GH Transcript Thursday 3/23/17

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 3/23/17


Episode #13769 ~ Sonny faces Morgan's killer; Finn fights to keep his secret; Franco shares his concerns.

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[Door opens]

Jordan: I see you're all ready to go. D'Archam awaits. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

Olivia Jerome: What does that mean?

Jordan: I wanted you tried, convicted, and sentenced to consecutive life terms, but this is actually -- this is actually better.

Olivia: Better?

Jordan: See, D'Archam is a super-max facility for the criminally insane. It's a sort of dark, cinder-block slice of hell. And since you cannot be cured, you will not be getting out. You will be there forever.

Olivia: [Chuckles] You underestimate the power of therapy to guide a fractured mind back to wholeness.

Jordan: While you're in there working on whatever that is, just remember that we have all of the witnesses that we need, including Winston Rudge. Yes, your henchman has... [Sighs] ...All kinds of incriminating stories about you.

Hayden: Aspirin, ibuprofen. Roxy? What are you doing out here, buddy? What are you doing? Come here, little girl, come here. Come here, come here. Trying to make a break for it? Come on. Hey, you're almost down a lizard. Finn? Finn?

[Door closes]

Hayden: Okay, hang on. Let me just get Roxy in her cage. Here you go. Here you go, baby. Here you go. There you go. All right. You okay? Okay, it's okay. It's okay. I'm here, I got you. I got you.

Man: Ms. Quartermaine. May I start you off with a cocktail?

Tracy: Vodka tonic, heavy on the vodka!

Man: We have several fantastic specials this evening.

Tracy: I will be ordering off the menu.

Man: The veal is off the charts.

Tracy: Is it really?!

Man: Will anyone be joining you this evening?

Tracy: No, no one will be joining me. Thank you for asking. As a matter of fact, why don't you get a nice, big neon sign that blinks "alone, alone" right over my head? Wouldn't that be fun?

Ned: Is this seat taken?

[Door opens]

Elizabeth: Franco? Boys? Is anyone here?

Franco: Hi. Perfect timing.

Elizabeth: Hey. Why is it so eerily quiet in here?

Franco: Oh, 'cause I dosed the boys with cough syrup.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Franco: Either that, or they're watching a movie -- a totally age-appropriate movie.

Elizabeth: Did they eat?

Franco: Yeah, Noodle Buddha.

Elizabeth: Oh, please tell me there are leftovers.

Franco: I might've saved some for you.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Franco: Take it off.

Elizabeth: What?

Franco: You heard me. Take 'em off. Your shoes and your socks. Because... paradise awaits.

Sam: How was your first car ride, Scout? I don't think you would know, because you were sleeping the whole time.

Jason: Sitter is paid.

Sam: Thank you.

Jason: For sure.

Sam: Get over here.

Jason: Wow.

Sam: Can you believe it?

Jason: I cannot.

Sam: Look at her, Jason. She's got all of her fingers and toes.

Jason: [Chuckles] Yeah.

Sam: Do you know, this is the first time I've actually brought a baby home from the hospital?

Jason: How's it feel?

Sam: It feels pretty incredible.

Jason: Yeah?

Sam: Yeah. I'm gonna be able to get to do all the things I didn't get to do with Danny -- midnight feedings.

Jason: Oh, yes, and then 2:00 a.m. feedings and 4:00 a.m. feedings.

Sam: You're gonna take one of those, aren't you?

Jason: Gladly, yes.

Sam: And then we get to experience all of her firsts -- her smiling... and [Chuckles] Her giggling.

Jason: Her getting into stuff, her crawling around.

Sam: Getting into... crawling? Yes! Scout, you're gonna be a pretty busy girl. You think you're up for it?

Jason: I'm pretty sure I am.

Sam: Yeah?

Jason: Mm-hmm.

[Doorbell rings]

Sam: Mmm.

Jason: Hey.

Sam: No.

Jason: I thought you told your mom we're gonna show you off tomorrow.

Sam: I did! [Gasps] Who is it?

[Both chuckling]

Sonny: Welcome home.

Ned: I will need a few minutes before we order.

Tracy: What?

Ned: Mm. Having a nice night?

Tracy: Perfect.

Ned: I'm all ears, if you want to talk about it.

Tracy: I'd rather talk about you.

Ned: Who wouldn't?

