GH Transcript Wednesday 4/5/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 4/5/17


Episode #13778 ~ Anna is remorseful for what happened to Valentin; Dante is intrigued by Scott's suspicious behavior; Sonny threatens Nelle who's not afraid.

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Valentin: Nelle, Nina's going to be picking up Charlotte from dance class and arranging a drop-off with the social worker, so you won't be necessary. Thank you. No.

Anna: No, no, wait. Just hear me out.

Valentin: Give me one good reason.

Anna: I remember. Everything. All of it.

Scott: So, I got your text. Uh, what's the crisis du jour?

[Door closes]

Ava: I'm not even sure where to begin.

Scott: Well, judging from the tone, this must be about Morgan's medication.

Ava: Oh, I did get the pills from Lucy.

Scott: Oh. Well, you should be saying, "Thank you very much, Scott Baldwin."

Ava: It wasn't you, Scott. It was me. It was my money.

Scott: Oh. Well, so what? Why are you in the lousy mood for?

Ava: Well, if you'd been listening to the news, you would know that there was an attempted robbery at The Floating Rib. And Lucy and I happened to be there.

Scott: Is Lucy all right?

Ava: Yes, Lucy is just fine. I'm the one who's not all right. Right after she and I made the switch, the thieves came in, and they snatched the pills.

Scott: Well, I'm sure they snatched the thieves, then.

Ava: Yeah, they did.

Scott: Oh. So now the PCPD has Morgan's medication.

Ava: Which means that today is the first day of the end of my life. [Inhales sharply]

Lulu: Hey. There you are.

Dante: Hey.

Lulu: Hey.

Dante: Why the visit? Not that I'm complaining.

Lulu: Oh, well, today is our first supervised visit with Charlotte. You are going to be on time, right?

Dante: Oh. What -- what time is that again? I'm just kidding.

Lulu: [Chuckles]

Dante: Of course, I'm gonna be there.

Lulu: Yeah, you better be.

Dante: Is that a smile?

Lulu: Maybe. A little one.

Dante: It's nice. Nice. Nice seeing you relaxed.

Lulu: Well, it helps that, last night, I made a new friend.

Dante: Yeah? Who's that?

Lulu: Nelle.

Sonny: You should be more careful.

Michael: Why don' t you tell me why you wanted me to pick you up at the top of the driveway?

Josslyn: Mom and my dad were talking, and I didn't want to interrupt them.

Michael: Jax is in town?

Josslyn: Yeah. He came to tell me my grandma died.

Carly: Nelle came to town with one thing in mind -- revenge. Frank sold his own daughter's kidney, and for some reason, she blames me. She has it in her head that I offered to pay frank for the kidney that saved Josslyn.

Jax: Yeah, you didn't do that, Carly.

Carly: No, I didn't do that. I would never do some --

Jax: You didn't, but I did.

Carly: What are you saying?

Jax: I'm the one who bought Nelle's kidney.

Ava: Just when I got Lucy to accept the sculpture in exchange for the pills, those masked morons waltzed in, they pulled out a couple of guns, and they started demanding all of our valuables -- you know, our money, our cell phones, jewelry. And the pill bottle was right there. It was so vulnerable, just sitting there in plain sight.

Scott: So then the cops came busting in, and now the pills are in the evidence room.

Ava: Yeah, and the cops are gonna call me, and I'm gonna go in and identify my belongings today or maybe tomorrow.

Scott: Wait a -- wh-whoa. For heaven's sakes, don't claim those pills.

Ava: Oh, Scotty, I'm not an idiot. I'm not gonna claim the pills. But when Jordan or, worse, Dante sees them, well, they're gonna wonder, "Why are Morgan's pills at The Floating Rib months after his death?" That bottle's got my DNA all over it. So, really, there's only one thing to do -- one thing -- and that's to get in there and get that bottle of pills before the police even realize what it is they have.

Scott: I got a little news flash for you -- there's no way -- no way -- you're gonna get in that evidence room.

Ava: Mm. But you could.

Lulu: Don't worry. I didn't try to recruit Nelle to spy for me or bring Charlotte over for extracurricular visits.

Dante: But you thought about it.

Lulu: Thinking is very different than doing.

Dante: Huh.

