. You know, I can talk about feelings and do a sing-along if I have to. It's just... 28 days. 28 days without practicing medicine, without you, without Hayden. The irony is... if I don't go, I lose her forever.

Kristina: Mom, your hands are shaky. What is going on?

Alexis: You startled me, honey. That's all.

Kristina: Enough for you to use your laptop and wield it as a weapon? What was that?

Alexis: I'll use a fire poker next time, okay? Satisfied?

Kristina: No, I'm not satisfied. You acted like I was an intruder. Molly, Sam, and I, we show up here all the time unannounced. It was weird, and you're still jumpy.

Alexis: It felt like someone was here when I came home.

Kristina: What do you mean?

Alexis: I mean, that -- that desk light was on, and I swear to God I turned it off.

Kristina: Maybe you meant to turn it off, but you didn't. That happens all the time.

Alexis: It does?

Kristina: Yeah. Well, were you in a hurry to leave?

Alexis: Detective West came by, and he was asking me some questions about Julian. So I went to see Sam to talk to her about it.

Kristina: Are you okay now?

Alexis: Yeah, I'm better. Wh-- what's wrong?

Kristina: Nothing's wrong with me. I'm fine. But Detective West talked to me, too -- about Julian.

Carly: Why would Nelle confess out of nowhere? Why now, Sonny? Why not the night in her apartment when we heard the recording? Why?

Sonny: I don't know. But she's had a chance to live with the fallout, and she knows that she threw away a lot.

Carly: She threw away Michael.

Sonny: Yeah. I mean, he cares about her. I don't know why, but that's his choice.

Carly: So, maybe Nelle's lying now. She knows sleeping with you means she can never have Michael, right? So she claims that the sex never happened, that she drugged you. She's lied about everything else. How do we know she's not lying about this?

Sonny: Because I was there. Carly, I was there. I experienced it. As soon as she said to me that she drugged me, I knew it was true... 'cause I wouldn't be with someone like her. I don't care how drunk I am. She's not my type. You know that.

Carly: [Sighs] She drugged you.

Sonny: Yeah, and everything after that, that's on me -- the cover-up. I just -- maybe I was just wanting to cover my ass. I didn't want to lie to you... because I know how much you love me, and I know... how much I love you, and I-I just... can this be over? Please?

Carly: It can't.

Alexis: Detective West had no right to ask you anything.

Kristina: Mom, relax.

Alexis: No. I-it's not okay. Did he take you down to the station?

Kristina: No, it was nothing like that. Nathan was getting coffee at Perks, and I was there, studying. We ran into each other. But, honestly, he was more worried about you than anything else. Thinks you might not be telling him everything there is to know about Julian.

Alexis: [Sighs]

Kristina: And it was actually kind of scary, because he said if you're withholding information, you could be putting yourself in danger.

Alexis: Well, he's an alarmist.

Kristina: I mean, it made no sense to me. I mean, why would Nathan say that?

Alexis: You know what? I'm calling Jordan Ashford first thing in the morning, because Detective West had no right to harass you.

Kristina: Mom, Julian's dead. Isn't that literally the end of it? What could you possibly be hiding from the police?

Finn: Tracy, it's Finn. Uh, it's probably a good thing you didn't pick up. I... I don't even know why I'm calling. That's not true. I know exactly why I'm calling. You're the only person I trust to tell me how it really is, to give me a good dose of the truth. That's what I need right now -- a good dose. Anyway... listen, I'm sorry again about the things I said the other night. I... I didn't mean them. You're just about the best friend I ever had. I'm sorry for rambling. [Sighs] I hope you're well. I miss you. I got to... I got to get out of here, Rox. I got to get some fresh air, all right? I'll be right back.

Curtis: Easy, now.

Hayden: I think it's a good idea.

Curtis: What, getting faded?

Hayden: [Clears throat] You going to see Finn.

Curtis: [Chuckles] When did you say that?

Hayden: I didn't. I'm saying it now. He needs a friend, and since I can't be one, you...

Curtis: Right, it's all on me.

Hayden: Mm-hmm.

Curtis: Mm.

Hayden: You said it yourself -- you've been where he is.

Curtis: Yeah, and I took my sorry ass to rehab.

