GH Transcript Monday 3/27/17

General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/27/17


Episode #13771 ~ Laura pumps Sonny for information; Jason questions the welfare of his child; Lucy goes on the attack; Carly speaks to Sam about her faltering marriage to Sonny.

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Ava: [Gasps]

Scott: Whoa, hey, hey. Hang on, slugger. Why are you so tense?

Ava: I thought you were one of Julian's executives, back for round two.  I just had it out with them, those slimy, disloyal worms.

Scott: "Worms"? [Sighs] What's going on, Ava?

Ava: They want to take advantage of my brother's absence, take control of the business.

Scott: So... you've taken control of the business in your brother's absence.

Ava: No. No, I'm simply safeguarding Julian's legal holdings until he comes back.

Scott: Well, that's good. Good for you. A loyal, loving sister -- just what I figured. Now listen, um... down that martini and get out of here.

Ava: What? Why?

Scott: So that I can save your shapely behind.

Ava: [Chuckling] You're gonna save my ass? I am. Yeah? Since when?

Scott: Since you asked me to help you out with Sonny so he doesn't find out about that pill switcheroo. Or are you all of a sudden brave enough to take Sonny on by yourself?

Carly: So, that's it? You're through trying? You're -- you're ready to walk away from our marriage?

Sonny: Like you haven't already? I'm just two steps behind you. You're the one who walked away and left me hanging.

That is not true -- at all.

Laura: Hi, Sonny. Hi, Carly. It's nice to see you both -- oh. Sorry. Am I interrupting something?

Carly: No, no, no. Um, we're done here.

Jason: Was Jake messing around with Helena's book?

Elizabeth: No, I've had it hidden away like we agreed. I only took it out because of these drawings. This is a timeline of his life.

Jason: He's a kid. What does he need a timeline for? I-I don't understand.

Franco: Because it helps to tell the story.

Elizabeth: Okay, we weren't trying to pin down anything definitive. We just wanted to see how he perceived himself.

Jason: [Sighs] "Perceived himself." [Chuckles] Why? It looks like normal things. He's got a swing set, a slide...

Elizabeth: Except for that.

Jason: Yeah, and what is this, huh? A scarecrow. Okay.

Sam: So, you know how I told you that Scout's a perfect sleeper? Well, not so much, Mom. She's been up like every hour or so. And I was just really hoping that maybe you could come by. Scout wants to see her grandma, and then I could take a nap. Hint, hint, please.

Alexis: Oh, honey, I'll get over there soon. I'm just not sure I can make it today.

Sam: Are you okay?

Alexis: Uh, yeah, I'm -- I'm fine...mostly.

Sam: What do you mean "mostly"?

Alexis: Uh, okay. Honestly? I keep thinking about Julian, and I'm re-evaluating and playing it over and over in my head of what he did, who he really is...

Sam: Okay, um, you know what? I don't -- I don't need a nap after all, Mom. Why don't you just come over, and we can talk? I don't -- I don't want you to be alone right now.

Alexis: Don't worry. I'm not.

Sam: Oh, good, I'm glad to hear you're not alone. Are you with Diane?

Alexis: Uh, no, I'm with another friend.

Sam: Oh, that's right. You had a meeting. I-I completely forgot. Sorry. New-mommy brain.

Alexis: Uh, yeah. How did you know about that?

Sam: Oh, Kristina and Molly were by earlier.

Alexis: Ah.

Sam: They mentioned it.

Alexis: Oh. What else did they say?

Sam: Just that you weren't doing so good, but you were handling it, that it's just one day at a time. Right?

Alexis: Yeah, well, you betcha. That's all I can do, right?

[Knock on door]

Sam: Oh, Mom, someone's at the door. Can I give you a call back? Actually, why don't you call me after your meeting? Better yet -- just come on by.

Alexis: Yeah, yeah, I will. [Begins drinking]

[Ominous tones play]

Elizabeth: Does that look familiar?