Lulu: I did, however, explain the situation to her, how Valentin has kept Charlotte from me for all these years. That was something that she was gonna find out about anyway.

Dante: That's true, but you don't want her telling Valentin that you're trying to turn her against him.

Lulu: Not overtly.

Dante: Lulu...

Lulu: I was just telling the truth, and Nelle was just listening. And talking.

Dante: What did she say?

Lulu: Nothing about Valentin. I didn't ask. She asked me about Michael. Oh. It was pretty clear that Nelle still has feelings for him. And since Michael is your brother...

Dante: Okay. Just stop right there. I don't know what you're thinking about doing...

Lulu: Nothing -- yet.

Dante: Okay. Just hold off on your hustle, okay? Our long game here has to be getting to know Charlotte as best we can.

Lulu: Completely agree.

Dante: Good. Because if you're thinking about trying to use Nelle to get at Valentin, that whole thing could blow up in your face.

Anna: On previous visits, you offered me a drink.

Valentin: And you want one now?

Anna: I wouldn't say no. So, I went on a trip. and I, we have such... vastly different memories... about our mutual past, and I needed to reconcile that, so I had -- oh. Thank you. Robert pulled some strings for me over at the WSB headquarters, so I met with a... leading medical expert on... memory loss. It seems I've been suppressing a lot...of things, and, um... beginning to remember... finally... painfully...

Valentin: What do you remember? What's so painful?

Anna: Well, that you were right. That I did manipulate you to access classified information which I sold to the DVX.

Valentin: Oh, I never... never expected to hear you say those words.

Anna: It's awful, I know, but... I also learned... that I was a victim, too. Not just you.

Michael: So, uh, can I get you anything, huh? Want an ice-cream sundae?

Josslyn: No, thanks. I mostly just wanted to be with someone I love.

Michael: Well, Joss, I'm always here for you. But, I mean, wouldn't you rather be with Mom and your dad?

Josslyn: I told you, I didn't want to interrupt them. I think my dad's staying for a little while. He's got more than one suitcase, and nobody's mentioned a hotel.

Michael: Okay, well, I think that's great that he wants to stay so close to you.

Josslyn: Well, I think he's staying for Mom, too. I mean, since she is getting a divorce.

Michael: Um...did Mom talk to you about divorcing Sonny?

Josslyn: No. But I told her she needs to do it.

Michael: [Sighs] Josslyn, I know you want what's best for Mom, but whatever happens is up to Mom and Sonny.

Josslyn: I disagree. I think it's Mom's decision to make, and Uncle Sonny just needs to abide by it.

Michael: But don't you think it's a little bit more complicated than that?

Josslyn: You know what? I like Uncle Sonny.

Michael: "Like"? I thought you loved him.

Josslyn: Sure, yeah.

Michael: Sounds complicated.

Josslyn: But then I realized I never really knew who he was. I mean, I know he's not responsible for what happened to Morgan --

Michael: No, no, he's not.

Josslyn: But he is responsible for sleeping with Nelle! Nelle!

Michael: Okay, okay. Just calm down.

Josslyn: Mom cared about Nelle so much. So did I. And she was your -- she was your friend.

Michael: You're right. She was.

Nelle: Mr. Corinthos, you and I are no longer in each other's lives.

Sonny: Yeah, I heard that you got a new job -- nanny to my daughter-in-law's kid. So we're not really out of each other's lives, are we?

Nelle: Well, we can pretend, can't we? I mean, after all, we're pretty good at that.

Sonny: Oh, you sure as hell are. I'm sure you made one hell of a sales pitch.

Nelle: Actually, it was, uh, Carly's mom who really sold Nina on the whole thing. I don't think I would've gotten the job without her.

Sonny: Mm. But what are you doing here? Because... there's nothing for you here. You know what I mean? You did everything you wanted to do. Messed with people's lives -- you did that, so...

Nelle: You mean the woman that forced my father to carve me up to save her child? Yeah, no, thanks.

Sonny: No one believes that sad story but you.

Nelle: Well, it's the truth, Sonny. But you guys don't care about anyone. You just want to ruin everyone's lives. You get what you want, take what you want. That's all that matters to you.

Sonny: Everything you're saying about Carly and me, it's all about you.

