GH Transcript Wednesday 3/22/17

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 3/22/17


Episode #13768 ~ Laura's fixations puts a strain on her relationship with Kevin; Olivia Jerome taunts Griffin about his mother; Valentin ties up loose ends with Nora.

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Olivia Jerome: Hi, Duke.

Griffin: You know that's not my name.

Michael: Uh, let me call you back.

Nelle: Um, you know, this is just a coincidence. I just needed a restaurant that was child-friendly.

Charlotte: Can I go color?

Nelle: Yeah, yeah. Just sit at this table right here and, um... hang out. [Clears throat]

Michael: So, uh, who's your young friend?

Nelle: Actually, that's my new job. I'm her nanny.

Laura: I-I just can't believe André's testimony. What kind of competent psychiatrist would recommend that a child remain with Valentin rather than her own mother?

Kevin: And yet, one did.

Laura: W-what are you saying, that you th-- that you agree with André?

Kevin: I'm saying I don't think it's a good strategy to question André's résumé.

Laura: You're not really answering my question. Do you think it was right that he kept Charlotte from Lulu?

Kevin: Yes, I do.

Lulu: [Sighs] Dillon.

Dillon: Lulu, hi.

Lulu: Is Nina here? I need to speak with her.

Dillon: Uh, no. She's -- she's gone for the day. Do you want me to call her? I can call her for you.

Lulu: Yeah. Uh, no. I mean no. Um, if I was gonna do this, it needed to happen here.

Dillon: Do what?

Lulu: Tell her how I feel about her backing Valentin's lies. I don't care what Nina does. I don't care how many toys she buys for Charlotte or how sweet she pretends to be. She is not Charlotte's mother! I am! [Voice breaking] So, why would the courts take her away from me?

Dillon: Okay, calm down. Lulu, tell me what happened.

Lulu: Do you know about the custody hearing?

Dillon: A little.

Lulu: It was a total loss, from start to finish. The judge awarded full custody to Valentin.

Nina: Can I ask you a favor?

Valentin: Anything.

Nina: Mm. Next time you decide to have it out with Anna Devane, give me a heads-up.

Valentin: Well, there won't be a next time. The cat and mouse stuff about the past is over and done. I told Anna that my priority is my wife and my child and I won't be giving her any more attention.

Nina: That's all well and good, but just because you're willing to let it go, doesn't mean that Anna's willing to let it go.

Dr. Obrecht: Ordinarily, I don't perform house calls. Even for an old "friend" such as yourself.

Anna: Oh, no. It's not for treatment. No. It's, um... I need something else.

Dr. Obrecht: And what would that be?

Anna: Answers.

Dr. Obrecht: Is that so? Answers to questions about what exactly?

Anna: Not what. Whom -- Valentin Cassadine.

Olivia Jerome: Forgive me, Griffin. You just remind me so much of your father. Why are you here?

Griffin: I've been called to testify about what happened in that lab, and what a dangerous person you are.

Olivia: Could've done that by affidavit. You just couldn't stay away from me. You're just like your dad, huh?

Anna: Tea.

Dr. Obrecht: Tea? How very civil. You must be hard up if you're asking me for help.

Anna: Yeah, believe me, I wouldn't be asking you for assistance unless it was under extreme circumstances.

Dr. Obrecht: Honored as I am to be your last resort, you've wasted both our time. I know next to nothing about Valentin Cassadine.

Anna: Really? You're in-laws, aren't you?

Dr. Obrecht: Nina doesn't make much of an effort to include me in her life.

Anna: Cream?

Dr. Obrecht: I met her new husband briefly at my son's wedding. We exchanged a few pleasantries. I can relay Valentin's opinion on the weather that day, and the charm of the bride and groom. Nothing more.

Anna: Oh. Uh, what about Victor and Helena?

Dr. Obrecht: Mm. Neither ever mentioned Valentin in my presence.

Anna: I thought that might be the case.

Dr. Obrecht: So you see, I know less about Valentin than you do. Are we done?