Jason: [Sighs] You gonna tell me that there's a, uh, scarecrow in this book and, more to the point, what, something happened to Jake?

Elizabeth: Don't you think it's worth exploring?

Jason: I don't know. [Sighs] I've got to ask the question -- why?

Elizabeth: For a host of reasons, starting with, "why not?"

Jason: [Scoffs] I've had the parent-teacher conferences. I've talked to the psychologist at the school.

Elizabeth: So have I.

Jason: And Jake is doing well finally. He's being social. He's not having nightmares. [Sighs] H-he's getting along. Things are going great for him.

Elizabeth: I know all of this, Jason.

Jason: So, what if going down this road hurts Jake? Why reopen an old wound?

Franco: Because it isn't an old wound because he's still hurting. It hasn't healed. Whatever happened to Jake was really bad. And it's still lurking right below the surface, just waiting for the right trigger to come along and detonate it.

Carly: Are you sure that I'm not interrupting anything or...

Sam: [Laughs] No, I'm sure. It's not like I was gonna take a nap or anything. Jason should be home soon, too.

Carly: Jason's not here?

Sam: No, he took Danny to the Quartermaines'.

Carly: You know, I don't need to stay and bother you right now. I'm gonna head out.

Sam: Hey, Carly. You can talk to me. I mean, I'll do in a pinch, right? Come on. Tell me what's going on.

Carly: [Sighs] Uh... I think my marriage is over.

Laura: Clearly, I interrupted an important moment between you and Carly.

Sonny: No, no, we should've known better than to hash this out in public.

Laura: Oh. Yeah, well, life happens where it happens, right?

Sonny: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah. Well... care to talk about it with an old friend?

Sonny:, thanks. I, uh... I don't want to talk about my problems. You got enough problems of your own with your family. I spoke to Dante. He told me about the custody hearing. I know it went against Lulu, which I don't understand...

Laura: Mm.

Sonny: ...Because Diane's usually better than that.

Laura: I don't think it was Diane's fault. I think that Valentin just outmaneuvered us plain and simple.

Sonny: I had a run-in with Valentin, with Spencer. You know that.

Laura: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: He's bad news.

Laura: Yes. I know.

Sonny: I also talked to Dante, and I said, "if you need any help, all you got to do is ask," and he turned me down.

Laura: [Chuckles] He is a cop, Sonny, right?

[Both laugh]

Laura: He's also very proud. Wonder where he gets that.

Sonny: I have no idea.

Laura: Oh.

Sonny: Listen, you need any help -- at all -- all you got to do is ask.

Laura: I think I might just take you up on that.

Ava: Would you keep it down? You know that Carly could walk in here at any moment.

Scott: Too late. Here she comes.

Ava: What?

Scott: Ah, gotcha!

Ava: [Punches Scott's arm]

Scott: Aha! Aah, aah. Lighten up, Ava. Now, finish that drink before Lucy shows up.

Ava: Lucy's coming?

Scott: Yes, and if she sees me with you, my name is mud.

Ava: Hey, did she agree to give you Morgan's pill bottle?

Scott: Well, that's the general plan now, isn't it?

Ava: Yes.

Scott: Okay.

Ava: And you know that I'm grateful that you were somehow able to switch the placebos with the real lithium, but if Lucy brings that bottle to Sonny, if she tells Sonny that she saw me throwing it away in an alley, Sonny could get more suspicious than he already is, and he could start to figure things out. And if he does that, then, as you know, lights out for Ava.

Scott: Okay, all right. That's right. We got to go, all right?

Ava: Now?

Scott: Now I'll pay the tab. Yeah, come on.

Ava: I paid it.

Scott: Oh, even better. Now, come on. Let's go. Let's go.

Ava: What? Do you even have -- do you have a plan?

Scott: Yes, I -- it's a radical plan, and I'm gonna blindside Lucy. And I hope it's gonna work, so I'll -- I'll let you know.