Tracy: Are you meeting your fiancée here?

Ned: Olivia is busy tallying receipts. We just had a quick dinner in her office. And she's not my fiancée.

Tracy: I thought you were gonna ask her to marry you. Did you have a change of heart? Did you realize, finally, that she's not good enough for you?

Ned: No, I did not have a change of heart. I asked her to marry me. She turned me down.

Finn: [Gasping] Where's -- where's Roxy?

Hayden: She's in her cage. I found her outside the door.

Finn: We got in a fight.

Hayden: What?

Finn: Yeah, you'd think she'd be grateful for all the things that I do for her. She doesn't care. She just wants things her way all the time.

Hayden: Finn, Finn.

Finn: I told her, "You don't like this? You don't want to be around me? Then you go! You go!" I didn't think she would take me up on it.

Hayden: Okay, okay, you know what? You're shivering, and you're clammy. I think -- I think we need to get you warmed up.

Finn: No. No, I'm happy right where I am. Don't come over here.

Hayden: No. No, no, no. You told me you needed my help, remember? Okay, let me help. Come on. Come on.

Finn: [Breathing shakily]

Elizabeth: Franco?

Franco: Yes?

Elizabeth: This is --

Franco: Is it too hot? It's too weird, isn't it?

Elizabeth: It's heaven. How'd you know this is exactly what I needed?

Franco: Well, I just thought, what would it be like to walk on the cold stone floor of General Hospital all day? Plus, I like your feet. You got really pretty feet.

Elizabeth: [Giggles] Thank you.

Franco: You're welcome.

Elizabeth: Mmm. Now I am sufficiently relaxed.

Franco: Really? That was quick.

Elizabeth: Doesn't take much. How'd things go with Jake earlier? Did you make any headway?

Franco: It's gonna be a process, uncovering what happened to him while he was away, but overall, I think it went well.

Elizabeth: Oh, good. Does that mean you got something out of him?

Franco: Well, yes and no.

Olivia Jerome: Rudge is too sweet to ever say an unkind word about me.

Jordan: Oh, I would rethink that one. Yeah, no, uh, whatever you paid him, it didn't really buy his loyalty, 'cause Rudge, he's given us names, dates, bank accounts. We'll have it all traced in no time.

Olivia: Hmm, what's your point?

Jordan: Well, my point is that you were gone for a lot of years, Liv, for which time you were severely incapacitated. Someone must have helped you get to China, right? Someone must have taken care of you once you go there.

Olivia: Hmm.

Jordan: Whoever it was, they must have left a trace. And let me tell you something -- I'm gonna find it.

Olivia: So determined, huh?

Jordan: You're damn right.

Olivia: [Laughs]

[Door opens & slams shut]

Curtis: [Whistles] Seems like somebody pissed you off. I sure hope it wasn't me this time.

Sonny: Ran late.

Sam: Oh, please, don't be silly.

Jason: Yeah, we're glad you're here, man.

Sonny: I just, uh -- I couldn't come here without giving Scout the bear.

Sam: Sonny Corinthos -- a softy at heart. Check that out.

Sonny: Please don't tell anybody.

Sam: No, never. [Chuckles]

Sonny: She's sleeping, right?

Sam: Yeah, for now. She's gonna love the bear when she wakes up.

Jason: What's going on, man?

Sonny: Did you hear about Olivia Jerome?

Jason: We've been a little preoccupied. What happened?

Sonny: I got a call from my guys at the courthouse. She's, uh, not fit to stand trial. They're gonna send her to D'Archam.

Sam: What? I-I thought you wanted her to go to trial. I thought you wanted her to pay.

Sonny: Oh, she's -- she's gonna pay in full, trust me. So, you know, you can enjoy your baby girl, okay, and, uh, I just don't want you to think about that woman at all. She's done.

[Scout gurgling]

Jason: And no more sleeping baby.

Sam: I think she wants to say hello. Come here, sweetie. Oh, hi!

[Baby crying]

Sam: Oh, no. Do you want to meet your Uncle Sonny? Huh? I know you've met already, but you haven't had a chance to hold her.

Sonny: Hey.

Sam: Would you like to?

Sonny: You think I -- well, you're not gonna get her back.

Sam: I don't know about that.

Sonny: Hey, hey.

Sam: There you go, here. Put that on her so she's warm.