Anna: No. No, we're not. Because there is someone close to you that will be able to give me some information about Valentin. Faison.

Valentin: It's true, just because I've disengaged from Anna, doesn't mean she'll do the same.

Nina: So what's the answer?

Valentin: If I have to, I'll just offer stronger proof that I want peace.

Nora: Hello. I'm off to the courthouse to pick up the judge's decree.

Valentin: And then what?

Nora: And then it's official. Lulu starts her six months of supervised visitation.

Valentin: I've already arranged for Lulu and Charlotte to have their first meeting at a court-sanctioned visitation.

Nora: Oh, that's excellent. It really is gonna work in your favor to be magnanimous. And, um, just to reiterate, it's not only Lulu's behavior that's gonna be reviewed in six months. The court is gonna want to know that you cooperated not only to the full letter, but spirit, of the decree.

Nina: You don't have to worry about us. We're gonna make sure that Lulu is treated fairly.

Valentin: Mm-hmm.

Nora: Excellent. Well, the best strategy for keeping custody of Charlotte is to be the best father you can be. And that means sometimes making decisions that are in Charlotte's best interest, but may be uncomfortable for you. Visitation's gonna give Charlotte a chance to know Lulu, and that is ultimately gonna be for her benefit.

Dillon: I wish I had something stronger for you.

Lulu: Oh, it's better that you don't. A couple of drinks and I might rush over to Wyndemere and have it out with Valentin. Most likely wind up traumatizing Charlotte for the third and final time. Pretty sure, three strikes and I would be out for good.

Dillon: Okay, Lulu, I'm gonna say this, and it's coming from a place of love. But you have got to take a breath, okay? Because you're about to talk yourself into doing something crazy.

Lulu: I know. What -- what am I gonna do? I'm gonna -- I'm gonna scream at Nina so that she can document it and take it back to her lawyer?

Dillon: Yeah, so it's a good thing Nina's not here.

Lulu: Yeah, it is. It's actually a very good thing.

Dillon: Look at that. Your luck's already turning around.

Lulu: You would not say that if you were at court this morning. The psychiatrist who is assigned to evaluate Charlotte said that taking her away from her father would traumatize her. But, hey, let's totally ignore the fact that my daughter has been brainwashed and is living with a murderer.

Dillon: Wait, wait. I cannot believe that the judge isn't allowing you anywhere near Charlotte.

Lulu: It's not exactly like that. The judge "awarded" me limited, supervised visitation with my daughter, on a schedule to be decided by the court, which Diane thinks will be about once a week. And then in six months we'll meet again to reevaluate.

Dillon: Well, why didn't you say that? I mean, you're acting like today in court was a total disaster, but that sounds like a win to me.

Laura: I thought you were on our side.

Kevin: I'm always on your side.

Laura: But then, how could you agree with André's recommendation?

Kevin: I think taking Charlotte away from the only living parent that she's ever known will do more damage than Lulu is capable of undoing. And that's not knocking Lulu's mothering skills. André evaluated Charlotte. Apparently, she's happy where she is.

Laura: That's only because she doesn't know any different.

Kevin: It... listen, I -- I have to believe that you and Lulu both want Charlotte to be whole and happy, more than you just want her to be yours.

Laura: [Sniffles] So you're telling me to be... patient, to trust the court, to, uh, trust my daughter's ability to forge a relationship with her daughter in the next six months?

Kevin: That's exactly the advice you gave Lulu.

Laura: I know it is. It's just that... [Sighs] I guess I'm afraid that that's not enough.

Kevin: Why?

Laura: Because I think that Valentin will find a way to rig that system against her, unless somebody gets out ahead of him.

Kevin: And that somebody is you?

Michael: So, you're a nanny?

Nelle: Yeah, it's not my dream job, but I have the skills for it, and it'll pay the bills. Plus, it's a live-in position, so I'll save money faster.

Michael: Right. Money that'll help you finish your degree in education.

Nelle: That's the goal.

