GH Transcript Friday 4/7/17

General Hospital Transcript Friday 4/7/17


Episode #13780 ~ Dante remains suspicious of Ava; Elizabeth reassures Franco about her love; Carly finds a new way to forgive Jax.

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Franco: [Sighs as he paints in his studio]

[Knock on door]

Franco: What?! What do you want?

Tracy: [Thinking of her father's letter] "This is my inheritance to you, Tracy. Something that is yours alone. Hopefully, it will prove to you [Voice breaking] that I love you and that I forgive you. Now you must forgive yourself. I'm sure you'll know exactly where this painting should go." This letter means so much to me, Daddy. "Portrait of an Unknown Lady" is coming home. I do know exactly where to put it.

[Woman sobbing]

Laura: Who's there?

Michael: You okay?

Nelle: I'm fine.

Michael: You don't look fine.

Nelle: You should be happy to see me like this.

Michael: I'm not happy to see anyone in pain.

Nelle: That's because you're too nice for your own good. You care about somebody more than they care about you, you just get hurt.

Michael: [Clears throat] We're, um, we're not talking about me, right?

Nelle: Everything that I have known to be true in my life... has turned out to be a lie.

Jax: Between the two of us, I've always considered myself the more rational one.

Carly: [Scoffs]

Jax: You're impulsive. But you've never done anything like this. So I want to know, do you think it's possible for us to come back from this?

Carly: Well, I mean, there is no "us."

Jax: No, I know we're not a couple anymore. Y-you know what I mean. We're raising our daughter together. I don't want to give that up, and... I don't want to give you up. Look, you didn't answer me before. Can you ever forgive me for what I did?

Sonny: Okay, did they say anything about how they -- how they wound up with Morgan's pills?

Dante: No, I couldn't get either of them to talk. But it doesn't matter. We don't need them to. Forensics will be back any minute with the analysis on the DNA and the prints.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I didn't know you were working.

Franco: No, no. I'm sorry. I... I shouldn't answer the door like that. I've terrified any number of Girl Scouts...

Elizabeth: [Chuckles]

Franco: ...Over the years.

Elizabeth: Well, pleasantries don't really matter when you're in the zone. I can come back if you want.

Franco: No, no. Come on. Please, come in. You've come all this way.

Elizabeth: Well, I do have a little bit of time, and the kids are at home with the sitter, and I thought you might want to know how Jake did with his first appointment with Dr. Maddox.

How'd that go?

Elizabeth: Well, you know, Jake isn't exactly a chatterbox, but André busted out his action figures. And by the end of the session, they were friends. I just hope he doesn't have a hard time opening up during the next session. [Sighs]

Franco: Well, maybe you don't want to rush Jake, you know? Give the kid some time.

Elizabeth: Okay. Why do you say that?

Franco: No reason. I don't -- I don't -- you know what? I do-- never mind. Just, you know, forget -- forget I said anything.

Elizabeth: Yeah, okay, you're kind of acting weird, even for you. Is there something you're not telling me?

Franco: I-I-I didn't want to betray Jake's confidence, but after that therapy session, he called me.

Elizabeth: He did?

Franco: Yeah.

Elizabeth: What did he say?

Franco: He said he wanted me to come over and help him finish the timeline. And I really wanted to say yes, but I respected your wishes, and I told him that I couldn't. But I turned Jake away.

Tracy: I've given this a lot of thought, and I've decided that the painting needs to hang over the fireplace in the den.

Laura: Uh, Tracy, I need to talk to you.

Tracy: My father would want it in a place of prominence. And the good news is, Monica gets reminded of me every morning when she de-shells her hard-boiled egg.

Laura: I heard the noise again.

Tracy: What noise again?

Laura: The woman. The woman crying.

Tracy: Oh. Laura, it's the wind. The abbot said we're the only women here.

Laura: No, it's not. Th-that's my point.

Tracy: I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation.

Laura: [Sighs] I don't think so.