Ava: [Sighs] All right.

Scott: I'll tell you later, okay? Oh.

Jason: I don't recall asking your opinion.

Elizabeth: Okay, Franco. Let me deal with this.

Franco: No, no, no, hold on a second. Look, you may not want to talk about this, but we really need to talk about this, okay? There's something wrong with Jake. H-he's concealing something, but it's starting to bubble up inside him, okay? We're not gonna ignore it, Jason, just because you want to ignore it.

Jason: I'm not ignoring anything. I -- really? Are you buying this? We're supposed to think that something's wrong with our son because this guy says so?

Elizabeth: Jason, look at his drawings. When he first did this, there was this big, blank space representing his disappearance, like -- like that period of time didn't exist, like he didn't exist, and now look -- there's a scarecrow. He claims he had nothing to do with this.

Jason: It's a scarecrow, okay? One of the other boys might've done it. It's...

Franco: No, Jake drew that. That's Jake drawing style. I know. I worked with him on this.

Jason: And you worked with him? So dredging all this up, that's your idea?

Elizabeth: Okay, I was all for it. What you don't know is that when Sam almost died after scout was born, Jake thought it happened because of the curse Helena put on her.

Jason: [Clicks tongue] What does Jake know about that?

Elizabeth: I don't know! That's what I'm trying to figure out. The psychiatrist said not to push it, so I didn't. But Jake hasn't talked about Helena.

Jason: [Sighs]

Elizabeth: He's never spoken her name. He doesn't talk about his captivity until now. Look, Jason, it's right there in that drawing! And about that curse? I think what happened to Sam triggered him.

Jason: Yeah. Or Franco's behind all this.

Sonny: Whatever you need, Laura, name it.

Laura: Dante may have told you that the court gave Lulu six months of limited visitation.

Sonny: Yeah.

Laura: So that just gives her six months to establish a relationship with her daughter, so that then she can pursue shared custody maybe or sole custody.

Sonny: Believe me, I know how hard it is to wait, but I don't think Lulu's gonna have a problem proving herself to the courts.

Laura: I agree completely, and under normal circumstances, I-I think she would have absolutely no problem. But this is Valentin, right? He's a masterful manipulator, so I'm preparing for battle. I'm looking for vulnerabilities, something that I can use against this guy if I have to.

Sonny: All right, I'll speak to my guys, see what they can dig up.

Laura: Thank you, Sonny. And there's, uh -- there's something that I might have. I don't know. Uh, they did hire a new nanny to take care of Charlotte. Her name is Nelle -- Nelle Hayes.

Sam: Sonny did come by here last night after we brought Scout home from the hospital, and he implied that things weren't great between the two of you. And then, when he left, Jason filled me in on what was going on. So, do you think I'm wrong?


Sam: Wrong about what?

Carly: That I still feel lost... betrayed, angry, that I can't just, you know, forget about it because Sonny wants me to?

Sam: No, no, listen, I completely understand how you feel. But, bottom line, it doesn't matter what I think. Your opinion is the only one that counts.

Carly: I don't even know where to start.

Sam: Okay. Take a deep breath.

Carly: [Breathes deeply]

Sam: What is it that you want?

Carly: I want Morgan to be alive and my life to... be the way it used to be.

[Somber music plays]

Carly: But that's impossible. And I know that, okay? I just, um... [Sniffles] I just feel like my entire life is shattered, and Sonny kept telling me that we could put it all back together again. And now...I don't think he really wants to.

Scott: Okay.

Ava: All right. I shall take my leave.

Scott: Okay. Do enjoy your lunch. Thank you so much.

Lucy: What are you doing? What -- are you still actually hanging with that fake flooze?

Scott: Oh! She's not so bad. She's not so bad.

Lucy: Really? You know, I-I don't know except that she's a cradle-robbing --

Scott: All right, all right, there. Beautiful dress.

