GH Transcript Thursday 4/6/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 4/6/17


Episode #13779 ~ Lulu suffers a setback when her visit with Charlotte is canceled; Sonny gets surprising news from Dante; Nelle realizes her father lied to her.

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Kiki: Hi.

Ava: Hi.

Kiki: You gonna change before we go?

Ava: Go?

Kiki: Our mani-pedis. I was gonna tell you my good news. We said three, didn't we?

Ava: Oh, yes, we did.  We did say three. I am so sorry.

Kiki: What's going on?

Ava: N-nothing. I guess maybe I'm still a little shaken up, that's all.

Kiki: What do you mean?

Ava: Did you hear about the attempted robbery at The Floating Rib?

Kiki: Yeah.

Ava: I was there.

Kiki: What? I had no idea. Why didn't you call me?

Ava: Because I'm -- I'm perfectly fine. Maybe a little absent-minded, that's all.

Kiki: I really wish you would've called me. That must've been terrifying. Who were you with?

Ava: What?

Kiki: I mean, you were meeting someone at The Floating Rib, right?

Ava: Uh, I was just going there to pick something up. I wasn't planning on staying.

Kiki: Was anyone hurt?

Ava: The police arrived before those filthy criminals could do anything more than take our valuables and wallets and jewelry and --

Kiki: Oh, no. You weren't wearing that diamond pendant that I love, were you?

Ava: No, but they did take something that I don't want anybody else to have.

Officer: The public defender for the, uh, Floating Rib perps just called. Apparently, his hearing got pushed back, so we can meet now anyway. He's on his way.

Dante: Good. Have the guard bring up the Gentry brothers one by one. I'll be doing the interviewing myself from now on.

Anna: That night meant something to me... like I know that it meant to you. I'm sorry. I've given you a lot to digest. So, I'll just go, okay?

Valentin: Anna. Wait.

Lulu: Hello? Ms. Watkins, hi. I am all ready for the visit. I was just picking up some milkshakes. Rocco loves them. I'm hoping that Charlotte will, too. What? Why? Hello? Ms. Watkins? Hello? Are you kidding me?!

Griffin: Lulu, hey. Are you okay?

Lulu: No, I'm not okay! Valentin is sabotaging my time with my daughter.

Sonny: Jax is back and he's staying with your mother?

Michael: Well, Joss seems to think so.

Sonny: Well, it's just like Jax, you know, he sees an opening, and what does he do? Goes and knocks on your mother's door.

Bobbie: What are we celebrating?

Carly: Oh, I'm not, Mom. I've just had so much bad news, I don't know how to process it all. I'm just gonna have a glass of wine and think.

Bobbie: Hmm. Well, do you want some company?

Carly: Mm. I would love some. Yes. Josslyn -- she's at a riding lesson. She missed it today, and I didn't want her sitting in her room all day, so she's not home.

Bobbie: Oh. You want me to go pick her up?

Carly: No. No, not at all. She can get an Uber, or her father can get her.

Bobbie: Thanks.

Carly: Jax is in town.

Bobbie: Oh. Is that the bad news?

Carly: He came to town to tell her that Lady Jane died.

Bobbie: [Gasps] Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.

Carly: But that's not the worst part. Jax is the one who paid Frank Benson for Nelle's kidney.

Jax: Thanks for meeting me.

Nelle: Why did you want to see me?

Jax: Because you're wrong about Carly.

Nelle: Look, I don't know what Carly's been telling you, but I'm not wrong about her or anything that she's done to me.

Jax: Nelle, listen to me. Carly never contacted your father about finding a kidney for Joss. I did.

Valentin: You can't just admit that you remember everything and then walk out like there's nothing more to say.

Anna: You must be furious with me on so many levels. I --

Valentin: That is an understatement.

Anna: [Scoffs] Well, I -- at least you now know that I wasn't stringing you along.

Valentin: And I'm supposed to just take your word for that?

Anna: It wasn't a game, Valentin. I didn't know what happened between us. And -- and as for us being together, you know, you believe that it was just manipulation on my part. I know that it wasn't, but I don't know how to convince you of that. I don't know what you could possibly want from me.