Michael: Sounds like a good setup. Mostly.

Nelle: I don't see the downside.

Michael: Well, you're staying in Port Charles. I, uh, thought you might want to leave Port Charles and get away from all this mess.

Nelle: You mean the mess I made? Are you telling me to go?

Nina: l always tried to get along with Lulu for Charlotte's sake. It's Lulu that doesn't want anything to do with me. I mean, obviously, we want Charlotte to have a relationship with Lulu. It's her biological mother. But, honestly, Lulu is so hostile toward Valentin, I'm thinking Charlotte's gonna pick up on it.

Nora: Okay, that's why the visits are supervised by a social worker. If Lulu tries to influence Charlotte in any way against you, the social worker will make a note of it, okay? But I -- I really think that Lulu is gonna do everything she can to comply with the decree and use the time to forge a bond with Charlotte.

Nina: Okay, obviously, you don't know Lulu Falconeri.

Valentin: She's incapable of providing a -- a loving, stable home. She's erratic.

Nora: Unfortunately, that's what people say about you. So, Lulu's team is gonna keep trying to find dirt on you. Do yourselves a favor. Don't give them anything to find.

Nina: Nora's right.

Valentin: [Sighs]

Nina: You know that Laura and Lulu are gonna spend the next six months dredging up every single secret from your past. The question is, what are they gonna find?

Laura: I'm just trying to protect my granddaughter from the man who murdered my son. Why would that bother you?

Kevin: It's not that you want to protect her. It's how you do it. Sometimes the best laid plans are the ones that come back to bite you.

Laura: I think it's Valentin's turn to learn that lesson.

Kevin: Fair enough. But whatever you're going to do, don't cut me out. Let me do it with you.

Laura: Deal.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Laura: [Chuckles]

Kevin: Oh, uh... [Laughs] ...I'm supposed to be in court.

Laura: Oh.

Kevin: Supposed to testify at a competency hearing.

Laura: Okay. Good luck.

Kevin: Thanks.

Laura: Thank you. Thank you for caring so much about Lulu and me.

Michael: I ju-- I just thought it would be easy for you to start over someplace new.

Nelle: I know that I'm the town pariah, and maybe not everyone knows what I did, but I'm sure that your grandmother will change that.

Michael: All right, so why... [Sighs] ...Why stay where you're not wanted?

Nelle: If I don't stay, then I can't make amends.

Michael: Make amends to who? You hate my mother.

Nelle: I can't argue that. But I hurt you. Joss. That wasn't part of my plan. If I don't stay and try and make things better, then -- then I'm not gonna feel right.

Michael: Nelle, I think you -- I think you should just focus on your new job, okay? 'Cause, uh, all those people that you hurt, including me... ...I think the kindest thing you can do is just leave us be.

Nelle: If you really want nothing more to do with me, then I'll -- I'll respect your wish.

[Teacup clatters]

Dr. Obrecht: So much for British hospitality. It is incredibly rude of you to bring up Cesar with me!

Anna: Mm. Look, I know you and I, we don't agree on --

Dr. Obrecht: Anything!

Anna: Right. Especially when it comes to Cesar Faison.

Dr. Obrecht: So, why am I here?

Anna: Because -- ugh! Oh, God. Do you really need me to spell it out for you? All right, I will. I'm desperate, okay? I have been on Valentin's trail for months, and I have used up every single contact I have at my disposal, and I have got nothing, absolutely nothing.

Dr. Obrecht: Well, I certainly enjoy your desperation. If you think I'm going to plead your cause to Cesar, you are sadly mistaken. He has freed himself from the shackles of his obsession. That brilliant man no longer salivates at the mention of your name. Cesar is over you. Beyond over.

Anna: That's good to know.

Dr. Obrecht: But why is it you think my Cesar... will know anything more about Valentin anyway?

Anna: Because he was with the WSB. And he departed under extraordinary circumstances. And it wouldn't be the first time that an agent had flipped, allied themselves with the DVX. So, I need confirmation that --

Dr. Obrecht: [Laughs] No. You need me. [Laughs] Anna Devane needs Liesl Obrecht.