Abbot: There is. Some of my students are very young. I'm afraid a few of them get homesick.

Tracy: You see?

Abbot: You're leaving us this evening?

Tracy: Yes. And I want to thank you so much for returning the painting to me. We're off to the embassy to get it declared, and then home.

Abbot: Please, won't you consider leaving the painting here? We have a buyer. And the money will do a world of good.

Nelle: Jax asked me to meet him here. Part of me wishes I had just turned him down.

Michael: What'd he say?

Nelle: Told me he was the one that bought my kidney and not Carly.

Michael: Yeah. My, uh, Mom just told me the same thing. [Sighs]

Nelle: My father was never the perfect man, but when he told me that I needed to donate my kidney and that your mother's money would help us out of the current situation we were in, knowing he needed me, it -- it made me feel proud. I don't know. In some weird way, it made me feel closer to him. It made me feel...

Michael: Like he loved you.

Nelle: Yeah, and then he told me Carly cheated us both.

Michael: And you wanted her to pay.

Nelle: [Sighs] I wa-- you know, I felt righteous. I felt I had to avenge all the wrongdoings that Carly had done to my family. She didn't do anything. It was my dad that had done everything. And then it was me.

Carly: So, you want to know if I forgive you, after you put all of this in motion.

Jax: I was desperate. Joss -- Joss's life was at stake. And I had no idea that frank was gonna use his own daughter.

Carly: Well, if he hadn't, he would've used somebody else. I have no right to unload on you, because the truth is, no matter what you did, I'm grateful. Our daughter's alive. And she gets up and she goes to school every morning, and she plays soccer, and she's -- goes horseback riding. She makes me take her and her friends to concerts. And they sit in the back seat, and they scream, and they sing songs. And I have to live with myself knowing that I benefit from Nelle's pain, so...

Jax: I know how horrible all of this is, but... I-I've lost so much already. I-I...I don't want to lose you too.

Sonny: You know, last fall, after Morgan had died, Carly came by to -- just looking for Morgan's pills. There was a bottle missing, a prescription for lithium.

Dante: That's the prescription on the bottle we found.

Sonny: We could not figure out where they had gone. Maybe now we know why the pills stopped working.

Valerie: Forensics just dropped off these results.

Dante: Thanks, Valerie.

Valerie: Mm-hmm.

Dante: Let's head in here, man.

Ava: I got to get out of here.

Valerie: Thanks. Ms. Jerome. I'm glad you decided to come in. I've got that property for you to ID.

Ava: Oh, uh, thank you so much, but I just remembered that I have an appointment, so I-I-I can't stay.

Valerie: This won't take long.

Ava: I appreciate that, but you know, um, time is of the essence.

Valerie: Ms. Jerome. Is there a reason you're in such a hurry to get out of here?

Dante: I asked for a complete analysis on the bottle -- prints, DNA. Had Forensics do a full wipe down.

Sonny: They get a match? Do they know who had your brother's pills?

Elizabeth: You made the right decision. Jake needs to talk to his therapist. If he has you to talk to, he will never open up to André.

Franco: Well, what if he doesn't want to talk to André?

Elizabeth: Then, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. But for now, this is how we have to do things. Please.

Franco: You're the best mother on the planet, so I defer to you.

Tracy: This painting is the last connection I have to my father. And unfortunately, there is nothing you can say that would get me to part with it.

Abbot: I would be remiss if I didn't try. The money from the sale will allow us to keep our doors open to provide the kind of humanitarian aid this region so desperately needs -- shelters, soup kitchens, medical assistance. This kind of service is vital.

Tracy: I have great respect for the work you and your brothers are doing, which is why I would like to help. There you go.

Abbot: Thank you. You are very generous.

Laura: Tracy, it's a lovely painting, but it's hardly your last connection to your father.

Tracy: Excuse me?

Laura: You have your letter. You have that beautiful letter that your father wrote you, talking about how -- how much he loves you and what you meant to him. You carry that knowledge with you in your heart for the rest of your life.