Valentin: Anna, you've just rocked my world. You've just turned upside down my complete understanding of a very painful part of my life. I don't know what I want from you, given

Lulu: I was just notified that my supervised visit with Charlotte, which was supposed to start in about an hour, has been postponed until tomorrow.

Griffin: Why?

Lulu: That's just it. Ms. Watkins couldn't talk. She practically hung up on me. I am positive that Valentin had something to do with it.

Griffin: Wait, Valen-- Valentin's interfering with your visits?

Lulu: They were mandated by the court, so he can't stop them. Got to throw up some kind of last-minute roadblock to try to rattle me.

Griffin: Yeah, well, that sounds like something Valentin would do. He loves to play games.

Lulu: Thank you. Um, I never said thank you for your deposition of support during the custody case.

Griffin: Ah. No thanks necessary. Charlotte would be far better off with you. Valentin is a dangerous man. Look, I don't believe for a second that Claudette committed suicide. That goes directly against her faith.

Lulu: You think she was murdered.

Griffin: I can't help but wonder if Valentin wanted her out of the way.

Lulu: Well, we know what he did to Nikolas. Ava said that Valentin shot him point-blank. No man who could do something like that could possibly be a good father. I'm sorry, I have to go.

Griffin: Where? Hey, Lulu, don't do anything rash.

Lulu: I'm just not letting him get away with it.

Michael: Lady Jane, Jax's mom, passed away, and he came to tell Josslyn in person.

Sonny: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Lady Jane was a great woman. May she rest in peace. She really liked your mother, and I'm sure your mother's very upset about that.

Michael: Yeah, she's my next stop. I'm gonna see how she's doing in person.

Sonny: I mean, it's real difficult for Josslyn to lose her grandma, especially with everything going on with Carly and me. I'd like to call her. Does she know about, uh, w-what went down with Nelle?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: [Sighs] It must be tough. First, Morgan's death and -- I mean, she must be going through a lot. I wish I could go over there and let her know that everything's gonna be okay.

Michael: Yeah. [Sighs] Hey, I'm sorry, Dad, but I don't -- I don't think seeing Josslyn right now would be a good idea.

Sonny: What did Josslyn say?

Michael: She said, yeah, she hope, um -- hopes you and Mom get a divorce.

Sonny: Well, she may get her wish.

Bobbie: I can't believe Jax never told you. It's so surreal, you know?

Carly: It is. I don't know how I feel about Jax right now. Not about the original deal of buying the kidney, or the fact that he kept it from me for so long. I'm so... [Sighs] Disappointed. But I don't want to be a hypocrite, because I remember how scared I was when Josslyn was sick, and I would've done anything -- anything -- to save her. But I didn't have to because Jax did. And now my baby girl is alive, and so, a part of me feels...grateful.

Jax: Josslyn was very sick, so I reached out to anyone and everyone I could think of. I knew that your father had been writing to Carly for years and asking her for money. And she also told me about his shady dealings, so I thought maybe with his connections, he would be able to help.

Nelle: By, what, giving you my kidney?

Jax: No, I never thought he would use his own daughter. I thought that maybe he could help find someone who was willing to donate a kidney in exchange for a cut of the money I was offering.

Nelle: You thought that he would just ask random strangers on the street if they were the -- the right blood type? If they were okay with living with only one kidney?

Jax: To be completely honest with you, I didn't... [Sniffles] I didn't ask too many questions.

Nelle: Mm-hmm.

Jax: I was desperate to save Joss. It really didn't matter how that happened. I'm sorry, Nelle. I really am -- I really am sorry, but I-I hope now you realize that your anger should be directed at me and not Carly.

Nelle: Stop lying.

Jax: No, Nelle, I'm --

Nelle: No, stop lying for Carly.

Kiki: What did the robbers take that was so important?

Ava: My charm bracelet. You know, the one with the little hearts, with your name and Avery's name. I just love that bracelet.

Kiki: Yeah, I get it. The thought of those thugs getting their hands on something so personal. But the police got there in time, didn't they? So they recovered everything. You'll get it back.

Ava: Yeah. Yes. I guess so. I just -- I don't like being without it. It feels like a part of me is missing.

Kiki: But it's evidence. The police aren't gonna lose it.

Ava: It's not likely, but it does happen.

Kiki: I suppose.