Lucy: Thank you. Thank you. She is a cradle-robbing, murdering gangster wannabe. [Sighs] What are you doing?

Scott: You know, you and Ava have a lot in common.

Lucy: I want to see the wine list. Yummy.

Scott: Uh, so, like I was saying, you and her, you're very protective of your children.

Lucy: Except for, you know, the fact that I don't date my daughter's boyfriends.

Scott: Well, now, you know, Kiki has had a rough year, and, you know, she's trying to rebuild her life.

Lucy: [Sighs] [Slams table] I knew it. You just asked me to lunch so you could beg me to get poor Ava off the hook, didn't you? Well, poor you for still doing her stupid dirty work.

[Glass clinks, rattles]

Scott: [Sighs]

Alexis: [Sighs]

[Somber music plays]

Julian: I know how much damage my love has done to you, and how unhappy you are, because of me, and how you tried to numb yourself to the world because of me. I also know that you're better off without me. I wish you all the peace and happiness this world can give you. I couldn't wish that for anyone the way I could wish it for you. Again, sweetheart, I love you more than anything -- more now that I'm gone. Goodbye. I would do it all over again. I would do anything for you.

Lucy: There's always an agenda with you, isn't there? There's never, ever just a simple, free lunch.

Scott: Hear me out.

Lucy: No! Why should I? I know that Ava has you wrapped around her crooked little finger and that she told you to come and get me to give you those pills. Admit it. Admit it. Admit it. Admit it. I'm right!

Scott: That, may it be --

Lucy: No, don't do that! Don't try to deny it. Admit it.

Scott: I'm not denying anything.

Lucy: Wha-- what? You're actually admitting it?

Scott: Well, now, I-I don't like the "little finger" business. However... everything else... [Sighs] You're right on the money there.

[Knock on door]

Alexis: [Sighs] [Sighs] [Sighs, groans] [Sighs] What are you doing here?

Ava: It's about Julian.

Alexis: [Sighs] Did they find him?

Ava: No. Jordan called off the search. Didn't anybody tell you?

Alexis: Of course, they told me. [Sighs] It's just -- it just feels like he's still here.

Ava: Yeah, for me, too. [Sighs] I even see him.

Alexis: You do?

Ava: He comes to me in my dreams. So vivid. That's why I-I cannot accept that he's gone.

Alexis: So you think he's still alive?

Ava: Yes. Of course, he's still alive. They haven't found his body because his body isn't there to find. Alexis... we need to put our heads together, okay?

Alexis: Mm.

Ava: Please, we need to pool our resources. We need to make some kind of plan so we can find him --

[Bottle clinks]

Alexis: [Sighs]

Ava: What have we here?

Sonny: Nelle is working for Valentin Cassadine?

Laura: Yeah, I think that just happened, though. I think that she has experience working with kids.

Sonny: This is the first I've heard of her staying in Port Charles. I didn't think anybody would hire her, especially if they called Carly for a reference.

Laura: Oh. Well, I guess they don't know her like you and Carly do.

Sonny: Nelle is bad news, Laura. You don't want to have anything to do with her.

Carly: You know, it's really embarrassing on some level, I mean, to think that after everything Sonny and I have been through that we reach our breaking point because he screws that little slut Nelle.

Sam: Ohh, well, are you at your breaking point?

Carly: Sonny seems to be. You know, he has a really low threshold for remorse. You know, it takes a lot for Sonny to say he's sorry, so when he does, he expects to be forgiven. And that right there, that's why I love him. And that's also why I can't stand him. I mean, he's arrogant. He's arrogant as hell.

Sam: [Sighs]

Carly: And I know Sonny, you know? I do. I know that he -- he grew up with nothing. I know that. I know he can't take no for an answer. And he wants what he wants, and if he doesn't get it, he just walks away.