Tracy: Thank you very much for that, but my heart would prefer a tangible reminder.

Laura: You know, these monks provided your father with a refuge when he needed one. And I can't help but feel that if Edward were here right now and he knew the circumstances, he would want to leave that painting here.

Tracy: I'm sorry. I -- I know that you cared for this painting for a very long time and that it's valuable to you, but to me, it's priceless.

Abbot: Then we shall respect your decision. Come. Let me show you to the consulate.

Dante: I'm sorry. I can't tell you who had Morgan's bottle. We got no clear prints. The DNA was contaminated. The bottle changed hands too many times.

Sonny: So, it's another dead end?

Ava: I'm sorry. I just don't have the -- the time to identify my stolen items today. Oh. Well, that's mine. Right there. That -- the bracelet with charms, you see?

Valerie: Uh, yeah, I'm afraid you can't take any of your property home now. You have to fill out a slip to claim it once it's no longer evidence. I'll grab the form. It'll only take a minute.

Franco: You got three boys. And you got all these years ahead of you, watching them grow up. And I want to be with you for that, too.

Elizabeth: And you can be. You can.

Franco: Yeah, but Jason, you know. He doesn't want me anywhere around Jake. And I know that you say that that's just temporary, but how can we be sure?

Elizabeth: Jason will back off, because it's what's best for Jake.

Franco: Who's gonna convince him of that?

Elizabeth: Dr. Maddox.

Franco: Oh, stop. [Scoffs]

Elizabeth: Okay, he pointed out that part of the reason Jake is closing off is because he senses the tension between Jason and me. And then, once things settle down between the two of us, Jake will be ready to open up.

Franco: And this translates as I still need to give Jake some space.

Elizabeth: For now. But in case I didn't make myself perfectly clear, I am totally in love with you, and I have no intention whatsoever of cutting you out of my life.

Nelle: Jax paid my dad enough money for him to provide for my family for years. So after my operation, my dad disappeared for a few weeks. When he came back, he told me that Carly had cheated him and that she never paid up. That's when I found this.

Michael: What's that? A poker chip?

Nelle: Mm-hmm. It's from a casino in Florida. He would go there sometimes when he had a little bit of extra money and try and turn it into a little bit more. When I found the chip, I knew that he wasn't happy with whatever he had been paid for my kidney. He played the odds. And he came back with nothing.

Michael: And you couldn't let yourself go on thinking that.

Nelle: No. I didn't want to believe that -- that my father could be that -- that -- that stupid or that selfish. So I convinced myself that he was just trying to earn something, you know, anything to make up for what Carly had cheated him out of. He didn't want to come home empty-handed, because of everything that he had put me through. So, I pushed it out of my brain. I never thought about it again.

Michael: But you kept the chip.

Nelle: I told myself it was to remind me of everything Carly had done to us. But now I see it's just a reminder of everything th-th-that I've sacrificed. I mean, I literally gave up a part of myself, and then, what? This is all I have to show for it? You know, this is -- this is why I have been angry all of these years, why -- why I -- why I've been stuck in the past, and I haven't been able to live my own life. [Sighs] This -- this...


Nelle: [Exhales sharply]

Jax: I'm sorry. That wasn't fair.

Carly: Jax, it's okay, you know? You're going through a lot. You're still processing.

Jax: No, I -- I shouldn't put that on you.

Carly: Hey. What's going on? You're having a hard time.

Jax: Besides, I shouldn't be worried about me, anyway.

Carly: I know you're worried about Josslyn.

Jax: Yeah. She was so upset when I told her about Lady Jane. If she finds out about what happened to Nelle -- what happened to Nelle because of me --

Carly: Okay.

Jax: ...Then...look. I know I have no right to ask, but is there any way that we can just put it off?

Carly: Oh, come on. I'm the queen of screw-ups. And you have given me the benefit of the doubt more than once.

