GH Transcript Thursday 3/30/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 3/30/17


Episode #13774 ~ Franco seeks advice from Nina who suggests he marry Elizabeth; Elizabeth discusses her relationship with Franco with Kiki; Jason goes to Valentin for a favor.

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Tracy: It is the perfect solution.

Laura: Tracy, I cannot --

Tracy: Like you said I know nothing about Turkey, and I don't think the language is going to be that hard to pick up.

Laura: Actually, Turkish is quite difficult.

Tracy: While I am looking for the painting, you get to reacquaint yourself with your old stomping grounds. You can eat baklava and shish kebab, and what else do they eat there?

Laura: Oh, lots of things.

Tracy: You know what? You and I can sample a hookah or two. I know it's not supposed to be very good for you, but when it Ankara... and the best thing is, it'll give Kevin a chance to miss you. It's all settled.

Laura: No, it's not all settled. I'm sorry, Tracy, but I can't go with you to Turkey.

[Cell phone ringing]


Curtis: I'm not gonna answer that.

Jordan: You should.

Curtis: You want me to answer my phone right now?

Jordan: Uh-huh. 'Cause it'll give me a chance to catch my breath. Get it. [Clears throat]

[Ringing continues]

Curtis: Hey, Jason, what's up?

Jason: Hey. Uh, look, I know the timing on this might be bad, but, uh, I could use your help. It'll take some time, might mean leaving town.

Curtis: Right, 'cause you're in no position to do it yourself.

Jason: Exactly. And this is about Jake.

Curtis: Jake? Is he okay?

Jason: Yeah, physically, he's fine. It's, um... something happened to him years ago. I'll explain later. Are you in?

Curtis: Um...yeah. Can it wait till morning?

Jason: Perfect. Thank you very much.

Jordan: Is everything okay?

Curtis: Well, now, that depends. You done caught your breath yet?

Sam: Three stories later and Danny is finally sleeping.

Jason: Yeah? And the baby?

Sam: Also sleeping. I think we should probably relax, 'cause I have a feeling lightning is about to strike.

Jason: Yeah? [Inhales sharply] How you holding up?

Sam: I'm good.

Jason: Yeah?

Sam: Yeah. I'm really good. I'm tired, but I'm good. Our kids are home and they're safe and they're sound and they're loved.

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Hey, what's wrong with you?

Jason: I'm just thinking about Jake. I think he could be in some real trouble.

Elizabeth: Franco, where are you? I don't like how we left things last night. Can you please call me back? And in the meantime, don't do anything crazy. I love you.

Nina: Who let you in?

Franco: The butler. The butler did it. 'Cause I, um... came to wish you a long and happy marriage.

Chris: Cell phones out, now. Don't even think about trying to use them.

Olivia: He's coming over. He's coming over here. He's coming over here.

Ned: I'm almost done. Almost done.

Robber: What'd he just say? Huh? You're next.

Olivia: I have a young child at home. What if my babysitter needs me?

Robber: Then she'll call someone else.

Ned: Please, please, just put the gun away.

Robber: No. You tell your friend to cooperate.

Ned: Olivia, just give him -- give him the phone.

Olivia: Were you able to reach anybody?

Ned: No. No. He took the phone before I could hit "Send."

Chris: Hands where I can see them, people. No sudden movements. Understand? And you are?

Ava: [Quietly] Ava.

Chris: Speak up.

Ava: [Normal volume] Ava.

Chris: A beautiful name for a beautiful woman.

Ava: I would not do that if I were you.

Chris: Relax. Relax.

Ava: Don't you dare hurt me. I have children.

Chris: Oh, you hear that? She's got kids.

Robber: Aww.

Chris: Guess what. I don't give a crap. One wrong move and I blow her away. You think I'm playing? Give me a reason to prove you wrong.

Curtis: Okay, so one interruption and we go back to square one?

Jordan: Square one? What's square one?

Curtis: Square one -- you know, the back and forth. All the bickering, the eye-rolling -- basically just sparring partners who'd rather be kissing.

Jordan: You act like you don't love it.