Sam: [Sighs] Sonny's not gonna walk away from you. And I'm gonna tell you how I know why. Remember all those years ago when Sonny and I had our five-minute romance? He was trying to walk away from you. I wasn't the answer. None of the women that Sonny has ever been with was the answer. He's too arrogant. You said it. He's screwed up. He is too needy. I don't understand how his mind works. But you do. Most of the women, they see the dimples and the dazzle and the charm. But that is not who Sonny is underneath. That guy is complicated... even -- even scary. And I don't think there is another woman strong enough to stay with him.

Carly: What if I'm not strong enough anymore?

Elizabeth: Just what are you trying to say, Jason?

Jason: I'm saying that I can't trust that man. I can barely look at him. Look, Franco is using our son, and he's playing you.

Elizabeth: [Scoffs]

Franco: Hold on a second. You think that somehow I put all of this into Jake's head. That's what you're saying?

Jason: Wouldn't be the first time, would it?

Elizabeth: And I'm the sucker in your estimation? I'd fall for anything, forego my son's well-being because of the stars in my eyes? Let me tell you something, Jason -- my eyes are open.

Jason: Okay.

Elizabeth: And I realize you have reasons to mistrust Franco --

Jason: I don't just mistrust him. I despise him. It offends me that he's in this house, spending time with my son. He tortured Sam. He tortured Michael. And, please, don't give me that tumor excuse and, "He's a changed man now," because I don't buy it. I don't want to hear it. I know you do. But it doesn't make a damn bit of difference to me. He still is who he is!

Elizabeth: Well, then, you're ignoring medical fact. Because we all know Franco wasn't in control of his actions, and now he is. And he's here because I trust him.

Jason: And your son might pay the price for it.

Elizabeth: [Gasps]

Franco: Don't, don't, don't, don't even bother.

Elizabeth: Okay, nobody's paying the price for anything! Why do you even talk to this guy? All of my boys are safe with Franco. He has no reason to hurt Jake!

Jason: Elizabeth, you're the reason. Look at this guy. He wants to be a hero, so he messes with my son's head. You're just trying to play the savior.

Franco: Oh, hold on a second! I didn't mess with your son, okay? Your son has a problem, and it needs to be confronted.

Jason: And if my son has a problem, it will be confronted -- by me and his mother with a psychiatrist. You can get out of it.

Elizabeth: Okay. Jake loves Franco. And you know what? So do I. [Breathes deeply] He's a part of our lives, and now he's a part of our household, so you better get used to it, because he's not going anywhere.

Jason: Well, maybe Jake ought to. If Franco is gonna spend so much time here... then maybe Jake shouldn't.

Elizabeth: You're suggesting my son spend less time living with his mother?

Jason: No, Elizabeth. I'm just suggesting he spends less time with this man.

Elizabeth: So what are you saying, Jason? You're gonna try to take my son away from me if I don't fall in line?

Jason: I'm trying to say that we have to come up with some other arrangement.

Elizabeth: Based on what? Whether you approve of my relationship or not?

Jason: If you choose to have a relationship with Franco, that's your business, but my son is my business. Jake was doing fine until Franco joined your household.

Elizabeth: None of this is Franco's fault.

Jason: And how could you be so sure? Because this man says so? If he is the cause of my son's problems, rest assured I'm gonna handle it.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Scott: Now listen -- it's time to give those pills back.

Lucy: Oh, and why the heck would I do that?

Scott: Think of the children.

Lucy: That's what I've been doing. I thought of Kiki. I didn't want her to know what a... oh, boyfriend-stealing, lying, slut cougar her mother really is. And you know what I believe in my heart, though? Is she deserve to know the truth.

Scott: Okay, it's not just about Ava and Kiki building their relationship back. It's not just that.

Lucy: That relationship is built strictly on deception.

Scott: Is that the way Serena would see it?

Lucy: What does our daughter have to do with it? She doesn't even know these people.

Scott: But she knows you. And she knows that you cause drama. And she doesn't like drama in her life, and that's probably why she hasn't even paid us a visit.

Lucy: Is that what you're saying? You're blaming me because Serena hasn't come home?