Jax: Well, I don't deserve it.

Carly: Our daughter does. And we'll figure out how and when we tell Josslyn. But right now, she just needs time to grieve. She deserves that. And so do you.

Jax: I -- I don't deserve it. [Sighs] I'm the reason my mother's dead.

Franco: I'm so glad I didn't slam the door on your face.

Elizabeth: Well, I would've understood. Interrupting the muse is never a good idea. But you can make it up to me.

Franco: Oh?

Elizabeth: By giving me a little peek.

Franco: No, no, no, no. That's not a good idea. The muse didn't come by -- oh, my God.

Elizabeth: [Gasps]

Franco: It's terrible.

Elizabeth: It's powerful. And so -- okay, so, this is you. Turn around. You. And who's going there?

Franco: Um... who do you think? Okay. [Clears throat] This is the idea. I see you draped in colorful patterns to contrast the monochromatic themes on the other side.

Elizabeth: You want to drape me?

Franco: Yes, I want you draped. It works best over bare shoulders.

Elizabeth: Just my shoulders?

Franco: Whatever you're comfortable with.

Elizabeth: I'll see what I can do.

Sonny: So, that's it?

Dante: Yep.

Sonny: Damn.

Dante: Unless one of the robbers wants to plead out before trial and give something up.

Sonny: Think it'll happen?

Dante: I wouldn't bet on it. The Gentry brothers seem pretty dumb and don't seem to understand the concept, or the benefit, of a plea deal. And their public defender doesn't seem experienced enough to explain it to them.

Sonny: Well, you know what? Thanks for being honest with me and having me come down here.

Dante: Yeah. Of course. I just wish this would've actually panned out for once.

Sonny: You think I could take this with me? Carly went through so much trying to track it down. It'd be nice to bring it to her, you know, maybe have some kind of closure.

Dante: I'm sorry. You can't. We need to hang onto that for the trial.

Sonny: Yeah, I understand.

Dante: But hey, we got a, uh, solid case, you know. Due process shouldn't take too long. And I will do whatever I can to speed up the process.

Sonny: Appreciate that.

Dante: All right.

Sonny: Come here.

Nelle: You know, my father made me believe that he was the only one that cared about me. Everyone else was just out to use me. And I needed to hurt them before they could hurt me.

Michael: Nelle... [Sighs] Look, I know what it's like to be disappointed by people who were supposed to care about you, but that does not give you permission to hurt everyone else.

Nelle: He twisted it around. He made me think that I needed revenge.

Michael: Did you ever [Scoffs] consider other options?

Nelle: What? Like what?

Michael: Like maybe -- maybe making peace with my mother? I mean, come on, Nelle. She -- she took you in, she treated you like part of the family. You had to have realized that she wasn't this -- this selfish user that frank made her out to be.

Nelle: I thought she was just guilty and just trying to ease her conscience.

Michael: What, because no one could be that genuinely caring, right?

Nelle: No, not to me! I saw people the way my father wanted me to see them, the way that he was -- nothing but grifters and cheats. I was taught that I needed to expect the worst in people. [Sighs] And I carried my hatred around for your mother like a weapon.

Michael: Well, you don't need that weapon anymore.

Nelle: Don't you get it, Michael? Hatred -- that's all I've ever known. I mean, I don't even know who I am without it. I mean, this is crazy. N-nothing -- nothing -- nothing even feels real anymore. Nothing... I mean, nothing except...

Michael: Except what?

Nelle: Except how I feel about you.

Carly: Jax, you are not responsible for your mother's death. She was sick.

Jax: She was getting better until I told her about Nelle. After Morgan's funeral, I -- I saw that you were getting close with Nelle, so... I don't know. I just -- I had to tell someone about what I did. So I confessed to my mother. [Sighs]

Carly: Well, I'm sure she forgave you. She had to understand you were just trying to save Josslyn.

