GH Transcript Wednesday 3/29/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 3/29/17


Episode #13773 ~ Anna is shocked by Valentin's allegation; Ava makes a deal with Lucy; Ned questions Olivia's feelings.

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Curtis: Might I say, you look, uh, stunning.

Jordan: Thank you. Um, so do you. I-I ordered for us.

Curtis: Yeah. I'm just noticing this. [Chuckling] Wow. Feeling nostalgic, are we?

Jordan: Well, yeah. I mean, I saw that they were specials, so I -- I don't know -- I couldn't resist.

Curtis: Good Lord. I haven't had one of these since, um...

Jordan: Dunbar's retirement party?

Curtis: Retirement party. [Chuckling] Oh, wow.

Jordan: See, you thought I forgot about that.

Curtis: I did. Those were good times.

Jordan: They were. So, here is to more good times... working together.

Curtis: Is that a job offer?

Tracy: I am asking for information about a painting that is on consignment to an auction house in Turkey. You feel that requires a fee?

Ava: You've not shown me one shred of civility or kindness in all the time I've known you. You need my expertise. I have debts.

Tracy: Oh. Did your late unlamented brother cut you out of his will?

Ava: My brother has nothing to do with this.

Tracy: Okay, well, never mind, 'cause how many auction houses could there possibly be?

Ava: Well, at least 200 in Istanbul alone. Ankara and Bursa, they have auction houses, as well. And the Turkish Riviera. Well, that has quite a growing art scene due to its popularity as a luxury destination. Shall I go on?

Tracy: No. You made your point.

Ava: So, Tracy, would you like my help or not?

[Door opens]

Dante: Hey.

Nathan: Hey. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Dante: Yeah, it's no problem.

Nathan: Uh, it kind of is, man. I-I asked you to come down here and meet up, and then I-I'm late showing up.

Dante: It's not that big a deal, man. What's going on?

Nathan: I, uh, took Maxie to the airport. She's going to Portland.

Dante: Oh, yeah? To go see Georgie?

Nathan: No. To stay.

Amy: Oh, my! I can't believe it! I have been chosen. [Giggles]

Griffin: For what?

Amy: For a special task of enormous impact to anyone who grew up in Port Charles.

[Elevator dings]

Amy: A newbie like you may not be able to appreciate the significance, but I assure you, this is huge!

Nina: Excuse me. Uh, could you refer a good pediatrician on staff?

Griffin: Oh, this is for Charlotte, I assume.

Nina: Yes.

Griffin: Uh, yeah. I can, uh, I can direct you to the doctor I think would be best for her.

Nina: Thank you.

Amy: Got to run. I've got to go spread my good news. [Giggles]

Griffin: I, uh, I believe Dr. Steven Chen is accepting new patients.

Nina: Oh, okay. Great. Um, excuse me. You're very close to Anna Devane, right?

Griffin: Yeah, that's right.

Nina: Can you do me a favor and tell her to back off of my husband?

Anna: I never slept with you.

Valentin: Are you saying I'm making this up? I was blind to your motives but not the act itself. We were lovers, Anna. Or rather, you were my lover and I was your dupe, because you used sex with me to get to classified information. In the spy world, we call that a honey trap, and I walked right into yours, didn't I?

Olivia: Ta-da! Mwah! Right on time for once. We will have plenty of time to have a beer, maybe a little snack, and, uh, make it to the movie theater in time for the previews.

Ned: I have to admire a woman who keeps her priorities straight.

Olivia: [Laughs] If you were just about to call someone, go ahead and do it so you can focus on the movie, really.

Ned: Oh, I don't even know if it will do any good. Remember I told you that my father's in town, and he had a business proposal for my mother?

Olivia: Yeah.

Ned: He said it involved my grandfather, which is, of course, all my mother needed to hear. Now, she insists that she will not let him influence her or play her. But I'm afraid he already has.

Olivia: Well, then by all means, why don't you call her?

Ava: This is only half of what we agreed on.