Anna: All right. I do. Yes, I do. And if anyone can get to Faison, that would be you.

Dr. Obrecht: I wouldn't have the first idea how to reach him.

Anna: Right. Because you haven't seen or heard from your daughter, Britt, who's with him.

Dr. Obrecht: Very well. Hypothetically speaking, if I could get a message to Cesar, what's in it for me?

Griffin: My father is dead. He was murdered June 2015.

Olivia Jerome: You're so much like him. I see so much of your father in you, but I don't see your mother in you, at all.

Griffin: What the hell do you know about my mother?

Michael: I mean, look, Port Charles is big enough for the two of us, okay, so you don't have to turn in the other direction if you see me.

Nelle: Good to know. Peaceful coexistence works for me.

Charlotte: Can I have a hot chocolate now?

Nelle: Yes, ma'am, right away. It was good to see you, Michael.

Charlotte: Are you Nelle's boyfriend?

Nelle: [Chuckles] Uh, no. Um, m-Michael and I are just...

Michael: We're friends.

Nelle: Hey, how about you go ask the waitress for two hot chocolates to go, okay?

Charlotte: And a cookie?

Nelle: Okay, and one cookie. I'll be up to pay in a minute, okay?

Charlotte: Okay.

Nelle: Thank you for not involving her. I know we're not friends anymore. And that's on me.

Dillon: Look, I know that you wanted full custody, and anything less than that feels like a setback.

Lulu: I wanted to take my daughter home with me. And now I get to see her once a week for six months. Yeah. That is a setback!

Dillon: And I don't have any kind of personal experience with this sort of thing, okay? But I have worked a lot of late nights in this office with Maxie, and she's told me all about what happened with her and Georgie.

Lulu: It's not the same thing.

Dillon: No, it's not the same thing. I mean, in her case, the judge wouldn't allow her to even be around Georgie.

Lulu: Yeah, because she was supposedly not responsible enough.

Dillon: So she had six months to clean up her act.

Lulu: Which wasn't enough and he kept extending the time. Trust me, I remember those days. It's the lowest I've ever seen Maxie.

Dillon: Okay, so that's my point. Maxie wasn't listening to what the judge wanted.

Lulu: Because he told her to stay away from Nathan, which was totally unreasonable.

Dillon: Yeah, but when did she finally get Georgie back? When she cleaned up her act, when she got it together, when she followed the rules. And you can do that, too.

Lulu: No. I totally disagree. There is no amount of good behavior on my behalf that will guarantee I get custody of Charlotte in six months. I'm not fighting some old-fashioned, stubborn judge. I am fighting the man who murdered my brother!

Valentin: There's an excellent chance that Lulu and Laura will find something in my past that will paint me in a negative light. I'm not gonna let that get in my way.

Nina: It's not up to you. It's up to the judge.

Valentin: The judge can only rule on provable fact. Evidence. Prior convictions, of which there are none.

Nina: Because you covered your tracks.

Valentin: I wanted to make sure nobody could ever take my daughter. That nothing from my past could ever touch Charlotte. That goes for you, too. Nothing I've done will ever touch my family. So I did what I had to do. And it's done. So, let Laura and Lulu dredge up my past. It doesn't matter. Because nothing is going to stand between me and a future with you and Charlotte.

Dr. Obrecht: Contacting Cesar, if at all possible, will come at a cost.

Anna: Okay, wh-what do you want?

Dr. Obrecht: I want Cesar and my daughter to be free to come out of hiding and return to Port Charles. I want all charges against them dropped.

Anna: Oh! That would take an act of God.

Dr. Obrecht: Good thing you are close friends with a priest.

Anna: Look, I -- I do not have the power to have all the criminal charges against Britt and Faison dropped. I just -- I don't -- can we just stop playing games, please?

Dr. Obrecht: If you can't make it worth my while, then we have nothing more to say to each other.