Nelle: Well, you know what? I learned from the master -- your wife. Or is it your ex-wife now?

Carly: No. No way. I don't believe you, because I know you. I know you are not capable of paying a man to harvest his own child's organs.

Jax: But that's what happened.

Carly: How did it happen? I want to know how it happened. What did you do?

Jax: I was aware that Frank Benson had been harassing you for money for years, and I also knew the kind of person he was.

Carly: A lowlife who would do anything for money.

Jax: When we realized Joss was sick and she needed a kidney and it became clear that we couldn't find a legitimate donor in time...

Carly: You called frank.

Jax: Yeah. I offered him a million dollars for a healthy kidney for Joss, no questions asked.

Carly: Oh, God. Jax!

Jax: I was desperate. I would've done anything to save Joss. I had no idea the man was gonna sacrifice his own daughter's kidney.

Carly: But he did! He did, and he blamed me for the whole thing!

Jax: I know, and I'm sorry.

Carly: Oh, wait a minute. Now it all makes sense. This is why you wanted me to drop the search for Josslyn's donor -- because you knew where the kidney came from. [Sighs]

Jax: Yes.

Carly: And when Nelle showed up in town, you were putting it all together, huh?

Jax: I assumed that -- that frank talked Nelle's parents into selling the kidney. I didn't -- didn't know that she was Frank Benson's daughter.

Carly: Doesn't matter. 'Cause you didn't tell me. Why the hell didn't you tell me?!

Scott: I won't do it! I've bent over backwards for you in all this mess that you've been in, but, you know, this is it. I-I'm out!

Ava: Oh, no, Scotty. No. You are so in. Ever since I told you about switching Morgan's medication, you have been my accomplice.

Scott: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Ava: And I don't think Sonny's gonna care about that -- that attorney-client privilege.

Scott: So you're telling me you're gonna sing like a five-and-dime canary to Sonny?

Ava: No. No, I would never do that. I would never squeal to anybody on anybody. But Sonny does -- he frightens me, so... who knows what I might blurt out the next time?

Scott: [Laughs] He's gonna be too busy fitting you for concrete stilettos to multitask with me.

Ava: Yeah, probably. Sonny probably won't kill you... but after it all comes out, everything you've done, you will very likely spend time in jail. So, if you don't come through for me today, I don't see a very bright future for you.

[Door slams]

Lulu: Well, I should get home and get set up for the visit with Charlotte.

Dante: Okay. Do you remember -- remember what I said? Yeah?

Lulu: Yeah, yeah. I should focus on the visit and getting to know Charlotte...

Dante: Good.

Lulu: ...And be very careful with anything when it comes to Nelle.

Dante: Yeah, you know, you could just avoid Nelle altogether. I mean, it's not like she's the most trustworthy person in the world.

Lulu: Well, even if I do find a use for Nelle, I probably shouldn't put all my hopes on her. She is just one person, and I need every weapon possible when it comes to Valentin.

Dante: Wow. Lulu.

Lulu: See you at home. Hmm?

Dante: Okay.

Lulu: Mm!

Michael: I really hoped that Sonny and Mom would've lasted this time... so you and Avery could have some security, but, yeah, it doesn't seem to be working out.

Josslyn: Because Sonny cheated on Mom.

Michael: Yeah, look... neither of them is perfect.

Josslyn: She would've never done that to him.

Michael: Look, Josslyn... you can hate Sonny all you want, but you have to understand that -- that losing Morgan did a number on him. Look, he lost his son, the only child that was biologically his and Mom's.

Josslyn: Well, I never thought of Morgan that way.

Michael: That's the way it is. Was. Look, he thought he killed his own son. You and I cannot possibly imagine how hard that must've been.

Josslyn: He must've been really messed up.

Michael: Yeah, which is -- which is why what he did with Nelle and everything, it's just... it's not so black-and-white to me.

Josslyn: I think I understand. Because that's sort of how I feel about Nelle.

Sonny: It's one thing to go after Carly, use me to get to her. It's an effective tactic.

Nelle: Wow. A compliment.

Sonny: But... what you did to Michael and Josslyn...

Nelle: I am genuinely sorry about that.

Sonny: Stop lying. You have no feelings for anybody but yourself. And like I said before, everything you said about Carly and me... it's true about yourself, and you know it.