Tracy: Mm-hmm. And you'll get the rest when and if you give me the information I'm looking for.

Ava: All right, do you have any idea in which city this auction house is located?

Tracy: Judging from the value of the painting, I would assume it's in Istanbul.

Ava: And what sort of painting is it? Contemporary? Impressionist? What?

Tracy: Renaissance.

Ava: And from what school? Flemish? Dutch? Florentine?

Tracy: [Laughing] I have no idea.

Ava: [Laughing] Well, Tracy. If I'd known this was gonna be so difficult, I would have charged you more.

Tracy: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Your consulting fee has already been agreed upon. Work with it.

Jordan: The work that you did to help bring Olivia Jerome to justice, that was... that was impressive.

Curtis: If I do say so myself.

Jordan: Yes. [Chuckles] So I spoke to the brass in Baltimore.

Curtis: Hm.

Jordan: And they are willing to reinstate your credentials, which means that I can hire you. Congratulations, Officer Ashford.

Curtis: I'm sorry, Jordan, but I won't be taking the job.

Amy: Kristina, don't you get it?! This e-mail is going to change my life! [Sighs] Of course, I accepted. This is it! I'm finally being acknowledged! No more standing on the sidelines! Finally, I get the chance to shine! [Giggles] When I get home, we have to celebrate.

Griffin: I'm afraid that I can't help you. For one thing, Anna doesn't let anyone tell her what to do. And more importantly, Valentin is the one who's been harassing Anna.

Nina: Oh, really? Can you give me one instance where that's really happened? Exactly. Anna has been after Valentin since he arrived in Port Charles. She broke into our home. I wanted to press charges, and Valentin refused. I want peace for my family. That's all I want -- just peace for my family. Do you think that Anna can manage that?

Griffin: Look, I would love nothing more than for Anna to never speak to Valentin again, but like I said, I can't control her actions.

Nina: Okay, well, where Valentin is concerned, Anna can't control herself. I mean, since you're her good friend, maybe it's time for an intervention.

Griffin: You know, I can't help but wonder why you're so concerned. You and Valentin are newlyweds, right? Don't you trust him?

Anna: I'm sorry. I have absolutely no recollection about anything you're saying. None.

Valentin: So you don't -- you don't remember how pathetically I wanted to believe you, even after you rejected me once before?

Anna: No, someone squeezed confidential information out of you, and someone gave those secrets to the DVX!

Valentin: Not someone -- you!

Anna: No, if it were true, I would admit it. I-I would apologize so that we could wipe the slate clean and just move on. You have to believe me. The only thing I remember was you trying to kiss me at the academy. That's it.

Valentin: Well, then I congratulate you on your ability to forget the worst about yourself. I hope that you can teach me that skill sometime. But for me, I remember all of it, and it's very unflattering for both of us. I'm pretty smart. Genius? Maybe. But not when it comes to you. I bought your lies completely.

Anna: I don't remember any of this. You -- you understand that?

Valentin: Well, let me fill in some of the blank spots. After I made the mistake of trying to kiss you on your birthday, we went our separate ways. I got my first posting, and I dove into counterintelligence and threat analysis with a vengeance. I was very good at it. My superiors were very pleased, because I could see the patterns in DVX's methods that allowed the Bureau to get there first. The WSB pulled ahead in the spy games. I'm not saying that that was fully my doing, but I did play a part in it. I don't know to this day if the DVX pushed you to me or if you let them know that I was a vulnerable target.

Anna: All right, if you're gonna do this, just do it. Just lay it out there. Tell me what happened.

Valentin: My security clearance was higher than yours. Levels higher. I mean, after all, you were in the field. You could be caught. You could be turned. You could be compromised. But not me. I was in a secure facility. DVX could never get to me. But they did. You did.

Nina: I have every confidence in my husband.

Griffin: I have to tell you, it doesn't seem that way to me.

Nina: It doesn't? Do tell.

Griffin: If you're so concerned about Valentin's dealings with Anna, maybe there's something he's not telling you, secrets he's keeping.