Ava: Anyway, they said I'd be called in later today or tomorrow to identify my belongings, so I suppose I won't be able to relax until then.

Kiki: Well, then, I will stay here with you and help you keep your mind off it.

Ava: Oh, Kiki, thank you. That is so sweet.

Kiki: And when you go to the station, I'll go with you, too.

Henry: Detective, I've had barely a chance to review this case. I haven't even spoken with Mr. Gentry privately. This interview is premature.

Dante: Well, there's nothing to review. Mr. Gentry and his brother were caught dead to rights by Commissioner Ashford herself. They're looking at robbery in the first and grand larceny in the third.

Chris: Aw, man. I can't do time.

Dante: Well, look, cooperation could be a mitigating factor. I'll let the DA know that you helped me out.

Chris: With what?

Henry: What are you proposing, Detective?

Dante: Recognize that? Who'd you get those pills from?

Sonny: I went over to Jason and Sam's, and -- and they asked me to be the godfather.

Michael: Oh. Oh.

Sonny: Yeah. Yeah.

Michael: That's, uh -- that's great, Dad.

Sonny: Yeah, they asked your mother to be the godmother.

Michael: Oh, yeah, I guess Sam couldn't ask one of her sisters. She wouldn't want to hurt either molly or Kristina.

Sonny: Yeah, it'd be tricky.

Michael: So you said...?

Sonny: We both said yeah. I mean, this is -- this is all about Scout. This has nothing to do with what's going on with your mom and me.

Michael: What's going on, exactly?

Sonny: Well, she showed up yesterday at Jason's and... she made it pretty clear that she -- she -- she wants to end the marriage.

Michael: So, you talked?

Sonny: It's nothing that's gonna change anything.

Michael: Okay, uh, look, I should get going. I'll check in on Mom.

Sonny: Yeah, go ahead.

Michael: I-I just want you to know, I mean, we've already talked about this. You know how I feel. You and Mom are doing what you -- what you think you have to. I don't like it. For me, and especially for Avery and Josslyn. But I just want you to know, Dad, that I -- again, I love you, and I will support you no matter what.

Sonny: Yeah, I love you, too, buddy.

Michael: Okay. See you.

Griffin: Sonny.

Sonny: Hey. It's kind of rare to see you out of the hospital.

Griffin: Yeah. I, uh -- I thought I'd grab some takeout. You look like you need someone to talk to. I'd be happy to listen.

Sonny: Well, you know what, I think you might've heard everything already. I told Carly what happened. It didn't -- it didn't go very well. I don't really want to get into this right now.

Griffin: Okay. I, uh... I'll, uh -- I'll keep you in my prayers, then.

Sonny: One thing you need to know is Carly's pretty stubborn, and I might've said some things I shouldn't have said. I'm not really sure that the prayer is gonna be enough.

Bobbie: So, does this change how you feel about Nelle?

Carly: I'm guessing it doesn't change how you feel about Nelle. [Chuckles]

Bobbie: Oh. Yes and no. I mean, Nelle was lied to by her own father. He used her. He sold a piece of her. Ew! I mean, that's -- that's a terrible thing.

Carly: I know.

Bobbie: And I feel sympathy, but... [Sighs] I don't give her a free pass on what she did after.

Carly: Neither do I. She used my grief over Morgan, you know? She was "there" for me, she "comforted" me, and the whole time she was setting me up, you know? I mean, she played the perfect part of the perfect little assistant, then she, what, she sleeps with Sonny? She bided her time to sit back and wait for the perfect moment to blow up my life. And not just my life, but Josslyn's life, Michael's life, and Avery's life. So, hell no. I'm never gonna forgive her for that.

Nelle: You would do anything to cover Carly, including letting her dodge all the consequences of what she's done to me!

Jax: Nelle. Nelle, listen -- listen to me. Try to think back to when we first met, okay, and my attitude toward you. I wanted you gone. Carly was the one who urged you to stay. That's because I'm the one that reached out to Frank all those years ago. Nelle, I didn't know you were his daughter, but I thought maybe you knew my part in finding a kidney for Josslyn. And then, I realized that -- that you didn't know anything, and that's when I-I calmed down, and you must have seen my attitude towards you change. While Carly was nothing but welcoming from the start. That's because she knew nothing about the deal I made with Frank.