Nelle: Oh, stop it. You know, news flash, Sonny -- you and Carly act like you're such victims. But you know what? I am the only victim here.

Sonny: You say that like I-it's something you're proud of. It's not.

Jax: I was going to tell you when Nelle showed up. I thought she knew what I'd done. But then I realized that she didn't. And I had no idea that she was Frank Benson's daughter, so I thought it best to... just let it go.

Carly: Well, you thought wrong. We share a daughter, Jax. This is all about Josslyn. You should've told me what you were doing from the start!

Jax: Yeah, well, I thought, on some level, maybe y-you did know.

Carly: Really? Then why the hell didn't you tell me what was going on?!

Jax: Oh, come on, Carly. If you knew back then that I was reaching out to Frank Benson, of all people, what would you have done?

Carly: I would've stopped you.

Jax: Right. And where would Joss be now? Come on. I had to save our little girl, okay? I would break every law and sell my own soul if it meant saving our daughter. I didn't care who the donor was. I didn't care where the kidney came from. Noth-- nothing -- nothing mattered.

Carly: Not even me?

Jax: No, the thought didn't even cross my mind that I could hurt you by saving our daughter. But I did, and I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm really sorry. [Chuckles] I guess my sins are... finally coming back to haunt me. [Breathes deeply] You think you can ever forgive me? The whole thing doesn't seem entirely real. I never really fully forgot about it, but I did push it to the back of my mind, and maybe that was wrong, too.

Carly: There's no "maybe." It was wrong, Jax -- for a whole bunch of reasons. I mean, do you realize that Sonny and I weren't the only ones who got hurt in all this?

Jax: No, I know. Because of my little plan, Nelle... was able to hurt Joss, the one person I was trying to save.

Michael: Nelle took advantage of Morgan's death. Mom and Dad were already hurting, and she hurt them more. That's messed up. That's somebody who can't get out of their own way. That's somebody you do not want to be around.

Josslyn: I get what you're saying, and I feel really guilty. But a part of me still likes Nelle. I think a part of you does, too.

Michael: [Sighs]

Nelle: You know, Sonny, you're not the one who had an organ ripped out of them when they were a kid. You're not the one who was basically used and discarded without a second thought. Carly took what she needed and never looked back. It didn't matter to Carly if I lived or died. And yet you -- you think that the sun rises and sets on that woman. I had to listen to you go on and on about how great you think Carly is. But you know what? I mean... do you just turn a blind eye to her selfishness, or do you actually -- do you actually admire it? You know what? You two deserve each other. And you can suffer side-by-side for what she did to me.

Sonny: I'm sorry. Are you done? Because I think the one who's gonna suffer the most... you.

Anna: What I did to you was terrible, and I'm not giving any excuses for -- for what happened.

Valentin: Why do I think you're about to make excuses for what happened?

Anna: I never wanted to make you hand over those secrets. I was forced to do that... by Cesar Faison.

Valentin: Faison. What does he have to do with any of this?

Anna: Oh, come on. You've done your homework. You know, Faison and I, we were in a very antagonistic relationship for many years. You know that.

Valentin: Let me guess -- he was in love with you. He was obsessed, even.

Anna: Okay. You read the file, so you --

Valentin: No. It's a familiar narrative.

Anna: Well, what matters is... that I was forced to steal secrets from the WSB... and that was part of his plan to compromise me.

Valentin: Reveal you as a traitor so you'd have no one to turn to but him?

Anna: Yes. And he was very skilled in hypnosis and mind control and...

Valentin: Let me guess -- he wiped clean your memory so you have no memory of what you've done to me.

Anna: You don't believe me.

Valentin: No. Not a word.

Anna: I didn't remember.

Valentin: So you can just pretend like none of this ever happened?

Anna: I'm admitting it right now.

Valentin: Why are you here? Why? You were free and clear. I didn't want to have anything to do with you. You didn't want to have anything to do with me. So why are you here, now?

Anna: Because it happened. Everything. And I remember.

Valentin: All right. Tell me what you remember.

Anna: I just told --

Valentin: And not about espionage or stolen secrets. Something about you and me, something personal. And keep in mind, I haven't forgotten any of it. So I'll know if you're making things up.