Nina: Wow. Aren't you a priest? Aren't you? Aren't you supposed to be not judgmental and, um, uh, tolerate people's failings, as well as your own? I mean, you did break your vows to have an affair with a married woman, didn't you?

Griffin: That's true. I did. I made a lot of mistakes with Claudette. She wasn't the woman I thought she was. I would hate for Valentin to wound you the same way.

Nina: He won't.

Griffin: Then why are you afraid that Anna will come between you two? Or maybe she already has.

Nina: I'll tell you something about my husband. He may have his flaws, but one thing he is not is a hypocrite. Have a good evening... Father. [Sighs]

[Elevator dings]

Nathan: You know how Nina fired Maxie, right?

Dante: Yeah, for setting up that, uh, meeting with Lulu and Charlotte. Sorry about that.

Nathan: Yeah, well... Maxie was just trying to be a good friend, but I can, uh, I can see from Nina's perspective, too, you know. She trusted Maxie with her stepdaughter. Maxie went behind her back. Anyways, I tried to -- tried to broker a peace between them on Valentine's Day, and that got me nowhere. So Max started looking for work, and we thought, uh, thought she might find something in the city, but she didn't. She found something in Portland instead.

Dante: So, what does that mean for you, her newly wedded husband?

Jordan: Did you just turn down my job offer?

Curtis: I did.

Jordan: Why? I mean, you've literally been hounding me for your badge ever since you first came into town. And now you're saying no. I don't get it.

Curtis: [Chuckles]

Jordan: It's 'cause I've been so awful to you, isn't it?

Curtis: [Chuckles] "Awful" would be an understatement for how you treated me.

Jordan: And I'm sorry about that. I apologize for that. You know, I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately, and I realize that me lashing out at you was really just about my own guilt. And, you know, seeing you come back into town, it just -- it reminded me of -- of cheating on your brother and lying to everyone about TJ's paternity and -- and -- and --

Curtis: So you haven't forgiven yourself for that yet?

Jordan: No, actually, I think I have. Finally. And I guess I'm asking for you to forgive me, too.

Tracy: Give me back the check.

Ava: What?

Tracy: I'm gonna find someone else to help me.

Ava: No, no, no. It's okay. Tracy, let's just start with this. Very few auction houses in Turkey deal in the world market because of legal constraints. Is there any other information that you can offer me?

Tracy: It was an extremely aggravating conversation. Forgive me if the details have slipped my mind. Like I said, it is a portrait done by a renaissance master and another painting done by the same artist appraised recently for $20 million.

Ava: Ooh. Well, now, very few auction houses deal with pieces that pricy. When was the auction? Do you know? I did receive a catalog from a very prestigious auction house in Istanbul about two to three weeks ago. Was it that recent?

Tracy: Probably. Can't imagine my ex holding on to a moneymaking proposition for that long.

Ava: Okay. Aah! [Laughs] I got it. Now, see, I know the -- the auction house that dealt with your painting. Just out of curiosity, what is this all about?

Tracy: Are you sure it's the right auction house?

Ava: I'm absolutely certain.

Tracy: Okay, well, write that information down there for me while I write the rest of your extortion fee. And let me tell you, if you are wrong or conning me, I will cancel these checks faster than you can say "I'd like it all in cash."

Ned: On second thought, I'm not getting involved. My mother will do whatever she wants to do, whether I like it or not. And my father will always know which buttons of hers to push. That is one toxic relationship.

Olivia: Maybe you should just reach --

Ned: No! No! Tonight... it's about us, about our future. Olivia Falconeri... I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to call you my wife. I want us to be a family -- you, me, and little Leo. So will you do me the great honor of marrying me?

Curtis: You know, there was a time where I blamed you for everything wrong that happened with my brother. But you're a changed woman. I recognize that. You're a great mother. You've always been a terrific cop.

Jordan: Thank you.

Curtis: But you might be a little confused about what you want in a man.

Tracy: I need some information on a painting. A painting. Painting! Does anybody there speak English? Ugh.

Laura: Tracy?