Curtis: I did. But it's played out now. It's old. I'd rather be kissing you openly, in public. And you know you'd like the same thing, too. I mean, after all, we've earned it.

Jordan: Yeah. We have. It's been a really long and winding road.

Curtis: Yeah. I'm ready for it to end. Are we there yet?

Jordan: You have reached your destination.


Sam: Okay, wait. So, Franco came up with this idea to do the drawing.

Jason: Yes. With Jake.

Sam: Where they re-create their childhood through pictures?

Jason: Yeah. It's their favorite foods, favorite activities, that sort of thing. Jake left the Cassadine Island years blank.

Sam: Well, that's more than half his life. Did he say why he didn't draw anything from there?

Jason: No. But Elizabeth found a scarecrow this morning.

Sam: Overnight?

Jason: Yeah. Yeah. Um, I guess it wasn't there when she went to bed.

Sam: Okay, well, did she ask Jake where it came from?

Jason: He says he has no idea.

Sam: What about Cameron or Aiden?

Jason: According to Franco, he swears he knows Jake's drawing, and that they found a scarecrow in that book that Helena had given to Elizabeth.

Sam: Okay, wait a minute. Back up for a second. Why is Franco making Jake do all this? I thought he was doing well, and that all of his issues last year, he's finally adjusting to everything.

Jason: He was adjusting, yeah.

Sam: Okay. Why dredge it up all now?

Jason: [Clears throat] In a way, because of you.

Sam: Why?

Jason: Because of everything that you went through with Olivia Jerome, the way that scout was born. Jake thinks you went through that because Helena put a curse on you.

Kiki: Elizabeth. Hey. Hey. I'm glad I ran into you. I was actually gonna call you on my break.

Elizabeth: On your break? Wait. Are you working here?

Kiki: Yeah. Well, sort of. I'm volunteering. I drew the late shift tonight, being a newbie and all, but I-I don't mind paying my dues.

Elizabeth: I had no idea.

Kiki: Yeah. I'm actually considering getting certified to be a nurse's aide.

Elizabeth: That would be really great. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you.

Kiki: Thank you.

Elizabeth: So, what ward are you in?

Kiki: Psych.

Elizabeth: Oh, for Morgan.

Kiki: Yeah. Um, when he died, I promised that I would do something -- mostly to honor him, but also to help me get over my grief.

Elizabeth: And your guilt.

Kiki: Yeah. I-I thought if I helped people like him, then...

Elizabeth: Well, how's it going?

Kiki: It's intense. A lot of the patients are... a lot like Morgan was toward the end. Breaks my heart.

Elizabeth: Well, I'm sure it helps, having you around -- even if they're unable to express it themselves.

Kiki: Um, not to change the subject, but have you spoken to Franco recently? I'm really worried about him.

Nina: Um, okay.

Franco: Open it.

Nina: Valentin is upstairs...

Franco: Come on.

Nina: ...And Charlotte's about to go to bed.

Franco: It'll just take a second. You won't regret it.

Nina: Okay. It's nice wrapping.

Franco: Thank you.

Nina: [Chuckles] Oh. Oh, that's nice. A kombucha home-brewing kit.

Franco: Yeah. 'Cause you love that stuff. I remember that about you.

Nina: Yeah. Thank you.

Franco: And now you can, you know, make you own in the privacy of your own mausoleum.

Nina: [Chuckles] I have one of these.

Franco: You do? Huh. Someone else knows about your affection for kombucha?

Nina: Yeah. Well, my husband.

Franco: Right.

Nina: But it's good to have a spare, just in case the other one breaks. So, it's good. Thank you.

Franco: You're welcome.

Nina: So, Wyndemere, right? That's -- that's, uh -- wow. So, is it -- is it weird to take the boat all the time, or does that just kind of add to the mystique?

Nina: Franco, why are you really here?

Chris: Cell phones, check. Now, it's time for the fun part. All valuables in the bag -- that includes wallets, watches, jewelry of any kind. I'll take any gum or candy. I got a real sweet tooth. Wallets and watch.

Ned: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Do you have to point that at her? We're doing what you want.

Chris: A feisty one here, huh? Am I right? I got to keep my eyes on you.