Hayden: Maybe you can get through to him in a way that I can't.

Curtis: The only person that can get through to Finn is Finn. Bottom line -- I can't convince him to go to rehab any more than you can.

Hayden: [Sighs] You're right. You're right. Let's go clubbing.

Curtis: Say what?

Hayden: Clubbing.

Curtis: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa.

Hayden: I-I stood up too fast, that's all.

Curtis: Yeah, yeah. Clearly, clearly that's the problem.

Hayden: I'm sorry. [Laughing] Come on. Come on. [Sighs] Come on. Let's shake our booties. [Laughs]

Curtis: Are you serious right now?

Hayden: Why not?

Curtis: Oh.

Hayden: Huh? Why not?

Curtis: Well, where do I start? Um, how about the fact that I'm in running clothes?

Hayden: So? I already told you that your butt looks cute.

Curtis: [Sighs] Yeah.

Hayden: Doesn't mine? Look. I-I mean... [Stammers] What?

Curtis: Yeah, you know, you keep a nice posterior region.

Hayden: So let's put our pretty posteriors on the dance floor and dance the night away. [Laughs]

Curtis: You know what?

Hayden: Huh?

Curtis: You crazy.

Hayden: But in a good way, right?

Curtis: In a damn good way.


Sonny: Is this about yesterday when I said to you that if you can't accept who I am, you should leave?

Carly: And I left. You gave me an ultimatum, and I took you at your word.

Sonny: 'Cause I didn't know where to go. You wouldn't forgive me, and I didn't want to keep apologizing.

Carly: And now you don't have to.

Sonny: Yes, I do. If I'd said -- if I had just said something that morning, we could have worked it out.

Carly: Probably.

Sonny: And, Carly, look. I know that it's not easy to live with me -- the violence, the business, the secrets, the lies, and now this thing with... with Nelle. I know it shakes your -- your faith in me. But, hey, listen to me, okay? Nobody knows me like you. Nobody knows me in my core -- the ugliness, the anger, the fact that I'm broken.

Carly: [Sighs]

Sonny: And you know what the most beautiful thing is? You love me anyway. I need you to love me. I-I love you. Listen to me. We can do this, okay? Just come back to me.

Carly: I'm really sorry.

Sonny: No, no, no, no, no. Don't turn away from me now. I-I need you to listen to me.

Jax: Carly!

Carly: I...

Jax: Where is that wine?

Dante: You just got to be yourself, okay?

Lulu: Mm. [Breathes deeply] I tried that. And now my daughter hates me.

Dante: No, she doesn't. She doesn't even know you.

Lulu: Why would I do that? Who tells a little girl who just found out that her mother is gone, "Don't worry. I'm your real mom. Let's go celebrate"?

Dante: Someone with a huge heart.

Lulu: [Sighs]

Dante: Someone who was trying to give Charlotte something to hold on to.

Lulu: I was thinking about myself, okay? I was thinking about my needs, and not hers.

Dante: Okay, even if that was the case, all right, which it's not... children forgive. Okay? She's gonna see that the more time she spends with you, how amazing you are and how lucky she is to have you in her life.

Lulu: Do you think that she'll learn all that from one visit a week?

Dante: Every week for six months, yeah.

Lulu: [Sighs] It is so much pressure! You got to make every second count.

Dante: But not the way you're trying to make it count. Like, the bag-of-tricks stuff -- that's just gonna make her suspicious. You just got to show up, be present, listen to her, be honest. That's how you get her to love you.

Lulu: Oh, sweetie! Is that for Charlotte?

Rocco: Yes.

Lulu: Aww.

Dante: Dude, you knocked that out of the park. She is gonna love that, man.

Rocco: Mommy?

Lulu: Yeah, honey?

Rocco: Are you gonna love Charlotte more than you love me?

Sonny: That didn't take long. Sonny. You walked out on me yesterday, and today you're screwing Jax.

Jax: Hey, come on. This is Carly's house. What she does in it is her business.

Sonny: You mean who she does? Does it bother you that you're backup, a side piece? That I'm done with her, and she whistles, and you come like a little puppy dog?

Carly: Okay. Please don't make this ugly, Sonny.