Tracy: [Sighs] Hi, Laura. Join me.

Laura: Oh. Thank you. Why not? Supposed to meet Kevin, and I got a text from him saying that he was called in on an emergency case.

Tracy: So things are going well with the two of you?

Laura: Oh, yes. Very well. Uh, thank you for all your encouragement.

Tracy: Oh, this is so slow. I don't know why I'm bothering. The web page is probably in Turkish.

Laura: What web page?

Tracy: I'm trying to get ahold of an art auction house in Istanbul. You would think that they would have people there who could speak English. You would be wrong. Where on earth am I gonna find someone who speaks Turkish?

Laura: Actually, I can speak Turkish.

Ava: Hey! Lucy! You're not leaving.

Lucy: Yes, I'm leaving. I have waited here very long. I'm done. I'm done.

Ava: What is it you were planning to do with Morgan's meds?

Lucy: What do you think? Perhaps I'll go to Carly and Sonny and tell them that you still had Morgan in your clutches when he died.

Ava: Just wait.

Lucy: No!

Ava: Wait! I have -- I have two checks right here from Tracy Quartermaine, and as soon as I deposit them, I will be able to cover your little bribe.

Lucy: I merely asked you for a very generous donation to my most worthy, valuable cause. That's all.

Ava: Okay. Fine, whatever. Here you go.

Lucy: [Chuckles] You know, I told you the Nurses' Ball is extremely expensive, oodles of funding to put it on. And these -- these little checks, they wouldn't even cover my wardrobe. Nope. You know what? I am going to hang on to Morgan's meds.

Olivia: Ned... I love you. I am so grateful that I found you and grateful for who you are. You are a funny, strong, sexy, good man, and you love my little boy as if he were your own. I want to spend my life with you. I know there's no other man for me.

Ned: Then say yes. Let me put this ring on your finger. We'll set a date. We'll go down to City Hall tomorrow. We'll get married. Whatever you want.

Olivia: I want... I want... I want this. I want what we have right now to go on. Why do we need a document for that? Do we?

Ned: Yeah, we do.

Olivia: Why? Ned, why is marriage so important to you?

Nathan: So the job's supposed to last three months. Maxie's filling in for the associate editor while she's away on maternity leave.

Dante: Dude, why didn't you lead with that? I thought you were gonna tell me you were handing in your papers and moving to Portland or you and Maxie were gonna try and make your marriage work from opposite coasts.

Nathan: We are.

Dante: For three months. It's not ideal, but it's doable.

Nathan: I told her as much, but I don't know. I just -- I only dropped her off at the airport like an hour ago. I already miss her like crazy.

Valentin: The worst part -- I knew better. You'd already rejected me. But then you had an excuse to see me. You said you missed me, as a friend. I betrayed my instincts and I believed you.

Anna: What did you believe?

Valentin: That you were on a special assignment, that you needed some classified intel, that you felt your life was in danger, because you were working blind. And I bought it. I got you what you needed, and you turned it over to the DVX. Wasn't until I was in front of my superiors, being questioned that I realized you... you made me a traitor.

Anna: No! I would never do that! I sold out, and I risked my life, but I would never do that to someone else.

Valentin: This is going to sound impossibly naive, but I joined the WSB to make something of myself, to do something good with what I have. You took that from me. You smashed that to pieces.

Anna: Oh, God. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Valentin: You broke my heart. You broke me. You know that. You looked right in my eyes. Oh. Just like you're doing right now. You said, "All I see is in your eyes. And you're beautiful." No one had ever been so kind.

Anna: Valentin.

Nina: What -- what's happening? What are you doing to my husband?

Valentin: Nina.

Nina: What are you doing here?

Anna: I-I had to find out something.

Nina: Can you please get out? I don't want to see you here ever again.

Anna: Yeah, you won't.

Nina: [Chuckles] What -- what just happened?

Valentin: Anna uncovered an incident. She wanted to ask me about it.

Nina: What incident?