Nelle: No. You're spinning this. You're covering for Carly, all right? My father told me what happened!

Jax: Oh, Nelle, I'm so sorry, but your father lied to you. And I can prove it.

Anna: I truly mean this. Perhaps we could just give each other another chance. You could maybe give me another chance. So we don't have to be enemies moving forward.

[Pounding on door]

Anna: Someone seems quite anxious to see you.

Valentin: Seems that way.

[Pounding continues]

Valentin: Excuse me.

Lulu: Your little game is never gonna work, but you must know that. Honestly, it's beneath even you.

Valentin: Please be specific. What atrocity have I committed this time?

Lulu: Please, Anna, tell me that you are here to arrest him for something.

Valentin: If she's here to arrest anybody, it's gonna be you for trespassing. You weren't invited in here.

Lulu: I don't give a damn! You are not going to screw up my relationship with my daughter, no matter how hard you try.

Ava: Oh, honey, you don't have to come with me to the police station, really. Just having you here now makes me feel 100% better. Now, I can't wait for the nail salon. Tell me what your news is. You were so vague on the phone.

Kiki: Well, I registered for the six-week training course at General Hospital to become a nurse's aide.

Ava: Oh, that's wonderful.

Kiki: Yeah.

Ava: That is great. What a step up from that tacky Metro Court. You won't have to work for the likes of Carly.

Kiki: Yeah. Since I left that job, I've been looking for something a little more meaningful, and I really think I found it. I like working at the hospital and feeling like I'm helping people.

Ava: I'm happy for you. And who wouldn't feel better after looking at this face?

Kiki: Ma!

Ava: [Laughs] They're lucky to have you. You're smart, you're compassionate.

Kiki: The best part is I'm not wasting my time in a classroom. I'm already interacting with the patients. And I feel like I'm learning so much on the psychiatric ward.

Ava: The psych ward? Is that where you're gonna be?

Kiki: Yeah.

Ava: All the time?

Kiki: I hope so, actually, yeah.

Ava: I don't remember you being interested in psychology in college.

Kiki: Because I wasn't. Back then, all I was interested in was online gambling. But I'm interested now.

Ava: Why?

Kiki: I need to understand what happened to Morgan.

Chris: I've never seen it before.

Dante: You're lying.

Henry: That is for the courts to decide.

Chris: Why are you asking about this instead of all the jewelry and cell phones Paul and me supposedly stole? Those aren't my drugs. You can't pin that on me.

Dante: The pills belonged to my brother, Morgan Corinthos. He died last October.

Chris: Oh, yeah. He got blown up, right?

Dante: There's no reason that those pills should've been at The Floating Rib. I need to understand how they got amongst all the stuff that you stole from those people.

Henry: Allegedly stole.

Dante: You are going down for this, okay? You know that. This is your chance to make a difference for a lot of people. Give a grieving family some peace of mind. Okay, it might even make a difference with the judge -- show what kind of man you are. Come on! I need a name! I need a name, a description, something! Tell me -- tell me who you got those pills from!

Griffin: Hey, listen, I, uh, I hope you're wrong, because I still believe, and I'll say a prayer for you and -- and light a candle.

Sonny: You might want to light 20.

Griffin: [Chuckles] All right. Hey, Bobbie.

Bobbie: Sonny.

Sonny: I know what you must think of me.

Bobbie: Do you? 'Cause I don't. I haven't known what to think of you all the years that you have been involved with Carly. In some ways, you're a really good man. You love your kids, and I know you love Carly, but you haven't been able to make a life with her. Every time she tries -- every time -- she gives in and lets herself fall back in love with you, she's the one who winds up getting hurt.

Carly: It's so good to see you.

Michael: Did you get my voicemail?

Carly: Yes, and thank you. Thank you for being there for Josslyn, you know? I mean, losing Jax's mom on top of Morgan is -- it's really gonna be tough for her.

Michael: Well, she's my little sister. You don't have to thank me for loving her.

Carly: You believe she snuck out of her window and had you pick her up down the street?

Michael: Yeah. She, uh -- she kept insisting, um, that she didn't want to interrupt you and Jax. She seemed to think you had something important to discuss.