Sonny: You want to get ugly? You want to get ugly?! You know what I think about you crucifying me for months for a mistake I didn't even make? Making me beg, kicking me in the teeth. First chance you get, Carly, you spread your legs for this son of a bitch!

Jax: You're gonna apologize, and then you're gonna leave, or I'm gonna kick your ass. How does that sound?

Sonny: You and what army?

Carly: Just let him finish, Jax. Just let him finish.

Sonny: But I got to tell you...'re predictable. You can't go five minutes without a man in your bed... which makes you a bad wife... ...but a great whore.


Alexis: I'm gonna get you something to drink. You look thirsty. You want some water?

Kristina: Sit. Now talk.

Alexis: I'm not hiding anything!

Kristina: That is such bull. Detective West may have let you stonewall, but you know I won't. So spill. Or we'll be sitting here all night.

Alexis: Who made you like this?

Kristina: Who do you think?

Alexis: All right, fine. I'll tell you, but it's gonna sound out there.

Kristina: I can handle out there.

Alexis: Ever since Julian was presumed dead, I feel like he's not dead. I feel like he's here somewhere.

Kristina: Like, you feel his spirit or his presence?

Alexis: No, no. It's tangible. It... I hear somebody knocking at the door, and I go to answer the door, and there's no one there. And the phone -- the phone rings. I don't recognize the number. I answer it.

Kristina: And no one says anything.

Alexis: No.

Kristina: Well, you can't think that it's Julian.

Alexis: I know that sounds ridiculous, and I also know how you feel -- felt about him.

Kristina: Yes, I despise him. I despise his memory, and I hope that he's burning in hell. But I know that you don't, and I can't tell you how to feel.

Alexis: And I appreciate that.

Kristina: I used to think that's what you were doing to me -- telling me what I should want and who I should love. And whether you meant to or not, it made me resent you. And I don't want to feel that way about my mom. And I don't want you to feel that way about me. So I will accept your grief for Julian. But that still doesn't explain the phantom phone calls or knocks on the door.

Alexis: Well, Sam's done some digging. They found that the hang-up was from a pay phone by the bridge where Julian died.

Kristina: I just got the chills.

Alexis: But it's not Julian. It was some kid that stole his wallet and used his credit cards.

Kristina: Are you disappointed?

Alexis: You know, Sam asked me that same thing, and then Scout started crying, so it got me right off the hook.

Kristina: Well, you're officially back on.

Curtis: Mm. Whoa. Easy, tiger.

Hayden: That was...

Curtis: Wrong, maybe?

Hayden: No. Great.

Curtis: Hayden, we're friends.

Hayden: Yeah, who could become more.

Curtis: [Sighs] I don't think so.

Hayden: Well, there's an attraction between us. Let's act on it.

Curtis: But why now? Except for the...

Hayden: I'm... I'm free. [Chuckles]

Curtis: No, you're wasted.

Hayden: The two aren't mutually exclusive.

Curtis: Hayden, I like you a lot, since the day you hired me.

Hayden: I like you, too.

Curtis: You're beautiful, you're smart, you're edgy. Sometimes you're a pain the...posterior region.

Hayden: Everything worthwhile is.

Curtis: [Sighs] But we're friends. Knowing that I have your back and you have mine -- I don't want to waste that, and I definitely don't want to take advantage of what you're going through with Finn right now.

Hayden: Make me forget.

Curtis: [Sighs]

Hayden: Please? Please.

Curtis: Mm. I'm telling you, cupcake, you don't want this.

[Footsteps approaching]

Curtis: Finn, man, Finn.

Hayden: I thought you were in your room.

Finn: Yeah, I was. It was such a beautiful night, though, I thought I would get some fresh air. So, what are you kids up to? Never mind. That's a dumb question.

Curtis: Look, Finn, I know it sounds cliché, man, but it's not what it looks like.

Finn: That's good. For a minute there, it looked like you were making out, like you'd found the time to get together while I was duct-taped to a chair the other night.

Curtis: I was there for you the other night because she asked me to.

Finn: Why?

Curtis: Because she cares about you.

Finn: Yes, that's painfully obvious.

Curtis: Man, you got nobody to blame for this but yourself. Hayden is down here drunk off her ass, confused, hurting, reckless, and that's all because of you. Look, if you're gonna make the choice to stay with this guy, and he's not willing to get help, then understand he's gonna crash and burn, and he's gonna take you down with him.