Jax: Yeah, yeah, yeah -- yeah, she forgave me. [Exhales sharply] But I broke her heart. You can imagine how devastated she was by what Jerry turned into. I mean...

Carly: w-- well --

Jax: ...She blamed herself. She questioned what she did wrong as a mother. And I was her consolation, you know? I was proof of everything that she did right. So when I told her that I was just as bad as my brother --

Carly: Oh, you are not anything like your brother, Jax!

Jax: I -- I-I might not be, but I'm not the man she raised me to be, either. So if I'm completely honest, I'm just as responsible for my mother's death as her illness.

Michael: Nelle, whatever you feel for me, I-I just can't go there.

Nelle: I'm sorry. I sh-- I shouldn't have said anything.

Michael: When you went after my -- my mother, you didn't just hurt her, you hurt my entire family. I -- I still don't get how you could do that, how -- how you can pretend to care about us, pretend to be a friend.

Nelle: I was your friend, Michael.

Michael: No, none of that was real.

Nelle: Yeah, it was for one night when we were in the cabin. [Exhales sharply] Yeah, we were snowed in, but we just -- we made it work.

Michael: I remember you were trying to tell me something that night. You couldn't get the words out. You kept talking around it, saying that you didn't deserve to be happy.

Nelle: But you told me that I did -- that whatever I had done wrong in the past, I could choose a new path. Do you know how much that meant to me? For the first time in my life, I had hope. You know, I -- I think about that night, how I could have had somebody as great as you if we had just met before I decided to go down this road.

Michael: Yeah, well, it's, uh -- it's too late. You did what you did, and there's no way to take it back.

Nelle: You know, actually, Michael, I think -- I think that maybe there is.

[Elizabeth posts for Franco]

Singer: Lights spinning on you you look like an angel a siren that I'm drawn to the world's spinning how could I ever begin to be with you? But there's something about you now, and I don't think I'll ever figure it out but I'm drawn and there's about you now that makes everything beautiful if I only believe something is happening

Franco: You look beautiful.

Singer: It's cold on the street the lamp light upon me I spent the night wandering I don't know why a feeling I can't take inside I'm another broken body broken body but there's something about you now and I don't think I'll ever figure it out but I'm drawn there's something about you now that makes everything beautiful if I only believe something is happening lights spinning on you you look like an angel a siren that I'm drawn to something is happening is happening

Tracy: This is becoming less of an adventure and more of an exercise in paperwork. Remind me to ask my representatives exactly where those tariffs are going.

Laura: It's a small price to pay, literally. Really, Tracy, you got what you wanted. Let's just grab the painting and go.

Tracy: Okay. Oh, my God.

Laura: Where is it?

Tracy: It's gone. My painting is gone.

Nelle: W-what if I could make all of this go away? Hmm?

Michael: No. Don't do this to yourself. This is way past the point of no return.

Nelle: Mnh-mnh.

Michael: Where're you going?

Nelle: Do you trust me?

Michael: [Sighs]

Nelle: Okay, stupid question. Obviously you don't trust me, but will you just wait here? I think there's something that I can do, something that can fix all of this. Look, if there's any part of you that believes that what we had together was real, you'll let me explain.

Sonny: [Exhales sharply as he remembers]

Carly: We know that Morgan was still on his meds because there's proof of it on every page, Sonny -- next to every date! There's an "M," check -- an "M" with a check every time.

Sonny: He might have wrote that, but it's not proof that he was taking the pills.

Carly: Yes, Sonny, we do. He was on his medication. He is frustrated and upset. He's taking the pills every day, and he doesn't understand what's wrong. He doesn't understand why his medication isn't working.

Sonny: I checked his drawer where he kept some medication, and, uh, there was only one bottle. Lithium's missing.

Carly: That's the most important drug he was on.

Carly: Okay, hey, hey. Stop. Listen to me. No. Listen to me. Okay -- you're still grieving over your mother's death, and with everything that's happened the past few months, it's messing with your head.