Valentin: Nothing. It's ancient history. It's -- it's -- it's never gonna affect you or Charlotte, I promise.

Nina: I'm affected by this. I'm affected.

Valentin: It's something that happened at WSB. But it's sad, and it's sordid, and it -- it doesn't speak well of either of us.

Nina: I so desperately want to believe you. I really want to believe you. But you make it so difficult.

Valentin: I didn't seek her out! She came to me! -She didn't --

Nina: Every time -- no, every time I see you and Anna together, you tell me, "This is the last time. It's not gonna happen again." But then it happens again. I am telling you that I cannot have another man lie to me and cheat on me. Do you understand that?

Valentin: I will tell you. But I warn you, you're not gonna like the answer any more than she did.

Ned: Marriage, to me, defines a relationship. It says to the world that we've made vows to each other, promises. It says that we have a bond that goes deeper than just living together or saying we love each other. It means stability, a partnership for the rest of our lives. It means romance that will last until our dying breath. That's the promise that I want us to make.

Olivia: But, Ned, you've wanted those things before. You've said those things before, and it never lasted. How can you have any faith in marriage after that?

Ned: Because I learn from my mistakes. I know why those other marriages didn't last, and I know, Olivia, sweet Olivia, I know ours will last. We can have a great life together.

Olivia: I want that life. But I just don't want some stupid document hanging over my head. I just want to love you. Why isn't that enough?

Jordan: Okay, uh, yes, by all means, please, do tell. What do I want in a man?

Curtis: Oh. All right, well, I mean, I don't know. Uh, you thought you wanted André because he represented a clean slate, chance for you to start over, while good ol' Curtis was just a constant reminder of all the mistakes you've made.

Jordan: You know, um... from now on, I'm not gonna punish you for my past mistakes or for yours.

Curtis: I'm gonna hold you to that.

Jordan: Okay. You know that you would be a great asset in the force, man. I mean, look, I can count on you to get the job done. Are you just gonna accept my offer and just take this job or what?

Curtis: I do appreciate your renewed faith in me. I do. It's a good look.

Jordan: But you're turning me down.

Curtis: You know, I went by Jason and Sam's house to see the baby. Beautiful baby. Sweet, sweet family.

Jordan: Mm-hmm.

Curtis: And when I told Jason that I might be joining the force, he reminded me of how well we work together. So then I got to thinking, and, uh, I realized that I really like working without the restraints of procedure and rules. So, uh, I think I'ma go ahead and stay a P.I. That's what I'ma do.

Tracy: You speak Turkish?

Laura: [Laughs] Well, way back when Frank Smith was chasing after Luke and me, we lived all over the world, and Turkey was one of those places. We actually had this really cute little place on the beach in Kas. [Sighs] We were there for about a year. What a beautiful city. Would you like me to make that call for you?

Tracy: Um, you don't want to shake me down? You don't want to try to get money out of me like Ava Jerome and my ex, Ashton, who think I'm their personal ATM?

Laura: Ashton? Is that, uh, Ned's father?

Tracy: Yes, it's the very one. He is tantalizing me with the prospect of recovering a painting that my father purchased years ago, but he won't tell me where it is unless I give him half of its value.

Laura: So you want to try to track that one down yourself?

Tracy: My father would not approve of me giving a finder's fee to that ne'er-do-well loser, so yes, I want to do it myself.

Laura: Give me the number. Let's check on that painting.

Lucy: Our business here is done.

Ava: Wait.

Lucy: I'm keeping the pills.

Ava: Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Lucy: No!

Ava: That was not -- that was not my final offer. I also brought... this.

Lucy: What is that supposed to mean to me?

Ava: It's Greek.

Lucy: Yeah.

Ava: Classical period. Excavated at Ephesus in the late Victorian era by Radcliffe Peabody. Its provenance is ironclad, and that's what makes it so extremely valuable. See for yourself.

Lucy: Okay, look, antiquities -- they're a little dicey. They're a bit of a gamble. They don't tend to hold their value --

Ava: Come on, Lucy! Let's settle this once and for all. The money and the sculpture for Morgan's pills.