Anna: Okay, what about your family then, their lives? Is that worth a conversation?

Griffin: Why did you bring up my mother? There is no way you could've known her.

Nora: Excuse me. Excuse me. You back away from this woman. She is not well.

Griffin: She is perfectly capable of carrying on a conversation.

Nora: I'm sorry. Are you a psychiatrist?

Griffin: No. Actually, I'm a neurosurgeon.

Nora: Then your opinion means nothing.

Griffin: This is a private matter. What business do you have telling me --

Nora: I have all the business in the world, thank you very much. This woman is my client.

Griffin: Look, I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to cause a problem. Your client said something very confusing to me.

Nora: That's because she's not in her right mind. And what are you doing, trying to disorient her more before the judge has a chance to rule on whether she's fit to stand trial?

Griffin: That is the last thing I would want.

Nora: Well... [Scoffs]

DA: Nora Buchanan, correct? I'm the DA. I'll be prosecuting.

Nora: Yeah, yeah. Okay, let's cut to the chase here. No more introductions. Your witness is harassing my client.

DA: [Laughs] I am sure you misinterpreted Dr. Munro's actions. But, just to be safe, he'll keep his distance from now on.

Nora: Well, thank you very much for that. You all right?

DA: Olivia Jerome is a raving lunatic, but her lawyer is a shark. She's looking for any excuse to find leniency for her client. Don't give her one. In fact, don't speak at all unless you're called upon to do so.

Bailiff: All rise!

Nora: Try to keep focused. Do you best, and remember, let me do most of the talking.

Olivia Jerome: [Meekly] Okay, but you can't let them send me to Pentonville. I am a very sensitive soul and --

Bailiff: Court is now in session, the Honorable Judge Sanchez presiding. Please take your seats.

Judge Sanchez: Docket 13768. The people of the state of New York versus Olivia Jerome, aka Olivia St. John, aka Liv Lowry. One charge of murder with special circumstances in the death of Morgan Stone Corinthos. First-degree kidnapping and assault against Dr. Griffin Munro. First-degree kidnapping, assault, and attempted murder against Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake. First-degree assault and attempted murder against Anna Devane. Multiple counts of using weapons of mass destruction. Bombing, destruction of property, use of a destructive device, and 315 counts of attempted murder -- everyone present in Port Charles General Hospital at the time the defendant allegedly planted an explosive device. We are here to assess the defendant's fitness to stand trial. Let's get to it.

Kevin: Olivia Jerome seems unable to grasp that her alleged actions, up to and including the murder of Morgan Corinthos, are wrong or deserving of punishment.

Nora: So, she has no grasp on reality?

Kevin: No. She's lucid. She understands reality. She simply has no moral code or perception that murder is wrong.

Nora: Okay, well, we're not really interested in the morality police here. We just want to know, certainly, you have other criteria with which to judge whether my client is fit for court.

Kevin: She has spent several stints in mental health facilities. She's been treated both here and abroad. Her most recent stay was just last year.

Nora: Oh, and your examination, did it deem these treatments a success?

Kevin: Hardly.

DA: Your honor, Ms. Jerome has a history of faking mental illness when faced with legal difficulties. Can you say with certainty that she's not faking now?

Kevin: No, I can't.

Nora: Earlier, you testified that in your encounter with Ms. Jerome, she called you by the name of her former lover, Duke Lavery. Hadn't you -- had you met Ms. Jerome before?

Griffin: Yes.

Nora: Oh, and did you introduce yourself as Duke Lavery?

Griffin: No.

Nora: Oh, well, then how is it that she came to call you by another man's name during your ordeal at the lab?

Griffin: Olivia was trying to restore Duke's soul by housing it in my body. So I played along and told her I was Duke.

Nora: Okay, well, this man is decades older than you. I mean, what is she, blind? I mean, how can she -- how could she not see that you were not Duke?

Griffin: Olivia was acting... strangely.

Nora: Strangely, as in unhinged?