Finn: Thanks again for being there. Remind me again when you became such an authority on everything.

Curtis: Since I was where you are.

Finn: You have no idea. It's not the same.

Curtis: You're right -- it's not the same. Arguably, you're worse off than I was, considering how long you've been using.

Finn: I have a little bit of background to deal with these kind of situations.

Curtis: You know, you can rationalize this any way you want to. God knows I did. I mean, it hurts admitting that you need help, that something has control over you. But it does. Yo, man, that addiction owns you. There's only one way out of this. Take it, or you'll never get better, and you'll damn sure never get her.

Finn: I love you, Hayden. I love you.

Hayden: Prove it. Get the help that you need. [Crying]

Carly: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you're hurt. I'm sorry that you found out the truth about Nelle when it was too late. But you don't get to come into my house and name-call, Sonny.

Sonny: You said you wanted me to be honest -- the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Carly: What do you know about the truth, huh? You lied to me, and you let me believe you were paralyzed. You lied to me, and you told me that you weren't ordering a hit on Julian. You lied to be about Nelle every day for months, Sonny. I mean, for a man who prides himself on honor and his word, you're the biggest liar of all! You are! And I was gullible, because I believed you, and I believed you, because I wanted this time to be different. But it's not. It never will be. It's never going to be different. It's never going to be different, because this is the last time. We're done!

Sonny: Have each other.

[Door slams]

Jax: You okay?

Carly: No. But I will be.

Alexis: My feelings for Julian are unresolved.

Kristina: That's fair.

Alexis: When I read the letter... I want to believe what he said in that letter. And if what he said in that letter is true, then I never got a chance to talk to him about it before he died.

Kristina: That's probably why you're imagining him, Mom. I mean, think about it. You have suffered a huge loss and some serious trauma. I still dream about Parker.

Alexis: Do you imagine that she's knocking at the door?

Kristina: Maybe if she had tried to kill me.

Alexis: [Sighs]

Kristina: Or pretended to. Whatever. The point is, we didn't go through half of what you and Julian went through. It's going to take some time to recover.

Alexis: I don't know.

Kristina: I do. This is all normal.

Alexis: That's a stretch.

Kristina: You know what I mean.

Alexis: I do. Thank you for talking me down. You're very good at that.

Kristina: Something else I learned from my mother.

Alexis: Mm.

Kristina: Why don't I stick around? Okay. We could watch a movie. And, that way, if anything weird happens, I can tell you if it's in your head or not. Where's the remote?

Alexis: It's back there.

Kristina: Okay, one thing I do know -- looking at this is not going to help.

Alexis: Where did you get that?

Kristina: It was right here.

Alexis: I swear to you, I put that thing away.

Kristina: It was open as if someone was just looking at it.

Dante: Come here, Officer Falconeri. Come on. Up on the desk. Have a seat right here. So, your mom and I, we've been talking a lot about Charlotte lately, huh? And I know we were in court a little bit, and that meant less time with you. But we love you more than ever, Rocco, okay?

Lulu: You are everything to us. We're just excited to have Charlotte join our family... and for you to have a sister. Now, will Charlotte be getting a little bit more attention? Yeah. 'Cause, you know, we're gonna be trying to get adjusted here. But here's the thing. No parent likes any one kid that they have better than the other. It's like the law.

Lulu: And who knows the law?

Rocco: Daddy!

Lulu: [Laughs] You got it. Our hearts have more than enough room for you and Charlotte. We love you both.

Rocco: Doesn't that mean Charlotte's daddy loves her, too?

Dante: Yeah, yeah, it does. It does. That's why this is a little difficult. In school, you know, you said your buddy Connor took the ball off you, and the teacher had to come in and sort it out for you guys. Well, when you're adults, you don't have teachers. You deal with a judge, and they help sort things out.

Rocco: Is the judge gonna let Charlotte live with us?

Lulu: I hope. But for now, we get to visit with her.

Dante: Think she'll like our house?

Rocco: And Mommy's silly songs.

Lulu: [Laughs] Hold up! I don't sing silly songs.

Dante: Yeah, you do. You totally do.