Ned: I got plenty of cash in there.

Olivia: You're wasting your time with my jewelry. It's all crap, nothing expensive.

Chris: [Chuckles] Yeah? We'll be the judge of that.

Olivia: You're gonna get laughed out of the pawn shop.

Ned: Olivia...

Olivia: I'm just saying.

Chris: Empty your bags.

Ava: All right? That's everything, okay?

Lucy: Please, just don't hurt us, okay?

Chris: Follow the rules and I won't have to. So, what do we have here?

Lucy: [Gasps]

Ava: [Thinking] I tampered with the medication that Morgan needed to stay emotionally stable. He was acting erratically that night -- he stole a car -- because his bipolar disorder was not begin properly treated. I set the events in motion that ended up killing Morgan. Sonny will kill me if he finds out.

Tracy: Do you refuse to help me?

Laura: I refuse to go to Turkey.

Tracy: Well, that's the same thing.

Laura: Then, yes, I refuse to help you.

Tracy: Weren't you the one that just said, "Good for you", when I said I refused to let my ex-husband extort me?

Laura: Yes, and I meant it.

Tracy: Because that's what's happening here. I am being swindled by a lying degenerate. I'm not looking for a girls' trip to the land of the whirling dervishes.

Laura: I understand.

Tracy: No, I don't think you do. I don't think you understand at all. This is about my dear father and his painting. And Ashton wants half the value.

Laura: Despicable.

Tracy: I'm not gonna let it happen.

Laura: You shouldn't.

Tracy: Which is why I'm going to Turkey.

Laura: You should.

Tracy: And you're coming with me.

Laura: Now we're back to "No."

Tracy: Laura, what is wrong with you?

Laura: I have a life.

Tracy: Oh, really? The hospital board?

Laura: [Gasps] Well, among other things -- and people.

Tracy: Kevin will do just fine without you.

Laura: Of course, he'll be fine without me! What about Lulu? I don't feel comfortable leaving her right now.

Tracy: How is she? I haven't talked to her in a few days.

Laura: She's devastated. This custody hearing has just been a-a nightmare.

Tracy: I imagine she's devastated. Who wouldn't be after a snake like that -- he's raising her child.

Laura: Yeah, well, not for long. I promised her that I'm gonna... I'm gonna rectify it.

Tracy: Rectify it how?

Jordan: Was it worth the wait?

Curtis: [Sighs] Hell, yeah. You know, I've been waiting for that since... the last time.

Jordan: [Chuckles] Really? 'Cause I -- I haven't -- I haven't even thought about it. Not once.

Curtis: B.S.

Jordan: [Laughs]

Curtis: You know, thank you for dinner.

Jordan: Of course. You're welcome. I hope it was expensive enough for you.

Curtis: I have zero complaints.

Jordan: Really? None?

Curtis: Okay, well, maybe one -- I feel like this night is coming to an end far too fast.

Chris: Come on, lady, ante up.

Robber: He seems busy, so let's help him out. Take this. Take it. Now sweep it all in -- except for that thing. Geez, that's ugly.

Ava: Do you really need everything? I mean, most of it's --

Robber: Did I say you could talk?

Olivia: Sorry, it's all worthless.

Chris: Whatever. We'll see.

Olivia: Okay. That's all I got.

Chris: Is that right?

Ned: Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Get your hands off her!

Chris: You'd better sit your ass down!

Olivia: Ned, Ned, it's okay. It's okay, please.

Ned: You could have just asked her to take it off instead of ripping it from her neck.

Chris: All right, it's time for the jackpot. What, do you guys think I'm blind? Throw in the ring. Throw in the ring.

Kiki: Ever since you guys got together, Franco has been happy and upbeat, almost to the point of being annoying. But then today rolls in, and he is moody and brooding. I tried to talk to him about it, but he says it's nothing.

Elizabeth: [Sighs]

Kiki: So, I-I don't know. I just hate seeing him being quiet like this.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I know. I-I hate that, too. And he's not returning my texts or my calls.

Kiki: Nice to know it's not just me. Can I ask -- did you guys get in a fight or...