Griffin: Look, my friend Anna Devane was hurt, all right? I was scared for her life. I thought if I played along, it would buy us some more time.

Nora: So you manipulated my client, a woman you allege hoped to bring back to life her ex-lover.

Griffin: It just -- okay.

Nora: Has Ms. Jerome ever called you Duke since then?

Griffin: Yes. Today, when I walked in this courtroom.

Nora: And, for the record, what is your name?

Griffin: Griffin Munro.

Nora: Thank you, Mr. Munro. That'll be all. No further questions, your honor.

Judge Sanchez: [Bangs gavel]

Nora: Okay. The judge is ready to render.

Judge Sanchez: It's clear the defendant lacks the capacity to understand her actions or stand trial. She is to be remanded to the facility at D'Archam until such time as her competence is established. [Bangs gavel]

Griffin: Hey, have you dealt with cases like this before?

Kevin: [Exhales sharply] More than a few.

Griffin: All right. How long before Olivia will be fit to stand trial?

Kevin: Well, that's difficult to say. Some people, they're so far gone that therapy doesn't have any impact. Olivia Jerome may never see another day in court.

Dr. Obrecht: And now you resort to extortion? Help you or you'll target my loved ones?

Anna: No, not me. No. Valentin.

Dr. Obrecht: Valentin is no threat. He's an in-law. He's married to my niece.

Anna: Yes, that is my point. And Nathan can't stand him. He thinks he tricked Nina into marriage, right?

Dr. Obrecht: Possibly. Nina is nothing if not impulsive. Still, she seems happy.

Anna: For now. But Valentin is a Cassadine. And that means that his life is a web of secrets and lies. And Nina is, as you say, impulsive. So, how long before they start fighting? And what happens then? Nathan is gonna defend his sister, isn't he? He's gonna intervene.

Dr. Obrecht: So?

Anna: So, you think that Valentin is gonna tolerate that? As far as I know, that man is ruthless. Even Helena was scared of him, right?

Dr. Obrecht: All you're doing is giving me reasons to steer clear of Valentin and let you fight your own battles.

Anna: Okay, he -- he may not be your problem today, but Nathan is very protective of Nina. And Valentin will be your problem one day, unless you help me get the things that I need in order to deal with him now.

Dr. Obrecht: Even if I did agree to help, there is no guarantee Cesar will come to your aid.

Anna: Okay, no, he may not help me. But don't you think he would help you? Look, I have no reason to trust you. I have even less reason to trust Faison. And, to be perfectly honest... I'm out of options.

Dr. Obrecht: Thank you for the tea.

Anna: Ugh!

Valentin: What are we doing?

Nina: Want to know what we're doing? We're having a conversation about Charlotte.

Valentin: I don't want to talk about the custody anymore. I want to celebrate our victory.

Nina: Okay. I want to celebrate our victory, too. Do you want to take this celebration home?

Valentin: You think Charlotte will give us a moment to celebrate our victory?

Nina: I think so. She has a new nanny. That should keep her busy.

Valentin: Speaking of, why did you warn me about this woman? You think that I have eyes for anyone but you?

Nina: No. No. Definitely not. But, mm, this girl, she had -- uh, she had a problem with her last employer, the Corinthos family. They're not a big fan of hers.

Dillon: You want your daughter back? You got to play by the rules.

Lulu: I am the one who has been denied the first years of my daughter's life. I honestly don't know how I've become the bad guy in all this.

Dillon: No. No one thinks that you are the bad guy, Lulu. The judge is just doing it this way so that it's easier on Charlotte. It's just six months. It'll go by before you know it.

Lulu: So will her childhood. She's gonna make new friends, she's gonna bond with Valentin and Nina even more. And what do I get? I get one lousy visit a week! How am I supposed to build a relationship that way?

Dillon: You don't have any other choice.

[Cell phone chimes]

Lulu: There are always other options.

Dillon: Yeah, but if they go wrong or they blow up, six months could turn into forever. Is that a risk you're willing to take?