Sonny: Hey, Scout. [Chuckles] You like your new digs? You like your new digs? They're pretty, huh? She's looking right at me. And those parents are the best. You got the best parents in the world. You got cool brothers, and guess what? If you ever get in trouble, you call your Uncle Sonny.

[Both laugh]

Sonny: That baby smell gets me every time.

Sam: I know. It's amazing, isn't it? Here, let me take her. She's probably wet. Hi, baby. Oh, yes. Say, "Bye, Uncle Sonny."

Sonny: Bye Scout, bye Scout.

Sam: Bye, Uncle Sonny.

Sonny: [Chuckles] Oh, this is -- great times. Remember -- you remember when Michael was small?

Jason: Yeah, I do. It's hazy, but, yeah.

Sonny: First few weeks, months, even years, it's like... "What are they gonna look like? What are they gonna be like?" Nothing better.

Jason: I agree. Um, sit down, man.

Sonny: [Grunts]

Jason: I talked to Carly.

Sonny: Yep, she told me.

Jason: How's it going?

Sonny: Well, she's happy they found the person who killed Morgan, and she's pissed off that I s-slept with Nelle.

Jason: I'm sorry.

Sonny: What can you do?

Sam: Well, that was a false alarm. I think she just wanted to be held.

Sonny: Aww.

Sam: Hey, can I get you anything -- a beer or a glass of wine?

Sonny: No, I think I'm gonna get out of your hair.

Jason: Oh, come on, you're not in our hair. Stay, have a beer.

Sonny: No, it's all right. And you know, if she drives you crazy, you know where I'm at.

Sam: She knows where to find you.

[Both chuckle]

Sonny: Good night, darling.

Sam: Good night, Uncle Sonny.

Sonny: Bye, bye.

Sam: She's staring at you.


Jason: Keep both eyes on that guy.

Sam: Yeah. [Chuckles]

Sonny: All right, good night.

Sam: Good night.

Jason: See you. Let me close that door.

[Door closes]

Sam: Okay, what was that about?

[Man speaking indistinctly through cell phone]

Jordan: Okay, keep me updated. Thank you. Sorry about that.

Curtis: No sweat.

Jordan: I assume that you're here for updates on the Olivia Jerome case?

Curtis: Well, you know me. I like to see my cases through to the finish.

Jordan: Yes, I do know that about you. The good news is that she will be transferred to D'Archam.

Curtis: Couldn't happen to a nicer lady.

Jordan: That's funny, I -- I said the exact, same thing.

Curtis: [Chuckles] Great minds, right?

Jordan: She's gonna be in that hellhole until the end of time.

Curtis: Well, I guess that's about as much justice as any of us can expect. You know, I really feel bad about the Corinthos family and the fact that they'll never get their day in court, as well as all the people Olivia Jerome either assaulted, kidnapped, or threatened to bomb.

Jordan: Yeah.

Curtis: So it goes, right? Ah. Better let you get to work.

Jordan: Uh, don't go.

Elizabeth: What is this?

Franco: Well, I asked Jake to...draw. We would both draw things that we could remember from when we were little -- our favorite thing to do, our favorite thing to eat.

Elizabeth: Why is this space blank? Did you ask him to leave out the years he was on Cassadine Island?

Franco: No. Jake did that all on his own.

Hayden: [Runs shower and helps undress Finn]

Finn: Why are you doing this for me?

Hayden: Because I care about you.

Finn: I don't deserve it.

Hayden: Hey. You took care of me, remember?

Finn: Not the same.

Hayden: Are you ready?

Finn: No.

Hayden: That's too bad.

Finn: [Groans] [Sniffles] Okay. [Exhales] I'm okay. I'm okay. Oh, oh. Whoa. Oh. [Sniffles]

Tracy: Olivia Falconeri, the fish-wife from Bensonhurst, turned you down?!

Ned: A little louder -- I'm not sure the bartender heard you.

Tracy: How dare she?

Ned: Mother, this from the woman who didn't want us to get married in the first place?

Tracy: That's because I don't think she's good enough for you, not the other way around! How could she say no to the Quartermaine name?

Ned: I'm not sure Olivia would take my name even if we did get married.

Tracy: No, of course not, 'cause why should she? "Falconeri" has such a lovely ring.