Elizabeth: No. No, but I had to slow things down a bit, and I know he's really upset about that.

Kiki: Did Franco do something to push you away?

Elizabeth: No, he didn't do anything.

Kiki: Then why slow things down? I just don't understand.

Elizabeth: It's because of Jason.

Sam: Okay, wait a minute. Jake said those exact words -- "Helena put a curse on Sam"?

Jason: According to Franco.

Sam: That doesn't make any sense. How would he know any of that? Helena said that to us, in private, on her death bed.

Jason: I don't know. Maybe she put it in his head when he was living there.

Sam: [Groans] Great.

Jason: I have no idea.

Sam: As if he wasn't freaked out enough already, now he thinks I'm cursed, which is crazy, 'cause it's the exact opposite. I have two healthy, beautiful kids, an amazing stepson, I have you. I have everything I could ever want.

Jason: Yeah, so do I.

Sam: But peace of mind for Jake. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. What can I do to help?

Jason: I just wish I knew what's what. Franco as the source...

Sam: You don't trust him.

Jason: Do you trust him?

Sam: No, never.

Jason: Yeah, neither do I. And part of me thinks that maybe he's just trying to make himself look important to Elizabeth.

Sam: Oh, so he could be the one to save him, he could be the one to help. Well, it sounds like Franco.

Jason: Or maybe he's just trying to get to me.

Sam: Well, it has been a motivation in the past. But at the end of the day, Franco is beside the point.

Nina: Today, please, Franco. I-I promised that I would read two chapters to Charlotte.

Franco: Okay, I don't want to freak you out.

Nina: Then -- then tell me why you're here.

Franco: I need to talk to someone.

Nina: Really? I'm your "someone." That's weird.

Franco: I'm a little weird. Can we talk?

Nina: Yeah. Yeah, but just...

Franco: I'll make it quick.

Nina: Okay.

Franco: I get it. Um, it's about me and Elizabeth, and -- and me and her kid -- well, mostly her kid, 'cause I'm kind of, sort of, a-a sometimes-father to the little guy.

Nina: Wait, wait. Are you -- are you kidding right now? Seriously? Really? How self-centered can you be?

Franco: What did I say? Did I -- did I do something wrong?

Nina: Do you get this? Do you understand? You come over here to ask me for advice, which in and of itself is very weird, and -- and then it's about being a father to Elizabeth's kid.

Franco: When I...refused to be a father to your...

Nina: Yeah. You get it, right? You get it?

Franco: Yes, I do. Okay. I'm -- I'm -- I'm sorry, Nina.

Nina: It's okay. I mean, it's fine. If you hadn't been an ass about everything, then I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be so happy. And I am truly, truly happy in a way that I didn't even think was possible, I'm so happy. So thank you. Listen, I-I don't like the way that you ended things, but I'll never regret that you did it.

Jason: I'm sorry, but how is Franco beside the point? I think he may very well be the point. That psychopath is spending time with my son, putting God knows what into his head, and what if it's something that Jake can't handle?

Sam: Well, then we'll help him. We'll let him know that he's loved and supported. But, Jason, keeping the truth buried is not the way to go.

Jason: I agree. I told Franco he should back off, and we're gonna find a therapist -- someone with actual credentials -- to work with Jake.

Sam: Great. Th-that sounds good. How'd he take it?

Jason: Franco?

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: Well, he took it better than Elizabeth did when I told her that we might need to rethink Jake's custody agreement.

Franco: Well, the problem is that Jason hates me.

Nina: Jason.

Franco: "Hate"'s not the right word. I mean, he despises me, he loathes me, he abhors me.

Nina: They're the same thing, those.

Franco: Well, he's threatening to take Jake away from Elizabeth if I don't keep my distance, and that's the last thing I want to do.

Nina: Okay. Well, um... why's that? 'Cause you're gonna miss Elizabeth or you're gonna miss Jake?

Franco: Both. Look, if I'm honest, Jake was the reason, in the beginning, why I had a connection with Elizabeth at all. But now I don't want to live without either one of them.

Nina: Then don't.

Franco: How do I don't?

Nina: I don't have any idea.