Jax: [Groans]

Carly: You are not -- you're not responsible for Lady Jane's death.

Jax: I should never had burdened her with what I'd done, 'cause right after I told her, she took a turn for the worse. Ah, she begged me to come clean. She wanted me to tell you the truth. But I -- I couldn't leave her bed. And then -- and then she was gone.

Carly: It's okay, because you're here.

Jax: [Sniffs] I have to be honest, Carly. I... when I flew in today, I had no intention of telling you any of this.

Carly: But you did. You did tell me.

Jax: Yeah, because I realized that my actions were still hurting the people that I care about. And I realized that my mother was right. I had to tell the truth. And I had to, um, make things -- make things right with, uh -- with Nelle as well. It's something that I should have done a long time --

Carly: Okay, hold on for a second -- hold on. Listen to me. Nelle's vindictive, okay? I hope she doesn't turn this around and make trouble for you, Jax.

Jax: Well, I'm... I'm prepared to face the consequences, whatever they may be.

Valerie: I'm sorry we can't let you take home your property today, but we'll notify you when you can pick it up.

Ava: Okay, thank you.

Valerie: Mm-hmm.

Ava: Are we done here?

Dante: No, we're not -- need you to wait around. I'd like to ask you a few questions.

Tracy: When those monks realized I was not gonna give them the painting, they stole it.

Laura: Okay. What do you suggest we do?

Tracy: We're going to the consulate, and we're gonna report the thef--

Abbot: That won't be necessary.

Tracy: I knew it. I knew it! So, what was your plan? Were you gonna extort more money from me?

Abbot: I'm afraid some of our brethren forgot the Seventh Commandment.

Monk: The consequences will be dire if --

Abbot: That will be all, Brother.

Tracy: Don't you take a vow of honesty? He pretended not to speak English.

Laura: What consequences was he referring to?

Abbot: We've already settled the matter. It would be impolite for me to belabor it. It was a great honor to meet the daughter of J.L. He meant a great deal to many of us here.

Franco: [Chuckles] Look at you.

Elizabeth: [Laughs]

Franco: Forget my muse -- I think I just need you.

Elizabeth: I think you're giving me too much credit.

Franco: I don't know about that. Where're you going? What? It's too much? All the compliments? I can stop, you know. I can stop complimenting.

Elizabeth: No. Never.

Franco: It'll be difficult, but --

Elizabeth: I just told the babysitter that I'd be home in 15 minutes.

Franco: Well, if you want me to pitch in for overtime, I'm more than happy.

Elizabeth: It's not that simple.

Franco: No?

Elizabeth: Mnh-mnh.

Franco: Why, is she union or something?

Elizabeth: A history test -- she's 17.

Franco: Really?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Franco: Okay, well, I'm not gonna be involved in the corruption of America's youths.

Elizabeth: Oh, so now you're...

Franco: Yeah, you got to go.

Elizabeth: ...Kicking me out?

Franco: Yeah, you got to go right now.

Elizabeth: Oh, all right.

Franco: If you stay one more minute, I'm gonna change my mind.

Elizabeth: [Laughs] Hey, um, thanks for letting me watch you work tonight. And just so you know, just because you can't come over to my house doesn't mean that I can't come by yours.

Franco: You don't mind the accommodations?

Elizabeth: Not as long as you have another canvas, 'cause I was thinking we should definitely work on another piece.

Franco: You promise?

Elizabeth: I promise.

[Door opens]

Ava: I already gave the commissioner a detailed statement the night of the robbery.

[Door closes]

Dante: Yeah, I understand that. There's just a few things that don't add up for me.

Ava: Such as?

Dante: Why were you meeting Lucy Coe?

Ava: Business -- we were discussing donations for the Nurses' Ball. I wasn't aware that was a crime.

Dante: Well, it's not a crime, but the Nurses' Ball happens at the Metro Court. Why -- why not do that conversation there?