Carly: Yeah. Yeah, we did. But she couldn't possibly know what that was.

Michael: Um, I ran into Dad at Kelly's.

Carly: Okay.

Michael: Have you decided? Are you gonna divorce Dad?

Carly: Look, I can't even think about divorce right now, all right? 'Cause Josslyn was right. Jax and I were discussing something very important... about Nelle.

Jax: I figured you might have a hard time taking my word for it, so I brought you a picture of the cashed check.

Nelle: No. It's easy to fake that. A smart businessman like you, you wouldn't -- you wouldn't leave an obvious paper trail.

Jax: Yeah, you're right. But Frank insisted that it was a personal check, probably 'cause he planned on blackmailing me down the road.

Nelle: Mm-hmm.

Jax: And then Joss got the, uh, kidney from Jake Webber, or at least that's what we thought. So, I, uh, I ordered the nurse to find a worthy recipient for the kidney that Frank arranged.

Nelle: My kidney. Mm-hmm.

Jax: I never heard from him again. And I-I didn't know that you were the donor.

Nelle: You know what, this didn't happen, all right? My father was never even paid. He never -- he never even saw that check.

Jax: But he was paid. You, uh... you must recognize your father's signature. That's his, right?

Sonny: I never wanted any of this. You know, I made mistakes with Nelle and... sleeping with her and covering it up. But in my defense... I was grieving. I -- I was grieving over Morgan's death, you know?

Bobbie: I understand that. I understand that more than you realize. I know how grief overwhelms you, takes away your ability to reason.

Sonny: Yeah.

Bobbie: But what I don't understand is how you watched for months while Nelle got closer to Carly. Why didn't you warn my daughter?

Sonny: I so wish I had.

Bobbie: So do I.

Ava: Kiki, are you sure? After what you went through with Morgan, the psych ward just seems so morbid. Have you thought about pediatrics?

Kiki: Right now, psych is exactly where I need to be. I can't just let this go, Mom. I need to understand how Morgan spiraled so completely that he stole Julian's car.

Ava: Putting yourself in such a disturbing environment with people that may share some of the same symptoms, I don't think that's gonna give you any more insight into what happened with Morgan.

Kiki: This is a place to start, and these people need help. I want to help them. This isn't just about Morgan. It's about doing something worthwhile. This is something that I'm good at.

Ava: Okay. Okay, good. And you're with Dillon, and I just want to see that continue. I want to see you continue to move forward.

Kiki: I am.

Ava: And you know what, you're right -- there are no easy answers.

Kiki: Everything that I have learned about Morgan, it's even more puzzling.

Ava: What things?

Kiki: I talked to one of the doctors -- Dr. Klein. She's brilliant. I told her all about Morgan's situation. I listed all of his medications, and obviously, she couldn't tell me anything definitive, but she was struck by the timing.

Ava: Why?

Kiki: Because it all happened so fast. I mean, Morgan basically went from being on top of his symptoms to his moods being completely out of control within a matter of weeks. And that's what really concerns me. That's what bothers me, is, how did his medication quit so completely, so quickly?

Ava: You have to stop letting this haunt you. You really ought to put it out of your mind, Kiki, because you are not gonna get an answer!

Dante: What can you tell me?

Chris: It's rough your brother got blown up, but I don't talk to cops.

Dante: You remembered something when I showed you those pills. I could tell. What's the matter with you? You're just gonna throw away the chance of reducing your sentence?

Henry: Is this offer sanctioned by DA Garcia? She's the only one who can make that call.

Dante: Look, I can attest to the DA that gentry cooperated with the investigation, and she will take that into consideration.

Henry: That's not a guarantee.

Chris: It doesn't matter anyway. Helping out cops in any way -- not gonna happen. I'm no snitch. No. No, you're not a snitch.

Dante: You know what you are? You're going to prison. And good luck with that. I'll leave you to confer with your client.

[Door slams]

Officer: Hey.

Dante: Hey. I need the lab to run prints and DNA on this pill bottle ASAP.

Officer: Got it.

[Cell phone rings]

Sonny: What the... hell?

Lulu: He's playing games with my visitation with Charlotte. I'm sure you're not surprised. You know how he is.