Laura: Hey, it's Mom. Um, can you get over to Kelly's as soon as possible? It's important. Hello, Charlotte.

Nelle: Excuse me?

Laura: Oh, it's okay. I'm Charlotte's grandmother. And you are...?

Nelle: I'm her nanny, Nelle. Um, I'm sorry. We -- we have to go.

Laura: Michael.

Michael: Hey.

Laura: Hi. [Chuckles] Can I have a word with you?

Michael: Uh, yeah, sure. Let me guess. GH board business?

Laura: No. No. Actually, it was just about that young woman who left with the little girl. I noticed that you were talking to her earlier. Who is she? I-I'm sorry. I don't want to pry. It's just that the little girl is my granddaughter.

Michael: That's Charlotte?

Laura: Yes.

Michael: Oh, okay. Hey, Dante told me about the custody hearing. I'm sorry it went against Lulu.

Laura: Yeah, I know. Well, then, I'm sure you can understand my interest in her nanny. What can you tell me about her?

Nina: Nelle was very sweet with Charlotte. That was my first consideration. But, if I'm gonna be honest, um, I think I hired her really because I lost my temper.

Valentin: Oh, really? With who?

Nina: With Bobbie Spencer, Lulu's aunt. She said, "Don't hire Nelle because Lulu wouldn't approve." But, what control does Lulu have over who we hire for a nanny? It's ridiculous.

Charlotte: Papa, did you know I have a new nanny?

Nelle: Hi. I'm, uh, Nelle Hayes.

Valentin: Nice to meet you.

Nina: Hey, Charlotte, I have to get something in my office. Why don't we let your papa and Nelle talk for a little bit?

Valentin: My wife speaks very highly of you.

Nelle: Well, still, I want to be up-front. The reason I was let go from my previous job is --

Valentin: I'm aware of your circumstances. But I trust my wife. And I will have you properly vetted and do my due diligence. So, why don't we start on a trial basis?

Nelle: Oh, that makes me so happy. I-I promise, I will not let you down.

Valentin: Oh, I know you won't. Because I love my daughter. And if anything were to happen to her, they'd never find your body. [Laughs lightly]

Nelle: Oh, okay. Good to know. I'll -- I'll -- I'll, uh, keep that in mind.

Michael: Okay, so my mom began a -- a search for Joss's kidney donor, for medical reasons, and, um, it turns out it was Nelle.

Laura: Wow. That must have created quite a bond between Carly and Nelle.

Michael: It did. Um, she even hired Nelle to be her assistant.

Laura: So, Nelle's gonna have two full-time jobs? How is she gonna do that?

Michael: No, no, no, no. She doesn't work for my mom anymore.

Laura: Oh. Not a good fit?

Michael: Uh, I think it's -- it's best if you were to ask my mom about that. Um, but, for what it's worth, Nelle has a background in education, and she was really good with Josslyn, so I can't imagine she'd be bad for your granddaughter. And, um, that's really all I'm comfortable saying.

Laura: Why is that? You're not friends?

Michael: No. Not anymore.

Nora: So the guard is gonna take you back to the station where they'll prep you for transfer to D'Archam.

Olivia Jerome: Thank you.

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Olivia: Will I see you again?

Nora: Uh, if and when the situation warrants, yes. But, for now, I'm going home to my husband.

Olivia: Aw.

Nora: Good luck.

Olivia: Thanks again.

Nora: Mm-hmm.

Olivia: Tell that old cowboy of yours I said hi.

Nora: Excuse me?

Olivia: What was I saying? What was I saying?

Nora: Good luck, Olivia Jerome.

Olivia: Bye, Nora.

Griffin: Look, I'm sorry to just drop by like this.

Anna: Oh, God. No, no, no. I'm happy to -- I should really just give you a key.

Griffin: [Chuckles]

Anna: What happened?

Griffin: Ugh! I just came from Olivia Jerome's competency hearing.

Anna: And what?