Ned: But, if she did take my name, it wouldn't be Quartermaine. "Ashton," remember?

Tracy: Oh, yeah, how could I forget? But you have to explain this to me. Does she have a problem with our family? Because it is an honor and a privilege to join our ranks.

Larry: I couldn't agree more. Tracy, lovely to see you, as always. May I say, you look positively radiant.

Tracy: No, you may not.

Larry: And, Ned, how are you, son?

Ned: Right this second? Shocked.

Tracy: What are you doing in Port Charles, Ashton?

Larry: You have to ask?

Ned: I do.

Larry: Your mother didn't tell you about my letter?

Ned: What letter?

Tracy: Why would I? What would I say? "Ned, darling, your father's trolling for cash again"?

Ned: You did not ask her for money.

Larry: No, I most certainly did not. Show him.

Tracy: The letter? Oh, sorry, can't. I tore it up.

Larry: You what?

Tracy: Well [Scoffs] Forgive me for not wanting to entertain your drivel.

Larry: That missive I sent you was of great importance.

Tracy: To your back account.

Larry: Will you please listen? An unexpected windfall has landed in my lap.

Tracy: And what does that have to do with me?

Larry: Everything.

Hayden: Here. Feeling better?

Finn: I... [Chuckles] I feel warmer.

Hayden: That's a start.

Finn: Thank you for coming.

Hayden: Did you think I wouldn't?

Finn: Honestly, I don't know what I've been thinking.

Hayden: I can guess.

Finn: Oh, yeah?

Hayden: Yeah. You were thinking, since you're a doctor, you'd be able to cure yourself of this addiction.

Yeah, that pretty much sounds like me.

Hayden: Yeah, well, I'm sorry to inform you, but you're human, just like the rest of us.

Finn: Damn!

Hayden: Yeah. But there is good news. I still have connections, so I can get you into any rehab facility you want -- New York, Montana, Arizona, pick your poison. [Chuckles] As long as it's not Zen-Zen.

Finn: No.

Hayden: No, I know, I know. I'm kidding. I'm kidding -- I know you're not gonna touch that stuff again.

Finn: No. I mean I'm not going to rehab.

Elizabeth: So, all the years Jake spent with Helena... blank.

Franco: Yeah, I mean, I asked him to draw something from during that time, but --

Elizabeth: He wouldn't?

Franco: Well, he just -- he kind of shut down. He said he wanted to stop drawing.

Elizabeth: But he loves to draw, especially with you. This is bad.

Franco: No, not necessarily.

Elizabeth: This is bad. What did that woman do to my baby?

Franco: Okay, you know what? Let's keep it all in perspective, all right? Since he's been back, he's doing really well. He's doing well at school. He's getting along with his brothers. There's nothing wrong.

Elizabeth: I-I know that --

Franco: And if there is something wrong, we'll deal with it, okay? Everything is gonna be okay.

Elizabeth: Okay. When you say it, I actually believe it.

Franco: Really? 'Cause usually, it's the other way around.

Elizabeth: Seriously, I don't know what we'd do without you.

Franco: [Chuckles] Well, you better figure it out quick, 'cause it's getting late. I should be getting home.

Elizabeth: Franco. Stay.

Sam: It was really sweet of Sonny to stop by, but I gotta tell you, something seemed off.

Jason: Yeah, well, Sonny and Carly are kind of going through something right now.

Sam: What kind of something?

Jason: Sonny slept with Nelle.

Sam: What?

Jason: Yeah, it was only once, and...

Sam: Ugh.

Jason: Understandably...

Sam: Wow.

Jason: ...Carly's having a hard time.

Sam: Nelle? Carly's assistant, Nelle? That's the one we're talking about?

Jason: That's the very one.

Sam: Oh! [Sighs] When?

Jason: Some time after Morgan died.

Sam: When Carly was pushing Sonny away?

Jason: Yeah. Not an excuse. Sonny feels horrible.

Sam: Ugh. The timing is just terrible.

Jason: Yeah, I know.

Sam: Carly and Sonny should be leaning on each other right now. Instead, they're miles apart.

Jason: [Sighs] Well, Carly is pretty upset.

Sam: Hey.

Jason: Hmm.

Sam: Guess what?

Jason: What?

Sam: There's a baby over there.

Jason: Where?

Sam: Over there.

Jason: Over there? That baby right there?