Jordan: You'll be working with Jason Morgan. Watch your step.

Curtis: Let's just say if by some miracle we do come together, we won't come under fire for fraternizing.

Jordan: This is true.

Curtis: It would take a miracle, right?

Laura: Gule gule.

Tracy: What'd they say?

Laura: [Sighs] Okay. The Aziz Kaya art and culture house had a late Renaissance painting at auction that they pulled because they found out that it actually belonged to somebody else, somebody by the name of J.L. Holt.

Tracy: That's it!

Laura: Ah!

Tracy: That's -- that's one of my father's aliases! Oh, my God. Ashton wasn't lying, for once in his life!

Laura: [Laughs] Okay. All right. Well, um, okay. It's the lost work of an artist called Jacopo di Cosimo, and, uh, it's entitled "Portrait of an Unknown Lady," and the art auction was supposed to receive $20 million for it.

Tracy: What happened to it?

Laura: They returned it to the seller.

Tracy: Did -- did you get a name and address? I have to find that painting!

Ned: I understand everything you're saying. I really do. You want us to love each other, and you're afraid that marriage will just screw it up.

Olivia: Yes, exactly. It ain't broke! Let's not fix it!

Ned: And I am asking you to believe that marriage can be even better than what we have. [Sighs] But you have to believe -- in me, in yourself. You have to believe in love.

Olivia: I do believe in love!

Ned: But not marriage. Not for you.

Olivia: No.

Ned: Okay. I'm sorry. But being together like this... it's -- it's not enough for me.

Nathan: Hoping to get weekends off, you know? I could fly out on a Friday and take the red-eye back on Sunday, work Monday mornings.

Dante: All right, so your plan is to put in a full work week here and then do a 12-hour return trip on the weekends to visit Maxie.

Nathan: Not much choice, right? It's either that or miss her for three months.

Dante: Mm. Stop me if this is none of my business, but when you guys were talking about Maxie's new job in Portland for three months, did you guys talk about how this was gonna affect you?

Nathan: I guess I could have convinced her not to take the job, but it just didn't seem fair, you know? I mean, it's my sister who fired her.

Valentin: When Anna first approached me, I was hesitant. She had rejected me before. Uh, but she quickly convinced me that she wanted to be with me.

Nina: She wanted to be with you?

Valentin: My security clearance was higher than hers was. I had access to classified information. She seduced me. She got what she wanted. She turned it over to the DVX.

Nina: She brought this information to the enemy.

Valentin: Yeah, that's right.

Nina: Um, why is she going around town stalking you? Why is she saying you're the criminal?

Valentin: Uh, I'm the one who leaked the information. That makes me a traitor.

Nina: You're not a traitor. You're not -- Anna is. You're not the traitor.

Valentin: I only --

Nina: Wait, wait, wait. Wait. Please tell me you didn't protect her.

Valentin: It was only a matter of time before I was arrested, so I ran for my life, for years, all over the world, changing my identities, selling my skills to whoever would pay for them.

Nina: Because of Anna.

Valentin: Well, it was my own fault for letting her manipulate me.

Nina: It's not your fault. It's not your fault. You were lonely. And you needed somebody, and Anna took advantage of you.

Valentin: She didn't seem to remember any of it.

Nina: That's a pathetic lie.

Valentin: I don't think she was lying.

Griffin: Hey, Anna. Hey.

Anna: Oh, hey, Griffin. Hi.

Griffin: You all right?

Anna: Yeah. [Sighs] No. I don't know. I just came to see Dr. Maddox. He's not here. I guess he left for the night.

Griffin: Well, can I help?

Anna: No. I went to see Valentin. Um... he told me about something that happened between us years ago the memory of which was so vivid to him, he was practically reliving it as he spoke -- that I hurt him unforgivably, and... I don't remember any of it.

Griffin: Well, are you sure he wasn't lying?

Jordan: Yeah, I think it would take an act of God to really bring us together.