Griffin: The court ruled her unfit to stand trial. She's being remanded to D'Archam asylum indefinitely.

Anna: D'Archam? Oh, my God. She finally got herself trapped. Wow.

Griffin: Wait. I-I don't understand.

Anna: Uh, well, Olivia, she has this history of conveniently-timed mental health issues.

Griffin: Oh, wait. So, you think this is an act?

Anna: Oh, God, no. No, no, no. She's crazy as a bed bug. But, what I do think is that she really tries to game the system. You know, she was trying to get herself thrown into a mental institution rather than prison, but what I don't think she realizes is that Pentonville is a resort spa compared to D'Archam. I mean, she ain't ever getting out of that place. I hope. But I do think we can breathe a sigh of relief.

Griffin: Yeah, I don't know. I -- I don't know. I just don't think Olivia is going away that easy.

Anna: Well, what do you mean?

Griffin: Something she said to me, about my mother.

Lulu: What's the big emergency?

Laura: [Sighs] I didn't say it was an emergency. I said it was important.

Lulu: Okay. Well, you told me to get here. Here I am, so...

Laura: Thanks. I had a little run-in earlier with Charlotte and her new nanny. I think that girl might prove useful to us.

Nina: Right there. Right there. Right here. [Laughs] Right here.

Nelle: Hello?

Nina: Hey, we're in the office.

Nelle: Nina?

Nina: Hey.

Nelle: Hey.

Nina: How did, uh, your interview with Valentin go?

Nelle: Good. Um, he expects nothing but the best for Charlotte, and he's, uh, quite a dedicated father.

Nina: I hope you weren't intimidated by him. Listen, once you get to know him, he's a teddy bear. [Laughs]

Nelle: Good to know.

Nora: And here it is. Your copy of the judge's decree. It's all handled, and now I'm heading off to Llanview, Pennsylvania.

Valentin: I'll see you in six months.

Nora: Yeah, right.

Dr. Obrecht: Liebchen, it's Liesl. Are your ears burning? You'll never guess who needs your help... and why.

Anna: Olivia said something about your mother?

Griffin: Yeah. It didn't make much sense. I-I tried to get her to clarify, but court was called into session. I didn't have a chance to speak to her after that.

Anna: Well, what did she say?

Griffin: [Sighs] She looked me up and down as if she was seeing me for the first time, and -- and then she said, "I don't see a trace of your mother in you." Look, is there even a chance that Olivia knew my mother?

Anna: [Chuckling] No. She didn't even meet Duke until she came here to Port Charles.

Griffin: W-well, could she have known her before that, independently of Duke?

Anna: No. I-I don't -- I mean, yeah, sure. Anything's possible. But what I think is more likely is that it's another one of Olivia's lunatic ravings, you know, and she was trying to get to you.

Griffin: [Sighs]

Anna: But my best advice is to just let it go. Well, you know, she's out of our lives right now. And we do have more pressing matters.

Griffin: Like what?

Anna: Valentin.

Valentin: I appreciate all the hard work you did around Charlotte's custody.

Nora: Oh, absolutely. You're very welcome. Um, and as for the other matter that you contracted me to undertake...

Valentin: Yes. Your bill's been paid in full. The money's been wired into your account, and assuming the other matter is handled to my satisfaction, you'll receive a very large bonus.

Nora: Everything went as hoped. Your associate will not spend one day in prison. Olivia Jerome is on her way to D'Archam Asylum for the criminally insane, where I doubt she'll ever see the light of day again.

Valentin: That's just what I wanted to hear.

On the next "General Hospital" --

Jason (to Sam): Carly is pretty upset.

Tracy (to Ned): Olivia Falconeri, the fish-wife from Bensonhurst, turned you down?!

Elizabeth (to Franco): Seriously, I don't know what we'd do without you.

[Hayden helps Finn into the shower.]

Jordan (to Curtis): I was wrong about Sonny.

Sonny (to Scout): If you ever get in trouble, you call your Uncle Sonny.

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