Sam: That baby over there, and she's all ours, and we'll get to watch her grow up from the very beginning.

Jason: Tell you what.

Sam: What?

Jason: Feel free to remind me of how lucky we are any time you feel like it.

Sam: I feel like that every time I look at you.

Jason: Really?

Sam: Yeah.

Jason: Ah!

Jordan: I wanted to thank you.

Curtis: Wh-- you wanna do what?

Jordan: I wanted to thank you for everything that you did in helping us nail Olivia. I mean, you were...

Curtis: Amazing, sensational, incredibly skilled, talented, the goat...

Jordan: Actually, I was going to say "relentless," but it's a good thing your ego is in check.

Curtis: Oh, no, I'm gonna keep that.

Jordan: Mm-hmm. The fact is, I was wrong about Sonny, okay? And if it hadn't been for all of your surveillance work you did with Jason, we wouldn't have found the right person.

Curtis: Well, there's also that little thing about defusing a bomb.

Jordan: Ah, yes.

Curtis: I'm proud of that.

Jordan: Yeah. Wow. Your modesty will really never be a problem.

Curtis: [Laughs] No, in all seriousness, um... I'm glad I could help.

Jordan: Okay. So, here's the deal. Um, I know that ever since you got back into town, you've only wanted one thing.

[Footsteps approach]

Jordan: Oh, uh...

Curtis: Hey, Sonny.

Jordan: ...Hey, if you are here for an update on Olivia Jerome...

Sonny: I already know -- D'Archam, right?

Jordan: Yeah. Yeah. The orderlies will be here any minute to pick her up.

Sonny: I was hoping maybe I could just say bye first.

Jordan: Sonny. Sonny, come on. You know I can't do that.

Sonny: I'm not armed. You can pat me down if you want. I'm surrounded by cops. What's the worst I can do? I just -- I just wanna say my piece.

Jordan: That coffee looks really good right now. I would love a cup myself. We should go as far away from the interrogation room.

Curtis: Right? You read my mind.

Jordan: Yeah?

Curtis: Yeah.

Jordan: Okay.

Curtis: You know, you're not that much of a hardass.

Jordan: Stop talking about my ass.

Olivia Jerome: Oh, Sonny! We meet again.

Sonny: Happy to see me?

Olivia: Well, that depends.

[Door closes]

Olivia: Are you here to make more threats?

Sonny: No, no, no. I'm done with all that. I'm gonna make you a promise.

Curtis: So what were you saying before about this thing I wanted ever since I've been in Port Charles?

Jordan: I know you've been interested in joining the force.

Curtis: Yeah, but I thought that was off the table.

Jordan: I'm willing to put it back on.

Sonny: It occurred to me [Sighs] That you might have thought that everything that I was saying to Carly to get her to drop the gun, to keep from killing you, going to prison... that's not entirely true. You killed the wrong boy, plain and simple, and I'm not just a helpless parent. I'm not bound to the legal system.

Olivia Jerome: [Whimpers]

Sonny: You murdered my son... ...and I have the power to make you pay.

Jason: How long until you think we get to feed her again?

Sam: I don't know, but if she's not up in an hour or so, I'm definitely gonna wake her.

Jason: You're gonna wake her?

Sam: Mm-hmm. [Chuckles]

Jason: Okay, then I'll get some pacifiers in case she gets fussy.

Sam: Wait. Did you just hear what you said?

Jason: Hmm?

Sam: You said "pacifiers" and "fussy." Can you hear us? We're two parents at home alone with their newborn and her brother upstairs.

Jason: Yeah, we got this.

Sam: Hell, yeah, we got this!

Jason: Got this. We got this.

Danny: Mommy? Daddy?

Jason: Hey!

Sam: I mean, heck yeah!

Jason: Heck, yes!

Sam: Hi! Oh, it's so good to see you!

Franco: You don't want me to go?

Elizabeth: I think that's what "stay" means. And like you said, it's late. Why truck all the way home?

Franco: Well, that's a good question.

Elizabeth: What are you doing?

Franco: Are you kidding? You hot bath salts. That thing's probably still warm -- that thing's got my name on it.

Elizabeth: I think something else has your name on it.

Finn: In case you haven't noticed, I don't exactly play well with others, and I -- I don't think I'm gonna make the best patient.

Hayden: I've noticed.