Lulu: What?

Dante: Silly songs, silly words.

Lulu: Those are the words!

Dante: No.

Lulu: No?

Dante: They're not.

Lulu: What? Uh, yeah.

[To the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"]

Lulu: Sow, sow, sow your oats

Rocco: No!

Lulu: No? Okay, all right, all right. Sorry. I was wrong. I was wrong. Know, know, know your goat

Dante: What?!

Rocco: Mommy!

Lulu: What? Is it -- [Stammers] Go, go, go get your coat. I don't know. What is it? What am I missing?

Dante & Rocco: Row, row, row your boat

Lulu: Oh. I like my version better! [Laughs]

Dante: I think we got this. Right? Yes. Come here.

Lulu: Aww.

Curtis: Okay, finish that, down this bottle of water, and you might have a prayer at feeling human in the morning.

Hayden: The point was not to feel at all.

Curtis: Yeah, well, how'd that work out for you?

Hayden: I'm sorry I hit on you. [Scoffs]

Curtis: I'm not. My ego can always use a boost.

Hayden: Please don't tell Jordan.

Curtis: I won't.

Hayden: [Sighs] What is wrong with me?

Curtis: Phew, nothing. I mean, small stuff, but it's temporary.

Hayden: You promise?

Curtis: Look, you're gonna bounce back with or without Finn. You're too stubborn not to. But if you need a little help along the way, you know I'm in.

Hayden: Thank you.

Curtis: No sweat.

Hayden: Not for just being so good to me, but for what you said to Finn. Do you think it made a difference?

Curtis: I wish I knew. But what I do know is, he's in one of two places -- further up the road to recovery... or worse off.

[Footsteps approaching]

Finn: Wyatt?

Wyatt: You got the cash?

Finn: Yeah.

Carly: Oh, this stupid thing. Where is it?

Jax: What are you looking for?

Carly: Diane Miller's contact information. I need to lock her in as my divorce attorney before Sonny can.

Jax: Oh, come on. Why don't we just hold off on that for a second, okay?

Carly: 'Cause Sonny's not going to hold off, okay? You know him. He's not, Jax. He's furious, and he's angry, and he's gonna lash out. And I'm not gonna let him trample all over me, because he didn't sleep with Nelle after he found out that I slept with you, okay? No, I don't have anything to be guilty of. Nothing.

Jax: Are you feeling guilty?

Carly: No. I don't feel guilty about us. I don't. I mean, we were together. And we shared something really special, and it was about us. I feel guilty... ...'cause I gave up too soon.

Jax: Is that what you think?

Carly: That's what Sonny thinks.

Jax: I don't give a damn about Sonny.

Carly: [Chuckles] I was committed to my marriage, you know.

Jax: I know.

Carly: And I fought as hard as I could for as long as I could. I did. But I'm done. I'm done.

Alexis: I remember now. I was showing Diane some old photos.

Kristina: Well, there's me with Julian. I remember making it a point to be open-minded, probably because Molly wasn't. Either way... well, I actually thought he was okay.

Alexis: It was nice while it lasted.

Kristina: [Sighs] Ah. Here it is. So, what will it be? Comedy? Drama? Romance?

Alexis: Sleep.

Kristina: No way!

Alexis: I'm really tired. It's been a long day.

Kristina: Well, do you want me to stay awhile, even sleep over just in case...

Alexis: I'm fine. I'm fine. Thanks for asking.

Kristina: Are you sure?

Alexis: I'm sure.

Kristina: 'Cause Nathan really got in my head, and I'm worried about you.

Alexis: All right, well, get him out of your head. Don't worry. I'm not going to put myself in a dangerous situation. I'm going to put myself in my bed. I love you.

Kristina: I love you, too. I'll check in tomorrow.

Alexis: Drive safe.

Kristina: I will. Bye.

Alexis: Bye. [Sighs] [Notices there's a picture missing in the photo album]

On the next "General Hospital" --

Nina (to Valentin): Why are you standing like that? Are you hiding something from me?

Anna (to Laura): My involvement in your war is over.

Ned (to Tracy): Olivia and I are engaged.

André: (to Brad): You look like a guy who just got some good news.

Curtis: Is this about you and Finn?

Hayden: He's disappeared.

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