Anna: I-I won't have to... make up anything. Not even a single detail.

Valentin: Tell me. 'Cause all I want is the truth.

Dante: Hey. How's it going in there? You got all the evidence from The Floating Rib catalogued?

Officer Freeman: I'm about to finish. I just need to get more tags.

Dante: Okay, great. I'll need all that stuff when I question the perps. I need to go bring one of them up right now.

Scott: Oh, hey, uh, Officer. Hey, Freeman.

Officer Freeman: Hey, DA -- excuse me. Sorry. Mr. Baldwin. Good to see you.

Scott: Put it there, Freeman. Put it there. Uh, is Detective Falconeri around?

Officer Freeman: If you wait here, he should be back in a few minutes.

Scott: Okay. Keep up the good work.

[Police radio chatter]

Scott: Oh, boy, Ava, you're gonna owe me. [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Lulu: Is this a bad time?

Ava: Uh, no. No. Come in, please. This is unexpected, though. [Chuckles] I never expected you to be on my doorstep. What can I do for you?

Lulu: Um, I -- I know that you cared about Nikolas.

Ava: I-I did, yes.

Lulu: It's... this kind of concerns him, and I was really hoping that maybe you could help me with it.

Ava: Absolutely anything for Nikolas.

Lulu: I don't know if you heard, but I lost custody of Charlotte to Valentin. Well, not completely. I got supervised visitation.

Ava: Yes. I did hear about that. And I-I know what it's like to be separated from a child.

Lulu: Valentin kept my daughter from me. I-I didn't even know about her. And now I can't let him keep her.

Ava: No! No, of course not. After what he did to Nikolas, he should never be allowed near any child, ever!

Lulu: Exactly. Thank you. You were with Valentin when he killed Nikolas. Is there anything -- anything at all -- that you can tell me? Maybe something that wasn't in your official report or something that we have all overlooked. Just anything that could help me against Valentin.

Ava: You know, I wish there were. But, honestly, everything that I knew, everything that I know, it's there, it's in those statements.

Lulu: It was worth a shot.

Ava: Yeah, of course.

Lulu: Thanks.

Ava: You know, Lulu, there is -- there is one more thing that I know. Um... Valentin... he's more than willing to kill anybody that crosses him.

Anna: We were in Lisbon, and, um... I got caught in a torrential downpour before I got to the drop site. And you were already there, completely dry.

Valentin: Where was the drop site?

Anna: The church of Santa Teresa. And I arrived on the hour, and I remember that because the bells were chiming, and they were really beautiful. And I found you amongst the candles and the statues, and I asked you what you were doing, and you pointed to... Saint Beatrice of Silva. Because you said that it was the patron saint of prisoners, and we just stared at it for a little bit, and then... see, this is what I don't recall -- how we ended up holding hands -- I-if I took yours or -- or you took --

Valentin: You took mine.

Anna: And then I looked into your eyes... and they were really sad. So I took you... out of the church, and we went across to that hotel across the square. And I asked you if you wanted to stay the night, and you said... well... I undressed you. Then we were together.

Valentin: Do you remember what I said after?

Anna: You said you'd been with women before... but that you'd always paid for them, because of the way that you loved... and that was the first time that you had made love.

Carly: Nelle really did a number on Michael and Josslyn, and I hate that I didn't protect them. I hate that I let someone hurt them.

Jax: Well, I wouldn't say you. I mean, Nelle hurt them.

Carly: Well, I would, and if it makes you feel any better, I blame you, too.

Jax: So do I.

Carly: Oh, whatever. It doesn't matter, right? Because nelle's always gonna think that I'm responsible, but at least she got her revenge, and that's out of the way, and hopefully, we can move on.

Jax: Can we?

Carly: [Sighs]

Jax: I'll understand if you can never forgive me.

Carly: I don't know how I feel right now. I don't, okay? But what I can tell you is that I understand what you did. I mean, you did what you did, because you love Josslyn with all your heart, but intentional or not, Jax... you left us wide open for a world of damage.

Valentin: Of course, I had to pay. I was monstrous. No woman would want to sleep with me.

Anna: I did.

Valentin: No. I paid for that, too. Dearly. All those secrets I stole for you, for one night? And how did you repay me?

Anna: I was supposed to have you killed.