Anna: I'm gonna go. You know where to find me.

Lulu: What is that all about?

Valentin: None of your business.

Lulu: Well, you know what is my business -- you sabotaging my time with Charlotte!

Valentin: What are you talking about? I haven't sabotaged anything. She knows she's spending the day with you. Today's the visitation day.

Lulu: Oh. No, she won't be with me. The visit was cancelled.

Valentin: Well, that's the first I've heard of it. Okay, I have an e-mail from Child Services. Yes, the visit was canceled, but I didn't have anything to do with this. Mrs. Watkins said that there's a family emergency. She didn't call you?

Lulu: She barely said a word to me. It wouldn't be too difficult for you to create that emergency, now, would it?

Valentin: I don't have to create emergencies. All I have to do is comply with the court orders and let you take care of the rest. Because you are so self-centered and so demanding and so entitled, you do not need my help alienating Charlotte. So just be glad that she wasn't here to see your latest paranoid tirade, because you've upset her enough.

Lulu: Maybe you didn't have anything to do with today's visit being cancelled. Maybe you did. What I know for certain is that you kept my daughter from me for years. No child is safe with you. The court will see that, and ultimately, I will get custody.

Valentin: Okay. You've -- you've come all the way out here just to make the same old tired argument? Why don't we talk about something different? How about Charlotte's nanny, Nelle?

Jax: As you can see, your father did get the money.

Nelle: You know, after my operation, when I was still really sick... he told me he was waiting for the money. That he'd be there soon and that everything would be okay. I could go to the fancy prep school in town and really make something of myself. [Sighs] And then...

Jax: Then what?

Nelle: He went away for a couple of weeks -- disappeared like he sometimes would. I didn't want him to go 'cause I was still really weak and... [Sighs] He told me he had a great opportunity, and he had to take it. And when he got back, he told me Carly had cheated him, that he was never paid. So, I couldn't go to that prep school. He said he was sorry, but Carly was heartless and... selling a kidney's illegal, so there was nothing he could do about it. That's just the way it was. I wanted to call Carly myself and yell at her for cheating my dad and for taking my kidney. So I found his address book.

Jax: What happened?

Nelle: That's when I saw it. And that's when I knew... [Sighs]

Jax: Nelle?

Nelle: Oh, my God.

Valentin: I understand you introduced yourself to Nelle.

Lulu: Yeah. We spoke when we ran into each other at Kelly's. Why? Did Nelle say something?

Valentin: No. Just that you'd spoken. She knows about the custody situation. I told her. And she now knows that you're trying to take Charlotte away form me.

Lulu: Well, I'm sure you made yourself sound sympathetic. You're really good at that. It certainly worked with the judge. Eventually, the truth will become apparent to the court, because except for Nina, yeah, this entire town hates you. Anna certainly knows exactly what you're all about.

Valentin: You'd be surprised what Anna knows.

Griffin: Mm. Anna! Anna, hey. Hi.

Anna: Oh, Griffin.

Griffin: Hey, sorry. I didn't know you were back.

Anna: Oh, yes.

Griffin: It's good to see you.

Anna: I got back this morning. I was gonna call you, but, um... it's just been an exhausting day.

Griffin: Yeah. Is everything okay? I know you went searching for answers to your past with Valentin.

Anna: I found them.

Griffin: You want to -- you want to talk about it?

Anna: It's a long story. Um... turns out that I did do all those things that Valentin accused me of.

Michael: So, Nelle's story was true? Except Jax was the one who offered her father money, not you?

Carly: Jax paid Frank, and Frank didn't share the money with his family. No surprise there.

Michael: Nelle really did believe everything that she told us. Frank manipulated her into hating you.

Carly: Okay. It's not that simple, though. It's not. I mean, yes, Frank did lie to Nelle. And I can understand how that would affect her, to an extent. But at some point, Nelle got so twisted in her revenge that all she wanted to do was hurt me. You know? I mean, think about it, Michael. I let her into our lives. I gave her a job. I let her see me. I let her see the real me, and right then, that should've made her question every single awful thing that Frank ever told her. How did she repay me? By doing every single thing she could to ruin my life -- and not just my life, but your life and Josslyn's life. And, okay, like, let's say I could get past that. What I can't get past is that she used Morgan's death to manipulate us.