Curtis: I mean, the earth would have to shift on its axis. You know what I mean? Niagara Falls would have to dry up and come to a stand-still.

Jordan: [Laughs] Yes. Uh, yeah, it would have to start raining butterflies.

Curtis: Hmm. Indeed.

Jordan: What are you doing?

Curtis: I just caught your butterfly. [Exhales]

Tracy: Please tell me they told you where to find the painting.

Laura: It's in a monastery. It's called the Tanrinin Sevgisi. It, uh, translates to "God's Love."

Tracy: Oh. Well, hopefully God's love will be willing to return "Portrait of an Unknown Lady" to its rightful owner. It's probably gonna help if I go see them in person.

Laura: I don't know about that. This is in a very impoverished and -- and rural part of their country. I seriously doubt you're gonna find any English speakers there.

Tracy: I'll have to find a translator. I have to get a guide anyway.

Laura: Pretty volatile part of the world, Tracy. And you're an American wealthy woman. I don't know how you will know for sure that your guide is trustworthy. And then again, if you don't speak the language, I don't see how you could go it on your own and navigate your way through their countryside.

Tracy: Good point. You're coming with me.

Nathan: Crimson was Maxie's dream job. It would have been hell for her to stick around Port Charles and watch Nina run it without her.

Dante: So now she gets to go to Portland and you get three months of hell instead.

Nathan: Maybe it won't be so bad. I hope. I'll, uh, I'll just work really hard, and I'll see Maxie on the weekends. And before you know it, three months will be up, and she'll be home.

Dante: There you go. Sounds like a plan.

Nathan: Yeah. Except, uh, with Maxie, nothing ever goes according to plan.

Valentin: I remember what happened like it was yesterday, but Anna seemed completely thrown, devastated, like she didn't even remember.

Nina: Has it ever occurred to you that she might be manipulating you? I mean, it worked before. It could work again.

Valentin: Oh. Of course, you're right. Of course. I'm letting her play me again. Oh, so much of my life has been spent thinking about her, just wasted. Till I met you. You and Charlotte are my life now. I'm not gonna let anything jeopardize that. I am through with Anna Devane's games.

Nina: If you want to look into this further, I'll help you.

Valentin: You'd do that?

Nina: Yeah. I'll do that. We could do it together. I want to know everything about you. I want to know all your secrets. And I'll never use them against you. I'll keep them safe. I'll never betray you.

Anna: Valentin insists that I made him betray the WSB.

Griffin: Well, if he wasn't outright lying, do you think he's delusional?

Anna: I don't think he's delusional. No, I don't. I think he lived it and that it devastated him. But I don't remember any of it myself!

Griffin: Well, hey, maybe he's -- he's got to have you confused with someone.

Anna: Oh, my God.

Griffin: W-what? What is it? What? Do you remember something?

Anna: No. But I think I know what might have happened. I need to make a little trip.

Lucy: So, this Radcliffe Peabody was actually a pioneering archaeologist, and he did have a dig at Ephesus. And what this says is this little jewel is actually extremely valuable.

Ava: Yes. Exactly. That's what I've been trying to tell you. I'm offering you such a sweet deal! All you have to do is take it!

Lucy: [Sighs]

Ava: Thank God that's finally over.

Ned: I don't see the point of continuing this if I'm not the right person for you.

Olivia: Honey, that is not what I'm saying. It's not what I'm saying at all!

Ned: I think -- I think it's pretty clear that we see this relationship in a completely different way. I mean, for whatever reason, you are not invested enough for a lifetime commitment, so...

Olivia: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Are you breaking up with me?

Chris: Listen up, people! Nobody move! Cooperate and nobody gets hurt! Phones.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Jordan (to Curtis): Is everything okay?

Chris: One wrong move and I blow her away.

Tracy (to Laura): Do you refuse to help me?

Franco (to Nina): I, um... came to wish you a long and happy marriage.

Kiki (to Elizabeth): You get to call the shots, not Jason.

Jason (to Sam): I'm just thinking about Jake. I think he could be in some real trouble.

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