Elizabeth: So, Jason implied that he'd change our custody agreement if I spent too much time with Franco.

Kiki: Who is Jason to say that?

Elizabeth: Jake's father.

Kiki: This is crazy, Elizabeth. You had just asked Franco to move in with you?

Elizabeth: Literally last night.

Kiki: He must have been happy out of his mind.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] It was a really nice moment. And honestly, I'd never felt closer to him.

Kiki: Then don't let Jason come between you.

Elizabeth: But what am I supposed to do? Lose my son because I want to live with my boyfriend?

Kiki: No. No. You -- you change Jason's mind somehow.

Elizabeth: I've tried. Jason and Sam do not trust Franco. And I don't really blame them. He did do horrible, horrible things.

Kiki: Before.

Elizabeth: Yes, before, but that doesn't matter to them.

Kiki: Doesn't matter that he had a brain tumor? It doesn't matter that he's a completely different person? Does it matter to you?

Elizabeth: Of course, it does. I love Franco, and I know with all my heart he's a good person. And my boys are better off with him in their lives.

Kiki: Then don't let Jason bully you like this. This is your life, Elizabeth. They're your kids. You get to call the shots, not Jason.

Curtis: Uh, too soon? Okay, just -- you know what? You can forget I said anything.

Jordan: No, I don't want to forget it.

Curtis: You don't want to -- well, then why you making me sweat like this?

[Both laugh]

Jordan: Because it's fun.

Curtis: Fun?

Jordan: Yeah.

Curtis: Okay, you -- you got a different definition of "fun" than me.

Jordan: [Chuckles] Let's get out of here.

Curtis: Yeah, let's go.

Jordan: Yeah.

[Cell phone beeping]

Curtis: No. No. No.

Jordan: Okay, okay, okay, okay. [Groans]

Curtis: [Sighs]

Jordan: It's the station. They -- they just got a call from EJM Security.

Curtis: What's going on?

Jordan: Apparently, an alarm was triggered at The Floating Rib?

Curtis: Okay, so send a few uniforms. You don't have to do this personally. Trust me, it's probably nothing.

Ava: Look, you got what you wanted. Why don't you just let us go?

Lucy: Yeah. Everybody here has cooperated with you.

Robber: We're finished when I say we're finished. How's it going over there?

Chris: Well, apparently, I interrupted a marriage proposal here. Real romantic spot. Hey, give it to me.

Ned: Olivia. Olivia, what are you --

Olivia: Not a chance in hell.

Ned: Olivia, what -- don't. Don't.

Olivia: He's not getting this ring! This ring is priceless. It was given to his grandmother by the love of her life, and now he wants to give it to me. To me. It doesn't get any more special than that.

Chris: Care factor zero, lady. Hand it over!

Olivia: No! This ring -- it symbolizes commitment and hope and the faith to take that leap.

Ned: Olivia, it's not worth it.

Olivia: It is, Ned. It's worth everything.

Robber: There's a problem.

Chris: She won't part ways with the big, fat rock.

Olivia: No! You're right. I won't.

Robber: Take over for me, will you. That's my brother. He's more bark than bite. Me? [Growls]

Olivia: [Yells]

Ned: Hey! You want to shoot somebody?! I'm right here!

Robber: Give me the ring now.

Sam: You threatened to take Jake away from Elizabeth?

Jason: No, no. I would never keep him away from his mother. It's just... Elizabeth seems to think that Franco is good for Jake. She thinks that Franco is good, period. And I, for the life of me, can't figure out how we got here. How is Franco involved with my son's life at all? [Sighs] What?

Sam: Can I be real with you?

Jason: Yeah, of course. What sort of question is that?

Sam: It's just I'm gonna be really honest right now. [Sighs] I-I would -- I would love to trust Elizabeth, okay, to think that, no matter what her faults are, she would never do anything to endanger her kids. That if Franco posed a threat to one of her children, in a second, she would kick him out on his ass.

Jason: But you can't?