Nelle: Everything suddenly makes sense.

Jax: What do you remember?

Nelle: It doesn't matter. It's private. But the point is that I believe you. I believe that you made the deal with my dad and not Carly.

Jax: Look, I know you must be furious with me, but I want to make it right.

Nelle: You know what, please just -- please don't talk to me about this right now. Just leave me alone. Will you?

Jax: Of course.

Nelle: Please?

Jax: Okay. If you want to talk more about it, just give me a call, okay?

Nelle: I did what you wanted, Daddy. I made Carly suffer. I made her hurt. I made her hate me forever. And it was all a lie. [Sniffles] [Sighs]

Kiki: I can't just forget about Morgan or what he went through. Of course, I have questions. Why does that bother you so much?

Ava: It doesn't. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I overreacted. I'm... I know that I'm overprotective of you, sweetheart. I just want what's best.

Kiki: Working at the hospital, on the psych ward, that is what is best for me. I can feel that.

[Cell phone chimes]

Ava: Oh. They want me to come down to the police station and identify my belongings, so...

Kiki: Okay, let's go.

Ava: No. [Laughs] No, you don't have to come with me. I'll just be filling out paperwork and... it'll be a non-event. Really, you just go get your manicure.

Kiki: Are you sure?

Ava: Yeah, I'm sure. And again, I'm sorry that I snapped like that. I... I didn't sleep very well last night.

Kiki: It's okay, Mom. Don't worry about it. I just -- I have some questions about Morgan that I need answered so that I can finally have closure.

Sonny: I got your text. What's going on?

Dante: There's been a development with Morgan's case. It may be nothing, but we need to investigate it.

Sonny: What happened?

Dante: There was an attempted robbery at The Floating Rib last night. We bagged and tagged everything the robbers took from the patrons, but something strange turned up -- one of Morgan's prescription bottles.

Griffin: You said you hadn't seen Valentin since you guys were together at the WSB academy.

Anna: I didn't remember. It's -- look, it is a very long story, and if it's okay with you, maybe we can talk about it later. Do you think?

Griffin: Yeah. Yeah, of course.

Anna: Okay.

Griffin: Get some rest.

Anna: Yes.

Griffin: I'll see you at the hospital for your appointment tomorrow.

Anna: Absolutely.

Griffin: Hey, I'm -- I'm glad you're back.

Anna: Oh, yes. I am, too.

Valentin: Why don't we save ourselves some trouble, and if you have any problems with visitation in the future, just contact Child Services, all right? Please show yourself out.

[Door closes]

Lulu: Sounds like Nelle could be on my side.

[Valentin remembers]

Anna: That night meant something to me... like I know that it meant to you.

Michael: Nelle?

Jax: I did it.

Carly: You did what?

Jax: I, uh... I told Nelle everything I did.

Carly: Oh. Okay, and...

Jax: Well, she didn't want to believe me at first. But then, something clicked -- some memory she didn't want to share. It hit her very hard when she realized that Frank had lied to her her entire life.

Carly: Well, I'm glad Nelle knows that truth.

Jax: Well, does it change how you feel about Nelle?

Carly: No. Not at all.

Jax: Does it change how you feel about me?

Sonny: Okay, let me make sure I understand -- a bottle of pills with Morgan's name on it was discovered after a-a robbery?

Dante: Yeah. The perps held the whole bar at gunpoint, demanded everyone turn over their wallets, jewelry, cash.

Sonny: And somebody was walking around The Floating Rib with Morgan's pills?

Dante: That's the idea, but these guys won't say who they got the pills from.

Sonny: Oh, I'll -- I'll get the name.

Dante: Okay, I can't allow you to do that, and that's gonna be a waste of time anyway. I've got the lab analyzing Morgan's bottle of pills for DNA and prints. We'll get it back any minute.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Jax (to Carly): Can you ever forgive me for what I did.

Michael (to Nelle): You did what you did, and there's no way to take it back.

Elizabeth (to Franco): Is there something you're not telling me?

Tracy: Oh, my God.

Valerie (to Ava): Is there a reason you're in such a hurry to get out of here?

Sonny (to Dante): Do they know who had your brother's pills?

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