Scott: I'm just saying she -- there won't be any airline ticket booked anytime soon, especially if she hears about this mess.

Lucy: Are you -- are you threatening to call our daughter and tell on me?

Scott: Well, if you don't like the prospect, perhaps you should reconsider.

Ava: Back on the sauce, huh?

Alexis: What I do with my life is my business.

Ava: Come on, Alexis, I'll take you to a meeting.

[Bottle bangs on table]

Alexis: You will do nothing of the kind.

Ava: It's that or I call your daughters.

Alexis: What the hell do you care anyway?

Ava: Because you mattered to my brother. That's why.

Alexis: "Mattered" -- he's gone.

Ava: Julian risked everything to sober you up. He put himself in danger to see you through, to help you get back on the right track. And this is how you repay him? Is this really what his life means to you? A bottle of vodka?

Alexis: He's dead, Ava. You deal with it your way. I'll deal with it mine.

Sonny: Nelle can't be trusted in any capacity.

Laura: Do you think that Charlotte's at risk?

Sonny: Well, I'm not gonna say that, because she was good with Josslyn and Avery. But Nelle's interests always comes first.

Laura: And what are her interests?

Sonny: To hurt Carly and my family.

Laura: Does that include Michael?

Sonny: Mi-- why would you say that?

Laura: Because I saw Michael talking to her. She was in Kelly's with my granddaughter, and I guess they must have run into each other. Um, anyway, when she left with Charlotte, I asked Michael about her, and he said they used to be friends, but -- I don't know. I just sort of had a feeling that, like, maybe there was something that was -- I don't know -- maybe unfinished between them.

Sonny: [Exhales deeply] The thing is about Michael... is he gives Nelle more compassion than she deserves. But his family always comes first. Nelle used Morgan's death... to hurt Carly and our family, right? Michael is never gonna forgive her.

Sam: You and Sonny have broken up before.

Carly: Yeah, I know, and we always find our way back to each other, right?

Sam: Yeah.

Carly: But maybe not this time. Maybe Morgan's death and how we reacted to each other, maybe we just can't find our way back from that, you know?

[Scout cooing on baby monitor]

[Both sigh]

Carly: Morgan was such a good sleeper. [Sighs] My mom thinks that Sonny and I might've reached our tipping point, you know? [Sniffles] Maybe that's just wishful thinking on her part because she, you know, likes Sonny, but she doesn't really like him with me.

Sam: I don't blame her. I mean, he's done a lot to hurt you.

Carly: I've done a lot to hurt him. I mean, I'm almost as dysfunctional as he is -- almost. [Chuckles] And I think that's why we connect a-and why we just can't seem to stay away from each other. And in my heart of hearts, I so wish that we could go back to the way things used to be. I really do -- I mean, as possible as that is. But then there's something about that that just feels false, and it feels wrong. [Sighs] Oh, my God. I mean, as many times as Sonny and I tell each other that we're never gonna be here again, and we're not gonna lie to each other and we're not gonna keep secrets, one of us always does. What kind of marriage is that?

Sam: It's the marriage you have. But it doesn't have to be the marriage that you're stuck with.

Carly: [Sniffles] So you think that I should end it, right? You just think it's over?

Sam: I-I think a marriage is done when you're done growing.

Carly: Maybe Sonny and I have reached that point.

Sam: Hey. [Sighs] Can I tell you something I don't think I've ever -- I have ever said this to you before? I have admired you guys for years. Carly, your love is so strong. So before you think to yourself that this is over and that you're gonna end your marriage, can you please just ask yourself a question? Are you sure you and Sonny don't have it in you to grow just a little bit more?

Elizabeth: Who does he think he is coming in here and implying that I'm an irresponsible mother?

Franco: Okay. Whoa. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Take it easy, all right? Look, we knew we were gonna get pushback from Jason whether he found out about us today or a week from today. A-and you know what? Look at the bright side, okay? The only two people that have come to blows in this room today are you and that pillow. And it could've been me and Jason, and that, to me, represents real progress.