Valentin: You were supposed to have me killed. Must've been a relief to know that you'd never have to sleep with me again.

Anna: Don't you remember the next morning?

Valentin: You were in the shower.

Anna: Yes. And you found the note... ordering me to initiate the kill directive.

Valentin: And, you know -- you know what I thought? I thought I could just go back to my superiors. I could tell them... I lied during the interrogation. I could throw myself... at their mercy. But, you know, I understood... they'd never take my word over yours. So I ran.

Anna: Didn't it ever occur to you that I left the note there so that you could find it -- as a warning -- so you could get away?

Valentin: No! Never once.

Anna: But I was in the shower for so long. And when I came out... you were gone. And that was a relief.

Valentin: Oh. You know how to talk to a guy.

Anna: Because I didn't have to follow through with it. Right? Don't you think I could've had you tracked down? Caught up with you and finished the job? But I didn't. And why was that? Why did I hold off calling in the kill order for two hours?

Valentin: I don't know, Anna. I don't know why you do anything. And to tell you the truth, at this point, I'm beyond caring.

Anna: I slept with you, because I got to know you, and I liked you. And I really appreciated your brilliance and your kind heart.

Valentin: I'm still brilliant.

Anna: I let you go because I knew that... you were so brilliant at strategy that you would get away not only from me but from whomever we sent after you. I had to do that. I had to let you go, because I wouldn't be able to follow up on that kind of betrayal. Do you see?

Ava: I'm sorry that I can't be more help. Believe me, nothing would make me happier than watching you take down Valentin Cassadine.

Lulu: It's okay. I'll get it done, one way or another.

Ava: Now, that's the spirit. I'm sure Nikolas admired that about you very much. [Chuckles] You know, your brother and I... we didn't know each other long. But Valentin took something very important away from me when he killed Nikolas.

Lulu: I know. Me too. Thank you for talking to me.

Ava: It's a pleasure. Piece of advice from somebody who knows -- you have to find Valentin's Achilles' heel before he finds yours.

Scott: [Sighs] Let me see... oh, I -- oh-ho. Dante. You about gave me a heart attack.

Dante: Well, next time, I'll try harder. What the hell you doing in here?

Scott: I'm allowed to look at the evidence against my client.

Dante: Not by yourself you're not. You want to be in here, you got to have an officer or a detective with you. You know that.

Scott: Well, it's not my fault that nobody's around.

Dante: Hey, correct me if I'm wrong, but our perp is not your client.

Scott: Of course, he is.

Dante: Oh, really?

Scott: Yep.

Dante: Oh. Okay, great. Come this way. I take it you two know each other, yeah?

Scott: Oh. Well, of course I-I know my client. Mr., uh...

Chris: Who are you?

Scott: Uh, I'm your attorney.

Chris: I have a public defender.

Scott: Yeah, that's me -- Scott Baldwin, Esquire, at your service.

Chris: My guy's name is Sullivan.

Scott: Oh. Well, perhaps I represent your...accomplice. Or alleged accomplice.

Chris: Sullivan's got him, too. I don't know you.

Scott: Well, there must be a mistake here.

Dante: There must be, huh?

Scott: Yeah, well, I'll get down to the courthouse and see, uh, why they're wasting our time.

Dante: Okay. You do that, Baldwin.

Scott: See you later.

[Cell phone rings]

Chris: I don't know what you're trying to pull here, but I'm not answering any questions until my real lawyer arrives.

Dante: Falconeri. Oh, is that right? Okay. Well, thank you. Looks like your, uh, public defender got held up in court. He'll be by later. You can take him back downstairs.

Michael: If it's all the same to you, I really don't want to talk about Nelle.

Josslyn: I'm sorry.

Michael: No, no, it's fine. It's fine. It's just, uh... look, we should just get you home, okay? And, uh, why don't you text Mom, let her know that you've been out with me?

Josslyn: Um, I-I don't want to interrupt her, just in case she's still talking to my dad. He's really sad about Lady Jane. But he's my dad, and he has to be strong for me. So I'm -- I'm just hoping Mom can be strong for him.

Michael: Here's an idea. Instead of everyone being strong for each other, why don't we just admit that we need each other?

Josslyn: I will if you will.

Michael: What does that mean?