Sam: I think she believes that. And I think, in her mind, she lives for her kids. I-I do. I think she really loves them. But, Jason, let's be real -- she's dating Franco. This guy has done so much damage to so many people in this town, I-I-including Elizabeth. And to say that it's twisted doesn't even begin to cover it. And she's with him. She -- she loves him. She's allowing her children to be around him. She's letting him in her home.

Jason: Despite what everybody else around her says.

Sam: Exactly, and she's spent basically their entire relationship defending him, so she has a lot invested in being right about him.

Jason: So you're saying she has a blind spot when it comes to Franco.

Sam: I'm saying that I-I think that she doesn't want to be wrong about him. But that doesn't matter. The important thing is trying to figure out what's going on with Jake, right? And Elizabeth said she's committed to that?

Jason: Yeah, she said that.

Sam: Okay. Well, then, we need to focus on that. Because a fight between you and Elizabeth is the last thing Jake needs right now.

Jason: Look, I just want to find out what's going on with my son.

Sam: Any idea where to start and how to do that?

Jason: Actually, yeah. I have an idea where to start.

Elizabeth: I'm hoping that once Jason calms down and he realizes he was wrong to react so strongly, he'll leave our family in peace.

Kiki: And what if he doesn't? If Jason goes through with this whole custody thing, are you still gonna keep Franco away?

Elizabeth: Okay, first of all, I am not keeping Franco away. We're still together. I just feel that it's not the right timing for him to move in with me, with the situation being so volatile.

Kiki: Is there a "second of all"?

Elizabeth: Yes. You have no idea what it's like to be a mother threatened with losing her child. I will do anything to keep my kids with me. That's just a fact.

Kiki: So you're saying if Jason told you to ditch Franco, that's what you'll do?

Franco: Look, you're in the middle of a big custody battle, right, with Lulu Falconeri?

Nina: No, we're not in the middle. We actually got custody of Charlotte and Lulu has visitation.

Franco: Okay. Well, you must have learned something from that experience.

Nina: It's an entirely different situation than yours.

Franco: How is that a different situation?

Nina: Well, because Valentin and I are married. We're married to each other, and you add Charlotte, and then we are a family. I'm her stepmother. She's my stepdaughter -- legally. I mean, no offense, but you're nothing to Jake. In the eyes of the law, you're nothing. So, Jason has all kind of legal --

Franco: Whoa. You are -- are -- are a genius.

Nina: I am?

Franco: Yeah. Well, unless this doesn't work, in which case you're a complete idiot, but wow.

Nina: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Franco: You want me to marry Elizabeth.

Laura: Yeah, the custody hearing was a nightmare for Lulu. The outcome was just so disappointing.

Tracy: Well, she may be disappointed, but she's definitely not defeated. That child is nothing if not resilient.

Laura: Oh, yes. My daughter can take care of herself. You are right about that. But I'm still not going to go to Turkey with you.

Tracy: Fine. I don't need you there. You'll just slow me down. You'll want to smell the flowers and taste all the spices. And I'm just there to honor my father's memory.

Laura: Great.

Tracy: I'm gonna hire a bunch of guards.

Laura: You'll do what?

Tracy: For security. Like you said, it's not the safest place.

Laura: Yeah, I think that is gonna be, sort of a little in-your-face, you know? Like, I think you might want to try something a little bit more delicate.

Tracy: I don't do delicate.

Laura: Tracy, you have to try to fit in with their culture. You have to show some respect for it. These people are -- are very humble, you know? They live very, very simple lives. Somebody like you is going to be intimidating for them.

Tracy: Huh. And what do you suggest?

Laura: I suggest that maybe you could learn a little bit of Turkish.

Tracy: There's an app for that.

Laura: Tracy, listen to me. You can't just go barging into other people's countries with your big, beef-up entourage, waving your cell phone around.

Tracy: Why not?

Laura: Oh, my God. You're just like a bull in a china shop, aren't you?

Tracy: I get things done.

Robber: If you're willing to die for that thing, it must be worth a pretty penny.

Ned: No one is dying.

Robber: Tell that to your fiancée. You were gonna say yes, right?

Ned: Olivia, please, just give him the ring.

Olivia: I can't. I can't do it.

Robber: Why don't we just do a countdown? Five...

Ned: Olivia.