Finn: Yeah. So, how do you think I'm gonna do with all those doctors and shrinks prodding at me and watching my every move 24/7?

Hayden: You'll probably be too sick to care.

Finn: And the word gets out?

Hayden: These places are confidential, Finn.

Finn: I just signed a contract with a major pharmaceutical company. If word of my addiction gets out, forget about it, all right? The whole deal just blows up.

Hayden: Well, you know what? That's very noble of you, but at some point, you have to put yourself first. If you don't, you'll be no good to anybody. I mean, wandering around the hospital, looking for your next fix? [Scoffs]

Finn: I agree.

Hayden: Good.

Finn: That's why I'm gonna get clean on my own. I need your help.

Tracy: So, tell me, what do I have to do? Give you $5,000 so that I can claim the wealth of a disgraced Nigerian prince?

Larry: Do you really think I would have come to you, face this mockery for nothing more than a get-rich-quick scheme? You're the one who stands to gain a large sum of money.

Tracy: Don't need money, don't need you. Get lost.

Larry: I see I've found you on a bad night.

Tracy: [Laughing] Oh yes, that's it. Couldn't be the fact that you are a lying, scheming liar who lies.

Ned: I think she's calling you dishonest.

Larry: I'm staying at this hotel. Why don't you ring me when you're ready to talk?

Tracy: I will do that right after pigs fly, hell freezes over, and the Cubs win the World Series.

Ned: The Cubs won last year, Mother.

Tracy: No kidding. Huh. Okay, well, pick from the first two. Oh, good grief. Now what?

Larry: I just thought you should know that this is not about what I want or about what you want. It's about what your father wanted.

Sam: Take a look!

Danny: Is that my little sister?

Sam: It is. See? [Laughs]

Jason: What do you think?

Danny: She's so small.

Sam: I know. She's tiny now, but she's gonna get bigger and bigger every day. You'll see.

Danny: What's her name?

Jason: Her name is Emily Scout Morgan.

Sam: But we're gonna call her Scout.

Danny: Oh, yay!

Sam: Yeah. You named her, bud!

Danny: Oh!

Jason: I know originally you wanted Scout to be a puppy, but I'm hoping that a baby sister's gonna be okay by you.

Sam: That's sweet.

[Both chuckle]

Franco: Oh, I was -- I was right. I was so right.

Elizabeth: That's a first.

Franco: Oh, you're funny.

Elizabeth: You're right about what?

Franco: That what just happened is way better than some foot massage thingy.

[Both laugh]

Elizabeth: Well, there's more where that came from.

Franco: Okay. Well then, I'll have to come back, um, some other night.

Elizabeth: How about tomorrow?

Franco: Tomorrow's great. Tomorrow works.

Elizabeth: And the next night, and the next night?

Franco: Oh, really? Wow. That's a lot of nights.

Elizabeth: I know it is.

Franco: That's almost like I was living here. Are you -- are you asking me to move in?

Elizabeth: That depends. Would your answer be yes?

Hayden: I came here to help. I even bought a whole bag of tricks.

Finn: Then we're all set.

Hayden: But that was before I saw what horrible shape you're in, Finn. I really think you should be in rehab.

Finn: Hey. Listen to me. Listen to me. I can do this, Hayden. I can do it right here in this room. I have everything I need from the hospital. I can do this on my own if I have to. I don't want to, but I will.

[Bag rustles]

Hayden: Finn. Those are my two options -- with me or without me? Okay. I'm in.

Finn: It's gonna get ugly. What you're seeing right now is just the half of it.

Hayden: Duly warned. Just tell me what you want me to do.

Finn: Tie me up.

Jordan: That is what you want, right? To rock the badge again?

Curtis: You serious about this?

Jordan: I'm open for discussion.

Curtis: All right, then. Let's discuss.

Jordan: Okay. I mean, not here. I-I was thinking maybe over dinner.

Olivia Jerome: Sonny, please, look at me. I'm already paying. I'm being carted off to a mental institution. Perhaps that gives us something in common. I... I wonder if you've ever done anything you regret in the throes of a manic episode. Something when your body was spinning out of control, and you couldn't help what you were doing. Morgan ever see you do anything like that?

Sonny: Stop. Stop. Stop talking!

Olivia: It takes such strength to examine those things!

Sonny: Okay, say his name again, see what happens.