Josslyn: Well, you always take care of everyone, Michael. But who takes care of you?

Michael: You do. When I'm with my little sister... everything's good with me. Come on.

Carly: Thank you for telling me the truth.

Jax: I'm sorry I didn't do it long before now.

Carly: Not sure it would've made much of a difference. You know, you had no idea that Nelle was out for revenge.

Jax: You know, I don't usually have much sympathy for Sonny, but given all he went through, losing Morgan...

Carly: I know, okay? I know that Sonny's sorry. I do. But he gave me an ultimatum. He told me forgive him or we're done, and I don't do well with ultimatums. You know that. Considering everything you've just told me, I have a lot to think about, Jax. I got a lot to think about.

Jax: Okay. I have somewhere to be, as well.

Carly: You know, I'll see you, or we'll talk later, all right?

Jax: Okay. Bye.

Nelle: You can't scare me, Sonny. I'm building a new life for myself right here in Port Charles. Got a new job working for a wonderful family.

Sonny: Yeah, I'm happy for you. I'm even happier for me. 'Cause as much as I despise you and the problem that you've become... I don't have to deal with you. I don't have to get my hands dirty. See, when you first started, you were a kid, and it gave me pause. But you know who's not gonna give a damn? Valentin Cassadine.

Nelle: Mr. Cassadine has been nothing but kind and cordial to me.

Sonny: I'm sure he has. So far. But you pull something on him, he won't -- he won't give a damn about your sad little story. He'll get rid of you. And it works for me.

Ava: Did you get Morgan's pills?


Ava: Aah! Damn it, Scott!

Scott: Now, hold your horses, there. I saw most of the evidence that was in the -- from the robbery.

Ava: So what?

Scott: So, I -- I didn't see any of the pills in the evidence.

Ava: Are you sure?

Scott: I'm almost 100% sure.

Ava: No, that can't be. 'Cause I saw the bottle, I saw the bottle go into the bag, I saw the cops take the bag. So...if it's not there...

Scott: Well, now, you know, sometimes evidence goes missing. Cops, they're not perfect. Sometimes things like, you know, jewelry and watches and prescription medication just disappear.

Ava: So what does this mean, then? I mean, if -- if we can't find the pills, what am I supposed to do?

Scott: You're supposed to do nothing. Today is your lucky day. I would bet my life that those pills have disappeared.

Valentin: You didn't care about me. If you let me go, it was out of pity or to make sure you didn't have to be close to me again.

Anna: Oh, could you just man up for a second?! And stop with the self-pity and loathing and try to remember that night, the way that it happened. And then you'll know.

Valentin: Know what?

Anna: That night meant something to me... just the way that it did to you.

Michael: Hi. I think I left my cell phone here. Oh. Thank you. You're a lifesaver. Hey, Mom, it's me. Um, I just had lunch with Josslyn. Yeah, she insisted on getting dropped off at the top of the driveway, because she didn't want to interrupt you. She, uh -- yeah, she told me that Jax is back, and I think she's getting her hopes up.

Sonny: Jax is back?

Michael: Um, hey, Mom. Mom, can I call you back? Okay. Hey. Hey, Dad.

Just tell me... w-what did you say?

Michael: Jax is back. And, um, I think he's staying with Mom.

Carly: Josslyn John Jacks, where have you been? I've been texting you, and I have been worried about you. I-

Josslyn: I'm sorry. I was just having lunch with Michael. I mean, I was gonna climb in through my bedroom window, but my riding boots are too slippery.

Carly: Why are you climbing through your window and not walking through the front door?

Josslyn: Oh, well, I didn't want to interrupt you and Dad. And I know you were talking about something important.

Carly: Come here. You're right. We were. We were.

Jax: Thanks for meeting me.

Nelle: Why did you want to see me?

Jax: Because you're wrong about Carly.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Sonny: What did Josslyn say?

Michael: She hopes you and Mom get a divorce.

Dante (to Chris): Where did you get those pills from?

Kiki (to Ava): I need to understand what happened to Morgan.

Anna (to Valentin): I didn't know what happened between us.

Griffin: Are you okay?

Lulu: No, I'm not okay.

Carly (to Bobbie): Jax is the one who paid Frank Benson for Nelle's kidney.

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