Robber: ...Four...

Ned: Olivia.

Robber: ...Three... two...

Olivia: No!


Jordan: Drop your weapon. Secure the scene.

[Police radio chatter]

Curtis: Look at you -- clean, grazing shot through the arm. Not bad. Looks like you still got it.

Jordan: I'm sorry. Is it just me, or did I tell you not to come here?

Curtis: It's not just you, but when do I ever listen to your rules?

Jordan: True enough. Are you guys okay?

Olivia: Yeah, we're okay.

Ned: We're fine.

Olivia: I'm just glad you got here when you did.

Jordan: Of course.

Ned: Your timing's impeccable.

Jordan: I'm just -- I'm glad everyone's okay.

Ned: Thank you.

Olivia: I can't believe that just happened.

Ned: Yeah. Tell me about it.

Olivia: What were you thinking, jumping in front of me like that?! You could have been killed!

Ned: Uh, well, let's see.

Olivia: Ah!

Ned: I was thinking that I love you and I didn't want to see you die, which was about to happen over some stupid ring.

Olivia: It's not stupid.

Ned: Come on. Compared to your life?

Olivia: This ring belonged to Lila. Granted, I never met the woman, but from everything I hear, she's basically the patron saint of Port Charles. Do you really want that scum to have their hands all over her engagement ring?

Ned: No, but if it was a choice between that ring and your life, I choose you.

Olivia: Why are we fighting?

Ned: I don't know.

Olivia: [Breathing heavily] You almost took a bullet for me.

Ned: I'd do it again.

Olivia: Oh!

Ned: I'd do it again. But just to be clear, I'd prefer not to, okay? So next time an armed robber says, "Give me your things"...

Olivia: I'll give him my things.

Ned: Thank you.

Olivia: Okay.

Ned: [Scoffs] Incredible. Terrified of marriage, but a robber waving a gun in your face -- no problem.

Olivia: Well, I was born in Bensonhurst, you know. [Sniffles] But just so you know, I was terrified, Ned. When I heard that shot ring out... I thought I'd lost you. And everything -- my life, my future -- it just went black. I love you so much.

Ned: I love you, too. And I'm really sorry about before. I-I-I'm sorry about pressuring you into accepting this proposal. And I really -- I just -- I don't want to wreck what we have. So, I mean, if you're not ready for marriage, okay. It's okay, all right? I understand.

Olivia: [Chuckles]

Ned: This is me...backing off.

Olivia: [Laughs]

Ned: What?

Olivia: What the hell was I thinking? I mean, what the hell am I waiting for -- some freakin' angel to come flapping down and give me a guarantee that we're gonna stay together forever? God. It doesn't work like that. I got to get out of my own way, right? I got to stop letting my insecurities call the shots instead of my heart. Ned, I love you. I... I don't what I would do if I never met you. I mean, I-I know... I would have a lot of cats and dogs right now.

Ned: [Laughs]

Olivia: But...

Ned: Yes, you would.

Olivia: ...I'd probably never get out to the movies. [Voice breaking] And my little boy... he wouldn't have the absolute best father figure in the whole wide world. So, you can back off all you want, but you know what? I am coming for you, baby. Edward Lawrence Quartermaine Ashton... ...will you marry me?

Ned: [Laughs] Nothing would make me prouder -- or happier.

Olivia: [Sniffles, chuckles] I'm marrying a rock star! [Laughs]

Ned: Hell yeah, you are.

[Both laugh]

Lucy: Wow, I hope those dirtbags rot in jail the rest of their lives. How dare they come in here and threaten all of us like that!

Jordan: Well, I have a feeling they'll be going away for a very long time.

Lucy: Good. [Sighs]

Jordan: Are you all right?

Ava: Yeah. I mean, aside from a bruise from having a gun in my side, I'm all right. I just want to get my things and get out of here.

Jordan: Uh, sorry. Whoa, whoa, wait. What are you doing?

Ava: I'm just gonna get my valuables.

Jordan: That won't be possible.

Kiki: You have a great chance at a life with Franco -- an amazing life -- you, him, the boys. Don't let Jason take that away from you. He is not the only one who deserves to be happy.