Ava: Perhaps Ms. Coe has a taste for ribs. What does it matter? Or are you the newest restaurant critic in town?

Dante: It's a pretty big coincidence, then, that the same night you're at that bar, we find these.

Carly: Oh, come on, Jax. Listen to me, okay? You didn't set out to hurt anyone. You made an impossible decision in a terrible situation. That's all.

Jax: You're right. I did. Yep. A lot of people do terrible things all the time...

Carly: Yeah.

Jax: ...And they tell themselves that it's -- that it's okay. But it doesn't excuse their actions, and it doesn't excuse mine.

Carly: Can you stop? You made a mistake. You have flaws, you know, just like the rest of us.

Jax: [Scoffs]

Carly: You do, and that doesn't make you bad, it doesn't make you evil -- it makes you human. It also makes you a devoted father. Josslyn's alive because of you, and your mother can never hate you for that. [Exhales sharply] Neither can I.


[Telephone ringing]

Sonny: What is it, Max? Yeah, that's fine.

[Knocks at door, glass clanks]

Sonny: Come on in. I told Max to let you in here, 'cause I guess I'm gonna have to tell you again. Uh, I don't want to see your face. I don't want you at my house. I don't want you anywhere near my family.

Nelle: Sonny, there's something that you need to hear.

Sonny: Why would I want to hear anything that you have to say?

Nelle: Because it's gonna change everything.

Laura: Okay, I've got a taxi waiting to take us to the hangar.

Tracy: Good. I want to get this painting on U.S. soil as quickly as possible. Laura! The meter's running.

Laura: Yeah. I-I'm sorry. I just can't stop thinking about the noise I heard. It sounded just like a woman crying, you know? And there was the way the abbot just silenced the other monk when he said something about the "dire consequences" --

Tracy: Laura, we got what we came for. It's time to go. Let's leave whatever is behind these musty walls to the monks.

Jake: Hey, Franco. Can I come in?

Ava: Well, I have no idea why that bottle was found at The Floating Rib...

[Bag rustles]

Ava: ...Or even what it is, for that matter.

Dante: It's Morgan's prescription for lithium. How the hell do you think it wound up with all the stuff the gentry brothers took off everyone at The Floating Rib?

Ava: How would I know?

Dante: You tell me.

Ava: I'm sorry, Detective. I just can't.

Dante: You know what? You and Morgan were lovers when he wasn't dating your daughter. You even lived together for a time. You can't offer any insight into this?

Ava: Well, it's true that Morgan and I were close once upon a time. But when he died, we hadn't been together for almost a year, which doesn't mean that I won't always cherish his memory.

Dante: So, you have no idea how Morgan's pills wound up at The Floating Rib?

Ava: Well, Morgan was at The Floating Rib, right...

Dante: Yeah.

Ava: ...The night of his death?

Dante: Oh, come on.

Ava: Maybe he left them there.

Dante: In October? These have just been sitting there on a shelf the whole time?

Ava: I can't come up with any other explanation.

[Pills rattle]

Ava: Detective, I understand how painful it must have been for you to find those pills. I just can't provide you with any answers. I'm sorry. [Inhales sharply] You ought to check with Mac and Felicia -- or their cleaning service.

[Door closes]

Nelle: Look, you need to hear this. It's about the night we spent together.

Sonny: Yeah. Worst mistake of my life. I'm just glad I don't remember the details.

Nelle: That's the part I'm trying to tell you. There's a reason you don't remember sleeping with me.

Jax: Carly, I'm sorry.

Carly: Don't be.


On the next "General Hospital" --

Elizabeth (to Sam): If Franco isn't allowed to be part of the equation, why is Sam?

Jake (to Franco): Why don't you want to be my friend anymore?

Nathan (to Alexis): Is there any reason to believe that Julian may still be alive?

Kristina (to Michael): Dad had an affair?

Sonny (to Nelle): If you're looking for absolution, you're coming to the wrong place.

Carly (to Jax): I don't wanna stop.

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