Elizabeth: Since when did you become the reasonable one?

Franco: Dude, beauty and brains.

Elizabeth: [Chuckles] Humor aside, today was disastrous.

Franco: Oh, come on. I think we're actually -- we're ahead of the curve here.

Elizabeth: Were you not just in the room? Jason is on the verge of threatening war.

Franco: Yeah, exactly -- he was on the verge, but he pulled back because he loves Jake way more than he hates me. Jason saw that picture, right? And he can try and hide it, but he knows something's wrong, and that's what's important here.

Elizabeth: That is wildly optimistic of you.

Franco: Okay, you know what? Jason is never gonna be behind you and me being together. He's never gonna be a cheerleader for us. And so what? Come on. We don't need him.

Elizabeth: For Jake's sake, I kind of need Jason on board.

Scott: One act of silence. Morgan will continue his eternal sleep, Carly and Sonny don't have to go through this thing, get on with their lives...

Lucy: Now I know you are up to something because you don't care about Sonny Corinthos. You hate him with the fiery passion of a billion burning suns, and you don't really like Carly much at all. So you expect me to believe that you're being moved by compassion?

Scott: Yes, I do. Because I know you, Lucy, and I know you have a lot of compassion and that you would always do the right thing, the stand-up thing so that our daughter, Serena, she would be proud of you.

Lucy: Thank you. That's very, very nice of you to say.

Scott: Well, you know, I mean it. Now let's have some wine and just --

Lucy: No, thank you. Huh? You know what's right, though, is... that Ava -- everybody kind of knows she really is a cheating, faithless liar, and so they wouldn't really be surprised by any of this, which leads me to believe something more is going on. There is more to all of this than meets the eye.

Scott: Now, Lucy, don't get yourself worked up here.

Lucy: But I thank you. Thank you for pointing out that I am a stand-up woman. At least, I'm trying to be. And, you know, I am a stand-up friend. And you know who's actually my friend, really never hurt me? My friend is Sonny Corinthos. So you know what? [Sighs] Mmm. Thank you for the roll. Ta.

Scott: Hang on, Lucy! I-I -- [Sighs] This is expensive wine here!

Laura: I appreciate you being so candid with me. And I'll take what you said to heart.

Sonny: You're not gonna let this go, are you?

Laura: Sonny, I would do whatever it takes to protect my family. Just like you, right?

Sonny: Yes, yes. Just do me a favor -- have a backup plan, because Nelle is treacherous. And she's like a disaster waiting to happen.

Laura: But it looks like you're still standing.

Sonny: Barely. But my marriage isn't. Carly's pulled away, and I-I don't think I have it in me anymore to go after her.

Laura: Why? Because -- because you don't love her anymore?

Sonny: No, I mean... I love her very much. But -- but, you know, it's -- it's like we need more than that. What we had is just not there anymore.

Laura: Then this is a pivotal moment where you have to dig deeper and find it. Really. My advice to you is to be damn sure that there is nothing left before you give up something that is so precious to both of you.

Ava: I can't believe I actually thought you still loved my brother.

Alexis: What does that have to do with anything?

Ava: You couldn't do that if you did. This whole sorrowful pretense, it's just an excuse to drink. [Sighs] And I'm not gonna let you use Julian as justification to start boozing it up again.

Alexis: I'm not gonna tell you again, Ava. What I do with my life... it's up to me.

Ava: What life?!

Alexis: Get out and don't come back.

Ava: I'll go. You know, I don't know for sure if Julian is alive. I think he is. But what I do know is that it's a good thing he's not here to see what's become of you, what's become of his sacrifice. Because this weak, pathetic woman I'm looking at, you're no longer worth saving.