Franco: Yeah, I do value your opinion.

Nina: Yes.

Franco: Really?

Nina: Yes. Marry Elizabeth. Do that. Marry her. Um, she's great. It'll solve all your problems. Marriage is great. Look what it's done for me.

[Boat horn blaring]

Nina: Uh, the launch is here. Okay, watch your step. There's a dock. It's --

Franco: Thank you. Thanks for talking to me.

Jason: I called Curtis, asked him to help do some digging so I can find out what happened to Jake. Maybe Elizabeth and I will know how to handle it without having Jake reliving it all in some stranger's office.

Sam: I mean, that -- that would be ideal.

Jason: Yeah, but highly unlikely.

Sam: I just -- I don't want you to see Jake going to a therapist as some sort of a threat. He's gonna need all the help he can get right now, and sometimes talking to a stranger's just a little bit easier, you know?

Jason: I get that, and if Jake needs a therapist, he's gonna get a therapist. But I need to know what happened. I need to know how bad it got. The thought of anybody torturing my son...

Sam: I know. I know. I hate it, too. But just don't worry. We're gonna fix this, okay?

Jason: [Inhales sharply]

Sam: Curtis said yes? He said he's down?

Jason: Yeah, he said yes. He said he needs to start in the morning. [Clears throat]

Sam: Good. That's great. That gives us enough time to come up with a game plan.

Jason: Well, I already have. And it's something I can do tonight.

Laura: Fine.

Tracy: "Fine," what?

Laura: I'll go with you to Turkey.

Tracy: No, thank you. Offer's rescinded.

Laura: Oh, my God. You are really impossible, you know that?

Tracy: I may have heard that once or twice before. You'll really go?

Laura: Yes, I'll really go. For Edward's sake.

Tracy: My father would be very grateful.

Laura: He's not the only reason I gave in.

Tracy: And he's not the only one that's grateful. Come here.

Laura: Oh!

Jordan: Uh, these items need to be logged in for evidence. They will be returned to you as soon as we can.

Ava: Come on. Jordan, there's just one thing I need.

Jordan: Sorry.

Ava: Please.

Jordan: It's protocol.

Lucy: Well, that is not good...for you. But...this is for me.

Ava: What? No. You are out of your mind if you think you're taking that. No. No pills, no statue.

Lucy: Excuse me? I held up my end, so thank you -- mwah -- very much.

Ava: Wait. T-those pills are on their way to the PCPD.

Lucy: Absolutely not my problem. Ta.

Jordan: Come on.

Curtis: Nope.

Jordan: Come on. Not even a little bit?

Curtis: I'm gonna go ahead and stand by my decision not to join the -- the police department. But since justice prevailed here today, what do you say we get up out of here?

Jordan: Come on. [Chuckles] You know that I have hours of follow-up and paperwork and... no. Rain check?

Curtis: Rain check. But, um, you know, when this does go down, it is going to be epic.

Jordan: You have no idea.

Elizabeth: I don't know what to do.

Kiki: You call Franco, tell him you were wrong, and that you still want him to move in.

Elizabeth: Okay, but what if he --

Kiki: If Jason freaks out and tries to take you to court, then you fight for Jake and you fight for Franco. You can have them both, Elizabeth. At least try.

[Elevator bell dings]

Franco: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi. I've been trying to reach you all night. Are you okay?

Franco: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I have to ask you a question.

Elizabeth: Is it about Jason?

Franco: No, no, no.

Elizabeth: 'Cause Kiki and I were just talking --

Franco: It's about us. Will you marry me?

Jason: Hi. Uh, I need to speak with your husband.

Nina: It's a little late.

Jason: I know it is, but I think he can help my son.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Lulu (to Nelle): I understand that you are the new nanny.

Sonny (to Michael): She's staying in Port Charles. Did it change anything for you?

Laura (to Kevin): I have to take a little trip.

Sam (to Alexis): You know, when I came by here earlier, I had the feeling that you'd been drinking.

Jason (to Valentin): I want to ask a favor.

Elizabeth (to Franco): Is this about you and me or you and Jason?

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