Olivia: We are in a police station, and I know you would never do anything stupid.

Sonny: No, I wouldn't, which is why I'm gonna wait.

Olivia: Until when? Till I'm rehabilitated and out? Then I guess this is goodbye till we meet again.

Sonny: Seems like we have a disconnect here. You're not getting out 'cause you're gonna be dead.

Jason: So, uh, don't let that whole peaceful thing fool you. Your mom is tough just like you. I gotta say, you certainly came into this world with a bang, baby. Scariest and, at the same time, happiest moment of my life. Funny how that happens, huh? Holding you in my arms, watching you take your first breath -- although you definitely made us work for it -- it's amazing. And so you know, your Uncle Sonny is not the only person looking out for you. Your daddy is gonna be right there for you your entire life. And I gotta tell you...

[Baby cries]

Jason: Yeah? ...Your old man is not a bad guy to have in your corner. [Whispers] I love you. Yeah, yeah.

Franco: Hmm. I don't know. Moving in's a big step, and I'm really gonna have to think about this. Okay, I thought about it, and that'd be great. I'd love to. Yes.

Elizabeth: Really?

Franco: Yeah, really.

Elizabeth: We're gonna do this?

Franco: Yeah, we're gonna do this.

Elizabeth: Oh, my goodness. I can't wait to tell the boys. They're gonna be so excited, especially Jake.

Finn: [Breathing heavily] So, what's the verdict?

Hayden: No, I will not tie you to that chair.

Finn: [Scoffs] This is gonna get bad. Hayden, I'm warning you. I'm not gonna be the person that you know. I could hurt myself. I could hurt you. That's the last thing in the world I want, so the only way that I could guarantee both our safeties is if I'm restrained. I know it's a lot to ask, but you're the only person in the world I trust.

Hayden: Okay.

Finn: Yeah?

Hayden: Yeah. Whatever it takes.

Finn: Thank you.

Hayden: Now?

Finn: There's no time like the present.

[Indistinct conversations]

Tracy: Why are you looking at me like that?

Ned: You do realize what Lord Larry's doing, right? He knows you. He was married to you. He had a child with you.

Tracy: I'm aware.

Ned: So of course he invoked Grandfather, because he knows that Edward Lewis Quartermaine is your only weakness. Do not fall for it. Don't take the bait.

Tracy: I won't!

Sonny: I want you to get real comfortable, settle in, make friends, 'cause it makes it so much better when it happens.

Olivia Jerome: When what happens?

Sonny: [Laughs] I don't wanna give it all away, you know. I don't wanna ruin the surprise. [Exhales forcefully] But I will say this. The last sound you're gonna hear is my son's name. And you will know... the killer was sent by me.

Jordan: So, what do you say? Feel like joining me for dinner tomorrow night? It's the least I can do to thank you.

Curtis: Damn straight. And it better be somewhere expensive.

Jordan: [Chuckles] Okay. I'll try to do my best.

[Police radio chatter]

Officer: Commissioner Ashford.

Jordan: Yes.

Officer: Is the patient ready?

Jordan: Yes. They're in the interrogation room.

Olivia Jerome: Who are you?

Officer: We're here to take you to the facility.

Olivia: Are you? Or did he send you? Did Sonny send you?

Officer: Let's go now.

Olivia: Did he send you?

Officer: Let's go.

Olivia: I don't wanna go. I don't wanna go. I think he sent you to kill me. Did he send you to kill me? Did he send you to kill me? Did he -- did he -- he send you to kill me? Commissioner, you can't -- you can't let him take me. He's -- he's gonna have me killed. He said he was gonna have me killed. He said he was gonna kill me. Sonny said he was gonna kill me. You gotta help me! Help me!

Curtis: Don't get me wrong or nothing. Um, you know, I'm all for the judicial system, but I gotta say, I got to admire a brother with such impact.

Sonny: You have a good night. Commissioner. [Sighs]

On the next "General Hospital" --

Molly (to Alexis): Mom, we really need you to listen to us.

Elizabeth (to Franco): I think it's time we bring Jason in on this.

Jason (to Curtis): You're carrying a badge, we're not working together.

Carly (to Sonny): You've been lying to me for months, and now I need to get over it on your timetable.

Finn (to Hayden): I don't want to do this anymore! Let me go!

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