[Dramatic tones play]

Alexis: [Pours more alcohol and continues drinking] [Sighs]

Laura: Hey, Lulu, it's Mom. Uh, give me a call when you have a chance, okay? Um, remember when I told you that I thought that Nelle might be useful to us? Um, I think I know how.

Sonny: [Sighs]

[Door opens]

[Door slams]

Sonny: At least you didn't ring the doorbell.

Carly: I'm not some guest. I'm your wife -- at least for the moment.

Sonny: Yeah, I didn't like the way we -- we left things the last time we saw each other.

Carly: Neither did I.

[Telephone ringing]

Sonny: [Sighs]

[Ringing continues]

Sonny: I don't want to be interrupted. Who? Okay, send her up.

[Receiver clicks]

[Door opens]

Sam: Hey, shh, shh, shh! You just missed Carly. Jason, I'm worried about her.

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: What happened?

[Keys jingle]

Jason: [Clears throat] Uh, Jake left his baseball mitt over at the Quartermaines'. I went over to Elizabeth's to drop it off.

Sam: And? What is it?

Jason: It's Jake. Something's wrong with him, and, uh... I don't know what to do.

Franco: I heard what you said about me. You told Jason that you love me. I heard that, just so you know. Thank you, by the way.

Elizabeth: Well, I meant it.

Franco: You and I, we're gonna be together. Jason's just gonna have to deal with it, right? Whether he likes it or not.

Elizabeth: He could cause problems for us.

Franco: Mm.

Elizabeth: He could say that your role in Jake's life is unhealthy, and he could demand a new custody arrangement.

Franco: [Mumbles] He's not gonna do that. Do you really think he's gonna take things that far?

Elizabeth: I don't know. I don't know, but I heard his threat loud and clear. And now I feel like I have to play along.

Franco: "Play along"? What does -- what -- [Chuckles] What are you talking about? Are you breaking up with me?

Elizabeth: No. No! I just told you how I feel about you. I just... [Sighs] Feel that maybe... we should hold off on having you move in. Just for the time being.

Franco: If you give in to Jason one time --

Elizabeth: Just until he calms down and this whole thing gets sorted out with Jake. 'Cause that's what's important, right? I mean, you understand that, don't you?

Franco: I do. I know you got to do what you got to do.

Elizabeth: This is not what I want -- at all.

Franco: But it's for the best. Right?

Elizabeth: Hm. Where are you going?

Franco: Um, yeah, I'm going away now.

[Keys jingle]

Franco: If we're, uh... if we're doing this, then we better get started.

[Door closes]

Elizabeth: [Sighs]

[Door rattling]

Alexis: [Sighs] [Breathes deeply] [Groans] [Sighs] Julian?

Scott: [Sighs] Oh, back so soon?

Ava: Mm, I needed a little pick-me-up. The maitre d' told me that Lucy left a little while ago.

Scott: Uh...yeah, yeah. So? Expensive wine. Uh, yes. Our business concluded early, and, uh...she left -- hungry, I think.

Ava: When you -- when you -- when you say that your business concluded... you did it? You got -- you got the pills?

Scott: Well, now, um... save the applause. Um... a bit of a problem.

[Doorbell rings]

Carly: Who's Max sending up?

Sonny: Lucy Coe.

Carly: What does she want?

Sonny: I don't know. He says it's important, though. Hi. Come on in.

Lucy: Hey. Thank you. [Sighs]

Sonny: So, Max says that, uh, you got something important to tell us.

Lucy: Uh, yeah. Um, I have waited long enough, and, uh, I really can't wait another minute. [Sighs]

On the next "General Hospital" --

Tracy (to ): Ava Jerome. I need your help.

Anna (to Dr. Obrecht): Do you have the information I asked for?

Valentin (to Alexis): I'm ready to make good on a promise.

Laura (to Lulu): I think that Nelle is going to be our way to outmaneuver Valentin.

Olivia (to Ned): I got a proposal for you.

Lucy (to Sonny & Carly): it is imperative that I speak with both of you right now.

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